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Mythbusters: Kari Gets Busted
by SJ ([email protected]) and JD ([email protected])

"Ok guys, we need myths to test, the posts from online aren't panning out."

The cast of Mythbusters was sitting around a table in the shop with the
production team. They were brainstorming myths for the show, but having lots
of trouble.

Jokingly, Tory suggested "Let's test the myth that after someone gets their
head cut off, their head stays alive for like 30 seconds after."

Kari scoffed, and snapped at him "Yeah, good idea moron, how do we test it?
Cut someone's head off on TV?"

Tory and Grant met for a beer after the meeting, both of them were tired of
how much attention Kari was getting being the only woman on the show.

The day the plan was set to go into action the unaware Kari Byron found the
area around the M7 build shop oddly deserted. Usually there was quite a crowd
of tourists, wannabes, and the occasional bum panhandling. The stacked
redhead had heard something at one of the production meetings about
increasing security with the fame Mythbusters brought, and it seemed to have
been introduced. She was a little disappointed - the hungry stares of the
geeky fans made her feel good about her beauty, and she often wore short
skirts to tease them.

Kari kicked aside a chunk of rubbish with a heavy black boot before entering
the build shop. She didn't register the sound of the classic all purpose
Louisville Slugger as it swished through the air. The heavy wooden bat
collided with Kari's lower abdomen with a satisfying slap. The impact doubled
her over as her abs screamed in agony. There would be a long bruise across
her navel before long. A piercing scream ripped from between Kari's lips,
going unheard except by Tory and Grant - but recorded by their numerous
cameras and microphones.

Tory took the Slugger from Grant and move behind Kari. The redheaded babe was
forcing herself upright when he brought it round in his own swing to crack
her across the buttocks. Kari's ass was the main reason they'd hired the
bitch, and it just felt so damn good to give her a good hit across the toned
flesh. Kari was sent sprawling across the cold floor of the M7 Build Shop.
The two men shared a cruel laugh and high-fived as Tory put the Slugger

Moving hurt. Even from two un-athletic geek specimens as Tory and Grant, Kari
felt sure she had some kind of internal injuries. She needed to get to
another exit from the build shop, and run for help. She could barely move
with the agony in her mid-section. Kari managed to turn her head around and
see that the men were completely naked, but for heavy work-boots and socks.
Their erections bobbed before them as they walked and she noted that Tory was
almost twice as large as Grant, and Grant wasn't small by western standards.

Kari gritted her teeth and pulled herself up by the workbench as her sadistic
co-workers approached. She saw a likely weapon before her, a heavy metal bar.
Kari grabbed for it just as Tory's hand caught her thick red hair. He pulled
her away from the work bench and forced her down to the floor. Kari struggled
as Tory applied his weight to her back, and then fought against Grant's
strength as he handcuffed her arms behind her back. She nearly beat him, but
for the pain spreading through her torso as Tory's weight caused her wounded
abdomen to press against the floor.

"Let me go you filthy bastards!" Kari managed, the pain evident in her voice.

"Come on Kari, that's not very professional - we need you to test this
decapitation myth - in a couple of hours."

"That's right - the little drugs cocktail we had mixed up for us will mean we
won't go soft until then - can you guess what we're going to do to you in the

"You fucking bastards, don't do this to me!"

"Hey, beg all you want, bitch. Just going to make us fuck you harder!"

Grant tugged Kari's boots off and put them neatly to one side. She couldn't
kick properly with Tory on her back, and there was no way for her to stop him
from tugging down her lace and tartan skirt. Grant gasped to see that she
wore no panties over her shaved bare pussy - she really was a slut after all.
The bruising across her pert buttocks really turned him on, and he slapped
them hard four or five times to hear Kari yelp.

Tory kept his weight on Kari's back, but leaned for a knife he'd duct taped
under a table and out of sight. He used the blade to cut Kari's white top
off, along with her bra. He left the choker collar she wore - it was suitable
for the fucktoy role she was briefly to serve. He taped the knife carefully
back under the table as Kari cursed them both through her tears and yelps.
Tori shifted his weight so they could twist Kari onto her back until he sat
on her wounded abs. He spat on her face, symbolizing his contempt for a slut
who got ahead by her body.

