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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Description: NCIS' cute goth Abby Sciuto is brutally impregnated with unholy
seed. Forensic Science never prepared her for that!

Content Codes: M+/F, rape/semi-con, oral, anal, cum, impreg, birth, gutting

NCIS: Abby Sciuto - Zombie Mother
by JD ([email protected])

Breath frosted in the air of the NCIS morgue. Walking down the corridor
outside Abby Sciuto thought she heard somebody moving around in there. She
was grateful for the slight warmth provided by her white lab coat as she
entered the poorly lit room. Since there were five young marines and an older
marine sergeant currently on ice, Abby was worried their comrades might have
stopped by to pay respects Ė and inadvertently disturb evidence. There was
also the possibility that someone involved in the classified archeological
dig where the incident had occurred might be trying to cover his or her

She entered the room and immediately saw that there had been a much stranger
disturbance than she had anticipated. Five sets of eyes turned on her from
dead faces. The forensic scientist thought her heart was going to leap right
out of her chest. Her scientific mind flagged up that none of them showed any
signs of burns from the supposed explosion. She realized she couldn't see the
marine sergeant at the same moment as a big black hand slapped over her
mouth. Abby's surprised scream was muffled by cold re-animated flesh.

As a Goth who slept in a coffin, the NCIS forensic scientist had always
been emotionally open to the idea of the undead, even if all her scientific
knowledge told her it was baloney. As Sgt. Jackson held her in his
unbreakable icy grip, she resisted the intense urge to doubt science. She
had the feeling that there was something totally hinky about the explosion;
perhaps the chemicals involved only made the marines appear to be dead.
Waking up naked in a morgue would cause almost anyone a lot of trauma.

Abby was tall; a couple inches less than six foot in bare feet, but the
platform boots she wore pushed her above it. Sgt Jackson was closer to six
four, and his hard and muscular body probably weighed twice as much as the
alarmed scientist. He reached his other hand around to press against Abby's
flat stomach and then lifted her off the floor. Abby licked out wildly, but
even her hefty black platform boots had no effect on the tree trunk-like
legs of the Sgt.

The zombies moved like puppets. They're movements were sometimes jerky and
they didn't appear to have any ideas in mind beyond base urges, which was
very bad for Abby. She could see their cocks were all stiff and ready, and
she could feel Sgt Jackson's huge shaft pressing into her back. Two dead
marines approached and tugged Abby's lab coat off. They pulled it down to
reveal her tattooed arms, bare but for wrist cuffs. Abby twisted and
struggled and punched out hard. Her fists slammed into flesh beyond feeling
pain; she hurt her own knuckles more.

Never in her darkest nightmares or wildest fantasies did Abby ever imagine
she would one day be gangraped by zombies. Even in her most morbid hour as
her fingers danced across her snatch and she dreamed of vampires and
werewolves. Now she was faced with it as reality. The hulking zombie sergeant
twisted her in his arms, still keeping a hand over her mouth, and forced her
backwards over an examination table. The cold surface pressed against her
back as her high pigtails drooped down towards the floor. She stared with
wide-eyed horror into the milky gaze of Sgt Jackson as her legs kicked
uselessly around his waist. His face was expressionless though his jaw hung

Cpl. Guerrero tried to pull her head back by her studded choker. Abby gagged
as it dug into her neck. The undead Latino marine seemed to realize this
wasn't what he wanted, and moved his grip to Abby's high pigtails. He gripped
both bunches of crow black hair in his hand and pulled down. As Abby was laid
across the examination table's width, her head was pulled down towards the

The Sergeant released his grip on Abby's mouth as Guerrero's cold dead shaft
was prodded against her rich red lips. She moaned deep in her throat but kept
her mouth cold as the smooth skin poked her face. She twisted her head as
much as she could, ignoring the tugging pain in her hair. Two more slackjawed
marines stood on either side of Guerrero and held her arms down flat against
the cold table. She fought back hard, muscle moving under tattooed skin, but
they would have been stronger in life and she had no chance.

The last two marines stood near Sgt. Jackson as he flipped up her short black
skirt to reveal Abby's lack of panties. Talking to the other NCIS staff while
feeling air on her bare crotch had always been a secret pleasure. It didn't
seem so hot now as her pierced and shaven snatch was revealed to an undead
rapist. The two marines on either side of the sergeant closed their cold
hands around Abby's ankles, and forced her legs out wide.

