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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

The first thought that went through Haley's head when she returned to consciousness was, I don't remember my pillow being this soft. Then she opened her eyes and in a flash she remembered everything, smiled widely and then snuggled back into the greatest pillow on the face of the earth, a.k.a. her little sister's extremely big tits. Part of Haley just wanted to stay there forever, because it was pure heaven. All she could smell was Alex. All she could feel was Alex, that little body which looked like it had been handcrafted by God himself feeling just perfect beneath her. She could even taste Alex, the flavour of her kid sister's cum, pussy and ass juices all lingering on Haley's tongue.

Unfortunately Haley always woke up feeling incredibly horny, which had been a real problem lately as she couldn't masturbate until she got into the bathroom, and that held everybody up and they got mad at her and she got mad back and it became a vicious cycle. Anyway, as horny as Haley got being a few feet away from the sleeping body of her baby sister it was nothing compared to being actually on top of Alex with those amazing boobs pressed up against her face. Plus the amazing sex they'd had last night was still fresh in her mind, meaning that as much as part of Haley never wanted to move again the other part of her wanted to latch her mouth onto one of those boobs and shove her fingers back into Alex's box so she could roughly fuck her sister into consciousness.

Restraining her rough and needy desires Haley settled for lifting her head up and looking at Alex's face. Despite the tell-tale lack of anything but slow yet steady breathing Haley had been hoping that Alex was awake so they could resume last night's naughtiness, although she couldn't be that disappointed when she looked down into the face of an angel. God, her memory never did justice to Alex's face, Haley convinced she would have been lusting after her own sister regardless of her body type as long as she had a face like that, which somehow looked more angelic now she could watch her sleeping so close.

Again Haley wanted to just do that forever, but her sinful urges became too great to ignore. So instead she gently wrapped her lips around Alex's right nipple and began softly sucking, the whole time studying Alex's face to see if she would wake up. When she didn't Haley moved over to Alex's left nipple to repeat the process, the older Dunphy sister going back and forth for several moments while the younger one softly moaned in her sleep. Then Haley sucked a little too hard and Alex awoke with a gasp, the elder sibling briefly worried as her new lover looked confused and perhaps shocked to see Haley sucking her tits, then a wide smile crossed Alex's face.

"Hey slut." Alex moaned playfully, and then just to make sure Haley got that it was meant to be playful brought her hands to stroke that blonde highlighted filled hair and added in an even more obviously teasing tone, "Didn't get enough of fucking your sister last night?"

"Na-ah." Haley moaned, reluctantly removing her mouth from Alex's nipple, "I could never get enough of these big fucking tits. Ohhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd Alex, their soooooooooo big! How am I supposed to resist them when they're this big?"

"I, oh, I think it would be counter-productive to suggest anything." Alex moaned as Haley wrapped her lips around the nipple she had previously been sucking and swirling her tongue around it before applying suction again. Then Alex glanced over at the bedside clock and sighed, "But I'm going to have to stop you."

"Why?" Haley angrily whispered, barely taking her mouth away from her sister's nipple for a second to get out the word, and even then she moved to the other nipple, sucking it so hard she was hoping to make Alex lose her train of thought.

Haley briefly succeeded, Alex throwing her head back and letting out a long groan which she barely remembered to keep soft, and then she glared down at her sibling and softly scolded, "Haley! I have school! I, ooooooooh, I can't just skip it to have amazing sex with you."

Feeling anger boiling inside her Haley struggled not to start yelling at Alex and call her a nerd, but as that definitely wouldn't get her what she wanted she took a breath, then slid her hands up to cup her baby sister's enormous tits in both hands, brought her face directly in front of Alex's and then whispered, "Please? Just this once? I swear, I'll make it worth your while."

"I don't doubt that, but no." Alex insisted, pausing to moan as Haley squeezed her tits and then started using her fingertips to play with her nipples, "Mmmmmmmmmm, I'm, I'm in my final year! I can't just, ohhhhhhhhhhh-"

"Haven't you already been accepted into like every single college ever?" Haley questioned in her mocking tone, although she wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

"Not yet." Alex grinned, unable to stop a little bragging tone slip into her voice before she quickly added, "But it won't matter if I don't get the grades."

Appealing to her sister's ego Haley asked, "Do you really think there's anything left high school teachers can actually teach you? Aren't you smarter than all of them combined? Like, not just in your school but like all high school teachers? Hell, you study so much you could probably teach them way more than they could ever teach you."