Kari was horrified that that the two men were really going to kill her. Rape
was one horrible thing, but she didn't want to die. Tory pressed her
succulent breasts around his cock, fucking the soft valley with rough
strokes. She whimpered at the fresh pain as the bloated tip pressed close to
her face on every stroke. She could see Tory really enjoyed the look of pain
and fear in her eyes as he used her body. To the swarthy Italian-American she
was just meat for his pleasure. Something pressed between her legs and she
tried to keep her thighs shut.

"No! NO! I won't tell anyone, just let me go!"

Grant was hidden from Kari's view by Tory, so she couldn't see the sick grin
he displayed as she begged. With the redhead's hands cuffed beneath her ass,
her body was at just the right height for him to violate her. He shuffled
forward on his knees, forcing Kari's thighs wide until his cock was at her
entrance. As Tory raped her breasts, Grant took her dry cunt with cruel
force. It didn't matter to him that it was a little rough on his own cock, he
just liked her new anguished screams.

She was no virgin, but the penetration was so rough blood soon trickled
around Grant's shaft as he started humping into her. The rapist's pleasure
grew as Kari's blood lubricated her rape. Grant humped harder between her
thighs, raping Kari as hard as he was able. There was sexual desire in the
act, but mostly it was about power and revenge and putting the snotty slut in
her place.

Tory's cock was carrying him to a realm of untold pleasure in Kari's firm
valley. He could feel her heart beating hard in her chest, but the best part
was the agony etched into Kari's face as she screamed and sobbed. Her body
moved beneath him, shaken by Grant's punishing thrusts, and added to his
pleasure. Tory had dreamed of this moment and, even in his late thirties,
awoken with sticky sheets.

His hot cream splashed across Kari's pain twisted face. He was so excited he
could barely aim the wild spray. His long, thick, cock and heavy load almost
gave the impression of a fire hose spraying Kari's face. She got a good
mouthful of Tory's fertile seed as well as stinging wads in both eyes and
splashes across her cheeks. Tory lent forwards and pressed his cock directly
into Kari's mouth,

"Lick it all off you fucking cumrag. If I feel your teeth I'll make you eat
your nipples and clitoris."

Terrified and completely convinced that Tory would do as he said, Kari Byron
worked his shaft as best she was able with her tongue. Every thrust into her
pussy felt like a knife was being stabbed up into her crotch, and it grew
worst as Grant approached his climax. His face was twisted in hate to match
her pain, and with Tory out the way, he mauled her breasts with his bony
hands. Tory moved from her face once she'd licked his erection clean, and
watched Grant finish up.

"Fucking teasing whore! See how smart you are now, Kari!"

Grant jammed his cock deep into Kari and let her have his load. Her already
sore, torn-up, cunt stung with the semen fired into inside her. He gave Kari
his entire load inside, showing her for the worthless sperm receptacle she
was. His fingernails left marks on her breasts before he pulled out. He
wanted to degrade Kari as much as possible, and knelt over her face.

"Lick my fucking asshole, slut! Use your tongue!"

Terrified, Kari complied and started rimming Grant's ass. He slowly jerked
his bloodsmeared cock, and enjoyed the pleasurable feelings brought by the
tease to his butt. Tory didn't give Kari a moment to rest, quickly replacing
Grant between Kari's legs. Her eyes widened as Tory's great log of a cock
pressed between her shaven lips. It felt like she was a virgin again as he
pressed into her, hitting her cervix with most of his cock still outside.

Tory fucked her cunt slowly at first, enjoying the partially lubricated
pleasure more than Kari's suffering. Then, with all his strength, he tore her
tiny cervical hole open enough to press his cock into her womb. Kari screamed
in true agony as Tory busted her womb and then brutally raped her with hard
punishing jabs. She tried to pass out, but couldn't, and had to take each
agonising stroke until he pulled suddenly free, and jerked off over her
quivering belly.

