Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

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Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 4 - Scribe
by JD ([email protected])

Morning came round, and found Sheeva with a carrying pile of clothing in two hands, and quietly opening the door to Sonya's room with another. There were two oil light flickering low in the room, but Sheeva's red eyes showed her Sonya in furry skin, asleep. Her intention for the day had been to wake Sonya early, and put the prisoner to work, with no sexual involvement for hours. Sonya's desires would burn, brighter and higher, until Sheeva stoked her to volcanic eruption. She swiftly modified her plan as she entered, and heard Sonya's light sighs. Though only her face was visible amongst the fur, Sheeva found the closed-eyed expression of the sleeping Earthrealm woman arousing, especially it seemed flushed more with lust than furry warmth. Sheeva wondered as to the precise nature of Sonya's thoughts, though the general content was clear. Her subconscious mind was given over to fucking; her dreams were surely gloriously obscene.

She gently put the pile of clothes aside, and slipped out of her own. Moving lightly across the floor, surprisingly quietly for her muscular bulk, the seven foot tall Shokan gently knelt and pulled aside the fur Sonya had pulled over herself. Slowly, sensuously, she revealed her prisoner's nude form. Taking Sonya's left foot in her hand, and putting another on her calf, she gently eased Sonya's legs apart, and caused the sleeping woman to roll onto her back. Sonya had been helpless in her bondage the day before, but in sleep she had whole a different vulnerability about her. Sheeva gently probed her Shokan folds, wetting her fingers with the secretions there, and stretched her damp fingers before the sleeping soldier's nose. The moan Sonya gave in reply was almost enough to rouse herself, were her body not still working through the fatigue of the stay in the dungeon.

The Shokan moved back, balanced in a crouch, and gently stroked Sonya's lower legs, starting at the ankles. The skin was not as milky smooth as the paleness suggested, coated in fine hair and with patches of roughness from her hard working life. Sheeva appreciated the solid, killing, muscles of Sonya's thighs. The soldier had ended lives between them, and Sheeva could imagine them drenched in the blood of Sonya's foes, though such chokeholds and neck breakings would have been relatively clean. The lightly haired skin of the upper thighs was damp beneath Shokan fingers, and not just from sweat. Sheeva listened to Sonya's breathing, and checked the flickering behind her eyelids. Her pet was soundly asleep, though Sonya's legs twitched lightly under the Shokan's fingers, as if she ran in her dreams. The wetness glistening between Sonya's thighs served as a final clue that the only search she might be engaged in within the dream world was one for sex. Sheeva eased gently forward, nose just above Sonya's sex, and breathed in the Earthrealmer's comparatively subtle scent of arousal.

Ever so gently, she reached for Sonya's pussy, the two fingers still wet from her own groin, and gently spread the already-open labia further. Even wetter within, Sheeva's fingers moved slowly over Sonya's skin, tickling against the light blonde stubble around Sonya's pussy. Sonya's arms twitched, sleep paralysis keeping her from true movement, as her body reacted to the Shokan's skilled teasing. Sheeva assumed, correctly, that if Sonya didn't awake quickly her dream must involve the new sensations. Drawing quiet sighs from the sleeping woman, Sheeva finally gave in to her own hunger, and licked between Sonya's thighs. She hadn't known the taste of an Earthrealm woman before Sonya, but would certainly speak sweetly of the flavour in years to come.

Whatever animal had unwillingly donated their skin had also given Sonya the best two nights of sleep she had known for some time. Before being consigned to the dungeon there had been the Mortal Kombat Tournament, and before that her part in the investigation of Kano and his cronies. Perhaps she should have been as stressed in Sheeva's captivity, as she had been before, but throughout the long night her dreams were awash with sensuality. There had been a lingering, perhaps permanent, effect upon Sonya Blade's libido from Sheeva's musk. She had dreamed herself in a dozen different locations from boot camp, to high school, to that arena with thousands watching. In each one Sheeva arrived, and wrapped her arms about Sonya's naked body. She found in her dreams the idea of nudity, even sex, in public, to be both scary and powerfully arousing. Her earlier brief fantasy of being watched while hooded and topless had hinted to her that such tastes existed in her mind, but Sheeva's influence had worn away her sexual inhibitions.