Still not used to getting flattery from Haley, or anyone else, Alex blushed and mumbled, "I'm, I'm not sure I'd go quite that far, oh, but there have been a few lessons, ohhhhhhhhhh, where I'd learned what the teacher was talking about already, or it wasn't taught particularly well, or ooooooooh Haley no! I'm serious. I, I just can't take the risk. I'm sorry."

As Alex had been talking Haley had slid her hand down her little sister's stomach and she was disappointed to be cut off. It was nice to see Alex was apologetic about it, but that didn't change the fact that Haley had been denied the joy of touching her kid sister's cunt. Hoping to capitalise on Alex's apologetic mood Haley lowered her head, milking how hurt she was, then looked up into her baby sister's big brown eyes and begged, "Please Alex? I'll eat your pussy all day long. No excessively playing with your tits, no freaky butt stuff, just hour after hour of you cumming in my mouth and all over my face."

"Tempting." Alex gulped, "But for the record, I like the way you play with my tits... and I really liked feeling your tongue up my butt."

"Really?" Haley grinned hopefully.

"Really." Alex confirmed with a grin, "Everything you did to me last night felt so fucking amazing. That's why, if you're good and let me get dressed and go to school, I'll do everything to you that you did to me the second I get back."

"Everything?" Haley questioned softly.

"Everything." Alex again confirmed, quickly reaching down so she could start rubbing her big sister's pussy, 'jilling' her off as she said the next words as erotically as she possibly could, "I'll worship your tight little body with my mouth and tongue. Suck on your nipples until you're begging for mercy, then lick your pussy so good until you think you're going to pop. Then I'm going to ram your little pussy with my tongue. Tongue fuck you until you cum in my mouth and all over my face. Then I'll stick my tongue up your butt. Mmmmmmm yeah, then I'm going to stick my tongue right up your tight little butt hole. Shove my tongue as far as it will go up my own sister's ass hole, and rim her until she cums on my fingers like the perverted little slut she is! Would you like that Haley?"

"God yes!" Haley whimpered.

"Then will you let me go to school without a fuss?" Alex asked.

There was a pause and then Haley asked, "Please Alex, I'm so close... I... I'm-"

"You're ready to cum already?" Alex gasped softly in disbelief.

"It's your fault." Haley grumbled, adding with a pitiful whine, "You're so fucking hot! I could cum just staring at your sleeping body, but God when you touch me, say things like that, oh my God Alex please make me cum!"

Alex grinned before moving in for the kill, "Promise me that you'll let me go to school?"

Haley countered with, "Promise you'll do everything I did to you? Mmmmmmmm, that you'll eat my pussy, ooooooooh AND my ass?"

"I promise." Alex nodded.

"I promise." Haley whimpered, "Plea, please tell me what you're promising."

"Oh, just to stick my tongue in your cunt, and then shove it right up your slutty little ass!" Alex grinned, never feeling more powerful as she slid her thumb over Haley's clit and shoved a finger into her sister's cunt, "Now cum for me!"

After that demand Haley's eyes and mouth went wide, but before she could wake up the whole house with a deafening scream Alex glued her lips to hers, ensuring that the inevitable scream out of her big sister was mostly swallowed or at least softened by her own hungry mouth. And sure, Alex was nervous it wasn't going to be enough, that after getting away with it last night they would be discovered now, but she was inside her sister. She, Alex Dunphy, was inside her big sister Haley Dunphy's pussy, her siblings womanhood trembling around her finger in a way which was out of this world.

For all her intelligence Alex couldn't find a way to do justice to the feeling of being inside Haley. She certainly couldn't do justice to the even more amazing feeling of her big sister cumming on her finger, Alex's finger suddenly going into business for itself and starting to hammer Haley's cunt. It could have been seconds later, or it could have been minutes, but the next thing Alex was aware of was her big sister's pussy clenching down so hard on her finger it felt like a vice, that finger seeming to push itself as deep inside Haley as possible to maximise the experience for both siblings. And to ensure Alex's finger was as coated as possible in girl cum of course.

Haley had already coated her finger in cream just in the short time it took for her to cum, but there were even more juices now, Alex feeling so overwhelmed by it that she could barely think. If overwhelming was even the word. Kissing her sister was overwhelming, this was so beyond that. This was her own sister cumming on her finger. This was her beautiful big sister Haley covering her finger in cum. This was her older sister Haley, the girl that Alex had secretly wished for so long that she could grow up to be half as pretty as, and Alex just made her cum for her with the greatest of ease.