So it continued. They shared Kari's asshole, Grant forcing his way in to her
anus first as Kari screamed, and then Tory pressing his thick cock in
alongside. Kari's ass was stretched wide as the two cocks moved in her
rectum. She finally did pass out before her insides received another coating
of rapists' spunk, but they brought her back round before making her lick
them clean again.

After two hours of raping Kari Byron, both together and individually, Grant
and Tory were exhausted and in possession of a lot of smoking hot footage.
Their own cocks were sore and still semi erect as they prepared for the final
part of their plan; the ultimate testing of a myth. They left Kari sobbing on
the floor as they prepared a chopping block before the cameras. They wanted
as many angle shots a they could get besides the main camera.

Grant unlocked the cuffs on Kari's wrists. Torn skin testified how hard and
futilely the brutally raped redhead had struggled for freedom. She was no
longer struggling by then and had seemed almost catatonic for the last half
hour of the rape. Tory took a handful of Kari's air and dragged her across
the build shop floor to the chopping block. He pressed her neck into the
slight indent in the middle, and then secured a leather strap snuggly across
the back - after making sure her hair was as much out of the way and too the
side as possible. He hackled her wrists to the side of the chopping block so
that with the sheer weight of it, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere.
Finally, he positioned a smaller block under her belly, to keep her on her
knees throughout the decapitation.

Grant finished up positioning cameras to the rear. They had an excellent
angle on her bruised buttocks, and the streams of bloody semen leaking from
her torn anus and gaping cunt. He was panting lightly as he walked up behind
her and drew back his booted foot for a kick. There was a sickening squelch,
rather than a thud, as Grant's boot slammed into Kari's shaven cunt. Bloody
semen squirted out around the toe, but the kick had the desired effect.

Kari's head shot up as much as it was able from the block and a raw scream of
agony burst hoarsely from her lungs. She was back with them for the final
indignity. New tears smeared through the cum on her face as she took in her
position on the chopping block. The bastards were really going to do it.
Though her whole body ached or worse, though she'd been raped and degraded,
she still wanted to live.

Grant pulled out the samurai sword from the "slicing a gun barrel in two"
myth. He made a point of showing her the blade as he slowly unsheathed it.
Kari saw her reflection in the blade, barely recognizable but for her hair.
Tory gave a quick presentational speech to the camera about the Myth they
were testing and what they hoped to prove - before adding he doubted the
footage would go public.

Grant raised the sword high above his head, pausing as Tory moved out of the
way of the camera views. They both hoped it was sharp enough to sever Kari's
head in one swing, given that Grant wasn't especially strong.

Kari screamed, her eyes open wide in terror, "PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE NOOOOOOOOOO-"

Her last unmemorable words mixed with the almost silent swish of the sword as
Grant brought it down next to the leather strap. The blow was perfect,
slicing neatly between the vertebrae of her spine and cutting a disk in two.
The sword continued unimpeded through thick-corded muscle, veins and arteries
along with Kari's larynx to embed in the solid wood of the chopping block.
Kari's severed head dropped forward and thumped across the floor, her mouth
open in a soundless final scream.

Fingers twitched against the wood of the chopping block as Kari's heart
pumped blood in great gouts from her neck. Her muscle control gone, Kari's
bladder voided messily onto the shop floor to form a small pool of piss. The
cameras caught it all, but neither Tory nor Grant noticed. Grant left the
sword embedded in the block as Tory lent down and picked up Kari's severed
head by her long red hair.

"Hey Kari, blink if you can hear me."

He spun her head around to face the main camera. Kari's eyes were still open
wide, but blank and lifeless. Grant stepped up and slapped her cum-smeared
face, hard. There was perhaps the slightest flicker in Kari's eyelids. Blood
dripped from the stump of her neck to stain the floor, but it seemed the myth
had been proven false. They gave another speech to the Camera, twisting and
turning Kari's head like a prop until they were done.

The last shot was of Kari's severed head next to a "Myth Busted" sign.


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