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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Alex Dunphy couldn't remember a time she and her sister hadn't been at each other's throats. Sure, they had their moments, but they were like the time in between rounds in boxing matches, they only lasted a matter of seconds and they were hardly memorable. What was memorable was the constant fighting, and it had only got worse since that idiot had predictably dropped out of her third rate college and come back home. At least initially Haley had moved into the basement, but that had been short lived thanks to a possum who had somehow got in and fallen asleep right next to where Haley had been sleeping. Now they were back sharing a room, although Alex didn't know how much more of that she could take.

"What?" Alex snapped as she once again caught her sister staring at her.

"Nothing." Haley blatantly lied, turning away from her.

She should just let it go, Alex knew she should just let it go, but she couldn't, "Seriously, what?"

Haley sighed, and then without looking at her little sister sassed, "It's just that it's a family dinner, not a first date. Or a third date. Or a night standing on a street corner."

Alex scoffed, "Oh please, you don't even know the meaning of the word modesty!"

"I don't need to have a dictionary for a brain to know you look like a whore." Haley grumbled, still not looking at her kid sister.

"Excuse me, your skirt is like twice as short as mine!" Alex snapped.

"Not even close, and your clown boobs are practically popping out." Haley snapped back, finally looking at her again, "I mean, who are you trying to impress? Is there a waiter or a parking assistant you like, or do you just want 'Uncle Manny' to start having a creepy crush on you now?"

"I'm surprised you finally figured out he was crushing on you." Alex grinned, "And I've seen you where this much cleavage."

"Yeah, but I'm hot with normal sized boobs, you're a freak with massive porn star tits!" Haley practically yelled, before smugly adding, "Seriously, there's no way those are real. Have you seen Mom? You totally paid for those, admit it!"

For a few seconds Alex stared in disbelief, then she smiled widely, "Oh my God... you're jealous!"

"What?" Haley asked, looking totally confused.

"You're jealous! Of me... OH MY GOD!" Alex pretty much repeated herself.

"As if." Haley scoffed.

"No, it... it all makes sense now." Alex nodded her head, "This whole time I'm wondering why we've been fighting more. I thought you were just depressed and worried that because college didn't work out you'll have to embrace your destiny as a stripper, but the truth is you can't stand to be around me because not only am I smarter than you, now I'm hotter than you too."

"None of that is true!" Haley said, then when Alex gave her a look she quickly added, "Ok, some of that is true, but you're definitely not hotter than me. And that's not even close to why I can't stand to be around you right now."

"No? Then what is it Haley? Why have you been such a pain lately? What is all this about?" Alex said, stepping forward and physically pushing her sibling with every sentence, "Because you know what, I'm beyond tired of this. I'm tired of you acting like a total bitch all the time, so if you don't tell me what's wrong I'm going to tell Mom and Dad next time you do something stupid."

Haley let out an almost animalistic cry of overwhelming frustration, then grabbed Alex's face and pulled her in for a kiss. Alex was so shocked she didn't even begin to think of stopping it, or kissing back. Not that she would kiss back, but... she was just so beyond shocked that she just stood there like a statue as her own sister pressed her lips against hers for 10 of the longest seconds of her life. Then Haley pulled back a little so that their faces were inches away from each other, and this look crossed her face. In a way it was like those few times in the past Haley had allowed the mask of bitchy sister to drop and be nice to her, only instead of anything nice Haley just looked terrified.

Then all of a sudden there was a knock on their door, "Girls! Seriously, we have to go."

"Coming Mom!" Haley cried out, the mask firmly back on her face as she quickly finished getting dressed and left without a word, leaving Alex to follow suit.

* * *

Alex didn't say anything until they reached the restaurant, and even then she only participated enough in conversation so no one would suspect her mind was totally elsewhere. Or right next to her as the case may be, Haley probably only having the guts to stay so close because she wanted to make sure Alex wouldn't say anything. As if she would, even if she could sort out what she was feeling. After all, how could she tell anyone in her family that Haley had kissed her? How could she live with the embarrassment of that? How could she tell them that her own sister kissed her, and it didn't repulse her like it should?

Sure, she was ashamed that it had happened, and definitely wanted no one to know about it, but... Alex just couldn't stop thinking about how soft Haley's lips were. Which made sense, what with Haley being a girl and all, and that being Alex's first kiss with a girl. Something Alex thought she would do at some stage, probably in college, but it wasn't going to be her sister. Now it was she wasn't sure what to do. Except talk to Haley of course. Not that she wanted too, but they were living in the same house, and more importantly sleeping in the same room, so they were going to have to talk about this eventually, and Alex wanted to do it sooner rather than later so she could sort out the thoughts in her head.