When Sheeva had entered Sonya had been starting to re-live one of her earlier dungeon nightmares. In the back of an army truck, hunting some alien. The agency spook had turned the soldier, even Jax, against Sonya, and they had bad intentions for their female comrade. She was outnumbered, her fighting skills strangely ineffective, and she was going to take a beating or worse when Sheeva tore the back door from the speeding vehicle. The Shokan threw two men right out into the road, their bodies bouncing and then fading from the dream. In real life, the Shokan wouldn't have been able to stand straight in there, but by dream logic, she went through the soldiers like a hurricane and then reached down, pulled Sonya up into a kiss, those four arms again wrapped about Sonya's athletic frame.

Sonya felt protected in her dream, but also incredibly horny. Sheeva held her arms around her body, but pushed one hand down into her uniform pants. It seemed to Sonya that she could really feel the Shokan's touch on her pussy, more real than any previous dream. Thick brown fingers stroked in her blonde bush, and spread her pussy to touch the pinkness beneath the pale white skin and golden hair. She wrapped her arms around Sheeva's powerfully built torso, lifted her body off the ground and wrapped her legs around the Shokan. Though the truck was rocking, the floor uneven, the Shokan's strength and poise kept her upright. Sonya humped against the two fingers stroking her within the dream. It was good; the best dream of the night. Her attackers defeated, and fingers that soon felt almost tongue-like between her thighs. Tongue-like?

Sonya blinked, waking up. The dream faded as she looked between her breasts and saw Sheeva's thick black hair surrounded by little spiky horns in that same pony tail. Not in the truck. In Outworld. Immediately, Sonya spread her thighs wider, fingers clenched in the furry skin on which she awoke. Sheeva's tongue... it was incredible. Her fingers, her whole fist, they were good, but her tongue moved across Sonya Blade's sex like the kiss of a goddess. Sonya's head dropped back, she arched her back. More. She needed more of Sheeva's tongue. The near silence of breathing and licking was broken by a sound like a baby's birth cry from Sonya, hard, high, and needful. She didn't need any warming up. Her night's dreaming had done the job already, and when Sheeva reached up to pinch her hard nipples she thought she might come straight away. Then the Shokan did the unthinkable. She stopped, lifted her mouth, and as Sonya raised her head in desperation looked her pet straight in the eyes.

"Good Morning, Sonya Blade."

"G'morning! Don't stop!"

Sheeva raised one of her fingers from Sheeva's thighs and waggled it, no.

"Your pleasure's peak will be all the sweeter if you wait for it. You are not allowed to orgasm until I say so. Understand?"

There was something playful in Sheeva's expression, if Sonya read the Shokan face correctly, but also a touch of command. Could she resist the pleasure? She damn well ought to be able to, wasn't she a Special Forces Lieutenant? That had taken more willpower than most humans ever knew. She was strong, healthy, well rested, and though the heat between her legs burned hotly in the cool room, she enjoyed the idea of resisting. She wouldn't orgasm, not until Sheeva permitted it.

"Yes... I understand."

Sheeva didn't speak any further. She dropped her face to Sonya's groin and wiggled her tongue against the skin beneath, then up through the slickly swollen lips, and teased around the clitoral hood. Sonya reached for the Shokan's head, but Sheeva caught her hands without looking up, and pushed them back down to the fur. Sonya resisted for a moment, arm muscles bulging back, a test of strength, and then dropped her hands submissively to the fur. Sheeva probed deeper, the perfect angle to press her tongue further into Sonya. There was almost more essence than she could lap up leaking freely from her pet's sex. Her dark brown chin and black lips wetly glistened with Sonya's arousal, as she explored, probed, and pulled back to tease again around Sonya's clit, drawing sweet moans that Sonya no longer wanted to hide. She still thought of escaping, of killing Kano and returning home, but for each moment of pleasure Sheeva lavished upon her, the urges faded by another tiny increment.

Unlike some of the few male partners Sonya had known, she had no personal experience in holding back an orgasm. Wasn't there something about unsexy thoughts? Moving away from stimulus? Back arched, clutching fur, she tried to think of something to dampen her passion. There was a moment's frustrating relief as Sheeva pulled her further down the sheets, repositioning her. She couldn't understand why, and was about to ask, when the Shokan shifted around and put her legs to either side of Sonya's face. Her whole world was reduced to dark space between the massive muscles of Sheeva's thighs and the heady cloud of Shokan musk from the crotch above her face. Without prompting, she lifted up and eagerly tasted again Sheeva' pussy. Lapping like a cat with a bowl of milk, Sonya drank of Sheeva.

