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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Content Codes: FF, ncon, bond, magic, mc

Morkatl Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 3 - Taste
by JD ([email protected])


There had been long cold nights and dark damp days in the dungeon cell. She'd been often cold, always filthy, and lacking in the most basic comforts. It was little surprise then that what Sonya Blade needed most of all was rest in warmth. The warm skin provided some cushioning with its fur; after the cold stone bench of the cell, any little luxury at all was welcomed by her exhausted body. The heat from the burning wood dried the water from her flesh, leaving Sonya clean, dry and feeling fresh for the first time since she came to Outworld. It was true that one good bath, one great fuck, wouldn't cure everything but they had proven a good start.

After a long evening's study and note making, Sheeva looked in just once. She brought clothes for next day, and ensured Sonya was not too close to the fire, and admired her prisoner's naked form. Even at rest, Sonya's muscles were well defined enough beneath her skin, though perhaps in need of a little toning in places. Another day, perhaps two, and she would take Sonya to the smaller Palace gymnasium favoured by the Shokan. She mentally planned daily exercises, but for later, when Sonya was properly trained. Turning, satisfied, she left Sonya to sleep and went to the large, well-built guest bed of her own.

The fire guttered down to ashes as the night wore on. Without truly waking, too exhausted to dream, the soldier tugged the furry warmth around herself. Virtually cocooned in soft fur, still Sonya slept, as morning came to Outworld. Eight, twelve, fifteen hours, Sonya slept until mid-morning the next day and awoke with a full bladder beside the pile of cold ashes in the grate. Her eyes opened to the dark fur wrapped around her body, and blinked away the sleep. Her first feeling was overwhelmingly of restful peace. Sonya Blade remained calmly unconcerned as she tried to recall where she was.

The room was entirely unfamiliar to her. It appeared to be intended as a bed room, though the bed was missing. Scuffed, well-used boxes filled near half of it, some partly unpacked. An ancient looking chamber pot lurked in the corner, along with a jug of water in place of paper. She was reminded by the lingering smoky smell of her Grandmother's house, but this wasn't it. She thought back, and as she yawned the memories returned. Capture, the damned cell, weeks of gloom and dirt, then the Arena, the baying crowd and...


Sonya Blade wiggled enough to open wrapped the fur from around her body, and saw between her legs the evidence that her memories were no dream. Her full womanly bush, shaved to smoothness. She ran a finger along the bared skin of her labia, and her knowledge of blades impressed upon her the sharpness of the Shokan woman's nails. The previous day hadn't just featured a wash, and a shave, though, had it? Sonya's eyes unfocussed as she recalled the delicious warmth of the bathing pool; the sure, experienced, touch of Sheeva's inhuman three-digit hands on her body, inside her.

With an electric jolt, she realised she was no longer just checking the smoothness between her legs. A slight wetness glistened on her finger as she pulled it away. Her eyes roamed the room, seeking out weapons, escape routes, the professional mind of a soldier in captivity. Sheeva had said even something about a chance to escape. So soon? Unfortunately, Sonya was too confused, emotionally speaking, to properly apply her mind to the task. She recalled simply giving in, the crashing arousal through her body like floodwaters breaching a levee. She had begged her captor to fuck her, and cried out like a bride on a wedding night.

So why, Sonya wondered, didn't she feel ashamed? Sheeva was the enemy, a proudly loyal servant of America's enemy Shao Kahn, and Sonya hadn't resisted for long. There had been something there, she thought, some gas or maybe something in the water that reduced her inhibitions, but even then she knew she had possessed the willpower to resist. She'd been trained to withstand torture, to mis-direct interrogation; it was all part of being a soldier, and of fighting amongst Uncle Sam's elite Special Forces. Pleasure, though? They hadn't covered that, much.

