Codes: FF, cons, voy, MF, spank, mild S&M, anal, oral

Navy NCIS: Todd's Big Adventure
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"I look like a clown," growled Kate Todd.

"Only because you went too heavy on the make up," smirked Abby, her fellow
member of Jethro Gibbs' NCIS team, genius and goth chick extraordinary. "I
told you to let me do it. You know, your boobs are bigger than I thought."

"Well the t-shirt you gave me being about two sizes too small probably has
something to do with that. I don't know how I let you talk me into this."
The normally conservative Kate was dressed in the black T-shirt in question,
a short plaid, Catholic school type skirt and strategically torn fishnets,
all brought to her apartment by Abby.

"I didn't talk you into anything. I won you in a bet, fair and square."

It had started when Caitlin had asked Gibbs why he let Abby get away with
her somewhat outrageous attire and behavior, which Abby had overheard. The
discussion had stayed polite, barely, thanks to Gibbs and in the end a bet
had been made. A week of "normal" dressing by Abby vs a night on the town
directed by Abby. Cards has been cut, Abby had won and here they were in
Todd's rather colorless apartment, getting ready to go to a club with the
direful name of Mort Rex.

Abby was dressed in black jeans with a line of diamond-shaped metal studs
down the seams, a skull embossed t-shirt that, like Kate's was two sizes too
small and spiked dog collar. The ensemble was topped off by a red lined, gold
trimmed black cloak. The overall effect was of a punk bride of Dracula.

"Let us go forth."

* * *

Mort Rex was, like most night clubs both dark and noisy. It was the *quality*
of darkness and noise that, to Todd anyway, stood out. Black lights made the
darkness seems somehow concentrated and , to Kate's ears at least, the music
sounded like giant teeth grinding together in rhythm.

"Now what?" she shouted over the music.

"Now...we dance!" proclaimed Abby. Todd realized that what she thought of as
the Goth's flamboyant behavior at work actually *was* restrained compared to
how she acted outside it.

"Um...I don't dance."

"What? Not at all?"

"Well, not since high school."

Abby gave her a quizzical look. "Do you *ever* have fun?...At all?"

Todd thought about this and realized that her colleague had a point. Abby's
hips were already twitching sexily to the music. "Hell, if it makes you feel
more comfortable we can dance together and if any guys get attracted well
we'll deal with that when it happens."

Abby turned to face Todd and backed away dancing. Kate let herself be lured
out onto the dance floor, mimicking her co-worker's moves at first then
settling into her own groove. From time to time, Abby glanced around to see
if anyone wanted to join them or cut in but Kate found herself focused on
the strange, sexy woman in front of her.

As they danced they weaved in and out, closer than further, each closer got
a little closer until their breasts touched. Abby put out her hands an inch
or two out from Kate's body, molding the air around her. Part of Kate wanted
those hands on her but most of her was afraid to acknowledge it.

Two gothboys, typically tall skinny and pale approached them. Abby cocked an
interrogative eyebrow at Kate. She thought about it and then nodded.

Both guys were dressed all in black. One like Abby wore a cape. After a
minute or two dancing with all four switching off partners in a pattern she
didn't quite get she realized that the two men (although both looked just
this side of legal) were twins. After awhile, Abby danced next to her.

"They asked me if we want to go to their place, you game?"

"I'm not really sure I want to go to the apartment of guys we just met."

Abby grinned. "That's not quite what they mean. Follow and we'll show you."

When the foursome reached the Mens room Todd balked. "They want us to go with
them in *there*?" Abby rolled her eyes and opened the door. Then both women
looked in and shrieked.

* * *

Driving back to Abby's place in Kate's car, Todd was apologetic, but not
very. "Sorry I spoiled the evening but..."

"Don't be. That cockroach was three inches if it was a millimeter." Abby
paused. "Besides I got the feeling that it wasn't the guys you were
interested in."

"What do you mean?"

"I know it's none of my business but do you drive stick?"

"Of course I drive a standard...oh wait, that's not what you mean is it?
You're right, it's none of your business."

"On the other hand, when has that stopped me? Besides, it might be my
business. I mean you seemed to be grooving more on me than the guys when we
were dancing."

"Alright then, I drive stick, you happy? Just not...much. I mean I've been
with guys, I just have never seen what the big deal is."

"Let me guess." Abby went into a mind reader's pose. "You've done it with
four guys. Once after your senior prom with your high school steady. Then a
few times in college, probably with a football jock."


"Shush, I'm concentrating. After the jock dumped you because he was
intimidated by your brains you went the other way and fell for a sensitive,
poetic type, who turned out to be as much of a scumball as the jock, just
sneakier and probably better in bed. Throw in a one-night stand that you
had just to prove you could and that completes the list. Am I right?"

"Ummm, yeah. How did you figure that out?"

"I'm not just a genius in the lab, Kate. Oh, stop, here we are. So you never
answered, you switch hit?"

"Well, I never tried it."


"Not really. Well maybe a little. Tonight."

"Well come up."

"You mean you're...?"

"I like to think of myself as omni-sexual." With that Abby leaned over and
kissed her co-worker full on the lips.

Todd froze, neither resisting, nor cooperating at first, then let her lips
open to Abby's tongue. Slowly as their kiss became hotter her arms circled
the other woman's body. Slowly they broke off.

"Well?" asked Abby.

"Let me park the car, then lets go upstairs," answered an breathless Kate.

When Kate reached Abby's residence she was greeted at the door by the goth
girl, now stripped down to her push up bra, garter belt, lacy panties and
silk stockings, all black of course. A blue, silver and green oriental
dragon descended head down, it's tail starting between her tits, and it's
head ending somewhere inside the panties. But what really shocked Kate was
the apartment's decor. Todd hadn't known what to expect from Abby in the way
of decoration but a pastel painted living room with antique furniture and
doilies on the tables hadn't been it.

