Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, then fuck you. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own "Mortal Kombat 2 / 3", or any of the characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Additional Credit: This story was written based on a request from Melora84, and I am grateful for the exceptionally well thought out comments and constructive criticism, including to the worst of the grammar, throughout.

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Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust - Part 5: Blooded
by JD ([email protected])

An all over muscular ache was Sonya Blade's accepted penalty for a good work out. She'd sweated hard, but the ink of Sheeva's writing had not smeared upon her skin. The Shokan certainly knew how to get the best from a gym, she thought, as she was led on to the next destination. Showered, and re-dressed in a simple loose cotton-like skirt and barely-there leather bra-top she kept pace exactly two strides Sheeva. The walk took them through courtyards and dusty barely-tended 'gardens' of the palace, with only the odd servant glimpsed fleetingly about, head down, hurrying to avoid the Shokan's attention. Beyond the walls Sonya would occasionally hear the noise of the Outworld citizenry in the markets and squares that hugged the palace. What would the mob of common folk think, to see a mighty Earthrealm warrior led out like this? She adjusted her arms to maintain balance as she walked, the silver chain between her cuffs jangling as she moved.

Sheeva did not look back. Not because she was sufficiently perceptive to know that Sonya followed her path closely, but because she was sure by then that her pert would not seek to escape. The previous night had seen Sonya sleeping happily beside her; Sheeva had laid, and listened, and then watched, throughout the long hours of darkness, for she could go without sleep when she wanted. She took quiet pride in the successful training, and that the Emporer had trusted her in the possession of the Earthrealm woman. It took a degree of skill to turn a tough soldier like Sonya Blade, and it would have taken a lot more time were it not for her bag of herbs and her natural pheromone advantage. Her talented sexual assault in that first bath had done much of the work, though simply offering warmth and comfort after the dungeon couldn't be discounted. Now Sonya responded to her with obvious need. Sheeva admitted to herself that the lust was induced, and that Sonya wouldn't have responded to her rape as she had if it wasn't for the mind-altering techniques. Not that that the ethics mattered, to Sheeva. A pet was a pet, whatever form the training took.

They turned a corner to finally view their destination. The Kombat Tomb was an iceberg of a building with many catacombs below the surface. Sheeva led Sonya past the bird pecked corpse of an unlucky gambler, stripped of his last possessions and left to rot where he fell. The air was warmer within, heated by open braziers, torches, and the thirty or so Outworld citizens gathered loosely around the designated fighting area. Congealing blood splattered the stone, and dripped from the spiked ceiling above. Sonya drew in the scent of the fresh blood, noting a certain inhuman spiciness in the air. The smell seemed richer and more immediate after the foetid stench of the carrion outside.

Sheeva walked to her favoured spot, finding with no surprise that although two others had stood there seconds before, it was vacated by the time she reached it. They were bookmakers, and did not fancy the odds of survival were they to enrage Sheeva. Some of the others in the tomb were in the same profession, while still more were trainers or friends of those fighting in earlier fights. The betting on the upcoming tournament was heavy, and the feeling was that the first bout between Johnny Cage and Mileena might go either way after the Earthrealm fighter's impressive showing in his first tournament.

Sonya stopped behind Sheeva for just a moment, awaiting command, before she was motioned forward. She covered the two strides and allowed herself to be pulled into the Shokan's arms. Sheeva's body was like a rock against her back, firmly unyielding in muscle, yet with a degree of softness in her breasts. Sonya's head was just above the Shokan's cleavage. She lifted her cuffed wrists, hands clasped, as Sheeva's four arms snaked fully around her body. Strength seemed to radiate through Sonya, heating her pussy, as she entertained hopes of further pleasure granted by her captor, later.

Sheeva had always taken respectful glances of fearful admiration as her due, but they felt all the sweeter with Sonya in her arms. The others there, awaiting the main bout, were too focussed or afraid to really stare, but there were enough to let her know the sense of envy. They wanted Sonya; she had her. The Shokan enjoyed simply standing with Sonya's body against her own, both of them wearing little enough up top for the warm contact of skin on skin. She gently moved her upper hands, brushing the underside of Sonya's breasts through the bra-top, and received a gentle sigh in reply, and Sonya's back moving gently against her.

"Does violence arouse you, Sonya Blade?"