Sonya realised the only shame she felt, was at her lack of shame. She stifled another yawn. She couldn't tell how long she had slept, but one good night's sleep wouldn't erase a whole month's fatigue. Her visual search of the room had shown dozens of makeshift weapons; she'd expected nothing less, but she didn't reach for any of them. Instead, she took up the neatly folded clothes she found near the skin, recalling as she did that her filthy uniform had been sliced off, and presumably destroyed.

She used the chamber pot, and then stretched before she dressed; though the fur had cushioned the floor, there was still some stiffness in her muscles. Even after a few minutes careful stretching, the tightness of weeks attempting sleep on a stone bench hadn't left her. The clothes consisted of a long-sleeved crop top, unexpectedly modest ankle length leather skirt, panties and soft slippers. She noticed the same little sigil on each, but assumed them to be the tailor or merchant's mark. Once dressed, she realised the skirt was tight enough to stop her running, surely intentionally, but she otherwise gave no other thought to what she wore. At least it was all clean.

There were windows up on one wall, but they were high, and had wards carved into the stone that suggested magic barred them. They let in little enough light that she could barely tell it was day beneath the clouded Outworld sky. Sonya also took a moment to crouch, and look up the flue above the fire. Thick, soot encrusted bars were set into the stone several feet up. The door, then, was her only way out. Sonya Blade strode across the small room, head high, and opened it into the main room of Sheeva's guest chambers.

Sheeva had been awake for hours. Even in her younger days, fighting under Prince Goro in the Shokan war band, she never slept for more than a few hours at a time. She had taken receipt of a further batch of information from the archives, this about Queen Sindel herself. Along with the documentation had come an imposing painting, of far higher quality than any Earthrealm artist could have matched when it was produced, which showed the monarch of Edenia in all her regal pride. There was something captured around her eyes that Sheeva recognised from Goro's expressions; a stern ruler doing their best for their people.

As she heard Sonya rise in the adjoining room, Sheeva had summoned a servant and ordered food and drink to be brought and left outside the door. Turning back, she set her gaze back upon Sindel's portrait, jaw resting on one upper hand, and did not turn away when Sonya entered. The Shokan wore only a thin strap around her torso to cover her nipples, and bikini bottom style panties. She had purposely chosen a more modest outfit for Sonya.

"Sonya Blade," she said, before her prisoner could speak, "This is Sindel, Queen of Edenia, mother of the Princess Kitana, and beloved wife of our Emperor, Shao Kahn. They say her beauty was matched by her intelligence and fierceness in battle. A fine consort for a warrior, don't you think?"

Sheeva finally turned her face towards Sonya as she spoke, and saw that the Earthrealm female had dressed in the clothing left for her. Good. Had she rebelled, refused to wear the items or tried smashing up the room, taking advantage of her restful night to launch a newly energised attack... Sheeva would have had to take a firmer hand. She fancied she read a growing anger in Sonya's expression, though the human sought to hide it as she had hidden her emotions in the arena.

While her thoughts about what had happened in the bath had been confused, unashamed, Sonya had come to the conclusion that Sheeva had violated her, sexually, and that she had to express the anger she didn't truly feel. She walked over to the Shokan, as fast as the skirt allowed, and stood aggressively close, head back to look up into those red Shokan eyes. The alternative would have been to stare levelly forward at the firm curves of Sheeva's breasts, with only the nipples, areolas and thin strips to either side covered.

Sheeva's personal scent, stronger and more insistent than any clean human odour, agreeably filled her nose as she drew breath.

"You assaulted me."

Sheeva held all four hands out, open palmed,

"If that is what a human would call it. I bathed you. You took more pleasure from it than I, and you certainly seemed to enjoy it more here than in your cell, as I promised."

Sonya's eyes narrowed, she virtually spat her words back at Sheeva,

"I've had my bath; you've had your cheap feel. Now send me back to that cell!"

She realised that she didn't sound entirely convinced. That cell had been a hellhole, the bath, for all that she hadn't given clear, and un-coerced consent hadn't been. She didn't really want to go back. At least, she didn't if she couldn't take the soft fur and warm fire with her.

