Mutant X: Hot Sex Part 2 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Another night in the city.

Brennan Mulwray was out there on the prowl. He was a tall young man with
black hair and pale brown eyes. A very handsome man. He looked regal in his
black silk shirt, black jeans and boots. He looked like an ordinary man but
he was not. He was a mutant. One of those genetically altered human beings
with special abilities. In the case of Brennan, the mutant abilities
manifested themselves as the power to generate enough electricity to light
up the sky or power up a small city. Brennan Mulwray was a tough, streetwise
rebel. He was also a member of Mutant X.

Mutant X was a small group of mutant men and women dedicated to helping
people. They wanted to protect mutantkind from the outside world and also
protect humanity from those mutant men and women who might want to hurt
it. Tonight, Brennan Mulwray wanted to have some fun. He was at a bar and
checking out the scene. He spotted a cutie. What was her name again?
Something with a K. A real pretty gal.

Brennan Mulwray looked at Katrina.

She was tall, easily six feet, with long black hair and pale green eyes.
Her skin was bone-white. She wore a black leather jacket over a black shirt,
short black leather dress and knee-high boots. She looked pretty damn hot.
He watched her sit down at the table and talk to her friends. He came and
sat down not too far from her. Since he was the only guy not trying to hit
on her, she kept staring at him. Brennan did not really feel like seeing a
woman right now. But he needed to. He had come to realize not long ago that
he liked his teammate and best friend Jesse Kilmartin.

How could he explain how he felt about Jesse? Jesse was a sweet guy. Brennan
Mulwray was not gay. He did not even consider himself bisexual. He was a
pussy-eating, pussy-loving one hundred percent macho man. He had done stuff
with men on occasion for a purpose. Just for a purpose. Brennan did not trust
the dudes or the bitches. The guys were dumb. They trusted the bitches who
used their pussies to control the dudes and get cash and everything else from
then. Brennan Mulwray thought a lot of men were stupid.

He did not like the women either. They were lying, nasty, treacherous and
evil bitches. Most of them. They came onto a guy and promised him this and
that, didn't deliver shit and then turn around and accuse the fella of some
shit he didn't do. Shit like sexual harassment or assault.

Brennan did not want to live with a woman. He didn't trust females. He just
used them to get his freak on. He didn't feel comfortable with men either.
He liked his life, though. The lifestyle of the irresistible macho man. And
closeted bisexual. He had slept with dozens of men and women in his time.
Dozens. Possibly hundreds. He stopped counting a long time ago. Being a
mutant meant he was immune to human diseases like the common cold....or HIV.
He lived in a sexual disneyland.

Brennan had been in love with a woman, once. Her name was Joanna Spellman.
She was a nice-looking gal and Brennan was all of twenty years old. In love
with a woman for the first time. Oh, he'd had sex before but love was
something else. Miss Spellman was all of thirty three years old. She and
Brennan slept together. The sex was great. She left him some time later. He
was heartbroken. He was angry. He was hurt. He felt abandoned. She returned
to her Long Beach home.

After the fiasco with Miss Spellman, Brennan explored his sexuality. He had
a relationship with a girl named Stacey. He also had a thing with one of her
uncles, a man named Robert. Robert introduced Brennan to the homosexual
lifestyle. Robert was a married man and a father of three. His wife didn't
know he was a homosexual. Brennan used the old man for money. He used Stacey
for sex. He ended up ditching them both.

Brennan had a deep hatred of both men and women. Men because they could be
so dumb and women because they were so good at manipulation. He had a strong
dislike of feminists. He also didn't like flamboyant homos and effeminate
men. Those kind of people upset him. He didn't like them at all.

He didn't think he could fall in love again, until he met Jesse Kilmartin.
Jesse, the handsome, somewhat innocent hunk of a man. Jesse Kilmartin who was
currently with Brennan's hot female teammate, the lovely Shalimar. Brennan
felt someone nudge him. He looked and saw that the hot chick, Katrina seemed
to be dying to start a conversation with him. He smiled at her and they
started talking. She was decidedly pretty but he still thought about Jesse
Kilmartin...until he saw how hot her legs were...


Jesse Kilmartin stood at the control room. It had been a few weeks since
Brennan went berserk. Or almost. He was trying to get Mutant X's Sanctuary
back online. Just for the sake of it. He stood there and checked every glitch
in the machines. He had to fix everything and check up on them a few times.
He was methodical in his work.

Jesse Kilmartin was so absorbed in his work that he did not notice Shalimar
sneak up on him. She came quietly behind him and he suddenly felt very lean
and strong arms grab him. He gasped. Shalimar laughed and planted a kiss on
his cheek.

"What are you doing, handsome?" she asked.

"Oh, just fixing stuff up." said Jesse.

