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Monk: Sharona Gets Married (MF,MMF,oral,anal,cpie)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

As Sharona Fleming went over her final wedding arrangements in her head, she couldn't help pausing and, once again, be amazed at how immensely the Dexter Larson case had affected her life. Dexter Larson had been the Hugh Hefner-like figurehead of Sapphire Magazine, and had been proven by Mr. Monk, her former boss, to be the murderer of one of his centerfold models. Larson had almost escaped punishment by blackmailing Monk into dropping the case. Larson had obtained the negatives and prints of a photo-shoot Sharona had posed for many years ago when she was struggling to pay her bills, and threatened to make them public unless Monk stopped aiding the police. She knew Adrian, that dear sweet man, had seen the photos and agreed to stop. As exasperating as Adrian could be, he was compassionate and totally loyal to his few friends. Sharona had insisted that Adrian do whatever was necessary to put the killer behind bars.

After the arrest, when SFPD Detective Randy Disher had handed her the folder containing her photos; insisting that no one had seen them; she was in for an even bigger shock. The top photos, that Adrian had seen, were rather tasteful and just basic Playboy-like poses; but the photos on the bottom were much more explicit and graphic. They were still-photos captured from a homemade video that her ex-husband had convinced her to allow to "spice things up." These photos showed her having sex with her ex and performing anal and double-penetration with sex toys. Her ex had sold the video, without her knowledge, to a production company and marketed as part of a "Nurses Gone Wild" x-rated video. Very few copies were sold before she had obtained a "cease and desist" order when she proved her consent signature was forged.

Sharona knew by the redness of Disher's face when he handed her the folder that he had seen the pictures; but, to his credit, he had never mentioned them or even hinted at their content. After that day she had seen Randy in a new light. They had always had an adversarial relationship, but that all changed that day; the next time he asked her out she had said "yes,"... now here she was preparing to say "I do," to the transplanted Californian.

When she had returned to NJ to care for her mother; she had re-married, and subsequently re-divorced her louse of an ex-husband. She knew in her heart that he would never change; but she had hoped for Benji's (her son) sake that he could at least temporarily be a positive role model. She had continued an online relationship with Randy and after her divorce he had eventually given up his career with the SFPD, and joined a small town NJ force to be near her.

Randy had, of course, invited his longtime friend and mentor, SFPD Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer to be his best man. Randy had also asked Sharona's former boss, (former SFPD Detective) highly successful Private Investigator Adrian Monk to be in the wedding party. They would be accompanied by Stottlemeyer's new wife T.K. (her first name was actually Trudy but, luckily, her friends had always called her T.K.) and; the woman who had replaced Sharona as Monk's assistant; Natalie Teeger (who was now Monk's business partner). Randy, for years, had a crush on the petite blond Natalie; but she had never shown any interest in him, and he was now grateful that their reunion would not have to be awkward.

Sharona and Randy had decided to have the wedding in Atlantic City and, since it was late Fall and non-peak season, had gotten great rates on some luxurious suites at the Taj Mahal. The California quartet was coming in a few days early so there would be plenty of time to reminisce. Sharona had met Natalie a year ago when she had returned to San Francisco to settle her late uncle's estate, and she could have sworn there was a spark between her and Adrian; so she was anxious to see what had developed. Natalie's daughter Julie was in college and did not make the trip; and Benji worked in New York City and would be joining them for the ceremony.

Sharona and Randy met the two other couples in the hotel lobby, helped them check-in; and after a nice dinner, decided to retire to Natalie and Adrian's suite to talk and get reacquainted. Natalie and Adrian had agreed to share a two bedroom suite so as not to be too obvious about their newly established intimate relationship. On the way up in the elevator, a tipsy T.K. had squeezed Leland's crotch and he announced "We'll meet up with you tomorrow, but right now we want to try out that hot tub in our room."