"You wish to be firmly imprisoned again?" Sheeva asked, "I'll grant your wish."

The word of command Sheeva spoke next sounded somewhere between Japanese and Inuit. The sigils woven into Sonya's clothing reacted immediately. The skirt constricted around her legs, bending her down to her knees. She landed with a surprised cry, and tried to spread out for balance. The sleeves of the crop top had other ideas, gently but firmly twisting her arms back. Sonya's muscles protested with shooting pains as she fought against the fabric, but it seemed to move independently, soothing and massaging the flesh until her arms were stretched back, wrist to wrist, as if she was praying in reverse. She felt as if her shoulders might dislocate with another inch more, but the massaging left the ache not too unpleasant, physically. She drew enough sharp breath,

"What the fuck is... Oh..."

Though virtually immobilised from the neck down, Sonya didn't have long to contemplate her helplessness unmolested. The second phase of the magic began, as the top softened and moved against her breasts, gently teasing her nipples, caressing the skin around. At the same time, her panties, so innocent and clean looking, began to move against her pussy beneath the skirt. Sonya gasped, jaw dropped; there was a hint of delicious friction, the movement was rhythmic on her skin. Starting with slow pulses, the enchanted panties re-ignited her earlier arousal. Almost immediately, additional natural lubrication seeped out as her clit warmed up to the touch. Sonya looked down through the gently caressed valley of her breasts, and found she was unable to see anything of what she could feel beneath the skirt. The leather was tightly wrapped around her hard muscled thighs, looking as if it were painted on. Her legs were constricted to just the right side of pain, while the pressure on her chest and her upper body wasn't enough to restrict her breathing.

"How long do you think you can stand it, without moaning?"

Sonya glared back up for a moment, purposely holding her mouth shut. There were no watery herbs this time. The growing pleasure she felt, she would not show. Sheeva rubbed her hands together, pleased that Sonya's skirt had worked fast enough to hobble and then drop the soldier directly at her feet. Fine magic. You didn't need heavy chains and skin abrading shackles when you had a little leather, a little fabric and good bit of magic. Though Sonya's arms and legs were bound, Sheeva knew she could bite, and butt, and perhaps concentrate enough to spit fire with her magical training from the previous tournament. The Shokan walked slowly around the kneeling Sonya, ran a hand through her captive's un-brushed blonde hair, teased Sonya's grasping fingers with the tips of her nails, and then returned to the front. Sweat showed upon Sonya's pale forehead, her breathing grew faster, her cheeks flushed. Still, she did not moan.

Sheeva bent at the waist enough to push her own panties down. They dropped to the floor, and a flick of one toe sent them out of slipping distance. Immediately, the strong musk of Shokan arousal filled the air as it around her in the Arena. Sonya's face was inches away from the exposed hairless folds of Sheeva's sex, and as the powerful, almost pungent, aroma of the four-armed woman's arousal washed over her she finally moaned.

"Shit!" she cursed herself, unaware that her attempts at self control, at retaining dignity before a captor, were arousing Sheeva even more.

Sheeva's hands pushed up the belt-bra she wore, and flipped it over her head. She flicked both fingers and thumb of each upper hand against her nipples, already as hard as Sonya's were beneath the caressing crop top. She reached for Sonya's head with her lower hands; in the bath, she had concentrated mostly on Sonya's pleasure, carrot before stick. Sheeva's own climax had been almost an afterthought, enjoyable as it was. Now, though, she would let Sonya know who came first.

A pet should know her place.

Though her body had responded to Sheeva's musk as if she had snorted some pure chemical aphrodisiac, the soldier still resisted. She near-strained her neck, pulling back from Sheeva's lower hands with the only part of her body she could still move away. Fingers flexing behind her back, she fought as hopelessly against Sheeva's strength as she did against her body's desire. The dark skin of Sheeva's inner thighs glistened wetly; the Shokan was almost dripping across Sonya's tightly shut lips. Sonya felt Sheeva adjust her stance, and then the wet heat smeared from her chin up her face, as the Shokan humped against the human female's mouth. It was too much; Sonya moaned again, and had her first taste of Sheeva's pussy.

