This is a story taking off of a movie. This is not meant to imply anything
about the characters or actors who played them. For those who didn't see the
movie. The Carson Family is a motocross racing family. The father, Mr.
Carson was a motocross racer and he was training his 15 yr old son Andrew to
race as well. However, due to an injury, Andrew could not race, so his
father went to Europe to look for another driver. However, while he was
gone, Andrew's twin Sister Andrea (Andi) decided to pretend to be her brother
and entered into several races in Andrew's place. Andrea's mother, Mrs.
Carson helped Andrea pretend to be a boy. While in Europe, Mr. Carson found
a french rider, Rene (20), who is very mean and disliked by everyone in the
Carson family. Andrew and Andrea Carson also have a 12 yr old younger
brother named Jason, who is very good with tools and is a very good mechanic.
While racing, Andi met another rider, Dean Talon (17), who she had a crush
on, but he thought she was a boy. Additionally, Dean had a crush on another
girl, named Farin (18). Any questions or suggestions for additions please
email me, thanks.

Motocrossed: Part 1 (mF, mbF, bF, mf, mbf F-mast, inc)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Andi Carson was very upset, her crush Dean, thought she was a boy, and he
was on a date with a girl she really hated, Ferin. Additionally, her father
wouldn't let her race any more, and instead had a French asshole do the
racing. The only thing that kept Andi from going crazy lately, was the fact
that since her twin brother Andrew had broken his leg, he needed help getting
around a lot, and even doing simple things like getting into the shower.
While he always wore a towel, Andrea still got to look at Andrew's nice

For the past couple years, Andrea had a secret crush on her twin brother,
and was determined to see him naked, however, she had not succeeded yet.
Although she came rather close the other day, because Andrew's towel began
to slip, allowing her to see the top of Andrew's pubic hair. That provided
Andi images for her to masturbate too several times since. Every time Andi
pushed her vibrator into, her virgin pussy, her mind was filled with images
of both Dean and her brother Andrew. However, neither of them, saw her as
a sexual object.

Additionally, since Rene was living with them, Andrea could not stay in her
own bedroom. Andi nearly had it, when Rene walked in on her in the shower,
luckily she was wearing panties and a bra. She tried to tell her parents
that she thought he did it on purpose but they would not hear it.

Meanwhile, Jason Carson, the 12 yr old, also masturbated to incestuous
images. He could not get over his obsession with his older sister. He had
only been masturbating for about a year, but since he began, there was only
one image he saw while jerking off, and that was of his sister Andi. Jason
was extremly frustrated, because he was forced to stay in a room with his
older brother Andrew, while that stupid French guy, Rene, was staying with

Jason was amused the other day, when he accidentally walked in on Rene
pissing. Rene told him to get out. Rene, also noticed Jason had glanced at
his dick. Rene told him, "Don't worry kid, maybe one day, you'll have one
my size." Jason laughed at that and quietly said, "Oh, I already had, when I
was 8."

It seems that Rene, was rather poorly endowed, with a meager 2 inches soft
and just over 3 1/2 inches hard. While Jason Carson, was hung like a horse,
with a dick that measured nearly 10 inches. The 12 yr old knew he had
something special having seen his brother Andrew recently jerking off.

Andrew must have assumed Jason was not awake, because he lifted up his
blanket and began jerking off. Jason was surprised, because even though
Andrew was 15, which was 3 years older then Jason, Andrew's dick was a good
3 inches smaller than his own. Jason had also seen his dad naked, and new
that his father was around the same size as Rene. This gave Jason a sense
of confidence, because he was bigger then both his father and his brother
and much bigger then that jerk Rene.

* * *

Meanwhile, Dean was on a date with Ferin, he couldn't believe Andi's plan
worked. He took Ferin to the NSYNC concert and now they were making out in
her hotel room. Dean got Ferin's shirt and bra off, and was caressing her
nipples. Ferin had also removed Dean's shirt and was carefully rubbing
Dean's well toned body. Ferin did not usually date bikers, but Dean had
NSYNC tickets and was good looking, so she gave him a chance. Also, Dean
was a pretty good kisser, so Ferin figured she would see where this went.
As she unbuckled Dean's pants, she wasn't overjoyed with Dean's size. His
cock appeared to be about 7 inches long, nothing special, but above average.
However, as Ferin went to grab Dean's rock hard cock, she felt him begin to
shake and then all at once, Dean began to cum all over Ferin's hand and a
little even got on her skirt. Which upset Ferin a lot and she told Dean to
leave calling him a little short triggered twerp. Dean was humiliated. He
had never gotten that far with a girl before, and he was unable to control

