Disclaimer: I do not own My Boys, this is a work of fiction and pure fantasy.

Codes: MMMMF, oral, anal, rough, reluc

My Boys: Not One Of The Guys Anymore
by Senor Retard

"Not One of the Guys Anymore"

PJ Franklin rolled over in her bed and looked over at the clock. She opened
her door and to her shock, the guys were already over for the game.

"Hoooo, wow, black lace huh?" said Mike, admiring his friend's choice in

"AH! You guys!" screamed PJ, as she ran into her room to change into more
modest attire.

"The game doesn’t' even start until four, what are you already doing here?"
asked PJ, now wearing a pair of sweatpants and a Bears' T-shirt.

"Well, Green Bay and Minnesota is on, division rivals," responded Mike.

"Don't listen to him, he just wanted to mooch some free food and beer from
your fridge, everyone knows the Packers and Vikings are godawful," said

"Yeah, the peep show was just a bonus," Mike said.

"Yeah well, I hope you enjoyed it as it was a one time spectacle," said PJ.
"Where the hell is my brother?"

"He said Meredith was keeping him home to clean," said Kenny.

"Lucky guy," said Bobby.

PJ laughed to herself as she walked into the kitchen to grab a beer, there
was nothing better in her mind then just hanging with her best friends and
catching the game, but lately, she found herself questioning whether or not
being "one of the guys" was more of a negative than a positive. Here she
was one, a successful young and available 25 year old in one of the biggest
cities in the world, but she hadn't had a decent relationship in years.
Nearly every boyfriend she'd ever had was never too keen on the idea of
their girlfriend being with a bunch of guys all the time. The guys were
always around, for better or for worse, but maybe for once, she needed a
little space.

"Ok guys," said PJ as she walked back into her living room, and turning off
the tv.

"Whoooa, what's the deal!" said Mike.

"The Packers are up by 21 with like eight minutes left, the game is over,"
said PJ.

"This from the girl who made us watch that game a few years ago where the
Bears were losing by 28 and said 'anything can happen'?" responded Mike.

"Alright look this is serious, I'm going through a crisis here," said PJ.

"What's the matter?" asked Kenny.

"Look, you guys are great, this is great, you know, just hanging out with
you guys is great," said PJ.

"That's a lot of greats, there has to be a catch," said Bobby.

"I got from a clubhouse full of 25 guys to an apartment with all you guys
every day and it just gets in the way," said PJ.

"Ok, well, that's fine, I understand, guys do you understand?" asked Mike.

"Yeah we understand"

"I mean like I'm not saying we'll never hang out, just not seven days a
week." said PJ.

"Yeah that's fine PJ, but now that you're no longer just one of the guys, I
think maybe we need to say a few things to you," said Mike.

"Kennnnnnny!" said Mike.

"I jerk off to pictures of you," muttered Kenny quietly.

"Kenny!" yelled Mike.

"Alright alright, look PJ, I have, well I have jerked off to pictures of you
occasionally," said Kenny, who then caught another dirty look from Mike. "Ok,
ok, I do it often, like almost every night."

"Alright, that is just uh, that's just kind of creepy guys," said PJ. "Bobby
you're new, but as everyone knows we've had our issues, do you have anything
to say here?"

"Um, well you did kind of freak me out that first night but uh, well I'd be
lying if I said that I didn't uh think of you in a certain way." stuttered

"Alright well I guess that at least isn't all creepy like Kenny and Mike, God
you guys, outside of Bobby I never knew that uh you all thought of me like
that," said PJ.

"Well PJ, an attractive girl like you, a bunch of guys what do you expect?
You honestly thought none of us never thinking about have sex with you?" said

"Well I mean, wait "us"? You too Brendan?" asked PJ. "We've known each other
for so long, I mean…"

"PJ, I've wanted you ever since college," said Brendan, who slowly got up and
began to walk over to his confused friend. "As for everyone, you have no idea
how much we fight over this little body of yours, whose gonna try and take
the friendship and throw a little gas on it."