As the remaining four headed to Natalie's suite, Adrian; who had drank a half-glass of wine with dinner; was having trouble walking in a straight line. Once inside, the men headed out to the balcony to marvel at the moonlit Atlantic; and the two "new best friends" curled up on the matching sofas to share "Randy and Adrian" stories and down shots of tequila. After about the third shot, they were holding nothing back... no secrets. Sharona was telling Natalie all about the courtship when she blurted out, "and the sex is amazing" and held her hands about a foot apart.

"What! No way! Randy?" shouted Natalie.

"I know," said Sharona, "who knew...nerdy Randy would have the penis of a porn star!"

"All those years of shooting him down, and I could have been enjoying having that log between my legs."

Without even thinking, Natalie exclaimed, "If you think that's big, you should see Adrian's!" Natalie quickly clamped her hands over her mouth...realizing that the cat was now out of the bag.

"Oh my God," Sharona remarked, "you and Adrian are having sex!? Congratulations...I would have bet that he would never even shake another woman's hand."

They continued bragging about their respective man's sexual prowess until, about three tequilas later, Sharona had a suggestion to decide who had the largest penis.

Sharona called out to the balcony for the boys to come and join them. Randy, as usual, bounded inside like an overzealous puppy; and Adrian kind of shuffled into the living area, his footing still a little unstable from the wine. They sat next to their respective partners, and Sharona announced, "We are going to have a contest to see whose penis is the largest."

Randy, never shy about showing his body and having always wanted to show off for Natalie, leaped to his feet; unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped faster than an eye-blink; and shoved his trousers and boxers, in the same motion, down to his ankles. Natalie's mouth fell open as she realized Sharona wasn't exaggerating; he did have the cock of a porn star. Randy's already hard weapon wasn't quite as long as Adrian's, "only" nine inches, but it was actually fatter (and she didn't think that was possible); the width of a soda can with a head the size of a lemon. Randy just stood there grinning, obviously proud, as Natalie stared between his legs.

Sharona spoke up first, "OK Adrian, your turn."

Natalie added, "Come on big boy, let's show them what ya got," as she coaxed a slightly dazed Adrian to his feet.

Adrian had never been in love with Sharona like he was with Natalie, but he had to admit that during the years they worked together he did have occasional erotic thoughts about her. He chalked it up to her penchant for wearing cleavage-baring blouses and mini-skirts. He had often been treated to flashes of her panties and one memorable time he was sure she had forgotten to wear any. As Natalie kneeled in front of Monk, she was happy he had drank the wine, as she gave his crotch a playful squeeze; unfastened his pants; and with a call of "ta da" lowered his pants and shorts.

Now it was Sharona's turn to be amazed as her eyes bulged as she exclaimed, "Oh my God Adrian, I would have never guessed."

Monk's cock, just reaching full attention, was at least thirteen inches long and the thickness of a salami; with a crown like a tangerine. As the men sat back down; Sharona whispered something to Natalie; crossed the room to the stereo; and turned on some music with a slow, steady beat. As she returned to the sofas, she had to laugh out loud at the sight of the two men sitting there with their pants around their ankles and their logs sticking straight up between their legs.

"There is no clear winner to the contest", she proclaimed, "but for being such good sports; Natalie and I are going to give you a reward."

She took Natalie by the hand and they both stood up in front of the men and started swaying with the music. Natalie had dressed in a simple, silky, sleeveless dress for their night on the town; and Sharona had opted for a long, sequined gown, which hugged her body like a second skin. As the two men sat and stared with open mouths; the dancers began a slow, tantalizing strip-tease. Natalie nudged the thin straps off her shoulders and down her slender arms until her dress slid slowly to the floor and pooled around her ankles. She was now dressed only in a very sheer, matching set of white bra and thong. A complete smile spread across Monk's face as he was reminded of what a lucky man he was...not many men were lucky enough to find the woman of their dreams...twice.

