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Additional Credit: This story was written based on a request from Melora84, and I am grateful for the considerable additional thoughts and constructive criticism throughout.

Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Content Codes: FF, bond, exhib, ncon, mc

Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 7 - Ribbons
by JD ([email protected])

The route from the palace to the Arena reminded Sonya of third world bazaars, or, at worst, a Newark flea market. She half expected to see piles of knock-off videos. Filthy, dishevelled peasants haggled over goods; butchers sold cuts of meat that might once have been sentient and other traders offered both recognisable and completely alien services from stalls and shop fronts. She had the distinct impression that Sheeva had chosen to lead her the long way round, as the palace dungeons had extended beneath the Arena. There was a movement amongst sections of the crowd in the same general direction; they were all going to see the same thing, Mileena vs Johnny Cage in the first bout of the new Mortal Kombat tournament.

A week before, she would have been embarrassed and angry to go before the Outworlders with her breasts bared, a red ribbon hooked to each new golden ring and held in one large Shokan hand. The gentle tugging kept her at a constant low state of arousal, nipples stiff in the cold air and dungeon-pale skin flushed around her face, neck, down her chest. From a rational perspective, she understood that being led through the streets of Shao Kahn's capital by her breasts could be seen as humiliating; she just didn't feel any shame. There was only the pride of walking with Sheeva, the powerful Shokan warrior who had freed her from prison and taught her true pleasure. Plus, the direct physical stimulation to her nipples felt really good.

Though her glistening pussy was hidden from view by the ankle length skirt she wore, the side-slits running up to her hips offered a tantalising tease to all they passed without quite revealing anything. Her hands were bound with decorative cuffs, throwing her off balance, but at least the laced sandals she wore were comfortable to walk in. Walking to the rear of Sheeva, she could see the Shokan's bare feet crunching through the filth and litter of the road. She was impressed to see the Shokan even grind a broken bottle under one thick skinned heel.

Though public nudity was far more common in Outworld than back in America, Sonya's status as an Earthrealm warrior had a lot of people staring directly at her as she passed. Unlike the palace servants, the Outworld mob relied on safety in numbers to gaze hungrily at the passing spectacle. Let them stare. She was Sheeva's.

Sonya kept her head up, eyes forward, and concentrated on matching Sheeva's speed so that there would always be a little slack on the ribbons as their hooks gently rattled against her new piercings. The slightest hint of a smile played around the Earthrealm woman's lips as she silently dared one of the Outworlders to make a grab for her. She could almost hear the screams, feel the splash of blood. Sheeva's message on her back was clear, with no clothing of any sort to obscure it. Those who couldn't read had the message from those who could.

They turned another corner, Kahn's Arena came into view. Huge, towering over the small buildings huddled between there and the palace, the noise from within suggested it was already filling with eager crowds. Sheeva didn't pause. She walked proudly through the streets, alert to any possible threats to herself or her pet. The Shokan warrior towered over the mob. From her vantage she spotted a dozen or more pickpockets and cutpurses working the crowds, one or two more blatant muggings and fights, and down one shadowy alley the flash of an enchanted blade lighting up a prostitute's face as she convincingly won a final argument with her former pimp. The ribbons felt silky smooth between the fingers of her lower-right hand, and she couldn't resist tugging slightly more than needed every now and then, to hear Sonya groan.

As the shadow of the Arena wall fell over them, she became aware of the Princess Kitana, and her bodyguard, Jade, watching their progress. Sheeva allowed them a broad, toothy, smile, stopped, and turned. She tugged Sonya forward and looked down into her eyes. She openly cupped one pierced breast, stroked the smooth skin as Sonya arched her back, and pressed deeper into Sheeva's palm. It would be clear to the Princess that the Earthrealm woman accepted the fondling with enthusiasm rather than protest.

Indeed, Sheeva's gently twisting rub around her pet's nipple caused the blonde woman to moan loudly. Nearby, someone whistled, another trader cheered. After long moments, the Shokan ceased petting, turned away without a word, and continued on her path to the smaller side entrance of Kahn's Arena. There could be no doubt that Sonya Blade, one of Earthrealm's strongest warriors, was Sheeva's property. She felt sure there was a hint of envy in Jade's eyes.

