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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

Haley Dunphy felt guilty. She had felt guilty before she had finally let her sister Alex take her anal cherry, which was meant to soothe the guilt of the way she had been treating her, but if anything it just got worse. No matter how much Alex used her like a piece of meat throughout the next few weeks it just reminded Haley of how badly she had treated the girl she had fallen in love with. Also, her ass was killing her, the constant anal poundings leaving her poor little butt hole constantly aching and gaping wide open, making Haley avoid sitting down whenever possible, and struggling to hide the discomfort when she was forced too.

Which was why the first half a dozen times that Alex flirted, or attempted to flirt, with someone else Haley just ignored it, assuming that it was just part of her punishment. Also Alex was hopeless at trying to flirt, and it was really fun watching her fail so spectacularly, even after Haley had given her some pointers. But as the week drew to a close another more enjoyable explanation popped into Haley's head. One she liked a lot better than the current explanation, although she avoided confronting Alex about it for an extra day as she was still trying to give her baby sister her revenge. Ultimately though she just couldn't resist, especially if it meant what she thought it did.

"Soooo, are you trying to make me jealous?" Haley asked after Alex once again struck out.

"Yes! God, how did it take you this long to notice?" Alex exclaimed, before a horrible thought came to mind, "You didn't think I was actually interested in those guys, did you? Cause I wasn't."

"I know." Haley smiled softly, "But you should totally keep it up. Keep people from wondering why your 'single', and it's so cute watching you try to play it cool. Because I love you sweetie, but you're anything but cool."

"Hey!" Alex frowned, and then grumbled, "So what, you will at least be jealous?"

Lowering her voice Haley whispered, "Are you kidding? I was going out of my mind."

Despite herself Alex smiled, "Really?"

Looking around to check no one was listening in Haley leaned in and whispered directly into Alex's ear, "Really... all I've wanted to do for the past few days is bend you over and fuck your big fat sexy ass in front of everybody. Or at least pull you into my arms and kiss you long and hard. You know, something to let these idiots know your taken."

"Haley..." Alex warned softly.

"I know, I know, we can't." Haley said softly, and pulled back slightly, "And I get it. I really do. I don't want everyone to know how much I love fucking my sister. Mostly because I don't want you to get away from me. But my question is, where you trying to make me jealous to punish me... or were you hoping that I remind you that you were mine in private."

Pulling back slightly so she look her sister in the eye Alex confessed, "I've loved topping you, but..."

"But?" Haley pushed.

Looking around to check no one was listening in Alex leaned in and whispered directly into Haley's ear, "I want you to take me home and pound my big fat ass until it's gaping wide open."

"Oh Alex..." Haley grinned, pulling back so she could look her sister in the eye, "All you had to do was ask."

* * *

They had gone to the maul for another date disguised as a shopping trip, so unfortunately it took quite a bit of time to get back home. Luckily it was the middle of the day and no one was home, so after briefly calling out to check Haley slammed her lips against Alex's and pushed the front door closed. Alex hesitated for a moment, and then kiss back, meaning that the next few minutes were a blur for the two Dunphy sisters. The next thing they were really aware of was tearing off each other's clothes, Haley deliberately leaving Alex's booty hugging jeans to the end so she could enjoy the sight of that yummy ass being revealed.

Finally breaking the kiss Haley smacked that yummy ass as hard as she could and ordered, "Bend over!"

Knowing exactly what she wanted Alex smirked and crawled onto the bed and wiggled her big ass, along the way sarcastically murmuring, "Yes Mistress."

Haley didn't really hear what Alex said, and she didn't care as she was too busy drooling over the beautiful sight before her, eventually murmuring, "Fuck yeahhhhhh, that's definitely the position you belong in."

"Really?" Alex grinned, shaking her fat butt even more.

"Oh yeah." Haley murmured, crawling onto the bed and then grabbing that ass.

Honestly Haley wasn't sure if she said anything else. Probably, as she loved talking dirty, but it really didn't matter. What mattered was that she could squeeze and fondle Alex's amazing ass again now they were once again alone together, and more importantly she was back on top, and Haley took full advantage of that. Hell, it was probably minutes before she even bothered taking off Alex's jeans. Although when she did Haley made sure to go slowly as possible so she could savour every bit of it, practically drooling as she revealed that beautiful thong covered booty. Then she grinned wickedly, grabbed hold of that underwear and pulled it up, almost making the fabric disappear in between those meaty cheeks.

"Hey!" Alex protested, "Cut it out!"

"What? You punished me when it was your turn on top." Haley pointed out.

"Yeah, but you asked me too." Alex counter argued while grimacing, "And it wasn't like this."

"I can't help it, this makes your fat ass look sooooooo gooooodddddddd!" Haley moaned, feeling like drool was literally coming out of her mouth at this point as she watched her sister's thong dig so deeply between her cheeks that it somehow made them look even bigger than normal. Then she grinned wickedly, "But if it's familiar punishment that you want..."

