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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

Act normal, act normal, act normal, Alex Dunphy repeated in her head over and over again as she shifted in her chair. Ever since her double date with her big sis she hadn't been allowed out of the house without a butt-plug stuffed up her ass. The only exception was when her ass hole was gaping so wide that Haley didn't have a butt-plug big enough to stay in, and that hadn't happened since the second time Haley had ordered a bunch of butt-plugs online. Of course, Alex could say no, but she had become consumed by sexually submitting to her big sister, and she just did whatever Haley's wanted. Even if that meant having family dinners with her butt hole stretched by a plug.

It was distracting enough without adding vibration into the mix, but most of the butt-plugs Haley shoved up Alex's ass were not only the vibrating kind but had a remote control, the older sibling cruelly turning the force behind the vibrations up and down at random to catch the younger sibling off guard and make her cry out. Luckily there was no remote control to the toy currently inside her, although it wasn't long before Alex discovered the special feature of the dildo currently up her ass.

"So Alex." Claire began, trying to contain her smile, "How's the boyfriend?"

"Fine Mom." Alex mumbled dismissively.

"Great." Claire said, still smiling through a few long seconds as she debated whether to say anything else before slightly pushing, "Anything else to add?"

"No." Alex said dismissively, however, before she got the full word out she found herself loudly gasping, "Oh!"

"Are you ok honey?" Phil asked.

"I'm, ah, I'm fine Dad." Alex squeaked.

"You keep saying that." Haley murmured, somehow managing to keep a straight face as she flashed the remote to her sister underneath the table.

"That's because it's true." Alex glared at her sister before adding, "Why don't you tell them about your love life?"

The two sisters stared at each other for a few long seconds, then Haley turned to their parents and a totally disinterested Luke and started gushing about her latest boyfriend. Immediately both their parents eyes glazed over, and while in the past Alex would have had the same reaction now she was fascinated by the ease in which Haley lied through her teeth. Actually she had always been impressed by this ability, and in a weird way now that she was her lover and not just her sister Alex found herself impressed by Haley's ability to lie. Although it was almost literally biting her in the butt right now.

Haley had promised that the toys she was using on her had no special features. Obviously that had been a lie because the toy inside her ass was growing bigger and bigger, inflating from a thin strip to the size of a small rock. Maybe pebble sized. Then it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it was easily the biggest thing she had ever taken in her ass. At the very least it was the widest, Alex clenching her teeth and desperately trying not to react to getting her ass stretched in the middle of dinner with her family, although it was extremely hard.

Haley knew she was taking a huge risk, that she had been taking huge and unnecessary risks for months now, but she just couldn't help it. She loved sexually playing with her little sister in front of people, especially their family. Their so-called boyfriends were a close second, but there were plenty of boys Haley could call to replace them while life as she knew it would end if their family ever found out about them. Yet even after months of being together it was hard, if not impossible, for Haley to be near her baby sister without wanting to fuck her in some way, and the more twisted the better.

This new toy of hers seemed particularly twisted, Haley delighting in inflating and deflating the butt-plug at random throughout the rest of the dinner, although she just about resisted the urge to enlarge the plug to it's full size, which was apparently as big as a clenched fist. Hopefully she would get around to it later and then replace the plug with her fist, as Haley had been wanting to try shoving her whole hand up Alex's big butt for weeks now. She could never have imagined doing anything so nasty, but then again she could just about remember a time she didn't want to fuck her little sister, as hazy as it was, and now not only could she not get enough but Haley wanted to stretch Alex's ass hole like never before.

Alex's fat ass was Haley's favourite part of her body, but her baby sister's big tits were a close second and thanks to the one size too small bra they were really distracting for Haley, but she kept her cool. It would have been a different story if she made Alex wear a low-cut top, something they had found out a few family dinners ago. Now though Haley was able to keep her family distracted while she continuously stretched her kid sister's butt without even touching it. Then when their parents coaxed Luke into talking Haley concentrated on staring lovingly at her little sister while Alex just mostly ignored her or glared back at her.

As Haley had been constantly playing with Alex in public she thought nothing of it, even when Alex seemed stroppy when the meal reached its conclusion and the two sisters excused themselves. Although that had a lot to do with Haley following Alex up to their bedroom, although that was because the brunette with blonde highlights was staring at the dark-haired girl's ass the entire time, especially when they were walking up the stairs and Haley had an excuse for having her face directly in front of that big booty. Then she was locking their bedroom door behind them and when she turned to face her sister instead of looking playfully stern Alex looked genuinely pissed off.

