This story takes place during season 1 of modern family.

Modern Family: The Invasion (bF,MF,MMFf,orgy,inc,inter,oral,anal,dp,dpp,fist,objects,first,ncon)
by Michael The Bloody

The Dunphy House

Claire: Alex, are you sure all you want for your 13th birthday is a girl's night out?

Haley: Yes, are you sure? Don't you want some kind of electronic gizmo?

Alex: I just want to spend the evening with the girls.

Claire: My girls.

Alex: And Gloria.

Claire: Grandma Gloria.

Alex: Okay mom.

Haley: You don't need me for this, Dylan is having a jam session, and you know I'm the girlfriend, so I have to be there.

Claire: You are going to stay here and support your sister.

Alex: That's okay, we don't need her. For anything

Haley: Screw you

Claire: Stop it. Jay and Manny are on their way to pick up Luke and Phil, where is Luke?

Haley: I saw him outside chasing a Frisbee.

Phil: I'll get him; I can't wait for his first camping trip.

* * *

The Pritchard House

Jay: Are you ready Gloria?

Gloria: Almost, a couple of minutes.

Jay: so, I can start on war and peace now.

Gloria: Ha, ha, very funny Jay, I'll be ready in a minute, Make sure Manny's ready.

Jay: MANNY, move it.

Manny: Ready Jay, although I'm not sure about this camping thing.

Gloria: It will be fun.

Jay: Let's not go overboard.

Manny: Three days in the wood doesn't not sound like fun.

Gloria: It will be fun for you to spend some time with Phil, you never have any personal time together.

Jay: There's a good reason for that, I don't want to.

* * *

The Tucker-Pritchard Household

Cam: Are you sure you don't want to go? Camping is great fun.

Mitchell: The only camping I want to do is at the Marriott. Besides, I don't want to leave Lilly with a babysitter, she is just getting to know us.

Cam: Your right of course.

* * *

The Dunphy Household

There was a knock at the door, old man Kleezak, and he was holding Luke by the arm.

Claire: LUKE, where are your pants?

Walt: I found him like this in my yard, I told him to stay out.

Luke: But my Frisbee flew over the fence.

Claire: And your pants?

Luke: I don't know.

Walt: I feel for you.

Claire: Thank you for bringing him home Mr. Kleezak, it won't happen again, Will it Luke?

Luke: No Ma'am.

Phil: I looked everywhere, I can't find him, it's time to call the cops, Luke get the phone. Wait, Luke? Where are your pants?

Luke: Right here.

Claire: Well young man, you are grounded, you can go upstairs to your room and think about what you did.

Luke: Put what about the camping


Phil: Get upstairs buddy, I'll take lots of pictures.

Luke went to his room, Haley turned on the TV, there was a news alert, 4 men had escaped from Lompoc federal prison the past hour, and they were very dangerous, and in the area.

Phil: Maybe I should stay home.

Claire: Don't be ridiculous, the time with Jay will be good for you.

Phil: I don't think he likes me at all.

Claire: That's because he doesn't know you, that's why you need to go. We'll be fine.

Gloria and Jay soon arrived, they had heard about the escape, Jay didn't want to leave the girls alone, Phil said he agreed.

Gloria: Their just trying to get out of the trip, Manny's outside waiting and we have to pick up Cam, he has all the equipment. Where's Luke?

Claire: Luke's grounded, he's not going.

Gloria: Another pants incident?

Claire: Yes.

Gloria: Okay, Jay, you and Phil get going, don't worry about us, we'll be fine.

The men drove off to the camp site, leaving the girls alone, they headed straight to the kitchen to start making cookies.

They finished the cookies and Alex picked out a movie, she wanted to watch Back to the future, all three of them.

While watching part three, they heard a thump on the back door, Claire went to check it out, she walked back into the living room with a wide eyed scared look on her face.

There was a man standing behind her, he had a knife to her throat, he was wearing prison orange, Gloria dove for her purse.

Gloria grabbed her purse, ducked and rolled and pulled out a pistol, she took aim at the man behind Claire, but before she could get off a shot, she was grabbed by the back of the hair and pulled down, by a second man.

Gloria rolled through and punched him in the throat, he went down, a third man appeared and picked up the gun Gloria had dropped and pointed it at Alex.


Gloria saw what was happening and froze, she was slapped across the face and knocked to the floor, she was dragged over to the couch next to the girls, Claire was shoved next to her.

