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This is a parody and a personal fantasy. It is not meant to infringe on
the copyright of Disney in any way. The full story contains Bestiality,
Lesbianism, Incest and all the other little things that make life worth
living. If you are offended by such stories or depictions of graphic sex,
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Writer's Note:
This takes place in the days before right before the movie starts. What the
movie didn't show you was the other tests our heroine had to take before
she could be considered a proper bride. There is an old Chinese saying that
roughly translates to, "The Perfect Bride should be A Queen of the Servants,
A Lady before others, A Chef over the Wok and A Whore within the Bed." Where
we saw Mu-Lan's disaster as a Lady, the question remains about how she did
on her other tests.

Mulan: Mulan's Multi-Orgasmic Misadventures
Trials of the Bride-To-Be: Chapter 1 - Morning Routine
by Donovan Douglass

Fa, Mulan lay on her mattress in the pre-dawn darkness. She and four other
girls from the village had come of age and were taking the tests that would
show the Lady Matchmaker their worthiness of good husbands. Although Mulan
wasn't sure if she wanted to get married yet, she was going to do her best
to bring honor to her family. She especially wanted to make her father proud
of her. The tests were conducted over four days, each covering different
aspects of woman life as a bride. All but the last were conducted by
respected members of the communities, the final evaluation was made by the
Lady Matchmaker herself, who covered the whole region, traveling from village
to village and joining men and women to be together for the rest of their
lives. She had passed the trials of the first two days. The first had been
keeping and managing house, where she first had to show she was capable of
cleaning and then prove she could supervise a staff. The lady conducting the
test came from one of the oldest families in the village. Doing chores on her
father's estate had prepared her for the former, while her sympathy with the
staff made them work hard for her and complete the latter. The second day had
been cooking, which had been great fun. All the girls had gotten into a food
fight with the ingredients and stood there with rice and curry powder in
their hair as their meals were judged. A kindly old restaurant owner had done
the judging, and he said that Mulan's dish was a bit spicy but still very
good. Then he joked that if any of the girls didn't find a match, they were
more than welcome to work in his restaurant.

But now the more serious trials would begin. Today Mulan would be tested
on her sexual prowess and tomorrow she must impress Lady Matchmaker.
Surprisingly she didn't feel as nervous about this test as the others, or
as scared as she was about the last one. As her mother said, after catching
her playing with herself several times in isolated corners of the house,
that her daughter was hornier than a whole herd of bulls. While she had
never let anything penetrate her, for it would be a great dishonor to reach
the tests and not be a virgin, she had done just about everything else that
would bring her pleasure. Her mother was vague about what happened during
the tests of sexuality, but she was left with the impression that her
virginity would be proved, and lost, today.

That thought had bounced around in her head all night, that she would be
finally able to feel that pleasure deep inside of her, and she had already
masturbated 3 times because of it. She was moistening up and ready to go for
a fourth time when Little Brother, her dog, came scrambling into the room.
This was even better. For over a year now, Little Brother performed the
`wake-up' trick she had taught him almost every morning. She remained
motionless, as if asleep, as he scrambled under the light blanket she had
covering her and between her bare legs, she rarely slept in clothes anymore.
She turned and spread her legs slightly and Little Brother began to
vigorously lick her young pussy with the energy that puppies seemed to have
in abundance. Since she was already wet and excited, it didn't take much to
start her moaning and squirming. She tossed aside the blanket and watched
Little Brother lap up her juices. He placed his front paws on the inside of
her thighs, right where they joined her body and ducked his head down for
the best angle. Her hands unconsciously drifted to the small swells, which
were her breasts. She began by squeezing the base and worked the mounds
until she was just pinching the nipple. She would pull the nipple out until
her tits were small tight cones and then let it go so they would snap back
before she started squeezing again. She moved the fingers of her left hand
to spread her swollen pussy lips to give Little Brother better access to
her sensitive clit, and he obliged by working the little nub with his rough
tongue. She continue to work her tits with her right hand, now switching
from one to the other, but soon the sensations were too much. She clamped
her lips tightly so her moans wouldn't escape and wake the household,
although she suspected many of the staff already knew of her morning
activities. The thought that some of them might be on the other side of a
paper wall listening to her cum is what really threw her over the edge. As
the orgasm raced through her, she arched he back until Little Brother was
standing on his hind legs in order to keep licking her juicy cunt. Mulan
settled back on her mattress, spent, but Little Brother kept licking until
she was completely clean of all the pussy juices she had been dripping. The
sensations of his tongue gave her a few little after-orgasms that
complemented her really big one, but then she was clean and Little Brother
backed up as she sat.

Little Brother rolled over onto his back and whimpered. She smiled because
she knew what he wanted. "All right, fair is fair," Mulan said. Sometimes
her excitement caused him to get just as horny as she was, so she reached
down and stroked the sheath that hid his dick. His head lolled back, his
tongue flopped out the side of his open mouth and the thick pink worm began
to emerge. A little over 3 inches long and as thick as her thumb, Little
Brother's penis was just like him; cute and fun to play with. She let her
fingertips brush and drag along the underside, at which point his whole body
started twitching and she lost hold of it. So she brought her knees up to
her chest, picked him up, laid him on his back between her knees and then
she used her arms to pin down his hind legs so she wouldn't get scratched.
With a smile, Mulan leaned forward and began licking Little Brother's dick
as quickly and roughly as he had done her. Whines began to escape his mouth
and it was hard to keep him still. A thick knot formed a little from the
base and she teased it with her tongue, then she went for the kill. Taking
his whole dick in her mouth, she would push down until the knot passed her
lips then slowly drew back. She kept her lips tight and sucked so hard that
she was sure Little Brother felt like she was going to pull the dick off
his body. In a matter of minutes Little Brother was twitching and she felt
the salty liquid of his semen shoot into her mouth. It was never very much,
so she swallowed it down quickly and let him roll onto the floor panting in
a very self-satisfied way.

