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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Additional Credit: The plot of this story came from Phantom on the CSSA
forums where I lurk. I contacted Phantom through email to discuss many
aspects of this story and gained a lot of useful input as well as the main
plot from his forum post. Quite frankly, without Phantom this story would
not exist.

Description: The ultimate hunter comes to Earth to hunt, defeat, rape and
take skull trophies from five of Earth's greatest female warriors in a single
night: Deadly Little Miho, Natalie Cook, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft and Agent
Paris Hilton. Can he succeed?

Content Codes (By Section)
Paris Hilton: MF, cons, viol, snuff, rough, anal, cream pie
After The Hunt: plot, nosex

Mortal Kombat 2/Predator: Five Women. One Night. Part 7 - Paris Hilton
by JD ([email protected])

It was quiet in the back of the truck. Sonya Blade lay numbly and was unsure
how much time had passed. She gazed at the truck's roof through a haze of
mental fog. She'd be trained to be one of the best soldiers on the planet.
She had extensive combat experience both internationally and on domestic
operations. She thought that mentally and physically she was as tough as
humanly possible. The shock of being raped by her superior officer whom she
liked and trusted and by another woman had destroyed all that in an instant.

The stink of cum and sweat penetrated even through her broken nose, which
throbbed dully. The squad's medic Doc Jones had taken a few moments to do
what he could for it, even as his spunk dribbled down her breasts, and her
face was mostly clean of blood. The rest of the squad had pulled her clothes
back on and taken a few extra cheap feels as they did so. Sonya was sure she
would never feel clean again. She desperately wanted a shower and to scrub
until she bled. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her pants and
brushed them across her puffy labia. Her aching cunt was still soaked with
her juice.

She'd been raped, and she had climaxed. Sonya Blade had been trained in every
possible area; she knew if she was captured her captors might rape her. She
knew that it was possible to stimulate the human body to pleasure without the
consent or willingness of the brain and that it didn't mean she was any less
a woman. It didn't mean she was a whore. The intellectual knowledge was no
help to her as she lay wrapped in the mental cotton wool of disassociation.
Sonya started at the roof of them van, and then screwed her eyes tightly. She
reached deep inside herself. She remembered what she was.

"I am Lieutenant Sonya Blade. I am a soldier."

The calm and clear words cut through the fog. Sonya was a soldier. She was a
highly trained intelligent weapon, a stone cold killer. She sat up; her cunt
ached, her nose throbbed. She ignored them. It was only physical pain. The
now cold and clammy semen of the squad dribbled down her breasts within her
top. She ignored it too. What was mere discomfort to a living weapon?

"I am a soldier. I am a soldier."

Soldiers obeyed orders. Sonya picked up her gun and left the truck, eyes cold
as the ninth circle of Hell in which betrayers spend eternity. The driver
watched her go from the truck's cab, and then got on with reviewing the rape
footage from the cameras.

* * *

The squad had left Sonya behind and moved quickly. The pheromone equipment
showed a strong trail that seemed to be leading straight into the Wayland
Industries building, and the agency had reported it a high possibility that
the target was there. Other squads would remain far enough out from the
buildings to close things down the hunter made it past Agent Hilton's squad.

The seven men followed Paris in loose formation to the reported location of
the female sentry, and found her unconscious in the shadows. A diminutive
soldier picked up the strange alien communication discs, unaware that they
had detected and reported the soldier's arrival. Paris realised as she saw
the disk that it was probably similar to the devices used in the nightclub,
and started to warn the soldier when the disk exploded. The diminutive
soldier caught most of the localised blast in the face. He didn't even have
time to scream.

Paris shook her head and rolled her eyes, "Gawd! What a total clown!"

Doc Jones checked the sentry and reported that she was merely unconscious,
but seemed to have suffered a blow to the head. Paris noticed that the
muscular redheaded doctor's hands on the gothic girl's unconscious body
weren't entirely professional. The morality of doctors trained to kill was
clearly considerably more skewed than usual in Doc Jones. Paris recalled a
number of incidents held on his file that actually increased his worth to
the agency.