* * *

Back at the Carson home, Rene was trying to figure out how to get into 16
year old Andrea Carson's panties. He knew that she hated him, but that
wasn't going to stop him, he was going to give her some of his french meat,
whether she wanted it or not. Just then, Rene thought her heard a female
voice signing in the bathroom, while showering. Rene, slowly crept down
the hall, and quietly opened the door to the bathroom. Rene could see the
image of a women behind the glass doors. Carefully, Rene removed his
clothes, revealing his naked body and nearly 4 inch cock. Rene then slid
the door open and got behind the woman inside. However, once Rene entered,
he realized that it was not Andrea Carson, but her mother, but it didn't
matter, Rene was so horny, he would have fucked anyone with a pussy.

When Mrs. Carson felt a hand first touch her shoulder she thought it was her
husband Mrs. Carson. However, she was rather surprised, since her husband
had not fucked her in a long time. Hands began to caress her breasts, slowly
touching her nipples. It felt much softer than her husbands hands usually
felt. However, the idea of having sex was still exciting to her. Not that
sex with him was anything special. As she she felt, the cock, slowly push
against her, something felt different. Then all at once, she felt this cock
being pushed in her ass. This caught her completely off guard, in 20 years
of marriage her husband had never fucked her in the ass. This caused her to
turn around and see the young, french, biker, whose body was much leaner then
her husbands. She didn't know what to think, at first she tried to pull
away, but Rene would have none of that. It was at that moment that Mrs.
Carson knew she was being raped. This was sort of a turn on to her. And as
Rene began to force his small cock inside of Mrs. Carson, she thought back to
the only other two men besides her husband who had fucked her. Both had
fucked her in both her ass and her pussy.

The first time she was with a man other than her husband was a little over 16
years ago. He was a plumber who had come to her house a couple years after
they were married. Her husband had been away for over a month racing, and
she was frustrated. So when the plumber kissed her and began removing her
clothes, she did nothing to stop him. She was surprised when she saw his 7
inch cock, since the only one she had ever seen was her husbands, which was
only 4 inches long. However, the plumber did not last long, but he shot a
big load inside her pussy. As well as devirginizing her ass. The second
time Mrs. Carson was fucked by someone other than her husband, was by a 17
year old mechanic who worked for her husband. She accidentally walked in on
him going to the bathroom and was shocked by his huge dick, it was nearly 9
inches long and Mrs. Carson couldn't resist it. She closed the door behind
her and locked it. Then she walked over to the hung teen and did something
she never thought she would, she got down on her knees, and began to give
the hung teen his first blow job. Then he asked her if he could fuck her,
and she couldn't refuse. So this hung teen, gave her the most thorough
fucking of her life, reaching areas inside of her that no one had ever
reached before or since. But that was nearly 13 years ago and since then,
she had only been fucked by her rather small husband, and that only happened
about once a month.

As Mrs. Carson's mind turned back to the present day, she realized she was
still being fucked by this french rider, Rene. Once again she tried to pull
away, but it was useless, and besides, part of Mrs. Carson was enjoying the
fucking. While Rene was no bigger then her husband, and may have actually
been smaller, the fact that she was being forced to and that Rene was a
young, good looking guy, did turn her on. After fucking her for nearly 20
minutes, Mrs. Carson began to orgasm, which caused Rene to shoot his load
inside of her ass. Rene collasped on top of Mrs. Carson.

Elsewhere in the Carson household, Andi Carson was complaining to her brother
Andrew about having a crush on Dean, but being unable to do anything about
it, because he thinks she is a boy and because Dean has a crush on that
stupid girl Ferin. Andrew tells Andi that he will see if he can help her at

The next day, the Carson family was at a motocross race that Rene was going
to be racing at for Carson Racing. Between the first and second race, Andrew
and Jason Carson are hanging out and they overhear Ferin yelling at Rene. It
seems that they were having sex, but Ferin was upset because Rene was way too
small for her. This caused both Carson boys to start laughing really hard.
Andrew notices how hot Ferin is, and figures that maybe he can provide Ferin
with something more adequate then what Rene has. Additionally, Andrew
figures if he can seduce Ferin, maybe that will help his sister out, in her
quest to seduce Dean.

