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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Additional Credit: This story was written based on a request from Melora84, and I am grateful for the considerable additional thoughts and constructive criticism throughout.

Content Codes: FF, ncon, fist, inter, magic, mc

Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 2 - Bath
by JD ([email protected])

Though she had used it to obtain custody of Sonya Blade, Sheeva took her assigned mission seriously. Not knowing when Sonya would be brought to her chambers, she had begun researching the most recent information regarding Earthrealm held in Kahn's archives. As a servant knocked, and entered, she was studying intently Goro's own reports on his experiences there. Though his large hands had but two thick fingers and a similarly thick thumb to hold his stylus, Goro had written with an eloquence that belied his warrior's appearance. The Shokan race was poorer for his loss, if he were truly dead.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" she muttered, irritated at being interrupted.

The glare Sheeva threw at the servant made him shiver. He urgently motioned behind him, and two guards led in a hooded figure, shadowed by their comrades in the corridor beyond. Though Sonya's face was mostly obscured, her mouth set in a thin line, Sheeva immediately recognised the athletic body and the badly stained Earthrealm clothing.

"Leave us!"

The lead servant left a tool for the removal of her wrist cuffs before departing with almost unseemly haste as Sheeva strode towards Sonya. She reached past the motionless human and sealed the door. Power flashed around the edge, locking it more effectively than any key. Up close, the rank odour of the dungeon radiated from Sonya, sweat and damp and worse in an unappealing miasma. That would have to go; so would the dirty Earthrealm uniform. It had no authority in Outworld; the ragged fabric was merely a symbol of Sonya Blade's former life as an Agent of her government.

She walked around Sonya, admiring the easy balance of the woman's stance, feet just the right amount apart, arms braced up against the heavy restraints biting into her wrists. Shackles and chain that could be turned into a brutal club or choking weapon if the moment arose. She identified sigils on the back of the black hood and realised the limited sensory deprivation it provided. The prisoner might have been walked blindly to absolutely any fate, to face execution or torture, and yet she was breathing like a warrior at rest.

Sheeva's nails could be very sharp when she wanted them so, and usefully far blunter the rest of the time. She had famously flayed foes alive with them after fights. She slid one nail slowly up the front of Sonya's outfit, slitting the fabric cleanly apart until she reached the dirt encrusted neckline. The fabric fell open, revealing Sonya's breasts. They sagged only slightly without support, a testament to her physical health and beauty. Sheeva thought the only thing that might improve the human's nipples would be a pair of rings. Two more nail slashes at the shoulders, and Sonya's top fell away completely. She was naked before Sheeva from waste to hood. Sheeva stood back, to see how her prisoner would react.

Sonya had found it hard to measure time during the walk from the dungeon. She had become somewhat confused. The hood brought the realisation of how much she relied upon the slightest of light and sound cues; still, she thought she had memorised most of the steps and directions from the dungeon, and from there she had identified a route of escape from the arena... She only knew the dark and silent journey had reached its end when the guiding hands left her arms. She drew a slow breath in through her nose, and detected scents familiar and strange. The most overriding were the comforting smell of an open wood fire, and with an odd, inhuman musk.

The gentle rub up the centre of her chest took her by surprise, more so when she felt warm air on bare skin. As the fabric fell away completely, she held an image of it being cut off. Were her breasts on display at the arena? Kahn's court? It would be the work of a moment to reach up and pull away the hood, unless, as she suspected, the magic would prevent that. She felt more helpless than she had been until then, imagining eyes roving all over her, feasting on her breasts. The idea was one she had once secretly entertained in more intimate moments, and that memory coloured her skin with a light blush. She had been close to publicly topless before, in daring bikinis and party wear, but never completely so. After a moment she rationalised that it was more important to keep her hands ready for a struggle, or protect her more intimate flesh, than to fight to cover something already exposed.