Mike wasn't as big as Brendan and she easily took down his 7 incher. "Wow,
hey tomboy you can suck a mean dick, goddamn!" said Mike.

Now PJ was starting to get into the situation she took off the remaining
pieces of clothing she had on and the guys formed a circle around her. She
was spinning around like a clock, sucking off each one of her friends.

"Mmm, this is what you guys wanted all along huh? Me acting like a little
slut?", she said in between sucks. "Did any of you guys think you're best
friend PJ was such a little cock sucking whore?"

The guys couldn't respond, they were too into the moment. Brendan picked PJ
up off the floor and laid her out of the poker table. "So it's time for you
all to fuck my tight little pussy huh?" said PJ as she began to play with

"Oooh yea," said Brendan as he placed the tip of his cock at PJ's tight

With a quick thrust Brendan began to fuck his best friend with a little
anger between each thrust. He'd waited so long to fuck her, and now years
of tension were finally being released.

Mike walked over to the opposite end of the table, where PJ's head was and
placed his cock near her face. PJ didn't miss the cue and began to suck him
off as Bobby and Kenny each placed a cock in one of her hands. Mike, who
always had sex on his mind, couldn't believe the sight in front of him. PJ
laid out on their beloved poker table getting fucked, sucking him off and
jerking off Kenny and Bobby.

"Alright man, rotation time! Whoo!" said Mike.

Each guy did a clockwise turn around the table as Bobby got his turn as his
good friend's cunt. PJ had initially come onto Bobby when they first met, but
her more male orientated point of view in relationships turned him off, but
he had no problem now fucking her while she acted like such a little whore.

PJ meanwhile had little thoughts going through her mind outside of giving a
mind blowing blow job.

"PJ, how would you feel about a uh...about getting throatfucked?" asked Kenny
as he took his cock out of her mouth.

"Hm, it really always is the quiet ones you have to watch out for huh?" said
PJ. "Let's see what I can do."

Kenny could barely hide his ecstatic smile as he had often jerked off to the
thought of throat fucking her. He placed his cock back in her mouth as she
allowed her head to hang from the table. Starting off slowly, Kenny slid half
of his surprisingly large 10 inch cock into her mouth. Suddenly he began to
slam his cock in and out of her mouth, but to PJ's credit she was able to
hold her ground. Spit began to drool out of her mouth, rolling down her face.

"Man you're gonna mess her up began I can get a shot at her face," said

Kenny just laughed as he kept up his piston like fucking of PJ's face.

"Alright switch switch," said Mike, as he was next in line to fuck PJ.

The fucking and sucking and jerking continued for PJ for the next 10 minutes,
when everyone had each gotten a turn at each "station" Brendan told PJ to get
off the table. Brendan then lied down on the floor and motioned for PJ to get
on top of him. PJ began to bounce up and down on Brendan's cock. Of all the
guys, PJ was enjoying Brendan the most, even though she'd never admit it, she
kind of always had a crush on him as well. Brendan forcefully pulled PJ back
down every time she would go up on his cock, grabbing her tight ass and
slamming her pussy back down on his cock. In the midst of the ecstasy PJ was
feeling have her longtime friend fucking her senseless, she felt a finger
trying rub her asshole.

"Kenny?" said PJ

"Yeah, guilty as charged," said Kenny. "So...?"

"Ah what the hell go for it," said PJ

Another one of Kenny's fantasies were fulfilling as Brendan pulled out of PJ
and she got on all fours while allow Kenny to work on her asshole. The rest
of the guys made sure PJ wouldn't be bored as she sucked off them off while
Kenny licked her asshole.

"You really are a fuckin perv man," said Mike.