"Hmmm," Sheeva huskily began, "You can deny it all you want if it gives you joy to do so, but I can see and hear what you really feel about being bound and pleasured. You'll share that pleasure with me, won't you?"

As she spoke, she continued rubbing her pussy into Sonya's face, blond strands wrapped around her lower hands. She couldn't tell what of the glistening dampness on Sonya's face was sweat, and which was her juice. If it were possible, she thought Sonya Blade looked even more beautiful on her knees, fighting desire. She ground her groin a little harder, pressing Sonya's nose into her blood engorged folds, then shifting position and smearing herself across the human's lips.

"Sonya, taste me properly. There will be no pain in giving in to desire," Sheeva smiled, showing teeth, "Unless you like that, of course."

Sonya's panties were soaked. Her breasts were aflame with gentle fondling that seemed to have a genuine intelligence behind it; the magic was reacting to her own pleasure responses. Though the caresses had increased, though her pleasure was building, she knew that she wouldn't peak from the magical toys alone. She would need Sheeva, and, right at that moment, she really needed Sheeva. Something else of her soldierly Earthrealm personality dissipated with the heat rising in almost visible steam from Sonya's body. She opened her mouth as if for a kiss, and licked the length of Sheeva's folds.

"Excellent!" hissed the Shokan, ceasing her grinding and holding her pussy against Sonya's tongue.

Though the Shokan's sexual stamina was exceptional, even amongst her peers, Sonya's unspoken submission nearly popped Sheeva right then. She untangled her lower right hand from sweaty blonde hair, and reached to splay her lips wide, letting Sonya lick deeper inside. Squeezing her nipples together, she added her own throaty groans to Sheeva's irregular moaning. If Sheeva had been told that Sonya had never serviced another woman orally before, she would not have believed it. Whether through the old adage that only a woman knows what her sister needs, or simply beginner's luck, Sonya's tongue flicked and licked and tasted all of Sheeva's sweetest spots, taking drops of arousal from her shaking splayed fingers rather than loose them from the folds.

Giving in had been the hard part. Once Sonya had done that, she applied the drive and determination that characterised her life and military career to Sheeva's pleasure. She looked between Sheeva's pussy and her face, taking cues from the Shokan's urging expression, or as she bit her lip and arched harder into Sonya's licking. The taste... Shokan pussy was inhuman, spicy, a little metallic, but Sonya couldn't get enough. She also couldn't forget her bindings, and felt an utterly new thrill of being helpless, which would have horrified her before, each time she tried to move her fingers around to use on Sheeva.

Finally, Sonya turned her attention to Sheeva's clit. Though larger, thicker, than her own, she had no doubt as to how the intense bundle of nerves worked. If the Shokan had one attackable weak spot in reach, it was there. Sonya nibbled the bud, and Sheeva's groans turned to higher pitched cries. The human gave no respite, nibbling, sucking, even biting harder, assuming the Shokan's toughness would respond to a little roughness, and it did. Sheeva had started humping again, grinding against Sonya's tongue. She judged the movements as best she could, and kept up her tonguing, barely pausing to swallow.

An indecipherable mixture of swearing, praise and wordless pleasure emerged from Sheeva's black lips. She dropped all four hands, finding grips around Sonya's head, and gloriously, loudly, came against her pet's skilful mouth. The only time Sheeva knew pleasure to approach it was in battle, the same rush of blood, the same passion. She bucked, shaking, muscles bulging as she stiffened and cried stutteringly out. From her breasts to her feet, the mottled brown skin of her shoulders to her pussy, Sheeva knew pleasure from Sonya Blade, and voiced it loudly.

