Monk: Bisexual Impulse
by The Fan ([email protected])

Adrian Monk sat in the office of Dr. Kroger. Dr. Kroger had been his doctor
for quite some time. Adrian was a difficult patient. He was a man with many
issues. Today, Monk felt like all of his problems were solved. The doctor
gave him an experimental drug that unleashed people's inhibitions. Basically,
people under that drug felt a great sense of freedom. No repression left in
them. He told Monk to take two of them and call him in the morning. Monk
waited until he left the doctor's office and took two of the pills.
Unfortunately, he took two dozen. He accidentally swallowed them while
shaking the open bottle over his open mouth.

After he took the pills, Adrian Monk felt... funny. He felt no fear. None
at all. Just an incredible sensation of freedom. He wasn't afraid of germs
anymore. He wasn't afraid of anything. Instead, he felt free. He smiled
beatifically at the skies of San Francisco. He had so much to do. So much
fun to catch up on and make up for. He had someplace to go. The San
Francisco Police Department. He went to see his former boss, Stottlemeyer.

Adrian looked at his former boss, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer. Leland was a
tall, attractive man in his forties. He had dark brown hair and steel-gray
eyes. He always looked sharp and professional. After all, he was the rather
famous captain of the San Francisco Police Department.

Leland looked at Monk. He found the defunct detective oddly attractive.
Leland like to do it with a guy every now and then. He didn't consider
himself gay or anything. Just a mostly straight guy who indulged his
bicuriosity ever now and then. He just liked sex. He enjoyed a sexual
encounter with a nice man as much as he enjoyed sex with a pretty woman.
Sex was uncomplicated for him. He gave Monk the let's get busy look and
Monk was down for it. Monk liked to explore once in awhile as well. Just
like that. Nothing weird about it. They weren't a couple of fags. Just a
couple of guys taking care of each other's needs.

Leland sat Monk down on his desk and unzipped Monk's pants. He took out
Monk's cock and looked at it. The semi-erect dick was both long and thick.
Leland put it in his mouth and started sucking on it. Monk had a nice dick.
In Leland's opinion, some dicks were just made for sucking. He sucked Monk's
dick until the defective detective started to moan in pleasure and warned
him that he was about to cum. Monk came. Leland drank all that he had to
give. He licked Monk's dick clean and sucked on his balls. When he had
licked him clean, he was ready for the main event.

Leland was bent over the office desk and Monk came up behind him. He took
some lotion and rubbed it on his cock before rubbing some between the
captain's butt cheeks. Monk slid his cock into Leland's butthole. Leland
grunted. Monk planted his hands on the captain's hips and thrust his cock
into him. He fucked him as hard and fast. Leland jerked off his own cock
as Monk fucked him. Monk loved the feel of a tight ass around his manhood.
He didn't care if it was a male or female bottom. As long as it was tight.
He thrust into Leland, and heard the other man grunt when he plunged his
cock too deep. Monk started to fuck Leland as hard as he could. Leland was
an energetic bottom who pushed back against him and drove him deeper inside
him. This went on for a long time with both men grunting and moaning in
pleasure and ended when Monk came, sending hot cum deep inside Leland's
ass. Leland screamed as hot cum flooded his tight asshole. Monk pulled out
of him. It was over.

Adrian Monk readjusted his clothes and left the captain's office. He didn't
want anyone to know about them. The captain liked to be discreet and so did
Monk. Monk wasn't half as clueless as he seemed. He was a devious little
bastard when he wanted to be.

After Monk left his office, Leland sat down comfortably behind his desk. He
liked a good fucking every now and then. His assistant walked into his office
and told him that someone was there to see him. When Leland went to greet his
surprise guest, he got a real surprise. His guest was an attractive black
woman clad in sexy clothing. Leland took one look at her and felt himself get
hard. She looked familiar. Yeah, he remembered where he knew her from. Her
name was Varla Davis. She had briefly replaced Monk's assistant Sharona
during the case of Mr. Monk and the girl who cried wolf. He led her into his
office and sat her down comfortably. She was looking at him and smiled
wolfishly. He grinned. She hadn't come there for business. She was giving him
the let's get busy look.

Varla Davis had Leland out of his clothes faster than he put them on before
he came to work. She wanted that dick of his. He was more than happy to give
it to her. He stuffed his cock in the black woman's mouth and she eagerly
sucked on it. She was a really good cocksucker. She knew how to work it just
right. Varla Davis's head bobbed up and down on his thick cock. He thrust
into her mouth. She sucked him off and took all that he had to give. He came
all over her face and she drank up his cum. He bent her over the desk and
spread those fat ass cheeks of hers. She had a really nice ass. He took some
lotion and rubbed it between her cheeks. She waited eagerly as he applied
some lotion on his cock as well. He pressed his cock against her asshole,
and pushed. His cock popped inside her asshole. Varla grunted. Leland held
her by the hips and thrust into her rectum. She gasped. He started to fuck
her, hard. He hammered her asshole as if he were a miner drilling for oil.
She screamed. He fucked her even harder, loving the feel of a tight female
ass around his cock. Her ass was so damn tight. It clenched around his cock
until he couldn't take the pressure anymore and came, sending hot cum deep
inside her. He pulled out of her just as she screamed at the top of her
lungs. It was over.

A little while later, Leland escorted Varla Davis out of his office. He felt
satisfied. It was just a booty call. Leland was the kind of guy who enjoyed
sex regardless of the gender of his partners. He kept it to himself, of
course. Life was good. He went back to work.


