Warning: The first chapter of this part contains some scat and watersports
skip to chapter III if that's not your bag, baby.

Montel Williams: Sick Tales of Lesbian Incest 4 (Fg,scat,ws,spank,inc)
by Hamster


Montel William's studio...

"...Now Linda isn't it difficult for you to maintain this type of
relationship and also maintain your role as Mother?" Asked Montel.

"No, Montel, I'm still in charge and still demand correct behaviour." said

Linda and Bethany's Home...

Linda was pissed. She really shouldn't have been that mad. After all, she had
a lot of money, very good friends and a lovely daughter that doubled as a
sex-slave. But she was pissed anyways and there was no getting around it.
Bethany was getting good grades and was keeping up on her chores which was a
stipulation of the special relationship that she enjoyed with her mom. But
recently Linda had learned of a troubling turn of events. A young lady of 19
who happened to work at Hooters (for those unfamiliar with the franchise,
Hooters is a popular restaurant where the servers all wear short orange
shorts and tight white t-shirts), had made friends with Linda. Linda
frequently showed up at Hooters to watch the Chargers, Trojans or Raiders
and enjoyed the wings as well as the girl's hot body. The girl whose name
was Chelsea had a younger sister in school with Bethany. Apparently this
younger sister had told Chelsea that Bethany was smoking in the school
bathroom. This was simply deplorable! Sick lesbian incest was all well and
good but Linda drew the line with smoking! Little Bethany was going to have
to be punished.

Linda was dressed the part of the stern mistress. Her hair was tied up and
stretched tight and she was wearing patent-leather high-heels. Her pants were
also of tight black leather she wore a tight black sweater and had a special
surprise for her daughter hidden away in the hall closet.

Bethany arrived at home after school and found her mother there waiting for
her with her arms crossed and an angry look on her face. Bethany opened the
door then stopped and stared, she could tell that her mom was fairly pissed.

"Uhh hi mom. Is something wrong?" Bethany asked.

"I want you to shut your mouth and put your hands on the wall." Linda

Her mom's tone told Bethany that her mom meant some serious buisiness.

"Wh-what did I do?" Bethany asked.

"Just do it." Linda ordered with a sharp angry edge to her voice.

Bethany quickly put her bookbag aside then placed her hands on the door with
her back to her mom. Linda stepped over to Bethany and placed her hands on
each side of the girl's shoulders she ran her hands over Bethany's arms then
reached around in front and felt the girl's stomach and then up to her small
developing breasts, she squeezed the small mounds. Bethany would be excited
by this treatment if it wasn't so clear that her mom was so clearly pissed.
Linda slipped her hands down to Bethany's thighs and felt their smoothness
before sneaking her hands up the girl's panties and lightly fondling her
young pussy through her panties. Linda withdrew her hands after she completed
the frisking of her daughter and went over to the girl's back pack. She
unzipped it, held it upside down and dumped the contents of the pack onto
the carpet.

"MOM!" Bethany cried in protest.

"Young lady it would be to your great benefit to keep your cute little lips
sealed. And keep those hands on the door." Linda warned.

Linda examined the pile, and after not finding the thing she was looking for,
she began to examine the side zipper of the pack and after unzipping it she
found the thing that she was looking for. Linda held up the offensive red

"My own daughter, smoking cowboy killers." Linda shook her head in

"Mom, I swear I only smoked them once." A startled Bethany began.

"One time is one time too many young lady, and why did you keep the box? I
love you Bethany but this is completely and totally unacceptable." Linda
went to the closet and removed the wooden paddle that she had purchased for
this occasion. She sat down on the couch and called sharply to her daughter.
"Come here now young lady."

Bethany slowly slinked over to her mother.

"Please mom, I'm sorry, I won't do it again." Bethany said through some
sniffles. She looked a bit terrorized at the sight of the paddle.

"Damm right you won't now lay down right across my lap." Linda ordered.

Bethany did as she was instructed. Linda immediately flipped her daughter's
skirt up and then pulled down her daughter's panties. Linda raised the paddle
then brought it down hard across her daughter's lap with a loud smack and a
painful sting. Bethany yelped and began to cry. Linda was spurred on and
brought the paddle smacking down across the girl's lap. Linda made the soft
hills of her butt bounce and redden with repeated strikes across her rear
end. Bethany was wailing with each hard thrust which was making Linda wild
with lust. After 12 whacks she stopped.

"Well have you learned your lesson?" Demanded Linda.

"Sniff Yes mommy." Bethany said through her tears.

"And are you going to do it again?" Demanded Linda.

"No mommy." Replied Bethany.

"I hope you don't now clean up the mess on the floor, I have to go take a
piss." Said Linda.

"Wait mom." Bethany said as she got up. Her mother raised her eyebrow.
Bethany kept her eyes down in a submissive manner. "I'm really sorry I made
you mad and I want to make it up to you."