Shalimar took a step back and looked at Jesse. She loved watching him. God,
he was so handsome. So sweet, too. She could imagine herself being with him
for the rest of her life. He was so...great. She enjoyed watching him sleep.
He looked adorable. She wanted to hold him and be with him forever. She
sometimes thought they would have a house together and have super-powered
kids. She almost laughed at the thought of herself as a mother. Geez. Now,
he was working. All serious. She needed

She came and once more embraced him. She gently touched his butt. He laughed
but went on with his work. Hmm. She was gonna have to bring in the big guns,
so to speak. She whispered something into his ear and waited for his
reaction. He turned around and looked at her. "Now?" he asked, incredulous.

"Yeah." she said.

He still couldn't believe it. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom.
Jesse followed her with some reluctance and some excitement. They fell on the
bed. Shalimar climbed on top of him.

"Are you sure you're gonna try this?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Jesse grinned. "Well, we're gonna need some lube."

Shalimar grinned even wider.

They went to work on their new sexual experiment. Jesse could not find any KY
jelly around the place so they used Aloe Cream lotion. He watched Shalimar as
she applied some on his cock. She had stripped naked and he beheld her hot
naked body. She was absolutely fine, with nice, firm and full breasts and a
slim waist that was followed by a truly gorgeous ass. A real nice,
heart-shaped ass. Hmm. Jesse felt himself grow hard just looking at it. He
watched Shalimar as she applied some lotion on her buttcheeks and in between
them. She looked at Jesse and practically growled. "Are you ready, boy?"

Jesse grinned and leapt into her arms. They rolled around on the bed until
Jesse found himself on top of Shalimar. She looked up at him and saw his
handsome face looking down at her. God, he was so beautiful. She caressed
his face and kissed him. She had fallen head over heels in love with Jesse
Kilmartin and it took her completely by surprise. She wanted to give herself
to this man. All of herself. She wondered how he really felt about her. She
saw some love mixed with lust and awe in his eyes. She felt his hard cock
press against her. Grabbing a pillow with one arm, Jesse lifted her with
another. She was once more reminded of how strong he was.

He slid the pillow under her back and raised her so that her legs rested
on his shoulders. She parted her buttcheeks and exposed herself to him. She
looked and saw his massive cock rub against her hole, ready to enter her.
She felt a bit of fear. She had never been this vulnerable in her entire
life. She would never have given herself that way to a man. She once said
she would never let a man take her that way. Yet, here she was. She looked
into Jesse's face and he must have seen the fear in her for he stopped. In
spite of his overwhelming desire.

"You still want this?" he asked.

She looked at him. She loved this man and would hold nothing from him. "Yes."
she said.

She took his cock and rubbed it against her asshole. Jesse slowly slid his
cock inside her ass. She grunted when she felt the head of his cock pop
inside her. Jesse's cock pushed past the tight ring of muscle. Shalimar
winced. In spite of the Aloe Cream, it still hurt. Jesse thrust his cock
into her ass slowly. She grimaced as he penetrated her. He started
thrusting his cock deeper inside her and she struggled not to scream. Her
ass hurt like hell but she was determined to make him happy. She bit her
lip as Jesse's massive cock was thrust impossibly deep inside her tight
rectum... he fucked her nice and slow and then hard and fast.

His rhythm was unpredictable. Jesse loved the feel of Shalimar's tight ass
around his cock. Gosh, it was nice! He looked at Shalimar. She looked so
wonderfully vulnerabel underneath him. For a moment, though. It was not
Shalimar's face that he thought he saw....but Brennan's. For some reason,
that turned him on and he hammered Shalimar's ass harder with vigorous
thrusts of his long and thick cock. Shalimar felt like she was being split
in two.

She bit her lip until it came close to bleeding. The pain was excruciating.
Slowly, though, something changed. The pain was replaced by a curious
feeling. As her anal walls got used to the giant prick inside it, she felt
full. It was an odd but wonderful feeling. She looked at Jesse as he thrust
into her. He grunted and she knew what was coming. He came, hot cum rushing
out of his dick and into her bowels. She screamed at the top of her lungs.
Jesse lay on top of her, spent. His still-hard cock remained inside her
asshole. He lay there, while she panted underneath him.

Neither of them said anything for a long time.

"Are you okay?" asked Jesse, seeing the tears in her eyes.

"Yeah." she said.

"Did it hurt?" he asked. "Is that why you're crying?"

Shalimar offered a brave smile. "Just wanted to make you happy." she said.

"Oh, Shal." Jesse said and kissed her forehead.

She held onto him. He pulled out of her. She breathed in relief. He pulled
her closer to him and held her. They remained like this for a long moment.
Completely at peace.

Jesse felt great...his body had experienced the height of sexual pleasure.
Still, one thing bothered him. Why did he think about Brennan when he was
with Shalimar?

In the City...

