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NCIS: Showtime (FF, silly)
by CanisLupus

Kate was actually considering it. She knew perfectly well that Abby had meant
it as a joke. But there was something about this slim, dark haired Goth, with
her pigtails, her plaided skirt and that weird spider web tattoo on her neck,
that tickled something deep inside of her. Something that had been buried for
a long time. Buried actually since Kate's mother had caught the fifteen year
old Kate with her cousin Marcy under the shower. And they weren't exactly
washing each other's backs. Two weeks later her cousin had been sent to a
boarding school on the other side of the country. She hadn't seen her again
until five years later, when Marcy was already married and pregnant with her
first child. But Kate wasn't sad about it. This had been her beginning and
the end of her lesbian experiments. Or so she used to think. But now there
was this weird but lovable, always excited about something Goth girl with her
rascally smile. And Kate knew that she had to go for it or keep wondering for
the rest of her life.

"OK" she said, after she had been silently thinking for a while.

"OK, what" Abby asked, her mind already being back at the case.

"OK, let's do it," Kate said. "You know - what you just said..."

Abby looked confused, but now that she had begun Kate wouldn't just give up.

"A minute ago," she continued, "you promised to show me your other tattoos,
if I showed you my other weapons, remember?"

"Sure," Abby stated, still sounding confused. "But that was a joke."

"I know," Kate answered. "Let's do it anyway. I'm really curious about those

"But... you know..." Abby stuttered, "to show you `all' of my tattoos, I'd
have to be naked." (Actually that wasn't entirely true, but she wanted to see
Kate's reaction).

"Well," said Kate, "I thought as much. But frankly - to show you `all' my
weapons, I'd have to be likewise."

Abby looked at Kate wide-eyed. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope," Kate said with a smile.

"What? Abby asked, "Are you telling me that you've got a pump action up your

Laughing, Kate said, "There is only one way for you to find out, Abby."

Abby was dumbfounded. She had figured Kate to the un-kinky kind of woman, who
turned of the lights out in her own bedroom and would refuse to do any of
those things in her sex life that Abby would consider to be fun.

"But," she finally managed to say, "aren't you catholic or something. At
least that's what your file says..."

"You read my file?" Kate asked, shaking her head in mock disappointment. "You
are a naughty girl, Abby. So what, if I'm catholic. The church condemns sex
outside of marriage, no matter if with a girl or a boy. And I am neither
married nor a virgin. Now you do the math..." she ended with a wink.

Looking into Kate's eyes, Abby thought about it. She could see that, should
she say no, Kate would accept it with a smile and a shrug, pretending in the
future that nothing ever happened. And she also saw that, if she said yes,
they would not only strip - they would go for the whole nine yards. And
afterwards, Kate would probably smile, kiss her on the cheek and then pretend
that nothing ever happened...

But Abby had already made her decision. "One sec" she said. Then she went to
her computer in the middle of the lab. She pressed a few buttons on the
keyboard and Kate heard the door to the lab being sealed.

"Sometimes," Abby explained, "I feel the need for a little privacy,
especially with Jethro's habit of sneaking up on me. Therefore I wrote a
special program that activates my ppm, as I call it - my personal privacy
mode. It generates an original picture on all security cameras, featuring
`Abby the Genius' at work. It also disconnects the phone lines without
noticing anyone."

"In other words," Kate said, "we're off the grid?"

"Totally off the grid. Now we can do whatever we want and nobody will ever
know" Abby answered with a grin. "Now, since this has been your idea, you
begin. Show me all that heat you're packing, Kate."

Kate looked at the Goth for a while, without moving. This was happening
faster than she had expected. When she started this, she had been thinking
about going to her place first, or maybe Abby's. She should have known
better. But she wouldn't back out now. She nodded with a smile. Both women
took off the rubber gloves and lab coats and placed them on the table. Then
Abby took a seat on the chair at her computer and motioned for Kate to begin.