Now it was time for Mulan to get up and do her chores, because even the
bridal tests couldn't get her out of her morning duties. As she put on her
undergarments, she saw there were two dresses laid out in her closet. One
was her favorite green and tan dress, the one with the purple trim, and
the other was a simple white silk robe she would wear for her test this
afternoon. She ran her hands over the slippery material but then hurried
and put on the green one. Her chores mainly consisted of feeding, watering
and cleaning up after the animals. The afterglow from her dawn activities
and the anticipation of what was to come kept her smiling and humming as she
worked through the chickens and pigs and into the stable. Waiting in his
stall was Khan, the ebon stallion that her father had ridden as an officer
in the Army. And for exceptional bravery in the campaign where father's leg
had been injured, the Emperor himself had awarded Khan to her father. Even
as a baby, Mulan had adored Khan's dark, shiny coat and the sense of
dignified power that seemed to emanate from him. In attitude and bearing,
Khan was an equine version of her father and she loved both of them totally.
When she was old enough, her father started letting her take care of Khan,
and hinted that the horse would be a wedding present for her. That was
reason enough for her to pass all of the tests. She took Khan to the rear
of the stable where the brushes and buckets of water were kept. She started
by pouring some grain into the feed box so that he could eat while she
groomed him. It took some time to get all of the hay and grass out of his
mane and coat, and then using the water she brushed and rinsed the dust out
until his coat was almost shiny enough to show her reflection. Then it was
time for her favorite part.

Taking a bucket and cloth, she sat knelt down under him and began cleaning
around his sheath. Khan stopped eating momentarily to glance under at her,
but went back to munching and pretending to ignore her ministrations. But
even the dignified Khan couldn't hide the reaction to her touch. Whereas
Little Brother's penis was a cute, pink worm, what emerged from the
stallion's sheath was more like a massive forest snake. Almost as long as
her arm and thicker than her wrist, it wasn't a play toy; rather it was a
serious weapon. As she now applied the soft, wet cloth directly to Khan's
member, it grew as hard as a walking staff and pointed directly at her face
as she crouched under him. She had dreams of her future where one day, after
her womb had been stretched by giving birth to several sons for a vague image
of a husband, she would let the noble Khan enter her. She imagined herself
spread upon a boulder in an open field or be tied into a stable's breeding
box and then Khan would be over her, sexual power made into horse flesh. That
large knob at the end of his dick would press into her, pushing and thrusting
until her pussy was stretched wide enough for him to enter. Then, with all
the power she had felt in him during their long rides, he would plow into her
and fill her completely.

Imagining the way the mighty horse would take her was getting her worked
up all over again. Her stokes on Khan's member became faster and rougher.
Snorting, Khan gave up all pretenses and shifted his body to a more steady
position. Knowing from experience what was coming, and she giggled to
herself at the pun, she paused and stepped out from under him. Khan snorted
angrily and did a little prance, thinking that she had been teasing him.
"Don't worry, I'm not done yet," she said as she quickly stripped off her
dress and tied her hair back.

She knelt back under him and grasped his dick again with both hands. She
gave him several long hard pulls to get him settled back down. Then she
leaned forward and began licking around the head while still stroking the
full length of his monster dick. After many tries, she had learned to be
able to stretch her mouth over the head of it, which she now did, and she
began to suck and release as if she were drinking through a huge straw.
She dropped one of her hands to her soaking pussy and began to pull and
pinch her clit. Then she pushed her tongue into the hole at the end of
Khan's dick, knowing it always drove him wild. He began to buck and prance
a bit as she worked her tongue around and pulled hard on him with her one
hand while roughly masturbating with her other. Khan got more excited and
she couldn't stroke him anymore because she had to hang on tightly or he
would be pulled out of her mouth, so she sucked harder and used her tongue
wildly, and throughout she never stopped roughly rubbing her pussy.
Fireworks had just started exploded in her head when Khan stopped bucking
and set his hind legs. When his dick exploded with his cum, she tried to
drink as much she could of the salty liquid, but it was no use. He was
cumming so fast that the pressure built up in her mouth until she was
practically blown off the end of his dick. With a loud pop, Mulan fell back
and Khan's dick kept spitting more and more cum until she was covered from
chin to crotch in horse juice. After resting for a moment to let her orgasm
fade, she took the towel and water and cleaned herself off taking care to
make sure none of Khan's seed was in her long hair because it was so hard
to clean out. After getting dressed, she finished getting Khan clean and
sent him out to the field to graze, then turned toward the house to get her
own breakfast.

Mulan saw her father heading toward the family shrine for the morning's
prayers. She gave him a big smile and wave, and he smiled and nodded back.
Her activities this morning had taken away all of her nervousness and left
her feeling sated and happy.

TO BE CONTINUED ... Next Chapter - A Mother's Advice

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