A member of the US Navy 6th Fleet turned me on to this show letting me have
copies of the show for certain shall we say personal favors from me. This
story is about two of the real stars of the show which I watch as I sit at
night and wonder how a nice Jewish S&M Queen became a permant part of the
Israeli Army?

Oh yeah! Again the owners don't know me but I bet some would love to and if
You're under 18 leave or die in unspeakible pain.
- She-Wolf

Navy NCIS: Goth's Bang (MF,ncon)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Abbey turned off the light in her lab and headed to the morgue. She was
dressed in a bloodred skin tight mono mini dress instead of her normal all
black shirt and pants. She was planning a night at a new Goth/Vampire club
as soon as she dropped off these tests to the morgue.

The morgue was totally dark when Abbey walked in she laid the papers on the
desk and began to leave. Halfway out of the room someone slammed into her and
savagely slammed into the cutting table. Abbey's breath was shot out of her
body as she was yanked up by her ponytails and a hard hand grabbed the
neckline of her dress.

"NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!" she screamed as the hand ripped the dress from her taking
both her bra and panties with it leaving her nude save for her black knee
high boots, spiked collar and black lace gloves.

A second hard hand came out of the dark and grabbed the second ponytail and
without a word began forcing Abbey to her knees. She felt a hot saltly meat
taste begin to presss agaist her lips forcing them open, a huge hard cock
rammed deep inside her mouth blocking the air from her lungs. She felt
herself gag and tears flowed from her eyes as her unknown unseen rapist
slammed his cock again and again into her helpless mouth.

Abbey gave up all fight agaist him as she tried to time the air entering her
from her nose with each time he pulled out. She could only make faint woofing
grunting sounds as he used her ponytails to guide and control the pace of
Abbey's mouthfuck. She had to twist and lick her mouth around the huge meat
monster raping her mouth to ease the pressure in her mouth then in one firm
neck creaking jerk Abbey's face was yanked forward so far forward her nose
was mashed into stiff groin hair. Her mouth swelled with hot scum she almost
drowned in baby batter until she fanaticly drank it down. For how long and
how much she didn't know it seemed like gallons for hours but finally he
pulled out.

The unseen rapist pushed her back bending her backward at her waist so while
her upper back was laying on top of the cold cutting table and her lower body
half stood next to it. She felt both her tits cruelly grabbed and twisted
causing her to give a scream of pain as something semi-hard and wet was
ploped in the valley between them. Her rapist closed her tits around his cock
and began to jerk it back and forth with such fury Abbey thought that the
inner skin was going to be ripped off.

"OOOhhh GGGoooddd NNNNoooo PPPllllleeeaassssssseeee SSSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPP
IIIIIIITTTTTT HUUUURRRTTTTSSS." Abbey begged turning her head back and forth
with tears pouring from her eyes.

Her titty fuck was brutal but reawakened her attacker's cock and soon Abbey
laid there screaming in pain as the hardened cock pounded Her. Then she felt
a hot spash on her face then another and she knew that he was coming and she
was getting a facial.

As his cum still covered her face Abbey's attacker lifted her up turned her
over and slammed her down on the table bending her at her hips. Abbey was
stunned when she felt a probing at the enterance to her pussy.

"Oh Godd NO NO NO." She begged uselessly.

A hard cruel savage thrust rammed her master's cock up fully into her poor
helpless pussy.

the top of her lungs.

She raised herself up to her elbows to save her tits' nipples from being
dragged across the table's metal surface. He reached under her and grabbed
both of her tits crushing and twisting them pulling on them like he was
milking her.


But the hammer like blows to her pussy just came on unending as Abbey felt
her cunt soak. Was it blood or something else? Then he janked her backwards
even more cruelly knocking her off her elbows slamming her down on the table.
Abbey felt spurt after spurt of cum fill her pussy and drip out onto the
floor. The cock slipped out of Abbey's pussy with a pop and she turned her
head to the sound of gasping from her attacker.

"Damn, Ducky, that was the best yet." she said.

Gasping Donald Maland gasped, "My.. Dear.. You're the one who cooks up new
batchs of Viagra in your lab. But I wish you didn't want to test with your
rape plays."

"Well, Ducky, next week I've got a new twist. How do you feel not only
fucking my mouth, boobs, cunt and ass but doing the same with two of my
girlfriends too." Abbey grinned.


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