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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

"Finally, I thought they'd never leave." Haley sighed as she watched their parent's car disappear around the corner.

"That's gratitude for you." Alex quipped, turning around and heading into her new apartment.

"Hey, I didn't say I wasn't grateful." Haley complained, "It's just that-"

Alex cut her off by pulling her into the apartment and into a passionate kiss, and then smiled at her when she broke it, "I know what you mean. I was just teasing you, it's what we do."

"That..." Haley nodded, and then grinned, "And doing it."

Pretending to be offended Alex opened her mouth and pulled a face, then pulled back so she could punch Haley in the arm. Which of course caused Haley to giggle, although she rubbed her arm which made Alex feel a little guilty. Then she wordlessly walked into the centre of the room and looked around. Naturally it wasn't very big, especially considering part of it was a kitchen and the only other two rooms in the whole place were bedrooms, one of which they would never use, but could never get rid of in case their family found out the true nature of their relationship. But it was still bigger than their first love nest, the childhood bedroom they had shared growing up, and Alex loved it.

Of course Haley had to ruin the moment by wrapping her arms around her from behind and beginning to kiss her neck, causing Alex to sigh and scold her sister, "Haley, cut it out."

"What?" Haley frowned, stopping immediately, "Why?"

"It's our first time alone together in a place of our own. Can't we just savour the moment?" Alex asked.

"That's what I'm trying to do." Haley argued, "I mean, what better way to celebrate than with sex?"

"I don't know, how about cuddling? Or talking?" Alex argued back.

There was a brief pause, then Haley stepped forward and tried to take Alex into her arms, Alex only letting her after she said, "I'm sorry, you're right. I want this relationship to be about more than sex. I really do. But God Alex, you look so good. And our family stuck around for so freaking long."

Alex smiled, "You would rather set up everything without them?"

"God no! But the entire time I thought about fucking you. Which is totally your fault, because as much as you try you just can't hide those big boobs and fat ass. Especially not from me." Haley whined, before sighing, "But I appreciate the lessons in control, I want to be a good girlfriend for you. So, what do you want to talk about?"

"Actually, I just want to sit on our couch, in our apartment, and cuddle. Is that okay?" Alex asked softly.

"Yeah, it's okay." Haley said softly, leaning in to peck Alex's lips and then smiling, "Anything for you baby."

* * *

The next hour or so was actually quite nice as Alex got to rest her head against Haley's chest with her sister's arm around her, the two of them just snuggling together and enjoying the moment like any other couple would. Then Haley suggested they watch some TV, which Alex had been fine with it first, but then Haley used it as a distraction to try and feel her up, and that increasingly annoyed Alex. Of course the entire time she really wanted to give in, but she was determined to have a proper romantic evening with her girlfriend, so she shot Haley down every time, and eventually made her cook their dinner as punishment.

Not that it was that much of a punishment, as Haley had become shockingly good at it over the past year. Their parents were even trying to push her into pursuing it as a career. Little did they know that Haley was doing it to become Alex's perfect little housewife, something she liked to tell Alex teasingly whenever the younger sibling brought up the subject. The idea had always delighted Alex, especially now she got to watch her in their little kitchen from the comfort of their couch. Although throughout that preparation and the eventual meal there was growing tension between them, one that had maybe started before even they were left alone together, and eventually things reached a breaking point.

"Can we have sex now?" Haley asked when Alex finally finished eating.

Alex consider just saying yes, but asked, "Can I have desert first?"

"How about I have you for desert?" Haley offered flirtatiously.

"Really? You're so desperate you'd use a line like that?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"Yes." Haley whined, "I mean come on Alex, wasn't the whole point of moving in together was so that we could have sex any time we want?"

"No, the point of moving in together was so we could move forward with our relationship." Alex snapped, becoming angry, "You know, the one you claim to care about, but clearly don't."

"Oh please, you don't even believe that." Haley shot back.

"Don't I?" Alex huffed.

"I... I don't know." Haley sighed, "I know I don't act like it sometimes, but I thought I proved this relationship really is more than just sex to me."

There was a brief pause and then Alex sighed, "You have."

"Then what's the problem?" Haley asked, then after a pause pushed, "Is it really so bad that we're still all over each other? Because I'm pretty sure still wanting to have sex is a good thing for a long-term couple, not a bad thing."

