Motal Kombat: Cold Heat (MF)
by Jessy19

Amy had enough that day. Roger announced he wanted to break up with her, but
the thing is that he was a coward and didn't tell it to her face. Instead, he
went around telling everyone else on campus that he was seeing another girl.
Amy was furious and confronted her boyfriend.

"Don't be such a chicken shit and come tell me that you're fucking around!"
She yelled at him.

"Calm down Amy please!"

"Roger, just get out of my face. I don't ever want to speak with you again.
You jerk!"

Amy ran off that afternoon leaving Roger standing there by the student lounge
as his friends watched them fight. She didn't care about him anymore. How
could she have been so blind? She should have known that Roger was the type
of guy that couldn't be with just one girl.

Amy headed back to her dorm room. Her roommate Rachel was going to be gone
for Easter weekend. Amy decided to stay on campus because she was in no mood
to be around anyone. She just felt so upset and depressed as any other girl
would after a nasty breakup.

She decided to shower and then maybe watch a few movies. After a long hot
shower, she looked through her movies. "Hmmm Save The Last Dance? No way, too
romantic. How about Scary Movie? No not in the mood for laughing. Oh there is
always Pirates of the Caribbean but Johnny Depp makes me think about Roger!
Damnit! Why can't I get some good horror films? That's what I really need at
times like these!"

Amy whined and lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling. She kept going over
why Roger would have left her. Was it because she hardly ever wore dresses?
Or maybe it was because she had short hair? Did guys like girls with long
hair only? It couldn't have been because she didn't put out. She was always
asking him for sex.

Amy was a very pretty girl but in her own mind sometimes she doubted her
beauty. She was short being only 5'2" and weighing about 125lbs. Her breasts
were a nice 34b cup size and her hair was dyed black with blue streaks and
just under her ears. She had beautiful sapphire blue eyes and long dark
eyelashes. She knew she didn't look like the other girls or even acted like
most other girls.

While other girls were buying short little skirts and skimpy clothes, Amy
would be buying worn looking jeans and concert shirts. She loved to draw,
take pictures and most of all she really enjoyed playing video games.

Playing video games was a way for her get away from reality and let all her
frustrations out. Especially fighting video games. She found herself smiling
and raised herself up. She turned on her playstation and decided to play
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Frost would be her character. She always
kicked ass with Frost.

She began to play and began to feel a lot better. She was kicking some
serious ass and she laughed and cheered every time she won. She knew it was
a geeky thing to do but she often found herself fantasizing about all the
hard bodies that were on the video game. Sub Zero, was her all time favorite.
She often imagined Frost and Sub Zero making hot passionate love after a

"You're such a geek Amy," She told herself and continued to fight.

She kept winning and her heart raced, as she was about to fight Sub Zero.
She was only two people away from fighting him. Her hands were getting tired
from pushing the controller so hard in order to win.

"I'm kicking ass here!" Amy yelled as she got more into the game.

Finally she was going to fight Sub Zero. She took a deep breath because she'd
always managed to have a hard time beating him but she always won. The first
round she won, the second round Sub Zero won and the third round made her a
bit nervous for some odd reason. She continued to fight and then suddenly
realized she was losing. It was her first time losing. She always fought
three times with Sub Zero and managed to win the third round. But something
was wrong. She kept trying to throw her ice but nothing happened. Sub Zero
was winning and then she was dead.

"Damnit!" she called out ready to go on and fight him again.

Then she saw the screen turn dark as if Sub Zero was going to do a fatality!
"Oh no!" Amy cried out. She waited for her ugly death but got something else
instead. Something so amazing! It was a quick flash and she saw her whole
room darken just like the screen. She looked around feel scared and felt a
cold wind making her shiver. She blinked and then when she looked again, she
was no longer in her room!

