Mulan: Disney Girls Sex Slave Auction Part 1 - Mulan (FF,bond,drugs)
by Hamster ([email protected])

River Docks, Paris, France... September 21, 1999

The short aging hunched back troll named Pierre was pacing and hollering at
the various dockworkers in his employ. A large heavily scarred man with a
plasma rifle stepped off the ramp from the ship.

"D-do you h-have them Jacque?" Pierre asked.

"Yes I do." Jacque replied. "Your time machine worked well. I collected all
the woman you required for the auction tonight."

"E-excellant." Pierre stuttered.

Pierre watched happily as several large crates with air holes cut into them
where lowered off the large boat, known as the Chronos, and onto the docks.
He could hear struggling and muffled cries from within the boxes. His little
invention gave him access to what Europeís elite truly desired, sexy young
slaves. And considering his choices, he was bound to make a fortune. After
all who wouldn't want to fuck a princess?

* * *

The Auction Hall, Paris, France. September 25, 1999

The convention hall was cold and goose bumps covered Mulan's naked flesh. She
was tied to some type of bamboo "X". Her ankles and wrists tied off at each
point of the "X". A bamboo gag had been fashioned for her.

In front of her was a simple cardboard sign that read 'Mulan: bidding
beginning at $155,000'. The sign was both in plain French and beneath it in
red Chinese characters. Incense, Asian weapons, and a panda pelt on the wall
decorated her booth. There where other booths, each with a girl in restraints
that allowed access to her tits and pussy, each with a different theme.

Soon the auction hall began to fill and droves of people scurried to examine
the different girls for sales.

Men and woman old and young came to her booth. Some licked her clit or sucked
on her nipples, others swirled their fingers around deep in her cunt, and a
few just squeezed and mauled her breasts. One elderly woman even licked her
ass hole and rammed a carrot deep inside her pussy, which she then proceeded
to eat.

Mulan was sweating and writhing under the nearly constant sexual stimulation.

When the Auctioneer called an end to the night's free sampling, Mulan
collapsed in exhausted relief. Unfortunately the auctioneer it seemed was
coming to her booth first.

"Here we have the exotic Chinese beauty, Mulan..." The auctioneer began to
tell the tale of how she posed as a man to join the military and eventually
saved the empire."...Now you may possess her let the bidding begin."

Mulan listened as the bidding rose and various strangers vied for the right
to call themselves her owner. Mulan's shame burned as she listened to the
price of her freedom and virtue rise.

"Sold to Mrs. Catherine Andrews for the sum of 690,000."

Mulan looked fearfully at the shorthaired blonde woman who appeared to be in
her forties and wore a sharp dark green business suit.

* * *

Catherine Andrew's Yacht, In the Mediterranean Sea. September 27, 1999.

Mulan lay strapped naked to Catherine's bed. Catherine lie next to her new
pet gently running her fingers along Mulan's beautiful naked body.

"No please." Mulan pleaded, and was ignored.

Catherine slid her fingers into Mulan's cunt and began rubbing and pinching
the younger girl's clit.

"Oh noo pleeease it it feeels oooooohhhhh." Mulan moaned, perspiration
forming on her forehead, her pussy moistening.

Catherine, with her practiced hand began finger-fucking Mulan with strong
relentless strokes. As she did this Catherine licked and sucked Mulan's
nipple like a lollipop. Mulan's body shook and quivered and she felt her
body tighten as she came to a screaming orgasm.

Her girl cum splashed into Catherine's waiting hand. Catherine gleefully
licked the girl's delicious cum from her fingers and smiled. The drugs that
Catherine had given Mulan would take effect soon and the girl would come to
love her role as sex slave. Catherine straddled Mulan's lovely face and
lowered her pussy over the Chinese girl's mouth. Mulan merely moaned and
tried to shake her head no. In response Catherine grasped one of Mulan's
nipples and twisted roughly.

"MMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRPHH" Mulan cried into Catherine's pussy.

"Use your tongue please dear." Catherine ordered sternly.

Mulan's tongue began gently and awkwardly exploring her mistress's pussy.

"Oh yes deeper, deeper." Catherine cried as the inexperienced young
Mulan tried desperately to please her.

Catherine clutched Mulan's small tits as she came loudly splashing cum in
Mulan's mouth. Not knowing what else to do the girl drank it down. Catherine
stood up and gently kissed Mulan's forehead.

"You did very well dear." Catherine said.

Just then Catherine's husband entered.

"Mind if I give her a go?" Daniel asked.

"Not at all that's what she's for dear. Let Katie know when your done I think
our daughter might enjoy some too." Catherine said.

To Be Continued...


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