So as soon as she was back at home Alex hurried upstairs, brushed her teeth, changed into her pyjamas, curled up in her bed with her body facing the wall nearest to her and pretended to go to sleep. Minutes had felt like hours at dinner so she had plenty of time to think about the best way to talk to her sister. Haley might make a fuss if she tried to drag her somewhere private, and the last thing Alex wanted to do was draw the attention of her parents, so making Haley think she didn't want to talk about it was her best bet.

Thankfully it seemed to work, Haley sneaking into their room a short time later and hurrying to change into her own pyjamas and crawl under her sheets while facing away from Alex, or without bothering to turn on one of the lights. The second Haley was snuggled up Alex jumped out of bed and turned on the light, honestly expecting her big sister to try and run away. Instead Haley just stayed where she was, clearly trying to play Alex at her own game.

Not fooled for a second Alex stomped over until she was practically leaning over her sibling and then whisper yelled, "Why did you kiss me?"

For a few long moments there was silence, then without moving Haley softly grumbled, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Alex rolled her eyes, "Yes you do."

"No I don't." Haley interrupted before Alex could say anything else.

"Yes you do." Alex insisted, the two sisters briefly going back and forth like that before the younger sibling practically said at her normal volume, "Now answer the question."

"Hey, keep your voice down you perv." Haley whisper yelled, finally sitting up and looking at her sister.

"I'll keep my voice down if you answer my questions." Alex offered, quickly following up with, "Now, why did you kiss me?"

Rolling her eyes Haley grumbled, "I didn't kiss you."

"Yes you did." Alex whisper yelled angrily.

"No I didn't, now shut up you freak." Haley practically growled as she slipped out of bed and tried to tower over the other girl, something which may have been effective only a short time ago but now they were virtually the same height even Halley knew it wasn't very intimidating. As a result she tried to make up for it with her words, "I don't know what perverted little daydreams you've been having, but I would never do something like that. You're a dork, and a loser, and my sister, so I would never, ever even dream about doing something so gross and disgusting as kissing you."

"You're lying." Alex pointed out with a frown, she and her sister stared at each other for a few long seconds, then her eyes went wide, "Wait, you've thought about it? You, me, and... and... you, you want me? You're actually physically attracted to me? That, that kiss wasn't just a moment of madness?"

"OH MY GOD, how can anyone so smart be so dumb!" Haley practically screamed in frustration, luckily having the sense to lower her voice half way through but unluckily not having the sense to stop talking, "People don't just kiss each other for no reason you dummy."

"So you do remember the kiss." Alex whispered smugly, before thinking it through, "Wait... soooooo, all this weirdness between us? All the extra fighting, insulting me even more than usual, you being a total bitch to me all the time instead of some of the time... it was all because you had a crush on me?"

Awaking from the horrified state she'd been in since she given herself away Haley whisper yelled, "It's not a crush!"

"Then what is it? What's going on Haley?" Alex asked, getting closer to her sibling.

"I... I... I, I... I..." Haley stammered before bursting into tears, quickly shoving her face into her pillow and screaming in frustration.

"Oh please, you're not getting out of this, so don't even try that faking it BS with me." Alex huffed.

"I'm not faking it." Haley wept into her pillow.

"Oh... sorry?" Alex sort of apologised.

"Oh shut up and go tell Mom and Dad already!" Haley almost yelled into the pillow.

"Yeah, I'm not going to do that." Alex said, and then when Haley gave her a hopeful look quickly added so there was no confusion, "No way I want them, or anyone else to know about this, so... so let's just talk this out and be done with it."

Wiping the tears out of her eyes Haley grumbled, "What else is there to talk about."

"I don't know." Alex admitted, "How long have you been secretly gay?"

Haley rolled her eyes, "I'm not gay you moron."

Alex gave her a look, "Oh really?"

"Really!" Haley insisted.

"Then how do you explain... what happened earlier?" Alex asked, hesitant to even say it out loud.

Haley sighed deeply, look away, and then after a few long seconds grumbled, "This is all your fault you know."

"MY FAULT!" Alex yelled, before bringing both hands over her face and then when they didn't seem to be anyone stumbling towards their room she angrily whispered, "My fault? Oh please, explain how this is even partly my fault."

"Because it is!" Haley insisted, "All of this, every single bit of it, is your fault."

Crossing her arms Alex challenged, "Explain how."

The two sisters stared at each other for a few seconds, and then Haley grumbled, "You were never supposed to be this hot. You were supposed to be this flat-chested plain Jane who married an equally average looking nerd and then you were supposed to have nerdy little babies together. Now look at you... you're a freaking Goddess!"

Absurdly finding herself blushing Alex lowered her gaze, "You... you really think so?"