Adrian Monk was walking out of the police station when he ran into a rather
beautiful lady who looked familiar. He recognized her. The tall, attractive,
alabaster-skinned brunette was someone he met awhile ago. Her name was Lisa
Babcock. He walked over to her and started talking. They shook hands and made
small talk. She told him that she had some free time and proposed that they
go to a restaurant.

Adrian Monk didn't mind spending time with such a pretty lady. He hadn't been
with one in awhile. Lisa Babcock seemed to like Adrian. He didn't resist when
she invited him back to her place. He liked to live in the thrill of the
moment sometimes. Just sometimes. He felt liberated now that he was no longer
an obsessive-compulsive detective. He just wanted to explore life and be
happy. He had always been attracted to both men and women. Adrian Monk was a
terminally bisexual guy. He fell in love with Trudy and repressed his
feelings for men throughout their marriage. She had been dead for so long. He
needed to get laid. Adrian Monk had needs, too. That's why he went home with
Lisa Babcock, a woman he barely knew.

Adrian Monk went to her place. She lived in a mansion on the west side. She
was wealthy and beautiful. She had it all. She sat him down in a couch and
went to get some wine. Adrian sat down and tried to relax. Lisa Babcock came
back with two glasses of wine... and nothing on! She was completely naked. A
very hot-looking lady with a great body. Adrian Monk felt the heat of desire
rise in him. Lisa Babcock was hot and she knew it. She gave him the let's get
busy look and the rest as they say is history.

Adrian sat on the couch and relaxed as Lisa Babcock knelt before him and
unzipped his pants. She took his cock out of his pants and started to suck
on it like it was pumping life into her mouth. Adrian grunted. He thrust his
cock into her mouth. She sucked him off. His cock was both long and thick so
she couldn't fit it all inside her mouth but she did the best she could.
Eventually, he came and she drank his seed. He watched her pretty face as
she drank his jizz. She stood up and rubbed her sexy ass against him. Adrian
caressed her butt. Some butts were just made for fucking.

Monk positioned himself behind Lisa Babcock. He grasped her hot ass cheeks
in his hands and parted him. She urged him to stick it in. He did. He
unceremoniously thrust his dick into her ass. Lisa howled like an animal
and rocked back against him. Monk held her firmly by the hips and thrust
into her. He yanked her head back by her long dark hair and slammed his
cock inside her. They went at it like this for awhile. He fucked her as
hard as he could, his thick cock plundering her anal cavity. She screamed
in both pleasure and pain. He came inside her and she screamed at the top
of her lungs. Monk pulled out of her and gave her lovely ass a good tap.
She tutned on her back and lay there, panting. She had that swoon in her
eyes that Adrian Monk had been known to leave on the faces of many women
and a few men after the act of love.

Detective Adrian Monk let himself out of the mansion not long after. He felt
happy and satisfied.

He'd just had sex with a beautiful woman. Mere hours before, he did the bump
and grind with an equally beautiful man. Life was good. He was still walking
around when he got hailed by someone in a car. It was captain Leland
Stottlemeyer again, this time with his wife Karen. Monk got in the car and
went home with them. Karen Stottlemeyer had always had a thing for Monk.
Adrian also liked her. It looked like she was gonna fulfill her threesome
fantasy after all. They drove to the Stottlemeyer residence.

Adrian had never been to the captain's house. It looked nice. Adrian and
Leland sat on the couch and watched as Karen Stottlemeyer began a strip
tease. Adrian admired her. She was a tall redhead with pale skin, sparkling
eyes and a hot-looking body. She was a bit shrewish but he wasn't interested
in long-term commitment with her. He and Leland watched the show. Karen
stripped naked before them, satisfied with the look on the men's faces. She
did not know that Leland and Adrian had fucked earlier. Adrian Monk and
Leland Stottlemeyer stripped as well. Karen admired their bodies. Both men
were in good shape. Especially Adrian Monk, who believed in clean living.

Karen Stottlemeyer looked at their stiff cocks and wanted to taste them. She
got on her knees and sucked first Monk then Leland. She sucked their cocks
and licked on their balls. Adrian moaned in pleasure as she sucked him. She
was a really good cocksucker. She turned on Leland and it was his turn to
moan. The two men couldn't take it anymore and pretty came all over her face,
splattering hot cum all over her. Karen drank their cum and licked them
clean. When she was done, they got ready to take her on the ride of her life.

Karen Stottlemeyer got on all fours. Adrian Monk positioned himself behind
her while Leland lay underneath her with his cock thrusting upward. Karen
lowered herself onto her husband's tool. Monk thrust his cock into Karen
Stottlemeyer's pussy. At the same time, Leland thrust into his wife's
asshole. Karen Stottlemeyer screamed as she was filled at both ends. The
two men slammed their dicks into her. They fucked her, hard and fast. She
screamed at the top of her lungs. The two dicks felt huge inside her rectum.
They fucked her hard like they were miners drilling for oil. All that could
be heard in the living room was the sound of two men grunting and cursing as
they fucked a woman, hammering her holes with their cocks. Karen Stottlemeyer
was getting slammed like a slut and she was loving it. She loved being taken
like the bitch she was. They came inside her and she howled like one of the
damned as her pussy and ass were filled with hot cum. Adrian and Leland
pulled out of her. She slumped on the floor and lay there, breathing hard.

"Now that's what I call fucking." said Karen Stottlemeyer as she looked at
Adrian Monk and her husband, Leland Stottlemeyer. There was nothing she
loved more than to be taken by two men at the same time. Adrian and Leland
exchanged a mysterious wink that she did not notice and said nothing. Their
secret was safe. Karen Stottlemeyer had no idea that she had just being
fucked by two bisexual men. No idea at all. That's just the way they liked

The End


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