Synopsis: Michael Wiseman was a middle-aged insurance salesman in NY city.
Husband to Lisa and father to teenage Heather. He dies in a subway accident
and is transplanted to a new, bio-enhanced body with superhuman abilities.
He is the experiment of the US government. Since then, he has longed to
return to his normal life with his wife and child. Unfortunately, to do so
means death for them.

Now And Again: American Hero (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Michael Wiseman lay in bed, thinking. He was thinking about how crazy his
life had gotten. He was in a townhouse in 63rd and Madison. A place of
wealth. It was actually a top secret base of operations. The Project, they
called it. The men and women the government employed in its top secret work.

Michael Wiseman lay there. Once, he had a normal life. He was forty five
years old. A 5'11, 270-pound caucasian male. He was an Insurance Executive
at Grand Empire. He had a wife, Lisa and a teenage daughter, Heather. He
made a pretty decent living. He was funny and well-liked at his job. His
best friend was the ever-eccentric Roger Bender. A pretty normal life. Then
in one night it changed.

He was in the subway with Bender. They were going to work. There was an
accident and Michael fell in front of a subway car. He died. It was tragic.
Unknown to the world at large is the fact that his brain was removed from
his body by a brilliant scientific mind named Theodore Morris. They placed
his still-active brain in another body. The artificially produced body of a
supersoldier. A 6'3, 200-pound caucasian male with dark hair and blue eyes.
A very handsome and strong being. He was the first ever artificially
produced superhuman. He had a new life. A new existence. He could do so
much. Doctor Theodore Morris worked for the US government. He had received
two billion dollars and used it to create a superbeing. He could not create
a brain so he had to harvest one.

Michael was the just the unlucky loser who happened to have one up for grabs.
At first Michael Wiseman liked his new body. He could run close to 50 miles
per hour. He could lift up to 3000 pounds using raw strength alone. He loved
his new existence. He was once an ugly, fat, middle-aged man. Now he was
young and healthy. Young and healthy with super strength, speed and the
ability to regenerate. His new body was designed with a lifespan of 120 years
at the very least. Who wouldn't love that?

But he was dead to the world. He could never see his daughter again. Or his
wife and old friends. His life was over.

Now he was the slave of the US government. Oh, he did some good. He fought
criminals and terrorists. Once, he even went up against a superbeing. Maceo
T. Jones. A black boxer who used to be a US Marine. He'd been genetically
altered by early scientists and turned into a superstrong fighter with
amazing stamina and healing factor. Maceo ran from the US government ten
years ago. He resurfaced as a boxer. Doctor Theodore Morris wanted him caught
so he sent Michael after him. Michael befriended the guy and they were sort
of friends. When Michael found out what the government had in mind for Maceo
(brainwashing, possible death), he let him go.

Theodore was not happy. He was a domineering black man used to getting what
he wanted. He swore he would catch Maceo.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he blamed Michael. Michael was his to blame.
Michael was still desperately in love with his wife and child. And his former
life. And the superhuman just kept on taking it. He was something of a family
man and a man of honor. Still, he wanted his freedom.

He waited for his chance. And it came. It came in the form of the doors
suddenly being open. The people who came in were not associated with the
government. They were foreign thieves who wanted to steal Michael Wiseman
and sell him to the highest bidder on the black market. He was, after all,
the first artificially produced superhuman being. A man with amazing
strength and speed. His body was next to indestructible due to its ability
to regenerate. He was not about to let himself be taken like a beast of
burden and sold. He waded into the men. There were twenty of them. He
fought, tossing them around like beach balls. Then, he ran, but not before
they sprayed him with a foreign toxin. The Infinity Formula, designed to
unleash all inhibitions in the victim for a period of 24 hours.

Michael Wiseman found himself loose in New Yorjk city. He hadn't been out
and about in over a year. He loved it. He told himself this was a sign from
God and that he was supposed to be free. His first thought was to go to his
wife and child, but what would he tell them ? No. Going there would only
place them in unnecessary danger. He needed a place to stay for the time
being. And some money. He went to the park and told people he'd perform great
deeds if they were willing to pay. He lifted a park bench where two men, each
weighing 200 pounds, sat. The crowd was amazed. They dropped money on the
basket. Two hours later, Michael Wiseman was four hundred dollars richer. He
had some money. Now, he needed a place to stay. He walked around.

He saw the insciption on a building. Club Nirvana.

He saw a lot of men entering, and did the same. The inside of the club was
like any other club he had seen. There were men and women there, drinking.
Some were dancing. Michael grinned. He hadn't been to a club in a long time.
He used to be into clubbing before he met his wife Lisa. He was approached
by a woman. She was tall, black and kind of pretty. "Hi, stud," she said.
"I'm Tamika," he shook the hand she offered.

"I'm Michael."

They talked for awhile. An hour later, she asked him to dance.

He nodded and they hit the dance floor. Michael liked dancing with Tamika.
She was quite the dancer. Then, she stopped. "I don't usually do this," she
said. "But would you like to go somewhere with me?"