"What?" Haley exclaimed softly, suddenly feeling defensive.

"Haley!" Alex scolded, "You almost got us caught!"

Haley rolled her eyes, "Did not."

"Did too." Alex shot back.

"Did not." Haley returned fire.

"Did too." Alex hissed, before realising she was being childish and quickly adding before the cycle could continue, "Look... I like a bit of danger, you know I do. And I adore fucking you. But we're pushing our luck here."

"Oh please." Haley scoffed, "Mom and Dad are too wrapped up in their own lives to even notice you're not the little pre-teen nerdy girl you used to be, and for someone so obsessed with getting laid Luke hasn't exactly noticed that you're not the same flat-chested geek anymore. Do you really expect them to realise we're fucking."

Alex frowned, "Weren't you worried about the same thing before we got our 'beards'?"

Haley shrugged, "Kind of but you'd be amazed what you can get away with when you have a dumb boy on your arm. Why do you think I dated Dylan for so long?"

"Because he was hot?" Alex quipped.

"Well, yeah." Haley grinned, "Although that surprisingly gets a bit old. So I collected a bunch of them to use as fake boyfriends I could parade in front of my family while fucking less age-appropriate guys."

Alex's eyes went wide, "You mean like-"

"Mostly college guys." Haley said, before admitting with a giggle, "But I did bag a few professors. Of course none of them could make me cum as hard as you. Mmmmmmmm yeah, none of them could make me cum as hard as my little sis, and they weren't nearly as hot. Or smart, or funny, or just perfect for me. God Alex, I love you so much."

During that little speech Haley slowly advanced on Alex who in turn backed up, but there wasn't exactly anywhere she could go. Haley was blocking the door, and while thanks to her martial arts belts Alex could easily overpower her sibling she didn't want to hurt Haley. At the same time she was mad at her older sister and didn't just want to let her have her way with her. However she was quickly bumping the back of her legs against one of their beds, and for the second or two that it felt like she was going to fall over Haley lurched forwards, grabbed her and held her in her arms to prevent her from falling over.

Not that Haley did this out of the kindness of her heart. Oh no, Haley did it so she could emphasise her declaration of love by softly pressing her lips to Alex's, and despite herself Alex couldn't help but kiss back. Understandably taking this as a positive sign Haley pushed her tongue into Alex's mouth and started sliding her hands all over her kid sister's body, naturally concentrating on Alex's big boobs and fat ass. Which felt really good, Alex moaned into Haley's mouth as her curvaceous body was skilfully squeezed and groped, again making giving in very tempting. However Alex had allowed herself to give in and let these things slide too much over the last few months and now she had to put her foot down.

So gently pushing her sister away and breaking their kiss Alex gasp, "No!"

Haley frowned, "No?"

"I'm, I'm mad at you." Alex stammered.

"You don't sound it." Haley grinned, leaning in for another kiss.

"I am." Alex said more forcefully.

Pulling back slightly Haley stared at her sister for a few long seconds, and then firmly said, "Okay?"

"Okay?" Alex pushed.

"Okay, I swear I'll stop molesting you in public." Haley grumbled.

"Well, I... I didn't say that exactly." Alex blushed, "Just cut back a little."

"Okay." Haley grinned, "Anything else?"

"Well..." Alex blushed again, unsure how to say this.

"Are you mad I lied about the butt-plug?" Haley guessed, "Because I thought you would like that surprise."

"I did." Alex admitted, and then blushed yet again, "But... well..."

Haley tried to wait patiently, but patients wasn't really her thing, "Can I start fucking you all you think about it?"

"You see, that right there is the problem." Alex pointed out.

"What? Me wanting to fuck you?" Haley frowned.

"No." Alex said, biting her lip before adding, "You, you love me right?"

"Duh. I just said so." Haley pointed out.

"So, you're in love with me?" Alex pushed.

"Yes." Haley said, suddenly worried, "Is, is there something I've done to make you think otherwise?"

Alex was quiet for a few long seconds and then pointed out, "You treat me like a fuck toy."

There was more silence and then Haley murmured, "I thought you liked that."

"I do." Alex insisted, "Just... not all the time."

Yet more silence, and then Haley exclaimed, "Oh God Alex, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be." Alex said quickly, "I've loved everything we've done so far, and we're young so constant fucking feels appropriate. But it's just... sometimes I don't want to be treated like a slut."

"You want me to make love to you?" Haley offered hopefully.

Alex nodded, "Do you remember our first time?"

Haley grinned, "How could I forget?"