"Oh for God sakes Alex, look in a fucking mirror!" Haley whisper yelled, "Those big boobs, that cute little face, that amazing ass... and don't get me started on those little glasses you wear. Seriously, how can anything so dorky be so ridiculously cute?"

Even though it was incredibly vain and shallow Alex loved hearing all that from the sister who was so mean to her all the time. Then again it would be nice to hear that from anyone, not that she ever had. In fact, those were the nicest things anyone had ever said to her, and bizarrely hearing them made her feel all warm, which was kind of embarrassing. Especially as she had to concentrate on the task at hand.

"Ok... well, erm... that still doesn't explain how this is my fault." Alex pointed out.

Haley took another deep sigh, looked away again, and mumbled, "I'm straight, ok? 100%, no doubt about it straight. But... some women are so hot it doesn't feel weird actually thinking about them, you know, in that way. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Gloria, that girl off-"

"Gloria!" Alex interrupted, "As in Grandpa's Gloria... Grandma Gloria?"

"You know she doesn't like to be called that, she's half his age and most importantly of all not related to us." Haley quickly pointed out, "If it's ok for Manny to have a crush on me, why is it not ok for me to have a teeny tiny crush on his Mom?"

"Because it's wrong!" Alex insisted, "And we're related, so what's your excuse for that?"

"That you're so fucking hot even I want you." Haley said without thinking, immediately hating herself for it.

Her eyes softening Alex asked, "Really?"

"Fuck!" Haley swore, "We really have to work on your self-esteem."

"Yeah, because you've done such a stellar job up until now." Alex grumbled

A long silence fell between them before Haley lowered her gaze again and softly said, "Look, I'm sorry I kissed you. It was stupid. I know it was stupid, I KNEW it was stupid when I was doing it, I... I just can't help it sometimes, ok? It kind of runs in the family, for the most part, I'm just... stupid, ok? I know I am, and I'm so sorry, and I wish I could take it back, but I can't, so can we please just forget this ever happened? I promise I won't kiss you ever again or anything like that, because I may be stupid, but no matter how amazingly hot you are even I know nothing can ever happen between us."

There was more silence , and then against her better judgement Alex asked, "Why?"

Suddenly looking up wide-eyed Haley parroted with cautious hope, "Why?"

"Yes... why?" Alex repeated herself, cautiously sitting down in front of her sister Alex and began to explain herself, "We're both girls, so there can't be any biological complications."

"You mean like we can't get pregnant with a retard baby." Haley said brightly.

"Well, I wouldn't say it like that, but yeah." Alex nodded, "Also-"

"Statistically speaking a lot of girls our age experiment with same sex relationships." Haley interrupted.

"I'm surprised you know the word statistically, let alone how to use it correctly in the sentence." Alex mumbled, although there was no passion behind it.

"I read it in a magazine." Haley admitted without thinking, before pushing again, "But... you were saying?"

"Yes... well..." Alex trailed off for a few minutes to collect her thoughts, unconsciously reaching out and taking Haley's left hand with her right for emotional support before finally adding, "I... I guess I always thought be... productive to try the 'lesbian' experiment myself. At worst it would be a wild experience, at best maybe I would find a better understanding of what I liked. Because as far as I can tell even boys in good schools are morons when it comes to the opposite sex. But, if I was to do it, I would want someone I could trust not to blab about what a lousy lay I am, and I don't want to get distracted from studying when I should be upping my game, and.... and... ignoring the social wrongness for a second, I really don't think I'll ever be propositioned by anyone as hot as you."

Halfway through Alex's speech Haley looked up at her again, her eyes never looking more big and wide. They were beautiful. Of course they were, Haley's entire body was flawless, but somehow Alex had never noticed her eyes before, and she had never seen this expression cross Haley's face. Alex saw such relief and hopefulness, which towards the end of her speech turned to happiness and something Alex didn't think she could even name right now, that emotion causing Alex to blush, let go of Haley's hand and looked down. She then quickly looked up again into Haley's smirking face as the older sibling grabbed onto her waist and pulled her forwards so that their bodies were lightly touching.

"First of all, no matter what fancy college you go too girls are going to be lining up to eat you with a spoon." Haley insisted.

Alex frowned, "What does that even mean?"

"It's a metaphor dummy." Haley giggled softly, "It's a fun way of saying they're gonna eat that little pussy of yours."

"Haley!" Alex exclaimed, little loudly for both sisters liking, although both giggled afterwards.

"What? It's true. You're sooooooo fucking yummy Alex, and..." Haley began before cutting herself off before she said anything too X-rated and risked scaring Alex off, "And you were saying you think I'm hot?"

"Yes, well..." Alex stammered, second-guessing herself before ultimately adding, "You are. Whatever you say I know you're way hotter than any other girl I could get, and you're experienced, maybe not with girls but with boys and that something, and... and honestly I'm tired of being a virgin. So, if you can promise me that you'll never tell anyone about this, ever... I'm, I'm willing to try..."