"We'll leave her. No sense some half conscious and like way concussed
drooling bimbo following us in - If I wanted that, I'd have hired Nicole
Ritchie. Her skills aren't too good for this part of the job anyway, even
if she has killed more people than syphilis."

Paris laughed, "After all, she killed most of them *with* syphilis! And,
Gosh, how pass‚ is the Goth look? She so needs a tan."

Doc Jones copped one last feel through the unconscious girl's corset and
rejoined Paris and the squad as they crossed to the Wayland Industries
building. They used whatever cover was available, ready at any second for
a bolt of plasma death to end any of their lives. Some of them wondered
what special duties Lt Blade had been assigned.

Major Briggs - Jax - in particular held no regrets at all about raping his
subordinate, but started to worry that word might get out somehow. Sonya
might be stupid enough to talk, if she was as traumatised as she seemed.
Jax decided that if there was an opportunity for a friendly fire incident
during the mission, he was going to take it and pump a few rounds into the

They inside the HQ and had just reached a corridor junction when the air
blurred down ahead, and the front two men in the squad gained a spear. It
passed clean through the body armour and body of the first, killing him
almost instantly with shock and massive blood loss and stopped solidly in
the chest of the soldier behind him. The end of the long shaft quivered as
the big man looked down its length. He saw bits of his comrade's insides
hanging off the metal and sank to his knees.

Jax reacted instantly, shoving Paris down the corridor to the left as he
returned mostly accurate fire. The rounds caught the Predator in his
protective breastplate as Jax dived after Paris. Doc Jones and a skinny
soldier by the name of Sykes went down the corridor on the other side.
Gogedheh fired his reloaded netgun at the middle of the three still visible
to him, and watched as it smashed the man down the corridor before pressing
him to the floor. The other two backed towards the intersection, firing
their guns and not managing to hit the cloaked predator.

He threw the smartdisc, and was greatly annoyed when it slammed through the
front of a soldier's body armour but didn't emerge from the back to return
back to his hand. The alien disc bounced around inside the soldier's body
armour as he screamed, and remained lodged inside his cut up guts. The last
soldier in the corridor made it back to the intersection and threw himself
down next to Doc Jones.

"Well, fuck me!" commented the Doctor, before turning his attention back
across the corridor to Agent Hilton, who was herself giving orders to Jax.

The soldier trapped by the net was struggling as it contracted against the
floor, and quickly found it cutting into him. He got his knife against it,
but found the alien material just wouldn't cut with his inferior blade. His
struggles took on a more urgent note as the contracting net pushed his knife
blade back on himself. Doc Jones heard him yell for help, but could see there
was nothing he could do as the man was forced to stab himself in the chest.
It looked fairly fatal, so the amoral soldier-Doctor left him too it.

The predator didn't rest on his laurels. The end of his hunt was in sight!
He had seen his final prey, and she had brought challenging foes with her,
to sweeten his victory, almost as an offering. He'd run around the building
a little before he killed the guard and found Lara Croft, and knew that the
corridors were in a large grid with several more cross corridors.

He backed off down the corridor and ran down another intersection - he was
going to go all the way round and come up behind Doc Jones, Sykes, and the
soldier who'd just pissed himself at the thought of an invisible foe.
Meanwhile, Paris was still talking to Jax.

"Jax, thanks for the save. When this stuff is over I'm so gonna fuck you."

"Count on it."

Agent Hilton was about to respond when she noticed the blurring again coming
down the corridor behind Doc Jones. The Predator picked up Sykes without
breaking sweat and cut the man's throat with a slash of wrist blade. Doc
Jones backed off real fast, but the dead body Gogedheh used as a shield
deflected every round he fired. A bolt of plasma from the shoulder cannon
ended the good doctor's life for good. The remaining soldier had lost his
mind, and was screaming incoherently. He managed to get his gun up but
Gogedheh stamped heavily on his head. The soldier's skull smashed like a
watermelon under the heavy foot of the predator.