"Well, that would be nice once in a while." Alex admitted, "I mean, I love being your anal whore, but-"

"Just not all the time, I get it." Haley noted, stepping forward and biting her lip before asking, "So, do you just want to cuddle tonight? You know, to prove you're not just a fuck toy to me?"

Alex smiled and stepped forward so their bodies were pressed against each other again, "I wouldn't do that to you."

"Oh thank God." Haley laughed softly, before pressing her lips against Alex's.

For a few seconds Alex just enjoyed the soft kiss, and then she broke it and told her sibling, "But no spending hours on my tits. It's flattering and all, but after a while it just gets frustrating."

"Oh come on Alex." Haley complained, grabbing two handfuls of her sister's giant tits, "Look at these tits! They deserved to be worshiped for hours."

Alex blushed, and then firmly said, "You can lick and suck them for five minutes."

Haley pouted, and then pushed, "How about fifteen?"

Briefly Alex sighed and rolled her eyes and then counter offered, "Ten, and that's my final offer."

"Deal." Haley grinned widely, kissing her sister before she could change her mind.

Perhaps because Haley was feeling guilty this kiss lasted at least ten minutes. In that time Haley manoeuvred them to one of the beds, gently laid Alex down on it and got on top of her, all without breaking the kiss. Which was still impressive, even though Alex had experienced it like a million times by now. Like all those other times before Haley gleefully groped her body, this time paying extra attention just to Alex's big boobs before inevitably removing what was obstructing her, in this case, a shirt, a T-shirt and bra.

While the removal of her clothes was typically quick Alex was pleasantly surprised that Haley didn't rush to get to her tits this time, instead continuing the kiss for about another minute before moving to her neck and lingering on there for a while, which made Alex whimper nervously. They had a strict rule about no hickys when they were both locked away in their rooms with no boys who could theoretically do the deed, but it wouldn't be the first time Haley had forgotten that rule in the heat of passion. So it was a relief when Haley stuck to gentle kisses before making her way down to Alex's boobs.

After Haley kissed her way down to Alex's boobs she pulled back to stare at them for a couple of seconds, hoping this wouldn't count as part of her limited time. If she had to she would certainly argue that it didn't, and that incomplete how unfair it was that Alex was restricting her from giving these big tits what they deserve/doing one of her favourite things in the world. Then again, Haley got it. She really did. She had fucked up. Got so thoroughly lost in her own lust she had made the most important person in her life feel like she really was just a fuck toy, and for that she deserved to be punished. Still, this punishment seemed extremely harsh.

On the bright side, while Haley wasn't a brainiac like her genius sister she was smart another ways. She could rise to a challenge and think on her feet, which helped her make the most out of her limited time. The first part being just staring at her prize, gently running her hands over Alex's body to keep her busy but avoiding those big tits for now so they could be no confusion that this didn't count as part of her time. This was simply staring at the beauty of her baby sister's body, something Haley did whenever she thought she could get away with it. Especially if it meant she could stare at Alex's huge titties, Haley often finding herself staring at those massive globes with awe.

After who knows how long staring Haley leaned forward, buried her face in between these massive tits and started gently motor-boating them. She did that for a full minute, enjoying every second of it, before kissing her way up one of those big boobs and then kissing the area around Alex's nipple. She did that for about a minute before taking that nipple into her mouth and immediately going back and forth between licking and sucking it. Honestly she kind of lost track of time with that, but eventually she broke away from that nipple and worked her way to the other, kissing down one boob and up the other and then again kissing the meaty flesh surrounding the nipple.

Back and forth Haley went between her little sister's huge tits for the rest of her limited time, savouring every precious moment she got with those big boobs. Which was one positive of this whole thing, as every second she had with Alex's tits felt special. Which was always true, but lately Haley had been treating this like a right, not a privilege, and while that was hot it wasn't cool, ya know? Not that she concentrated on such things when she was consumed by her kid sister's giant rack, Haley quickly bringing her hands into the mix to maximise her time. And she could be wrong, but it felt like she got more of it than initially promised, Haley hoping that Alex would just let her stay here for hours licking, sucking and groping her big tits.

Alex did in fact give Haley more time, but that was mostly because she was struggling to talk because of what her big sister was doing to her. Eventually though she whimpered, "Lower, mmmmmmmmmmm, Haley, times up. I want you to, oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss!"