Alex then cried out joyfully as Haley roughly smacked her ass, making those juicy cheeks jiggle with the force of the impact and the sound of the blow echoing around the room. Haley then of course repeated this process over and over again, although the next half a dozen spanks were more gentle and there was plenty of time between them, both sisters giggling as she did so. Well, Alex was mostly crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she received the kind of gentle spanking that she loved, and had so missed. It just made her feel so wonderfully naughty, especially as it was a prelude to nasty sister on sister fun.

She could have done without the wedgie though. It was so very childish, and painful and humiliating in a way that Alex didn't enjoy. At least not initially. Then she started thinking about all the times Haley had done this to her when they were little kids. How long ago that felt. How they used to hate each other and really fight constantly. And despite how far they'd come, it was thrilling to be reminded of how they began. Or more accurately Alex's earliest memories of them, Haley having confessed during one of their first times after sex that even back then it was clear how much smarter the younger sister was and the older one had found that threatening.

Those memories almost made Alex enjoy being wedgied, and looking back at the glee on her lover's face was enough to push it over the edge, because Alex would suffer through any indignity if it pleased her precious big sister. Hell, she'd suffered indignities that she'd never even seriously thought she'd ever consider just for Haley's benefit, and once again Alex found that a submissive part of herself really, really got off on this latest humiliation. Although she sighed in relief when Haley pulled the thong down, excitement then filling her body as Haley then pulled the thong and pants completely off of her, leaving her naked and ready for the real fun to begin.

Given Haley's track record Alex was shocked when her big sister didn't then immediately bury her face in her fat booty, although it seemed worth the wait as after one final smack Haley got off the bed, quickly retrieved her favourite strap-on and a bottle of lube and then quickly return to the bed. Looking behind her and grinning Alex watched as Haley scrambled to get the cock around her waist, then she kneeled down behind the younger girl and grabbed hold of her ass again. Alex was expecting her to spread those cheeks and start licking her butt hole, but again Haley surprised her, and again while Alex was reluctant and disappointed at first she quickly began to enjoy it, far more than what had come before.

Haley had considered just going straight to the rim job, but Alex's butt looked just so cute when it was discoloured, and it had been so long since Haley had given her little sister's big ass anything except a gentle spanking, and after weeks of her kid sister being on top and denying Haley her beautiful booty could there ever be a better excuse for a hard butt beating? So that's exactly what Haley intended to give her baby sister. Honestly she had wanted to start it the second she pulled down that thong, if not sooner, but Haley had forced herself to give Alex little break before she really wanted that sweet behind of hers.

Now though she'd had her little break Alex was going to get the butt beating of a lifetime, Haley promised herself that. Well, she couldn't resist a little groping when she was back behind her sister, tooled up and ready to abuse her fat ass, Haley fondling those meaty cheeks for almost a full minute before she delivered a hard double smack which made Alex let out the most adorable a little squeak. Haley then followed that up with a couple more doubles smacks before using just one hand to concentrate on one cheek and then the other, going back and forth as Alex cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain which Haley so adored giving her kid sister.

"This is for all those ass fuckings!" Haley growled, delivering a particularly hard spank, and then repeating the process after she followed up with, "And this is for forgetting your place. And for making me love being your bitch. And for making me love you. For making me love this fat fucking ass! For making me addicted to fucking it. And spanking it. And licking it!"

She continued listing her little sister's sins as she brutally beat her butt, causing the meaty flesh to jiggle and bounce obscenely, and inevitably turn from the cute pink they had been after the first spanking to a dark and angry red. It was easily one of the roughest spankings Haley had ever given Alex, and that was really saying something as Alex really loved abusing this big beautiful booty. Of course this was not her favourite way to do that, and even though Alex never complained Haley could tell she was aching at this point for a different type of butt abuse, and as always Haley was only too eager to give it, which she did after the following words.

"And this is for making me want to stick my beautiful face up your fat fucking ass! Just! Like! This!" Haley yelled, emphasising the last four words with extra hard strikes before she shoved her face into her little sister's big ass.

For a second or two Haley just stayed there with her face surrounded either side by large cheek meat, before she began rubbing her face back and forth like she was motor-boating Alex's huge titties. After maybe a full minute of that she pulled the giant cheeks apart, spat on her favourite hole and then and only then did she start licking it. She made up for lost time by really rubbing that spit in, pulling her head back a few times to repeat the process before she let go of the cheeks and then buried her face in between them again, this time while frantically licking her kid sister's forbidden hole and shoving her face so deep into Alex's ass that she was suffocating herself.