"Am I dreaming?" Amy thought to herself. She looked around and saw she was in
a forest of some kind and she was very cold. She was wearing Frost's outfit.
Even the mouthpiece that covered Frost's mouth was on her! She slowly removed
the mouthpiece and her eyes wandered. She heard footsteps from behind her.
Her blue eyes widened as she saw him! It was Sub Zero standing in front of

"W-where am I?" She stammered.

He didn't reply. He was in his own outfit and even had the same scar on his
eyes as he did on the game. His bulging muscles were visible as well as his
handsome face. His hair was dark though like the older Mortal Kombat games.
Amy stepped back almost frightened of him.

He walked closer to her and pointed over at a dark blue blanket that lay on
the soft green grass. She walked to the blanket and stood there once again in
front of Sub Zero. His eyes looked deeply into her and then he pointed to the
pond of water that was actually frozen. Amy looked and saw her own face but
she wasn't human. She was animated!

"Am I trapped in this video game?" She asked frightened.

Sub Zero nodded. He walked to her again and put his big strong hands on her
shoulders. His hands felt extremely cold. She watched him breath and smoke
would come out of his nose and mouth from the cold. His hands traveled down
a bit and began to remove her long leather gloves she wore. Amy was too
shocked to even move away or stop him. It was as if he was hypnotizing her.

More chilly winds hit her bare arms now. Sub Zero then pulled her vest up
over her head and put his hands on her breasts over her leather top. Even
though it was thick leather she could feel the coldness of his hands making
her nipples erect. She let out a soft moan as he moved his hands around her
breasts. He then unzipped her from behind and she felt her top being removed
slowly by his cold hands.

Still Amy did nothing to stop him. She was so turned on and still in shock.
This had to be a dream. It couldn't be reality. Could it?

Sub Zero pointed down to let her know she needed to remove her boots and
take off the rest of her clothes. Then he pointed down to the blanket as
if he was telling her to lay on it naked. Amy did as he said and began to
get completely naked. She gasped almost amazed at what her body looked so
different that it did in real life. Her breasts were now so big! They had
to be at least a double D size and her nipples were huge, hard and pink.
Her tummy was so hard and flat and her pussy was completely shaven. She
was Frost!

She lay on the blanket and looked up at Sub Zero. He still didn't speak
and began to remove his clothes. Amy stared up at him as he took off every
article of clothing he had on. His sexy muscular body was being revealed
making her wet. She found herself spreading her legs open and touching her
big breasts. He was now down to taking off his pants. She could see his
hard cock through his pants. His cock looked so huge! Her eyes almost
popped out of her eye sockets as she witnessed him take off his pants and
his huge cock became visible! It had to be at least nine inches at the
least. She wanted to speak but found she couldn't. She was so mesmerized
with his naked body. His muscular legs, chest and arms were so sexy making
Amy want him even more!

He got down on the ground with her and his icy hands began to caress her
skin. She moaned at his touch and he leaned down and she could feel his
cold breath on her ear. His lips moved down to her neck gently kissing it.
His lips feel frosty on her neck. Amy was breathing hard now trying to
contain herself from cumming! He looked deeply into her eyes and then
placed his lips over hers. They kissed so gently and his tongue slid into
her mouth. They kissed hard and full of passion. Sub Zero then broke the
kiss and ran his hand down to her tummy. She watched him explore her and
touch her. Suddenly she watched something so amazing! He was holding his
hand over her tummy and then he made a small ball of ice and let it caress
her body.

Amy moaned feeling the ice running down her tummy and falling in between her
legs. He grabbed the small ball of ice and began to rub it on her pussy lips.
Amy squirmed and moaned louder. His big fingers then spread her lips open
letting her huge swollen pink clit peek out. Sub Zero moved the ball of ice
up and down Amy's clit slowly watching it melt away from her heat.

"Oooh yes! Keep doing that! Make me cum!" Amy cried out.

Sub Zero kept moving the ball of ice on Amy's aching clit. She felt her whole
body tightening and then a rush of excitement flowed throughout her entire
body. She was cumming! Her body trembled with delight as she came and Sub
Zero watched the ball of ice melt and dissolve with her womanly juices.