Alex was extremely tempted to finger fuck Haley through climax after climax and then bury her face in between her big sister's legs so she could get her first taste of pussy and girl cum simultaneously, however ultimately her desire to keep up her perfect attendance one out and she slowly brought Haley down from her high. Seconds later Alex almost caved when, the second she had pulled her finger from her big sister's cunt, Haley grabbed onto her hand and then forcefully pulled it up so she could wrap her lips around the finger that had been inside her and then sensuously sucked it clean of her own cum and pussy cream.

Still, business before pleasure, Alex reminded herself as she tried to pull away from Haley, and then when she was met with resistance she softly scolded her selfish sibling, "Haley! You promised."

"God Alex, can't you miss school just this once?" Haley huffed.

Alex leaned forward as if she was about to kiss Haley again, only to 'bop' her nose playfully and tell her, "No."

Haley had relaxed as Alex had leaned in, Alex obviously anticipating that and try as she might Haley couldn't stop her little sister from pulling away from her completely, getting up and beginning to get dressed. Haley huffed with frustration, set up with her arms folded and then once Alex was dressed mumbled, "Fine, but you better keep your promise."

"I will." Alex promised, awkwardly kissing Haley's cheek before heading out the door.

* * *

What followed was the longest day of Haley's life. It wasn't even a full day, just eight hours, but each one of those hours felt like a lifetime as every second of it she thought about Alex. Granted at least half of those thoughts were made up of pleasant things like remembering how Alex was somehow even more mind meltingly gorgeous out of her clothes, how those enormous tits felt in her hands and just how heavenly Alex's cum and pussy cream had tasted. She even thought how good Alex's ass tasted, Haley still unable to believe she got her tongue up her nerdy little sister's big fat ass.

However all those pleasant memories were ruined by the soul crushing fear that Alex would reject her when she came back. Tell Haley what they had done was wrong. Perverted. Sinful. Against the law. And she would be right, but Haley couldn't stand the thought of not being able to touch Alex again. She would get down on her knees and beg if she had too, Haley willing to say or do anything, give Alex anything she wanted just for one more night with her kid sister as her plaything. Alex had promised her otherwise, but Haley couldn't shake the feeling that in the light of day, surrounded by her classmates, Alex would have a change of heart.

Maybe that was why no matter how hard she tried Haley just couldn't get herself off. Or maybe after knowing the joy of having her little sister's finger inside her, and rubbing herself against Alex's fat ass with her baby sister's cum all over her face, simply fingering herself wasn't enough. Neither was fingering herself while her face was buried in a pair of Alex's used panties, which until this point had been Haley's most effective way of getting herself off. Even when she added being in Alex's bed into the mix, the scent of her kid sister all around her, it still didn't compare to having Alex in bed with her. So eventually Haley gave up in favour of choosing what she would wear for Alex.

That thought filled Haley with joy. She was literally dressing for Alex, trying to get her little sister all hot and bothered just by looking at her. If Haley had thought it were possible she'd have been doing it months ago, but now she had some actual proof Alex liked girls, or at least liked her, it really made her feel good to throw on something sexy for her own sister. It also made her feel wonderfully perverted. Although ultimately she decided she didn't want to waste time undressing when she could be fucking Alex, so Haley chose to be naked. She changed her mind about that and what position to be in half a dozen times before she heard Alex return, Haley greatly relieved that her little sister more or less went straight to their room when she got home.

"Bitch." Alex said, once the door was closed and locked.

Even though it was in a playful tone Haley was worried, she tried her best to hide it, "Yeah, I am, but any reason specifically?"

"I tried, I really tried." Alex sighed, at first sounding random before she clarified with, "But thanks to you I just couldn't concentrate."

"Oh, why is that?" Haley asked innocently as she threw the covers off of her, revealing her body to her clearly horny sibling.

"I can't imagine." Alex murmured sarcastically as she became lost in staring at Haley for a few long seconds.