Sharona's dress was so tight that she needed Natalie's assistance in peeling it down her curvaceous body. When they had rolled it down to her waist, her 38 DD breasts poured out in all their glory because she hadn't bothered to wear a bra. Randy could never get enough of Sharona's tits, and his erection was the proof.

As the sexy strippers moved to the music; Sharona reached behind Natalie, unclasped her bra, and pulled it down and off Natalie's graceful arms. Natalie's perfectly firm and pert B cup breasts literally sprung forth and pointed straight ahead. The duo was quite a contrast: Sharona's ample tits bounced and swayed to the beat, while Natalie's handfuls jiggled like jello.

Randy whistled and yelled, "More...more!" He had always wanted to see Natalie naked and couldn't believe his luck.

Adrian was fascinated by the huge mammaries of Sharona...he was almost hypnotized by their swaying motion as he concentrated on her large brown areola. He didn't join Randy's shouting, but he certainly hoped the two would continue...and they did.

Sharona kicked off her shoes and, as gracefully as possible, shoved the dress down over her full hips and let it drift to the floor. She, of course, hadn't bothered to wear any panties and it was now evident that she was totally shaved between her legs. Monk remained mesmerized as he stared at Sharona's very prominent cunt lips as they protruded from her crotch.

Not to be outdone; Natalie swayed her hips and slowly lowered her thong until it was off her feet; waved it over her head a few times; and tossed it on Adrian's lap, where it hung on his pole like a flag. Adrian was startled out of his trance and again marveled at the beauty of "his" Natalie. He was convinced that she possessed the most magnificent legs on the face of the earth. Randy, meanwhile, was also totally captivated by Natalie's nude body. She certainly didn't have the tremendous tits of "his" Sharona; but he was fascinated by the small blond, heart-shaped patch of pubic hair just above her slit. He found himself wondering what might have been if he and Natalie hadn't wasted all that time pretending to dislike each other.

The naked girls continued to dance in front of the captivated men; Natalie moved behind Sharona; and mirroring her swaying motion, reached around her and began to fondle Sharona's bouncing tits. She lifted them and squished them together, and peered over Sharona's shoulder to see the reaction of the men. Then, as she sank to her knees behind Sharona, she let her hands slowly trail down Sharona's body until they reached her generous ass cheeks, where her hands started to knead the flesh. It was obvious to Randy and Adrian that the women had over-indulged in the tequila, but neither was complaining.

As Natalie stood again, Sharona turned to face her; reached out; and pinched both of Natalie's pink nipples simultaneously. Natalie licked her lips erotically and Sharona started to sink to the floor, letting her tongue trail down Natalie's flushed body, between her perky breasts, and down to her naval; where she swirled it around. She then stood up very slowly, her body never losing contact with Natalie's; and whispered in Natalie's ear. A huge grin crossed Natalie's face and they both walked over to the sofas where Randy and Adrian were unconsciously stroking their cocks.

Natalie smiled her mischievous and angelic smile and announced to the men that she and Sharona had come to the conclusion that the soon-to-be-newlyweds both deserved one last fling; and who better to be their partners than two old and dear friends. She knew Adrian would have some objections; so she looked him straight in the eyes, smiled lovingly and winked. Adrian loved this woman so much that he would have done anything to make her happy; so he smiled and nodded in return.

Natalie then stood in front of Randy; reached out with her right hand; wrapped her fingers around his fat monster; and proceeded to tug and lead him to her bedroom. Sharona held out her hand to Adrian; he gently accepted and they turned and went into his bedroom. Sharona had to suppress a giggle as she watched Adrian's cock wave in front of him like a flagpole.

