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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Content Codes: MFF, bond, exhib, herm, ncon, mc, messy, viol

Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 9 - Cage
by JD ([email protected])

Victory in the first match of the tournament should have been a cause for celebration, but the guest chambers assigned to the Earthrealm warriors were not filled with joy. Liu Kang and Jax had found their congratulations rebuffed by a man too angry to care. Physically, Cage was feeling the effects of his first round beating at Mileena's hands. He needed the mixture of medicine and magic that would see him fit for next bout, but what he wanted was for all four of them to storm through Kahn's palace and rescue Sonya Blade.

"You two weren't there, so you didn't see this shit! They had her chained between two posts with her breasts out. She was getting groped by Goro's twin sister and they had her acting like she liked it! She didn't even try to fight. It was disgusting. They've got to be holding her close by, we can get her and take her home."

Raiden replied, "I've told you, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade is one woman. There is so much more at stake. Would you see your entire world reduced to a corrupted dominion of Outworld? She is held prisoner according to the laws of this place. If you break the laws, you lose the protection your participation in the tournament confers upon you; you cannot stand alone against all the forces at Kahn's command," Raiden paused, and continued in a less stern tone, "It is not an entirely bleak situation. She is physically healthy and her spirit is strong. There will come a time when she can be freed to fight again for Earthrealm, if she chooses, but that time is not now. Please, concentrate on your preparations for your next fight."

Raiden's speech, though wise, did not mollify Johnny in the slightest. He turned to Jax,

"Come on, big guy, can you believe this bullshit? What about 'No Man Left Behind,'? You've known Sonya longer than the rest of us, you can't be happy to leave her in the clutches of some big-titted monster bitch?"

Jax crossed his heavily muscled arms, and shook his head as he replied,

"No Mr Cage, I am not. See, either Sonya Blade is held a prisoner in this place, in which case I will secure her release, or she is here by choice, and we won't be able to drag her back. For one, she's damn tough and we'd probably be too messed up to escape ourselves if we subdued her, and for two the noise would probably bring half Kahn's army down on us. The fact is that while she is both my comrade and my friend, my primary duty has to be the defence of my home. We need to win this damn tournament, whether it's you, me, or this badass boy over here. Then, when I've got a tyre iron and levered my boot back out of Shao Kahn's ass, I'll see about extracting Lt. Blade."

Cage shouted back, "Are you a fucking coward? Leaving a woman helpless? They had her looking like a cheap stripper!"

Jax had nothing to prove. He didn't take a swing at Johnny; he just replied in the same assertive tones of an officer,

"Sonya Blade has never been helpless. If she's here by choice like her note said, then she's got her own tits on display. It doesn't sound like her, I'll admit, but it is possible. If you find her and go steaming in there, she'll probably kick your ass for you, half-naked or not."

He could see there would be no help from Jax or Raiden; that left Liu, and he already knew that Liu would do whatever Raiden wanted. He tried anyway,

"Liu? Last time it was us three for Earthrealm. Will you really leave Sonya chained up?"

Liu spread his hands apologetically, and explained his position,

"I have to put Earthrealm first, Johnny. You have to as well. I believe Sonya's note, because I asked Princess Kitana if she could find anything out about her situation. She came and spoke to me just before you and Raiden returned, and she said that she saw Sonya today, topless like you said, but not in any way resisting or upset," he looked embarrassed, as he continued, "She said that Sonya looked really desperate for this Sheeva to 'grope her more'. I don't know what has happened to Sonya here, but I do know that if we don't win, every previous tournament, every life lost fighting against Shao Kahn... was for nothing."

Johnny shook his head with disgust, completely unconvinced, and then turned away. He walked briskly to the door, and without looking back said,

"Fuck the tournament, and fuck you douchebags. I'm going to save Sonya. I'll show you all what a real hero is."

He slammed the door behind him, and went to find a servant who could be persuaded to direct him to the girl of his fantasies.