Despite their agreement Alex thought that Haley would be reluctant to move on so quickly, but sure enough her big sister granted her request right away. In fact, Haley literally jumped down in between Alex's legs and started licking her little sister's pussy with long, slow strokes of her tongue. During those first few licks Haley started right from the bottom of Alex's pussy and slid her tongue up to the top while avoiding her baby sister's clit, which was actually a good sign. It showed Haley was going to take her time and make love to Alex's pussy, not rush it because they were in public or just because one sister was eager to bang the other one's butt.

Sure enough Haley kept up that slow and steady pace for a good long while, and when she moved on it wasn't to immediately suck her clit as hard as she could or shove her tongue inside her cunt. No, Haley just began gently touching Alex's clit with her tongue on every other lick. Then almost every lick, then every lick, then she was lingering on her clit, forcing Alex to grind her teeth to prevent herself from moaning to loudly. She also reached down and began gently stroking Haley's hair, hopefully showing her sibling that despite her concerns about their relationship she still very much loved her. And not in just a sisterly way.

Oh yes, what she felt for Haley was so much more than the normal sisterly bond, and while Alex knew it was wrong it made the constant sex they had even hotter. The fact she once again had confirmation that Haley felt the same way, both from her big sister's words and from the way her sibling was now treating her, made Alex's heart swell, and forbidden desire to flutter to her body, meaning that in what felt like no time at all Alex's body desperately wanted more. She wanted her big sister to firmly lick and suck her clit, and shove that soft little tongue of hers inside her, ideally Haley going back and forth between those things to make Alex cum nice and hard.

However, unlike her inpatient sibling Alex to control herself, and while big part of her wanted the physical pleasure now she was mostly satisfied with the amount of physical pleasure she was getting now, as long as the trade-off was the mental pleasure of her popular big sister gently making love to her. Hell, even as it became physically painful it was worth it to look down in between her legs and see Haley slowly and lovingly licking her twat, the moment made perfect by the two sister's eyes locking as Haley made her feel painfully good.

Haley was in constant war with herself from the moment the flavour of pure Alex Dunphy hit her taste buds. Part of her was desperate for more, a lot more, and it was so hard not to just take it. Because it would be so easy. All Haley needed to do was significantly increase her licks, or concentrate on Alex's clit, or better yet shove her tongue as deep as it would go into her little sister's cunt and fuck the pussy cream right out of her. But she had made a promise to Alex, and Haley was determined to keep that promise, no matter how painful it was to hold herself back.

It helped that she loved her sister more than anything. She always had. Sure, she had hidden it well, but Alex had always meant a lot to her. It just wasn't until puberty that Haley realised just how deep her love for Alex went. Specifically when Alex went through puberty, and her ass swelled to an irresistible proportion and she grew these big, luscious tits which Haley could barely keep from groping in public. Certainly when she was eating Alex out Haley's hands would almost always either be on the former or the latter, and as she was trying to give her kid sister a long drawn-out pussy licking Haley restricted herself to just gently squeezing Alex's big round booty.

Of course part of her was absolutely loving every second of this and never wanted it to end. Haley wasn't sure which was the bigger part of her. Normally her desire to greedily gulp down her baby sister's cum made her desire to fuck that cum out of Alex overwhelming, but now Haley was determined to make this last it felt like it was 50-50. Or at least the normal overwhelming desire to make Alex cum as soon as possible was manageable. At least for now, although Haley could tell it was only a matter of time before her lust for her sister overwhelmed her love of her sister and she would do everything in her power to fuck the cum out of the girl she loved.

After what felt like to Haley a good amount of time she slid her hands slowly from Alex's big butt up, and around, to her huge tits in a not so subtle effort to push the brainy brunette to give her the permission she increasingly craved. At first she would just lightly squeeze those mountains of flesh, but then Haley began tweaking those already hard nipples while she ever so slightly increased the force of her licks. When Alex didn't tell her off Haley increased things even further by lingering on her baby sister's clit, squeezing the most adorable little whimpers from Alex which made Haley fall in love with her little sister all over again.

Alex knew exactly what Haley was doing. How could she not? Even an idiot could work it out, and she was no idiot. But she really didn't have a problem with it at this stage. Why? Because Haley had literally been licking her pussy for about an hour now, Alex never more thankful that they were both girls and could just keep going and going. Plus a year of nearly non-stop lesbian incest had greatly improved her stamina. Of course it wasn't unlimited, and given Haley was not a patient girl Alex could only imagine what her sister was going through now. Although she had a pretty good idea, both from what she was going through now and what she had gone through in Haley's current position.