"Hmmmmgggghh! Ooh G-goddd!" She wailed loudly after finishing her orgasm. She
could now feel Sub Zero's finger on her lip lightly pinching on it.

Amy looked down and Sub Zero's face remained serious but filled with lust. He
put his hand up and made yet another small ball of ice. This time, he moved
his hand down and began to slide the ball of ice inside of her!

"Mmmghghhh!" Amy moaned.

She could feel the ice melting inside of her hot pussy. She moved her hips
back and forth as if she was trying to fuck it. She grabbed her tits and
pinched on her nipples feeling the coldness of the ice quenching her searing
pussy. The ball of ice melted quickly and she stared up at Sub Zero for more
pleasure. He moved his face down between her legs spreading them wider with
his strong arms. Amy felt his lips and cold breath caressing her clit. She
raised her hips off the ground from the intense feeling. He began to lick
her clit with his powerful tongue teasing her and making her almost cum

"Please lick me more! Oh I wanna cum in your mouth!" Amy purred.

Sub Zero stopped knowing she would cum. He raised himself up again and
grabbed his huge cock. Amy bit on her lower lip not knowing what to expect.
He placed one hand on her knee and held his cock with his other hand. He
began to position himself ready to enter her. Amy held her breath for a
moment and then felt his huge cock entering her tight pussy.

"Oohh mmmhhhhggghhh!" Amy cried out shutting her eyes tight trying to get
used to the pain of a big cock entering her, stretching her to the limit.
It seemed like forever until Amy could finally feel all of Sub Zero's cock
inside of her. Her pussy felt so stuffed with his hard member in her.

She could feel the cold cock sliding in and out of her slowly as Sub Zero
reached down to grab her big breasts. Amy moaned trying to get adjusted to
his size. It was so hot to finally be able to experience a big cock! It felt
so good inside of her, opening her up, making her loose.

"Y-yes! Go faster! Please!" Amy begged.

Sub Zero began to thrust his hips and move in and out making Amy's huge boobs
move around as she got the best fuck of her life. His cock was pouncing her
pussy so good! He was moving in and out so fast, that she never thought a
male could do it like that. He was a dream come true indeed. She wrapped her
legs around him pulling him closer to her making her get all of his cock deep
inside of her, hoping he'd shoot his sperm deep into her womb.

Amy looked into his eyes and thought how much she loved this fictional
character. He was her dream guy. Just like guys probably fantasized about
female characters on video games, girls did the same thing, it was just not
so heard of.

"You feel so good inside of me! I want you to cum inside of me please! I want
to feel your seed in my belly!"

Sub Zero let out a groan. It was a deep groan that let Amy know he was
enjoying himself with her. He tossed his head back and Amy felt it! She
felt his cum shooting hard inside of her. It felt almost like gallons of
it filling her pussy. She expected his cum to be cold like him, but it
was nice and warm like any other human male.

"Yesss! I feel it! Oh baby I feel your cum! I'm going to cum on your cock!"
Amy yelled and climaxed on his cock.

Her juices seeped out of her legs and turned to little forms of ice around
her thighs. Sub Zero slides out of her and lays next to her touching her face
and kissing her lips. Amy runs her hands on his chiseled chest.

"You are incredible. So amazing!" She says.

He speaks nothing. Amy wished she could hear him say something. Anything.
She places her head on his chest and feels his chest heave up and down after
their love making.

"I love you."

Amy opens her eyes and looks up at him. "W-what?"

He smiles finally. A sexy smile. "I love you," he says the words again.

Amy feels tears run down her face the turn to little icicles. Sub Zero
touches her face and kisses her again. "I love you."

Amy's hear flutters and she holds him tightly. She knows she should be cold,
but she's not. She feels nothing but warmth as she holds the man she loves.
Together they fall in a deep sleep. Tomorrow they would team up and fight the
bad guys. But that night, they shared their love for one another.

The End?


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