* * *

The former Secret Service Agent stood between the table and the window,
facing Abby. She put her hand on her hip and said, "You already know where I
carry my first gun." Then she stepped out of her shoes and picked up the left
one. She grabbed it with both hands. With a quick push and twist, the heel
came off, with a two inch blade springing out. Abby raised her eyebrows and
said, "a knife in the shoe, how very 007 of you, Kate."

Kate just winked at Abby, put the shoe back together and returned it to the

Next she opened the buttons of her red shirt and lifted it over her head.
Kate's breasts where covered by a black standard issue bra. Only that between
the two cups hung another knife. It was a short blade, with a hilt that was
formed by two crescent handles, connected at the tips. The outer ends of the
hilt where hooked into the cups, holding the knife in place between Kate's

She put the knife on the table and took off the grey skirt next. Her black
panties bothered Abby somehow. They looked like normal black cotton panties,
but something about them seemed hinky. But the Goth' real attention was paid
to Kate's thighs, since the brunette had a nice small 6 mil strapped to the
outside of each. *Wow* Abby thought,*I wonder what Tony would say if he knew
that he is working with Lara Croft...*. The thought almost made Abby giggle,
but she controlled herself. Her attention was drawn back to the other woman

After she had unstrapped the guns and placed them on the table with the
knife, Kate was now about to undo her bra, which mad Abby lean forward in
anticipation. Kate unclasped the bra behind her back and let it slide down
her arms. Wide-eyed, Abby looked at her co-workers beautiful breasts. Their
perfect shapes where crowned by large brown aureoles.

"Woe," Abby said, "those breasts are your real weapon, aren't they."

"Sometimes" Kate said with a bold smile. "But sometimes they are just a
distraction." Saying that, the special agent fingered inside of one of the
cups for a second and came back with a piece of piano wire.

"Damn, Kate," the Goth said impressed, "you really pack more heat than meets
the eye - a lot more..."

"Actually," Kate said, "there is one more..."

Abby let her eyes wander all over Kate's well trained body, who was standing
there in nothing but her black panties. "Where?" Abby asked.

Another bold smile was the only answer she got. Kate placed the bra and piano
wire with the other items and turned around slowly. Then she bent over,
showing Abby her perfectly shaped ass. She put her thumbs under the waistband
of her panties and pulled them down, inch by inch. As Kate's panties slowly
slid over her ass-cheeks, Abby suddenly knew what had been bothering her
about them. The crotch seemed to made of leather instead of the fabric the
rest was made of. It was almost as if Kate didn't want the panties to outline
the shape of her pussy.

And soon enough Abby found out why. Pushing her panties down to her ankles,
Kate bent down as far as she possibly could. Something was literally buried
up to the hilt in Kate's pussy. Abby thought she must be dreaming, when Kate
reached up between her legs and began pulling the thing out with a hushed
moan. The thing turned out to be a blackjack. With that thing in her hand,
Kate stood up and turned around. With a dirty smile on her face, she licked
once over the whole length of the blackjack's leather surface, before she put
it on the table. Then she looked at Abby with an expectant expression on her

"Kate" Abby finally managed to say in her most erotic voice, "You're a bad
girl after all, aren't you?"

Kate only grinned for an answer. Then she suddenly pointed an accusing finger
at Abby. "Don't you dare to tell Tony!"

Abby faked a hurt expression. "You insult me" she said in a grave voice, "I
would never dream of gossiping like that." Suddenly smiling she continued,
"Now you sit down, it's my turn."

Abby and Kate switched places. While Abby had a close look on the pile of
weapons Kate had left on the table, the special agent had a quick nervous
glance at the door. She prayed that Abby's ppm worked as promised and no one
would come in, only to fins her sitting stark naked in the middle of the lab.
But soon enough her fear was replaced by curiosity again, as Abby bent down
to take off her black leather boots...

Then she suddenly stopped and turned around with a thoughtful look on her
face. She took Kate's blouse from the table and walked back to her co-worker.