Actually it was more based on what she was going through now, as Haley didn't really have the patience to receive this long a pussy licking. At least not without cumming a few times and/or being in competition to see who could out last the other in a 69, and even then she wasn't sure it had ever been quite this long. Although in the past Alex spent almost an hour giving Haley an ass licking while her fashion obsessed sibling lay on her stomach and read through her latest round of magazines. The point was that although Alex thoroughly enjoyed the last hour and wouldn't change it for the world she was just as desperate to cum as Haley was to make her cum, if not more.

So Alex finally whimpered what she had no doubt her sister was waiting to hear, "Haley, please mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooh, oh God, please make me cum! Oh Haley, Haley please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddd yesssssssssssssss, oh Haley! Please Haley, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Sometimes Haley would force her to say all sorts of filthy things to get what she wanted, but not normally after a long, slow pussy licking. Sure enough Haley's impatience led to an increased attention to Alex's clit, and after forcing a few more dirty words out to encourage her big sister Alex found herself grabbing a pillow and shoving it over her face as Haley moved her tongue down to her entrance and gave it a warning poke. Then as soon as the pillow was over her face Alex found herself screaming with pleasure as Haley rammed her tongue inside her and triggered her first orgasm of this latest round of ultra-forbidden sex.

It was followed by a second, and a third, and so on, Haley effortlessly making Alex cum over and over again until the younger brunette's brilliant mind went blissfully blank and she knew nothing but ecstasy, and the wonderful person giving her that ecstasy. Her beloved sister who could make her feel this way so easily. Although to be fair it had been Alex's idea to use a long, intense build-up and now she was reaping the rewards of that, but she still needed someone with a skilled tongue and/or extensive knowledge of her pussy to pull it off, and for her that would hopefully always be her big sister Haley Dunphy.

Haley selfishly pulled her tongue out of Alex's pussy and wrapped her mouth tightly around that entrance when she first made her little sister cum so she could swallow every drop of that precious liquid. She repeated the process, reinserting her tongue into her baby sister's cunt whenever Alex's latest climax subsided so she could selfishly gulp down as much of her kid sister's cum as possible, which became increasingly hard when after a few orgasms Alex began to grind her cunt against her face. Which was a feeling that Haley loved, but didn't make it easy to swallow cum, and there was just so much of it that soon she couldn't possibly swallow it all.

On the bright side the girl cum she didn't swallow ended up on her face, which was another feeling Haley loved, but she couldn't help feel guilty. She had been treating Alex like nothing but a fuck toy for about a year now, and now on this big attempt to make it up to her Haley was being selfish. Then again she knew from her own experience that Alex was too blissed out to know the difference, and the sensation of her big sister sucking the cum out of her should keep her on her high long enough for Haley to get what she wanted. Still, Haley felt bad, so she switched to fingering slower than normal.

Certainly slower than she would have liked, but there was definitely a thrill of shoving first one and then two fingers into her baby sister's pussy while sucking on her clit. And of course she continued playing with those big beautiful boobs of hers. At least until Haley remembered the butt-plug in Alex's ass, and slid her hand down to start playing with it, at first just sliding it around inside her little sister's big fat ass, and then slowly pulling it in and out, constantly forcing Alex's ass hole to stretch and then relax. Ever the anal whore this made Alex cum squirt out of her like a rocket, Haley worried that Alex would pass out on her before she could returned the favour. Then again, that might be a good way to make it up to her.

Suddenly Haley felt a gentle tugging on the back of her head. Looking up from in between Alex's legs Haley saw her kid sister staring down at her, a hard to read expression on her face. For a second Haley wasn't actually sure what she wanted, then there was another tug, as she was concentrating on it this time Haley concluded that Alex was trying to pull her upwards, rather than simply a way or deeper into her pussy. Briefly Haley considered ignoring the silent command, then she reluctantly pulled away from that yummy treat and crawled her way up Alex's body, avoiding the urge to press her lips to the soft skin beneath her, Haley particularly proud of herself for ignoring her little sister's big tits, all so none of the girl cum on her lips was wasted.

Alex wanted to be able to cup Haley's beautiful face as she leaned down for a kiss, and/or squeeze her tight little ass, but she was just so drained by her multiple orgasms that she thought she would never be able to move again. Or even say anything as her throat was so sore from screaming in pleasure. Thankfully that change pretty much the moment Haley's lips pressed against hers and Alex once again got the wonderfully perverted treat of tasting her own cum and pussy cream on her older sister's lips, Alex first moaning happily and then slowly moving her hands up to cupping Haley's cheeks, one on her face and the other much lower down.

