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Characters: Linda 32, Bethany 12

Montel Williams: Sick Tales Of Lesbian Incest 1 (Fg,inc)
by Hamster

Montel Williams was pissed. He was getting anally raped in the ratings by
Springer. And that assholes latest stunt, a real life mother/daughter incest
couple had nearly been a deathblow to Montel's show. Montel had done what was
necessary to compete, he found another mother/daughter couple. The crowd
cheered as Montel took the stage and he smiled broadly. His ace in the hole
was going to elevate his ratings to epic levels.

"Hello, I'm Montel Williams and today we have to very special guests. We have
a women and a young Lady who share a forbidden passion, a secret love. Today
our guests are a Mother and young daughter sharing an incestuous lesbian
love." The shocked and excited murmur that ran through the crowd gave Montel
a self-satisfied feeling. "Let's meet Linda Branston."

There was applause and a beautiful blonde woman in her mid-thirties stepped
onto the stage. She took her seat. And gave a brilliant smile.

"So Linda you are in love with and having a sexual relationship with your own
under aged daughter?" Montel asked pointlessly.

"Yes Montel." Linda announced.

"Could you tell us how all this happened?" Montel asked.

"Sure you see..."


Linda Branston had married at age 19 to her high school boyfriend. Linda
having been fairly sheltered all of her life and had never really dated
anyone other than David Branston. David had been popular and everyone
thought that she should have been flattered that he was attracted to her
so she acted as if she was and later when he asked to marry her she agreed
because it was because it was expected of her. At 22 she had a daughter,
Bethany. Not long after that David, who provided for his family with his
inheritance began to travel on his own and leave for long stretches of
time. Linda really didn't have a problem with this. She became used to
spending her days alone with her daughter in the isolated desert ranch.
Once her daughter entered school she began to become interested in the
video games her daughter was playing. David, who was grateful for the fact
that his wife pointedly ignored his many indiscretions, bought expensive
computer equipment so that she could try her hand at designing computer
games. She did so with great success. She spent most of her day on the
computer at least until Bethany returned from school each day. She
frequently spoke on the phone with her older sister Susan and later with
friends on the computer. David died not long after his daughters 10th
birthday of a drug overdose and the loss did not hit mother and daughter
so hard. They rarely saw him and Linda who wasn't as innocent as she used
to be by half had come to realize she wasn't remotely in love with or even
sexually attracted to her husband.

During her exploration of the Internet she had discovered sited dedicated
to erotic fiction. At first she only read mainstream hetero fiction. But
she soon found herself more and more intrigued by lesbian fiction. The
realization that she was a lesbian was not really disturbing to her. It
was simply as if it was something she knew all along but failed to realize.
She found printed and read pretty much every piece of lesbian erotica and
fan-fiction she could find and later would make forays out into the nearest
town to rent porn of the same subject. Nobody in town except for the mothers
of Bethany's school friends really knew her so there was really no gossip
about her unusual tastes in rentals. To the contrary, the video store's
clerk Ed was very nice to her and ensured her privacy whenever she came. He
frequently ordered movies for her to buy that he usually wouldn't order
because so few people rented them. She soon became bored and started becoming
more and more infatuated with fiction that was about bondage and S&M between
two women. She book marked every site and re-read every story. She had gone
to Ed a bit nervously but he happily acquired for her movies about lesbian
bondage and spankings. Then when Linda became interested in toilet games of
scat and urination, he again proved to be a great and non-judging friend.
After a while she became bored with even this taboo. That was when she began
to read stories involving younger girls. She felt a guilt and shame about
this after she had masturbated when she finished reading a story involving a
woman and her 13 year old daughter playing domination games. She read more
and more of these stories and decided that she must go to Ed's shop and see
if she can help her find movies involving this particular perversion.

She had long ago begun the habit of asking Ed his schedule and only coming
around when he was working. One Tuesday while Bethany was at school she came
own to his shop. She did not know how to approach him about the subject. The
types of things she now wanted were illegal and she did not know if his
acceptance of her fetishes would extend to even this taboo. She strode into
the store wearing very tight blue jean, leather boots and a tight sleeveless
sweater that showed off her attractive well-endowed breasts. At 32, blonde,
possessed of a beautiful face and in very good shape she turned many heads
wherever she went. Ed smiled as she approached.