"This way it will be much more fun," she said, as she rolled the blouse up.
Kate had an uneasy sense of what Abby had in mind and wanted to protest. But
then she stopped herself. This whole think was so kinky already, that
protesting would be nothing but a mood killer. And for some reason she didn't
quite understand herself, she wanted to see this through. So she said nothing
and allowed Abby to wrap the blouse around her upper head and blindfold her.
Abby didn't say anything either, so all Kate could hear was the rustling of
clothes. Then a frightening thought hit her and almost gave her a heart

"If you take this off," she said, "and I see Tony standing there, I'll shoot

"Oh, Kate," Abby said in that hurt tone she usually got, when someone dared
doubting her forensics, "again with the mistrust. You should know that I
could never do something that mean." Then her voice got a little more
generous. "But you don't know me all that long yet and I guess as a former
Secret Service agent you have to be a little paranoid. So I'll forgive you -
this time..."

The rustling continued and Kate waited patiently, though she still was
nervous. After what seemed to be forever, the rustling finally stopped and a
few seconds later Abby told Kate she could remove the blindfold. With silent
relief the agent noticed that they indeed where still alone. She looked at
Abby, who was facing the front wall of the lab. Her feet where just a little
bit further apart that normal and her arms where stretched out with her palms
facing away from Kate.

"Oh, my God," was all Kate could say as her eyes wandered over her co-workers
naked backside. She saw one stick figure angel on each of Abby's shoulder
blades and a huge intricate cross stretching all over the woman's back. An
infinity symbol graced one upper arm and R.I.P. was written on the other.
Letting her gaze wander further down, Kate was somewhat surprised to see that
there where no tattoos on those cute little butt cheeks. Neither where any on
her legs, except for a green smiley face on her right inner ankle and three
dots forming a triangle on the outer left ankle. When Kate didn't say
anything for a whole minute, Abby got a little nervous herself and asked:
"Well, do you like them?"

Kate found that she had to swallow hard, before she was able to answer.

"Actually," she finally got out, "I do. These angels are kind of cute."

"They are," Abby said with her happy voice, "aren't they?"

"What about your other side?" Kate asked curiously. Any tats up front?"

"Not really," Abby said and turned around. Walking towards her co-worker, she
held up her arms, so that Kate could see her wrists and said: "just these...
well, and the one on my neck of course, but you already know that one..."

On Abby's right wrist, Kate could see the letter `P' and three triangles on
the other one. "Fascinating," she said. "Somehow I expected a tattoo on your
breast or even your crotch..."

"No," Abby said with an alluring undertone in her voice. "My back is my
canvas. My front is to be enjoyed `au naturale'..."

Abby was now standing right in front of Kate, close enough to hear her co-
worker's breathing get a little heavier. She noticed that the other's gaze
was still mostly focused on her breasts than anything else. Slowly Abby's
smile turned into a grin.

"Say, Kate," she asked in a husky voice, "when was the last time you sinned?"
Reluctantly, Kate lifted her gaze from Abby's perky tits to her face. Looking
deep into her eyes, she finally allowed what was bound to happen next to
enter her conscious mind.

"Too long ago," she whispered, while she lifted her arms and put her hands on
her co-worker's breasts. With a gentle smile, Abby followed Kate's example.
Still looking into each other's eyes, both women gently stroked each other's
breasts. Then, after what seemed like an eternity to Kate, Abby lowered her
head and slowly brought her scarlet lips close to her own. She could feel the
Goth's warm breath on her cheek as she lifted her own head. With an
excitement, she hadn't felt in a long time, Kate opened her mouth ever so
slightly when their lips finally touched.

Kate hadn't French kissed a woman since Marcy, but that only intensified the
feeling for her. The feeling of Abby's tongue intertwined with her own mixed
with the soft texture of her breasts under her hands and the other's hands
wandering over her own bosom gave Kate a thrill that made her feel like a
teenager again. She could feel herself juice up and soon she was breathing
soft moans into Abby's mouth. They continued like this for a couple of
minutes, until Abby softly pulled away from Kate's kiss. She began to kiss
her neck, then her shoulder. She let her kisses wander deeper and deeper,
until she kissed the top of Kate's breasts. Abby kept kissing one tit after
another, always getting closer then before. When Abby finally kissed her
nipples, Kate let out a deep sigh. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the
sensation of her nipples being sucked by the tender lips of another woman.
Abby now concentrated on Kate's left boob, sucking and gently biting the now
erect nipple, while just as gently pinching and twisting the other with her
left hand. She let her right hand slide down over Kate's soft skin, until it
reached the neatly trimmed landing strip of the agent's pubic hair. She
played with it for a while, teasing her moaning co-worker until she could
sense her getting restless. Only then did she move her hand further down,
straight between Kate's thighs.