Sonya's pleasure turned to mild frustration as Sheeva's hand slipped from her breast. She didn't give a damn about who was watching; desire for the Shokan's touch, her approval, filled her soul. She desperately wanted to be a good pet, and receive her rewards. She swallowed a sigh, and followed the Shokan around the curving bulk of the Arena wall. The towers built at intervals around the wall obscured the view around the Arena, and so she didn't see Kano until they were nearly at the side entrance.

It was instantly apparent that the Australian hadn't had quite such a fun week as the two women had. Indeed, the first thing she noticed was the look of hateful anger in his one good eye. He'd always had a temper, but looking into his face Sonya felt sure he was planning something akin to genocide against his captors. He was filthy; clothed in ripped rags, encrusted with flaking streaks of dried white fluid. He wore modified pony tack about his face, a bridle, a bit between the teeth that muffled his rage, and from them a set of reins held casually in the hands of the huge quadruped Outworlder leading him. She could see his cock through his shredded pants; the shaft looked bruised, though not as swollen as his balls. Visible between his legs, a thick tail hung down; Sonya guessed that it had to be growing from some kind of plug in his anus. Completing her examination of her deadliest foe she realised his feet had been strapped into footwear moulded to resemble a pony's hoofs.

She drank in the sight of Kano kitted out as some kind of fuckpony in seconds. It was all she could do to remain standing as the urge to laugh built within her. Her shoulders shook, jangling the ribbon hooks and sending thrills through her breasts. Sheeva had instructed her to maintain dignity at all times, but fuck, it was hard. Kano's expression somehow continued to grow even angrier as Sonya desperately struggled not to laugh. It took recalling her deep hatred of Kano; the seriousness of his crimes, the murder of her friend, to calm her. Once, she might have sought to take him back to America for trial, and execution.

Now? She just wanted to end him.

"I'm going to break your fucking neck, cocksucker," Sonya promised, with no trace of laughter in her voice.

The Special Forces veteran didn't need her arms free for that; she had her legs. Kano was too well bound to fight back, but what the hell; you couldn't fight everyone fairly. She only managed one step forwards before Sheeva gently took up the slack on her ribbons, and quietly said,

"No, Sonya Blade. This Earthrealm man is a prisoner of the Emperor. We obey Kahn's laws. They are why I cannot kill this Centaurian either," Sheeva motioned contemptuously towards Motaro, "Once, the Shokan came close to exterminating their race, but the Emperor wanted to keep them alive, he-"

Motaro cut in with an angry snarl,

"Shokan bitch! It was we who nearly wiped out you! If our glorious leader didn't want you to jerk off four servants at once, you'd all be long dead!"

Sheeva laughed, mockingly, at the suggestion.

"You see, Sonya, in Outworld this is the result when a lonely peasant fucks his livestock."

Sonya finally looked away from her nemesis, and gave Motaro a calculating glance, before replying to Sheeva.

"Livestock's one thing, I can't believe anyone would risk the disease of putting their cock in Kano."

Sonya still wanted to feel Kano's neck break between her legs, but seeing the level of rage to which his suffering had driven him gave her a warm feeling inside. He looked like he'd been at ground zero in a paint factory explosion. It seemed that while Sheeva had mostly kept her pet to herself, Motaro had shared his prisoner amongst the herd. Kano looked like he'd been passed around more times than a porno in a boy's boarding school. He didn't respond to Sonya's comments; with the bit between his teeth, he couldn't speak coherently anyway. She sighed theatrically, and regretted that having her hands cuffed behind meant she couldn't flip Kano off.

Sheeva had the impression that Motaro wanted to make another cutting/insulting remark in reply, but couldn't think of anything quickly. He covered for it with an animal roar, and turned away. The Centaurian dragged Kano behind him with a rhythmic clip-clop of both artificial and real hoofs. They saw that the tail in his ass emerged from a butt-plug that spread him just shy of splitting. Sonya shouted a final comment as they left.

"Hey Kano! You make a real pretty pony!"