It had to have been a minute or more. The intense heat against Sonya's face reminded her of the jungle; the inhuman noises of Sheeva's pleasure, its inhabitants. The pressure of four hands around her head grew to almost painful levels for long seconds, and she began to consider she might die there, bound and licking a Shokan's crotch. Sheeva's grip lessened, and then dropped away completely. Sonya's eyes met hers, and the bound soldier moaned her own need. Sheeva took only a few seconds to catch her breath, and then knelt down with her legs on either side of Sonya's own. She shuffled forward, and flicked the stray hair away from Sonya's face,

"You did very well, Sonya. Did you have a lot of practice, or were you just thirsty?"

"I've never... no, never before."

Sheeva didn't believe it, but no matter. The need in Sonya's voice; Sheeva had only heard such emotion from one about to die, and yet Sonya retained a little of her dignified air. What she wanted was obvious, but she hadn't put it to words. She wasn't pleading. The Shokan leaned forward and with gentle kisses tasted herself on Sonya's chin, her cheek, her forehead. The tip of her tongue explored the human's pale skin. All four of the Shokan's hands roamed, teasingly, across Sonya's breasts, her strained abdominal muscles and bared navel, around the muscles of her arms, and then to the waist of the skirt.

"I don't want to hear any more talk of assault. You would know a Shokan assault by the piles of bodies!"

Sonya hadn't stopped her soft moaning. The magical charge of the clothing had brought her close to orgasm, touching against her breasts and pussy enough to keep her on the edge, but not enough to push her over. She felt as if she sat beneath a hill, ready to run full tilt up. Even mentally running through fantasies, first, and then secondly facing the simple reality that she was pleasuring a deadly warrior woman with total power over her, hadn't been enough to lift Sonya to her peak. If she couldn't touch herself, she still needed Sheeva to do it for her. The Shokan nibbled on her lower lip, and Sonya pushed her own tongue out, but Sheeva didn't want to kiss her properly, not yet.

"Shall I give you a treat, now?"

Sonya nodded, mouthing a near silent "yes".

"Good girl, Sonya," she whispered, pleased that her pet appeared so eager.

Sheeva whispered another word of command. The skirt's constriction loosened half way; Sonya's legs fell apart slightly, and the movements of the panties against her pussy faded. Sheeva slid two fingers and a thumb down against Sonya's almost steaming sex. Both fingers slid straight in, right past the knuckles to the hand. Heated and gooey, Sonya seemed to suck her in.

"Thank you! Tha-"

Sonya's gratitude was cut off as Sheeva finally kissed her, black lips pressed to red, their breasts pressing together through fabric. Sheeva played her body with the skill of a maestro, fingers within, thumb without, three more hands holding Sonya's body. Sheeva had rarely found a kiss so intensely erotic, but the moment felt supercharged by the enthusiasm of Sonya's response. Tongue to tongue they wrestled as within seconds Sheeva brought Sonya to the boil.

"Don't stop!"

Sonya jerked her face forward as Sheeva broke away from the kiss; she was so close. The Shokan wasn't stopping, she just wanted to hear her pet's cries. Two, three, more rubs, thumb to clit, and Sonya sang for Sheeva. Her climax was higher, sharper, feminine cries of satiated lust. She wanted to twist and writhe against Sheeva, but the magic top, the half-loosened skirt, still held her in their binding grasp. Sonya Blade soaked Sheeva's hand, then collapsed limply, barely aware of the spoken command to fully release her. Pleasure continuing, aftershocks and waves; her desire had been fulfilled, and a sense of hazy gratitude filled her mind.

Her arms were moved gently back around, and then she fell forwards against Sheeva, resting her head on the Shokan's chest as those four power arms wrapped around her. As her orgasm faded, she again found herself confused as to her reaction. Was an orgasm so important to her, that she would moan for a captor? Yet with Sheeva's musk still heavy in the air, the questions quickly pushed from her mind, seeming less important than that she had done well, and been rewarded. It felt almost strange for the top to have stopped massaging her breasts. Sonya tried to tug it off, and found it would not lift up.

