Mythbusters: The Naughty Myths Part 2 - Can You Take It? (FF-mast,toys)
by Anonymous

It was a normal day as the Mythbuster's 'Mistress of Metal' otherwise known
as Scottie sat fanning herself at her work desk. It was almost sweltering
outside the shop and she'd been welding outside in the heat for hours. She
was hot and sweaty, and in no mood for Adam's foolishness. So when she saw
him standing looming over her she wasn't the least bit happy. Until she
noticed the rather large bulge in his pants.

"If your thinking what I think your thinking I'm going to need a bonus!!" She
laughed. One thing that could always cheer her up was her teasing of Adam.
She loved to make him blush!

She was about to ask why he was standing there when she noticed that Kari was
standing behind him with a very very red face, and a slight schoolgirl smile
that Scottie loved about her.

It took about ten minutes for Adam to lay out the myths and a little about
how he thought girls should go about trying to bust them.

At first Scottie thought it was a joke Adam had cooked up to try and get back
at her for her constant teasing. But she'd never seen Kari blush so deeply,
and Adam had a copy of her contract in his hands.

After Adam left Scottie and Kari sat talking. Scottie had thought the first
few myths were kind of funny, and as long as she was getting paid she didn't
mind doing them, but she was amazed that Kari had agreed.

At first Kari thought about saying "no", or at least complaining, but Adam
had reminded her not only of the contract she had signed, but of the oath she
took before joining the show... And he was right. Both Scottie and Kari

Any myth that was out there they would bust... or die trying! No matter how
hard or weird or even sick a myth was they'd go to any length to try and
prove it or bust it!!!

So the first myth that was line for the two girls was the 'Giant Dildoes'.
They both couldn't help but giggle a little as they waited for the camera
crew to set up...

"So Kari, how are we going to go about this one?" Scottie asked once the crew
had arrived, she was still giggling a little. It wasn't helping that both the
camera crew had huge bugles in there pants either.

"Well..." Kari said, she blushed when she saw what Scottie was looking at.
"Er, I guess we go to a porn shop and buy a few toys," she said with her best
fake laugh.

The drive to the adult novelty store wasn't as long as Kari had thought it
was going to be. She'd been explaining to the camera how different lubes
could help make or break the myth as Scottie turned and drove down the back
alleys. Before Kari was even half way done Scottie pulled into a run down
parking lot and yelled that they were there.

They both laughed as they walked into the adult oriented shop. They'd lost
the camera crew at the door for a few minutes as the crew zoomed in on the
18+ sign on the door. Which was great because Kari didn't want them to see
how badly she blushed when she first came in. She'd only been to a few porn
shops and none as 'colorful' as this one.

There was porn all over the walls and sex toys displayed everywhere!!

Scottie couldn't help but to torment Kari when she noticed her discomfort.
She made sure Kari put on a good show for the camera when the crew caught up.
They made sure to play with a few of the toys, rubbing them up and down and
the like. Kari's jaw almost fell out when Scottie licked one of the fake
pussies. They spanked each other with a few of the paddles and what not
before getting to the major toy section.

The toys in that section were simply beyond anything Kari could have ever

They each quickly picked out two toys. The one Kari chose was shaped like a
fist with a whole arm attached going all the way to the elbow...

"So...Uh, this is the biggest toy they have," Kari said holding it up to the
camera. "It's uh.. 17-inched long and... dear lord!! 4-inches round," she
stammered in disbelief.

"Ha, Ha..." Scottie made a point of laughing "I have that beat!!" She yelled
as she help up another toy. "It's called the Horse's cock!!! And it 19-inches
long and 4 and a half inches wide," she laughed as she held it in both hands
giving a quick jerking off motion for the camera. As a former horse trainer
Scottie had always wondered if a girl could take something like that. She's
always loved to watch her horses mating and had even fingered herself once or
twice during the show. Not that she was about to tell anyone that little
tidbit or information though.

"Good God!!! There's no way that can fit!!" Kari stammered. She couldn't even
pull her eyes off the toy she was holding in her hands. Scottie had to take
her by the arm and drag her to the counter.

The camera crew wanted to get an interview with the store clerk, so after the
girls had made their purchases, 'Several different sizes of toys and a very
large supply of lube', they set up and talked to the girl at the counter.

Scottie had to do the interview though. The girl at the counter was a heavy
pierced Goth girl, she simply sat chewing on some bubblegum as Scottie talked
to her. Kari couldn't do the interview because her mouth was hanging open as
she stared at the girls exposed breasts! The girl was wearing an outfit that
left all her girly parts open to view. Upon asking her if a girl could really
take the whole toy she simply replied.

"Yeah, it's a lot of work at first though, and the ass is a lot tougher."

* * *

It was about a week later when both Scottie and Kari sat in front of the
cameras. For the past week the girls had spent about an hour each day in
front of the cameras using the different sizes of toys and after reaching
the limit of the normal toys. They'd have to make the jump to their giant

Both girls sat blushing slightly, it was more from nerves then shyness.
They'd both been fucking themselves almost raw in front of the camera for a
week, so shyness wasn't a problem anymore...

They'd both made several comments about how loose they were becoming. Even
after using their toys they seamed to be, as Scottie called it 'wide open'
though out the day. Kari had even lost a potential boyfriend because he said
she was too loose to satisfy him!!

But even with all that, both girls thought the chances of them being able to
fully 'take' to toys were slim.

At first they'd thought of making some machine to slowly insert the toys, but
then decided that simply nailing the toys down and squatting down onto them
would be the best idea.

So after chasing all the guys out of the shop but the camera crew they
started the cameras...

"Okay, it's the big day... Are you ready?" Scottie asked as if she hadn't
been talking about it for the last hour. They both did their best to pretend
the camera and crew wasn't there.