Sheeva's extra height over Sonya meant she had to bend her back slightly awkwardly to keep her face down in the Soldier's pussy, but she didn't notice the discomfort as her breasts brushed against Sonya's body, and Sonya's smaller cleavage, flattened slightly by gravity, moved against the Shokan's well defined abdomen. Sonya had proved her oral skill the day before, bound and helpless, and Sheeva groaned appreciatively at the repeat performance. She reached her lower hands down and back, enjoying the feel of Sonya's breasts, while her uppers fondled Sonya's buttocks, and lifted the blonde soldier's groin to her mouth.

Sonya tried to resist, as she had done in the bathing pool. She fought against the rising tide of pleasure, but her arousal had doubled, tripled or more since the fresh Shokan musk filled her nose, and dripped into her mouth. Every time she tried to formulate some unsexy or sad memory in her mind, her thoughts perverted it. She had to stop; there were things she didn't want sexualised. The tongue was too much, too deep, too fast and hot and passionate against her body. Muffled by Sheeva's crotch, Sonya Blade stiffened, squealed, and came wetly. As powerful as her first orgasm under the Shokan's touch, or bound on her knees, Sonya knew again the extreme sense of pleasure she had only experienced from Sheeva's touch, though tempered by disappointment at her weakness.

Hidden from Sonya's view, Sheeva's toothy grin was of evil satisfaction. She had had every confidence in her ability to get Sonya off, just as she would have in her ability to keep the Earthrealm woman on edge for hours, if necessary. She had used every little trick of her tongue, and followed every little jolt and movement of Sonya Blade's body, and driven her pet over the cliff of pleasure as surely as a train off a broken bridge. She stroked Sonya's shaking thighs, feeling the muscles corded and stiff, and thought again of them wrapped about some enemy's neck. The Shokan's pussy tingled, aching with the need for release, but first she would have to punish Sonya. Her pet had failed to do as she was told.

Sonya panted atop the sweat-drenched fur, and shivered for a moment as she felt cool air over the rest of her body. Sheeva had shifted above her, moving back, adjusting. What was she doing? Sonya blinked away the sweat and tears of her bliss, and realised that Sheeva's buttocks were just above her face. The Shokan arched her back, and looked back and down. Narrow red slits of eyes in the semi-darkness were all that Sonya could see clearly.

"Couldn't control yourself?" Sheeva sounded angry, "make amends. Lick."

Sonya lifted her mouth, but found Sheeva's new position had moved her pussy beyond reach. There was only... Sheeva's ass? Sonya wasn't a naive innocent; she knew what rimming was, even if she couldn't quite recall the term. But her sex life before Sheeva's attentions had always been comparatively vanilla; it certainly hadn't included anilingus. She felt disgusted,

"What... I can't lick you there!"

"You can, and you will. Show how sorry you are for coming without permission; I want to feel your tongue!"

Though she had to stretch awkwardly, Sheeva managed to get a hand back to Sonya's head and pull the soldier's face between her buttocks. Sonya felt the toned muscles on each side of her cheeks, but there wasn't the stench she had expected; Sheeva cleaned herself carefully, and beside a sheen of sweat there was no other residue. Hygiene was important to the Shokan, as was anything that kept them fighting fit.

"Kiss it!" Sheeva urged, a hard edge to her voice, and then, softer, "take your punishment like a woman, and then, later..." she broke off, and reached out, stroked another finger softly down Sonya's stomach.

The implication was clear. Though still disgusted at the idea of tasting another woman's asshole, and a monstrous Outworld woman at that, Sonya opened her mouth and gingerly pressed her tongue between Sheeva's buttocks. It was the most submissive act of Sonya Blade's life, but with the Shokan musk drying on her face, and hanging in the air, she found herself slowly enjoying the act of obeisance. She barely noticed when Sheeva stopped pushing her head, and instead stroked her hair. Sonya lifted her hands from the fur, and felt the hardness of Sheeva's thighs. As the Shokan had while she slept, Sonya enjoyed the feel of legs beneath her hands, though where hers were mildly hairy, Sheeva's were naturally smooth. She moved upwards, lingering across Sheeva's stomach, and caught the edge of her navel, before feeling for the Shokan's pussy. Throughout, she never once stopped moving her tongue against the dark brown rosebud.

"Fine work, Sonya."

The voice was free of anger. Once again, for Sheeva the pleasure came not just from the physical act of Sonya's tongue teasing the tightly packed anal nerves, nor just from her fingers stroking Sheeva's pussy. The erotic bliss came also from the feeling of power, of domination. Sonya Blade was a skilled warrior of the Earthrealm. She had survived the Mortal Kombat Tournament, yet she had responded to Sheeva's training enough to be licking the Shokan's ass for nothing more than the promise of future pleasure. Sheeva shook her black hair about, back arched, as she bucked between the duel stimulus of fingers to the front and tongue to the rear.