Sheeva had returned to the guest chambers with Sonya a little while earlier. She instructed the Earthrealm woman to sit down on the bed while she prepared the promised 'surprise'. Sheeva slid her own outfit off and tossed it to one side, as she walked over to a small wooden box that she'd had delivered that morning. The merchant who'd supplied it had said it was called "Fyr Water." She hoped it would be effective, few dared sell shoddy merchandise to a Shokan warrior. She lifted the small vial from the box, uncorked it, and smelled Cornberry, a prized rare fruit from a distant realm.

"If this doesn't work I'm going to flay that merchant," she muttered, before upending the whole vial into her mouth, and swallowing. There was an almost instant hot sensation down at her pussy; the potion's magic elements had it working faster than biology would allow. Sheeva gave a four-armed shrug, and turned back towards the bedroom, where Sonya Blade awaited her, an obedient pet yearning for her owner.

The blonde woman kicked her laced sandals off in the bedroom. She sat down on the firm end of the mattress and stretched, curious as to the nature of her surprise. She was no fool, and understood it would likely involve orgasms, but beyond that... Each day since her release from the cell had brought some new pleasure to the relatively inexperienced woman, and though she thought hard as to Sheeva's plans, she succeeded only in arousing herself further. Sonya lay back upon the bed, legs down to the floor, and stroked down her belly to her pussy, after pulling the skirt to one side. She was still sticky and wet from her powerful pleasure in the Arena.

The comfortable bedding under her back reminded Sonya that she had first slept on the floor, wrapped in warm skins, before she had performed well enough to be permitted to share Sheeva's bed. She brushed her fingers lightly across her labia, feeling the very faint stubble beneath her finger tips. Even after a few days, it still felt strange to have gone from having a thick, womanly bush for her entire adult life, to the smoothness the Shokan's razor nails had shaved. She bit her lip at the thought of the brutal violence the Shokan could inflict with those hands, which had instead moved sensuously over her pussy. She rubbed two fingers slowly across her mound, then spread herself to ease in a finger from her other hand. Sheeva had said she couldn't come without permission, but she could still play with herself up to the point of no return. Sonya moved a hand from her pussy up to her new piercings, and tugged lightly on one, and then the other while moving fingers inside her own hot sex. She liked to orgasm, the soul-shaking all-consuming pleasure that shook her sanity. Yet, as Sheeva had taught her, waiting in building anticipation of that moment could be as exciting in its own way. To take herself close to the edge, to pull back, made Sonya proud of her self-control. An orgasm that took minutes or longer to build was worth the wait. She would come on Sheeva's terms, but she could let enjoy feeling the pre-orgasmic sensations build until then. She wiggled two fingers against her inner pussy wall, and moaned. She heard the Shokan pad softly into the room and raised her head to look through half-open eyes, but still couldn't tell what the surprise might be.

The main door, unseen from the bedroom, slammed back against the stone wall hard enough to shake a picture loose from the wall. The noise of wood on stone and shattering picture glass turned both their heads outwards. Sonya reluctantly stopped playing with herself, sat up on the bed, and only stopped rising when Sheeva motioned her to remain seated. The Shokan appeared to relax slightly, though she remained in a loose fighting stance as the intruder appeared in the doorway,

"There you are! If you've harmed one hair on her head..." Cage clich‚d threateningly.

"Her head? No. Her pussy on the other hand, is bald," replied Sheeva.

The Shokan indicated Sonya's crotch with an owner's wave, but the Earthrealm woman's skirt had covered it again when she started to stand. Sheeva was about to order Johnny Cage out, when she felt the potion's effect complete. She took her eyes of him to look at her own crotch as her pussy changed, seemingly filling in, and then shooting out. She groaned at the sharp pain and hypersensitive pleasure that came with it, until the shaft flopped out several inches from her crotch, and she felt the unfamiliar warmth of heavy balls suddenly nestled against her thighs in a hairless scrotum. In just a few seconds the transformation was over; the hypersensitivity faded away and Sheeva was left with a cock in place of her pussy. The sudden silence was broken by Sonya Blade,

"Shit! Look at the size of that thing," she exclaimed, sitting forward on the bed, "how did you do that?"

"Do you like the surprise? I bought it just for you." replied Sheeva, not looking away from Cage.

"I'm not sure it's in my size," murmured Sonya.