"Let me explain what's going on here, we are newly freed from incarceration I am Fingers, murderer, this here is Rocky, pedophile, over there is Stan, rape, and still in the kitchen, get out here, is Marcus, rape, murder, sex with a minor.

Fingers: Let me guess, mother, two daughters and the maid.

Gloria: I am not the maid.

Claire introduced the family, Rocky was staring a hole through Alex, Claire stepped in front of her, it didn't stop him though, he looked both of them up and down.

Fingers: We need a place to stay for a while, and this looks as good as any place.

Gloria: Take what you want and go.

Rocky: I have been in jail for 10 years, I see what I want.

Rocky began stroking Alex by the hair, Claire jumped up, she screamed "YOU CAN'T!" she knew exactly what he was thinking.

Rocky: I think I can. It has been ten years of staring at men, I have been waiting for this the entire time.

Fingers: That sounds like a good idea. We need a place to hide out until the heat is off, cooperate and you may just enjoy it. Cause trouble, you can watch your family die, one by one.

He grabbed Haley by the hair and pushed her head back and looked into her eyes, and down her loose fitting top.

Claire: Please no.

Claire started to run towards Alex, Fingers grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, he pressed the tip of his knife against her cheek.

Marcus: I'd hate for him to ruin that pretty little face, so sit the fuck down.

Fingers: You know what, I like to watch, so before I get started I want to watch one of you get fucked, now who shall it be.

Luke stood at the top of the stairs he had heard the commotion and came out of his room, Fingers saw him.

Fingers: Get down here.

Luke ran down the stairs to his mother, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his head into her chest.

Fingers: I have a great idea. You don't want to see us to fuck your daughters, so here is what's going to happen next.

He ordered Claire to strip, Luke was still wrapped around her legs, Claire quickly got naked and held her arms across her chest, Fingers ordered Luke to strip.

Luke was out of his pants in seconds, he hated wearing them, Fingers ordered Claire to suck him off, she stood wide eyed.

Claire: What?

Fingers: You heard me.

Claire: Pig.

Fingers pointed the gun at Luke's head, he told her, I am going to see his cum in your mouth or his brains all over your chest.

Claire dropped to her knees and began stroking his cock, she then took it into her mouth. Luke had never gotten a blow job before, his whole body immediately started shaking.

Stan: Grab her tits.

Luke's hand was already close to his mom's tit, he began to molest it, Claire was sucking his cock harder, without even realizing it.

Fingers: If cum doesn't cum out of his cock, brains are coming out of his brain.

Claire was deep throating him now, his knees were buckling, Stan yelled out, "Rub her pussy", Luke stuck his hand between her legs.

Fingers: Get your fingers in there.

Luke shoved two fingers into his mom's cunt, he began working them in and out, Claire was devouring his cock now.

Fingers: Shove your hand inside of her.

Luke slid a third finger inside of her, Haley and Alex couldn't turn away, Luke slid a forth finger inside of her, Claire spread her legs, Luke's hand vanished inside of her.

Claire was cumming now, she was bouncing up and down on his wrist as she sucked of her 12-year-old son. Luke exploded in her mouth.

Claire knew she had to prove she finished off her son, she opened her mouth wide, as she slammed herself down deeper onto Luke's wrist.

Rocky: That's a good girl, now hold it. You, Alex, get over there and take that present from your mom.

Alex made her way over to her mother and held out her hands, Claire leaned over to spit the load out, and Fingers stopped her.

Fingers: Not like that, in her mouth.

Claire was grinding from side to side on Luke's wrist, she was cumming so hard his arm slid in deeper, Alex was under her, she opened her mouth as Claire lets Luke's cum drip into her mouth.

Fingers: Now swallow it.

Alex got her first taste of cum, and it was from her brother, delivered by her mother, Claire's legs were so weak from cumming she fell off of Luke's arm. Alex gulped down the cum.

Rocky: I know what we should do next.

Fingers: I got us out, I'm in charge. Rocky, take mom and the kid upstairs, and make sure they don't bother us.

Rocky: But I don't want to, I want to stay with the girls, especially the little one.

Stan: Just do it

Fingers pointed the gun at Gloria as Rocky escorted Claire up the stairs to Luke, he took them into the master bedroom.

Fingers: Now, the fun begins. You two get naked and get over here.

Alex: NO!

Fingers moved the gun closer to Gloria's head, Alex and Haley slowly undressed, he looked at Gloria and said "You look like a stripper, strip for us."