They had decided that Kari would go first while Scottie lubed up the toy as
Kari tried to slide down upon it. After that Scottie would hop on her own toy
and try to slide down.

Kari stood staring to the two toys as Scottie oiled them up with a good lube.
To Kari they looked like two spear's waiting to impale her.

"Are you ready?" Scottie asked as she watched her friend slowly take off her

Kari slowly looked up at Scottie "I... I'm not taking off my shirt or bra...
Just everything below that, ok?" She asked her friend still staring at the
toys. They had both decided that for the first part of the myth they'd just
go bottomless when in front of the camera while they used their toys, they
didn't even bother to shave. But for the last part of the myth they'd strip

Scottie felt a little bad for her friend. "Yeah sure!! you did shave right?
We want to be sure and see the toys sliding in?" Scottie asked.

"Yeah, I shaved! But I don't think anything's going to be sliding in..."
she said as she dropped her pants to the ground and bent over to remove her

Both Camera men zoomed in to get a great ass shot, and then a shot of her now
bald crotch.

With Scottie's help she hopped up on top the table. She stood right in front
her toy letting the camera's get a good shot of her and the giant fist about
to be inside her. Poor Kari had to stand on her tippy-toes and wiggle forward
just to get the knuckles toy to rest on her pussy. Why she'd decided to try
the fist toy she had no idea. But using her fingers she reached down and
spread her lips.

Even with a loose as she'd become she had to work her lips a little to get
them over the knuckles, With a little bit on sliding back and forth she
actually managed to get the whole tip of the fist inside her with only a
little grunt!

Scottie gave her a pat on her leg and cheered for her, After that Scottie
quickly lubed up and down the rest of the toy before moving to lube up her
own toy.

Karie stood motionless for a minute or two before letting her knee's unlock,
after that she started to slid down with the help of gravity...

"Like... Ohh, Holy Shit!!" She moaned "oh.. shhhh, this lube really works
it's... Ah Ahhh.. Ok, Ok.." She stammered as she slid down past the hand. She
half sighed in relief, the fist was the widest part of the toy until she got
down to the base. The worse was behind her...well, Inside her!! Still Kari
couldn't get herself to start moving again.

Scottie quickly returned and start to apply more lube to the Kari's toy.
"Your doing great Kari, That was the hard part." She said as she patted
Kari's leg again.

"No, No.. th...that's okay!" Kari said as she reach down and grabbed
Scottie's hand and gave it a squeeze. "I...I think I'm done!! as
far as I can go!!" Kari stammered...

Scottie quickly started to protest as she hoped up on the table to give her
friend moral support "Oh, come on Kari.. Any one can take that much!!" She
said trying to cheer Kari on... "Come on, sweetie, try twisting back and
forth!!" Scottie suggested..

Kari let out a pitiful whimper but did as she was told. She grunted as she
started trying to twist without much successes.

Scottie quickly started to strip down, "Damn it, If you want something done
right.." She said, leaving only her banana and earrings on she hopped up on
the table next to her friend.

"Like serially Scottie I can't get any more in, I can like feel it in my
belly already!!" Kari wined...

Scottie rolled her eye and gave her toy some more lube before scooting
herself up next to the horse shaped toy, without even taking a deep breath
she spread her lips with her figures and lifted herself up and over her toy
and sank down...

"Ugh, Oh yeah!!! Ahh, Damn that's...Mmmm" Scottie gowned and grunted as Kari
watched in amazement... Scottie had taken seven inches and hadn't even broken
a sweat.

"See it's easy" Scottie panted as she closed her eyes and started to twist
her pussy around the toy "It..Its.. Ahhh!! Easy! See.." She said as she sank
down another inch.

"Oh god, Scottie?!! How can you take that?" Kari asked as she tried to twist
again. She felt like she was being ripped apart and she'd only managed to
take another half-an-inch in her...

Scottie moaned again as she sank another half-an-inch..

"I...Oh, holy shit!! You might not likeeee..KK.." Scottie squeaked as her
voice broke as her pussy spasmed around her toy. "You might not like how
loose your cunts become... But I think it's kinky! I've been taking my toys
home with me" she finished after her squeak.

"You Cheat!!" Kari squeaked.

Scottie opened her eyes to see Kari started to sliding up and down her toy...
"Yeah girl, Thats it!" Scottie teased and cheered.

Kari slided herself up and down on her toy, each time going a deeper. Now
that her pussy and adapted to the toy inside her she found she was spreading
to match. Looked down she was amazed to see she was more then half way down
her toy.

She stared in amazement at her spread pussy lips, she'd taken three inches
wide!! She would have never thought she could spread that much. She looked
over at Scottie and gasped.

Scottie was almost sitting on the floor!! She had taken all but five
inches... Kari watched and Scottie panted and mumbled what could only be
called 'dirty sex talk' she giggled when she noticed Scottie was drooling.
Then out of the blue Scottie stood right up and lifted herself off her toy
and all most fell to the table panting.

Slowly Kari lifted herself up, With a squashy pop she lifted herself off of
her fist toy. She felt almost empty inside as she sat down by her friend and
rested her head on Scottie shoulder.

Smiling she whispered, "That was one hell of a fuck, huh?" Both they both
started to laugh.

It was about an hour later when the girls finally found the strength to get
up and move to the conference's room. They both sat their legs spread apart,
pussy lips clearly wide open and stretched, Kari naked below the waist and
Scottie completely naked.

They did that closing statements and decided that the myth was 'Plausible'
Although nether of them could take All their toys they could take most of it!
Given time maybe I girl really could take it all? They both decided they'd
take their toys home to try again later.


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