As Agent Hilton backed off slowly and watched, Jax targeted the cloaked
source of the shoulder cannon blast, and successfully damaged the targeting
motors with a short controlled burst, effectively rendering it useless -
unless the big bastard fancied shooting himself in the shoulder.

As Jax was fired, he smacked his elbow into the nearest fire alarm point and
activated the sprinkler system (some of the high tech labs used gas, but the
corridors were all water sprinklers to avoid choking employees ). The water
poured down heavily along the corridor and revealed the imposing outline of
the alien before the already damaged cloaking device shorted out in a shower
of sparks. Gogedheh ran towards the dark skinned human, howling his

Jax could now see clearly where he was armoured and where he wasn't, and
started to target the predator's throat even as it slammed into him. Gogedheh
took a firm grip on each of Jax's arms and pulled hard, dislocating them as
bones popped from sockets and ligaments tore. Jax grunted and kicked up at
his much large assailant. The pressure on his arms lessened, but unless
Hilton did something real kick, he knew was screwed. He spat upwards, sending
a thick wad of spit onto the alien's mask, and called him an asshole.
Gogedheh finished Jax off with a slash of a wrist-blade to the face.

The sprinklers were still going strong, and as the wounded soldiers were all
dead the only sounds in the corridor came from the water. Gogedheh looked up
from Jax's body to see Agent Paris Hilton standing under the freezing cold
spray of a sprinkler. She had dropped her weapons, and the dark clothing
clung closely to her body.

Hers would be the only skull worth taking, the only trophy worthy to sit
alongside the others. Gogedheh steeled himself for the final fight, yet Paris
smiled warmly,

"You really are a big boy aren't you? I bet those four girls had the time of
their lives partying with you! You're so totally the biggest guy I ever met,
I mean, look at those hands and feet!"

Gogedheh was confused by the human's playful tone. There was no fear, no
challenge - though he knew he lacked some experience with humans. Paris
Hilton, chosen warrior of humanity's leaders, didn't even seem to be in
an attacking stance. His confusion deepened as she slowly pulled up her
drenched top and dropped it onto the corridor floor. She undid her skirt
and dropped it likewise, and used one foot and then the other to ease off
her shoes until she stood naked before the hunter. The streaming cold
water had her skin coming up in goose pimples, while her nipples were
sticking out hard.

Paris slicked her wet hair back away from her face and let her smile widen
as she held out her arms. Gogedheh thought he understood, and sheathed his
remaining wrist blades. He stripped off everything but his mesh bodysuit
and self-destruct wristlet until he stood as unarmed as Agent Paris Hilton.
She eyed the bag of trophies he dropped and remembered the scene photos of
the bodies that went with the first heads in the bag. Her eyes widened at
the sight of his limp cock as he removed the leather crotch pouch entirely.
She felt her cunt get hotter and, incredibly, wetter. The crab-like face
wasn't up to much, but she'd probably dated worse in Hollywood. The
sprinklers began to die off as Wayland Industries' advanced automated
systems completed fire checks.

Paris Hilton swayed her hips as she walked towards the giant alien. He
raised his fists to strike as he had when facing Natalie Cook while she
carried no weapons. Paris instead sank to her knees in the pooled cold
water and stroked her hands gently up his legs. She looked up into inhuman
eyes and licked her lips.

A full strength slap from the alien could break her neck like a twig, but
she felt sure she had calculated her secondary assault strategy correctly.
Attempt one had been military strategy. Attempt two was pure Paris Hilton -
even if she needed Sonya Blade for part of it. She leaned forward and licked
her tongue along Gogedheh's long, limp shaft. It was stained with filth and
dried cum and cuntjuice, but Paris enjoyed the taste of sex and moaned as
she slicked her tongue along the meat.

Gogedheh, whose research had managed to miss the many sex tapes, couldn't
understand why Agent Paris Hilton was seeking to pleasure him rather than
fight him. He slapped down a mighty hand, though not full strength. Paris
was knocked sideways and splashed into the water on the floor. She shook
her head to try and clear the pain in her jaw, and spat out a few thousand
dollars of dental work, but made no move to counter attack. Gogedheh snarled.
Paris demurely spat blood.