That was enough for Haley, especially as she was terrified Alex would change her mind at any second and totally freak out on her. So she gently took hold of Alex's chin and lifted it upwards to press her lips against those belonging to her rambling kid sister, this kiss a billion times better than their last or any other she'd had because instead of just remaining still as a statue Alex kissed her back! Her own sister kissed her, Haley knowing she should be disgusted and ashamed of how happy that made her, but she didn't care.

Of course it wasn't instant. She had caught Alex off-guard again, and there were several other reasons why the younger sibling could have been hesitant, and not only did she slowly start caressing Haley's lips with hers but Alex actually lifted her hands so she was holding the older brunette. It was wonderful, beyond anything Haley could have ever even imagined, the two sisters fitting together like puzzle pieces.

The fit was even more perfect when Haley slowly lowered Alex down onto the bed sheets so the younger sibling ended up on her back with the older one laying on top of her, Haley whimpering into the kiss as she felt Alex's soft little body become her pillow. Of course they had been pressing against each other before, but this was so much more intense, Haley's perky little tits pressing into the much larger pair of her sister's and her leg pressing against the younger brunette's wet heat while Alex's left pressed against her own. It was also too much, Haley pushing her tongue into Alex's mouth whilst sliding a hand underneath her kid sister's pyjama top in search of those big tits which had haunted her dreams.

Before Haley could reach her goal Alex tensed, broke the kiss and stammered, "I, I... I kind of need to hear you say it."

Completely dazed and having no idea what Alex was talking about Haley frowned and asked, "Wha, what?"

"That you'll never tell anyone about this." Alex clarified what should have been obvious.

Ignoring Alex's annoyance Haley quickly confirmed, "Yeah, yeah... yes! God Alex, do you really think I want anyone to know about this?"

That was a good point, for Haley, so Alex gave a half nod and followed it up with, "Fine, but... are you sure you locked the door?"

Unable to stop herself from rolling her eyes Haley groaned, "Yes Alex, I'm sure."

"Can you check?" Alex asked nervously.

"Fine!" Haley huffed, reluctantly pulling herself off the heavenly body beneath her, rushing over to the door and making a show of trying to turn the handle and pull, the door not budging an inch, "Now can we please get back to experimenting? I was just starting to really enjoy it."

"Keep your voice down!" Alex hissed.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to waste time checking the door." Haley grumbled, strolling over to Alex's side of the room.

"Oh please, like you're so reliable." Alex sassed as she sat up and frowned, "What are you doing?

"Just a second." Haley mumbled dismissively as she searched Alex's bedside table, before locating the item she was looking for, "Uh-huh, here we go."

Alex frowned as her sister pulled her glasses out of the case, open them up and then walked towards her grinning, "You can't be serious?"

"What? You look incomplete without them." Haley argued as she gently place the glasses on Alex's nose/strapped them around her ears, the older sibling beaming brightly once they were secure, "There, much better."

"Haley, I can't. They'll get damaged." Alex pointed out as she reached for the specs.

"No, please leave them on, for me?" Haley pleaded, quickly following up with, "They make you look so fucking sexy, and they'll be fine because I'm going to do all the work anyway."

Before Alex could continue the argument Haley pressed her lips against her baby sister's, loving the fact that after a brief moment Alex once again gave into her touch, a few short seconds later Haley finding herself back where it felt like she belonged, on top of the beautiful goddess that was her little sister while eagerly making out with her. It was easily Haley's favourite ending to any argument she and Alex had ever had, Haley deciding then and there if there was ever another argument between them this is how it would end, even if she had to drag Alex into a shadowy corner to do it.

Alex was less keen because it felt like she was losing an argument due to distraction, and she hated losing arguments. Especially to Haley. However if this was what losing to Haley would be like from now on Alex wouldn't mind so much, because Haley was really, really good at kissing. She should be, given all the practice she had, Alex's mind immediately quipped, which made her smirk into the kiss momentarily. Then, as if Haley could read her mind, Alex was once again overwhelmed by the sensation of her big sister pushing her tongue into her mouth and sliding her hands underneath her pyjama top to squeeze her big boobs.

Gasping into Haley's mouth as a result of the sudden escalation Alex automatically tried to pull away slightly, but her older sibling wouldn't let her. That annoyed Alex in principle, but she had to admit Haley's demanding tongue kind of melted her shock, if shock was the right word for this situation. After all, she had known it was coming, and... and Alex momentarily lost her train of thought as she became lost in the kiss again for about a minute or so. Then Haley's hands, which had been gently caressing Alex's tits, suddenly squeezed down on them painfully.