She leant forward and detected a strong musky scent from the Shokan's new cock that seemed to increase her already high arousal. The potion had interacted with natural pheromones and effectively boosted them. Glancing towards Johnny, she noticed a tenting in his own pants that suggested Sheeva's enhanced musk was working on him, too. In his anger he apparently hadn't noticed his misbehaving junk, and she realised through the pink haze of her lust that he needed to leave. He spoke again before she could,

"Sonya is coming with me," said Cage. Sonya thought she'd spent rather more time coming with Sheeva, as he continued, "I'll beat your monster ass if you try to stop us leaving."

"Johnny, I'm not going anywhere with you. That's an end to it. Fuck off already," Sonya told him, before softening her tone very slightly, "you're no use to Earthrealm crippled."

"You heard her. Get out of my chambers!"

There was no softness in the Shokan's voice. She made dismissive shooing motions with three of her hands, while using her remaining one to feel the flaccid girth of her new, male, genitals. The cock responded to her explorative tough, slowly stiffening under her fingers. She felt blood pumping into the spongy flesh.

Cage shook his head defiantly. He was aware of the musky smell in the room, but didn't know it was out of the ordinary for a Shokan's bedroom, or that it was responsible for the uncomfortable horniness building in him. He decided was damned if he was going to leave without Sonya; if he had to, he'd fight both of them and carry her out.

"No way, Lady Goro," Cage said, reaching for Sonya, who leaned back away from his touch.

Sheeva's heavy hand fell on his shoulder, and she wrenched him away from her pet. He jerked from her grip, and took up a fighting stance of his own. She was starting to get annoyed; the potion wouldn't last forever, and Cage was acting stupidly. Sheeva had little tolerance for idiocy. While she would normally be happy to fight him for possession of Sonya Blade, and gain the added glory of holding the Earthrealm woman by combat rather than mere Imperial gift, he was patently still too beaten up and in need of healing after his bout with Mileena. It would not be a fight worthy of her mettle as a warrior.

"I'll kill you myself if I have to, Johnny," Sonya Blade spoke with the cold precision of a professional soldier, and her assurance was almost enough to break through the actor's cocky arrogance in his own ability - almost, but not quite.

"You're not right in the head, Sonya. We'll get you home and get you fixed."

Cage turned his attention away from Sonya; though she was extremely dangerous he didn't truly believe she'd hurt him. He raised his fists to Sheeva,

"Time you get your big ass kicked!"

"Maybe it's time to get your little ass fucked?" replied Sheeva, ready to fight despite the half-hard cock sprouted from her groin. 'Balls', she thought, 'I'll need to protect the balls'.

Johnny Cage had entered Sheeva's chambers looking for a fight, and he'd got it. He had invaded Sheeva's personal space, and insulted them both. Sheeva flexed her fingers as her guard came up, and she moved closer to the Earthrealm warrior. She clearly had the greater reach, but the smaller man didn't seem to care, being prepared to take hits to land his own.

Sonya reached for her nipples, thumbing her piercings as she enjoyed her close up view of the starting fight. She wanted to join in, but sensed that Sheeva would not appreciate her help. She licked her lips, and drew in a deep breath of the Shokan's musk as Cage feinted and threw the first punch, getting through the bigger woman's guard to rock back her head with a solid blow to the eye. Her nipples felt hot under her fingers, hard around the warm metal of the piercing rings. Sheeva reacted fast, and blocked Cage's follow up blow with an angry snarl. Sonya could believe it had been a long time since anybody had laid a successfully damaging blow upon the Shokan woman, and the dark skin around her eye socket was already bruising up.

Cage felt his muscles protest as he threw his punch, and realised that he was in a worse state, physically, from the fight than he'd realised. He'd been skating on rage and adrenalin, but the effects were wearing off. Still, the Shokan's big nuts made a tempting target and he dropped into his split punch to throw a brutal punch into the dangling sack. To his surprise, the Shokan's lower pair of hands caught his just short of the target, and squeezed them crushingly together. He felt the bones of his hands grinding in Sheeva's grip, and tried to yank them free. She responded by lifting him up by his hands, and kicking him hard in the solar plexus. He gasped, suddenly unable to breathe, as his stomach spasmed. He kicked wildly at Sheeva's legs, tried for the joints. The Shokan stumbled and shouted with pain, as his foot caught a powerful blow against her left knee, and twisted to throw him against the unforgiving stone wall.