Agent Hilton had correctly interpreted the strike as a goading test. She
stood up before the hunter and reached down to spread her cuntlips as she
challenged him.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck me, already! I know you aren't some nervous

Paris slinked close again, and the naked blonde gripped the big hunter's
shaft firmly with both hands. She lifted it up and began to rub and squeeze
it as she would a human's - and like a human shaft it quickly responded to
her very experienced touch. Paris cooed as it lengthened and thickened, and
applied her mouth to the end. She looked up whorishly as she swirled her
tongue around the pointed end and then swallowed more.

Gogedheh having denied a fight with his chosen prey realised he was being
denied the chance to rape her too - there was no way to rape the willing. No
way to rape a woman who had never in her life denied consent. Paris Hilton
surprised him further by forcing the end of his cock into her own throat; her
well trained gag reflex almost entirely absent as she swallowed the alien's
cock into her stretched out gullet. The feeling was physically amazing, but
lacked a lot of the emotional power the act had had for Gogedheh when he
forced the defeated Lara Croft to take him orally.

Paris pulled her head off the hard shaft and giggled. It had to be at least
ten or twelve inches, but it looked so weird, thick and greenish-brown and
with no ballsack. Gogedheh grabbed her around the slim waist and lifted her
into the air; he slammed her roughly against the corridor wall, but the
sprinkler drenched agent still made no attempt to either defend herself or
attack him. Paris lifted her legs and spread them wide against the hard wall.
She looked down at eagerly the hunter's shaft pointing up towards her
impatient crotch.

"Come on! Put it in me!"

Gogedheh pulled Paris down onto his shaft. Even being womb fucked on the
first stroke didn't seem to bother Paris; she exercised to keep her cunt
tight, but her Cervix had been opened so many times by so many guys that
she experienced zero pain when the shaft entered her uterus. Gogedheh
looked down in amazement as her crotch met his, yet there was no screaming
or struggling. Instead she pulled her body against his so her nipples
pressed into his alien chest and squeezed her pelvic muscles around the
shaft. She tried to encourage the alien, but couldn't get any leverage to
bounce herself on the big cock. She managed to rock her hips a little and
feel the huge cock moving inside her.

The hunter was surprised by the human's hot and incredibly wet cunt as it
squeezed his meat. He lifted Paris up his shaft as she hissed a happy,

"Yessssss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Paris looked around to see the corpses of her squad, men who'd trusted her
leadership and died to protect her. She figured they should have taken her
seriously when she said they were expendable - and then her mind was filled
with the pleasure of the long twelve-inch strokes as Gogedheh bounced the
horny blonde slut on his thick pole.

Paris came almost immediately, splashing the alien with her lust juices as
she screamed with orgasmic joy. Gogedheh felt the spasming tightness on his
shaft, but despite the pleasure it seemed to him his own climax a long
distance hence. It just wasn't the same for him to fuck a human female who
wanted it. He fucked Paris against the wall for another couple of minutes,
and then pulled her off of his shaft. His greenish-brown cock was completely
drenched, while hot juice ran freely from Paris's gaping cunt.

Paris's eyes rolled back down from her skull and focussed in confusion - she
hadn't felt him cum. However, as the pointed tip pressed between her toned
and tanned buttocks she understood, and started to relax her sphincter. Paris
got her hands down to her pussy, one urgently frigging while the other rubbed
her clit. Gogedheh felt the thrill again of his people's taboo being broken,
and it brought more excitement into the act as he opened up Paris's
far-from-virgin ass with his cock.

Despite the cold water Paris's whole body felt hot. She brought herself off
again as Gogedheh sank his length up her ass. The sheer size of his shaft
stretched her in ways that reminded her of her first anal experience. Her
groans and moans increased as the predator started to fuck her tight ass
with his big cock.