Alex had cooed and giggled when Haley had buried her face in her big booty and then motor-boated it, and then gasped and moaned when her big sister finally began the rim job. Not that she hadn't enjoyed the spanking, because she did. A lot more than she would like to admit. Alex basically loved anything Haley did to her, and spanking would always hold a special place in her heart. After all, they were being so very naughty, and while a gentle spanking was weirdly a celebration of that a brutal butt beating made Alex feel like she was getting the punishment she deserved for crossing such a forbidden line and putting her precious future in jeopardy with this incestuous affair.

Of course while a sadistic, or was it masochistic, part of her really enjoy getting her ass beaten it couldn't compare to the joy she felt whenever her big sister worshipped her ass. Or better yet fucked it. Oh yes, Alex may like basically everything Haley had ever done to her since they started having sex, but nothing could ever compare to the joy of getting her fat ass fucked hard and deep by her loving big sister. Alex was a total slut for it, and she seriously thought she would be even if it wasn't for the incredible orgasms which came at the end, or even the preparation she was receiving now, although she very much like that, especially whenever Haley literally shoved her tongue up her ass.

Back when Alex was getting butt fucked on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis her big sister could easily shove her tongue as deep into her loosened butt hole as it could go, and they both particularly loved the really perverted times that Haley would stick her tongue into Alex's gaping ass hole and lick the battered and still stretched open walls of her rectum. Now Haley couldn't get her tongue very far into Alex's ass at all, although on the bright side that meant she got fed up quickly and switched to fingers, Haley barely taking a moment to suck a couple of them before forcefully shoving one as deep as it would go into Alex's fat butt, the wonderful sensation of the anal penetration causing both sisters to let out a loud cry of pleasure.

"God sis, you've tightened up soooooo much the past few weeks." Haley moaned lustfully.

"Then loosen me up." Alex challenged with a wicked grin.

"Gladly." Haley purred, shoving another finger into Alex's ass.

That additional digit of course made Alex cry out, although there was a little pain mixed in with the pleasure that time. Recognising that Haley slowed her role somewhat, taking the time to gently pump those two fingers in and out nice and slowly, which initially Alex was grateful for. In fact she smiled softly at her sister taking care of her. But it wasn't long before she got the impression that Haley was teasing her, although just as she was about to complain Haley picked up the pace ever so slightly and began twisting her fingers around inside her rectum to make sure it was extra ready for her big cock. Then Haley pulled those fingers out and suck them clean while using her other hand to slide the tip of the strap-on up and down Alex's butt crack.

After a few long seconds of that Haley quickly switched hands and then taunted, "You wanna get butt fucked by your big sister?"

"No." Alex grinned, "I don't want you to just fuck it, I want you to completely wreck it."

"Prove it." Haley pushed.

Looking back over her shoulder Alex gave Haley a look, then rolled her eyes, pressed her face against the bed sheets, reached back and pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as they would go. Then Alex started shamelessly begging, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole. Mmmmmm, come on sis, ass fuck me! Fuck your little sister in the ass. Fuck your little sister up her big fat ass and make her your bitch, just like she was before she took your tight little ass. Oooooooh yes, remind me who the real bitch who takes it up the ass is around here. Come on Haley, fuck me! Fuck my ass, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, AH FUCK!"

Haley could have listened to Alex beg her to fuck her big butt for hours, especially when her little sister was spreading those meaty cheeks of hers and exposing Haley's favourite fuck hole. However Alex's rectum had probably already tightened up after the fingering, and if she left it too long she might as well have not bothered, so even though she wanted to wait for longer it wasn't actually that long before Haley firmly pressed her dick against her baby sister's butt hole and began forcing it open. As it had been awhile since she had last done this Haley took her time, both for Alex's benefit and her own, watching her kid sister's back hole slowly stretch for her until the anal ring was wide enough for her dildo to slip through and into Alex's ass.

Like with her fingers this anal penetration caused both sisters to let out a cry of pure pleasure, proving that even though it had been awhile since she had taken it up the ass Alex was still a shameless anal whore who needed regular butt fuckings like most people needed oxygen, and Haley promised herself she would never let either of them go so long without giving Alex's perfect ass what it so desperately needed again. Especially after watching her cock sliding into that big fat ass, the fact that Alex was still spreading her cheeks and allowing Haley the perfect view of her baby sister's butt hole wrapped around her strap-on.

For what was probably a few minutes Haley continued to enjoy that sight, then it got even better when she started slowly pushing forwards, making inch after inch of that big cock slide into Alex's ass hole and deep into her rectum. Unsurprisingly Alex continued moaning like the ass whore she was throughout, making Haley regret her decision to only use an 8 inch dildo. She should have definitely gone for the 12 incher, which had been both sisters favourite just before Haley let Alex turn the tables on her. She almost considered taking the time to change now, but Haley couldn't stand the idea of pausing the sodomy right now, not right before, after or during the moment that her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing that her dick was buried in her baby sister's fat butt.

"God Alex, it's been way too long since I've been inside your fat ass!" Haley moaned softly.