Though Sonya couldn't see what she was doing, her strong fingers stroked Sheeva with the same skill she'd use on herself, finding the Shokan's large clit with fingers wet from dipping inside Sheeva's heat. The tenderness of Sheeva's stroking on her hair grew harsher as she fingered faster, licked deeper, tasting nothing but Shokan skin and sweat, the unusual heat on her tongue. Sonya felt a kind of freedom in giving in to the act. It was an almost total surrender. Neck aching, arms stretched, she wanted to hear Sheeva come, and when the Shokan finally stiffened and gave a low groan, Sonya was disappointed not to hear a pleasured scream like the one she gave when she had failed to stop herself from climaxing. She felt Sheeva's anal muscle flex and spasm against her tongue, a truly unique sensation, and then the act was over.

Sonya Blade relaxed on the fur, hands gently against Sheeva's thighs, and felt instead of debasement, a sense of pride. She had made Sheeva climax again. The sharing of pleasure had grown in importance in her mind, along with the desire to do what she needed to do to have Sheeva share it back. She licked her lips, tasting Shokan sweat, and then sat up as Sheeva moved off. She was surprised, but pleased, when the Shokan rewarded her with a deep kiss. She had taken her punishment well... She kissed back, tongue to tongue, and sighed when Sheeva broke lips. Sonya expected some comment, perhaps a taunt that she had kissed Sheeva's ass, though she felt no shame herself. Instead, the Shokan said,

"That was fun, but we can't play all day. Time's already wasting when I've duties to carry out. Dress and come through to eat."

"I won't be long."

Sheeva nodded curtly, picked up her own brief outfit, and managed to slip into it with barely a break in stride towards the door. Sonya found herself facing another day smelling of sex; she much preferred it to the dungeon odour. She dressed quickly, surprised to find the outfit brought for her was a simple blouse and skirt, over equally simple undergarments, with neither bra nor shoes included. The material was careworn; the outfit had been 'borrowed' from a palace Scribe who matched Sonya Blade's size. She dressed quickly, and went through to a simple but filling breakfast, that they ate quickly.

"You managed to keep yourself in good shape in the dungeon. I know you were fed better than most of the prisoners, but I doubt they allowed you gymnasium equipment. What did you do?"

"I don't need equipment to work out. I know exercises for my whole body. But, yes, I found the walls to be half-rotted, and worked a large block loose to use in place of weights."

"Show me your biceps. Flex them."

Sonya put her food down, and held up her arms, forming a classic weightlifter's upper body pose from her chair. Sheeva reached over, felt the hardness of the muscle, and then motioned for Sonya to return to her food.

"Good, but room for improvement. No time today, but tomorrow, the gymnasium. I'll soon get you a build like mine!"

Sonya considered for a moment, chewed, and swallowed,

"You're a foot taller than me, a hundred pounds or more heavier. You're bigger, stronger, but you are slower. If I had similar muscle mass, it would slow me down too much. When I fight unarmed I rely on my agility, my speed. I've taken opponents stronger, heavier, with greater reach than me. Some were veterans with many years experience. I need to train, it's true, but I don't need a lot more muscle."

Sheeva dropped her head slightly, conceding the point. Sonya Blade knew her own abilities, her own body, and she had proven herself a fighter. There were occasions when Sheeva would have liked to move faster, but she would not trade her strength for it. She didn't mind that her trainee pet had contradicted her opinion; it was important Sonya was comfortable to share knowledge that affected her wellbeing.

"Very well. I'll have a non-Shokan trainer there, they'll know how best to use Outworld equipment with your build."

"So what do you want today? More information on the Black Dragon? You Shokan enjoy violence, right? Lead me to Kano's cell, and I'll show you my best."

Sheeva entertained the idea, but had reluctantly to dismiss it,

"No. He is a trophy of the Emperor. I cannot allow you to end him..." Sonya didn't hide her frustrated expression at Sheeva's words, "...yet."

