Montel WIlliams: Sick Tales Of Lesbian Incest Part 3 (Fg,inc,spank,voy)
by Hamster


In Montel Williams Studio...

Montel stood in front of his crowd with mic in hand.

"Hello, for those of you who are just joining us we're here with our guests
Linda and Bethany. This woman and this girl are mother and daughter but they
are also lovers. Tell me Linda how far a=have you gone with Bethany?" Montel
asked her.

"Well Montel, I took her virginity with a strap-on." Linda explained.

"Really? Can you tell us about that?" Montel asked.

Every red-blooded male in the studio audience and watching at home hoped
against hope that she would.

"Sure Montel, you see..."

At Linda and Bethany's home...

Bethany was sexually active, with her mother of all people. And ever since
she had fist had sex with her she found herself craving sex more and more.
It was now a full week since the first time and she was extremely happy to
make love to her mom but she wanted it more often and if anything her mom
had slowed done and stopped altogether the last two day which frustrated
Bethany greatly. Not only did she enjoy sex but her mom rewarded her when
she got really nasty and Bethany's mercenary streak enjoyed the payments
and bribes she received.

Bethany had finished selling girlscout cookies with twin sisters Chantelle
and Amber. They were both 11-year old redheads and Bethany had caught herself
repeatedly fantasizing about them licking each other's pussys. The thought
was exciting her greatly so as soon as she got home she dropped her things on
the couch and bolted for the kitchen. She liked getting a snack after school.
She found on the counter a slice of carrot cake (Bethany's favorite) and a
coke with a note on them.

She picked up the piece of paper and began to read. "Eat your treat sweetie.
You are going to need your energy, mommy has a surprise for you."

Bethany practically hopped up and down with excitement. She wolfed her cake
down and then drank her soda. After washing her hands she ran up the stairs
to where her mom waited. Linda was wearing blue jeans and a white sweater
and was doing the very typical mom thing of folding her laundry.

"Hello sweety." Said Linda when she saw her daughter come in. "How was

"Cool." Said Bethany. "I read your note."

"I knew that you would sit down on the bed sweetie we have to talk." Linda

"Oh no." Said Bethany dramatically.

"What, what's wrong?" Linda asked.

"You are going to tell me that we can't have sex together anymore." She said
in a whine.

"Firstly I was not going to say that and secondly you know that I don't like
whining and if I catch you doing it again I'm taking you over my knee." Linda
said threateningly.

"Sorry mom." Replied Bethany quickly.

"It's all right. I will make love with you as long as you continue to want
to. But I need to talk to you about something important." Said Linda.

"What is it mom?" Bethany asked.

"Mommy has a friend. His name is Ed and he is the one who helped me get the
kinds of movies that are about sex. He was very supportive of our special
relationship. He has been a really good friend to me. But he is going to
lose his job and might have to leave town and that will make me very sad."

"That sucks." Bethany said.

"Yes it does." Said Linda. "But we can help him."

"How?" Asked Bethany enthusiastically.

"Well, if you want to we can make a little movie of the things we do. And
with that movie we could make a lot of money. Enough for Ed to buy his
store." Linda explained.

Bethany thought about that for a minute. She didn't think that she wanted a
bunch of strangers to look at her and her mom having sex.

"Who is going to see the movie?" She asked.

"People who are like us and like doing the same sort of things that we like
to do together." Linda explained.

Bethany thought about it. Her mom had been right about everything so far and
she really wanted to help her friend.

"OK mom, I'll do it." Bethany said.

Linda snatched daughter up and kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you sweetie." Linda said. "I promise you that it will be a lot of fun
for both of us."

"You're welcome mom." Bethany replied.

"Before we make the movie, there is something I want to do with you in it
that I want to do in private, just the two of us first." Linda said.

"What mom?" Asked Bethany.

"Well there is a toy that women use sometimes to make love to another woman
the same way a boy would. I want to use it with you." Said Linda.

"COOL!" Bethany exclaimed.

"Now I have to warn you, the first time I use it it will probably hurt a lot
at first. I promise that it will start to feel good though." Linda said.