Then in the blink of an eye Alex was ripping off her clothes and then scrambling to get on top of her big sister, Haley grabbing her when she was close enough and practically slamming her tongue into her mouth. It was nothing like the few soft and hesitant kisses she'd had with boys, Alex overwhelmed at first by the passion and the need of this kiss. Then she adjusted and gave as good as she got, the Dunphy sisters rolling back and forth as their tongues spent the next few minutes frantically battling for dominance until Alex finally broke it in favour of kissing Haley's neck and fondling her boobs.

After a minute or so of that Alex playfully whispered, "Seriously Haley, if you make me flunk out I'll never speak to you again, let alone anything else. Plus I'll totally tell Mom and Dad and they'll have no choice but to finally kick your sorry ass out."

"Oh shut up nerd." Haley moaned, pushing Alex's head downwards, "You've got work to do."

Not needing any further encouragement Alex kissed her way down Haley's chest until she reached her big sister's boobs. They were nowhere near her size, but up close they looked pretty big and honestly Alex had never been a big fan of her own body. Despite how much Haley seemed to love them Alex had always thought that her tits were impractical and just got in the way most of the time. Not like Haley's perfect pair, her sister's boobs just like every other part of her, flawless. Just sliding her lips up one of them and taking that boob's nipple into her mouth gave Alex and incredible thrill, especially when Haley moaned for her.

Although as thrilling as it was, it was also worrying, Alex removing her mouth from the nipple so she could whisper, "Shhhhhh, we have to be quiet, remember?"

"Sorry." Haley said dismissively, grabbing hold of the back of Alex's head and pushing her firmly into her chest.

Taking the hint Alex wrapped her lips back around the nipple, although she suckled more gently this time in hopes that it would help. Sure enough Haley was able to stifle her moan, from the sounds of it by pressing her lips firmly together. This encouraged Alex to suck a bit harder, and then swirl her tongue around the nipple before moving to the other to give it the same treatment. Through it all Haley did a reasonable job of keeping quiet, considering Alex could remember just how much she struggled last night. Although Alex could have done a better job of keeping track, the brainy brunette becoming lost in sucking and fondling Haley's tits for quite some time until she felt pressure on the back of her head.

That was quickly followed by Haley softly begging, "Lower! Mmmmmmmmm, please Alex, lower. I, I can't wait any more. Please just... just fucking eat me already you nerdy little bitch!"

Alex was reluctant to cut her time with Haley's perfect tits so short, especially after her sister had spent so much time on her awkwardly big boobs. But this was supposed to be about returning the favour from last night, and how could Alex deny that request after Haley had made her feel such wonderful things yesterday? Alex certainly didn't have the heart to try, so she pressed a few quick kisses down Haley's stomach and then settled herself in between her sister's legs to get her first real-life close-up look at another girl's sex, Alex just staring at it for a few long seconds before leaning forward, sticking out her tongue and tasting her first pussy ever.

Haley's eyes felt like they went wide as cartoon characters when Alex's tongue touched the bottom of her pussy, and then when that soft, wet, wonderful little tongue slid upwards, her own sister licking her pussy, Haley threw her head back and cried out at the top of her lungs, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Immediately Alex stopped, her eyes now seeming to be as wide as a cartoon characters as both sisters held her breath. Sure enough a few long seconds later there was a knock on their door followed by their mother's voice calling through it, "Honey, is everything alright?"

"I, I'm fine." Haley blushed, "I just, I just dropped something. On my foot."

Alex pulled a face, clearly not impressed with Haley's lie, but after a few seconds their Mom simply said, "Ok."

They listen to her walk away, and then Alex started getting up, causing Haley to panic and frantically whisper, "No, please, please, please don't stop, I can be quiet, I swear."

"Clearly you can't." Alex huffed, trying to pull away but Haley wouldn't let her.

"I will. I totally will, I swear. It's totally your fault anyway. Mmmmmmm, you made me feel so good." Haley tried buttering Alex up, but when that didn't work she went back to shameless pleading, "Please? I'll do anything if you just, you know, continue."

Alex stared at her for what felt like a very long time, then she softly said, "Just give me a second."

Haley was extremely reluctant to let her go, but she was curious to see what Alex would do. Alex was the smartest person she knew after all, so there was a decent chance she had thought of a solution that was beyond anything Haley could think of. It wasn't, Haley hating herself for not thinking it and grinning widely as Alex return to the clothes laying on the floor, the ones she had gone to school in, and pulled out her panties. Alex even stood there for a second waving them slightly side to side, allowing Haley the chance to guess what she was going to do, and if her guess was right Haley was all for it.