Nothing! The stubborn human appeared determined not to react. Sheeva absently ran two fingers through long black hair, and decided to complete the job. Crouching slightly behind Sonya, she ran her nails carefully from Sonya's ankles, up the outside of her legs. That got a reaction, at last. Sonya jumped backwards, blind and deaf, intending to kick out at where someone might be crouching. As Sheeva was behind her, she instead jumped into the Shokan's arms, her butt crushed into Sheeva's face. She felt two strangely proportioned hands grab her own arms, and another two gripping her thighs. A memory of Goro filled her mind, before she realised that the fingers were smaller, thinner, than were. She was with a female Shokan, then; probably very strong.

Sheeva stood, adjusting her grip on Sonya's legs as she did so, and finished slicing off Sonya's uniform pants. She whipped off the hood and tossed it aside, finally allowing Sonya to turn and face her. Sonya's cuffed wrists were down, at waste level, obscuring her unwashed panties. Weeks in a dungeon could be tough on feminine hygiene, though as Sheeva only wore an outfit made of thin red straps across her nipples, and down past her belt to her crotch, Sonya's boots, socks and black headband meant she was still more completely dressed. After initially taking in the heavy build of the Shokan, she flicked her eyes peripherally and correctly deduced she wasn't in a torture chamber, or before an audience. Slightly, guiltily, disappointed she focussed again on Sheeva and a memory from the arena clicked.

"You were the one making a scene in the crowd. Someone spill your popcorn? Block your view of Tsung's preening?"

"I am Sheeva, Sonya Blade, and you were the one I was looking at, not the sorcerer. You're now in my custody. You'll appreciate it more here with me than your cell, I think. In fact, soon you won't want to leave."

One opponent. No guards. Sonya certainly did want to leave. She feinted as if for a kick, immediately re-adjusted her balance and swung her chained wrists up at Sheeva's face. Though the feint was skilful, Sheeva had been expecting a fight since removing Sonya's hood, and adjusted her guard to block with her upper forearms, while groping at Sonya's breasts hungrily with her lower hands. They felt as good as they looked, firm, warm, and Sheeva thumbed the nipples for half a second before Sonya leapt back, beyond her reach. Sheeva licked her black lips, and closed the distance. She had already proven herself more skilled than the three corpses in the dungeon.

Sonya kicked up, too low for the stomach. Sheeva caught her leg, wedged it between her thighs, and ground herself against Sonya's shin. She moaned, throatily, already wet through the crotch of her outfit. With her extra arm advantage she gripped Sonya's arms again with two of her own, then reached quickly down and sliced away Sonya's panties. Though sharp enough to cut the fabric with ease, Sheeva left not even a graze on her prisoner's skin. Sonya twisted, struggling angrily in Sheeva's grip. She had only one foot on the ground, and couldn't get enough leverage to kick at Sheeva, while there was simply more strength in the Shokan's thighs and forearms than in her own, despite her cell workouts. She couldn't even hold her legs together, and Sheeva clearly enjoyed the view there.

"Pervert! Even Kahn's guards didn't cop a feel! Even Shang Tsung kept his new teenage hands to himself!"

"Human ways are not Shokan ways. I find combat an exhilaration..."

Sheeva released her grips, and stepped away from Sonya, allowing the blonde woman to decide between resuming her fighting stance, and covering herself. Stepping aside, the Shokan reached for the tool that served as a key for Sonya's cuffs, and tossed it the near naked soldier. Sonya caught it, and put it to quick work removing the heavy metal, but she didn't drop the cuffs. She was aware, then, that she was not ready to defeat the Shokan female in a face-to-face fight, and if not that, then getting out of Kahn's palace would be even tougher. Sonya Blade had made a weapon of her body almost to the match of her name, but her edge was dulled by the weeks in the dungeon, even by the hours on display in the arena.

"There are wards in the walls of the guest suites. Many an honoured guest of the Emperor has become a prisoner very quickly. Even the windows can't be broken. You are as secure here as in your little cell, but here there is more comfort. Stay here, humour me, answer the questions I have, and you will get the opportunity to escape, or be rescued. I would enjoy fighting you at your best, I think. You know your friends will be coming for the new tournament, following in the thunder god's footsteps?"