Gogedheh couldn't understand why the degrading and humiliating act seemed to
be driving Paris Hilton even wilder. He pummelled her ass with hard thrusts,
but the pain only served to further define and power the pleasure Paris felt.
Her hands worked feverishly on her cunt, sometimes straying to her breasts,
while the nerves of her tightly stretched ass were alive. Gogedheh wondered
if he had been defeated somehow, if unwritten rules had changed, if the
humans had worked out what he came for and denied him any possibility of it?
Paris Hilton had eagerly taken him in her mouth and cunt, and even as he
roughly sodomized her she cried for more.

The squealing blonde had almost forgotten the second part of her back up
plan, but as her stuffed ass squelched with the pummelling she vaguely
wondered where Lt. Blade had got too. The big hunter's ejaculation took her
by surprise; he filled her bowels with near scalding spunk that hurt her
tender ass. Paris bit her bottom lip through the pain and rubbed her cunt
to another orgasm. She was pretty much exhausted, but the pleasure was still
good. She hadn't gotten off so much in a long while. Also, she doubted that
there was any chance of a fashionable brand of bottled water to refresh her
as the grunting crab-faced creature packed her bowels with his greenish-white
spunk. She found herself mentally comparing his O-face to others she'd seen
and smiled inwardly.

The hunter pulled Paris Hilton from his shaft and set her down on the floor.
A thick stream of hot messy alien spunk began to drain out from Paris's
wide-open ass; her sphincter twitched while she reached back and fingered
the wide-open hole. Gogedheh felt intense disappointment flooding through
him, worse even than when he'd thought Beatrix Kiddo hadn't been any good at

Though his spirit wasn't really in it, Gogedheh slapped Paris roughly in the
face with his wilting cock; to make a last half hearted effort to goad her
into either attacking or at least aggressively defending. There was no honour
in killing those who wouldn't fight. Paris misinterpreted the action and
began to lick his shaft clean, tasting spunk and a little blood from the
rougher strokes along with the familiar taste of her bowel; Paris was such a
slut she truly enjoyed going ass to mouth.

They were both utterly oblivious as Sonya Blade sighted along her high
calibre rifle at the hunter's unprotected head. Sonya watched with disgust as
Paris happily licked the filth from his shaft - it was clear to the soldier
Paris Hilton had no morality at all, though truthfully she didn't expect a
rapist to have morals. At least that bastard Jax was dead.

The aim was absolutely perfect; Sonya's finger began to squeeze gently on
the trigger. and then the snake attacked. Lara Croft's thrown backpack had
smashed open the snake's tank and released the reptile into the lab. It had
been the subject of experiments by the Wayland Industries science teams, and
was easily twenty-five feet long. The snake's head was wider than Sonya's
waist. She screamed as it coiled fast up around her, and both Paris and
Gogedheh turned to look at the noise.

"Like, wow."

Sonya screamed again as the snake faced her and flicked out it's tongue.
Sonya's gun was too long-barrelled to get a decent shot against the snake,
and it was already squeezing too tight for her to twist around and shoot at
its tail. The blonde dropped the long gun and pulled out her pistol, but even
as she did so the Boa increased the squeezing of its coiled body to crush the
helpless woman to death. Sonya's athletic body was messily pulped between the
chemically enhanced coils. A heavy stream of piss sprayed into her panties as
she died. Sonya's pistol dropped from her twitching fingers as the snake's
huge mouth closed over her head. The snake commenced consuming its meal.

Paris made up a new plan on the spot, and rolled to hook up Jax's gun.
She turned it on Gogedheh and fired into his chest. The weapon worked fine
despite the water it had been partially laying in, and green blood burst from
each fleshy hole as the automatic rounds penetrated Gogedheh's broad and
muscled chest.

"This is my final plan! You so die!"

Gogedheh was forced back by the spray of bullets as without his breastplate
he took a lot of damage. He howled with pain, and tried to get away - he saw
Paris Hilton's plot to defeat him all too clearly now, and he'd walked right
into it! No wonder she was so highly rated by her masters. Then luck was back
with him as Jax's gun ran out of ammo. Paris scrambled for another magazine
as Gogedheh leaped towards her. Thick green blood was running heavily from
his chest, but the predator species was very tough and he wasn't fatally
wounded yet. Boiling rage drowned his pain.