After they finished eating, Sheeva sat Sonya at the table with a pen and several sheets of paper. It didn't matter to Sheeva that Sonya could only write in Earthrealm languages. The correspondence would be encrypted by magic that could decrypt it into an Outworld tongue, so long as the words were there to decrypt. For that day, the mighty Soldier, the elite Special Forces Lieutenant would be a simple scribe. Sonya found herself again hoping that the clothing was magic, and idly fantasised about goading Sheeva into binding her again. Her pussy grew newly wet against the simple panties she wore, recalling the helplessness she had felt, totally at Sheeva's mercy, before the Shokan had brought her to climax with probing fingers. It no longer seemed a bad thing to Sonya Blade to be helpless, at least, before Sheeva.

Sheeva went through a series of stretches behind Sonya, and then proceeded with exercises of her own as she dictated. She started with letters about Shokan business, disputes between her fellows over which she had been asked to give an opinion, a mediation or judgement. She was pleased to see Sonya carrying out her assigned task with quiet dignity and professionalism. Hours passed, letter after letter was completed in Sonya's neat hand, and then, suddenly, Sheeva spoke commandingly,

"Stand up, away from the table."

Sonya did so, puzzled. She had broken off mid-sentence, and placed the pen aside.

"Pull down your skirt and underwear. Now."

"Yes Ma'am!"

Sonya was already straightening back up with the fabric about her ankles as she realised that she had answered the Shokan as she would a superior officer. No officer in her previous career had ever ordered her to stand bottomless before them, but when Sheeva gave the command she did not question it, rather she realised she liked the formality of her place in the hierarchy. She stood, legs apart, with the loose skirt and panties at her feet. She moved her hands behind her back, and stood at ease, face forward, and waited with growing anticipation for whatever would happen next.

Sheeva walked around in front of Sonya. When the affirmative reply had sounded out in the guest chambers she had experienced total satisfaction. She decided she would encourage Sonya to refer to her as Ma'am. It showed respect, and it demonstrated a clear understanding of her role. The Shokan held in two hands something else with which to express her rank above Sonya Blade. The Shokan dildo was soft leather on the outside, cut and stretched to leave the seams at the base, and filled with small beads that gave it texture beneath the smoothness. She smiled, letting Sonya see the length, the width of the sex toy. It had been designed for a woman of Sheeva's build, and could probably have claimed lives in battle.

In a third hand, she held a clay bottle, filled with cool lubricating oil. When the Shokan poured it onto the dildo, working it across the surface to ensure a slick all-over covering, Sonya found herself more than a little relieved. She didn't protest; rather she wondered how much she had changed in two days that she was prepared to stand, naked from the waist down, before her captor. Once, she might have tried to cover her crotch, to hide her bare pussy from her captor. Now, she felt no such urge. Sheeva held the dildo out,

"Take this. Feel the weight of it."

"Yes Ma'am," Sonya replied, the second Ma'am of the day intentional, as she took the toy from Sheeva, and held it like a rifle across her chest.

Sheeva poured more of the lubricant onto one of her hands, and spread it around Sonya's pussy. She had no intention of staying gentle to the end of the session, but she had equally little desire to leave Sonya torn or suffering. The dildo wasn't entirely rigid. The beads would shift slightly, but it was big enough to damage an unprepared orifice. She worked the lubricant up inside Sonya, and found her naturally very wet. Pausing to add more to her hand, she slipped both fingers and thumb together, sliding the oiled fist up inside Sonya. It was as if she could feel the pulse of Sonya's life around her hand as she slowly fisted her prisoner. Crouching, she enjoyed the view of Sonya's lips spread around her wrist, pulling out as she worked her fist back, then seeming to drag in as Sheeva pushed up. Sonya's pink pussy clung to the Shokan's toned brown forearm like a slickly wet, well lubricated vice. Satisfied that Sonya could take the dildo, Sheeva slid her fist out teasingly slow, with a final rub of the outer folds, and then reached for the toy.

"Stand still. Face forward. Stay like that."

Sonya handed the toy back to the Shokan, flushed of face and panting lightly, and clasped her hands back behind. A few days before, she had never had anything larger than an average penis inside her. Since, she'd twice taken Sheeva's fist, and now faced something akin to a club. 'They' used to say size wasn't everything, but 'they' had never been faced with penetration by a weapons-grade tool of Shokan pleasure. She felt the rounded leather crown between her thighs, and held in her mind the image of a fire extinguisher, though that was certainly exaggeration.