There was another pause, and then Alex asked, "So you think about it then?"

"Think about what?" Haley frowned.

"The long-term?" Alex asked softly.

"Not really." Haley shrugged, "But I never have."

"Why not?" Alex pushed.

"Because I didn't think I'd have one." Haley admitted, and then when Alex gave her a look almost laughed, "Come on sis, is it really so surprising? You literally got all the brains in the family, to the point I'm surprised that Luke isn't retarded, meaning that while the sky was always the limit for you the rest of us had to be content with living in the moment. Especially as I never thought I'd actually have a chance with the one person I truly wanted. Then, when we actually got together... it was so amazing that I wanted to savour every minute of it, and not waste my time dreaming about a future that would probably never happen."

There was yet another pause and then Haley asked, "Why wouldn't it happen?"

Again there was another pause, longer than any other, and then Haley admitted, "Because it was always too good to be true, let alone last."

"Oh Haley-" Alex began.

"You were always better than me Alex." Haley continued, "Always smarter, always nicer, always just... better. And so good. You were always so good Alex. To good for me. And when I didn't think you could get any better you turned into a literal goddess who could have anyone she wanted, including her own sister. How was I supposed to believe you'd settle for me for even a moment, let alone for the long term?"

Taking Haley's face in her hands Alex looked directly into her sister's eyes and swore, "Because you're the only one I've ever really wanted. I promise you that. And we can have everything."

"How?" Haley asked softly.

There was a brief pause, the briefest so far, and then Alex said softly, "Just so you know, this isn't a proposal, or something we have to do any time soon. It's just something I've been working on. Okay?"

"Okay." Haley nodded.

"Okay." Alex repeated, taking a deep breath before explaining, "If, if one of us legally changed their second name here, or better yet in another state, then we could get married in Las Vegas. There has to be someplace where they don't do background checks, and even though we probably wouldn't be able to have anyone else we know there we would be legally married. No one could know, but we'd know, and that's all that would really matter. Then after a few years of living together and not finding 'the one' we could adopt, or could even get pregnant. I am thinking you, but we can discuss it at the time. The point is we tell our family we want to be single parents, but when we actually get it we freak out and insist the other starts acting as the other's wife. Our family would totally think it's weird, but I think we can convince them to play along if it's for the good of a child. Then we'll move to a new place, introduce ourselves to our neighbours as a married couple, and just... be together. And who knows, by the time Mom and Dad are really old maybe everyone will forget we're really sisters. I bet Luke will, especially if we start acting like a couple around everybody for the sake of our children. Because yeah, I want more than one, and... and this is too much for you isn't it?"

Yet another brief pause and then Haley said breathlessly, "No. No, it's not too much. It's exactly what I want. God Alex, I want all of that with you and more. I love you so much."

Alex smiled softly, "I love you too."

The two sisters then kissed, because really, what else could they do? Well, Haley could run screaming, which Alex had imagined like a zillion times ever since she began scheming how she could have a happy ever after with her own sister, but Alex had been as confident as she could be that Haley would be receptive to the idea given the conversation which had proceeded it, and especially the one after it. Plus it felt like there was a supernatural force pushing them together like something out of a superhero movie, although when their lips touched it was definitely something out of a romance, the two Dunphy sisters becoming completely lost in the long, slow romantic kiss for several wonderful seconds. Maybe even a minute or two.

Then they pulled apart, staring at each other as they gasp for breath, and then Haley pleaded, please, "Can we make love now?"

"God yes." Alex replied softly.

Haley smiled gratefully and then pulled Alex into another passionate kiss, although this one was less slow and romantic, although certainly no less loving. It was just rougher and hungrier, Haley eventually kissing Alex like someone who was just taking their first breath after almost drowning. The best part being that Alex was with her every step of the way. No, actually the best part was that Haley began to gently push her towards the bedrooms, and because this was their place Haley didn't even have to wait until they were safely locked in their bedroom to start removing her little sister's clothes. Instead they got to leave a trail of clothes into their bedroom, which was something Haley had always wanted to do.