"I'm not scared, let's do it." Bethany said.

Linda couldn't help but love her daughter's boundless enthusiasm.

"Good girl." Linda praised her.

Linda leaned forward and kissed her daughter on the lips again. Linda's lips
parted and her daughter's tongue slipped into her mouth and began to caress
hers. Linda ran her fingers through Bethany's hair lovingly. They broke their
kiss and Linda stood and went to her closet.

"I'm going to go to my bathroom to get ready Bethany. Why don't you start
taking your cloths off?" Linda suggested to her daughter.

"OK mom." Bethany said.

Linda went into the bathroom with the box and a brown bag. Bethany was left
in the room. She stood and removed her shoes, then her tie, shirt, and her
pleated skirt. She then took off her underwear and sat bare ass naked on
the bed. She bit her lower lip as she waited for her mom to finish her
preparations. After a few minutes her mom came out of the bathroom and
Bethany gasped in surprise. Linda was wearing high-heeled stiletto boots
that came to her knees. The only other thing that she was wearing was a
strap-on dildo. Bethany did not know what it was; she'd never seen one
before. Just like she had no way of knowing that her mom had it custom made.
It was double headed. One end was inserted in Linda's own pussy; she would
be able to feel it inside of her when she fucked her daughter. The end she
would be sticking in Bethany was smaller and thinner then average to
accommodate the younger girl.

"This is called a strap-on dildo, sweetie. With it I can fuck you the way a
guy would." Linda said as she rubbed the length of it. "What I want you to
do is lay down on the bed with your legs spread as wide as you can spread
them and with your bottom at the very edge of the bed, ok?"

"Yes mom." Bethany was a little scared.

She began to think that it was deffinately going to hurt to have her mom
push that big thing inside of her but she dared not disobey her mom. She
did as she was told and positioned herself the way that her mom had told
her to. Linda looked down at her naked daughter in that erotic pose and
felt a white-hot surge of lust. Linda put her hands on each of her
daughter's thighs and guided her dildo carefully and slowly to the
entrance of her daughter's sweet pussy. This was it! Linda was going to
get to deflower Bethany and she was sweating with the anticipation of
this lewd and taboo act.

"OK baby, remember what mommy told you. This will hurt. But it will start to
feel good I promise." Linda assured her daughter.

"OK mom." Bethany said as she lifted her head to see what her mom was doing.

Grabbing the girl's thighs tightly Linda pushed the dildo into the girl's
pussy. Bethany gasped and her legs involoutarily began to close but Linda
held them firmly apart. She stabbed in deeper and burst the girl's cherry.

"Eeeow!" She cried as her back arched and her eyes teared.

"It's ok sweetie, take it easy." Said Linda.

Linda pulled out then pushed back in. Bethany whimpered as her mom began to
put together a steady tempo. As she fucked her daughter she could feel the
tension of the other head in her own pussy that was driving her, urging her
on to thrust harder and harder. She was thrusting faster and harder by the
minute and could here her daughter wail as she came to an orgasm but Linda
kept thrusting until she began to cum also then kept going until she'd spent
every ounce of energy she had fucking her daughter. Linda finally pulled out
and sat on a nearby chair. Both mom and daughter panted and breathed heavily
and panted in exhaustion.

Finally, after a long while, Linda had recovered enough to speak to her

"Did you enjoy that sweetie?" Linda asked.

"Yes mom, at the end I did especially." She said.

"Good because I really enjoyed it a lot. Now I want you to cum here and clean
your toy." Linda said.

"Clean it?" Bethany asked.

"Yes I want you to lick it clean." Linda said.

Bethany stood and walked over to her mother. She knelt in front of her and
began to suck the blood and cum from the dildo. Her little tongue ran along
the shaft and then she opened her mouth and swallowed it up, she sucked it
like a real cock until it was clean but for her saliva. Once Linda was
satisfied with her daughter's work, she stood and removed it then slid her
end out of her pussy.

"This side too sweetie, and when you finish get your homework done and clean
your room. I swear it's a complete pig sty." Linda said.