"I will allow you to undress before your bath tonight," Sheeva told her, before ruffling Sonya's hair playfully and standing, "and now we have things to talk about, you and I. First though, food."

Sheeva left Sonya kneeling on the floor, and went to the chamber door. A heavily built wooden trolley sat outside, covered dishes and bottles of drink filled both lower and upper tray. She had requested cold meats, fresh Outworld fish, lots of protein and everything else that helped maintain a good, muscular figure with regular exercise. Any chef bringing Nouvelle Cuisine to the Shokan camp would have stood a good chance of ending up revolving on the spit. Sheeva pulled the trolley into the room, closed the door, and left it by the table. She quickly piled up documents, creating a space on the polished wood, and indicated a smaller chair to her own.

"You don't have to stay on your knees... unless I tell you to. Come, sit, and eat with me. Drink. I don't know when you last fed, but it must be almost a full cycle of day and night, and dungeon swill at that."

It had been some hours since Sheeva had breakfasted. As well as Sindel's portrait, and other items, she had received papers ordered the day before from the Shokan camp's own archives. In those she had been engrossed. There had been long periods when she had quite forgotten Sonya sleeping in the next room. The writer had been Goro's non-Shokan servant Bone, sent disguised as human to spy for the Prince in Earthrealm before Goro himself travelled there to fight and file his own reports to the Emperor. Bone had once been a virtual slave, entrusted only with tasks too menial for the Shokan, before rising to a position of trust. Shokan were good at training their pets. Bone had kept his own diaries of matters not essential to the official reports, and had much of interest about daily life in Earthrealm. His papers had been recovered with Goro's personal effects; he had disappeared following his master's defeat.

Watching approvingly as Sonya slowly, shakily, climbed to her slippered feet, Sheeva reached for large chunk of meat. Eating from the same fingers that had been inside Sonya, Sheeva listened to the human's breathing, pleased that it was already returning to her base rate. It wouldn't be long before she had the Earthrealm woman trained back up to pre-imprisonment athleticism. Properly trained, Sonya Blade's combat skills would even make her a suitable training partner in the sparring ring.

Sonya sat down upon her indicated chair. There was a brief thought in her mind that the food might be poisoned in some way, but she disregarded it. If Sheeva wanted her dead, there was no need for subtlety. She certainly was hungry, and thirsty, and made more so by the expenditure of energy in shared pleasure. She had to tug the skirt up a little to bend and sit, but the clothing appeared to have become entirely inert, beside her inability to remove it. She couldn't recall the last time she had worn a skirt; possibly before she had been in basic training? Prom? Any occasion in which casual pants hadn't been suitable had been Uniform.

'How long', Sonya wondered, selecting food, 'before she commands me tied again?' In the past, the idea of being bound inescapably by an enemy had not appealed to Sonya, but when Sheeva did it... thinking about it was enough to start her feeling aroused again. She jiggled slightly, feeling the cool stickiness dried on her thighs.

"Have you any manners?"

Sonya thought for a moment, then replied

"Thank you for this food."


That was tougher, but a few seconds later, Sonya blushed lightly and replied hesitantly,

"...and for the orgasm?"


Back home, of course, it might be expected to buy someone a meal before sex. Sonya assumed that if the Shokan warriors did that, they might never stop eating. So together the women ate, and drank, concentrating on satiating the mundane natural desire of hunger. Sheeva didn't ask anything more, and Sonya didn't offer anything either, though she found herself more and more wondering just when Sheeva would bind her next, or demand her mouth be put to use for more intimate activity than chewing, and swallowing.

Sheeva wasn't a mind reader; she had a pretty good idea of what Sonya was thinking anyway, and had already resolved not to lay a single one of her four hands' total of twelve digits on the human for the rest of that day. She wanted Sonya's desire and anticipation to build, to attain a feverish pitch. There were some who said that the Shokan's vaginal musk could be addictive, leading to a crack habit. Sheeva doubted it was true, but certainly pleasure, lust, sensual needs, those could be drawn upon, stored up, unleashed.