Usually, Michael the married man would have said no. But Michael the runaway
government project high on the Toxin said yeah. He followed Tamika as she led
him to a secluded room. He had just come in when she began kissing him and
unbuttoning his shirt.

Soon, they were both naked and kissing each other. Michael loved the feel of
her supple body. Once they were both in the buff, he lay on the bed, watching
her as she sucked his cock. He fondled her tits and sucked the large dark
areolas. Then, he tongued her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as he did this,
munching on the burger. "Ohh, Michael," she purred.

Michael continued his tonguing of her pussy until she came, then he held his
cock in his hands, it was massive, ten-inches long and fairly thick. "Are you
ready?" he asked.

Tamika nodded and readied herself. He entered her slowly, letting her get
used to his massive cock. Then, he began fucking her. "Yes, fuck me!" she

He did, going in with hard thrusts. Her pussy was nice and warm. He fucked
her, thrusting deeper and deeper. She moaned and grabbed his buttocks,
pressing him deeper in her. He understood her desire and obliged, fucking
her hard and fast until he came in her. Tamika shrieked as Michael's hot
cum went in her. "Yeah, baby, cum in me," she said.


Tamika got dressed up and left. Michael put his clothes back on. He found
something green on the bed. $500, left with a note. "You seem down on your
luck, a stud like you shouldn't go without cash, Tamika." He smiled. Now,
he had nine hundred dollars on him. Most guys came to clubs and paid their
way around. He was richer than when he came in. Imagine that. He went back
to the bar, and sat. He couldn't help but notice another hot woman at the
bar. He came over and talked to her. Damn, she looked hot. A slender young
woman, with very pale white skin and short brown hair.

She wore a black leather jacket over a red tank top, black jeans and boots.
She sat there with her friend, a tall, chubby Latin woman with long black
hair and brown eyes. He learned their names. The slender cutie was Ariana.
She was a 19-year old student at NYU. Her big, latin friend was Nancy. "Call
me big Nancy," said Nancy as she shook Michael Wiseman's hand.

He talked to them. Ariana was out on the town, bringing her friend out for a
change. When they asked about him, Michael told them he was just out on the
town to have some fun.

"Are you married?" said Nancy. She had been staring at Michael all night

"I'm in a special bind," said Michael. "My wife thinks I'm dead and if I let
her know I'm alive, the US government will kill her."

Both young women laughed. "He's funny," said Ariana, nudging her friend with
her elbow.

Nancy looked at Michael. "Do you dance?" she asked.

Michael smiled. Big Nancy wasn't really his type but he liked her attitude.
"Sure, wanna dance with me?" he asked. She nodded and they hit the dance

Michael found out he loved dancing with Nancy. She was close to him in
height, but also had a grace he liked. She was a big, strong woman with some
meat on her bones. "You're good," he said honestly.

"You're not so bad yourself," she said, smiling.

They danced for a long time, listening to the music and something making up
their own. Michael had first intended to get to know Ariana, but he was
hitting it off with Nancy just fine. He went back to a table with her. "You
are very interesting," he said.

She said. "Bet you say that to all the girls."

Michael smiled. "I mean it."

She looked at him and could tell that he did. They sat down and talked for a
long time. Nancy was studying Bio-engineering at NYU. She was on scholarship.
She came from Oregon. Michael told her some of the truth about himself. He
was born and raised in NY. He worked for the government. He had been living
with a woman he loved, and her child. But they no longer lived together.

"Divorce is such a nasty thing," she said sympathetically.

Michael nodded. At the end of the evening, he got her number and promised to
call. They left each other with a firm handshake.

3 months later...

Michael went and got a job. He became the odd-jobs man at a business firm.
He pretended to be an immigrant and the man in charge wanted to exploit him.
He made $400 a week and worked with a fake ID. Michael threatened to expose
the man so he gave him a $200 increase in his weekly check. He got a small
apartment, and even acquired some stuff to put in it. Every now and then, he
got the urge to call Lisa and Heather, his wife and child but could not.

He got another job at night, being bouncer for a club called Bad Boy House.
It was a queer pub. Michael got paid handsomely, $700 a night, just to stand
in the door. The men who came to the House were worried about security. New
Yorkers were open-minded but a far cry from San Francisco.

Michael began to like his life again. He dated a few girls. Life was good.
He got laid quite often. Heck, he was doing quite well. 30 hot girls in one
month. He called Nancy often and they talked on the phone. He liked this
girl. She was so different from the women he was used to. Tall, big and
strong. Beautiful in her own way though nothing you'd see on a catwalk. She
was smart, funny and confident without none of that femnazi man-hating
bullshit. They went out on the town.

He took her to a Boxing match one of his club's patrons, prominent homosexual
entrepreneur Charles "Lady-bug" Bugsy had given him tickets to. She loved
sports. She was the kind of girl a fella could really like. The more time he
spent around her, the more he liked her. She was honest and very cool. He
wished he could tell her the truth about himself but didn't want to place her
in unnecessary danger.