Sheeva tested her weight on the leg. Good, there would be bruising, but her knee wasn't broken. She reminded herself that Johnny Cage, wounded as he was, was still a surviving fighter of Mortal Kombat. There was no shame in being hurt by him, but she wasn't going to allow him a second chance. She jumped toward him as he fell to the floor, and pulled a set of cuffs she'd used on Sonya from the wall cabinet. As the winded man tried to rise, she slapped one cuff onto his left wrist, and then yanked back his right arm to cuff them together behind his back. Then, feeling considerable satisfaction in doing so, she kicked the back of his knee hard enough to drop him back to the floor.

'That was way too short,' Sonya thought.

She'd come far more from Sheeva's tongue and fingers than she had with any guy's cock, and she really hoped that the transformation was temporary. During the fight, it had swollen until it seemed as long as one of the Shokan's twin-toed feet. She had no concerns over her tolerance for pain if the Shokan should fuck her too hard, but enduring pain, and enjoying it, were very different things. She much preferred to get fucked and get pleasure from it. It would be fun to try taking the cock, at least, although Johnny had earned himself the first go through his pig-headedness. She massaged her breasts, feeling the smooth flushed skin beneath her fingers, as Sheeva wrenched her old comrade's pants and underwear down around his ankles in one smooth motion. It seemed that Johnny didn't just wax his upper torso.

"Get all of your hands of me!"

The man shouted, but with his hands cuffed and his ankles entangled in clothing there was nothing he could do to stop Sheeva dragging him over to stand before Sonya. The big Shokan woman seemed to tower over him as he looked back and around, and he shuddered to feel the pulsing length thrusting gently between his buttocks, and up against the small of his back. He looked to Sonya for help and saw only violence-inflamed lust. He looked down to his own respectable cock, and felt ashamed to realise that he was hard as a rock.

The aching need that filled Sheeva was quite different to the sexual desires she knew so well as a woman. She dry humped Johnny's buttocks for a few slow thrusts, and felt his smooth tanned skin against the silky stretch of her shaft. She found that the greatest sensation came from the crown at the end, swollen darkly purple as the foreskin was pulled about it. She noticed that she was oozing a clear fluid that provided a small amount of lubrication against his muscular back; probably not enough. She spat a stream of saliva down to the man's rosebud.

"N-no!" Cage cried out, "You can't do this! Sonya, help me!"

There was no room for pity in her eyes, just an urgent need. She could see what was about to happen to him, and she liked it! He tried to twist, but Sheeva's hands held his hips with a strength that couldn't be broken in his weakened state. He couldn't understand why his own cock was so hard, almost as hard as the one he could feel being aimed against his saliva-slickened asshole. He ached with a physical need that repelled his mind, but even that disgust seemed to fade a little with each deep, panicked breath he took. He hadn't been so horny in ages, and couldn't put it down to the sight of Sonya Blade's bare breasts, or even her dripping pussy as she wiggled out of the split-sided skirt, and kicked it aside.

Sheeva had never had a cock before, but she knew how to use a strap-on. The feeling was completely different, but the mechanics were basically the same. She spat a second time onto the shiny crown, and then gripped just below the head, pulling back the foreskin between her fingers. She felt the heat of his body against new, sensitive, nerve endings, as she pressed forward into his body. Shokan saliva worked much better as a lubricant than human, and Cage's tense muscles couldn't get enough of a grip to keep her out. She groaned loudly, shocked by the intenseness and the focus of the pleasure she felt as her cock popped inside Johnny Cage's ass. The high pitched squeal he made sounded more of surprise than of pain, and she eased another couple of inches inside the defeated kombatant.

"Take it out! Fucking take it out!"

"Stop whining. You should have left when you had the chance," Sheeva told him.

She moved forward, and forced even more of the cock inside his ass. The heat and tightness felt good along her cock, but she found his complaining annoying. She kept two hands on his hips, and one on her cock, but the other she moved to the back of his head. She pushed his whole body forwards, and stepped with him to keep inside.