It sounded a better offer than the cell, especially if Sheeva really did want Sonya fighting fit. Even if she didn't, almost anything would be better than that cell. The inviting smell of wood smoke almost reminded her of her childhood. Maybe the Shokan didn't know that Sonya had learned some small ways to manipulate the magics of Outworld already; her energy rings, her kiss of death. Fed, rested, and with the rust knocked off she believed she could beat the hell out of the four armed giant. She imagined the sound of one of Sheeva's knees breaking and almost smiled. She didn't want to appear eager.

"What do you want from me?"

"Right now? Put that down and follow."

Sheeva turned, and crossed the floor to a side door from the suite. Sonya knelt for her clothing, realised it wouldn't cover her anymore, and left it on the floor with the cuffs. She was still closer to the possible makeshift weapon than Sheeva. Unsure what to expect in the next room, she was surprised to see a large bathroom, more of a wet room. Set down into the floor, with seats around the edge, it could have accommodated three or four male Shokan. Though dry as Sonya entered, Sheeva had turned wheels on the wall and already gallons of water poured steaming from piping above. It would be full in perhaps a minute; in some matters of palace luxury, Outworld was the equal of the Earthrealm.

Leaving the control wheel for a moment, Sheeva reached into a small rough bag and pulled out a handful of herbs, sweetly pungent enough that the smell reached Sonya even through her own haze of sweat and dirt. Two handfuls went into the water, swirling down beneath the surface and resurfacing around the edge. Sheeva followed up by pulling a wicker style basket of bathing paraphernalia over to the edge of the tub. A final economic twist of an arm saw the control pipe wrenched off. The last drops of water punctuated the momentary silence, before Sheeva motioned to the rippling surface.

"Bath time."

There had been no baths in the cell. She desperately needed one, followed by a good toothbrush. Sonya slid off her boots, and socks, and even her hair band. She paused as she untangled her hair from it, and realised that she was completely naked. Though everything thought erogenous had already been forced into view, the final step brought a fresh blush to her face. She fought it down, reminding herself of the number of times she'd showered at school, with comrades, but surely none of those had watched her as the Shokan's red eyes did? Well, maybe that one girl... Shaking the thought from her mind, Sonya knelt to slip down into the bathing pool. As she did so, Sheeva loosened her symbol-belt, and lifted the neck strap of red fabric over her head. She dropped her outfit to the tiled floor. Sonya found herself with an uninterrupted view of hairless pussy. Though similar to a human woman's, the Shokan's clitoris seemed larger, more prominent. It wasn't just fighting they found exhilarating.

She took a deep breath, ready to explain that she was perfectly capable of bathing herself, and realised that she was a little dizzy. The sensation increased as she breathed in, already fogging her thoughts enough that she didn't make the connection to the herbs floating around her. Strongly scented, Sonya thought had thought them an Outworld equivalent of bath salts. She blinked, looking away from Sheeva's gratuitous display, and sat down on the seat in the water, her breasts just level with the surface. She hadn't realised just how stressed and on edge life in the dungeon had made her, but sitting in the hot, clean, water had her muscles unknotting, her mind calming. Something else, too, a sensual need growing inside. Her horniness hadn't gone away. She made an effort to fight the feelings,

"I think... I think that after the dungeon I can't take this luxury. I should go back to that cell," she mumbled.

The aphrodisiac herbs were powerful enough that even Sheeva felt the effects. Her inner thighs were wet even before she slid into the water opposite Sonya. She wanted to take the soldier's face in two hands, and grind herself into Sonya's beauty, but restrained herself. That would come later, when Sonya was more properly broken in. She reached to the basket and took a soft washcloth, and in the same hand a bar of creamy soap. Wetting both, she lifted Sonya's face, and began to sponge away the filth, using the soap on the ground in grime. Sonya reached up to push Sheeva back, preferring to wash herself. The Shokan dipped her body slightly, and Sonya's hands pressed into her breasts instead. Snake fast, she leant forward and kissed Sonya hard, pushing her tongue passionately inside.

Sonya responded even as she pushed against Sheeva's breasts. The slightly spicy taste of the Shokan's saliva was like honey after dungeon food, while Sheeva ignored Sonya's lack of freshness. Her breast pushing became more like fondling, and then the strangeness of the feeling became too much. She broke the kiss, standing up hard,

"What? What is this? A bath is one thing, but not this..." she turned, meaning to climb from the tub, one knee on the seat edge.