Still sucking and playing with Kate's nipples, Abby pushed her fingers
between Kat's pussy lips and briefly caressed her swollen clit, before she
pushed her middle finger as deep as she could into Kate's all too well
lubricated cunt. Moving the finger in and out, she began rub her clit with
her thumb, causing Kate to almost cum on the spot. She could feel Kate's
heavy heartbeat with her lips and pushed a second finger in, while increasing
the pace.

"Oh... oh... oh...," Kate began to moan in the rhythm of Abby's hand. Abby
had to take her left hand from Kate's breast to play with her own pussy,
which was desperately screaming for attention now. From the corner of her eye
she could see Kate taking care of the abandoned breast herself, kneading it
in unison with her own moaning. Feeling Kate being close to orgasm by now,
Abby pushed a third finger into her cunt and began fingerbanging her as fast
as she could.

"Oh... yes... yes... oh, yes... that's it...," Kate moaned loudly. "Oh yes...
yes... oh... oh... I'm cumming... I'M CUMMING... OH... OH... YES... YES...

Kate came squirting all over Abby's hand and screaming so loud that the Goth
was glad for her lab being soundproof. She kept gently stroking her co-
worker's pussy, until her breathing slowly came back to normal. Then she
brought her hand up to Kate's mouth, who quickly began to lick off each and
every drop of her own juices. Kate took her time, savoring every drop, until
Abby's own juices began to flow out of her pussy and slowly down her thighs.

Kate now turned Abby around and sat her down on the chair. Without any more
foreplay, she knelt down, spread Abby's knees apart and put her head between
her legs. Getting her nose this close to the forensic girl's cleanly shaven
pussy, Kate to a second to take a deep breath and inhale the intoxicating
scent of another woman's arousal. Then she dove in, pulling her tongue all
the way over Abby's wet pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmh," Kate was rewarded with a happy sigh. She let her hands slide over
Abby's thighs, all the way up to her crotch and pulled the lips apart with
her thumbs. Her tongue once more moved over the other's cunt, only this time
on the inside, which was answered with another sigh.

Sighs soon became moans, when Kate's tongue began dancing along every part of
Abby's private place, every now and then entering her hole as deep as it
would reach. Soon Kate pulled one hand away from that pussy to start
caressing her own. Abby's cunt was wide open by now, so there was no more
need to push anything apart. So Kate moved her other hand further down for a
new destination.

Slowly she stroked along Abby's pussy lips, past the clit and toward the wet
opening of her lust channel. While concentrating her licking on Abby's love
knob, Kate pushed two fingers into the other's cunt. Accompanied by the
Goth's moans, she began to probe around, until she found what she was looking
for. Firm but gently, she began massaging Abby's g-spot and was instantly
rewarded with loud groans of pure lust.

"Nnngggghhh... yeah... that's it.." Abby moaned. "That's it... keep going...
keep going... yes... yes... oh, yes...!"

Kate could feel Abby's muscles beginning to twitch as she came closer and
closer to orgasm. The agent increased the speed and pressure of her fingers,
while she began to suck the clit into her mouth and softly nibble on it.

"AAAAA..." Abby screamed. "YES... YES... OH, FUCK... I'M CUMMING... I'M

After Abby's climax, Kate pulled her fingers out and looked up at her co-
worker, her mouth and chin all covered with cum.

"Well," Kate said grinning, while she kept stroking Abby's pussy softly with
her palm, "that sounded like you enjoyed yourself."

"Oh, yeah," Abby answered with a purring voice. "But I guess we should go
back to work now, before Jethro gets suspicious." She began to reach for her
computer, but was stopped by Kate's voice.

"Wait!" the agent said. "Don't you think we should get dressed first...?"

The End


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