"Too long." Alex moaned softly in agreement.

"But don't worry." Haley grinned, "You're never going to go this long without an ass fucking again."

"Yeahhhhhhh, please don't make me, oh fuck!" Alex gasped as Haley officially started sodomising her again, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat slutty ass! Oh Haley, mmmmm, fuck me sis. That feels so good. Yessssssss, butt fuck me like a slut. Remind me how much I love it in the ass."

At first Haley was way too busy staring lustfully at watching her dildo sliding in and out of her kid sister's ass hole to even register Alex was saying anything. Of course when she did she grinned wickedly, and even glanced up at her face briefly, before returning her gaze to where her dick was owning her younger sibling's shit hole as these wonderful words filled her mind. The two sisters then continued like that for quite a while, the older one effortlessly loosening the younger one's rectum and preparing it for the pounding she fully intended to give her later. But as it turns out Alex was wonderfully impatient for it, giving Haley a wicked idea to punish her for it.

"Harder, pound my ass harder! Harder you bitch! Mmmmmm, I'm not some skinny weak bitch like you, my fat ass can take a deep hard pounding right the fuck now. So just do it. Fucking fuck my ass! Do it! HEY!" Alex's eyes went wide and horror as the big dildo was removed from her butt, the younger of the two siblings taking her hands of her cheeks, lifting herself up and looking around to protest, "Why'd you stop?"

"You were being a brat." Alex frowned, repositioning herself.

"No! No please Haley, I'm sorry if I was being a brat, just don't stop. Please don't stop fucking my ass." Alex pleaded shamelessly as Haley laid on the bed, "I need my ass fucked."

"Oh quit whining and get that fat ass on my cock. Come on, ride me. You wanna get fucked so bad? You do it." Haley challenged, trying not to smile as Alex's eyes lit up as she quickly crawl towards her. Then she ordered, "No stop! Turn around. Mmmmmm, I wanna see those big tits of yours bounce as you ride me. That's it, good girl."

Alex glared at Haley, but didn't hesitate to turn herself around so she was face to face with her older sister/the woman she loved as she climbed onto her lap and lined up her butt hole with the head of Haley's cock. Luckily her back hole was still slightly open, it and then her back passage welcoming the dildo easily back inside it when she started lowering herself downwards. Part of her wanted to just drop down all the way on the big cock and then start riding it with every ounce of her strength, but from the look in her eye Haley didn't want her to do that, either for her own benefit or out of a sense of looking after Alex's welfare. To be fair doing that would have hurt, but it was the type of pain a sadistic part of Alex very much enjoyed.

However even though she had enjoyed the initial pain, and the incredible feeling pleasure that followed it, Alex was glad for that look as it gave her the chance to savour the feeling of once again being anally penetrated and then having a big strap-on sliding in and out of her most private hole and making her feel like what she was, a big slut. Her sister's slut. Haley's anal slut. Oh yes, for all her intellect Alex was once again reduced to nothing but her own sister's shameless anal slut, the reality of that helping her rectum to loosen until she felt nothing but pleasure even as she increased the pace of her bouncing. She was then of course punished for it with a hard slap to one of her meaty cheeks.

"Bad girl! That's a very bad girl!" Haley scolded while delivering a few more hard blows to that fat butt cheek, "I said you can ride me, not that you can make yourself cum. Mmmmmm, I want to enjoy watching these big boobs bounce in front of me before I let you do that."

As she said that last part Haley sat up, reached up and gently grabbed Alex's big titties with just the right amount of pressure to make the younger brunette moan happily. Well, maybe it was slightly rougher than perfect, but that was clearly deliberate, and the ever so slightly harder grabbing just made it feel better than if it was perfect. Unsurprisingly Haley didn't remove her hands when she made her point and continued shamelessly groping them as Alex reluctantly slowed herself down to a gentle rhythm, which still felt amazing, but greedy anal slut that she was Alex craved more. A few minutes later she technically got it, but it wasn't quite what she was hoping for.

What she got was first Haley burying her face in her cleavage and motor-boating her big tits shamelessly for a few long seconds, and then she latched her mouth to Alex's left nipple and began sucking it like a desperate woman. This of course made Alex moan extra loudly in pleasure. Well, the motor-boating actually made Alex giggle a little, but she still moaned both from the pleasure of continuing to slide her ass up and down the dildo and in anticipation of what was to come. After all, when it came to her big boobs Haley was so predictable, and sure enough her big sister started moving back and forth, licking and sucking Alex's nipples as Alex continued doing her best to anally ride Haley's strap-on dick.