Sure enough Alex slowly crawled back onto the bed and whispered, "Open your mouth."

Happy to obey Haley opened her mouth as wide as possible and then let out a soft moan as Alex shoved her giant, unflattering panties into her big sister's mouth, even being nice enough to make sure that the part which had been touching her pussy was the first thing which touched Haley's tongue. Not that it would have mattered, because from the taste of it Alex had been so wet that her arousal had soaked those panties, meaning Haley would have tasted Alex's cunt no matter what. Although she was very grateful for the positioning, Haley so overwhelmed by the taste of her little sister's pussy that she barely noticed Alex pushing the rest into her mouth and pressing it closed.

Then Alex moved away again, causing Haley to frown, and then glare as her sister pulled out some tape from her bedside drawer and then followed up with an angry whisper of, "What? I have to make sure it stays in!"

Haley continued to glare for a few seconds.

"Either you let me do this, or we stop." Alex insisted.

Rolling her eyes Haley huffed but nodded her approval, thinking that it may be for the best under the circumstances. However once Alex had successfully put the tape over her mouth Haley grabbed hold of her little sister's hair and shoved her downwards. Haley did this because she was more horny then she could ever remember being, and a little angry at having to have nasty/uncomfortable tape over her mouth and wanted to punish Alex for it.

She wasn't expecting Alex not to complain and immediately slide her tongue over her pussy, but Haley was so grateful that she did. Unfortunately she let out another cry which was almost just as loud despite the makeshift gag, Haley blushing as Alex glared up at her before she grabbed one of the pillows and shoved it over her face, just like Alex had done last night. Which Haley liked much less than the gag but it got her what she wanted and helped silence her as no matter how much she tried she couldn't stay quiet as Alex began to lick her pussy. Her super brainy, super beautiful, super amazing baby sister began to lick her pussy, each and every lick causing Haley more pleasure than almost anything else she'd ever known.

Being shoved downwards into Haley's crotch did initially make Alex angry and she opened her mouth to complain. However then she was overwhelmed by the smell, and to a lesser extent the sight, of Haley's wet pussy. Alex was drawn to it like the sailors to the mythical sirens, the intelligent brunette becoming mindless as her tongue left her mouth and slid across the succulent treat in front of her. It felt like she had no control over it, her tongue totally going into business for herself, part of Alex feeling she should be concerned by this, but mostly she was just lost in the taste of Haley.

Alex had occasionally wondered what pussy would taste like before last night, and this whole entire day she'd barely been able to think about anything except what Haley would taste like, and other things related to fucking her own sister. Nothing she could have ever imagined could have prepared her for this heaven in liquid form, Alex so mad that she had to pull away from this a second ago and it was the memory of this taste which inspired her not to complain and just to continue licking her big sister's pussy, something which felt like her purpose in life. Which was absurd, Alex knew it was, but for all her hopes and dreams there was nothing she wanted to do more with her life right now than to spend it in between Haley's thighs.

For a moment Alex wondered if it had to be in between Haley's thighs. Maybe all girls tasted this good and she be just as content in between a stranger's thighs as those belonging to her sister's. Perhaps for all her intelligence Alex had allowed herself become so obsessed with schoolwork she hadn't properly analysed her desires and totally missed the fact that she was a raging homosexual. It did run in the family after all. However there was an undeniable thrill the fact Alex was doing this to her own sister, and it seemed impossible anything could be quite as good. Besides, what the chances Alex could find a girl hotter than Haley to fuck? Was there even anyone hotter than Haley? Most of the time it didn't feel like it, only now Alex was happy about that fact.

Wanting to please the hottest girl she had ever known so she could do this again Alex forced herself to stop overthinking this and concentrate on licking Haley's pussy, beginning to move her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise as well as simply up and down. More importantly she began lingering her tongue over the entrance to her sister's love hole and sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of the juicy treat in front of her. Particularly the clit licking had Haley lifting her hips upwards into Alex's touch and crying out into the pillow loud enough to encourage Alex's licks without running the risk of alerting a family member. So in other words, it was perfect.

Haley didn't think it was perfect. She found it torturous because of the stupid makeshift gag preventing her from begging for more. Then again the gag was probably for the best because there was no way she could have kept even this quiet without it, and her moans, groans, whimpers and cries sounded deafening to her. Besides, even without the gag Haley felt so overwhelmed right now she wasn't so sure she would be able to say anything as coherent as 'please fuck me harder' or something like that. Alex was just making her feel so unbelievably good.