Gloria began to dance, she had stripped a lot, she slowly removed her top, then her tights, until she was completely naked. Fingers order Haley and Alex on their knees.

Stan and Marcus took their places in front to the girls, they whipped out their cocks, the girls knew what was expected of them.

Marcus was huge, Haley had seen cocks before, but she had never a black cock before and she had never seen one this big, she didn't know they came in that size.

Haley began stroking Marcus's cock, she had done it before, Alex had watched her mom and Luke, so she knew what to do, she took Stan's cock in her mouth.

The two sisters where side by side, the deeper Alex took Stan's cock, the deeper Alex took Stan, the deeper Haley tried to take Marcus, but his cock was just too big for her.

The men hadn't had sex in over ten years, and they had just watched mother and son go at it, they both exploded in a matter of seconds, covering the girls faces with their seed.

Upstairs, Rocky had tied the naked Luke to a chair, he ordered Claire to get him hard again if she ever wanted to see all her kids again. She began stroking his cock.

Rocky: Not with your hands.

Claire put her hands behind her back and began sucking Luke's cock like a vacuum, he was rock hard in seconds.

Rocky: Now sit on him.

Claire climbed on top of her young son, she reached down and slid his cock inside of her until it vanished.

Rocky: Ride him.

Claire had lost all will to fight, she slowly began bouncing up and down on Luke, he was duct taped to the chair and couldn't move.

Rocky: After you have made him cum inside of you 5 times, you can stop.

Claire: Please no, he could get me pregnant.

Rocky: Cool.

Downstairs, Fingers was ready for his turn, he looked at the naked Gloria and sat on the couch, he handed the gun to Marcus and told her to ride him. Gloria climbed on top of him.

Fingers was big, but not as big as Marcus, probably 10 inches, the perfect fit for Gloria, she fit him like a glove.

Fingers grabbed her by the ass and bounced her up and down on his cock, Gloria tried to resist, but she slowly began to ride him. Fingers began to thrust wildly up into her.

Gloria: FUCK.

Gloria was cumming, now she was riding him as he fucked her, it didn't take long for him to shoot his load into her.

All the men were exhausted, Fingers took Alex up to her and Haley's room, Marcus took Haley to Luke's room Stan laid on the couch with Gloria.

Each of the men laid down and prepared to sleep, they all ordered the girls to lay with their heads in the men's laps and suck their cocks all night.

Claire was slamming up and down on Luke, he had shot his load inside of her three time, it was running down her legs, Claire had orgasmed riding her son twice, Rocky slapped her across the face.

Rocky: Ride him harder.

Claire was slamming herself up and down on Luke's cock as hard as she could, they orgasmed together, she didn't know if she could take any more.

Rocky saw how tired she was getting so he told her she could suck him off, Claire was happy to get off of him. She took his cock in her mouth balls deep, Luke exploded for the fifth time deep down her throat. Claire swallowed it all before she knew what had happened.

DAY 2: Morning

The girls awoke early, naked and afraid, Alex and Haley still had cocks in their mouths, they had no idea how much cum they had swallowed, Claire was upstairs in bed, in the fetal position, Gloria and Stan were spooning. The men woke up ready to go again. Everyone gathered in the living room.

Fingers: What a fun night, I don't think I ever want to leave.

Claire: Haven't you done enough?

Rocky: NO!

Fingers: Let the games begin.

He positioned Marcus, Rocky and Stan on the couch, they were erect and ready to go, he pointed at Gloria, Alex and Haley, and told them to ride them.

Gloria knew Marcus would split the girls in two, so she sat on his cock, Rocky signaled for Alex, she climbed on top of him, Haley on top of Stan.

Fingers: Now, there will be a reward for this, the girl who makes her man cum first, gets to get dressed, and gets breakfast. Start riding.

Fingers handed Claire a tea cup, he told her she had the most important job, and she needed to be ready, he told her to finger herself.

Gloria Slid slowly down on Marcus, his cock was stretching her out, but she managed to take it all, Haley slammed herself down on Stan. Alex was impaled on Rocky.

Alex was so tight, she couldn't take all of Rocky, Haley was wildly riding her cock, Gloria was slowly going up and down on Marcus.

Haley was cumming on Stan's cock, Alex was so tight, Rocky couldn't hold out, even though she couldn't take him all. Rocky was about to explode, Fingers yelled at Claire to catch it all in thecup, she did.