When they had finished eating, Sheeva re-dressed from nudity to almost nude. She began to outline for Sonya the information she already had about Earthrealm, the threats, the strengths and the weaknesses. Goro's reports during the tournament and Bone's papers covered much that she had hoped, but still she was concerned about Sindel's safety. There were warriors who hadn't fought in the Mortal Kombat tournaments who might be called upon to attack Sindel; Sheeva named the shaman, Night Wolf, whose magical ability was enough that he could be detected from Outworld, amongst the un-magical dross of Earthrealm where few developed such abilities. She wanted to know of him, and any others Sonya knew about.

Sonya wasn't willing then to betray her comrades in the military, but found that she was happy to talk in terms of protecting Sindel, who's sternly beautiful face overlooked them from the portrait. Sheeva wasn't even really asking about military placements, but other individuals, some of whom Jax and Sonya's superiors had been identified as possible threats to the United States government. She knew nothing of Night Wolf, though. Perhaps only Raiden had identified his future role as a protector of Earthrealm, sensing the same magical power. Sonya gave all of the information she had about the Black Dragon mercenaries. It seemed important to impress upon Sheeva that they, and Kano especially, could not be trusted. Sheeva was very impressed with the passion with which Sonya talked of killing Kano. There could be no question of mercy.

Later, Sheeva suggested another bath. Sonya followed her through eagerly, expecting a repeat of the previous day. Instead, Sheeva ran the bath and then left her to it, pausing only to release the last magic control, which allowed Sonya to disrobe. She watched the Shokan leave, and take up some papers to read in the next room. It finally sank in that Sheeva wasn't going to touch her again. As Sonya bathed with soap and cloth, and scrubbed away the more of the lingering ground-in dungeon dirt, as well as the fresh mess of that day, she considered whether Sheeva had lost interest after getting her pussy licked. She'd heard of men who wouldn't return calls after a fuck, or even a blow. It didn't seem likely in Sheeva's case; otherwise, she'd just be back in the cell.

Sheeva didn't read for long. Halfway down the page, the Shokan recalled that she had intended to put out a more cushioned bed for Sonya, but as her prisoner had dropped unconscious in the bath she had ended up leaving her on the skin by the fire. Deciding it wasn't a bad place for another night; she scrounged a few larger cushions from the boxes and put them under the furry skin. Listening to the gentle splashing from the bathing room Sheeva re-built the fire and only then returned to Bone's papers; this human sorcerer he mentioned, the Wizard of Oz, why wasn't he in either his or Goro's official reports? Was he a threat? It was passing strange.

From Sonya Blade, at least, there had been good progress. Less than two days in her custody, and Sonya Blade had already tasted her, and clearly wanted more. She'd also given Sheeva information about the Black Dragon clan that even Kahn may not have known the truth of; such mercenaries would certainly seek their own influence on Sindel. For Sheeva's part, instead of giving Sonya more of what she'd wanted, she had held off, both to make the Earthrealm woman's desire mount, and also from the practical point of view that one long sleep wouldn't be enough to get Sonya over her weeks in the cell. Sheeva's pet needed more than a cat nap or two. When Sonya emerged from the bathing room, with a towel wrapped around her body and the clothing piled in her arms, Sheeva indicated a place to put it, and directed Sonya back through to the newly cushioned furry skin. She followed to the door, ready to close it behind.

"Sleep well, Sonya Blade. We still have much more to discuss."

Sonya paused by the furry skin as the door was near shut, and almost asked the Shokan to stay, but stopped herself. Instead she remained silent, some of her old determination to give no further assistance, to escape, resurfacing in her sexual frustration. Wasn't it too late for that, though? She thought to masturbate, though somehow being caught if Sheeva suddenly came back seemed too much to bear. As it happened, her remaining fatigue brought her to unconsciousness almost immediately, stretched naked upon warm fur and cushions.


To be continued in part 4

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