She was a flexible girl, but even Abby felt the ache in her thighs when she
was forced to do the splits. Her legs were held fully out sideways as cold
fingers gripped warm calves. Still the Latino marine tried to get his shaft
into her mouth, and still she resisted the almost mindless prodding. It was
only when Jackson shoved his freezing dead dick between her pierced labia and
penetrated her that she screamed again. Guerrero choked off the scream with
his equally chilly shaft.

Spread-eagled and helpless Abby felt tears welling up as she was raped from
both ends. The Latino wasted no time in forcing his cold shaft deep into
Abby's warm and clutching throat. An experienced deep throater, she didn't
even gag. The pain from her dry cunt was intense, however, and made worse by
Jackson being bigger than any man she had ever taken. Steam rose as his
freezing dick penetrated Abby's warm soft flesh.

Neither dead marine cared about Abby's fear; it was all one to them whether
she loved the rape or hated it. All they knew was that they had to pound her
face and her cunt. They did so. Guerrero kept one hand resting on Abby's chin
and the other gripping her hair as he pistoned between her painted lips. She
breathed on each outstroke and shuddered when his rubbery scrotum slapped
into her nose. She felt the chill of the length as it moved inside her gullet
and tried not to imagine Popsicles.

The Sergeant's shaft stretched her like a string of soda cans. He battered
her cervix with each brutal thrust, but made no attempt to put his full
length inside her. Memories of leave stirred in his dead mind as he gazed
down on her pale pussy lips stretched around his dark meat. The memories
made him raise one hand from Abby's hips and lick his thumb and forefinger.
He began to rub around Abby's pierced clitoral hood.

Abby's body juddered with the sudden shock of pleasure. Though it felt as
if she was being impaled on icicles, the rough pounding and gentle rubbing
undeniably stimulated her body. Abby pretty much lacked any sense of shame,
but even she was slightly disturbed to start getting into a rough undead
rape. Still, it was better than the pain. She groaned around Guerrero's
pumping shaft as her cunt grew hotter and wetter.

The sexy Goth slept in a coffin, after all. Sleeping with the really dead
wasn't a stretch, especially when they were as hunky as Sgt Jackson. Slowly
the rape became consensual as Abby willingly moved as much as she could in
the Marines' tight grip. The icy shafts were warmed in her body heat while
she adjusted to the chill. She wanted to call for her top to be torn off and
hands to play with her nipple rings. Her breasts ached with need.

Abby's body rocked from side to side as the speed of the undead threesome
increased until she was washed away in a tide of incredible orgasmic
pleasure. The cock in her throat muffled her screams of joy, but she didn't
care. She was stuffed with dead dick and loving it. The thought and feel of
being so full with cold corpse flesh drove her through the biggest orgasm of
her life. She was just starting to come out the other side when Guerrero
pulled out of her throat.

His dick jerked over her face and then fired a single long stream of freezing
sperm. It was tinged red and splashed wetly across Abby's face. Then things
got really strange for the forensic scientist. The dead load moved across her
face of it's own accord. It merged into two separate blobs and ran into her
eyes. Abby started to scream just as another marine pushed a new shaft into
her face.

The freezing sperm stung Abby's green eyes coldly as it flowed into her
sockets. Her vision cleared with no sign of sperm on her face, but she could
feel the cold mess moving in her skull as it merged into her optical nerves.
White-hot pain, worse than any ice cream headache, fired her eye. Her back
was arched off of the table and she screamed around the marine private's
privates in sheer ocular agony.

She barely even felt the cold explosion in her cunt when Sgt Jackson came.
Like the Latino, he fired just one blast and withdrew from her gaping hole.
Her brain felt like it was burning and freezing simultaneously, while the
zombie sperm in her cunt flowed quickly through her tiny cervix and spread
out to provide an icy coating over the entirety of her uterus.

Abby shuddered violently and then lay still. Her green eyes began to take on
the milky coloring of the marines'. The pain was gone. Her rational thoughts
began to fade away into darkness as she felt only the need for procreation.
It seemed as if the knowledge in her mind was flowing away somewhere else; as
if it being dissected and used by something... other.