They were so consumed by the kiss Haley had no idea which bedroom they ended up in, and she seriously doubted Alex did either. It didn't really matter, Alex had been careful to pick out an apartment with two equally sized bedrooms as it had been unrealistic to expect the bickering Dunphy sisters not to care about such a petty detail. More importantly both rooms currently contained suitcases waiting to be unpacked, containing not only the close of each girl but several dildos, especially of the strap-on variety, so they would be able to do whatever they wanted without much fuss. Honestly several minutes later when Haley finally broke the kiss again she didn't really register which room they were in, and she didn't care, even though it would be most likely the room they would be sharing from now on.

It was pretty hard for Haley to concentrate on anything but the fact that she was now lying on top of Alex, both siblings completely naked, their bodies fitting together like a wonderful jigsaw puzzle. Then there were those amazing boobs that were practically begging for attention, Haley forcing herself to spend a little time kissing and sucking Alex's neck before she finally kissed her way down her little sister's chest, up one of those big tits and wrapped her mouth around a nipple. She then sucked it gently for a few long seconds, before immediately moving her mouth over to the other and gave it the same gentle sucking. Haley then lifted her head up and smiled wickedly down at her baby sister, causing Alex to raise an eyebrow suspiciously.

With that a wicked grin crossed her face and Haley slowly lowered her head back down, closed her eyes and just pressed her face in between those massive tits. Haley even bought both hands up to squash them together around her face and then just stayed there for a few long seconds in boob heaven. She didn't exactly leave that particular heaven any time soon, but she did start pressing her face quite so tightly in between them and let go of them so she wasn't suffocating herself any more. More importantly Haley began rubbing her face in them, literally motor-boating them, just like she did pretty much every single time she fucked her baby sister, because she just couldn't help herself.

Which of course made Alex giggle, and moan, "You're so fucking predictable."

"And your boobs are just so fucking big and amazing!" Haley exclaimed quickly so she didn't have too pull her face out of Alex's cleavage for more than a few long seconds before getting back to work.

Alex wanted to offer up some other witty retort, but she was too busy moaning as Haley latched onto one of her nipples again and began sucking it, and then licking it. She then of course went back to motor-boating Alex's obscenely big tits, but Haley began giving her nipples attention in between motor-boating sessions, and just as Alex really started to get annoyed Haley switched to concentrating on her nipples only. Of course then it wasn't quite the amount of suction Alex wanted, then there wasn't enough licking, then Haley wasn't giving her the occasional nip, and finally she wasn't moving lower. Haley did give her all these things eventually, but she denied her just long enough for it to be almost annoying, especially on the last one.

Maybe it was because the last one was the most tolerate-able of the bunch. In fact it was flat-out amazing, especially when Haley grabbed her boobs again, this time pushing one more firmly into her mouth while using the other hand to treat whatever nipple she wasn't licking and sucking. Although as much as Alex loved it she knew that Haley loved it even more, and her big sister was so obsessed with her rack that she could happily do this for hours without being prompted to move on. So ultimately Alex knew she had to do some prompting, although as nearly always she tried to indulge Haley's obsession before gently pushing down on her head, and when that wasn't enough she provided some verbal prompting.

"Haley, please, oooooooh, lower!" Alex pleaded, "I, mmmmmm, I need you to, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, oh God yes, that's it, mmmmmm, good girl."

She was pretty sure she said more just to encourage Haley, which was also why she began stroking her hair, but mostly Alex just closed her eyes and concentrated on the incredible pleasure of having her big sister beginning to lick her pussy. Those first few licks were soft, slow and teasing, but they were also exactly what Alex wanted, and perhaps needed at that moment. Perhaps they were even a little more than what she needed, because with every other lick Haley's tongue brushed against her clit, causing Alex to gasp loudly and then let out a long moan with every touch to that sensitive little button. Although to be fair she was gasping and moaning pretty much non-stop since the pussy licking began.

Clearly pushing her luck Haley allowed her tongue to linger on Alex's clit for a few long seconds, which was definitely too much considering they weren't fucking in a public bathroom, or back in their childhood home. No, they were finally in a place of their own, and they had all night to explore each other's bodies, so they shouldn't be in any hurry whatsoever. Alex tried to convey that with a look, but she clearly overshot as Haley looked like a wounded animal and then dejectedly began licking Alex's pussy while completely ignoring her clit, which made the younger sibling feel guilty. Also it didn't quite work for her. And neither did the position. Luckily Alex had a way to fix that.