Sheeva watched them go with her bright red eyes, then looked down to her pet,

"Perhaps one day I'll be allowed to kill Motaro, and you Kano, and we can end them both together. Won't it be nice to share?"

"Yes Ma'am. I'd like that," Sonya paused for a moment as their foes disappeared from sight, and then, quietly, said "I've always had the threat of rape hanging over me as a female soldier. I always thought I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But Kano? I hope they fuck him 'til he ruptures."

Sheeva adjusted her grip on the ribbons, and led Sonya into the small maze of passages that ran around within the Arena's walls, and out under the great rows of seating. As they walked through she explained,

"Motaro's herd have terrible sexual stamina. Two strokes and that's their lot. Their women are constantly frustrated. When the men were done with Kano, the women would have taken their pleasure for hours; given him a pat on the head after he ate them out."

The pleasing mental images of Kano's degradation made Sonya smile. After passing several store rooms and a kitchen, they walked into the small staging area which led out into the Arena proper. This was where Sheeva had to hand over Sonya, to be taken out and chained up beside Kahn's throne. Motaro had already walked Kano through, handed over his reins, and walked out into the Arena to watch. The same area saw Mileena warming up for her bout with Johnny Cage. She had yet to don her gloves, but otherwise was in her full Kombat gear. The Outworld assassin hissed with pleasure as Sheeva led the Earthrealm woman in. She walked over with an exaggerated wiggle of the hips, and stopped close enough that Sonya could smell the inhuman scent of the woman. Though Mileena's lower face was obscured by her mask, she could tell the bright-eyed woman was smiling beneath it.

"I've been thinking of you, pretty. You've been quite the distraction from my training. You'll have to make it up to me. And now, you're even more alluring. Shiny presents for a good girl? Do you like them?"

Mileena nodded down at Sonya's rings.

"Yes, they're sensational," replied Sonya Blade.

"And are they your only ones?"

Sonya didn't understand; her ears were pierced, of course, but... Mileena's eyes flicked to Sheeva momentarily as she reached towards her pet; the Shokan gave a slight bow of the head in return. Mileena's hand moved snake fast at Sheeva's nod, as she slipped it into the slit running up Sonya's skirt, and cupped her pussy. The Assassin's fingers were warmer than Sheeva's; her blood ran hot. The probing digits slid eagerly across Sonya's aroused outer lips, up around her clit and even spread Sonya wide. The glistening folds were wet enough that Mileena's dry fingers moved smoothly across the freshly shaven skin on the surface, and plunged deeply inside with one thrust. The outline of Mileena's nipples grew visible through the purple fabric of her tightly stretched Kombat attire. She clearly hadn't bothered with a bra. Sonya's appreciative moan rewarded the assassin's ministrations, and she humped against the cupping hand.

"I'm disappointed. I expected a ring or two, at the very least, to spread you with."

Mileena pulled her hand away, and left Sonya flushed and horny. She lifted her sticky fingers up before her mask, and breathed deeply in.

"Can I come and celebrate my victory with you? You can both lick the blood of this Earthrealm boy off my breasts."

"You..," Sonya's voice was a little shaky, she stopped, forced herself to regain control, continued, "You should be careful. Johnny Cage looks and acts like a pampered actor, but he is a dangerously skilled warrior. He wouldn't have been selected for the last tournament if he wasn't. He wouldn't have survived it."

Mileena laughed delightedly, and hugged the blonde woman, wiggling her chest against Sonya's, and reaching back to feel the soldier's well-toned buns.

"I'm been more dangerous than him since before even his grandfather's grandfather was spawned. The most he can do is give me a fun challenge. Just you watch and see!"

She pulled away, gave them both a wave, and returned to her warm up routine of stretches and shadow boxing.

Sheeva led Sonya over to the guards, removed the ribbons from her pet's nipples, and disconnected the cuffs behind her back so that her wrists were loose. A guard took the Earthrealm woman by each arm; and started to lead her through the door into the fast-filling Arena,

"Remember, Sonya Blade. Retain your dignity."

Sonya looked back for a moment and then allowed herself to be led outside.

Continued in part 8

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