"So," Montel started. "You and your daughter made a pornographic movie in
order to make money so your friend could make enough money to buy the video

"That's right." Said Linda.

"It was so much fun!!!" said Bethany with child-like enthusiasm.

"Well." Said Montel. "We have a clip, would you all like to see it?"

There was a collective. "YES!!!"

That weekend...

"I can't believe that you are doing this for me." Said Ed as he began lifting
the first camera out of his van.

"It's my pleasure Ed. Can I help you with anything?" Linda asked him.

There were three cameras and some sound equipment. A teenager full of
piercings and covered in tattoos was helping him. A fact that Linda was not
comfortable with but he had assured her that the guy was trustworthy. The guy
was apparently a mute, because he had not said a single word since he and Ed
had shown up.

"No Linda, Scott and I have it. Maybe you should make sure that Bethany is up
for this and everything." Ed suggested.

"She's fine Ed. You are worrying too much about her. Trust me, my girl is up
for just about anything." Linda said proudly.

"OK Linda if you say so." Ed said as he walked to the house's front door.

Ed and Scott began to set up the equipment as soon as it was all in the
house. That was when Bethany made her appearance. Bethany came down the
stairs in a pink shirt and short jean skirt. She went immediately to the
guys and in a delightfully child-like way asked them about a million
questions about the film equipment and their workings. Ed patiently
answered all her questions with a big smile. All of the furniture was
then removed from the living room. Ed and Scott set up a chalk-board on
the wall and then a cheap desk in front of it and a school desk in front
of that. The living room was made to look like a classroom and the words
"Sex Education" were written and underlined on the chalkboard. Once the
set-up was complete Linda grabbed a sheet of paper with Bethany's lines.

"Go upstairs and change into your school uniform then read your lines very
carefully." Linda instructed.

"OK mom." Bethany said.

"I'll be back, I have to change myself." Linda said.

Linda went to her room so that she could change. She was a lot more
nervous about the audience they were going to have than Bethany was. She
was embarrassed to get naked in front of her friend and a complete stranger.
Bethany actually seemed very excited about the whole thing. Linda had not
had sex with her since she used the strap-on and her daughter was very
anxious for it. Linda dressed in a red jacket and short skirt, with a white
blouse and a set of fake eyeglasses. She tied her hair in a bun and looked
in a mirror. She looked every inch like a sexy school teacher. A set of
black leather high heeled pumps completed the outfit and Linda went down
stairs for the film shoot. Bethany was already waiting in her cute school

"Wow mom you look hot." Bethany said.

"Thank you sweetie." Linda said.

"We're ready when you are." Said Ed.

Scott gave a thumbs up.

"You know what you are supposed to do?" Linda asked Bethany.

"Yes mom." Bethany said.

"Good, let's get started then." Said Linda.

Bethany went and sat at the desk as her mom went and sat at her own. Scott
made a motion to let them know that they were filming.

"Good morning miss Bethany." Linda said.

"Good morning teacher." Replied Bethany.

"Miss Bethany I take your schooling VERY seriously as you well know and I
am very disappointed with your grades in sex education class. I will not
tolerate my own daughter failing such an important class especially when
I'm the one teaching it." Linda said.

"I'm sorry teacher." Bethany said with a pout.

"Well you very well should be. Before we work on improving your marks we will
need to punish you." Said Linda.

"Oh please teacher, not that." Bethany pleaded.

"Enough." Said Linda. "You are only going to make this worse for yourself.
Now come here and take your punishment."

Bethany walked over to Linda and then lay across her lap. Linda flipped up
her daughter's skirt and then pulled her panties down to expose her cheek.

"You're going to do it lightly right mom?" Bethany whispered.

"Sorry dear but we have to make it look as real as possible." Linda whispered

With that Linda grabbed a ruler and whacked Bethany across her butt. Bethany
yelped loudly. Linda raised the ruler again WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!" Bethany cried with each strike of the ruler.

"Ok that's enough." Said Linda.

Bethany shot her mother a mutinous look and then stood and rubbed her sore
butt. She pulled her panties up and returned to her desk.

