Mythbusters: The Naughty Myths Part 1 - Starting The Show (no sex)
by Anonymous

Today's show starts off like any other episode, the announcer does his "Today
on MythBusters!!" announcements as Jamie and Adam sit around their work table
for a few moments wondering where the hell the announcers voice was coming
from, after awhile Jamie broke the silence.

"So Adam? What myths are we going after today?" Jamie asked slowly as if
still waiting for the voice to start to speak again.

Adam laughed a little before taking a more serous tone. "Well.... Today
Jamie, we're going to be doing ones on everyone's favorite subject SEX!!" He
said trying to fight back his smile.

"Wow?" Jamie said in a fake shock "I didn't even know Sex had any Myths?" He
said sarcastically...

Adam with his normal enthusiasm was almost to quick to respond almost over
talked Jamie. "Oh yeah, there's a TON!!" Adam exclaimed. "First off, you've
seen those giant fake penis's in Porn shops? Well fans keep e-mailing me
saying there's no way a girl could ever fit that inside them... The simple
fact would be they'd rip their pussy first. It's the same thing that happens
when they have a baby. The doctors sometimes have to cut the skin there to
help the baby come out."

"I see?" Jamie said, a little annoyed at being talked over yet again...

Adam didn't seam to notice Jamie's pause, "And there's the Japanese fetish
called Bukkake" Adam said growing even more excited...

"Bukkake? What's that??" Jamie asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Well, that's where a whole bunch of guys cum on a girls face... Almost
totally covering her face and sometimes even her whole body!!" Adam said

"So Then... what's the myth?" Jamie asked even thought he already knew that
answer as well. It was the curse of having to do take after take...

"Well..." Adam said deliberately taking the long pause, "They say it's
impossible because the cum would dry too fast.." Adam replied.

"Ah, I see. Are there any others?" Jamie asked.

"Oh, yeah! There is a TON!!" Adam said jumping to his feet as he started
counting off his figures. "There's black men have bigger cocks then whites,
And once you get use to anal you love it..." he slowed for a moment thinking
of the others, "Every girl loves there first lesbian experience..." he
stammered again trying to remember them all, "Um, I think.. Piercings make
sex better... Is another one of them."

Jamie rolled his eyes hoping the camera wouldn't see. He was about ready to
strangle Adam for forgetting about half of the myth's.

"Oh then there's two pregnancy one's even I've never heard of!!" Adam said,
you could almost seen the veins in his neck he was so excited.

"Oh and what are those?" Jamie asked, He was almost shocked Adam remembered.

"The first being that if a girl misses her pill just one day she'll get
pregnant..." Adam said rubbing his hands together. "And the other a myth
flying around about celebrates sleeping with their fans!" He said laughing
a little. "It's not really about Celebrities any girl trying to get pregnant
can do it, But I heard it from a Celebrity..." Adam said.

"Oh and What Celebrity do you know?" Jamie snorted.

Adam almost growled "I..." He stammered before saying "Oh shut up!!
Anyways... So one night after the two have sex and the guy falls asleep the
girl takes the used condom and turning it inside out, masturbates with it.."
Adam finished.

"Causing her to get pregnant??" Jamie asked.

"Well, that's the myth?" Adam said not really believing it either. He'd
really heard it from a friend who saw it from a TV show...

"So how long do we have to do this episode?" Jamie asked. "If we're talking
pregnancies here, that's at least a month before where sure of anything?"

"Well, that's the really cool thing!!" Adam replied "Since this episode isn't
ever going to be aired on public TV, we can take all the time we want..." He

For the first time Jamie was the one to stammer, "So then.. why are we doing
this episode at all?" Jamie asked. He wasn't told anything other then they
were doing a XXX episode. He was under contract so he didn't really have a
say in anything, but if it wasn't even going to be aired?

"What are you kidding???" Adam said in disbelief. "One is the fact we can
sell it as porn and make a ton, and the other we have the girls under
contract... " He stammered... "And come on?" He said raising his voice...

"Who doesn't want to see Kari and Scottie doing these things!!"


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