Haley was basically indulging in her two favourite things ever, fucking her baby sister in the ass and burying her face in her big titties. If she could have only seen Alex's meaty cheeks jiggle as she bounced up and down on her lap it would have been perfect. Well, better. What would be truly perfect was if she could get a good look at Alex's jiggly ass and bouncing boobies. True, she was getting an up close look view of the latter, but it wasn't quite the same. It was awesome in its own right, especially if she paused sucking Alex's nipples for a few seconds so those giant tits could hit her in the face, but once she started it was always hard to stop sucking her kid sister's yummy little nipples. Especially when she was making Alex whimper so wonderfully.

"Haley please, I need to cum!" Alex whined.

"No, from the sounds of it you want to cum." Haley pointed out a few seconds later when she reluctantly removed her mouth from Alex's nipples, "When you truly need to cum... maybe I'll let you."

With that Haley again latched onto the nipple she had been sucking on and bit down harder than Alex liked, almost breaking the skin and causing her poor sibling to cry out pitifully softly. Which did the trick, Alex whimpering pathetically but offering up no more complaining, at least for the time being. Haley rewarded her by spending extra long-running her tongue over that nipple, soothing it from the punishment she had given it before finally going back to giving both nipples the attention they deserved. She also occasionally moved her hands from when they had been shamelessly caressing Alex's meaty cheeks to her little sister's big boobs so she was pushing one into her mouth more firmly while continuing to give the other attention.

Of course this would just mean that Alex would become more needy, but Haley was determined to enjoy this while it lasted. After all, she could never get enough of these big boobs, and she always loved worshipping them when Alex wanted her to do something else, or in this case when they were in the middle of something else. As a little consolation prize Haley occasionally thrust upwards into that big butt. Not nearly as hard as she could, but enough to make Alex let out an extra loud cry of pleasure. Mostly though she became lost in the feeling of Alex jiggling around her, and the taste of her needy, and the sound of her increasing desire to cum, which ultimately Alex verbalise.

"For the love of God Haley, make me cum!" Alex snapped a few times, before begging as humbly as she could, "Please Haley, make me cum! I seriously need to cum. Oooooooh, I love having your big dick up my fat ass, mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I fucking love having my big sister's strap-on dick up my ass, ohhhhhhhh, and I love riding it. Mmmmmm, I love riding your big dick Haley, ooooooh, and bouncing my big boobies in your face, but I need to cum. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, please sis, please fuck my ass and make me cum. Or let me do it. Just please, make me cum. Please! Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, OH YES! That's it, fuck me, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

As much as Alex begging her to make her cum was Haley's favourite sound ever and something she could listen to forever she decided she'd show her little sister mercy, at least temporarily, and made her move. Namely to lower Alex down onto her back, reluctantly pull her face away from her sibling's big boobs, slide Alex's legs onto her shoulders and then began to gently butt fuck her baby sister once again. She then began slowly building up the pace, allowing for Alex to think this was finally it, that Haley was about to make her cum. Unfortunately for Alex she was in for a nasty surprise, as for her first time ass fucking her kid sister in weeks Haley has something little more epic in mind.

Alex was blissfully unaware of that and gave up her begging for more in favour of looking up lovingly at her sister/the woman she loved before closing her eyes and allowing the sensation of getting her ass hole drilled by a big dildo to wash over her. God, could there be anything better than this? Her own sister thrusting a strap-on in and out of her most private hole, the hole she pooped from, Haley turning it into her personal fuck hole, or more accurately reminding Alex that's exactly what it was, stimulating places inside her she hadn't known existed before she started this incestuous affair, making her feel so very good. And like what she was, an anal slut.

Yes, Alex thought, she was a shameless ass whore, getting off on what most decent people wouldn't even consider doing, becoming so addicted to anal sex she couldn't go a full month without begging her own sister to sodomise her again. And she had only gone so long as she did because it had been so thrilling to finally turn the tables and fuck Haley's tight little ass, but now Alex didn't think she could ever go that long without knowing the heaven of getting her butt pounded by her big sister, and she definitely intended to hold Haley to her word and give her the constant ass fuckings that a total anal slut like her needed on a daily basis. Yes, she needed to be fucked in the ass just like this. Or more accurately a little harder.

For a while Alex was completely lost in her pleasure, but she became increasingly aware of the fact that Haley, being the goddess of butt fucking that she was, had effortlessly sodomised her to the edge of orgasm, but was now keeping her there with no sign of pushing her over the edge. Opening her eyes Alex whimpered, or more accurately whimpered even louder than before, when she saw the look on her evil sister's face, because it couldn't be more clear that this was Haley's plan. Haley was torturing her this way was revenge for turning the tables on her, and for a while that was wonderful but now Alex seriously needed to cum.