"Now that you have been properly punished for neglecting your studies I can
return to the task of helping you improve your grades. I've decided to take
a more hands on approach with your sexual education. Please take off all of
your clothing." Linda instructed.

Bethany did as she was told and removed all of her clothing. First she turned
her back to a camera. She then flipped her skirt up so that she flashed the
camera her panties. Then she slowly slid them over her butt and down and off.
She took her uniform off and dropped it all in a pile and then pulled off her
panties so that her naked body was exposed for the camera. Linda took off her
jacket and then her blouse. Next she removed her skirt so that she stood
wearing just red silk bra and panties. She undid her bun and shook her hair
free and then took off her glasses. Next she took off her bra and let her
beautiful breasts pop free.

"Now miss Bethany, I want you to come here and take my panties off." Linda

Bethany walked up to her mom and then got on her knees in front of her. She
grabbed the waistband of her mother's panties and slid them down. Linda
kicked them off and away to the side.

"Stand." Linda ordered.

Bethany stood as instructed. Linda stepped around behind her daughter.

"First miss Bethany I am going to teach you the proper manner in which to
pleasure one's self. First you should begin by stimulating your tits a bit."
Linda announced.

She reached up and took her daughter's smallish boobs and squeezed them
lightly. She then took a nipple and rubbed it between her fingers before
pinching them. Bethany had now closed her eyes rubbed up against her mom.

"Ohh that feels good." Bethany moaned.

"It's about to get better dear." Linda assured me.

Linda maintained her hold on one of her daughter's breasts but let her free
hand slide down the girl's tummy to her bare pussy. Linda stroked the girls
lips for a minute before parting them with her fingers and then with her free
hand she poked a finger in and began to push it in and out.

"How does THAT feel baby." Asked Linda.

"Sooo sooo good momy." Moaned Bethany.

Bethany whimpered with disappointment when her mom withdrew her finger.

"Sorry miss Bethany but before I let you cum I think it is just and proper
that you show proper attention to your teacher's cunt." Linda said.

"OK." Sighed Bethany.

Linda sat on her legs and spread her legs out wide. Bethany got on her knees
in front of her mother. A seemingly impatient Linda grabbed the back of
Bethany's head and shoved the girl's face in her pussy. Linda began to moan
as her daughter's tongue lashed at her pussy. Linda took her breasts and
squeezed them together as she was orally pleasured. She moaned encouragement
and stroked her daughter's hair as she rode the girl's mouth.

"Yes baby, deeper stick your tongue deeper, deeper." Linda cried in ecstasy
as she pawed at one of her tits with one hand and her daughter's hair in the

Linda's back arched and she let out a long cry of pleasure as she came to her
orgasm and let her juices flow into her daughter's hungry mouth.

"CUT!!!" Said Ed. "OK let's take a break and let Linda recover before we

Linda did sit for a few minutes while her daughter put on a bathrobe and got
them both drinks.

"Good job ladies." Ed said. "Anyone who buys the DVD will have nothing to
complain about."

After their brief break, they got back into their positions. Linda stood up
from her chair and helped Bethany to her feet.

"Now my dear girl, you are really going to learn what sex is about." Said

She took her daughter over to the desk and bent her over it. She reached
into the desk and pulled out her strap on which she quickly strapped in. She
grabbed her daughter's slender hips and then thrust forward into her pussy.

"OOOOOOOH!" She cried.

Linda grabbed her daughter's shoulder with one hand and her hip with the
other and began to push in as hard as she could then pull out and slam back
in. She fucked her with one good hard stroke after another, over and over
until her daughter was wailing with her own orgasm. Linda slowed and fucked
her daughter a bit more softly until she began to cum herself. She then
removed the dildo and released her.

"OK Bethany now be a good girl and it clean." Linda ordered.

Bethany turned and dropped to her knees. She licked and sucked on the shaft
of the strap-on until it was cleaned of her cum.

"CUT!" Ed said. "That was awesome, guys. I know that this is going to sell
like crazy. Thank you both for making this happen."

"It was our pleasure, right Bethany?" Linda said.

"Oh yeah mom." Replied Bethany as she licked her lips.

More to come...
_ _ _

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