Haley felt guilty for trying to rush things, but she was just so horny. It felt like an eternity since she had been able to fuck her baby sister, and gentle love-making just wasn't going to cut it for her right now. No, Haley felt like she physically needed to fuck Alex as hard as she could until she made her kid sister cum in her mouth and all over her face. But at the same time Alex was right, this was their first night together in a place of their own, and Haley wanted to be a good girlfriend who would make love to Alex for hours before being rewarded with her little sister's cum. And oh, did Haley desperately want to be a good girlfriend. It was just a bit of a toss up between that desire and her burning need to taste Alex's cum.

"Haley..." Alex moaned, "That feels so good, but I want to fuck you too. Mmmmmm, 69 with me sis. Come on, sit on my face so we can lick each other. Oh yeah, gimmie that pussy! Yesssss, give me that pussy, and follow my lead."

When Alex first moaned her name Haley's mind raced for something else she could have done wrong. Luckily that only lasted a few seconds before pure joy filled her, Haley grinning happily into Alex's pussy for a few long seconds before she began carefully shifting her body around so she could get in the requested position. Of course the entire time she continued licking Alex's pussy, refusing to remove her tongue from her kid sister's cunt for more than a couple of seconds, even if it meant more direct pleasure. Besides, she didn't need to, as by now Haley was an expert at this, all that previous practice paying off big-time.

It helped a lot that the anticipation of what was to come, and her baby sister's heavenly pussy, was more than enough to satisfy Haley for the few seconds it took her to position her pussy over Alex's face. She even kept it there for a few more seconds, teasing her little sister by wiggling what she wanted right in front of her face. Or at least she tried, as Alex showed some impatience by reaching up, grabbing her butt and pulling her down onto her face while craning her head upwards. Not that Haley tried to stop her. No, she didn't even think of it. She just gasped and then moaned happily into Alex's cunt as her kid sister began licking her pussy.

Sadly while the first few licks were nice and quick, and even touched Haley's clit, Alex quickly slowed her role to the same gentle licks she had silently insisted upon receiving herself, the clear implication that Alex expected the same from Haley. Which was more than a little annoying, but again it was what should happen here, and Haley knew it. Alex deserved to be made love too, and that was exactly what Haley was going to do. And to be fair, it was much easier now she was receiving some pleasure herself, especially as it meant this gentle cunt lapping would mean that their eventual orgasms would be that much more explosive.

Alex meanwhile became completely lost in the pleasure of licking pussy while having her own licked, in what was surely the best way two women could make love to each other. It wasn't their favourite way to fuck, and definitely not the thing that made them cum the hardest and most frequently, but there was just something so wonderfully intimate about it. No toys, no dirty talk, nothing extra whatsoever. It was just the two of them pleasuring each other, and better yet it muffled each other's screams, so on a good night the Dunphy sisters could do this for hours without having to worry about getting caught. Sometimes this was actually all they did, although clearly it wouldn't be enough tonight.

As much as Alex was loving this she couldn't ignore how anxious Haley was getting for more, so while she forced a few long minutes of enjoying the gentle pussy licking it wasn't that long, at least not by considering their standards, that she began picking things up a notch. She first did this by occasionally brushing her tongue against Haley's clit again before she began concentrating on it, Alex even taking it into her mouth to suck on it. She then did the same to Haley's entrance, which Alex especially enjoyed as it meant she got to drink her big sister's cunt cream straight from the source. Although she did pause that just so she could add poking the entrance with her tongue, teasing the inevitable penetration.

Of course Haley eagerly mirrored these actions, if ever so slightly rougher than Alex, obviously seeing what she could get away with. Technically she may have pushed things too far when it came to sucking the cream out of Alex's cunt, but Alex had a hard time of feeling upset about it, and she certainly couldn't scold Haley considering how good it felt. Besides, her older sibling had been very patient, obviously trying to give Alex what she wanted, and this night wasn't supposed to be about Alex. It was supposed to be about them both, which was why again Alex was trying to find a middle ground which would please them both as much as possible.