As Alex squeezed Haley's butt her big sister moaned into her mouth and then pretty much pushed her tongue down her throat, providing Alex with more of her own cum and cunt cream. Alex eagerly used her own tongue and mouth to clean that yummy liquid from Haley's tongue and mouth, the two sisters frantically kissing and groping each other for several long minutes before Alex broke the kiss and started licking Haley's face like a puppy. Haley giggled as Alex licked her own cum and pussy juice off her face, and then the siblings locked eyes and after almost a full minute of staring lovingly at each other kissed again, albeit much softer and sweeter.

After a few minutes of that Alex broke the kiss again and smiled, "See, wasn't that nice?"

"Nice?" Haley raised an eyebrow, "It was just nice?"

"Ugh, fine, it was amazing." Alex huffed in mock annoyance, before adding in a more serious tone, "What? Don't look at me like that. You know damn well how incredible that was."

"Yeah, but was it what you wanted?" Haley asked.

"It was perfect." Alex smiled, that smile turning wicket as she added, "In fact, I think you deserve a reward."

"Really?" Haley grinned.

"Really." Alex confirmed, "In fact, I'll give you the choice. I can return the favour and make sweet love to you... or you can fuck my ass."

"Fuck your ass!" Haley replied without hesitation, "I choose fucking your fat ass!"

"Shocking." Alex forced herself to roll her eyes, unable to stop herself from giggling almost at the same time.

"Hey, it's your fault." Haley protested, "I didn't ask you to have the world's most addictive ass."

"Haley." Alex blushed.

"What? It's true." Haley practically growled, leaning in and adding, "Your big fat ass is a fucking drug Alex, and I'm a junkie for it. And I need my fix."

"Yes, well..." Alex blushed again, "I hope you enjoy your reward."

"Oh don't worry, I will." Haley purred.

"Just try and be at least a little gentle, okay?" Alex grumbled as she turned over onto her stomach, "And it wouldn't hurt to be at least a little nice about it."

Unsurprisingly Haley didn't seem to be listening to her, the older girl's eyes clearly locking onto Alex's big butt the second the younger girl turned over. Alex sighed, and tried to prepare herself mentally for another brutal butt fucking. Which she would no doubt enjoy, but she was just so tired and sore, especially her overworked ass hole, and this whole thing was beginning to feel like two steps forward, one step back. Or even one step forward, one step back. But there was something to be said for the step forward, and after what Haley had just done Alex dearly wanted to reward her big sister, and there was no better way for Alex Dunphy to reward her perverted older sister than by giving her big ass to her.

Thanks to nearly a years worth of ultra-forbidden sex Alex was able to lift herself up onto all fours and keep herself there, then she reached out to grab her pillows and shove them underneath her for when she inevitably ran out of energy. She then stayed there for a few seconds, allowing Haley to almost literally drool over her fat ass, before wiggling it hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle. That normally got Haley to fuck her right away, but this time she kept staring for a few long minutes, then reached out for a brief groping before shuffling forward and pressing her crotch against Alex's ass and began gently grinding herself against it.

"I so want to get my strap-on and slam your little ass hole." Haley confessed huskily, "I wanna strap on my big girl cock and pound fuck your big fat gay girl ass until it's gaping wide! But, I'm pretty sure I can't do that without treating you like a nasty little anal whore. So... I have another idea..."

"Wha, what?" Alex asked, then after maybe about a minute she got her reply in the form of feeling her ass stretch again which made her crying out in mostly pleasure, "Oh God!"

Haley had used that time to dash over to where she had left the remote to the butt-plug and then started playing with it as she slowly returned, giggling as Alex groaned, whimpered and cried out in what sounded like mostly pleasure as she decreased and increased the size of the blow-up toy. Then her eyes locked onto Alex's ass again, specifically where her pussy juice had been smeared on it. The sight of that juice glistening on Alex's butt gave Haley a wicked idea of licking her own cunt cream off of her own sister's butt, to go along with her original idea of finally inflating the butt-plug to its full size. By combining these two clearly made it easier on the younger sibling, and a lot more enjoyable for the older one.

When she had cleaned Alex's butt of her juices Haley didn't stop immediately, but it wasn't long until she was spreading those meaty cheeks to lick around her kid sister's stretched butt hole and then grabbing onto the toy firmly by it's handle and starting to slowly pull it out, causing Alex to whimper, "Deflate it! For the love of God deflate it! Please Haley, ah shit, it's just too much!"

"No it isn't." Haley insisted, adding before Alex could further protest, "Your ass was made for this! Mmmmmmmm yeah Alex, your cute little ass hole was made to be stretched. It's a fuck hole, designed to be stretched, and fucked, and gaped."