"Well it's my favorite customer." Ed announced as she approached.

Linda smiled. "Hi Ed. How's it going?"

"Great. Hey those movies you ordered are here." He said.

"Cool." she said as he disappeared into the back room behind him. He came
back soon with a pair of DVDs that were wrapped in brown paper bags.

"Thanks," she said as she accepted the movies and then gave Ed the money.

"How is your daughter?" Ed asked in a friendly manner.

Ed had always asked about Bethany.

"She's good, she is in girl scouts now." Linda announced.

"Really? That's cool. Anything else going on?" He asked with interest.

"Yeah...I have been interested in some new stuff..." Linda started nervously.

"Alright, spill. What is it?" He asked with a broad smile.

"If I tell you, no matter what it is, it stays between us, right?" Linda
asked although she knew deep down Ed would be happy to get her anything she

"Of course." He said.

"Well I have been reading a lot of online fiction about under aged girls."
Linda admitted nervously.

"Really." Ed asked passively. "Like what?"

"BDSM with teens mostly." She said. She felt bolder now that it seemed Ed was
neither shocked nor offended.

"Cool. Do you want me to find you some DVDs with that stuff?" He asked
hopefully. "It will be expensive because it's illegal and underground but I'm
sure that you'll like it."

"That would be awesome." Linda said with a broad smile.

It was two weeks later that she was enjoying very explicit illegal DVDs
while her daughter was at a friend's. The first movie was short and not very
original; it was a bondage and S&M film about a Catholic schoolgirl who was
being punished by her teacher. The next film was not better, it lacked a plot
altogether and was merely a tape of a woman in her mid-40s having sex with
young teenaged Asian girl. The third was significantly better than the other
two. It was about a mother who was being blackmailed into having sex with her
own 12-year-old daughter! She was hypnotized by the scene she opened her silk
kimono and slid her hand into her panties. She watched the scene intently as
she began to pleasure herself.

As her fingers played about her private areas and the pleasure coursed
through her, Linda began to picture herself in the same situation. In her
mind's eye she saw herself passionately kissing Bethany. This made her feel
guilt and shame but it also excited her beyond anything she had contemplated
before. She had a sudden realization that deep down inside she always wanted
to do these things with young girls, she just couldn't admit to herself. Now
however as she masturbated with renewed enthusiasm, she completely gave in to
her perverted desires and envisioned herself licking her daughter's smooth
pussy an then of watching the beautiful innocent little blonde face buried in
her own pussy. Such visions were just too much and Linda began to cum all
over her frantically pumping hands. Despite her intense burning shame as she
panted breathlessly, she could not force the thoughts of fucking her own
daughter out of her head.


"So Linda I think that the people would like to meet Bethany's, wouldn't
you?" There was a loud consensus. "Bethany come out please."

A pretty girl with long hair stepped onto the stage accompanied by thunderous
applause. She kissed her mother open-mouthed then sat next to her.

"So Bethany." Montel asked once the crowd's response died a bit. "What can
you tell us about how you first became interested in your mother.


Bethany never knew her dad much but as far as she was concerned all that she
needed was her mom. At school she had a lot of friends and her mom let her
spend the night with friend on weekends quite frequently because they lived
in such an isolated place that she would not get to see her friends much

She had joined the local girl scouts and one of them, her friend April, had
invited her over for the night. The two girls were still in uniform laying
next to each other as they chatted about friends, school and TV. Eventually
the conversation shifted to April's brother.

"He's kinda creepy." Bethany said.

April's older brother had found any excuse to touch her and had twice slapped
her butt. This had made Bethany uncomfortable but she did not want to make
trouble so she hadn't commented on it.

"Yeah, he is. I think he likes you." April giggled.

"Gross." Bethany was mildly nauseated.

"Yeah. But he isn't all bad, he has some cool stuff." April announced.

"Cool stuff? Like what?" Bethany asked, her curiosity piqued.

"Well," April leaned in and whispered conspiratorially. "I was in his room
and I found some of his dirty magazines."

"What? Really!" Bethany asked.