A new cock filled her cunt and the gangbang continued. It went on until all
six zombies had fired icy seed into Abby's womb and all six had dumped sperm
on her face, to flow directly into her brain. The terror and fear were gone
from her corrupted mind. Only pleasure and anticipation remained. They no
longer needed to hold the young Goth's arms and legs, and she had tugged her
black top up to her neck to finger her own nipple rings.

Her breasts were swollen to twice their usual size and milk dribbled freely
down each large soft mound. As soon as the last marine came inside her cunt
his load flowed up inside her uterus to join those of his five comrades. The
six men twisted Abby to lie lengthways on the long table. They stood, three
on either size, and held their hands on Abby's flat stomach. She kept her own
hands on her heavy breasts.

Abby's red lips broke into a broad smile against her deathly pale face. She
felt the movement in her womb. She felt the growth. Her stomach swelled under
zombie hands. She looked three months pregnant, then six, then nine. Her
flesh stretched unnaturally out from her stomach. She felt limbs moving under
her skin. Her belly still grew; she looked obscenely pregnant. There was pain
as she tore inside, but her corrupted mind warped it into incredible

When her body could stretch no more it burst; flesh and bone, blood and
muscle. The marines were splattered with Abby's guts. Her bladder was torn
whole from her stomach and flung against Sgt Jackson's unmoving chest. Shards
of bone impaled unfeeling dead flesh. Abby raised her head from the table and
giggled to see the inhuman thing that sat in the red mess her stomach had
been. It met her milky gazed with pitch black eyes.

It was roughly human shaped, but with dark red skin and little horns growing
from it's forehead. There was a smell of brimstone and death about the
creature. The dead marines bowed their heads towards their master. They had
been useful puppets. It felt hunger and lust as it looked down at Abby. It
pulled itself from her widely gaping stomach and knelt on the table between
her legs.

It finished growing as it knelt, already adult size. It was very skinny, but
knew it was stronger than it looked. It had a dark red cock with a pointed
end, and it lifted Abby's ass from the table and brutally forced its hard
prick into her anus. Though she squeezed the shaft tightly in her ass, the
creature knew there wasn't much beyond physical pleasure to be had by taking
her this way.

So the creature gave Abby her mind back.

She blinked; the milkyness cleared and her green eyes showed again. Abby
stared into unholy black eyes as the creature bent down over her eviscerated
torso and bit off a nipple and ring. Sharp teeth rent her flesh and then it
was swallowing hot blood and milk. Agony consumed every fibre of Abby's
being, but the corruption in her brain kept her aware and prevented merciful
shock. Fear strangled the screams in her throat as she watched this inhuman
creature consume her left breast in a few fast bites. Blood, milk and fat
stained its mouth. It started on the other breast more slowly, taking time
to enjoy the meal, as turgid blood flowed from Abby's chest.

The pointed cock raping Abby's ass tore her up from within. Blood flowed
around the shaft as it pounded deeply into her. The creature felt the bloody
abyss beneath its own belly as it raped its Earth mother. Suffering rose from
her like steam and nourished it as much as the flesh he tore from her body.
Cruelly questing fingers found Abby's blood spattered clitoris. She managed a
true scream as the creature ripped the swollen nub from her body and pushed
it in to its mouth with a chunk of breast.

There was no way a woman as obscenely damaged as Abby was should be alive.
The creature kept her that way for its amusement. Her suffering was like fine
wine to him. It didn't matter now if Abby's screams brought others to the
morgue; it was strong. It would destroy them or break them to its will.
Abby's hands pressed against its body, her legs kicked around. These flailing
limbs added to its pleasure. It consumed the last of Abby's breast and sped
up it's anal thrusting.

It fired molten cum into Abby's ass and listened to the sizzling over her
groans. Physical pleasure and psychic pleasure intertwined. It left its shaft
buried in her hissing ass as it reached for Abby's pigtails and lifted her
head from the table. Its black gaze again met Abby's pain-twisted green eyes.
It had decided that it would keep its Earth mother by its side, to witness
its triumphs. She already wore a slave's collar, but that would be lost when
he consumed all but her head.

"You will be with me... forever, Mother," it hissed, "When you are but a head
I will carry you on my staff to see as the world of men falls before me. You
bore me so my gift to you is immortality."

It laughed and, driven to the edge in pain and terror, Abby found herself
laughing too.


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