Making that known Alex whimpered, "Haley, please make me cum. I seriously need to cum. I, ooooooooh aaaaaahhhhhh, I didn't mean it before, but I do now. Ohhhhhhhh, fuck! Please sis, make me cum! Mmmmmm, I need my big sister to make me cum. Please? Pound me, ohhhhhhh, pound my ass sis! Pound my big fat slutty ass! Ooooooooh, I need my big sister to butt fuck me, aaaaaahhhhhh fuck, I need my big sister to fuck me in the ass, mmmmmmm, I need my big sister to fucking sodomise me, ah fuck, sodomise me! Misuse my fucking butt hole! No, don't just misuse it, wreck it! Ooooooohhhhhhhh, fucking wreck my rectum Haley! Fucking wreck it! Yesssssssss, slam my little shit hole and show me who's boss. Mmmmmmm, remind me what that hole is for! Yeahhhhhhh, remind me that it's yours! Remind me that it's your fuck hole, yours to use whenever and however you want. Remind me that my ass hole is made for fucking and nothing else. Fucking remind me by slamming that bitch hole and making me cum!"

"Nice job at manipulating me, loser!" Haley smiled, pulling her cock out of Alex's ass and laying down on her back again, "But if you wanna cum, first you're going to need to ride me again, and this time I want you to present your hole to me. Come on, sit on my cock and spread those cheeks. Show me that sweet little bitch hole swallowing my dick."

Gritting her teeth to stop herself from offering up some kind of insult in response Alex just did as she was told, reaching back to pull apart her ass cheeks as wide as possible before lowering herself down on her sister's Dick, giving Haley a perfect view of the penetration. It was probably for the best, Alex was unsure in her current state she could offer up anything remotely witty, and Haley might punish her for it with another hour of gentle sodomy or something. Besides, Alex forgot all about her anger as that wonderfully big dildo slid back easily into her loosened back hole, and then all the way through her back passage. Honestly Alex could have probably just sat down on it without the need to go slowly, but again she feared retaliation from Haley so she did as she was told.

Going slowly was actually kind of enjoyable, Alex very much enjoying the feeling of that cock re-entering her horny little ass hole, the younger of the two brunettes becoming more and more excited with every inch which entered her bowels and then she practically let out a squeal of glee when she was once again sitting on Haley's lap. Although that might have been from beginning to bounce up and down on that dick, which she did immediately, although again she didn't remove her hands from her cheeks without permission. No, she was just way too desperate to cum, so she obeyed everyone of Haley's instructions, including a few minutes of gentle bouncing. Which admittedly felt good, but not good enough, which was why she soon begged for permission to cum again.

"Haley, I'm so sorry I tried manipulating you, but please, please make me cum!" Alex whimpered pathetically, "I seriously need to cum so fucking bad! It hurts. It seriously hurts. Pleassssseeeeee, I'll do anything, just make me fucking cum! I'll be your bitch forever! I won't try and top you ever again, I swear. I'll just be your butt slut. Oooooooh yessssssss, I'll just be your pussy licker, your ass whore, your lesbian sex slave, just make me cum! I'll, I'll pull down my pants and show any guy who hits on me my gaping ass hole to prove that I'm my sister's personal anal slut, just make me cum! I'll... I'll, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I'll drop out of college and devote my entire life to being your butt sex loving dyke bitch, just make me cum!"

"I don't think you mean that." Haley teased.


"Wow, I believe you." Haley said in disbelief, stopping entirely, "But you'd never forgive me if I made you drop out, and I totally want you to top me again. But when I do it's only because I let you. I'm the real top of this relationship. You understand that now, right?"


"Erm, no." Haley said, and then before Alex could protest said firmly, "You do it! Bounce that big fat ass back at me and make yourself cum. Mmmmmmm yessssssss, that's it sis, show me you understand your place. Show me you understand you're the bitch in this relationship. Show me you understand you're nothing but my bitch!"

The second she had permission Alex let go of her cheeks and started hammering her fat ass up and down that big cock. There was almost no gentle build up, Alex trying to ruin her own rectum right from the get go. Literally. At least temporarily, because Alex wanted her ass to gape as wide as the Grand Canyon for at least the rest of the day, and ideally the rest of the week. Partly to remind her that she was a shameless anal whore, but also because she wanted Haley to be able to fuck her bitch hole at a moments notice. No lube or preparation needed, just Haley sliding her strap-on back inside Alex's shit pipe and anally abusing her again. Or better yet she could handcuff Haley onto the bed and torture her for a few hours by masturbating her slutty little ass hole in front of her. That could be fun.

Mostly though Alex wanted, no, she needed to cum, and thankfully thanks to all that build-up it wasn't that long before her eyes went wide, her head tilted back and she let out a loud scream of pleasure as the kind of ecstasy which she could only feel from a hard butt pounding flooded her body. It was so amazing she actually stopped sodomising herself on her sister's big dick for a few long seconds, which just showed how horribly out of practice Alex was at what was clearly her purpose in life. Although at least she made sure she was completely sitting on Haley's lap so every inch of that strap-on was buried up her tailpipe. Still, it wasn't long before she renewed her efforts and began violating her ass perhaps harder than ever before.