Which gave Alex the chance to finally break the kiss and scold her sister, "Haley!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Haley quickly apologised, "This is totally new territory for me. I, I have no idea what I'm doing."

Briefly the urge to mock her sibling was overwhelming, but the apologetic look of sorrow mixed with guilt and more than a little lust made Alex instead admit, "Hey, I'm clueless too. So, so let's just take things slow, ok?"

"Ok." Haley parroted staring at Alex's chest, "I just need to do something first."

With that Haley grabbed the bottom of Alex's pyjama top and pulled it up over her big boobs, making the only member of the Dunphy family with any brains cry out, "Hey!"

Ignoring the protest, and the annoyed look on Alex's face, Haley just stared at her little sister's really big tits, practically drooling the entire time, and then cupped those tits and growled, "Oh my God, they're real! They're real? They're really real Oh my God I... I... OH GOD!"

Before Alex could get really offended, or demand that Haley keep her voice down, her big sister buried her face into the ridiculously large cleavage that she had been mocking earlier and gave Alex her first 'motor boating'. It was almost as embarrassing and what was as it was to have her sister doing this to her, and yet Alex had to admit those wonderfully perverted thrill to having this girl who had criticised everything about her for so long losing herself so completely in her body. At the same time it wasn't exactly physically pleasurable, so it was a big shocked to her system when Haley's mouth latched onto her right nipple and began greedily sucking it.

While Alex knew having big tits were considered a plus in her society overall they had been a burden to her so far. Sure, she got more looks from cute boys, but she also got a lot of unwanted looks, and she'd gone through a lot of clothes, and surely there was such a thing as too big? Now this was finally an advantage which made it all seem worth it, Alex throwing her head back and desperately trying to keep her moans as soft as possible as her own sister gave her the greatest pleasure she had ever known, Haley going back and forth between Alex's nipples which became almost painfully hard.

On some level Haley was embarrassed of her actions. Not the fact that she was gleefully worshipping her little sister's extremely big boobs, it was really twisted and perverted but she had mostly made peace with it by now. No, Haley was upset with HOW she was gleefully worshipping her little sister's extremely big boobs. She had researched this damn it, looked up several porn sites on her laptop about worshipping big tits and slept with a couple of guys just to see what they did to her. Of course that was to try and satisfy her cravings for Alex, but they had both backfired as when she was with guys Haley imagined her kid sister playing with her body and when she was watching porn it was always Alex's face she imagined attached to the big titted porn star. Most of all she was supposed to be the cool one, and now she very much wasn't acting like it.

Haley was acting like a teenage boy let loose on his first pair of boobs, at first just rubbing her face against the soft mountains of flesh before instincts finally took over and she started sucking Alex's nipples. At least she didn't suck too hard at first like some of her previous lovers, who she should have really trusted her gut about, and she had the presence of mind to eventually add her tongue to the mix, swirling it around each of Alex's nipples in turn between long passionate sucks. She also kissed her way down one boob and then kissed her way to the other, although that was about satisfying her own lust.

To that end Haley would sometimes become lost in just the boob kissing, although from the sounds of her baby sister's moans that worked very well as a form of teasing the sarcastic little brat, the part of Haley which liked to squabble with her sibling getting off way too much on the fact that she now had Alex literally writhing underneath her. Perhaps the best part of that was when Alex grabbed onto her head and tried to push her deeper into her cleavage in a desperate sign she wanted more, and Haley responded by slowing down and decreasing the force of her suction, which in turn made Alex whimper pathetically.

Of course as much fun as it was to torture her sibling in this new and wonderful way Haley felt a growing and disturbing need to make her kid sister cum. Haley's tongue and particularly her fingers practically ached to be inside of her sister even as both were occupied, one hand pushing one breast into her eager mouth and tongue while the other hand played with the other breast. So, even though it spelled the beginning of the end of the tittie worship, Haley began increasing the force behind her licks, sucks and caresses. Now, if she could only convince herself to let go of Alex's boobs and let one hand move lower.

Alex didn't know how long Haley licked and sucked her tits for, but it easily felt like hours. At first it was almost deliriously good, although that might be just the overlying fact she was being touched by another person, and that other person was her sister. And technically if you count the motor boating the beginning wasn't that great, but when Haley started the real work, oh Alex had never felt so much pleasure. But then all of a sudden it wasn't enough, and Alex knew that Haley didn't understand subtlety but after a while trying to push her head downwards it became clear her older sister was teasing her.

Annoyed beyond belief Alex practically hissed, "Haley! Do something else already!"

"Keep your voice down." Haley teased softly, moving her mouth away from Alex's huge tits just long enough to whisper that before returning to her prize.

"Haley!" Alex moaned softly in frustration.