It had been overwhelming enough at first, but when Alex started really getting into it and experimenting Haley pretty much lost her mind. Her smart ass little sister would probably argue she didn't have much to lose, that thought only reminding Haley that this was in fact her goody-goody nerd sister who was giving her the greatest pleasure she'd ever known. It seemed an insult even compare this to her previous boyfriends and one night stands, Haley momentarily wondering if she should have been brave enough to try and pick up a girl as then she would know whether she was a dyke or not, but without knowing it she came to the same conclusion as Alex, that being a big part of why this was so hot was the taboo of doing it with her baby sister.

Then Alex wrapped her lips around the older girl's clit and Haley was incapable of thought. All she was in that moment was a burning need for more, Haley reaching down and grabbing Alex's hair tightly with both hands and then shoving her kid sister's face as deep as it would go into her cunt. At the same time she pushed her pussy upwards, just in case Alex didn't get the message, which thankfully she did, Haley letting out a scream so loud the entire house had to have heard it as Alex pushed her tongue directly into her big sister's fuck hole, making Haley cum on the spot.

Either Alex didn't care who heard them or she was too lost in the perverted act of eating out her own sister to even realise she was screaming. Either way Haley was overwhelmed by the greatest climax of her life, quickly followed by another as she felt Alex sucking the cum out of her. After that Alex shoved her tongue inside Haley's cunt and began brutally fucking her with it, that assault causing Haley to cum so many times that eventually it all felt like one big, never ending orgasm. It was so overwhelming Haley barely remembered to clutch the pillow over her face, only doing so out of sheer self preservation.

Alex had loved Haley's regular pussy cream so much that after a while she barely cared if they were caught. Now somehow something even better was sliding down her throat it felt like her parents could have broken down the door and she wouldn't have even looked up. No, the only way Alex was going to stop now was if someone removed her by force, and for that someone might need a crowbar or something, because she was determined to not go anywhere. How could she when her big sister was cumming in her mouth, what felt like true liquid heaven squirting down her throat and into her belly where it belonged.

Not even the humorous, and slightly disturbing/terrifying, image of her Mom literally using a crowbar to get her off of her big sister was enough to interrupt Alex's frantic cum swallowing/tongue fucking of Haley's cunt, especially as it felt like she was losing so much precious liquid. It wasn't her fault. She was inexperienced, this was her first time after all, and there was just so much of it, Haley squirting so hard and frequently that Alex became drenched in her own sister's cum. And Haley was constantly moving, and even though most of it was involuntary as a result of quivering and shaking from the force of her climaxes, Alex still hated her for it because it meant more cum ended up on her face instead of in her stomach.

It was nowhere near as much as Alex hated Haley for pushing her away, but then the brunette with blonde streaks flipped over and presented her sister with her ass, wiggling it from side to side in case Alex didn't get the message. And it wasn't like Alex didn't remember her promise to do everything Haley had done to her, but last night it had been Haley's choice when to end the pussy eating, so therefore it should be Alex's choice now. Then again if it was up to Alex she'd just eat Haley's pussy all night long, partly because she couldn't imagine anything tasting better, and partly because she was cautious about licking Haley's ass.

Haley's tight little ass was cute, Alex even thought of it as perfect, definitely more so than her own ass which was way too fat, even if that was what Haley seem to like about it. However the idea of licking an ass hole seemed gross to Alex, and no matter how much she tried she couldn't get into the idea of it. But she had promised Haley, and after the amazing experiences which were giving head to her sister, and receiving it, this seemed like an acceptable price to pay. So Alex placed a couple of cautious kisses on Haley's ass cheeks and then slowly pulled them apart and began licking the puckered rosebud she found there.

Even though they had agreed to it Haley wasn't sure whether Alex would actually go through with licking her ass hole. After all it was something extremely nasty, and Haley had always figured that Alex would be as boring and vanilla in bed as she was in the rest of her life. Perhaps this just proved the saying that it was always the quiet ones you should watch out for, because Alex barely even hesitated before spreading her cheeks and beginning to lap away at Haley's starfish. Ok, so maybe those first few licks were slow and cautious, but after a while Alex really seemed to get into it, Haley pushing her face down into the pillow as she moaned happily as her kid sister went to town on her ass hole.