Soon Alex became like a wild animal relentlessly pleasuring itself on its lover's dick, and just when she didn't think it could get any better Haley began thrusting upwards into her fat ass, making Alex's cum squirt even faster and harder out of her cunt, and maybe even make her scream louder and more ear piercingly than before. Just like that all was forgiven, Alex forgetting all about the pleasurable torture that Haley had put her through and cursing her older sister's name in favour of falling even deeper in love with her. She might feel differently later, or at least much later, but right now Alex was blissfully happy, and a few minutes later Haley did something which made Alex's brilliant mind almost literally melt away and truly leave her a mindless animal.

Haley could never get enough of Alex's big butt jiggling in front of her, and in their current positions, and Alex's current mood, that fat ass was perhaps jiggling more violently than ever before. Honestly Haley could have probably closed her eyes and enjoyed it just as much as the feeling of those cheeks jiggling against her thighs was incredible, but she didn't want to miss a thing. Not when that big booty was bouncing up and down so rapidly in front of her, and not when her baby sister was cumming this hard for her. Yes, that was partly because of how Haley had punished her for turning the tables, but she had also done that to remind Alex just how hard she could make her cum, and that was definitely paying off right now.

Of course even after over a year of fucking each other Alex's stamina had it's limits, and it always would, so the second Alex started slowing down Haley decided to really remind her kid sister just how hard she could make her cum, and who the true top was in this relationship. Which she did by sitting up, roughly pushing Alex down onto all fours and pressing herself up behind her, all without allowing more than a couple of inches of cock to escape her little sister's ass hole. Then once they were in the position they started in Haley took a firm grip of Alex's hips and began to butt fuck her baby sister again, quickly working from a slow and steady rhythm to get her groove back up to a deep, hard anal pounding which had Alex squealing and cumming for her again.


The only reply she got from Alex was more squeals and screams of pleasure, and her kid sister backing that big booty up against her, the two Dunphy sisters working together to make sure that Alex's fat butt got pounded as hard and deep as possible. Just as importantly the two siblings made sure that there was no way Alex's big round cheeks could jiggle any more than they were right now, Haley's eyes so locked on that bouncing booty that it took her a long time to notice when Alex finally stopped, exhaustion catching up with the poor younger sister, causing her to collapse face down in the bed sheets and become nothing but a big jiggly ass for Haley to use for her pleasure. Which to be fair, was what the sisters agreed was Alex's true purpose in life.

When Haley did finally realise she almost stopped immediately, but then she heard a groan from Alex, proving that her kid sister wasn't unconscious, at least not yet. As she was so very close to another orgasm Haley she decided to continue. Not that she had ever stopped. No, her greedy body had continued brutally pounding her sister's butt hole with her dick, in the process bashing her clit against the stimulator on the inside of the harness which had already made her cum so much throughout this butt wrecking session alone. Well, that and the sheer joy of sodomising her little sister, the physical and mental pleasure hitting Haley so hard this time she almost collapsed onto Alex, the way she had done the first time when she had taken her own sister's anal cherry.

Even though it had been weeks since she had pounded Alex's big butt Haley had been getting her own ass almost as thoroughly wrecked by Alex, so her stamina certainly hadn't taken a hit. If anything it had improved vastly, while Alex's might have suffered. But that was okay, because all it would take to get Alex back into shape was a few days, or better yet a few weeks, of non-stop anal pounding. And to be fair Haley hadn't exactly made it easy on Alex with all that teasing. The upside of course was that when the butt fucking finally came to an end Haley was able to bury the full length of her dildo in that big butt, spread Alex's meaty ass cheeks wide apart and then slowly pull her strap-on from her little sister's guts, watching lustfully as her cock slowly left that widely stretched ass hole.

Of course the best part in her twisted opinion was when the dildo exited Alex's battered butt hole and truly expose the damage Haley had done to it, to the delight of the older sister that poor hole remaining widely stretched with no sign of recovering any time soon, allowing her to see deep into the younger sister's rectum via that gaping crater which used to be tiny and tight. Haley had countless pictures of this on her phone which she liked to look at when she was bored, often when the rest of her family was around and all she could really do was try not to stare lustfully at her little sister. However she just couldn't resist getting one more.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Haley ordered, letting go of those cheeks and slapping one of them before reaching for her phone.

Alex groaned, and slowly did what she was told while complaining, "Don't you have enough of these?"

"Never." Haley said boldly while holding out her phone and taking half a dozen shots, making sure she got Alex's face in at least one, before finally allowing herself to collapse down onto the bed and then ordered, "Now suck my big dick. Show me how thankful you are to me for slam fucking your big fat ass."

"Oh God yes, feed me my own ass!" Alex whimpered in delight as she let go of her cheeks and lifted her face off of the bed sheets.

"Mmmmmm, missed tasting your own butt, huh?" Haley grinned wickedly.