By the time she slowly slid her tongue into Haley's twat even Alex felt ready for the slow and gentle love-making to end. And she certainly didn't complain about Haley shoving her tongue as deep inside her as it would go and then immediately start fucking her with it. In fact Alex did the exact opposite thing to complaining, as she encouraged Haley by beginning to tongue fuck her at the same frantic speed that her big sister was using on her pussy. Which of course prompted Haley to tongue fuck her even harder in turn, both Dunphy sisters increasing the pace until they both experienced the kind of powerful climaxes that Alex couldn't imagine anyone else giving her.

Haley definitely thought that, and she had actually experienced probably the best men had to offer, at least in the bedroom department. She certainly couldn't imagine any woman, or man, who could make her cum harder than her little sister, mostly because the thrill of being fucked by her own sister was an added high Haley could never accurately described, even if she was twice as smart as Alex, if that was even possible. It was particularly mind blowing when she was making Alex cum at the same time, which was why this was one of Haley's favourite things to do ever. Maybe even second only to fucking Alex's big fat ass, but she'd be doing that again soon enough.

For now Haley was concentrating on the all-important task of swallowing at least the majority of Alex's cum while Alex was obviously doing the same. It wasn't easy for the two sisters as their own climaxes rocked their bodies at the exact same time, but they had become experts at quickly removing their tongues and then swallowing the cum squirting out of the other has they were bombarded by ecstasy. Of course when their orgasms subsided both Alex and Haley went right back to tongue fucking each other. Well, the first few times they did pause to lick up some of the escaped cum lingering on their lips and surrounding each other's cunts, but it wasn't long before they gave that up in favour of making each other cum again as quickly as possible.

Inevitably the majority of the heavenly liquid ended up covering their faces, but they didn't mind. Haley particularly loved it as it made her feel like such a lesbian slut, and she even rubbed her face in Alex's pussy a few times just to send her over edge and make sure her face was extra coated in girl cum. In response Alex flipped them over and started grinding herself down on Haley's face, which initially Haley welcomed, but after a while she was so filled with a primal need to be on top, and to do the same to Alex, which was when she flipped them back over and return the favour, prompting an extra hard climax out of her.

The two Dunphy sisters then truly started battling for dominance, constantly fucking each other over and grinding their cunts into the others face regardless. At that point both had pretty much given up swallowing cum in favour of just allowing it to wash over them, although more than a few times Haley couldn't resist just opening her mouth to see how much she could catch. Then Alex pushed a finger into her pussy, and Haley answered by pushing two fingers into her little sister's cunt and one into her ass. Alex then return the favour, both sisters beginning to lick each other's clits while fingering the other's pussies and asses to make sure they were both stimulated and cumming as hard as possible. Then after doing that for who knows how long they rolled off each other gasping for breath.

Several minutes later Alex sensed Haley trying to get up, and croaked, "Wait... stop..."

Haley frowned, "What?"

"No toys tonight. Please? Just us... I want it to be just us." Alex softly panted.

There was a brief pause where Haley obviously thought about it and then she whined, "But Alex, I wanted to fuck your sexy ass!"

"You still can." Alex pointed out with a weak smile, and then when Haley looked quizzically at her Alex added, "You know, with your fist. Mmmmm, fist me sis. Fist fuck my slutty little ass."

"Okay." Haley grinned wickedly, before pointing out, "But I still need to get lube."

"Why?" Alex questioned as she rolled over onto her stomach and pointed her big ass at her sister, "Just use spit."

Her eyes locked onto her target Haley softly asked, "Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah." Alex replied lustfully, "I want it to hurt a little when you stuff your hand into my slutty little ass hole."

Alex was going to say more but then Haley murmured something which sounded like 'okay' and then buried her face in her butt, causing Alex to gasp loudly. Although mostly that was because of anticipation as Haley really didn't do anything at first, and not for a few long seconds, and when she did it was just to rub her face side to side like she was motorboating her tits again, which made Alex giggle softly at her sister's shameless lust for her, but it didn't really do much for her. Especially as it went on a little too long, Haley rubbing her face all over Alex's big ass cheeks before she began gently covering them in kisses, which was more of a tease of pleasure to come.