They became best buddies. He let her in on his life. She'd hang out with his
work friend, flamboyant designer Thomas Menard. Thomas was a nice guy, albeit
an annoying flame job but Michael came to like him. Thomas and Nancy really
liked each other. Michael would take Nancy on a lunch date, and Thomas would
tag along. He did the "Queer Eye" thing for both of them.

Fashion was't Nancy's strong suit, nor Michael's. Thomas was the annoying
but likable gay man who made sure their clothes matched. Sometimes, Nancy's
friend Ariana would join them. Ariana, as it turned out was a lesbian. She
showed up with her girlfriend Jennifer. Michael was surprised and at once
glad he had been drawn to Nancy instead of her. Sometimes, Michael and Nancy
found themselves alone. One time, they came to her place really tired after
a long day of working out at the local gym.

They were in her place. Michael sat on the couch, watching Nancy as she
busied herself preparing a drink. She looked amazing. That big, strong,
sweaty body clad in black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. They sat down
on the couch, watching a television show on TNT. Angel the series. A
series about a vampire with a soul on a mission of redemption. Michael
found it....odd.

"I just love Angel," said Nancy. "A guy fighting for human beings who don't
even know he exists."

Michael nodded. "Interesting topic." He could tell she really liked it.
They watched as Angel the vampire fought. It was an old episode. Angel got
to become human, for a day and was reunited with a blonde girl called Buffy.
Nancy loved the scene where they kissed. Michael loved the show, period.
They sat in silence as Angel ended. Next came Charmed. Something about witch

Michael and Nancy sat on the couch, his head resting on her lap and show
after show came.

"Are we comfortable?" Nancy asked, smiling.

"Yeah, totally," Michael said smugly.

"You make the best cushion." Nancy grinned broadly.

"Is that so?" she tapped his head.

He didn't budge. She did it again, and he suddenly moved. She found herself
on the floor. "Oh, you wanna fight?" she said.

Michael grinned. "Not sure you can handle me," he teased.

"Oh, I'll handle you," she said. She jumped on him.

He caught her and they wrestled around. Nancy was strong, Michael noticed.
Stronger than most men he knew. Heck, in his originally body, he would have
been no match for her. He tried to avoid her, using his superior reflexes
and stamina. What she lacked in those areas she made up for with raw

An hour later, Michael was ready to call a truce. "Peace," he said.

He and Nancy had been chasing each other all over the house. Wrestling,
fighting. He stood with his back to a wall, all but exhausted. Nancy stood
there, sweating profusely. "You give up, pretty boy, " she said.

Michael grinned. "Not on your life." he looked at her with hooded eyes.
"Just calling a truce," he said.

She approached him carefully, knowing how strong he was. She extended her
hand. Michael extended his, clasped hers and... he found himself lying on
his ass. Down on the floor. Nancy had moved too quickly and caught him by
surprise. Then, she was on him. He was ready to admit she had won, but
there was a look on her eyes he hadn't noticed before.

"Guess you won, huh?" he said.

Nancy looked at him, with a kind of tenderness. "You just never give up, uh?"
she said.

Michael smiled. "Nope."

She lowered her face towards his, leaning in for a kiss. She kissed him. He
kissed her back, a bit surprised but pleasantly so. He kissed her with a
feverish passion and soon they were rolling on the floor, rashly undressing
themselves like young lovers, which they were. Michael Wiseman lay nude
against a panting Nancy. He kissed her, and explored her body. He licked her
breasts and suckled on them, then he ate her pussy. He parted her delicate
folds. He probed her innermost sanctum with his fingers and his tongue. Then,
she reciprocated, taking his manhood in her hands and sucking his cock,
caressing his cockhead with the tip of her tongue, which made him gasp in
pleasure and moan as well. Then, she was on him. She looked larger than life,
like a goddess or an Amazon warrior. He slowly entered her pussy, and she
gasped at the intrusion. He went in slowly, gently. She gripped his shoulders
and he went in faster and harder. He guided himself in her, reaching as deep
as he could, then pulling back all the way out. He fucked her like this, and
her screams of pleasure filled the house. He fucked his lover lovingly, until
he came in her. When he was done, he resumed sucking her tits then eating her
pussy, until his constant licking and probing and tonguing brought her to an
orgasm that rocked her body so hard that she screamed. Michael and Nancy lay
cradled in each other's arms.

"Was it good for you too?" he asked. Nancy smiled. "What?" he said.

Nancy stroked his cheek with her big hand. She kissed him. "Perfect," she
said. She went to sleep in his arms.

Michael Wiseman lay in bed, with Nancy's body in his arms, listening to the
big, beautiful woman's heartbeat. He couldn't help but wonder where his wife
and child were or if he'd ever see them again. The government was looking for
him, and so was whatever group had accidentally sprung him from government
custody. His life was a complicated one. Still, he had his health, a good job
and a strong, beautiful woman by his side. He couldn't complain.

The End


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