"Yeah. I have one in my drawer." She announced.

"Let me see."

"OK" April ran to her drawer and retrieved the magazine.

"Wow she is pretty."

"Yeah she has nice boobs."

"Oooh and I like her butt. I hope my butt looks that way when I get older."

Both girls spent the night looking appreciatively at pictures of naked
models. The girl's flipped through page after page admiring the models and
commenting on their bodies. After a while they stopped and Bethany asked if
she might borrow the magazine.

"OK, but only if you do something for me." April said.

"What?" Bethany perked as she asked.

"Well you know those adult kisses, you know with like the tongues?" April

"Yeah." Bethany said. This was a fairly recent revelation, if she had known
two years prior that tongues were involved she had been grossed out, but now
that she was developing a strong curiosity about sex she was intrigued.

"Well I wanted to know if, if you wanted to, you know, practice?" April

"Practice? Kissing?" Bethany asked. She was surprised at the request but not
really put off.

"Yeah." April said meekly. "But if you don't want to or if you think I'm

"No, wait. Hmmm it's OK, we can do that." Bethany said.

"Really?!" April said with excitement.

"Yeah sure." Bethany replied.

The two young girls, still in their uniforms turned to face each other. They
held each other's hands as they looked into each other's faces and giggled
nervously. The girl's closed their eyes and parted their lips. Their tongues
slid into each other's mouths and felt the sweetness of each other's kisses.
Their tongues wrestled for several minutes before their lips parted. Both
girls kissed giggled again.

"I liked that." Said April.

"Me too." Replied Bethany.


It was one week after she had first taken home the DVDs that featured sex
between adults and minors and once again Linda was home alone once again. Her
daughter was staying with her friend April once again. Which was fortuitous
because Linda was now masturbating at least twice a day to the mental images
and photographs of her daughter. Simply knowing it was wrong was not enough
to curtail her incestuous desires.

After a particularly vigorous session of pleasing herself she grabbed a
basket and made her way to Bethany's bedroom to grab the girl's dirty cloths.
She opened Bethany's bedroom door and sighed deeply as she surveyed the many
articles of clothing strewn about the floor. Linda picked up everything that
would fit in the basket and resigned herself to the need for a second trip.
She was about to leave when something caught her eye sticking out from under
Bethany's bed.

Linda put down the basket then reached down to pick up the magazine that she
saw. She was stunned when she realized that the magazine she was holding, the
magazine that had been on her daughter's floor was in fact filled with naked
women and dirty stories. She sat on the corner of the bed and just stared at
the cover. How did her daughter get it?

Linda began to frantically search the room. She was not even sure what it was
that she was searching for. After ten minutes she found something. It was a
notebook that was serving as Bethany's diary after a fashion. Everything
seemed to be spinning wildly as she read line after line how her sweet,
innocent child had less than innocent questions about sex, sex with women
especially. She even found a list rating how attractive she found some of her
favorite celebrities. This was startling in and of itself. More startling
where the butterflies flittering about in her stomach. The idea that her
daughter was so interested in lesbianism was very exciting to her. As she sat
on her bed and read the contents of the notebook. Her excitement began to
rise as she read a particularly interesting excerpt:

...I really, like my mom's butt. She has the most perfectly shaped bottom
that I have ever seen; sometimes I wish that I could touch it...

Linda felt her cheeks warm after reading this. Several pages were devoted to
Linda's physical virtues. Linda was now armed with the powerful knowledge
that her daughter was interested in other females and that she found her
attractive. The fist question to pop into Linda's mind was how was she going
to act on this knowledge. A wicked plan began to formulate in Linda's mind,
she began to work out how she would seduce her own daughter.


"So how is it that you both became intimate?" Asked Montel.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats.

"Well it was all quite romantic." Linda said as she gave her daughter a
loving look.


It was two day later...

Bethany had come and unpacked after staying with April for two days. She was
watching cartoons when she heard her mom calling from up stairs.

"Bethany I want to show you my new outfit." Her mom called out. There were
footsteps and then Bethany turned to look up at the stairs and watch as her
mother made her way down.