"Hunh?" she said eloquently.

Abby gave her patented smirk. "Oh, this is just an ongoing experiment in
wrenching people's expectations. And for when my parents visit. Besides
Victorian can be cool too."

The next room, what the Goth called her workroom was more in line, looking
like a cross between an updated version of Victor Frankenstein's laboratory
and the Temple of Doom.

Finally they reached, Abby tugging Kate by the hand and skipping along like
a little girl, the bedroom. In complete contrast to the living room it was
paneled entirely in dark oak. A walk-in closet held both clothes and bondage
gear. A small pagan-looking altar stood next to a black lacquered fourposter
bed with chains and manacles fixed to each post.

Todd eyes the manacles and the bondage gear in the closet warily. "I'm not
sure I want to be tied up or anything."

"Oh, that's just an optional extra," Abby reassured her cheerily standing
behind her and massaging her breasts through her shirt. "But just in case we
go further than you want to, we better have a safe word. Something neither of
us would ever cry out in the heat of passion."

Both women eyed each other, grinned and simultaneously said "Dinozzo!"

Still laughing Abby took her new sextoy in her arms and moved her towards the
bed while pulling off her shirt. She eyed Todd's cleavage appreciatively and
licked slowly up and down between her large tits provoking a moan. She pushed
her onto the bed and took off her bra revealing a good-sized pair of her own
with pale pink nipples. A black spiderweb tattoo covered each and a small
silver ring pierced each nipple.

"I'm afraid mine aren't anywhere near that...artistic," pouted Todd as she
took off her own brown bra to reveal her own rich, milky globes, topped by
light brown and erect nipples.

Abby straddled Todd's lap and pushed her hips forward. Todd took the
invitation, got down on her knees and peeled down her panties. Sure enough
the dragons jaws framed a strip-trimmed pussy but the real shock was...

"You're a blond?"

"Yeah, who woulda thunk it? My secret shame. I started dying my hair when I
realized I was smarter than at least half my professors but still wasn't
being taken seriously." Grinning she pressed Todd's face towards her snatch.
Gripping Abby's hips she took a tentative lick then another.

"Mmmmm, now push in with your tongue, just like it was a dick. Yeah, that's
it. Oh good, goood!"

She pushed Todd down on the bed and pushed up the short skirt then removed
Kate's panties. Her own, more experienced tongue soon had her workmate
begging for more. Lubricating one finger with Kate's juices she pushed it
into her butthole.

"Dinozzo!" cried a startled Kate.

Abby stopped but left the finger in. "Don't like it?" she asked.

"Well, more like wasn't expecting it."

"Well how much of tonight has been expected?"

Todd had to admit that Abby had a point. "Well, okay." Soon the combination
of tongue in her cunt and fingers up her ass had her gasping frantically in

Abby stood up from the still panting Todd and went to her closet, bringing
out a huge strapon dildo.

"Here put this on."

By now Todd was open to just about any suggestion and put it on with her help
then straddled the eager goth. She pushed in slowly, then harder.

"Yeah! More! all the way to the root!" urged Abby. Soon Kate was
enthusiastically pounding away into her coworker.

"Yeah...fuck..oh yeah. Cumming! CUMMMMINNNG! ahhhhfuckmefuckmefuckme you

Afterward as they dressed, a process interrupted by numerous kisses and
caresses, Todd asked. "So is this it? Just a one-nighter or what?"

"Well you know Gibbs Rule Number 12: Don't date coworkers. It's generally
pretty valid, especially if you don't want to be outed."

"So this is it?"

"Didn't say that. Let's just call it a one-nighter with option for repeats."

Todd thought about this as they kissed goodbye and decided this was a pretty
good deal.

After she left Abby smiled to herself about the load of bull she had just
sold her about Rule Number Twelve and went to check the hidden cameras that
had recorded their every move and moan.

* * *

Two days later Abby was lying in bed naked and watching the tape of her and
Kate fucking. Her fingers were pinching her nipples and one hand was drifting
towards her crotch when her lover walked in.

"Started without me?" asked Agent Jethro Gibbs sternly. It had been with his
help and sleight of hand that Abby had won her bet with Todd.

Abby answered in a little girl voice that no one at work would ever have
imagined her using. "Yes, Daddy, Abby's been bad."

"Turn over," he commanded. She complied and stuck out her arms which he soon
had in the manacles attached to the bedposts. He quickly stripped, revealing
a graying but still firm body and a rock hard and sizable erection.

He straddled her body facing the screen and administered the first of several
hard slaps to her ripe young ass.

"Ow! Ow! More daddy! More! I've been *very* bad!" Soon her butt was a bright

"Don't worry, we've only just started. You know what comes next?" he said as
he reversed himself and spread her legs and buttcheeks.

"Buttfucking?" she said hopefully, still in the little girl voice.

"Got it in one." With that he pushed into her rear hole, provoking a moan of
mingled pain and lust.

"OOoooohhhhh, yes daddy, yes, fuck your little Abby, fuck her so good!"

He reached forward and pulled her hair back to brace himself as he continued
pounding into her raw red ass.

"Mmmmm. Ohhhhhh! Fuck yes. Cum in me! Cum now!"

He soon complied, reaching around to twist her nipple rings as he came. He
then lay next to her switching from stern punisher to comforter, kissing her
neck and shoulders.

"So, think she'll ever figure she was set up?" asked Gibbs.

"Not likely," Abby pouted, "Could you let me out of these now?" She rattled
her chains.

"What's the magic word?"


Jethro Gibbs chuckled as he released her. It was good to be the King.


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