So Andrew walks over to Ferin and tells her that he can satisfy her more then
that loser Rene. Ferin then tells Andrew that she thinks he is cute and if
he has anything decent below the belt, then they can have some fun. With
that, Andrew reaches over and begins to kiss Ferin. While they are kissing,
Andrew begins to caress Ferin's breasts. While they are making out, Jason
walks in and Andrew tells him to leave. Jason says fine he will leave, but
tells Ferin that if she wants something really big, then he is sure he can

Andrew then says "don't worry little bro, I am sure I can handle it."

Jason responds by saying "Andrew I have seen what you got, and I am bigger
then you."

With that, Ferin goes, alright boys, lets see them. Whoever is bigger can
fuck me. So both Carson boys removed their pants, and to Andrew's surprise,
his 12 year old little brother had him beat by a good 3 inches. Ferin
couldn't beleive that the little 12 year old had a 10 inch dick, while his
brother, also had a decent sized tool, which appeared to be about 7 inches.
Ferin decided that she had to have both of them, so she told the Carson
brothers that she wanted to have a 3-some, with her in the middle. She told
Jason he would get her pussy, while Andrew could have her ass.

So the 12 year old boy gets ontop of the bed, inside of the trailor, while
this beautiful 19 year old hottie slowly climbs ontop of him, gently lowering
herself ontop Jason's huge tool. Once Ferin gets comfortable, 15 year old
Andrew Carson positions himself behind Ferin, allowing his dick to enter into
Ferin's tight ass. It was the first time that any of them had ever been in a
three-some and for Jason Carson, it was his first fuck period. The three
teens, fucked in unison, unfortunately, Jason only lasted a mere 5 minutes,
before cumming inside of Ferin. However, Andrew and Ferin continuted to fuck
for 15 more minutes, before Andrew finally came inside of Ferin's ass. By
this time, Jason was hard again and ready to fuck again. The three of them,
continued to fuck for a couple more hours that day.

After having such a great fuck, Ferin went over to Mrs. Carson to ask her
advice. She explained to Mrs. Carson that she had the most unbelievable sex
of her life, but she was that not interested in pursuing a relationship with
either guy that she had sex with. Ferin went on to reveal that one of the
guys she had sex with was very young, but he had a 10 inch cock. Mrs. Carson
was shocked to hear such things, but at the same time she was turned on.
Mrs. Carson explained to Ferin that casual sex was not a good idea and that
too many partners could lead to diseases and other problems. However, Mrs.
Carson also said that finding a guy who was that big is rare, and that she
should appreciate it. While they continued to talk, Jason and Andrew walked
by and waved at both Ferin and their mom. Once they past by, Ferin told Mrs.
Carson that those were the two boys she fucked. Mrs. Carson couldn't speak,
she had no idea what to say. Mrs. Carson then said to Ferin, so that cute
older boy, he was the one with the 10 inches? And Ferin responded by saying,
no actually it was the younger one, the older one wasn't bad sized either,
but the younger boy, was huge.

* * *

When Andrew got home later that day, Andi couldn't wait to find out what
happened with her brother and Ferin. She wanted to know if he talked to
Ferin and found out if she was still into Dean. Andrew told her that he
was pretty sure that Ferin was over Dean. Andrew said "in fact, she has
already been with a couple guys since her date with Dean."

Andi responded "How do you know that?"

Andrew responded by saying "Well, we sorta got it on, and man is she hot."

Andi couldn't believe it, her own brother had fucked that little bitch. How
could he do that. Andi got so made that she started to hit her brother and
pushed him on the bed. Before either of them knew it, Andi was ontop of her
brother, their bodies touching one another. Then it happened, they began to
kiss. Neither of them knew exactly how it began, but soon Andrew was in his
boxers and Andi was only wearing a bra and panties. Andrew then asked Andi
"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Andi responded "Yes, just go slowly, I have never done this before."

Andrew then slowly removed Andi's bra and began to fondle her round breasts.
No one had ever touched Andi there before and the feeling of her brothers
hands on her breasts began to cause Andi to get very wet. Then Andrew began
to slowly move his hands down his twin sisters body until he reached her very
wet panties. Andrew then pushed down Andi's panties revealing her soaking
wet pussy. As Andrew began to touch Andi's clit, she began to shake, she had
never felt anything like it before. Soon Andrew was sticking 2 fingers in
and out Andi's pussy. However, Andrew could still feel Andi's cherry and
couldn't wait to pop it. Andrew then removed his boxers, revealing his 7
inch cock to his twin sister. Andi thought it looked extremely big and was
a little scared about having it inside of her.