The question surprised Sonya. There had always been a certain part of her that enjoyed the rougher parts of her job, but she would have said that those who got aroused by it were sick in the head. Surely only assholes like Kano got excited in that way? She had thought once, or twice, that might grow aroused by fighting, but came to the conclusion that the sexual frisson was generated by being in danger of death herself. Held closely in Sheeva's four arms, she couldn't look around to answer, but spoke clearly.

"I get horny after a fight, sometimes. I don't get off on hurting people. That's a job, a necessity. The only pleasure is in doing it well."

"Do you not think you would orgasm, to choke the life from your mortal enemy?"

"Kano? Well... maybe then. But I would rather have my orgasms with you. What..."

As Sonya spoke, Sheeva had slid her lower hands down past the waist of her skirt. The Earthrealm woman felt the four fingers and two thumbs spread softly across her upper thighs, stroking the skin, caressing the tight muscle that could kill a man with a single kick. She was suddenly very aware of the other people there; Outworld men, women, and indeterminate who surely couldn't fail for long to see what Sheeva was doing. The Shokan's caresses would be visible from the movement of her wrists. Sonya bit her lip, clenched her hands together, but did not protest. She was with Sheeva, and she was not ashamed.

"Here they come," Sheeva spoke as two fighters arrived, "Mileena, Kahn's favoured assassin - fast and deadly, with all Princess Kitana's strength, her grace, and none of her compassion. The challenger, they call him Hornbuckle. He emerged a by-product of Tsung's flesh pits, with a magical semblance of a soul."

Sonya took in Mileena's walk; she brought sensuality to the balanced tread of an assured warrior. Her body looked human enough for an Outworlder, but above the mask that covered her lower face sat orange eyes that looked straight back into Sonya's. She could almost taste the other woman's cruel hunger in that gaze. A weaker woman might have shrunk back against Sheeva, but Sonya's confidence in her own fighting abilities was matched only by her newfound belief in Sheeva's. She stared right back until Mileena found excuse to look away. Sheeva's amused chuckle sounded very sweet in her ear; she'd known exactly what was happening. She squeezed Sonya's thighs approvingly.

"She wants you," the Shokan whispered.

Sonya's reply died unspoken in her throat as Hornbuckle emerged from shadow. He bore an extremely close similarity to Liu Kang, but his skin pigment and texture was entirely Outworld. She had the feeling of something half finished, half formed, but he too walked with a martial artists' balance; the same as Liu Kang. She realised then, that the fighter, whatever it was, had somehow drawn or copied its essence from the Earthrealm champion. It made sense, she supposed, to imitate the best. Sheeva offered no further explanation as to the how and the why. As they faced off in the centre, Sonya felt Sheeva's fingers slide inwards, gently, towards her vulva. Though they were visible to every person in the room, Sonya yearned for her captor's touch. Since the previous day, Sheeva had only reached between her thighs to shave away stubble in the gymnasium shower.

"You're very wet, for a woman who doesn't find imminent violence arousing. Or is it being touched in public? An Earthrealm taboo, isn't it?"

"You're touching me! That's why!" Sonya's protest seemed weak as Sheeva had barely begun to probe.

The first round began with the ringing of a bell; Kahn was not there to declare a fight. As Mileena's first high kick thudded into Hornbuckle's midsection, Sheeva's fingers moved across Sonya's pussy. Hornbuckle went down with a grunt, but leaped back up with something like Kang's grace, only to take another punch to the face. Mileena's fists were small, but had a lot of strength behind them. Sonya heard the crack of knuckles on jaw, even as she spread her feet further, allowing further access to Sheeva. She had never been touched so intimately in public before, and noticed that though the spectators were there for Mileena, it was her they kept looking towards. Her, with her breasts and pussy both cupped in pairs of Shokan hands.

First blood came as Mileena opened Hornbuckle up with her Sai blades, slashing an X across his face with artistic flicks of her wrists, like a painter at a canvas. Blood stained the cold floor, a little too red to be human. He leaped back from Mileena's blades, and launched into a fair approximation of Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick. She felt Sheeva nibble on her ear, the Shokan's gentle touching an erotic counterpoint to the bloody Kombat only feet away. Mileena blocked the kicks, and then dropped into a crouch and launched a meaty uppercut between Hornbuckle's legs as he landed.