Sonya Blade looked so proud, to Sheeva, standing with her head high: flushed of face, but otherwise her expression betrayed nothing. The Shokan dildo opened her up gently under Sheeva's careful upwards pressure. Her Shokan sisters made even bigger toys, but Sheeva didn't think a larger size appropriate. Yet. Sonya's now-familiar scent of sweat and sex filled Sheeva's nose as she eased the shaft two, three, four inches upwards. Those who had seen her in battle might not have believed her capable of such gentle restraint as she showed; gently fucking Sonya with the Shokan dildo until a quarter, then half, then more was fed inside the Earthrealm woman on each upward stroke.

"Have you ever had one this big?"

"No." Sonya replied, not looking down, "I can't believe how far inside my belly I can feel it."

The tremble in Sonya's voice sounded musical to the Shokan. She thrust the dildo suddenly upwards, not the gentle penetration of her fist, or the first strokes but hard. Three or four inches went in at once, and drew a loud grunt from Sonya. She sounded like a tennis player on a power serve. There was no respite for the soldier from Sheeva's increasing roughness, Sonya felt totally stretched, almost to the point of bursting. Sheeva adjusted her grip, one lower hand on the shaft, and stood from her crouch before Sonya. Though the soldier hadn't moaned much to start with, the rough treatment brought grunts of mixed pleasure-pain from her. She'd never been fucked so roughly either, though Sheeva seemed to gauge exactly just how far she could thrust before any real pain would begin or damage be done. Sonya had trouble keeping her stance, legs, apart, arms back, but fought to maintain her pose as she grunted deeply with each inward thrust.

"Just how much can you endure?" asked Sheeva, silkily.

"I... I can take anything you can dish out," Sonya snapped back between grunted breaths.

"Yes? Want it up your ass?"

Sheeva laughed delightedly as Sonya's expression flickered briefly to concern, although in truth she had no intention of doing that. Quite aside from it probably ruining the leather, she personally had little interest in anal play with females beyond licking and kissing. She reached for Sonya's shoulders with her upper hands, supporting the woman even as she worked to really stretch out her pet. She had a good rhythm, but improved it to rub the slick leather around the shaft against Sonya's clit on the strokes.

"Do you like being fucked like this? Roughly, with a leather cock bigger than your arm?"

Sonya didn't think before she answered, though her voice grunts punctuated the words,

"Yes. It's good. There's pain but... it makes the pleasure sweeter."

Sheeva licked her pet's face, a long stroke from chin to forehead. Sonya tried to catch the tongue to a kiss. She thought she might come then, if Sheeva would just kiss her. To be held, and fucked, and kissed, and pleasured, these were the most important things to Sonya Blade right then. The dildo had heated from her body, and felt hotter even as it stretched her further. The noise it made, obscenely wet, the song of passion. She chased the orgasm, body trembling, and actually snarled as Sheeva slowed down the strokes.

"Do you want your treat, Sonya Blade?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Plead for it!"

Sonya didn't hesitate. Sheeva was the boss. She did as commanded.

"Please! Fuck me more, get me off! Harder! I'm close! Ma'am, please do it!"

"Well..." Sheeva looked as if she was considering it, slowed more, and then continued, "You've been a good little Scribe today. I think you shall have your reward!"

"Oh thank you!"

Sheeva crouched again, gripping Sonya by the waist and resting the spare hand on her thigh. She leant forward, and suckled on the soldier's erect clit, even as she thrust the dildo faster, faster again, splashing excess juice and lubricant across the floor and Sonya's drenched thighs; deeper, deeper, stopping just short of Sonya's cervix. Her pussy was stretched as if she were giving birth, usually pale pussy lips red and stretched, swollen with blood. The overriding pleasure of black lips and long tongue on her clit, the dildo smash-fucking her. Finally, that blessed peak, that orgasm, as Sonya's grunts tuned to a higher pitch, a sharper note, and she clutched one wrist tightly in hand behind her back. If it wasn't for Sheeva's gripping hands on her waist she would have fallen, even as the pleasure radiating from her pussy throughout her body seemed make her rise into the air.

Sheeva waited, lapping softly around Sonya's pussy for the simple pleasure of tasting her pet. The lubricating oil she'd used was scentless, but a little metallic of taste, and would absorb harmlessly into Sonya's skin. When she gauged that the Earthrealm woman could stand unaided, mostly by the squeals dying to sobbed gaps, she removed her hands and stood, leaving the dildo embedded in the soldier. She turned, walked away, and picked up some notes she had earlier been using as the basis of her dictation. Her wet fingers stained the paper as she found her place, and then,

"Pull up your skirt. More work to do."

Sonya reached her shaking hands to the dildo, and started to ease it out,

"Stop that. I told you to pull up your skirt. Will you disobey me so soon?"