"You may taste Sonya," she told him.

The Earthrealm woman spread her legs. She didn't want to fuck Johnny Cage, but she was happy to have him service her if Sheeva wished it. She continued playing with her piercings, her favourite new toys, with one hand, but spread her engorged labia with the other. Cage didn't seem keen to lick, but as Sheeva pushed his face firmly into her pussy, she ground her groin against his lips, felt his hot breath and smooth-shaven chin in her folds. The vibrations from Johnny's ignored protests felt good against her. Sonya flicked her head back, and humped against his face.

Cage had lived the threesome fantasy before, pressed between two girls, but that had always been consensual, and neither woman had been fucking his ass with a huge cock. Well, one time a purple-haired girl he'd picked up while shooting a film in a rough city had revealed one after she'd blown him, and he'd asked her to fetch him a drink, then run away. The girl had been pure poison. He could imagine her laughing as Sheeva impaled him on an even larger organ than hers. Especially, as the pain was a hell of a lot milder than he'd braced himself to endure. He could handle pain; but not pleasure. Surely this wasn't how Sonya Blade had been turned? He could feel and smell her pussy in his face, hear her eager moans... Johnny found himself licking almost instinctively, lapping up Sonya's moistness as Sheeva's cock speared deeper, and still deeper inside him. Each rub against his prostate seemed to make his cock twitch, splashing wet pre-cum across the floor.

"You fucking bitches!" he cried out, muffled by Sonya's shaven crotch.

"We're fucking you!" Sheeva told him, slamming the last three inches home and turning his cry into another squeal.

He'd taken it all! The whole length! Sheeva was actually impressed as she felt her heavy balls slap against his. He was so fucking tight; she knew it would be an effort to withdraw. As good as he felt wrapped around her cock, she took the greatest pleasure from the power she held over him, and over Sonya. The great Johnny Cage, survivor of Mortal Kombat, was bent over squirming and squealing as she slowly pulled her length half, then three quarters out of him. The gripping ring had loosened a little, adjusted to her penetration, but still pulsed around her length as she pulled almost all the way out.

"May... may I come?" Sonya asked, urgently.

"You may have as many orgasms as your body can take today, my pet."

The Earthrealm woman gripped both her hands around Johnny's head, and ground hard into his face. She came loudly seconds later as Sheeva thrust forward, reburying her cock into his barely-yielding ass. Sonya's orgasmic cries drowned out the wet, squelching, slapping of Sheeva's fuck thrusts inside Johnny's ass, and the helpless man's own cries of unwanted pleasure. The blonde woman bent near-double over over him, drooling across his back, as her stiff body shuddered with orgasmic delight. She had a fantastic view of Sheeva's cock sliding in and out of his ass.

Cage heard Sonya's orgasm, felt her body's undeniable release. She wasn't faking it. The woman had actually come screamingly hard over him being raped! Well, that and his tongue working on her. Cage had always prided himself on giving good head. He was almost glad of the cuffs on his wrists. If his hands were free he wasn't sure he could stop himself masturbating in time to the Shokan's long, slow cock strokes inside him. He felt so full, and finally understood why gay men - and he'd known a few in the acting business - often raved as much about receiving anal, as straight guys did about giving it. He gasped, spluttered on Sonya's arousal, and resumed licking as her orgasm died away.

Sheeva smiled. She wondered if Johnny Cage knew he'd stopped struggling, stopped trying to protest. His ass felt like it was made to take her cock, and while she didn't think the pleasure was as fine as she gained from her pussy, the potion would definitely have its uses once in a while. There wasn't just the growing pleasure focussed in the crown, but all along the length she felt Cage gripping her within him, and the intense pleasure/pain combination that jolted through her body whenever her balls slapped roughly into his was like nothing else she'd known. She fucked him harder, faster, and felt his body pushing back into hers. With her hand freed from his head, she reached for a nipple, pinched it between her fingers, and groaned throatily.