"What?" Haley asked in between kisses to Alex's boobs, "Tell me what ya want little sister."

"God, your grammar is appalling." Alex grumbled automatically.

"So, you want to spend the night improving my grammar? Or maybe do ya want something else?" Haley teased.

There was a long moment of silence, then blushing furiously Alex looked down into Haley's eyes and practically growled, "Eat me! Eat me you bitch! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd, eat my pussy, lick me until I cum, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, just fuck me!"

"What's the magic word?" Haley asked in a singsong voice.

"Now!" Alex commanded, and when that didn't work she whimpered, "Please? Please Haley, eat my pussy."

Hearing something it seemed she'd longed for Haley grinned wickedly and quickly kissed her way down Alex's stomach before tearing off the younger girl's pyjama bottoms, Alex helping by not only lifting her butt and legs when appropriate but completely pulling off her top so she was completely naked in front of her sister. It wasn't the first time, Alex suddenly recalling all the odd looks Haley had been giving her lately and shivering as she realised they were all of lust. Which ok, had been revealed before now, but she was only appreciating it at this moment, and... and her train of thought was completely lost when Haley settled in between her legs and then pressed a kiss just above her pubic hair.

Then all of a sudden Haley got a weird look on her face, looked up at Alex and asked, "Hey, you've... like, fucked yourself right? With your fingers?"

"No." Alex admitted with a blush, "I tried it once, but... it just felt weird. Why, is that a problem?"

Haley grinned, "No."

Alex frowned, "Then why-"

"I'm going to give you your first orgasm!" Haley beamed ecstatically.

"I... I guess. If you hurry up. At this rate I'll have to go to school first." Alex blushed.

Ignoring the jab Haley's eyes locked onto Alex's pussy and mumbled to herself, "Just when I didn't think this night could get any more awesome."

Alex rolled her eyes. Even during sex Haley just had to be a pain in the ass. And there was no doubt in Alex's mind that Haley would tease her about it later. Point out the only person she could get to sleep with her was her own sister, that fact actually making Alex think twice about this. Then Haley lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it from the bottom of Alex's pussy to the top, making any second thoughts about this seem crazy. It also seemed crazy that they'd never done this before, Alex briefly mad that Haley hadn't kissed her sooner, and then she couldn't possibly be mad about anything.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh wow!" Alex moaned dreamily.

"Seriously, keep your voice down!" Haley whisper yelled, before smirking, "I don't want to be caught licking my little sister's pussy."

Immediately following those words Haley went right back to the non-stop slow licks she had been giving Alex's centre for a few glorious seconds before, pretty much the entire time staring up lustfully at the younger Dunphy sister. In response Alex could only blush, and pull the nearest pillow over her face, because God help her she just couldn't stop moaning, groaning, whimpering and crying out as she was in the throes of the greatest pleasure she had ever known. It was so good Alex couldn't even pretend to care when Haley's hands slid up her body to grab hold of her tits yet again. Especially as Haley immediately started to gently play with them in a way which enhanced what that sharp tongue was doing, the irony not lost on Alex that something which had caused her so much emotional pain was now causing her so much physical pleasure.

Haley was in heaven. As good as she was obviously making Alex feel, and the younger Dunphy sibling felt very proud of herself for that, Haley knew Alex couldn't be loving this as much as she was. After all, Alex was just fulfilling her dream of having sex. Haley was having sex with the person she'd secretly wanted more than anybody else, and never truly believed she'd have, meaning that this was her ultimate fantasy come true. Well, one of them. Honestly Haley wanted to turn Alex's body into her own personal playground, do all sorts of nasty things to her and make her a little slut. Her little slut.

First though Haley needed to give Alex the best oral sex of all time and make her baby sister cum so hard that Alex would beg Haley to fuck her again, and again, and again. So as much as she wanted to slam her tongue inside her right away she instead opted for a long drawn-out pussy licking, slowly sliding her tongue up and down Alex's pussy lips for what felt like an eternity. Quickly after that she reached up to start fondling Alex's big boobs again, Haley now feeling like she already knew them so well she could massage those giant globes blindfolded if need be. Then she started lingering on Alex's entrance and perhaps more importantly her clit.

Given all her research, and the extra positive reaction Alex gave her when she touched that little bundle of nerves, Haley started giving her little sister's clit more and more attention until she spent several minutes concentrating on it. At first that included just continuing to flick it with her tongue, but then she took that little bundle into her mouth and sucked on it, making Alex scream into the pillow. Not wanting to risk getting caught Haley decreased the force of her suction but took a minute or so to actually take her mouth off of Alex's clit, and that was only so she could close it over her kid sister's entrance.