"Sorry Ma'am."

She could tell that Sheeva liked it when she said Ma'am. It had come naturally to the soldier; though Sheeva was technically her enemy, her captor, Sonya Blade found it increasingly hard to see the Shokan warrior as anything other than her superior, and superiors were Sir or Ma'am. She pulled up the panties, and the skirt, and felt the hot weight of the dildo kept within her. If she had cause to run, or even walk much, gravity would soon work it loose. However, Sheeva indicated the chair, and she moved awkwardly the few steps back to it, and sat down. The dildo shifted oddly within her, not unpleasantly, as she took her seat. The plain panties quickly grew sopping wet, though as they had lain under her during the rough dildo fucking, they were already damp.

The Shokan was pleased with the session. Sheeva began to dictate again from mid-sentence as if nothing had interrupted her. Naturally, she could have kept Sonya riding from orgasm to orgasm for hours. They weren't males. They didn't need a rest or even a little sleep after every climax. But if Sonya had all the pleasure she wanted, when she wanted, she wouldn't be yearning for more. Nobody was truly insatiable, though sometimes Sheeva felt as if she was herself, for violence if not sex. The previous letter finished, Sheeva continued dictating, composing a letter to an old friend on the fly. Moving softly, she took up a hair brush and stood behind Sonya, brushing the soldier's sweaty blonde hair with slow strokes, gently teasing away the tangles that had formed despite the powerful Shokan hair treatment.

Sonya wrote diligently, not pausing or wincing when the brush snagged on a tangle. She hadn't had someone else brush her hair since she was a teenager, and she certainly wasn't sitting on a huge Outworld dildo back then. She sat awkwardly, feeling the bead-filled weight shift inside her as she moved, and imagined trying to escape Kahn's palace with it still in place. No, that wouldn't work, though she could certainly club a few guards if it didn't slip from her hands. Fleeting thoughts, more rational, asked why she was co-operating with the Shokan. Was it really just for sex? Couldn't she get laid back in America? Sonya sighed, internally, not like with Sheeva, she couldn't. The Shokan took up a long, thin, leather strap designed for the purpose, and bound the blonde hair, putting the freshly-brushed and newly-made tail down over Sonya's shoulder to the front. Sonya shook lightly to feel the Shokan's hot breath against her neck. The heat of the Shokan's breath made hair stand on end, and her pussy clench around the dildo.

Time passed, though occasionally Sonya wanted to know more details of events alluded to in Sheeva's dictation. Perhaps she could ask Sheeva to discuss her role in this battle, or that expedition at a later time. She held her tongue, not prepared to stop Sheeva's flow since her job for the day was Scribe, not questioner. The military had secretaries, too, though few of them had anything like the field experience of Sonya Blade.

Sheeva finished dictating the last document, and returned to stand behind Sonya. She pulled her up, gently, without a word, and bent her forwards over the table. Flipping up Sonya's skirt, she eased the sopping panties down gently, and then pulled loose the dildo, which came out with a slurping sound nearly masked by Sonya's moan. Sheeva set the slick leather shaft down upon the table; she hoped her prisoner would be as impressed as she, that an Earthrealm pussy had taken so much of it.

"I believe I've caught up on every piece of paperwork and correspondence I've been unable to find the time for over the last month," Sheeva commented, "but there is some writing I must do myself."

Sonya looked around as she felt Sheeva's finger on her lower back, and saw one of the Shokan's twelve claw-sharp nails as it ripped through the Scribe's blouse. The slash was clean, though, and undoubtedly the poor servant would be able to sew it back together; Sheeva didn't really care. She pulled aside the cut fabric, and pushed the two halves down Sonya's arms, to expose the pale skin across Sonya's back. There were small scars there, little blemishes, but to Sheeva it felt as perfect as a sheet of fine paper.

"I've got some ink, here, which won't fade for some weeks, it's halfway to being a tattoo. I've also a pen to write with. Stay still, now, so I don't have to scour your skin off and start again."

"What... what are you going to write?"

During an mission in Los Angeles, Sonya had once seen pornography featuring body writing of a disgusting, degrading variety; four letter terms of misogynistic abuse, sexual suggestions, and other such filth. Unlike some of her comrades, Sonya's skin wasn't awash with tattoos. She felt Sheeva's lips on her neck for a second, a kiss that seemed to reach down her spine and round to her pussy, and then the Shokan's two hands reached around and fondled her breasts. Sonya's nipples had grown hard as soon as the blouse came off. Sheeva's multitasking abilities were certainly impressive. Then there came the feel of the pen against her back. Sonya held still as ordered.