To be fair it wasn't long after that Haley finally pulled apart Alex's ass cheeks with her hands, spat onto her rosebud and then began to eagerly rubbing that saliva rain with her tongue. In turn Alex let out a soft cry followed by a moan of pleasure, and she continued moaning as Haley began giving her the kind of long, drawn-out ass licking that Alex was so used to receiving from her big sister. And now finally they had a place of their own Alex wasn't worried that it was lasting too long, or they would run out of time for a proper butt fucking, and could just relax and enjoy Haley worshipping her fat ass. At least now they were into the really pleasurable part of it.

Before this ultra-forbidden affair with her sister Alex had never imagined just how good a tongue repeatedly sliding over her ass hole would feel. She had thought about it, but her imagination couldn't have done justice, and whether it was because they were sisters or not Alex would always be grateful to Haley for giving her such a thorough special education. Learning was pretty much Alex's favourite thing, and she had surprisingly learned a lot from Haley. Her education had been too thorough Alex was pretty sure there was nothing left to learn, at least not from Haley, but that didn't mean they still couldn't have another first, even if it was just the first time they had sex in their own home.

While there was another first Alex could think of she was going keep that to herself for now and just concentrate on the amazing rim job she was receiving from Haley. Honestly it wasn't that hard, Haley was incredible at eating ass, and it only got better since the two sisters had gotten together. Proving that point Haley lapped gently at her baby sister's butt hole until Alex didn't think she could take it anymore, then she started swirling her tongue around the hole and wrapping her lips around it so she could suck it. Then just to the point where Alex wanted more Haley finally pushed her tongue into her little sister's back hole, the constant abuse that poor little ass hole had taken over the past year or so meaning that Haley was able to bury her tongue as deep as it would go into her younger sister's big bottom.

Haley just left it there for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of her tongue being engulfed in her little sister's big ass, before inevitably she began thrusting in and out, officially fucking Alex's butt for the first time since this morning, which felt like a lifetime ago. They had to skip their usual lunchtime fun, and while they could have squeezed in their afternoon fun time Alex had put a stop to that, so it was hard for Haley not to just ram her fist up her baby sister's butt the second she had her fill of the rim job. Or grabbed one of her toys regardless of Alex's wishes. Although the latter was a small desire, easily contained within her as she always wanted Alex enjoy this as much as she did. It was just a desire to abuse this butt was stronger than ever, and it was hard for Haley to keep that desire at bay.

That was why, at least by her standards, the rim job was actually sort of brief, Haley barely spending five minutes tongue fucking Alex's butt before she replaced her tongue with two of her fingers which she shoved up her kid sister's fat ass none too gently. She rubbed it against Alex's extremely wet pussy first, but still. Of course this just cause her anal whore of a sibling to moan in mostly pure pleasure as she was roughly taken, and it was the same story when she had added a third finger. There was a definite undertone of pain when she added the fourth though, which was why after that Haley just concentrated on finger banging Alex's butt before she got assigned to continue.

It wasn't long before she got it the form of Alex moaning, "More! Mmmmmmmmm, give me more! Stuff my ass sis, ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, stuff your whole fucking hand up my ass! Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, fuck me, oh Haley, fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk! NO! Don't stop, more, give me more, yes, yes, yesssssssss aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

Given how eager Alex sounded, and how eager she was herself, Haley used that as an excuse to slip her thumb inside her baby sister's butt hole before then trying the rest of her hand. After being so thoroughly stretched the thumb was easy enough to slip in, but stretching around the knuckles was a different story, one which involved a lot of swear words from Alex, but the second Haley hesitated she made it very clear she wanted it to continue. Which was fine with Haley, and she didn't mind causing Alex a little pain with her pleasure, especially when it involved watching her little sister's ass hole stretching wider than it was supposed to from an invading object, in this case her knuckles which with a little more force slid past Alex's anal ring and inside of the smarter brunette's behind.

It also caused Alex let out an extra loud cry of pain and pleasure as her ass struggled to adjust to the invader, which was a contributing factor to why Haley didn't move for what was maybe a couple of minutes. Of course she had done this enough times that she didn't need any verbal prompting to be told she needed to give Alex a chance to adjust. Hell, she didn't even need the experience, because while many people made fun of her not being supersmart like Alex, including Alex, she wasn't. She knew things. And she knew Alex's ass hole looked incredibly hot stretched around her wrist, Haley using her free hand to get the best possible look of that obscene sight, which she became lost in staring at those few long minutes. Although most of all it was the feeling that she savoured.