But next thing she knew Andrew had placed the head of his cock inside of her.
Slowly forcing the head of his cock inside of her then Andrew pushed a little
more of his cock inside of her every second until he hit her cherry. Then
all in one motion Andrew pushed through the barrier, causing Andi a sharp
pain, but soon it began to feel better, as Andrew finally pushed all 7 inches
of his cock inside of her. Then in a steady motion Andrew began to pump his
cock inside of his sister, in and out until they both finally reached

Meanwhile, Mrs. Carson still couldn't get over the story Ferin had told her.
Were both of her sons that well hung? How could that be, their father had a
tiny cock. As Mrs. Carson began to think about it, she realized that her
husband was probably not the father of either of their sons. That's probably
why she only was pregnant twice, even though her husband never wore a condom
when them fucked. As Mrs. Carson began to think back to her previous
experiences with the young mechanic and the plumber, she began to get wet.
Soon, she was lying on her bed, with her hand on her pussy, fingering
herself. Images of the plumber, the mechanic and Rene began to fill Mrs.
Carson's mind. Soon images of Dean and her son Andrew were in her mind.
Then all the sudden images of her youngest son, Jason were also in her mind.
As she began to get closer to her orgasm, she began to moan and suddenly she
was moaning Jason's name without even realzing it. As she began to reach the
height of her orgasm, she screamed Jason's name even louder. As she began to
recover from her orgasm, Mrs. Carson's mind was still filled with images of
her son Jason, but soon she realized that it wasn't just an image of Jason,
but her twelve year old son was actually in the room with her, and he had
just seen the end of her orgasm and was starring at her uncovered pussy.

Mrs. Carson then said "Jason what are you doing here, please leave."

Jason responded by saying "Mom, I heard you calling my name, and I just came
in to see what you wanted."

She then said "Well, you have to leave its not right to see me like this."

Jason replied by saying "Mom were you masturbating, while thinking of me, wow
thats so cool, just looking at you has gotten me so hard, you want to see it

Mrs. Carson was speechless and next thing she knew she was starring at
Jason's 10 inch cock. It was the biggest one she had ever seen and slowly
Jason moved closer to her, until she was starring right at Jason's cock.
Without even thinking about it, she opened her mouth and slowly began to
take Jason's huge cock inside of her mouth. Jason was loving it, it was
his first blow job ever. He couldn't hold back very long and soon he shot
his load inside of his mom's mouth. She surprised him by swallowing all of
it. But being a young guy, Jason recovered quickly and soon he was mounting
his mom. He began to slowly lower himself inside of his mom's very tight
pussy. It had been 13 years since she had last taken anyone over 5 inches
and here was her own 12 yr old son fucking her with a tool twice that size.
Mrs. Carson was even more surprised by the fact that Jason seemed to know
what he was doing as he fucked her. Within a few minutes, Mrs. Carson
reached her first orgasm. Jason continued to fuck his mother for several
more hours that day, with both of them cumming several times.

* * *

A few days later, Dean was finally talking to Andi again. At first he was
very upset that she had lied to him and pretened to be a guy. But soon Dean
realized that he found Andi quite attractive and hopefully he could fuck her.
Dean came over the Carson home and began to talk to Andi about everything.
Soon one thing led to another and they were making out in her bedroom. Andi
then tells Dean that she wants him to fuck her. Dean quicklys strips of his
clothes and then begins to take of Andi's clothes. Dean is surprised to see
that Andi wears black panties. But soon they are in the floor with all the
other clothes. Dean starts off by licking Andi's breasts and slowly licks
his way down to her pussy. Dean then starts to eat Andi out and in a few
short minutes, Andi begins to have an orgasm. After recovering from her
orgasm Dean decides to fuck Andi from behind. His cock slowly enters her
pussy and he begins to move back and forth inside of her. While Dean is not
as big as her brother Andrew, Andi still loves feeling his cock inside of her
and soon the two are fucking like animals. Andi's moaning though gets to be
rather loud, and soon both of her brothers are in the room watching Andi and
Dean fuck. Jason walks over to Andi and he drops his pants placing his 10
inch dick in front of Andi's lips. Andi decides to give Jason a blow job,
while Dean fucks her pussy. This leaves her ass for Andrew, who quickly
strips off his clothes and begins fucking his twin sister in the ass. Mrs.
Carson arrives home shortly and hears all the noise upstairs. When she goes
to investigate she is surprised by the scene in front of her. After Dean
cums inside of Andi, he backs away and needs to recover, so while he is
recovering Mrs. Carson walks over to him and decides to use her mouth to
bring Dean's cock back to life. The 5 of them continued to fuck throughout
the afternoon. Life at the Carson's house would forever be different.

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