On the way to Natalie's bedroom, Randy had shed his shirt and now matched Natalie's nakedness. As they walked, he couldn't take his eyes off her perfect ass cheeks as they undulated with her strides. All those years they had traded barbs; he just knew she had a smoking body under her clothes, but never dreamed he would be seeing it in all its glory. When they reached her bed, Natalie wasted no time as she told Randy, "I want that fat thing between my"

She lay back on the bed; spread her legs invitingly; raised her knees slightly; reached down with both hands, and spread her cunt lips apart. Randy literally jumped onto the bed and crawled up between Natalie's marvelous legs. He grasped his cock in both hands; nudged the huge head against Natalie's spread slit; and rubbed it up and down, coating it with her juices. Randy lined up his head with her hole and pushed forward. It was a struggle, but he finally felt the resistance give way and his lemon-sized cockhead was inside her.

Natalie moaned and her orgasm coated his crown with lubrication. She brought her hands up to her breasts and toyed with her nipples as Randy proceeded to push forward into her cunt. Natalie was in heaven. Her pussy had never been stretched this far open before... she kept waiting for her lips to tear apart.

Finally Randy was completely inside her and he lay on top of her, grinding his pelvis into hers. This was too much for Natalie...her body was writhing uncontrollably under his as she had one orgasm after another. She couldn't believe how completely he filled her cunt. Adrian reached further inside her, but Randy stretched her out like nothing since childbirth. Randy slowly pulled his cock nearly all the way out and then drove it home as hard as he could. He couldn't control it any longer...all those years wondering what fucking Natalie would be like and now that fantasy had come true.

Randy started to pound into Natalie's pussy like a jackhammer...he was not making love to her; he was fucking her. He raised up on his arms so that the only part of his body touching hers was his cock. As he rammed into her juicy cunt, he looked down to watch his cock going into her hole. Randy was so excited, he knew he couldn't last long. He lowered himself back down onto Natalie; hooked his arms under her knees and lifted them onto his shoulders. From this vantage point, he could get every bit of his monster cock inside her; and he could pound her harder than ever.

Natalie's eyes were rolled back into their sockets as she was in a constant state of orgasm...wave after wave of convulsions racking her body.

Randy finally thrust as deep inside Natalie as possible and held there as he emptied his seed deep inside her cunt. She could feel his hot semen spurting inside her stretched out pussy. He lowered her legs and lay on top of Natalie; his cock still twitching inside her. As they lay there, Natalie thought to herself that she loved Adrian, but she also loved fucking Randy. She whispered in Randy's ear, "That was your wedding gift; hope you liked it."

He grinned and replied, "It was a fantasy come true."

* * *

Meanwhile in the other bedroom; Monk had sat on the edge of the bed, Sharona had assisted him in removing his shirt, and she was now kneeling between his legs, holding his enormous pole in both hands. She looked up into Adrian's eyes, stuck out her tongue, and started licking from his scrotum all the way up to the crown of his cock. Adrian had passed the point of being embarrassed, because this was Sharona; who he had once told Dr. Kroger had saved him from himself. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the heavenly feeling as Sharona fed his cock into her mouth, and as far down her throat as possible.

Adrian had been hard since the striptease show, and this warm, wet receptacle put him over the top...he exploded inside Sharona's mouth and flooded her throat with his cum. She struggled to swallow it all, but finally had to pull her head back, and off his fire hose so she could breathe. He continued to squirt all over her face and hair. He started to apologize; but noticed Sharona was just smiling, as she used his shirt to wipe her face clean.

She told him, "Just lay back because I'm going to ride you like a cowboy on a bucking bronk."

Adrian lay back on the bed and Sharona joined him, facing him, straddling his legs. She looked down and saw that his cock was rock hard again, and had to remark, "Aren't you the eager beaver."

Monk answered, "You know me; always eager to please."

Sharona reached down with both hands; pointed Adrian's log at the ceiling; raised up on her knees, and nudged his head against her slit. Then, ever so slowly, she began to sit down on Adrian's lap, accepting his cock inside her one inch at a time. Adrian reached up with both hands and started to knead her mammoth tits, while pinching her huge nipples between his fingers. He had only seen breasts that large in pictures, pictures submitted as evidence that he had always tried not to look at. He loved Natalie's perfect hand-fulls; but these were a lot of fun too.