"Really and how are you going to do that?" Demanded Linda.

"I know that you like to use me, like a potty...I want to be your potty to
show how sorry I am." Bethany said with her eyes still down.

This was a nice turn of events!!! They had only done this once because while
Linda enjoyed it, Bethany didn't. For this reason Linda had decided it was
best to request this sort of thing only on special occaisions. But since the
girl had offered it seemed like an opportune time. However Linda had a twist
for her.

"Well I think that that is a very considerate offer and I am going to take
you up on it. But I have some bad news for you, I need to take a shit also."
Linda announced she decided that the use of that particular word would
maximize the effect that she wanted on her daughter.

Bethany's eyes opened wide. "You want to poop..."

"Yes and I'm starting to get tired of holding it so why don't you head over
to the bathroom and grab the mat." Linda said.

Bethany was a little dazed as she headed to the bathroom. She did not dare to
contemplate what she was in for as she grabbed the blue rubber matt that her
mother had purchased for this sort of thing. Bethany laid down the matt and
then removed her cloths as her mom looked on. Linda licked her lips, she
loved the sight of Bethany's young body and she was hot for it every time
she laid eyes on it. Once nude, Bethany got on her back on top of the mat.
Bethany had agreed to and she wanted her mom to be happy with her so she
decided she had to do this. Linda was holding it and it was starting to hurt
so she didn't waste any time at all. Linda unbuttoned and then unzipped her
pants and pulled them down to ankles and followed by pulling down her lacy
black panties. Linda squatted down over her daughter's face.

"OK baby, tilt your head up then open your mouth and make a seal over mommy's
butt-hole." Linda instructed.

Bethany put her hand on her mom's butt-cheeks and then spread her cheeks.
Bethany had been watching a lot of porn as a form of 'educational films'
so she could properly please her mom. For this reason she more or less
had a general of how to proceed. She opened her mouth and placed her lips
around her mom's hole.

"Ready or not sweetie, here it comes." Warned Linda.

With that she released what she was holding back. She squeezed out the turd
and felt her daughter bite it off and chew it. Linda was biting her lip and
moaning softly as she slowly squeezed the turd out and into her daughter's
mouth. It tasted horrible but Bethany bit down and chewed it up and
swallowed. She struggled to keep up with the steady flow of poo that came
from her mom's ass. Her cheeks were stuffed with the vile crab and her
cheeks puffed out like an obscene mochery of a chipmunk. Finally once her
belly was full and her mom's bowels were emptied Bethany felt her mom's hand
in her hair.

"Let me give you something to wash that down with, sweetie." Linda said

They adjusted positions so that Bethany could open her mouth beneath her
mom's pussy.


"Hello and welcome back." Montel said. "We are talking to Linda and
Bethany who are here to talk to us about their secret incestuous lesbian
relationship. Now Linda I understand you have met with and encouraged several
similiar couples."

"That's right, Montel." Linda said.

"Can you tell us about it?" Montel asked.


Linda was at her usual table at hooters enjoying her buffalo wings and
occaisionally looking up to see the streaming scores at the bottom of the
screen on the television that was perpetually set on ESPN. She had a wing
dunked in some ranch dressing when her friend,and Hooters server, Chelsea
walked up with a coke refill. Linda loved the way Chelsea looked in tiny
her orange shorts and stared at her butt openly, it was expected in this
place. After setting down Linda's drink Chelsea actually sat down next to
Linda this time. Setting and talking to costumers was incouraged at hooters.

"You know, I think we have a mutal friend." Chelsea said suddenly.

"Really? Who?" Linda asked.

"Ed," Chelsea replied.

Linda looked at Chelsea blankly for a minute. She tried to imagine the
ramifications of this little announcemant.

"I am a big fan of a certain type of movie. And Ed gets me these movies.
Little did I know that one of my friends was a star of one of these movies."
Chelsea said.

"Look Chels, I don't know who or what you saw..." Linda stammered as she got
ready to deny everything.

Chelsea put a hand on her friend's. "Linda it's ok. I totally understand and
I'm more than OK with it."

"I really don't know what you're talking about." Linda said.

"Look I'm happy about this. You see, I want to do that sort of thing."
Whispered Chelsea. Linda cocked an eyebrow. "With my sister Amber."

This was a huge surprise. Not an unpleasant one though. All sorts of
thoughts ran through Linda's mind and most of them involved Amber and
Chelsea in different sexual positions.

"Really?" Said Linda as she relaxed a bit an sipped some coke. "Have you done
anything about it?"

"Well no," Said Chelsea crestfallen. "I'm too scared. So far I've just sort
of fantasized. I felt guilty about it too. And then I saw that movie and I
was like "WOW, I can talk to somebody about it."