Once her mom actually came into view Bethany was floored. Linda was wearing
a leather skirt that was very short, her sleeveless top was shiny and black
it was also skin-tight and had a triangle cut out to expose some cleavage.
She wore a pair knee-high leather boots as well.

"I just got this outfit yesterday, do you like it?" Linda asked. It was a
very unnecessary question; it was plain by the way that Bethany was staring
open-mouthed that she was enthralled.

"You look great mom." Said the now staring girl.

This continued the next day when Linda wore sexy red dress, and the day after
when she called Bethany to her bedroom to ask how Bethany liked the lingerie
she was wearing. During the course of those three days Linda took every
opportunity to bend over in Bethany's presence and give the little butt-lover
a nice look. The next day she wore a silk blouse and short black skirt. She
bent over once again, this time her skirt rode up and Bethany was treated to
a the site of her mom's panties. The girl was becoming increasingly confused
and excited all at once. During this time Linda began to hug and kiss her
daughter much more frequently. She touched her face and patted her butt
affectionately. She was becoming much bolder by the end of the week and she
decided to take things up a notch. She walked around the house that Friday
afternoon clad only in her bra and panties, her daughter openly gawked but
said nothing. By Saturday she knew that she at the very least had Bethany's
interest. Bethany was staying at home on this weekend, when she returned home
from school she found the hall bathroom's door open even though her mom was
inside and was taking a shower. Her mom stepped out of the shower quite
suddenly. Bethany quickly put her back to the wall by the doorframe, out of
site and looked into the mirror opposite the open door in the hall. She could
clearly see her naked mother drying herself off. Linda was well aware of the
free show that her daughter was getting and was very pleased with herself.
Bethany for her part was becoming very confused and excited.

That weekend Linda knew that it was time to act. Some 20 minutes after
morning cartoons Linda called Bethany to her den.

"Bethany could you come here for a minute dear. There is something very
important that I need to discuss with you." Linda called out.

Bethany hurried over to the den where her mom frequently worked on her
computer. As soon as she stepped through the door her heart nearly stopped.
There was her mom casually flipping through the notebook which contained just
about everything she DIDN'T want her mom to know. Why had she written all of
that down? She chastised herself bitterly.

"Mom." Bethany stammered uncomfortably.

"This is very interesting Bethany." Linda said without a trace of emotion.

Bethany looked silently and waited for what she thought was to be her
mother's inevitable explosion. The explosion never came. Instead the pair
were left with several tense minutes.

"It looks like you are very curios about sex and women in particular. Don't
worry sweetheart it's very natural and healthy. And I am doubly flattered
that you seem to like my body so much." Linda said.

Bethany blushed a bright crimson.

"You're not mad?" Bethany asked.

"Of course not." Linda said. "As a matter of fact, I think I should help you
explore the subject better."

‘What do you mean?" Bethany asked in confusion.

"Would you like to watch a movie that show's what it is like when two women
have sex with each other?" Linda asked.

Bethany's heart began to pound in her chest.

"You want to show me a sex movie?" She asked in disbelief.

"Only if you are still interested in it. We can watch it together. I prefer
you learn about this sort of thing from me than form someone else." Linda

"Uhh, ok." Bethany said.

"OK dear, let me just get one in the DVD player." Said Linda as she stood and
unlocked the cabinet drawer beneath her TV. She opened it and withdrew a DVD.

She put it in the player then sat down her leather sofa. Linda patted her
lap and Bethany tentatively stepped over and sat on her mother's lap. She
was stiff at first as they began to watch the movie. On screen she saw an
attractive blonde woman get pulled over by an equally attractive brunette
cop. The blonde woman was desperate to get out of a ticket and she did so
by agreeing to have sex with the cop. As the movie played on and became
more heated and erotic by the minute Bethany became more and more aroused
and began to snuggle up to her mom. Her mom stroked her hair and caressed
the girl affectionately. The movie continued and played one erotic scene
after another. Once it ended Linda gently kissed Bethany on the neck and
rubbed her thigh.

"So Bethany, did you like that." Linda asked.

"Yeah mom, I liked that a lot." Bethany admitted.

"That's nice, I'm glad. Now tell me very honestly do you want to try to do
any of the things that you saw in that movie?" Linda asked her daughter.