" know you'll be on line after I'm done," said Kenny as he began
to slip a finger into her now saliva lubricated asshole. "I think we're

PJ braced herself as Kenny began to rub his cockhead against PJ's tight
sensitive asshole. Eventually Kenny tried to insert it in and fought against
the tightness of her ass. Kenny snuck five inches in and felt as if he'd
explode right there. PJ's virgin ass was so tight, it felt like it was going
to make him cum right there, but Kenny fought the urge, it took him too long
to get to his moment to finish so quickly. PJ meanwhile was moaning despite
the slow burning in competition with the extreme pleasure she was feeling
from her first ass fucking. Bobby who was enjoying PJ's oral expertise looked
over at Kenny, who seemed to get the message. Kenny pulled out and Bobby
motioned for the rest of the guys to back up, he laid down on the floor and
pulled PJ onto his cock and pulled her down so they were face to face. Kenny
then went back behind PJ and put his dick back into her ass. The two began to
alternate between thrusts keeping PJ filled with constant cocks.

"Uhh, mm yeah keep fucking me guys, ohh yeah, little PJ getting fucked by all
you guys. I guess you'll all have some masturbation material for the next few
weeks huh? Hmm yeah fuck my ass Kenny, fuck my pussy Bobby." said PJ,
screaming out in orgasm.

Brendan and Mike eventually worked their way in and took over for Kenny and
Bobby. As Brendan and Mike fucked both of her holes she looked up at Kenny
and Bobby, both furiously jerking off while staring at PJ. PJ was in a state
of constant pleasure, her body was being used for once. She took in the
moment, as for once, the guys looked at her as nothing more than a little
fuck toy. She had never been treated like this before in her life and it felt
good. She wasn't a tomboy, she wasn't even a girly girly, she was a dirty
whore and she loved it.

Brendan and Mike both grunted and began to get up and Mike laid PJ out on the
floor. The guys got into a line, ready to run a final train on their friend.

Bobby was first, he put his cock into PJ's pussy and began to fuck her quick
and hard.

"You fucking love this don't' you?" asked Bobby. "Hard to believe you kept
this side of you hidden for so long, you fuckin dirty whore."

Bobby shoved his tongue down her throat and the two began to kiss each other
with reckless abandon. Bobby continued to fuck PJ until he felt the cum
bubbling in his cock, he quickly pulled out and slid up to her face, putting
his cock in her mouth and shooting streams of semen down her throat. PJ
sucked down on his cock like a straw, sucking out each drop of semen from
his cock. Finally, Bobby pulled out and the next guy walked up.

"Cum on this face!"

The dirty talk from PJ threw Mike over the edge and he began to moan as he
pulled out and began to cum all over PJ's face. Four thick streams of cum
glazed PJ's face. Landing on her forehead, eyes nose and lips.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, that's a fucking load!" said PJ as she began to rub the
cum into her skin. "Oooh yeah that's what I fucking needed."

Kenny then stepped up for his turn, but put his cock back into PJ's ass.

"Haha, yeah Kenny you fuckin perv, fuck that tight tight ass," said PJ.

Much to Kenny's dismay, PJ's ass was too much for him this time and seeing
her cum covered face turned him on even more. Kenny shot his load deep into
PJ's ass, splattering her insides with his seed.

Kenny got up and collapsed in pleasure on the floor as Brendan finally took
his turn.

"And here I always imagined if and when we had sex it'd be a romantic
moment," joked Brendan as he looked at PJ, with cum slowly leaking from her
ass, her sweaty hair matted against her forehead and gobs of cum all over
her face.

"Just fuck me, Brando."

Brendan obliged and began to fuck PJ's cunt with a determined looked on his

"Oh, yeah Brendan, yeah, oh keep fucking me, don't stop, keep fucking that
little cunt." exclaimed PJ.

"PJ, I, I'm gonna cum," said Brendan.

There she was, used by all of her friends and covered in cum. The guys stood
around her and she playfully grabbed at their cocks.

"Soo, I guess I'll never be one of the guys ever again huh?" she said, giving
each cock a last lick and giving a nice long suck on Kenny's savoring the
taste of her ass.

All of a sudden the apartment door opened and her brother Andy walked in,
standing in shock seeing his little sister holding a cock in each hand.


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