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Monk: Natalie's Bad Day (MMF,bond,exhib,ncon)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

'That damn little girl and her piano lessons,' thought Natalie. She knew it wasn't rational to blame her, but Natalie had to blame someone. She couldn't blame her boss, Adrian Monk (the brilliant former detective and now consultant for the SFPD) because his phobias and neurosis' were beyond his control. So here she was on the worst day of her life; chained to a bathtub with Mr. Monk in his newly purchased house, blaming that little girl.

It had all started innocently enough with Monk's neighbor practicing her piano lessons; but the more she practiced the same tune...the more irritated Monk became. Closing the windows didn't help and Monk resolved to do anything to escape the incessant noise. They had tagged along with SFPD Capt. Stottlemeyer and Lt. Disher on a seemingly routine accidental-death case. An elderly man had taken a fatal fall down his stairs and his surviving niece mentioned that she would be selling his house.

Monk had seized on this opportunity to escape his piano prodigy neighbor and, against the advice of everyone he knew, had bought the dead man's house. The clincher was when the seller mentioned the house was so well built that the walls were virtually soundproof. The transaction had concluded with remarkable speed and Monk moved into his new abode. While shopping for a new shower-head, Monk had, seemingly by accident, bumped into a handyman nicknamed "Honest Jake." Jake had given Monk his business card and planted a seed in Monk's brain about possible problems with his new home. Soon after, Monk had noticed that his dining room ceiling light was not centered and called "Honest Jake" for assistance. At the time, Monk did not know that his home's former resident had been involved in an armored car robbery forty years ago and, while under the influence of medication, had inadvertently confessed to his private nurse that the money was hidden somewhere in the house. The nurse's boyfriend just happened to be Jake; and she had pushed the man down the stairs when she realized he was at risk of telling others.

Once Jake had access to Monk's new home, he found every imaginary excuse and supposed code-violation to tear out walls and ceilings looking for the stashed loot. Monk had found a piece of torn wallpaper which he thought implicated the health-aide and had brought Stottlemeyer and Disher back into the case. Jake couldn't risk any slips-of-the-tongue so he had murdered his girlfriend with an awl (resembling an ice-pick). Monk had found the awl in Jake's toolbox and immediately solved the case. Unfortunately Jake realized Monk's discovery and; Jake and Ramone (Jake's accomplice) had chained Monk and Natalie to the bathtub.

When Ramone finally broke through a wall in the dining room and found the stashed fortune, Natalie suddenly was very fearful for her life; and she didn't like that Ramone kept leering at her. Natalie couldn't help think what a shame it would be to die just when she was ready to push her relationship with Adrian to another level. She had grown more fond of him over the years, and had been attracted to his brilliance and compassion. She had actually hinted a couple times that his new house was awfully large for just one person. Those thoughts were quickly sent to the back of her brain when she saw Ramone whisper in Jake's ear, and they turned in unison to stare at her.

As they approached the cowering Natalie, Jake announced, "Ramone has suggested that a celebration is in order; and you are going to be the centerpiece of our party."

Jake grabbed Natalie's arm, unchained her, and dragged her down the hallway to the wide doorway between the living room and dining room. There were no walls there anymore, just bare framework; exposed beams. Jake turned to the still-chained Monk and said, "We don't want to go too far away. We want you to be able to see the celebration, even if you can't participate." Jake ordered Ramone, "Throw me that roll of tape," and after catching the tool in his left hand, muttered, "Is there anything more handy in this world than duct tape."

Jake jerked Natalie's arms above her head, tore off a piece of tape with his teeth, and wrapped it around her wrists. Then, as Ramone held her in the center of the doorway, Jake wrapped duct tape between her wrists and over the beam above her head. Tears streamed down her face as Natalie screamed and kicked at them. Jake laughed as he grabbed her left ankle, wrapped it in duct tape, stretched her leg to the side and wrapped the tape around the bottom of the doorway frame. Ramone did the same with her right ankle; and now Natalie's legs were stretched about as wide as they could get. Natalie kept screaming at them until Jake ceremoniously tore one last section of tape and placed it over her mouth.