Sharona continued to lower herself onto Monk's cock until she was sitting on top of him. She was flushed and breathing hard as she gasped, "Randy stretches me out, but my God Adrian; you touch places inside me that have never been touched before. I swear you're hitting my cervix."

She just sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of being full of cock; then slowly raised up on her knees again, until just the tangerine sized head was still inside her. Sharona then started to bounce up and down on top of Monk, fucking him slowly. He looked down between their bodies and marveled at the sight of her long cunt lips being drawn out of her hole, and then shoved back inside on her down stroke. Monk released her tits; put his hands on her hips; and started to help her fuck him. On the downstroke, he tried to jam her down on his giant cock as hard as he could. Monk was totally hypnotized at the sight of her huge tits flopping up and down.

Just as they were picking up a frantic pace, they heard a voice at the door say, "Mind if I join you?"

It was a naked Randy with his fat piece of meat waving in front of him. He volunteered, "I kind of wore Natalie out...she's asleep. I thought maybe I could join you."

Sharona didn't even bother to answer; she just lay down on top of Monk; reached back with both hands, and spread her ass cheeks open. Randy bounded onto the bed like a playful puppy, straddled Monk's legs, and positioned himself at Sharona's asshole. He was still wet from Natalie (she was a "gusher"), so he figured that was enough lube. "It's not like I haven't been in that hole before," he thought to himself. As he kneeled behind her, Randy began to slowly push his kielbasa past her sphincter and into her colon. Adrian began to pick up the pace again, and Sharona threw her head back and moaned, "Oh my God!"

She shuddered with one of the biggest orgasms of her life, as she was absolutely, completely stuffed with cock. Her holes were stretched to their limits, and she couldn't believe how full she felt. "Fuck me, fuck me hard," she yelled. She couldn't get enough of their cocks. She thought to herself that Heaven couldn't be any better than this.

Monk could feel Randy's cock thrusting against his, separated only by a thin layer of skin; and yet he didn't really mind; he was thoroughly enjoying fucking Sharona as hard as he could. They continued to drive themselves deep inside Sharona, stretching her to her limits, until simultaneously they rammed their cocks into her as hard as they could and held there. They could feel each others cock twitching and jerking as they flooded Sharona's holes. She was plugged so completely that, for the moment, not a drop of cum leaked out.

This didn't last, however, as soon as Randy pulled out of her asshole and lay down beside them; fluid started running out of her like a faucet. When Sharona pried herself up and off of Adrian's still-hard cock, his jism drooled out of her pussy like syrup out of a bottle. She immediately cried out. "I'm not sleeping on the wet spot."

She turned to Adrian and said, "If I had known you were hung like that I would have asked for my Christmas bonuses in sex instead of cash."

Monk smiled, then frowned and said, "Wait a minute...I never gave you a Christmas bonus."

A huge grin crossed Sharona's face as she asked, "Do you remember those checks for S.F. Inc. you signed every December?"

Knowing that his memory was flawless. Monk replied, "Yes, of course, San Francisco Inc.; they support the arts and museums...things Trudy adored."

She laughed, "You just assumed it was San Francisco Inc., when actually it was Sharona Fleming Inc.!"

He paused for a moment, broke into a big smile and turning to Randy stated "Arrest her Randy...for fraud."

Randy sat up and laughed, "Oh, I'll be putting the cuffs on her alright."

Randy glanced between Sharona's legs as she sat on the bed and noticed that her holes were finally starting to close up after the stretching they were subjected to.

Monk stood, put on one of the hotel's complimentary robes and heading out of the room remarked, "You can stay in this room tonight if you wish; I'm going to Natalie's room. I don't want my angel to wake up alone."

Sharona nodded and purred to Randy, "Let's go back to our room; there's no wet spot in our bed...yet."


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