That was when Haley learned her little gamble had paid off, Alex's pussy had been wet before but after the clitoral stimulation her baby sister's juices were practically flowing like a river, and now those delicious juices were flowing directly into her mouth and down her throat. Sure, she had to pause her licking and sucking to swallow a few times, but that was no great chore, and more then worth it to gulp down the greatest thing she'd ever tasted, Halley never more determined to make this a regular thing then she was right now.

Alex definitely wanted this to be a regular thing. In fact for a lot of this wonderful experience she found herself dreaming of coming home from a long day at school to her big sister's mouth, Haley waiting for her on her knees and eating Alex out the second the younger sibling could close the door behind her. And then in the evening, and at the weekend, Haley could lick her pussy while Alex studied, and instead of study breaks Alex could have orgasm breaks, her big sis helping her relax throughout this stressful time in her life by constantly pleasuring her.

Those were such pleasant dreams, but Alex's present slowly turned into a nightmare as the once amazing ecstasy turned to an almost painful ache inside her the likes of which she had never experienced before. It was so weird, because it still felt good, but she wanted more, so much so she became desperate to get it. Only it felt like a whole different level of desperation, Alex suddenly understanding why all those men and women she had read about made stupid mistakes just because they were basically getting some, because God dammit, she would do anything to 'cum' right now.

Which was something she didn't keep to herself, Alex pulling the pillow off of her face for a second to whisper yelled, "Haley! Stop teasing me! Please? I'll do anything if you just fucking stop teasing me!"

There was a second pause, then Haley actually had the audacity to pull away from her cunt and smile at Alex wickedly. Then she quickly moved upwards so that they were face to face and whispered, "What do you want? Say it?"

Alex blushed, but softly replied, "I want you to make me cum. I, I want my big sister to make me cum in her mouth."

Even though at this point it would be self-destructive for Haley to be recording this or something like that Alex still couldn't believe she actually said that. But she was just so desperate for what she wanted, and from looking Haley's eyes she could tell that was exactly what her big sister wanted to hear, Haley looking like she might have an orgasm herself just from hearing that. However whatever embarrassment or anything else Alex felt it was totally worth it, and completely forgotten seconds later when Haley dived between her legs and shoved her tongue as deep inside her pussy as it would go.

So this was what all the fuss was about, Alex thought as her eyes widened, the by far smarter girl in the room luckily remembering to stuff the pillow over her face to at least somewhat muffle her scream of ecstasy as she experienced her first orgasm. An experience which totally redefined her understanding of ecstasy, and the world in general, although Alex was in no state to begin analysing that. All she could think was that everything Haley ever did to her was worth it for this one perfect moment. Then she was overwhelmed by the sensations rocking her body, Alex becoming blissfully lost in the joy of cumming in her big sister's mouth.

Considering she'd never done this before Haley was really proud of herself for tongue fucking Alex through climax after climax. Although wasn't a conscious decision, because the second her little sister's girl cum touched her taste buds Haley became like a wild animal, frantically swallowing down as much of that precious liquid as she could. Then when it was all gone she returned to slamming her tongue in and out of Alex's love hole, Haley desperate for more of that heavenly cream, her eyelids literally fluttering with delight as she made her baby sister cum in her mouth again and thus giving out what she now so intensely craved.

Haley hadn't thought there could possibly be anything more yummy than Alex's regular pussy juice, but she had been so wrong. So wonderfully wrong. Sure, she still loved Alex's cunt cream, and a certain amount of it automatically flow down her throat in this position, and she had to pause the tongue fucking every so often so she could swallow a mouthful of yummy pussy cream, however the majority of the liquid ended up covering her face as Haley fought to get as much of her kid sister's cum into her belly where it felt like it belonged. Even then Alex was shaking so much, and eventually she grinded against her face so much that unfortunately some of that precious liquid escaped.

At that point Haley's mouth and tongue were so tired that she decided that she might as well switched tactics. After all her main goal was to convince Alex to let her do this again, so in the name of that Haley replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, her sister's virgin hole accepting those digits with ease while Haley's exhausted tongue switch to occasionally lapping at Alex's clit. Like that Haley succeeded in making her little sister cum several more times, on more than one occasion Haley replacing her fingers with her mouth at the moment Alex was about to cum so that she greedily gulped down the precious liquid that she was now so obsessed with.

Eventually Haley slowed down the speed of the frantic finger fucking and whispered, "Turn over."

Delirious from all the pleasure Alex pulled the pillow away from her face and whispered, "Why?"

"Just do it!" Haley insisted, pulling her fingers out of her kid sister's cunt to show Alex she meant business.

Whimpering in disappointment at this turn of events Alex quickly did as she was told, turning onto her stomach and presenting Haley with that big fat ass of hers. The ass Haley had been mocking her about for a while now, despite the fact that Haley had been drooling over those big round cheeks almost as much as Alex's big boobs. To be presented with that fat ass now that she was consumed by forbidden lust, oh Haley was so impressed she managed to return her fingers to Alex's cunt before becoming lost in her twisted desire for her own sister's big booty.