Ramone and Jake stood back to look at their prize and Jake told Ramone, "Go in the kitchen and get the shears I saw on the table."

When Ramone returned, Monk recognized the scissors as the ones he had been clipping coupons with. Monk yelled at the duo and tried everything he could to help Natalie, but he couldn't budge the tub by himself.

Jake took the scissors, stood in front of Natalie and started cutting her sweater sleeves from the wrist down to her shoulders; first her left sleeve, then her right. He left a strip of material at each shoulder and then started at her waist and snipped all the way up and through her collar. Then he clipped the strips at her shoulders, ripped her sweater off her body and tossed it aside. Natalie remembered she had felt a little depressed at the overcast, dreary San Francisco morning and had worn her sexiest lingerie that day as a secret way to cheer herself up. Her bra was of the sheerest, skimpiest, black material and you could clearly see her nipples through it. The panties were matching and her slit would be proudly on display momentarily.

When the sweater was whisked away, Jake whistled and exclaimed, "Clearly we have hit the jackpot twice today, Ramone!" As he snipped the shoulder straps of her bra, Jake remarked to Ramone, "Here this will give you something to keep you busy."

Ramone unclasped the front hook and Natalie's magnificent tits sprang free. They were absolutely perfect C-cups; as firm and perky as a teenager's. Ramone roughly grabbed one in each hand and started to knead them like dough. Jake, meanwhile, kneeled in front of Natalie with the scissors and cut, first the left pants leg, then the right; all the way up from the cuff and through the waistband. He yanked downward and what was left of Natalie's pants fell to the floor. "Wow," exclaimed Jake as Natalie's, virtually transparent, thong was revealed.

Her completely bald slit was fully visible through the sheer, black material; and there was a small heart-shaped patch of blond fuzz just above the thong line.

Ramone just then yelled, "Get a load of these nipples, boss."

Jake looked up at Natalie's perfect tits and saw that her nipples had grown to the size of jelly-beans. Jake wasn't sure he had ever seen nipples that large, as Ramone started sucking and nibbling on first one; then the other.

Jake grabbed Ramone's belt and pulled him back saying, "Don't you want to see the unveiling?"

And with that, Jake took the scissors snipped each side of her thong, and the wisp of material fell to the floor leaving Natalie completely nude. Natalie had despised the thought of this moment because she knew they had tied her legs so far apart that her pussy lips were already spread wide open. She knew she should be embarrassed and afraid, but having her nipples sucked and being totally naked in front of these men was also making her cunt moist. She struggled against the duct tape as the two handymen leered at her nude form. This was a mistake because watching her beautiful tits jiggle just turned them on even more. The duo immediately kicked off their shoes and started to pull off their pants.

Monk tried to look away, but couldn't. Seeing Natalie hanging there in the doorway completely nude, her amazing breasts bouncing and her bald pussy spread open, was a sight he couldn't ignore. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, even more beautiful than his late wife Trudy; and even under these conditions. Monk had often secretly marveled at Natalie's wonderful, endlessly long legs; and stretched as they were, they were even more magnificent. It was at that moment that Monk knew he loved this woman and would do whatever it took to help her.

The two men stood in front of Natalie and started to tug down their shorts. Jake was a huge man, probably 6' 8" tall, and Natalie had been correct to fear what was between his legs. When Jake removed his shorts, it looked like there was a long pepperoni hanging down. Ramone was, of course, smaller but still good sized. Ramone was already hard, stepped up behind Natalie, reached around with both hands and started to fondle her tits while rubbing his cock between her perfect ass cheeks.

Jake kneeled in front of Natalie again and stared at her wide-open cunt as he ran his huge hands up and down her legs, marveling at their smoothness. As Ramone was pinching both nipples between his fingers and licking her neck; Jake placed a big thumb on each of her pussy lips, spread her even further apart, and shoved his tongue deep into her cunt. Natalie couldn't help herself; this was sensory overload; and she gushed cum all over Jake's face. As he lapped up her juices, Jake laughed, "We got a live one here, Ramone!"