Fingers: WE have a winner. Alex, you can wrap yourself in a towel, and go get yourself something to eat, in a minute, but first, we can't have a winner if we don't have a loser, so one if you are going to be double penetrated, Alex, who do you want to see get it?

Alex: I'm not choosing.

Fingers: Then that must mean you want two cocks in you.

Alex: NO!

Claire: Alex: I'll do it.

Gloria: NO, Claire, you have been through enough, I'll do it.

Fingers: Make your choice.

Gloria kept pointing at herself, Alex knew she had no choice, she pointed at Gloria, and held her head in shame.

Stan and Fingers grabbed Gloria, Fingers bent her over and shoved his 10 inches into her cunt, she was dripping wet. Stan shoved his cock down her throat.

The two men each grabbed a handful of her hair as they pumped in and out of her, Gloria had balls slapping her ass and bouncing off her chin.

She was gagging on Stan's cock as Fingers hammered her from behind, she was embarrassed she was cumming. Fingers rocked back and put Gloria on top, he began to thrust into her as Stan climbed on top.

Marcus was rock hard and he couldn't hold out, he grabbed Haley by the hair, he told her to get on top of him, Haley couldn't take all of his cock either, she was bouncing up and down halfway on the cock, until Marcus slammed her all the way down on it.

Haley: FUCK.

Stan was in place now, he began sliding his cock into Gloria's pussy, she shrieked when she saw what he was about to do.

Gloria: You can't, he's already in there.

It was too late, Stan forced his cock into her already full pussy, he and Fingers began to thrust in unison, Gloria had an immediate orgasm.

Gloria: OH GOD.

Stan and Fingers pumped their cocks harder and harder into Gloria, her cum was dripping down her legs, that made it easier for them to hammer her.

Marcus was bouncing Haley on his cock, each thrust made it a little easier, her cunt was getting wetter and wetter. Alex and Claire could only watch in horror.

Marcus: Rocky, get over her, this one is ready for a second cock.

Rocky was furiously stroking his cock, but Alex had worn him out for the hour, Fingers looked over at Luke.

Fingers: Boy, go fuck your sister's ass.

Luke had never thought about ass fucking before, Marcus motioned him over. Marcus was balls deep in Haley, Luke climbed on top of her, and slid his cock into her ass.

Haley: OH GOD, OH GOD.

Marcus began to thrust up into her harder, he was bouncing her into the air, forcing Luke to go balls deep in her ass.

Haley was cumming now, she had her arms wrapped around Marcus, she felt like she was being split in two, but it felt so good.

The cum was dripping out of Haley's cunt, Gloria had left a puddle on the floor, Fingers and Stan were about to fill up Gloria's cunt with their cum, Claire knew her job, she ran over as they pulled their cocks out of Gloria and shot their seed into the cup.

Marcus was ready to cum inside of Haley's formally tight cunt, Claire took the cup over to him and he shot his load into it until the cup was full.

Fingers: Excellent. But we have someone who hasn't cum yet, let's take care of that, Alex, Haley, go suck off your brother.

The sisters knelt in front of Luke, they both began to stroke his cock, Haley took it into her mouth first, then handed it to Alex,

Fingers: Suck it like you mean it, Luke, fuck their faces.

Luke held Haley by the back of the head and began pumping his cock down her throat, she began to gag, then he shoved it down Alex's throat.

He pumped his cock into the back of her throat until she started to gag, then he switched back to Haley, he shot his load into her mouth.

Fingers: You know what to do.

Claire walked over with the cup, Haley spit the load into it, it was overflowing with cum now, Fingers looked at Claire and told her, "You know what to do"

Claire did know what he wanted, she tilted her head back and slowly sipped the cum out of the cup, it took her a couple of minutes, but she swallowed it all. Fingers took the girls back to their rooms and looked them in, they kept Gloria downstairs as a hostage, and to continue sucking them off.

DAY 2: Evening

The Dunphy's were brought downstairs, Alex still had her towel wrapped around her waist, they had given up all hope of rescue.

Fingers: It's been fun, so let's keep it up, what fun can we have now?

Marcus: I want to fuck Alex.

Claire: Please no, you're too big for her.

Rocky: Just the way I like it.

Claire: For the love of God.

Fingers shut the fuck up, someone shut her up.

Stan ran over and yanked her by the hair, forcing her to her knees, he shoved his cock down her throat.

Fingers: Now, where were we?

Marcus: I was about to fuck Alex.