Cage had never come without touching his cock, but he felt the sensations generated in his prostate building inside like a wave. Though Sheeva's pheromones and his enforced pleasure dominated his brain, a small voice screamed that he was being raped, that there had to be something wrong with him to enjoy it. He ignored the voice, tried his best to lick Sonya more, although Sheeva's thrusts meant that he could really only allow her to rub herself off again over his face. Her second climax was almost upon her, and he swallowed thirstily, eager for his own.

"You're... so... tight," Sheeva told him, though the speed of her thrusts showed how much he'd loosened.

Her initial slow, deep thrusts had given way to shorter, harder humps that slammed their balls together and drew cries of pleasure from both of them. She felt the utterly unfamiliar sensation of her balls tightening in her scrotum, seeming to grip up under her shaft as she pumped even faster. She had both upper hands on her breasts, and both lower hands holding Johnny's hips so he wouldn't slip away or even be knocked off. His legs were off the floor, kicking back wildly around her thighs as if he was trying to get her even more deeply into his rectum. She was close, so close, and she fucked even harder, wanting to come when her pet did again.

Sonya lay flat back on the bed, with her legs lifted to hold Johnny's face into her cunt. Every time Sheeva rocked him forward she ground against him. She had imagined Mileena would be the first person other than Sheeva to get her off; awash with pleasure, she was glad Johnny hadn't been sensible enough to walk away. She arched her back, vaguely aware that Johnny himself seemed to be stiffening and shuddering.

Cage came. Impaled on a Shokan's cock and forced to lick the woman he'd failed spectacularly to rescue, he sprayed heavily across the floor beneath them. It was amazing, coming without being touched. The voice of shame was drowned out by total animal pleasure that seemed to intensify at the first hot, hard, spurt of Shokan spunk inside him. His ass had spasmed, gripping Sheeva almost like a fist, and massaged the whole length inside him. Her balls seemed to throb with the heavy loads shooting into him.

Sheeva's cry was wordless animal lust. Forcing Johnny Cage to come on her cock had pushed her over the edge seconds before Sonya came again. It almost felt as if he had scored a minor victory over her, but she didn't give a damn. The sharp focus of the penile orgasm she experienced felt much smaller than her usual whole-body pleasure, but very intense. She loved the brand new feeling of ejaculation, as she filled his bowels until the thick white spunk spurted back out around her last few orgasmic thrusts. It felt as if she'd sprayed pints inside him. The Shokan pulled free, dropped him to the floor as the last few spurts splashed across his shaking skin. She even got some in his hair. Curious, she caught a little up on her finger, and tasted it. It wasn't too bad.

"Now crawl back to Raiden, and ask him to kiss your ass better!" Sheeva wasn't even out of breath.

Cage heard the clicking noise when Sheeva un-cuffed his wrists, and felt his hands drop to the floor. His head felt fuzzy with shame, and humiliation. The pleasure of his orgasm had died away to leave him facing the truth. He'd been raped, and his supposed friend had enjoyed it. Worse, though, far worse for Johnny, was that he'd come also. Not just a little dribble of an orgasm, either, but he'd climaxed harder than he ever had before. Not even the best sex he'd had in his life, the one-night-stand with a Chinese police woman with beautifully muscular legs had got him off so much. He could feel the cooling sticky mess he'd spurted soaking his stomach, and mixing with Sheeva's hotter spunk as it leaked freely from his gaping asshole. The memory of his incredible, intense moment of pleasure turned his shame into anger, rage and hatred that he felt for Sonya Blade as much as the monster woman. He slowly raised his head, blinked the moisture from his eyes, and saw he was already being ignored.

Sheeva had claimed Johnny's underwear from the floor, and used the expensive fabric to wipe the residue from her cock. The potion created organ's overpowering smell was of her semen, sweat and arousal, drowning out even the enhanced musk. She dropped the sopping material absent-mindedly to land on his head. Revolted, he twisted his head to one side, and let them fall to the floor. The monstrous woman didn't even glance down at him as she stepped past, and stood between Sonya's legs. He looked on, aghast, as the post-orgasmic blonde sat back up, and reached eagerly for the instrument of his violation. He snarled, energized, and twisted to throw the hardest punch of his life towards Sheeva's dangling nuts from behind. She didn't react, but Sonya twisted herself to block his fist with her leg, making him feel like he'd broken his wrist. Johnny jumped to his feet, sending droplets of spunk from the end of his cock, and in greater quantity from his violated ass. His mind was utterly consumed with hatred; the foolishness of his actions didn't occur to him.