"I thought you were trying not to treat me like an anal whore." Alex grumbled, before crying out and then whimpering as her ass hole was stretched even wider.

"I'm just speaking the gospel truth." Haley said dreamily as she stared at Alex's stretching ass hole, "Your ass hole was made to be stretched. Besides, this is my reward, and you know I love it when you gape for me. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, your sexy ass hole all stretched out and gaping for me, proving I've just given your fat ass the love it needs."

Since she knew she was really pushing her luck if Alex had insisted Haley would have stopped, but she really loved pushing her little sister into even further acts of depravity, and this was definitely one of them as she forced Alex's ass hole to stretch wider than ever before, and considering how frequently Haley butt fucked her baby sister with big dildos that was really saying something. Towards the end Haley was feeling really guilty and considering deflating the butt-plug after all, due to how much Alex was squirming and crying out in what became pure pain and discomfort. Then with an obscene noise the plug came out, Haley nearly dropping it as she automatically continued pulling.

She then gasped at the beautiful sight before her, "God Alex, you're so beautiful like this."

Alex whimpered softly at the complement, and might have given a witty comeback, but Haley barely noticed. She was too busy staring at Alex's ass hole, gaped wider than ever before, allowing Haley to see deep into her baby sister's bowels. After maybe a full minute of that she began intentionally salivating, first so she could spit into her open target and then to make things even more nasty she dribbled some saliva down into Alex's well opened ass. She then went in after it, Haley sticking her tongue as deep into Alex's ass as it had ever gone, if not further, catching some of the saliva and rubbing it into her baby sister's back passage. She then began licking those walls, sliding her tongue around and around the stretched open butt hole.

"Oh God Haley, that's so nasty!" Alex moaned, adding huskily a few seconds later, "Keep going. Oh fuck, mmmmmmmm, that feels so good. Fuck! Eat my gaping ass hole you perverted bitch! Oh God sis, eat it! Eat that fat ass of mine and make me feel good!"

More than happy to oblige Haley kept eagerly licking Alex's rectum walls while letting go of her little sister's big butt cheeks so she was being suffocated by those glorious globes of flesh to the point where she had to pull away every so often to gasp for breath. Not that she spent much more than a few seconds away from Alex's ass hole, and only returned to it by spitting into that opened hole, before returning to the nastiest rim job she had ever given her kid sister, and considering how much time she spent on a daily basis with her face buried in Alex's big butt that was really saying something.

Alex was looking back at all those rim jobs, trying to see if she could find another she loved as much as this one. Maybe the first time Haley lovingly licked her little butt hole. That would always be special, because it was during their very first time together. During Alex's very first time with anyone. Plus she had still learning about her slutty body and what made it feel good. At a time she had no idea what a massive anal slut she was, or how good getting her ass fucked could feel. Now she knew, so as amazing as this ass licking felt she couldn't help eventually beg for an ass fucking, even if she was able to hold off for an impressive amount of time, at least by her standards.

"Fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass!" Alex half moaned, half whimpered, "Fuck my big fat slutty ass! Oooooooooh shit, please Haley, fuck my dyke ass! Slam my gay little ass hole and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, I don't care what you use, just fuck it! Fuck my ass! Oh God, please... ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, ah fuck, use your fingers, a toy, the biggest strap-on you've got, I don't care. Oh shit, use a fucking table leg if you have too, just fuck me!"

"Really?" Haley grinned with delight as she reluctantly pulled her face from between Alex's ass cheeks, "Because I've got an idea to make this extra special, and now your slutty ass hole is nice and loose, it feels like the perfect time to do it."

"Yes, yes, yes, do whatever you want to me! I don't care anymore." Alex whimpered, "Treat me like a whore, fucking wreck my ass, oh shit, do whatever you want! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that's a nice start, but... oh yeah, that's it, give me more. More, more, more!"

As Alex spoke those words Haley slipped a finger into her butt, sliding it along the sides of her still stretched rectum. A second quickly followed, then a third, then a fourth, and then finally Haley's thumb. Only then was Alex's stretched ass hole stuffed again, Alex letting out a grateful moan at the feeling. And because Haley started lazily fingering her slutty butt. Closing her eyes Alex smiled dreamily as she became lost in an anal heaven for a few long minutes. Then she opened her eyes and gasped as she felt Haley's knuckles slip past her anal ring and into her butt, the rest of Haley's hand quickly following.