Sheeva almost snarled, and realised that she was letting the aphrodisiac get to her too much. Sonya Blade's ability to fight it off and try to leave impressed her, reminding her of that first sight of the soldier stoically chained in the arena. She surged forward, pressing Sonya into the edge of the bath so her upper body dripped over the floor tiles, and drew the cloth through the dirt on Sonya's back. Again, the heavy bar of unscented soap, made to an old Outworld recipe, assisted in scrubbing away the hardiest dirt. Against Sheeva's dark skin, the dungeon paleness of Sonya made a powerful contrast.

"I forgot my manners, Sonya; I simply found your face beneath the dirt too pretty not to kiss. Stay, let me finishing scrubbing you."

She brought the cloth up; rubbing the dirt away across Sonya's toned flesh. Sheeva reflected that it was lucky that Kahn had wanted her for a trophy; many of his prisoners wouldn't have had enough of a diet to keep the muscle packed on. Sonya's physical strength was a heady part of her appeal to the Shokan. Sheeva noticed that Sonya's attempts to climb out quickly faded, and brought her other hands into use. She ran them over Sonya gently, also checking for any signs of skin infections or worse picked up below. Sonya seemed clear, though leaning over from behind Sheeva caught the stench from her blonde hair. Putting aside the soap for a time, she leant over to the basket, took out a small jug and a jar of an Outworld hair treatment.

The Head & Shoulders people would have killed for a sample. Sonya gasped as Sheeva used the jug to pour herb infused water hotly over her head. She spat out water, moaning as the heat in her belly turned into blatant arousal. She knew something was wrong, but with Sheeva had a good grip on her hair, and was rubbing in a tingling gel. Instead of painful tangles tugging, the treatment separated and cleaned, and with a second jug of water, Sonya's hair was as clean and fresh as her scrubbed back. She tried to turn as the grip on her hair released, but felt the Shokan's heavy breasts against her back, thick black nipples pressed into the too-pale skin.

"The thing about my bath, Sonya, is that you get dirtier the more it cleans," murmured Sheeva, before kissing Sonya's ear.

Sonya moved her head away, but found a Shokan hand gently gripping one side, turning her face to Sheeva's. Another two hands snaked around, scrubbing away the dirt from her chest. Not just scrubbing; kneading. She realised that her own nipples were as hard as Sheeva's, yearning for her touch. As for Sheeva's last hand...Sonya cried out, a mixture of protest and desire, but her words were muffled by Sheeva's tongue finding her mouth as a middle finger pressed through Sonya's bush and deep inside. There was no resistance at all, as it went deeper than Sonya's own could reach, deeper than some penises she had known, slick and snug inside the soldier. Her nail, so sharp and deadly, was firmly blunted as she fingered inside, moving in and out with the water splashing around the fast moving arm.

Why was she so into this? Was it everything she had been through since the tournament? Was it the hard dungeon life, or the braying prisoners within the dungeon that led Sonya to hump back against Sheeva's hand? Did she just need a release, a feeling of pleasure after all of that darkness and hell? She didn't know; all she knew was that Sheeva's tender touch felt good from the tongue in her mouth, to the hands expertly fondling her chest with eager firmness, to the oversized thumb brushing her swollen clitoris and the finger piercing her labia and sliding inside. She heat inside Sonya Blade's body was rising faster than the bathing pool was cooling, and she wanted that climax.

And then Sheeva stopped, pulling all four hands form Sonya's body, and moved away to the other side of the bath. She sat down, and licked her fingers, though she was disappointed to find that bringing them up through the water had left only a hint of her new pet's essence on it. She swallowed anyway, watching as Sonya thrust impotently at the water, and then reached down to finish herself off.

"Stop! Stop or I will chain your hands again."

Sonya obeyed. She was used to taking commands from superior uniforms, not monsters from Outworld, but she couldn't have obeyed faster as a cadet. She turned around, the unfulfilled ache burning deep inside. She noticed that while her own hands hung by her hips like an old west gunfighter's, the Shokan was masturbating beneath the water, and massaging her breasts above it. Sonya was panting, each breath drawing in more of the tainted air and driving the effect worse. Sheeva drank in Sonya's body. Thanks to the cleansing water, there was far more of Sonya's dungeon pale skin on show than the dirt. Even so, enough seemed ground in that further baths would probably be needed.