Alex was confused why Haley had insisted on putting her in this position, but it seemed like a small price to pay for the return of those wonderful fingers. She soon got her answer as she felt a soft peck on her ass cheeks, followed by another and another and another, Alex first frowning at the touch, then giggling, then letting out a gasp of surprise as Haley buried her face between her butt cheeks and 'motorboated' them just like she had her tits. Which like before was weird, but then Haley pushed her face directly in between those cheeks and started frantically licking Alex's ass hole, leaving the younger sibling to blush, groan and then moan in pleasure.

It wasn't like Alex hadn't heard of this before, but it wasn't something she ever imagined experiencing herself. Now she felt her bitchy big sister's tongue against her forbidden hole Alex wondered why she had never imagined this. Ok, well not this exactly, but someone other than her sister licking her ass, because it was surprisingly good and it give her an intense feeling of naughtiness. Or more accurately intensified the feeling of naughtiness, as this was a taboo on top of a taboo, Alex feeling like such a dirty slut to be letting her own sister licking her butt hole.

The fact that she had such an antagonising relationship with Haley certainly helped. After all, if they were ever in an argument in the future, and obviously no one was around, Alex could not only tell Haley to kiss her ass, but remind her big sister that she had eagerly done just that and she was welcome to do it again. And she'd definitely do that when Haley teased her for having a 'fat' ass, although Alex doubted that would happen again given the way her big sister was frantically lapping away at her back hole, at one point Haley even pushing her tongue inside that forbidden hole and then switching from licking around the inside of Alex's rectum and literally ass fucking her with her tongue.

Despite the fact that Haley wasn't able to get very deep the sensation alone was a major turn on for Alex, and combined with the wonderful fingering the brainy brunette was pushed over the edge of several more wonderful climaxes. In fact by the time Haley finally removed her face from Alex's ass Alex actually kind of wanted a break. However Haley had other plans, and as exhausted as she was Alex just couldn't complain when her older sibling left her fingers inside her as she crawled up her body until Haley's boobs were pressed into her back and her extremely wet cunt was pressed into her butt, Haley panting into her ear as one sweat soaked sister rested against the other.

Haley knew she should be grossed out by the sweatiness, but she was just too horny to care. All she wanted to do in that moment was get off, and she knew exactly how she wanted to get off. It was sick, it was twisted, it was weird, but she just did it. She humped her little sister like some kind of wild animal, grinding her aching nipples into Alex's sweaty back and more importantly her near bursting cunt against that big juicy ass. It was the latter thing which had Haley cumming in what felt like record time, seemingly only a few seconds of rubbing herself against those meaty cheeks before she covered them in her cream.

Of course it wasn't just physical pleasure which pushed Haley over the edge, it was a mind blowing fact that she could taste a combination of her baby sister's pussy, ass and girl cum in her mouth, which served a wonderful reminder of the number of unspeakable acts she just joyfully performed on her own flesh and blood. Of course there was a physical element that, but what was purely psychological was what she was doing to Alex in her mind. Because in her twisted little head she was fucking her kid sister with a strap-on, either pounding her virgin cunt or her equally untouched ass hole, Haley taking Alex's virginity in every conceivable way and making her curvaceous sibling's body all hers.

The whole time she pumped her fingers in and out of Alex's pussy, and cupped one of those big boobs, so the two sisters were able to cum together. Which felt sweet and romantic, in a very sick and twisted way. Then Haley collapsed exhausted against Alex's back, finally removing her fingers from her pussy and her other hand away from her boobs, and just laid there for several long seconds. Then sometime later Haley rolled them so she was spooning Alex, the two sisters awkwardly working together to get underneath the bed sheets so if anyone saw them they would have no idea they were naked.

There was a long pause, then Alex finally took off the glasses she been fighting not to break and weakly placed them on the side table, and then giggled breathlessly, "Wow... I totally forgive you for everything you ever said to me."

"Shut up nerd." Halley groaned softly, and then after a few seconds mumbled, "I love you."

Alex smiled softly and mumbled back, "I love you too."

Haley gritted her teeth from saying something stupid as her beautiful baby sister drifted off in her arms, Haley staying awake for a while just to watch Alex sleep. She hadn't realised it until now, but Haley's unspeakable crush had turned into something so much worse. Something which went beyond natural family feelings or unnatural forbidden lust, and as she expected Alex only felt the former and perhaps the latter Haley was somehow more miserable now than before she got a taste of what she really wanted. Then again maybe she could fuck her sister into loving her? It was worth a shot.


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