Alex obviously couldn't get a good look at her ass hole stretching around Haley's wrist. Her older sibling had been kind enough to take pictures for her, and the had been a certain thrill to seeing what Haley saw on a regular basis, although it was even more thrilling to do this to Haley on the rare occasions she got to top. The point was while she didn't get any pleasure out of seeing it Alex knew firsthand, pun intended, that it was more fun to be on the receiving end as it was so much more kinky to feel a hand inside her ass than having her hand inside an ass. Or maybe that was just the anal whore in her talking. Either way it was an incredible thrill, both sisters definitely preferred it this way round, and both of them love the chance to savour it.

Then just as Alex was opening her mouth to let Haley know she was ready to be properly fisted her big sister began cautiously moving her hand around inside her butt, causing Alex to again cry out in pleasure. Shortly after that Haley became a little more forceful with her movements, at first twisting it from side to side, up and down and turning that hand inside her butt before she finally started thrusting in and out. It wasn't much at first, but gradually built up to the point Haley was pulling out to the knuckle and then seemingly pushing deeper into Alex's ass every time she pushed inwards, driving Alex ever closer to another climax.

In the middle of that Alex cried out, "More!"

Haley frowned, "What?"

"Give me more." Alex moaned, then when it was clear Haley wasn't getting the hint she added, "Double fist my fat ass! Ooooooh yeahhhh, slide your other hand into my whore ass and really stretch my slutty little shit hole. Mmmmmm, come on Haley, you're always the one calling my ass fat. If that's true there should be plenty of room. Oh yeah, do it Haley! Ohhhhhh, there's plenty of room for your dainty little hands inside my big slut butt."

There was a brief pause, then Alex grinned wickedly, "Okay slut, I'll double fist your dyke ass, but first... how about a warm-up?"

Before Alex could even open her mouth to ask what Haley meant her big sister slid two fingers into her very wet pussy, meaning all Alex could really do was moan happily. Then after about a minute of pumping them in and out Haley added a third and then a fourth finger, both of which got an extra loud cry of pleasure out of Alex, although nowhere near as loud as when Haley slipped her thumb in and then pushed forwards. Alex had thought that Haley was just lubricating her fingers, but this was even better, her eyes going wide as her private hole was stretched as wide as it ever had to allow her big sister's knuckles to slip through, which happened quickly and easily compared to the anal penetration.


During the build-up to the second fisting Haley kept the hand which was in Alex's ass completely still, which annoyed Alex when she was only being fingered but when it became clear what Haley was actually doing she very much appreciated it. Although not as much as she appreciated Haley beginning to fist fuck both her holes after stuffing her pussy, pretty much instantly triggering a powerful climax. As she was still worked up from the 69, and spending most of the day not fucking her sister who had been close to her the whole time, Alex soon found herself cumming over and over again as Alex double fisted her, and just when she thought it couldn't get any better it did.

Haley loved making her little sister cum. It was pretty much her favourite thing ever, especially when she got to fuck Alex's fat ass in some way. She was definitely doing that now, and she was even getting a close up look at it, which made her so horny she wished she had another pair of hands to take care of herself. In fact her own pussy became so needy she considered removing one of her hands from inside of her kid sister to get herself off. But no, Alex's pleasure was way too important to her to do that. Besides, Haley found the rubbing her cunt against the bed sheets normally did the trick, and it definitely worked in this case. Not that her orgasms were as powerful as Alex's, but she was confident that her baby sister would make it up to her.

It took awhile for Haley to switch from one type of double fisting to the other as this was actually a rare first for them. She had fisted Alex's slutty ass a lot, and occasionally done the same to her lezzie pussy, but never at the same time and Haley was reluctant to do it, even if it meant abusing Alex's dyke butt like never before. Especially when the first version of the double fisting was making her sibling cum so hard and frequently. But eventually she did slow down and ease her hand out of Alex's cunt and start working it into her ass. After bringing it up to her face so she could lick and suck at least most of the girl cum off it of course.