The crowd's cry of approval drowned out Sonya's moan as Sheeva penetrated her with one long finger. There was little residual soreness from the previous day's rough dildo play, and Sonya was wet enough that Sheeva pushed easily between her labia to the griping heat within. The Shokan's upper hands tugged down the cups of Sonya's bra-top, and closed them over her swollen nipples. Such strength in those hands, that Sonya believed Sheeva could tear a man's head right off. They were gentle, though, teasing her nipples in the rough palms, while the lower pair rubbed around, and finger fucked inside Sonya's pussy. There was no need for timid exploration in the assured touch of the Shokan, and while Sonya Blade enjoyed cock, she rated Sheeva's finger far above the dildo. She squeezed around it, and felt Sheeva wiggle inside her, all the while looking at Mileena's follow up attacks.

The assassin let Hornbuckle to his feet, and rolled around to wrap her hands around him. She looked over his shoulder at Sonya, flicked her orange eyes knowingly down at Sheeva's hands, and then flipped her body into a suplex, holding her body in a bridge as Hornbuckle's upper torso slammed breathtakingly into the unyielding floor. Sonya realised she had been given a perfect view between Mileena's tensed thighs; the magenta tinged crotch of her outfit was visible damp. Mileena released the suplex, flipped to her feet, and casually threw one of her Sai's into Hornbuckle's left shoulder. His cries, his suffering, should have been revolting Sonya, but Sheeva had her dripping wet beneath the skirt.

In the arena the first round ended with Hornbuckle bleeding and woozy, and Mileena almost dancing by herself. Sonya looked into the challenger's eyes as he shakily stood. It was like looking into Liu Kang's face, but with an expression the champion would never use.

"He... oh... he knows he's going to lose."

"Oh, No, Sonya Blade. He knows he's going to die."

"You're going to make me come over a man being killed?"

"I won't make you do anything. The choice will be according to your nature. Pull away, if you wish. Let us leave. I can see a fight like this any time. I have some writing you can do, back in the palace."

Another finger inside her, two working together, though the greater pleasure came from Sheeva's other hand, skilfully stroking around and over her clit. To leave would mean to drag herself from Sheeva's enfolding arms, and for what? To deny that she was aroused, that the fight before her was enhancing her pleasure? Could she really return to Earthrealm, to the life of a soldier, as the kind of woman who got off on a man being killed? She couldn't face Jax, again, she thought.

The second round began as Mileena withdrew her Sai from the oozing wound. Hornbuckle had a second wind, and seemed to regain some strength. Sonya felt some admiration at his tenacity as he launched Dragon Fire at Mileena, though the assassin blocked the streaks of flame on her gloved forearms, or dodged them entirely. He had Kang's moves, but nothing like enough of his skill. Sonya could tell that Mileena enjoyed playing with live prey, and perhaps the battle had some training value. Sheeva slid the fingers from inside her, causing Sonya to try and draw them back in. She pulled against her cuffs in frustration, as the Shokan lifted her fingers up, and tasted her. The lights in the tomb glittered from her wet fingers, and Sonya found her frustrated shimmying witnessed by nearly all of the spectators. She forced herself to stop, retaining her dignity, and was rewarded by Sheeva sliding her saliva slick fingers back down.

"Thank you, Ma'am!"

Mileena blocked an unexpected Flying Kick, the last ditch imitation of Liu Kang. The original had been enough to defeat Tsung. Hornbuckle's version actually made Mileena stagger, making her cry out in anger. Flying into a rage, she drew both her Sais and stabbed them into Hornbuckle's limbs, ripping flesh and cracking arm bones with savage stabs that Sheeva matched with her thrusting fingers inside Sonya, splashing the blonde woman's arousal upon the floor in a mirror of Hornbuckle's life blood. Her rage ended as soon as it began, Mileena slinked backwards, away from Hornbuckle, towards the groping Shokan and her moaning human captive.

She drew her staggering foe towards her and, co-incidentally, gave Sonya a great view of her legs. They were much less muscular than Sheeva's, less so even than Sonya's own, but the damage they had wrought on Hornbuckle showed their strength. He raised his arms, the hand of one almost detached at the wrist and pumping that too-dark blood. He had the gait of a zombie in his dying minutes, though clearly he felt pain as a human. Something else he had gained from Liu Kang; he would not give up. Mileena used his momentum to lift him into a throw, and tossed him painfully at Sonya's feet. Blood splashed just short of her feet. As the assassin turned, Sonya heard the inhuman modulated screech that passed for Mileena's laugh. Not even looking down at Hornbuckle, she drank in Sonya's flushed skin, nipples hard between Sheeva's fingers, and the shaking skirt fabric covering the Shokan's hands.