Fingers: Right, but now that I think about it, you might be too big for her, let's loosen her up. Lay on the couch and spread your legs. Alex did as she was told, Fingers removed her towel.

Fingers: Haley: Get over there and loosen up your sister.

Haley: What do you mean?

Fingers: Finger fuck her, and do it good, or me and Marcus are going to double fuck your ass.

Haley knelt in front of her little sister, she started rubbing her clit, before she slid a finger inside of her, Alex started to moan as Haley slipped in a second.

Fingers: This is going slowly, Luke, go finger Haley the way you did your mom.

Stan dumped his load down Claire's throat, she gulped it down without spilling a drop, the whole family had become cum sucking sluts.

Luke knelt behind Haley, he pumped two fingers into her pussy, Haley shoved a third into Alex, Luke's third finger made Haley gasp.

Haley worked a fourth finger into Alex's widening cunt, Luke slammed his fist into Haley, he could feel her cumming all over his wrist, Haley jerked forward shoving her fist into Alex.

Haley: God I'm cumming.

Alex: Fuck.

Fingers: This is great. I think she's ready for you Marcus.

Marcus sat on the couch, stroking his cock, Alex climbed on top of it and slowly worked her way down.

Marcus: Fuck, this is tight.

Half of the foot long cock was inside of her, Stan and Rocky came over to help, they grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up and down, forcing the cock deeper and deeper inside of her until she was bouncing on his balls.

Marcus: SO good.

Stan: I have got to get me some of that.

Stan climbed on top of Alex, he shoved two fingers into her ass, then he began to work his cock into her hole.

Alex: FUCK, not there.

It was too late, the tip of Stan's cock was in her ass, he pushed until it vanished, Alex's whole body was shaking.

Fingers: Damn, that look good.

Claire: OH MY GOD, please stop.

Fingers, I have had it with you.

Fingers sat on the couch next to Marcus, he instructed Claire to sit on his cock, she lowered her head and did what he said.

Claire slammed herself down on his cock, and bounced up and down, Fingers pulled at her nipples than signaled for Luke to join them. Luke saw what they were doing to Alex and understood. He climbed on top of his mother.

Marcus's and Stan's balls were bouncing off of Alex's ass, she had already cum three times, Rocky grabbed Gloria by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat as he held the gun next to her head.

Fingers: Hey, Haley, go fist your maid.

Luke slammed his cock into Claire's ass, Fingers was thrusting his cock up into her, Claire started cumming as soon as Luke shoved his cock into her ass. She was riding both cocks.

Haley was forearm deep in Gloria's cunt, there was a trail of cum covering Haley's arm, Alex was barely conscious as Marcus and Stan hammered her harder.

Fingers accidentally kicked Luke's baseball bat that had rolled under the couch, it gave him a great idea, he picked it up and slid the barrel between himself and Luke, he began working it into Claire's already stuffed pussy.


A mighty shove and Claire's cunt was filled with 10 inches of cock, and 10 inches of wood, along with Luke fucking her ass, the cum was flowing at a steady stream out of her cunt.

Gloria was slamming back onto Haley's arm, she was trying to get the whole thing inside of her, Haley was pumping her arms as hard as she could.

Marcus and Stan were ready to cum, Fingers signaled for Haley to catch it, and she better not waste a drop. Haley yanked her arm out of Gloria as Rocky unloaded into Gloria's mouth. Marcus and Stan pumped their seed down Haley's throat, they fell over exhausted, they didn't know a pussy could be so tight.

The bat was stuffed all the way into Claire as Luke and Fingers began to cum, Haley made it over to them in time to catch both loads on her tongue, Fingers had her tilt her head back and open her mouth wide so they could watch her swallow it as he fell over.

Gloria saw Rocky had dropped the gun as he unloaded down her throat, she dove, grabbed it rolled, and shot him in the ankle, Fingers sat up and made a move for her, Gloria spun and took aim, but before she fired, Claire had pulled the bat out of her cunt and bashed him in the back of the leg.

Stan grabbed Alex and head her in front of himself, Gloria fired a shot through Alex's legs and into Stan's knee. Marcus dropped to his knees and put his hands up.

Claire was on the phone with the police immediately, they arrived in ten minutes and collected the cons. They told the Dunphy's there was a $50,000 reward for the capture. They had no idea how the girls did it.

* * *

The next day, Jay dropped Phil off, they asked the girls how their weekend went. Claire replied "Just another dull weekend." She just hoped she wasn't pregnant.



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