Bethany blushed brightly. "Yes mom, I do."

"Well that is exactly what I wanted to hear. If you want me to I will be very
happy to teach you any and all of those things." Linda said as she gazed into
her surprised daughter's face.

"What?" Bethany asked.

In response her mother kissed her and slipped her tongue into the surprised
girl's mouth. After getting over her initial shock Bethany began to respond
to her mother's kiss in kind.

"Did you like that Bethany?" Linda asked.

Bethany nodded.

"Do you want to do the things you saw on the TV?" Linda asked.

Again Bethany nodded. Linda smiled, she was now in complete control of her
pretty and willing daughter. Linda had her daughter stand up and then she
stood up herself.

"First I think you might like to see mommy naked." Linda said.

Bethany smiled hugely and was actually bouncing up and down on her tiptoes
with excitement. Linda was very pleased with this response and began by
taking off her tank top and exposing her peach colored bra. Linda had very
nice large breasts that were still very firm and nicely shaped. She then
took off her belt and tossed it aside. Bethany was chewing her lower lip
nervously as she looked on. Linda unbuttoned her short jean skirt then
unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. Linda now stood in nothing but
her peach colored bra and panties. Bethany was staring in a trance. She
had seen her mother naked before but not this way. In such a seductive
manner. Linda unfastened her bra and let her boobs pop out then slowly
slid her panties down and off. She was now standing only in knee-high
leather boots.

"Do you like seeing me naked sweetie?" Asked Linda.

"Yes mom, you are the prettiest woman in the whole world." Bethany said in

"That's very sweet. Would you like to touch mommy's breasts?" Linda asked.

This was almost to good to be true for Bethany because at that particular
moment in time there was nothing she wanted more in the world. Bethany
approached nervously, with sweaty palms. She placed her hands on her mother's
boobs and felt the hard rubbery nipple on her palms. She began to feel the
soft curves of her mother's breasts and began to gently squeeze them. Linda
felt fire and electricity throughout her body when her daughter touched her.
Linda took Bethany's hand in her own.

"I think now it's time for you to take off your own cloths Bethany." Linda

Bethany blushed deeply and gulped. "Uh-ok mom."

Bethany was feeling very self-conscious, her boobs, and barely noticeable
swells on her chest, were nothing when compared to her mom's. Shyly she took
her shirt off and then unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down to her
ankles and was left in her pink cotton panties. With a red face she took them
off while keeping her eyes averted from her mother's.

Linda lifted Bethany's chin and smiled. "Don't be shy sweetie."

Bethany gave a nervous smile. Her mother bid her to sit on the couch, which
she did. Linda spread Bethany's thighs and then brought her face to Bethany's
bald little-girl pussy. Bethany felt shivers through her body as her mom's
breath played across her pussy. Linda began to drag her tongue over her
daughter's pussy something that made Bethany gasp softly. Linda's tongue
stabbed deeply into her own daughter's sex. The girl squirmed and writhed as
her mom orally pleasured her for a seeming eternity. Soon Bethany's mild
climax subsided and she began to pant softly.

"Did you like that baby?" Linda asked.

"Oh yes mommy I really did." Bethany said.

"Now do you think you can do that for mommy?" Linda asked.

"I think so." Said Bethany unsurely.

"Just try baby." Linda said encouragingly.

Bethany switched places with her daughter and spread her legs wide. She
rested her thighs on the armrests. Nervously Bethany approached her mother
and knelt in front of her cunt. Tentatively she lapped at her mom's pussy.
Linda purred as the tingle in her cunt sent warm electric shivers throughout
her body. She let out soft sighs of pleasure and gasped softly as her
daughter5 tongue fucked for what seemed like hours.

"Mmmm, mmm yes sweetie that is soooo good. You are going to make mommy
cuuuum." Linda moaned loudly as she finally felt the release of an orgasm.

Bethany was surprised by the sudden flood of sexual fluids but she lapped
them up instinctively to her mother's delight. Once her orgasm subsided Linda
lay back and spread her arms. Bethany climbed atop her mother who embraced
her. After a fairly passionate kiss they both fell asleep in each other's

End chapter one-More to Cum
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