"Fucking whore!" he cried out, "traitorous fucking bitch! I'm going to kill you both!"

Sheeva had thought Johnny out of it; he'd come as hard as she had from the fuck, and she'd assumed his mind had been broken by the enhanced pheromone smell of her potion cock. She saw she'd been mistaken; if she let him leave he'd forever be a danger to her pet. She parried his blows with her lower hands, and then responded with a brutal punch to the face that stopped Johnny in his tracks. He stood, stunned, for a moment, swaying on his feet. Sheeva raised her hands, felt her claws reach their maximum sharpness, and struck. Her hands moved too fast for the human eye to follow, running down the man's body from head to toes. She flayed him alive, his skin ripped away in great sheets that fell against the cold stone floor.

Sonya looked on in amazement; The Shokan's four hands had been deep inside her, and over every inch of her body outside, without so much as a scratch, even when she'd shaved her pussy. Yet, with no apparent pressure, she'd completely skinned a man before he could even scream; that came as she finished, a blood speeding cry that aroused the blonde woman as much as any of the violence of the previous few days. She moaned quietly, but also felt a stab of regret. Cage had been a valuable warrior for Earthrealm; reduced to dying on his knees, in shock and pain. She leant forward, reached out to his chin, and the back of his head. She turned his bloody red face to hers. He looked at her with eyes too fogged with pain to understand. She broke his neck quickly and cleanly with one fast twist. The skinned corpse dropped limply to the floor.

"He earned his death" declared Sheeva, "and you've earned your turn."

She pushed Sonya down onto the floor beside the cooling meat that had been Johnny Cage, and spread her pet's legs.

"I think this'll last for one more," she whispered into the blonde woman's ear.

The Shokan kissed Sonya deeply, two hands upon her pet's breasts, as a third aimed her cock at the Earthrealm woman's pussy. She didn't bother adding spit for lube; Sonya's pussy was as wet and ready as it was possible for any lady to be. Whatever wariness she'd had about taking the Shokan's cock had seemingly vanished earlier as it disappeared inside Johnny, and Sheeva felt Sonya's legs wrap around her ass as she penetrated her pet. They kissed away their groans, fiercely entwined, as Sheeva fucked her pet in the pool of Cage's congealing blood. It was warm against her skin, already cooling as her passion for Sheeva burned. Any lingering regrets or disgust from her Earthrealm life were overwhelmed by the Shokan's musk. Cage's blood excited her as the violence had, and to wiggle in it almost overwhelmed her with lust. By Earthrealm standards she was depraved, by Outworld, totally normal. She knew what she preferred as she felt Sheeva's cock move easily inside, and squeezed down with her pussy,

Sonya had to hold her neck back to keep kissing with their height difference, but it was no burden. It actually felt pretty good to have a live hot cock inside her again, but she knew within a few thrusts that she genuinely preferred Sheeva's tongue, her fingers, and her fists. Still, she humped back eagerly, remembering the Shokan's permission that she could come as many times as she could manage.


In the end, Johnny Cage's death didn't affect the outcome of the Mortal Kombat tournament. Liu Kang retained his championship with a convincing victory. He hoped, without much conviction, that his final triumph would be enough. Jax also survived, more determined than ever to do whatever he could to ensure that Outworld would never threaten Earthrealm again. Neither of them knew of Kahn's plans for the resurrection of Sindel until the day the skies boiled, and the souls of millions were stolen by the Emperor.

A luxury penthouse suite had been commandeered for the reborn Queen. She stood on the balcony, looking out over the American city that was one small part of her new domain. Sheeva stood close by, oblivious to the cold winds howling around the high building despite wearing only the skimpiest possible outfit. She looked proprietarily upon her pet, stood alert for any threat on the other side of the Queen. Sonya was dressed in the fine faded pink leather top that the Shokan had personally tanned and tailored, and tight pants laced up the sides. Despite the misgiving she had voiced, hard training with Sheeva had seen her gain more muscle mass across her body. The Shokan noted approvingly that her pet's arms were really ripped, the musculature emphasised by golden bracelets that shone on her wrists.