"Let it be known that this Earth woman is the property of Sheeva, of the Shokan. Touch this flesh and risk her wrath."

The pen moved in time with Sheeva's words, a slow caress that left a slight wetness on her skin. She wrote in the main written language of Outworld, not English. Sonya closed her eyes, and signed, as the Shokan blew softly across the quickly drying ink. So, she was property. As with much that had happened, the idea would have revolted her days before, but by that hour she was really beginning to enjoy her role as the Shokan's prisoner; it was far better than rotting in the cell, and each time she thought of her place at Sheeva's command, she a found herself wanting a little less to return to Earth.


Sonya smiled. She truly was.

"Yes Ma'am."

Sheeva's final quiet comment was tenderly affectionate,

"Good girl."

As the Scribe's blouse was ruined, Sheeva left Sonya topless for the rest of the evening. When a servant brought in food, she felt a hot flash of her old embarrassment, and reached to cover her chest. Seeing the merest hint of disapproval in the Shokan's gaze, she stopped instantly. It was silly, she realised that Earthrealm modesty, as more than a few even in Earthrealm might have told her. The servant didn't stare anyway; a mousy Edenian girl, she seemed terrified of both Sheeva and Sonya, and, eyes down, laid out food quickly and left.

Later still, Sonya expected to be sent back to the fur beside the fire, and was internally thrilled when Sheeva led her to the last unseen room of the guest chambers, and said,

"You will sleep in my bed tonight."

It was a great amount of trust to place in Sonya, and she knew it. She was surprised to be handed a fairly plain white nightgown to wear. When she undressed and slipped it over her head, it was not especially sexy. Given the kind of clothing the Shokan wore day to day, Sonya thought she might offer lingerie of some kind. Sheeva didn't like to be too warm when she slept; the sheets on the large bed were enough for her, but she thought Sonya would need something more around her body, especially without a fire burning in the room.

Sonya climbed in on the other side of the bed, already looking forward to Sheeva's touch. The Shokan climbed in, the stuffed mattress shifted beneath the four-armed woman's weight, and laid on her side facing away from Sonya. The soldier was actually offended. Sonya wanted sex. She hadn't really stopped feeling horny all day, or throughout the previous night's dreams. The lust of the Shokan had infected her mind, changing, corrupting, but even so she still felt a connection to her Earthrealm life. She personally compared it to what she had heard of holiday romance and spring break flings, though her situation was more akin to Stockholm Syndrome, given that she had been exposed to mind altering stimulants and raped.

Ignore by her bed partner, Sonya tugged up the hem of the nightgown, and reached for her pussy. At the same time, she pulled the downy pillow into her mouth to muffle her moans. She was already breathing harder. Sheeva must know what she was doing to herself. The mattress shook lightly as she rubbed; the wooded frame creaked rhythmically. She held a mental image of the Shokan leaning over, reaching those big fingers down to help... She slid a finger inside, probing with one hand as she rubbed with the other. Little gasps and moans made it out around the corner of the saliva sodden pillow. She was close, and then,

"Stop that. Right now."

Sheeva hadn't moved. Hadn't even looked. Sonya instantly obeyed, though she dearly wished to continue.

"You don't orgasm without my permission."


"I command it. You will obey. Now and forever."

Sonya moved her hands up, away, and folded them across her chest. She turned, rolled over and looked towards Sheeva's back, and asked quietly,

**"Please, Ma'am... why won't you let me jill myself off for the night?"

Sheeva almost didn't reply. She had her reasons, but the request was respectfully phrased so she decided to grant an answer, even if it didn't cover the whole truth,

"Pleasure yourself constantly, and pleasure becomes cheap coin. There is a stronger pleasure to be had in self control, and restraint, and when I allow you your orgasms, they will be sweeter."

She paused, then continued more quietly,

"Whatever else becomes of you, Sonya Blade, you should not lose your dignity."

Sonya didn't reply for a while, thinking. She could see the sense in what she was told, and resolved that, as sexually frustrated as she was, she would not come until Sheeva commanded it. So close she had been to orgasm, she was glad woman didn't suffer from blue balls.

"I Understand. Thank you."

Sonya was almost asleep when she heard Sheeva murmur one last remark,

"Of course, when you are fully recovered from your time in the dungeon, I'll make you come for a full day and night, and really test your mettle..."

To be continued in part 4

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