Sonya's hair was slicked wetly back, throwing the need on her face into greater prominence.

"Tell me what you want, Sonya Blade."

"Sheeva... I want to come. I've never wanted it so much. Don't stop me..."

"I will give you what you want, if you get over here and ask nicely."

Sonya splashed through the water, there was only a small deeper circle in the centre of the bathing pool and she covered it in one step. Sheeva reached one hand out, and for a moment she thought that she wouldn't have to beg, but instead of penetrating her anew, the Shokan ran her two fingers gently through Sonya's bush, against the skin of her pussy. The teasing touch drew further moans from Sonya, and as blonde hair dropped into the water she realised that Sheeva had shaved with her bare.


"Please do it! Let me come!"

Sheeva finished with the last few curly scraps, and turned her hand, running her fingers across skin shaved as smooth as her own naturally hairless Shokan pussy. She was close herself, as much from the power that she had to cause Sonya's mind-fogged begging as from the fingers she had inside herself. She knew that Sonya wasn't truly broken in like a good pet yet, but the lingering effects of the herbs and her own memories would help with the rest.

"More. Tell me who you are and what you want."

Sonya's hands twitched. She was close to coming without being touched. There was something in humiliation, in being made to beg, that she had never realised.

"I... am Lt. Sonya Blade and I want your fingers in me."

"Good girl."

Sheeva pressed both fingers and thumb together, and thrust them into Sonya's freshly shaven pussy. Though the first finger had loosened Sonya, and she was very wet, it was still a stretch. She squealed, pressing down as Sheeva pressed up, stopping just short of trying to press her hand in. Moving the other upper hand from her breasts, Sheeva pleasured herself with two hands, and Sonya with two. She worked her hand into the squealing soldier, her own moans mixing with the higher voiced human, until her heavy fist disappeared to the wrist. Both women had killed with their fists, but the one Sheeva made in Sonya brought only pleasure.

Sonya's climax was ear splitting. Some of the Outworld energy manipulation she had learned for her kiss of death sent harmless flaming sparks from her mouth as her body stiffened, and her thighs clenched around Sheeva's forearm. The Shokan's own cry was throatier, inhuman, and together they yelled their pleasure throughout the echoing bathing chamber. Her red eyes seemed to glow unnaturally bright, even as she fought to retain enough control to keep Sonya standing, supported only by one Shokan hand stuffing her pussy.

Her new pet fell forwards, passing out from the herb enhanced pleasure smashing through her soul. Sheeva gently extracted her hand from inside Sonya, and held the human female in her arms, whispering praise into the unconscious woman's ear. She took a moment to run her tongue along her own fingers. Much tastier. She held Sonya there for a minute more, before gently sitting her down in the bath, and finishing off cleaning her body with the soft cloth, and harder soap, making sure that Sonya didn't drop face down into the water. She didn't respond at all, lost somewhere between genuine fatigue and unconsciousness.

Finally, she climbed from the bathing pool, turned the wheel to drain the water, and lifted Sonya into her arms. She carried the human through to another room of the suite, the one from which Sonya had smelled wood smoke, and lay her down on a warm thickly-furred skin before the fire. Harder than a bed, softer than the bench, it was also blissfully warm. As Sonya slept a sleep of pleasure and exhaustion, Sheeva, dripping water, collected every scrap of her old uniform and threw it into the back of the fire. The flue carried away the worst of the less pleasantly scented smoke.

After kneeling to plant a final proprietary kiss on Sonya's brow, she went back to her reading of Goro's reports. A servant knocked once, and she unsealed the door to receive more information and news. She sent him away with instructions to send a cleaner for the bath. Amongst the documents was a note confirming that in five days hence, an Earthrealm warrior, Johnny Cage, would face Kahn's assassin Mileena in the Arena during the first round of the new tournament. The Emperor required Sonya Blade to displayed.

Sheeva smiled. Five Days? She would make it quite a show.

Hopefully to be continued in part 3
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