"OH MY GOD!" Alex cried out

"Oh my God!" Haley purred at the same time before adding, "My whole hand! Fuck! I can't fucking believe you took my whole hand inside your slutty ass on the first try. God Alex, you really are an anal whore!"

"I, I, I..." Alex groaned, struggling to talk at first, "I thought we established that."

"Yeah we did." Haley grinned, before finally looking away from Alex's ass hole stretched around her wrist and noticed her baby sister was struggling, "Want me to stop?"

"Fuck no." Alex replied loudly as she could, "Mmmmmmmm, it feels good. Oh fuck, fist me! Fist my slutty little ass hole! Fist fuck my fucking dyke ass, fucking wreck that hole, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It didn't feel quite as good as Alex implied, but like with the many different dildos Haley had shoved up her ass Alex was confident that once they got going her slutty butt would give her nothing but pleasure from this. She was quickly proven right, Alex having to bury her face in the bed sheets to hide her screams of pleasure as Haley, surprisingly slow and thoughtfully, started fisting her fat ass, even the initial pain and discomfort turning Alex on in a really twisted way. Not that it lasted long. No, soon all Alex was feeling was pure pleasure as Haley used her ass hole like the incredibly slutty fuck hole it was.

Despite her previous orgasms Alex found herself quickly racing towards yet another, further proving she was a massive anal whore. It was embarrassing and shameful, but in the wonderful moments like this Alex didn't really care. She couldn't. It felt too good, even before her latest orgasm. She even liked feeling like a massive anal whore. Especially while she was a massive anal whore, with maybe the sluttyist ass hole ever, because at least she got to be Haley's anal whore. And even as Haley smacked her ass and called her names Alex knew Haley loved her, something her dear sister had just proven a few minutes ago.

"Cum for me Alex! Cum like the anal whore you are!" Haley demanded, "Cum with my whole fucking hand up your ass! Fuck Alex, I can't believe you're such a fucking butt slut that you can take my whole hand in your big fat ass. God, you're such a whore. Mmmmmmmmm, but you're my whore. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my little sister is my personal anal whore! A perverted little dyke made to take it up the ass and eat pussy, mmmmmmmmm, and rim me, oooooooooooh, and feed me your tasty pussy and ass, ah shit, and let me suck them big titties, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck Alex, I love you! I love you Alex, you anal loving bitch! Now cum. Cum for me like the anal whore you are!"

Haley knew she was probably taking it too far with the ass slapping and the name-calling, but she just couldn't help it. Which wasn't really her fault. It was Alex's fault for having such an irresistible ass. Haley couldn't, or at least shouldn't, be held responsible for her actions when Alex had an ass like this. Seriously, Haley was pretty sure she was literally drooling as she hammered her entire fucking hand in and out of Alex's ass hole, pulling back far enough to make that poor little anal ring stretch around her knuckles again before thrusting back in deeper each time. Or at least it felt like it, for a couple of seconds Haley thinking that she would end up being up to her elbow inside her kid sister's guts.

Somehow that didn't happen. Instead Alex just came incredibly hard, just like all the other times Haley butt fucked her. The main difference was that this time she could feel it. Oh yes, Haley could actually feel her little sister's big fat ass clench down and pulsate around her entire hand as the little slut came with her fist up her butt. Which wasn't exactly comfortable, and made it hard to continue the fisting, but was so thrilling it was totally worth it, especially as it inspired Haley to slid her free hand in between her own legs and start rubbing her pussy. In fact she just couldn't stop herself, even though she tried.

Part of Haley just wanted to keep anally fisting Alex all night long until her baby sister passed out. However her own desire to cum was almost painful, and when she finally touched herself Haley whimpered in relief, and then came shortly afterwards. To be fair to her she had been wet since before dinner, when she was started playing with them are control to the butt-plug which had been stuffed up Alex's ass, and after licking her little sister's pussy, sucking her big tits and this continuous fisting of Alex's fat ass it was no wonder that she came so quickly. And it was probably just as well, because shortly afterwards Alex actually did pass out, the excitement of this new act clearly too much for her.

After that Haley slowly pulled her fist out of Alex's fat ass, watching with delight as her little sister's back door stretched wide to allow her hand to slip out of it. She then cleaned that hand while admiring her handiwork, namely the sight of her sister/lover laying there unconscious with her butt hole gaped wide open. Haley wasn't sure it was wider than before, but it was definitely thoroughly gaped, and she felt very proud of herself for that. She just hoped she had been able to give Alex what she wanted before getting hers. Oh well, either way she would make sure to make love to her sister more often, especially if it meant she could still abuse Alex's fat ass afterwards.


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