"Well I am very happy that you have decided to confide in me." Said Linda.

"How did you ever get Bethany to go along with all of this?" Chelsea asked.

Linda could tell that the question was based in Chelsea's own desire to get
Amber in the sack.

"It wasn't that hard really, my little Bethany was already quite sexually
curious already. All I did was channel all of that in my direction." Linda

"I wonder if i can get that to work for me." Said Chelsea. "Maybe Amber has
alot of sexual curiosity."

"Well Bethany and Amber are in the same girlsout troop, I can have Bethany
feel her out." Linda said.

Linda was pretty sure that Bethany would love to 'feel out' Amber. And
Chelsea was pretty excited about the thought of Bethany feeling out Amber as

"That would be awsome." Chelsea exclaimed.

"Yes and then maybe we could start some kind of club." Linda laughed.


After the scout meeting April and Amber were both invited over to
Bethany's house. Bethany had decided to inlist her best friend's help in the
seduction/corruption of innocent Amber. The three girls were sitting around
and chattting about school and other kids in their school. They had moved on
to the discussion of the various celebreties when Bethany decided it was time
to really get the party started.

"Let's look at some Playboy magazines." Bethany said casually as she ignored
Ambers look of shock.

"Great idea." said April.

Bethany got a small stack of magazines from her drawer. April went over to
grab a few.

"You guys really look at that sort of stuff?" Asked Amber.

"Yeah." April and Bethany both said at once.

Since both of the other girls were doing it, and she didn't want to be left
out, Amber inched her way over and began to look at some of them as well.
They looked at the magazines for several minutes and April and Bethany were
soon commenting on the models and the way that they looked. Amber was taken
aback by their blunt discussion on how attractive the women were but said
nothing. Bethany grew annoyed with Amber's lack of interaction, after all
this was all about her.

"Who do you like?" Asked Bethany suddenly.

Amber blinked as she was suddenly forced into focus.

"Well..." She said nervously as she pointed to the picture of a dark-haired
woman with a nice set of breasts. "She is really pretty."

The other two girls both looked at the picture. Both nodded their agreement.

"You have good taste." April said.

"Yeah, I like her boobs." Said Bethany.

Amber blushed but said nothing. Bethany decided to speed things up, she was
getting a little horny.

"So how much do you guys masterbate?" Bethany asked.

"Usually twice a day." April said casually.

"I only have to about every second day."Bethany said.

April giggled and nodded knowingly.

"I don't think I should talk about this." Said Amber.

"Come on Amber, don't be so stuck up. We're both sharing." Bethany said with
a touch of anger at the edges.

Amber didn't ant the other girls to dislike her or to think that she was
stuck up. "OK, OK I do that like two or three times a day. More on weekends."

"More on weekends?" April asked.

"Yeah, like six times a day. Anytime that I get the chance." Replied Amber

"Wow." April said in surprize.

Bethany just shook her head. It was always the quiet ones.

"Do you ever have help?" Bethany asked.

"Help?" Asked Amber.

"Yeah, you know do you ever stick anything up there?" Bethany asked.

"Stick anything up there? Like what?" Amber asked completely confused.

"You know, pens, vegetables, a friends finger." April suggested helpfully.

"What are you joking no way." Amber said.

"Don't be such a baby Amber, everyone does it." Bethany said with an
exaggersted eyeroll.

"Really?" Amber said.

"Yepp, me and Bethany do all of the time." Announced April.

"Like, how?" Amber asked with curiosity.

"Well sometimes we just massage each other's pussies until we cum." Bethany
shrugged non-chalantly.

"And that's better than just doing it yourself?" Amber asked.

"Oh yeah, It's alot better. Usually we finger each other off while we think
of someone that we like." Bethany explained. "Want to know a secret?"

"Yeah." Said Amber.

"Well, one of the people that I fantasize about is your sister Chelsea."
Bethany said.

"Oh yah, she is so hot." April added.

"Chelsea?" Amber asked in surprise.

"Definately." Enthused April.

"Yeah, your big sister has a hot body." Bethany said.

Amber stared off into space for a second and chewed her lower lip. "Yes, she

Bethany and April smiled.


Chelsea and Amber's mother was raising them alone. She was a bit of a nut.
She beleived that she had been kidanapped by aliens on no less than nine
seperate occaisions and would frequently spend her time talking to her many
cats. She spent alot of her time stoned in her room. Chelsea pretty much had
the run of the house and little interferance from her mother.

Chelsea was up inher room getting changed when her little sister, Amber,
knocked on the door. Chelsea had just removed her shorts and t-shirt and was
standing there in her orange-colored bra and panties.

"Chelsea...OH sorry." Amber said.

"No it's ok amber, what do you want?" Asked Chelsea.

"Well the girls in my troop have been talking alot about sex." Amber said.