As Alex's ass hole was already widely stretched Haley went nice and slowly, at first just pushing one finger in working it around the hole/her wrist before slipping in another. She then pumped that finger, and her hand, in and out of Alex's butt for a few long minutes before adding a second finger. She repeated this process over and over again and to her delight Alex's slutty little butt hole continued stretching until Haley thought Alex was ready for the hard part. Then she took a calming breath, offered up some soft words of encouragement and then slowly pushed forwards, the second hand slowly slipping in with mostly a cry of pleasure from her total anal whore of a sister.

"Okay sis, here it comes. Just relax, I love you." Haley had whispered lovingly before the second penetration, and then afterwards she practically yelled over Alex's screams of pleasure, "Oh my God, you did it! Two hands up your fat fucking ass! Oh God, you're such a whore! Mmmmmmm, you're such a little anal whore sis! My anal whore, ooooooooooh fuck, I can't believe how easily it just slipped in. Or how much you're loving it! Fuck Alex, I love you so much, but you have to be the nastiest ass slut in the whole fucking world! Mmmmmmm, and I love you for it. I love my baby sister, and I love her slutty dyke ass, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh shit Alex, take it! Take both my fists up your ass you fucking slut! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm in love with my own sister and her fat fucking ass which was made for fucking!"

She probably said more, after all someone had to with Alex becoming completely hysterical, but Haley was way too preoccupied with the obscene sight and feeling of Alex's ass hole stretching around both of her wrists. She continued being obsessed by that as very slowly Haley began fucking her baby sister's butt with both of her hands at the same time, causing Alex to cum just as hard as before, if not more. Haley came too, and while constantly rubbing her pussy against the bed sheets had something to do with it Haley was convinced it was mostly because of abusing Alex's butt in such an obscene way. Unfortunately it didn't last a long time as unsurprisingly Alex just get became too overwhelmed and passed out.

After slowly easing her hands out of Alex's ass Haley began greedily licking and sucking them clean as she admired just how gaped her little sister's ass was. Then she kneeled down behind Alex, rolled her so they were in the spooning position, kissed her cheek and then whispered, "I love you and your fat ass Alex, and I swear I'm going to do everything I can to make sure your plan works."

* * *


The next few years were easy enough as they never really got to know their neighbours, who were always too polite to complain about the noise. They stayed there for the better part of 10 years as Alex worked her way through first college and then law school, mostly supported by Haley who worked a series of low-paying jobs to keep them afloat, although their family was always there for them when they neede them. For those years they lived quite comfortably, and were quite sad to leave once Alex started being successful, although Haley was grateful that she finally got to give up working and become her sister's housewife like she'd always wanted.

Just before they moved out of their first apartment Alex proposed and they quickly hopped on a plane as soon as Haley changed her second name as by that point getting married was way overdue as far as they were concerned. Just one year later Haley was pregnant with their first child. The pregnancy and the first few years with Haley's little girl was a nightmare, especially with Alex working so much, but they were determined to have three children and they were so glad they did because their adopted son was good as gold, and while Alex's pregnancy hadn't been a walk in the park she loved the baby girl she got from it.

As convincing their families to pretend like Alex and Haley were a real couple for the sake of the children was the hardest part of her plan Alex was worried it wouldn't work. However Haley was a masterful liar, and with over 10 years to practice Haley put on the performance of a lifetime, convincing everyone in the family, including Manny, who was arguably the second smartest after Alex of course, that their plan was what's best for the children. After that they still got some funny looks from various family members, especially as they ended up with two girls and a boy just like their own family unit growing up, but most of the time they just shrugged off as the alternative was that the two sisters really were together, which most of the family still thought was ridiculous.

Life wasn't exactly perfect. They inevitably fought more and had sex less, mostly because of Alex's hectic work schedule and having children, but they made sure to find time for each other and never to go to bed angry. And they got to grow old together, so there was that. Most of all they never stop being in love. If anything they fell even deeper for each other when they truly got a chance to be alone, regardless of how wrong some people might see the true nature of their relationship as. Although they could never decide who was responsible for them ending up in this very twisted modern family, often teasing each other that it was 'your fault'.

The End.


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