For a few seconds Haley regretted not asking one of the many guys she had been with to do this to her, but in addition to there was no way this would feel as good with anyone other than her little sister, if she revealed she was curious about ass play one thing might lead to another and she might end up with something she wasn't ready for, namely a dick up her butt. Now that actually sounded like it might be nice, only Haley wanted it to be a dildo which was either firmly in Alex's hand or strapped around her kid sister's waist. Oh yes, Haley wanted Alex to take her anal virginity, ideally after she had robbed her baby sister of her anal cherry.

Without knowing it Alex eventually tried to fulfil Haley's fantasy. The rim job was so blissfully wonderful Haley had no idea whether Alex ate her ass out for hours or minutes, but sometime later she felt the dark haired teen press her tongue against her butt hole and try to push it inside. Her little sister pushed her tongue up her butt, and even though she didn't get far it was enough that Haley was now a technical anal virgin. She had now been anally penetrated, her own sister having taken that cherry in at least one way and Haley wanted more. She wanted Alex to take her ass in every way possible to the point where there was no doubt her butt cherry belonged to Alex, and she wanted to do exactly the same thing to Alex. Oh yes, Haley wanted to get nasty with her kid sister, extremely twisted images filling her head as she reached down was to touch her pussy.

Sadly she barely got a chance to graze it before Alex slapped her hand away, Haley trying to open her mouth to protest before she remembered the gag. Then before she could tear it off Alex slipped one of her own hands over those pussy lips, Haley moaning and relaxing into the sheets again. Alex then spent an infuriating amount of time just rubbing her before pushing a finger inside her cunt, but then at least she quickly increased speed which meant Haley didn't have to wait too long for an extremely satisfying climax.

Alex didn't know what was more perverted, the feeling of Haley's pussy quivering around her finger from the force of the orgasm, or that climax causing her ass hole to quiver around her tongue. She also didn't know which one she loved more, the fact that she got to experienced them both at the same time blowing her mind. Which was weird, because Alex had never thought what it would be like to eat ass before this whole thing with Haley, and throughout the day she totally thought it would be gross and she would need to talk her way out of this. Instead the taste wasn't so bad and she really got off on how nasty and slutty it made her feel.

It was so hot Alex felt like she could cum on the spot, or at least with just a little rubbing of her cunt. Sadly that was the case, Alex first rubbing herself against the bed sheets and then using her free hand to 'jill' herself off as she intensified things with Haley by adding an extra finger into the mix and rubbing her older sister's clit. When that wasn't enough Alex remembered what Haley had done last night when their roles were reversed and blushed at the thought of humping her big sister's butt like a bitch in heat. She liked the thought so much she almost did it, but she had a mutually beneficial alternative which might be a little less humiliating.

So after she had given Haley a few more orgasms Alex roughly pulled her sibling onto her back and while Haley was clearly struggling to complain jumped on her and started rubbing her body against Haley's, the main difference between this and last night was that their tits were brushing against each other and more importantly their cunts were doing the same thing. Quickly catching on Haley pushed her pussy up against Alex's, the younger sibling in turn practically grinding downwards until the two sister's cum, sweat, and pussy juice all mixed together, leaving both a complete mess.

Alex half expected Haley to complain about this, but it seemed that her image obsessed older sibling was just as lost in grinding herself against Alex as Alex was grinding herself against Haley, in the middle of this intense act Alex receiving an orgasm so powerful she could barely move for a few seconds. Then a whine from Haley got her back on track, the next orgasm easier to handle although Alex knew it was just a matter of time before she was forced to stop and take a break, so she at least finished in style by tearing the tape off of Haley's lips, pulled her panties out of her sibling's mouth and then kissed her sister with all the energy she could muster.

Who knows how much time after that they heard their mother call from downstairs, "Girls! Dinner in 10 minutes!"

With that Alex rolled off of Haley, who tried to protest but it was clear she just didn't have the energy, the two sisters laying in a pile of sweat and juices before Alex softly sighed and told Haley without looking at her, "Shower first, then dinner, then more sex?"

"Uh-huh." Haley confirmed sleepily, then when Alex got up quickly added, "Can I join you? In the shower, I mean."

"No!" Alex snapped, and then to put a happy smile back on Haley's face, "Maybe another time. Like when we're home alone."

"Then we won't need gags." Haley grinned wickedly, loving the cute blush on Alex's face as she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her body and scurried out of the room.


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