"My Queen?" Sheeva spoke,

Sindel tilted her head, and turned around.

"Yes, Sheeva?"

"I must leave for the Kombat Zone. My opponent will have been summoned also."

"Go then," Sindel replied, "I'm sure Sonya will be a perfectly adequate body guard while you're winning your fight."

The Queen's hair lifted up, away from her body, and slid down the side of the Earthrealm woman's face. Sonya sighed as the soft tips brushed her skin, and approached Sindel deferentially as the long mane dropped back down. She felt Sheeva's approving gaze at her back as the re-born Edenian unlaced Sonya's leather top and freed her breasts to the cool air. The Earthrealm woman's nipple rings had drawn praise from Sindel, and her fingers found them then, teasing pleasure from the former soldier. Sonya kept her own arms down; the Queen would only permit a servant to touch her on request. She doubted she'd have to wait long to be asked. She had to admit; for a woman who'd been dead for centuries, the Queen really knew what she was doing. Sonya bit her tongue to avoid moaning in the regal woman's face, and twisted her head to see Sheeva bow slightly to the Queen.

Sheeva favoured her pet with a smile, and turned to leave. Just before she departed, she picked up another vial of the cock potion. Since Sonya was going to get fucked with her blessing while she was away, she might as well see if this Stryker had an ass as good as Johnny's.

Sonya Blade watched her walk away, and then turned her attention back to Queen Sindel. Sheeva's hold on her mind was total; she wanted nothing else from life but to be the Shokan woman's pet, to serve her sexually and in all other things. If Sheeva told her to kill, she would kill, and if Sheeva told her to come, she'd come.

Queen Sindel motioned for her to kneel on the balcony. As Sheeva had instructed, she obeyed without question, keen to serve. The crotch of the Edenian's outfit was wider than Sheeva's, and obscured a bush of purest white. She unbuttoned it to allow Sheeva's pet to pleasure her. Sonya breathed in the delicate scent of the Queen's sex, and craned her face forward to lick. Her pierced nipples were flushed from Sindel's touch, and she found them with her fingers as her tongue lapped amongst the light, scratchy hair to find the pink slit within. Sheeva would be proud of her.

If there was still a part of Sonya Blade's mind unaffected by the training and sensory control of the Shokan, it was hidden to deeply inside to surface. She believed herself truly happy as she drew cries of enthusiastic pleasure from the Queen. The Shokan's lust had become indistinguishable from her own.

The End

Author's note:

Thank you to everybody who has read all ~40,000 words of this story. It's done, now, but if you'd like to read about Sheeva raping Stryker, in what's probably a close parallel universe to the one of Shokan Lust, please read my under-reviewed story Struck Down and Sodomised. One person who did read it was Melora84, and as a result they sent me a review email on April 29th and included this request:

"Sheeva grooms Sonya Blade to become one of her concubines/pets. Maybe she buys Sonya from Shao Kahn or something and sexually corrupts her. Cage tries to rescue her..maybe Sheeva kills him or decides to keep him as another pet-your call if you want to turn that part of the fic into a snuff fic."

That turned into various discussions, a plan for a oneshot, then a three parter, and then it became apparent that we had a whole lot of good ideas between us and a new plan was needed, because it was going to be eight parts long. And here we are. Nine parts later. After I wrote the first part, one of Melora84's comments was, "surprised you decided not to give Sheeva a dick," as I had inexplicably failed to make the connection of the above request, sent with a review of a Sheeva-with-a-dick story, to, Shokan Cock. Melora84 was cool with it though, and the story continued as F/F.

I've credited Melora84 in every chapter, and before every chapter was posted Melora84 read it, and suggested what I need to change, advised on characterisation, pointed out typos, and patiently gave me the benefit of their knowledge of Mortal Kombat lore. In short, while what you're reading is my writing, this is the most collaborative request I've ever done. So thank you, Melora84, this story would not exist without you.

December 19th, 2014, mildly drunk.


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