Sonya was close, god, she was close, but Sheeva wasn't letting her get off. Each time Sonya started to peak, the Shokan's fingers eased off, just enough, from their wet work. She was getting finger fucked right in front of an Outworld killer, her legs trembling, her heart pounding. As Hornbuckle staggered to his feet, more dead than living, Mileena crouched anew, and then fired up a devastating, magically enhanced uppercut. Hornbuckle left his shoes behind as he flew. Even his scream had echoes of Kang, before a dozen ceiling spikes impaled him from head to toes.

Hornbuckle's blood splashed Sonya, dripped across her face, her bared breasts. Sonya had rarely been so aroused. Sheeva's fingers played their greatest tune, one hand finding her clit again, rubbing, squeezing, the fingers of the other plunging deep inside. Sonya's head went back, hair whipped against Sheeva, as she screamed. The noise was broken off by the Shokan's tongue, pushed down into her mouth. She kissed back in gratitude; neck stretched as her body stiffened and pleasure pulsed through her, until she hung limply in Sheeva's arms. It felt like weeks of pleasure had passed, but only seconds. She hung limply, supported only by Sheeva around her, and in her.

"Now you have been blooded," whispered Sheeva, as the quiet conversation of the spectators rose to Sonya's ears.

That they had all seen it, there could be no doubt. Both shows over though, the crowd began to leave. The minor chance of being invited to join in was outweighed by the chance of bloody death in Outworld. Only the assassin remained. Mileena still stood before them, equally splashed with Hornbuckle's dripped blood. Sheeva kissed Sonya again, saw her pet's eyes flicker open and then turned her attention to the assassin.

"You had a good fight, and I thank you for helping to prove my point, but don't you have shadows to creep around in?"

Mileena's voice, like her laugh, made it clear that the mouth she possessed beneath the mask was as inhuman as her eyes.

"I want to play with the Earthrealm pretty. I'll give her some bruises to colour her pale skin and I will make her want them. You owe me Shokan, distracting me from my artistry with the smell of her approaching climax! Teasing me."

Sonya forced herself to better awareness, and stood firmly on her own feet. She could feel a different tenseness in Sheeva's frame. The Shokan was prepared for violence. She had an idea that Sheeva could only guess how Mileena would act, friendly or not. A sudden blush further darkened Sonya's pleasure-flushed skin, as the Outworlder's statement sank in. Mileena clearly had a very good sense of smell. Her yearnings, though, were for Sheeva's touch. She didn't want to go with the killer, to be bruised. Yet, if Sheeva told her to go, would she say 'Yes Ma'am,' and go? She would. Oh, yes, she would. Sheeva knew how to make her feel good.

The Shokan responded on her behalf,

"She's not ready to play with you, Mileena. When she is... maybe you'll get the bruises."

Mileena flicked out her finger, rubbed blood and sweat across Sonya's face, and then brought it to it up before her thin mask. She sniffed, delicately, like a wine loving aristocrat with a cork. Sonya could see in the way Mileena moved a kind of deathly ballet, save only when she had lost her temper briefly and struck ferally at Hornbuckle. She hadn't needed to touch Sonya, to smell the blood; she'd done it to feel the Earthrealm woman's skin. She nodded her head, slightly, accepting Sheeva's statement with parting words to Sonya,

"Until later, pretty."

Mileena turned, and walked away, swinging her hips seductively, entirely different to the subtle sensuality she had displayed on her entry; she was putting on a different kind of show. Drawing Sonya's eyes; Sheeva's too.

"She saw you cuffed and held captive, Sonya Blade, and for all her experience she wasn't capable of seeing your true strength. If she survives the tournament, as well she might, I won't need to defend you, will I?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Then perhaps we'll be the ones to play with her. You should see the tongue on that woman..."

Sheeva gave another wiggle of the fingers she had left inside Sonya as she spoke, and then pulled them free. Twisting her blood splattered pet towards her, Sheeva kissed Sonya deeply, holding her tight. She kissed with an intensity of favoured ownership, while Sonya responded with lust and post-orgasmic gratitude. Neither woman flinched as Hornbuckle's cooling corpse finally slid loose of the spikes and thumped against the ground behind Sonya in a congealing pool of blood.

To be continued in part 6

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