Paris slammed the magazine home, worked the gun mechanism and pulled the
trigger. The gun jammed.

"That is so NOT hot!" she moaned, as Gogedheh reached her and stomped his
foot into her chest.

Paris screamed as ribs and sternum were shattered and ground into her lungs.
She started coughing blood almost immediately. She smacked the gun against
the floor and somehow managed to clear the jam. As pissed off as the predator
she fired upwards at the steep angle to his face. Gogedheh twisted his face
but caught some fire. The hard bones of his face were gourged as the rounds
caught partially hits. He lost some of his dreadlocks. Gogedheh caught the
barrel of the gun and yanked it from the naked woman's hands, throwing it far
down the corridor. The feeding snake turned its head towards the clatter as
Sonya's boots disappeared into its mouth. The snake's strong internal muscles
were already pulping the corpse down for easy of digestion.

Paris went for Jax's knife next, despite the difficulty she was having
breathing. That was one of Paris Hilton's greatest strengths; despite
everything the media tried to do to her, everything everyone put her
through, Paris never gave up and always came back for more. She slashed out
with the blade, and drew a green line across the predator's leg, but by then
he was on her, and had his huge hands around her throat. He glared hatefully
into her eyes as he squeezed tand twisted. He spine popped and cracked and
her neck broke in his hands.

Paris Hilton was dead. She'd outthought him and damn nearly outfought him,
and if his wounds proved not to be fatal the many scars he now bore would
serve as a reminder of the dangers of skilful and cunning prey. He took the
knife from Paris's hand and hacked off her head, pulling out her damaged
spine and holding the few pounds of flesh high above his own. He howled with
joy and with victory.

The hunt was over.

After The Hunt:

When Miho, Gail and Wendy failed to return from Los Angles, the other gangs
took advantage of the leaderless girls in Old Town and ruthlessly moved in.
Dwight's help wasn't enough and soon the whores were all either dead or
beaten into subservience and working for their next rock.

When Charlie Townsend turned on his television set to see the news of the
massacre at the nightclub, he down a shot and shed a few tears. Still, he
was hardened to losing his angels after so any years, and set about putting
together another team from likely prospects. He sent former angels with
reserve status out to Kazakhstan, and they managed to pull through on the

Beatrix Kiddo's untimely death had always been a possibility, and she had
prepared her daughter B.B. emotionally for it, while making necessary
financial and practical arrangements. The young girl was cared for by a
wholesome foster family in Texas, and managed better than the average
orphan. She was strong, like her mother and like her father.

The Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, had few friends left alive; those that lived
mourned her passing for reasons both genuine and born of base lusts. Her
remains were buried in good English soil beneath the gently rolling hills
of her family estate, which was ironically soon sold off to serve as an
English country base for Wayland Industries.

The agency updated it's files with new information and changed the status of
several files to deceased. Agency clean-up squads cleared out Paris Hilton's
agency equipment and then filled her sub-basement complex with concrete.
Despite a few cruel suggestions, Ann Coulter was dug out and moved to a
classified location before the concrete started, because she still had a
video to appear in. Fans everywhere wept and wailed, while fat ugly bitches
wrote gloating blogs about the "car crash death" of heiress Paris Hilton.

Gogedheh left the snake behind as a present for the human soldiers who would
come. He used his medical kit to staunch his bleeding and made his faltering
way back across the city to his ship. He barely evaded the agency squads
closing in. Once back on the vessel he got it up back into space and then
used the ship's advanced technology to properly treat his many wounds.
Afterwards he set about cleaning his five collected trophies and polishing
them until they were shining. The challenging hunt had been a great success,
even if he had failed in one aspect - to rape Paris Hilton.

Basking in the glow of success he looked to the future. The glory he would
gain, the females to mate with. Then, in a few more decades, perhaps he would
return and hunt again the challenging and pleasurable prey of the human's


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