Jake's cock was now rock hard and resembled a 12 inch salami more than a pepperoni. He stood in front of Natalie with his favorite tool in his hand and asked her, "Now that you're all juiced up; are you ready for the ride of your life, baby?"

She screamed through the tape as Ramone pinched her nipples harder and Jake stepped closer and nudged the head of his monster cock between her cunt lips. Then, all in one motion, Jake lunged upward and buried all 12 inches deep inside Natalie's pussy. He grabbed her by her waist and yelled, "O my God that feels good."

He held his log inside her for a minute, slowly withdrew until just the head was inside her; then jammed up into her as hard as he could. Jake then started to pound into the hanging Natalie as hard as he could. Natalie was screaming; and would never, ever admit it; but Jake was right...God that felt good.

Ramone called out, "Hey, slow down for a minute, I want some of that too."

Jake stopped pumping and waited for Ramone. Natalie had been afraid this was coming because she was an anal virgin; but when she realized what Ramone was actually attempting, her eyes grew wide with fear.

Jake also was startled, "What the hell are you doing Ramone!"

Ramone replied, "I want some of that sweet pussy too."

Jake merely shrugged and said, "The more the merrier," as he felt Ramone trying to stretch Natalie's cunt even further with his fingers. Ramone very slowly and carefully started to stuff his cock into Natalie's cunt next to Jake's. When Ramone had stuffed his cock completely inside Natalie; he and Jake started to thrust in and out of her in unison.

Natalie had often heard there was a fine line between pleasure and pain, and she now knew what that meant...despite the pain, her body was now in a constant shudder from her multiple orgasms. How was it possible to have that much cock inside her tiny little pussy? It was all totally out of her control...all she could do was hang there getting double fucked; and cum.

Jake and Ramone continued to slam in and out of Natalie's battered cunt as hard as they could. The squishing sounds coming from her soaking wet hole were driving them crazy.

Monk, meanwhile, had taken advantage of being ignored. He knew his ankle was broken, and possibly other foot bones as well, but the blood pouring from his ankle provided just the lubrication he needed to squeeze the chain off his leg. He knew he could endure any amount of pain as long as he could help "his Natalie." Monk grabbed a large pipe wrench from Jake's toolbox and crawled down the hallway.

Jake and Ramone were fucking Natalie's pussy as hard as they possibly could. Her cunt was stretched to the breaking point with hard cock. Ramone and Jake drove their cocks as deep inside Natalie's pussy as they could and held there. Natalie could feel their cocks twitching , spasming; and then she was flooded with their hot seed. She shuddered too, and her cunt squeezed their cocks even tighter.

Just then, Monk, standing on one leg, swung the wrench with all his strength and connected with the back of Jake's neck. He swung again and caught the side of Ramone's skull. Both men dropped to the floor instantly, and as they did, their cocks "plopped" out of Natalie's cunt. Their combined juices flooded out of her still-open pussy like a waterfall.

When she saw Monk standing there and realized what had happened; tears flooded down Natalie's cheeks. Monk, very tenderly, pulled the duct tape from her mouth as Natalie cried. "Mr. Monk...I love you."

Monk grabbed Jake's utility knife and freed first Natalie's legs and then her arms; as she dropped into his arms. He pulled the drop cloth off his couch; gently lay Natalie down. Leaving a bloody trail, he hobbled up the stairs to get her some of his clothes. Monk never even checked to see if Jake and Ramone were alive or dead...he didn't care.

When she was dressed and they had used her cell phone to call an ambulance and Capt. Stottlemeyer; Monk held Natalie in his arms and informed her, "When you're feeling better, I'd like to talk to you about your living arrangements. Here's the thing; once my house is all fixed's awfully large for just one person."

Natalie felt a tear slide down her face as she kissed him on the cheek.


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