"That's pretty normal for girls your age." Said Chelsea.

"But they all know all about it and I don't know anything." Amber said.

Chelsea smiled. "Come on now i'm sure that you must know something."

"Well I sure don't know as much as the other girls." Amber said with a mild

"Well what is it that you want to know about it???" Her sister asked.

"Everything. How you do it, the best ways to do it. The most fun places to
doit in." Amber said.

"Wow you sure want to know alot." Said Chelsea.

"Well they talk about alot." Replied Amber.

"Well tell me what you already know." Chelsea said.

"I know how to masterbate. I do it alot actually. And Bethany and April, ummm
they helped me masterbate once." Amber said.

Chelsea was impressed by how Bethany had already gotten her used to lesbian

"Have you kissed anyone before?" Asked Chelsea.

"No I haven't." She said.

"Well how about I teach you how to do that for starterrs?" Chelsea offered.

"OK, that sounds good." Amanda replied.

Chelsea placed her hand on Amanda's leg and then looked down at her with a
bright smile.

"OK, I'm going to stick my tongue in your mouth. When I do that, I want you
to massage it with your tongue." Chelsea said.

"OK." Said Amanda.

Chelsea leaned forward and kissed her younger sister. She opened her mouth
and Chelsea slipped her tongue into it. The sweet little tongue of Amanda's
caressed Chelsea's lovingly. And things quickly became a bit more passionate
as Chelsea grabbed the back of her sister's head and kissed her a bit harder.
This went on for several minutes until Chelsea finally broke the kiss.

"Well I'll say that you've gotten the hang of that." Said Chelsea.

"Really?" Amanda asked happily.

"Yeah, that was very good." Chelsea replied.

Chelsea kissed her again. They broke apart again and Amanda suprized her
older sister with a question.

"Chelsea, can I touch your boobis?" Amanda asked shyly.

"What?" Chelsea asked.

"Bethany and April keep talking about how nice they are and how they just
want to touch them so I..."

"I don't care waht they think. Do YOU think they are nice?" Chelsea cut her

"Yes." Amanda replied nervously

"And YOU want to touch them?" chelsea asked.

"Yes." Said Amanda.

"Then that's what matters." Said Chelsea. Chelsea unfastened her braand
then removed it. Now exposed for Amanda's benefit were two large, perfectly
shaped breasts topped by a pair of erect nipples. Amanda stared at the two
magnificent breasts in awe for a minute. "You wanted to touch them, so go
ahead and touch them."

Tentatively Amanda reached out and placed her hands on them. She squeezed
gently. Oh how she hoped that she would have boobs like this some day. In a
trance Amanda squeezed the firm flesh and massaged them between her fingers.
As Amanda enjoyed her older sister's breasts, Chelsea reached down and
grabbed the girl's softly curved ass.

"Hey!" Amanda said.

"Hey nothing, you get to touch, so do I." Chelsea said.

Amanda giggled.

"Why don't we help each other masterbate?" Offered Amanda.

"Good idea." Chelsea said as she couldn't quite believe her luck. Things were
getting interesting quick. "Take your cloths off."

Obediently little Amanda removed her school uniform and left it in a pile in
the middle of the room.

"Now, since you want to know all about sex, I'm ging to teach you a different
way to do it." Chelsea said.

Amanda was listening intently.

"Lay down on the bed and spread your legs as wide as you can."

Amanda quickly obeyed this request.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Amanda nervously.

"I'm going to kiss your pussy and make it feel good." Replied Chelsea.

Chelsea crawled onto the bed then lowered her head down to her sister's sex.
She let her tongue drag over the girl's pussy and soon Amanda was moaning
with pleasure as her sister ate her out. The girl arched her back and
whimpered softly as she came. Chelsea lifted her head from Amanda's pussy.
"Oh god, that felt so good. I want to do that again. Oh please Chelsea please
let us do that again. Please." Amanda begged.

'We can do that anytime you want baby." Said Chelsea.

"Yippeee! Will you be my girlfriend Chelsea?" Amanda asked.

Chelsea was almost diliriously happy at this point.

"Of course I will. Since you are my girlfriend you have to do the same for
me. Now it's Your turn dear." Chelsea said.

Chelsea slipped off her panties and got on her back. Amanda jumped up onto
the bed and stared at her sister's exposed pussy nervously.

"Don't be shy Amanda." Encouraged Chelsea.

Amanda dipped her head down to Chelsea's pussy and licked it tentatively.

"Deeper sweetie, stick it in there." Chelsea said as she grabbed the girl's
head and mashed it against her cunt. Amanda's sweet little tongue finally
invaded her older sister's pussy and began to work it's way in and swirl
around. Chelsea moaned and stroked Amanda's hair lovingly as she was tongue
fucked until she finally began to cum.
_ _ _

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