Brennan Mulwray looked at Katrina. They had been talking for some time and
she bought him a drink. He had learned some things about her for the past
half hour. She was twenty three years old. She was a graduate of Boston
University. She wanted to go to graduate school. She had recently broken up
with her longtime boyfriend Alec Ramsey. He was a Jockey who'd rather be
riding a Black Stallion than a female hottie. Although she looked real hot,
Brennan did not feel that interested in her. She was really self-centered.
He just got up and walked away. She vocally protested but he just walked
faster. He didn't want to talk to her or anyone else. He went back to his
car. He just drove toward the Home of all Mutants, the Sanctuary.

He returned in the Sanctuary. Emma was out on a special assignment. He
thought that Shalimar and Jesse ought to be there. He looked for them for
no particular reason. He could not find them. He could not believe himself.
Throwing away a chance to have sex with a hot chick. Maybe he was really
getting soft. Ugh. He was still thinking these thoughts when he heard
something. It was coming from Shalimar's bedroom. He came closer to the
room. He gasped. Jesse Kilmartin walked out of Shalimar's room, buck naked.

Brennan found himself staring at the tall, handsome young man. Jesse
Kilmartin had a killer body. He looked so damn hot. Nice, muscular arms and
legs. A strong, muscular chest and flat belly. Totally washboard stomach. He
was buck naked! Brennan saw Jesse's hard cock. Long and thick, just the way
Brennan had always pictured it in those fantasies he would not admit to
himself that he had. God, just looking at Jesse made Brennan hard! He almost
tripped and Jesse turned to look at him.

Jesse Kilmartin turned and gasped when he saw Brennan. He didn't know
Brennan was there. Brennan looked Brennan was wearing a nice black
shirt that seemed to be made just for him and those tight pants that showed
his great lower body. He looked so sexy. His face was unshaven. Masculine and
hot, in a bad-boy way. Hot damn! Just looking at Brennan got Jesse hard!

"Brennan, what are you doing here?" Jesse asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." said Brennan.

Jesse tried to block his genitals from Brennan's view. Brennan's eyes
missed nothing. Brennan took off his shirt and wrapped it around Jesse in
a surprisingly bold move. "Here." he said.

Jesse was surprised by Brennan's gesture and fumbled for words. Brennan was
about to say something when Shalimar's voice came.

"Jesse, come back to bed, sweetie." she said.

Jesse suddenly remembered that his girlfriend/teammate was waiting for him.
"I've gotta pee." he said.

Brennan chivalrously opened the bathroom door for him.

"Get in." he whispered. "Don't keep your lady waiting."

Jesse nodded and went inside. Brennan looked at Jesse's gorgeous ass as he
went inside the bathroom. He felt himself grow hard. Reluctantly, he walked
away from someone with a hot body for the second time that night.

Brennan went to bed. He stripped to his boxers. He lay there, thinking. He
hadn't had sex in a few days. His last sexual encounter with a woman was with
that chick, Monica. Monica was a hot black woman he met at a night club. His
last encounter with a man was with a closeted college football player named
Derek Henderson. He thought about the hottie in the black leather skirt,
Katrina. He reached down into his boxers and started stroking his cock. She
was hot. He pictured her bending over and showing that hot ass, thinking it
would arouse him. His cock remained unimpressed. He couldn't believe this
shit. His mind drifted and for some reason, he thought about Jesse Kilmartin.
Jesse's handsome face and gorgeous butt aroused him a lot. His cock was
harder than Chinese algebra.

Hotdamn! Was he that attracted to Jesse? Now, this was some scary shit.
Still, if he was gonna kick it with a guy, he'd rather it be with someone
like Jesse than some mofo off the streets. Being with Jesse, now there was
a pleasant thought.

* * *

Jesse Kilmartin returned to Shalimar's side. They lay on the bed, positioned
so that they faced each other. She looked at him and smiled.

"I love you, Jess." she said. She took his hand and gently kissed it. Jesse
smiled and said nothing. "You love me too, right?" she asked, after he
remained silent for a moment.

Jesse smiled at her. "You're the only woman I want." he told her.

Shalimar grinned and cuddled with him. She buried herself in his strong arms,
enjoying the warmth of his body. It was amazing how much she loved this

Jesse Kilmartin was thinking about someone and it sure as hell wasn't
Shalimar. He cared for Shalimar and sex with her was great but...his mind,
heart, body and soul ached for another. He longed for Brennan. He realized
it now. There was no denying it. He remembered how he felt when he looked
at Brennan....and how he felt when Brennan looked at him. Brennan looked
like he might be interested...this was crazy...Brennan was the embodiment
of the macho...he couldn't be gay. Could he be bi ? Was there such a thing
as a macho bisexual man? Could he and Jesse be together. He was thinking
these thoughts when he felt Shalimar touching him in...interesting places.
The girl was insatiable...

To be Continued...


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