"God yes, mmmmmmm, I've missed it so much." Alex said truthfully as she crawled in between Haley's legs, "I've missed everything about you topping me, ohhhhhh, but especially everything we just did, and what I'm about to do."

"Then get to it you little slut." Haley growled, and then moaned, "Mmmmmm yeah, that's it, wrap those pretty lips around my dick. Suck all your ass cream off it you slutty little ass to mouth whore! Oh God Alex, you look so good with a cock in your mouth! Oooooooh yeah, my baby sister look so good with my big cock in her pretty little mouth. Yeahhhhh, suck it! Suck it clean you perverted little bitch! Get every drop. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, get every drop of your own ass juice you little whore. Suck it off the head and then slide it down your throat. Oh yes, deep throat me. Deep throat my big dick, oooooohhhhhhh fuck Alex, that's so fucking hot!"

Even though Haley said more, a lot more, she wasn't really paying attention to anything she was saying. No, she was too busy getting lost in the sight of her little sister bobbing her head up and down on the big dildo she had just used to pound fuck her fat ass, the little slut making her proud by slowly but surely stuffing that ass flavoured strap-on as deep as it would go down her throat so she could get every single drop of her butt juices. Better yet Alex spent the entire time greedily sucking that butt cream off Haley's dick, and softly moaning while she did it, proving just how much she truly loved the taste of her own ass. Which made Haley weirdly proud of herself for the training she had given her kid sister, and of course proud of Alex for becoming such a great ATM loving cock sucker, but it also made her extremely jealous.

While Haley would always love fucking Alex's big ass more than anything it had been thrilling to get her own fucked, and allow Alex a little payback. It had also been wonderful to be the one going ass to mouth for a change, Haley quickly becoming addicted to the taste of her own booty on her little sister's dick. In the middle of fucking Alex's fat ass Haley's butt hole had quivered with jealousy, although it was less noticeable because she was so busy sodomising her sister. Now she was just lying back, and occasionally stroking Alex's hair, Haley was much more aware of her jealous butt hole, and more to the point her jealous mouth which was watering over the thought of tasting her own ass again, or better yet Alex's, clearly proving that while she preferred to be a top she wasn't strictly a top.

Alex was more or less thinking the exact same thing. She had missed bottoming so much. Actually she hadn't even realised how much. The feeling of this dildo sliding back into her rectum was like coming home again after a long yet enjoyable holiday, and it was the exact same story when she took that ass flavoured cock into her mouth and began greedily sucking it clean. Topping Haley had been a nice change of pace, but this was where she belonged. This was where she felt most comfortable, because it was her place in the world. But even though she would happily classify herself as a bottom she wasn't a pure bottom.

She wasn't a pure bottom because Alex very much wanted to fuck Haley's tight little ass again. Partly to spread the incredible pleasure she had just felt, partly to get back at her sister, but mostly because it would be a crime if Haley's hot little butt wasn't fucked on a regular basis. Maybe they should work out some kind of schedule? Like maybe Alex could top Haley once a week, or even once a month, and the rest of the time Alex could be her big sister's anal addicted lesbian slut. Yes, Alex loved the sound of that, and she had no doubt Haley would love it too when she told her this brilliant idea, although given the way that she had been acting throughout the butt fucking and the ATM Alex suspected that her older sister would push for allowing the tables to be turned once a month only.

Honestly Alex could probably be okay with that, especially in the near future, as Alex wasn't looking forward to going a whole day without getting her big butt fucked and then going ass to mouth anytime soon. She could barely pull herself away from sucking the strap-on even though it was obvious that she had finished cleaning it sometime ago now. Not that Alex was sucking it at this point because she truly believed there was any more ass cream to clean. No, she was sucking it just because she loved acting submissive for Haley, and she loved Haley, something Alex made clear by staring lovingly up at her sibling for the last few minutes of the blow job until Haley pulled her up into another passionate kiss.

"God I love you so much." Haley then gasped when she broke the kiss.

"Love you more." Alex beamed.

* * *

They hadn't gone to sleep right away, but they had definitely snuggled underneath the sheets as they almost always did after sex. Lately that had involved Alex laying on her back with Haley using one of her big boobs as a pillow, although today they had gone back to how it was before, Haley spooning Alex to show who was back on top. And because Alex's ass was just too wonderfully sore to put any weight on it. Alex must have dozed off though, because one minute she was being spooned, the next minute she was opening her eyes to find Haley staring at her face, looking worryingly teary-eyed considering the wonderful day they'd had.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked softly.

"Nothing." Haley lied, then truthfully added, "It's just that... I've missed this."

"Me too." Alex smiled, carefully studying Haley's face and then frowning, "And?"

"And..." Haley hesitated, then admitted, "It feels like with you being away at college I barely get to see you any more, you know?"

"I know." Alex said softly, thinking for a few seconds, then smiling, "But I have an idea how we can fix that."


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