If your under 18, this story is not for you. It contains descriptions of
sexual acts and situations that are meant for 'adult (over 18) audiences'.
This is a story of fiction and is not intended to imply the sexual activities
of the people described therein.

Jennifer 'Moze' Mosely - Lindsey Shaw
Ned Bigby - Devon Werkhiser

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: A New Wardrobe (mf,m-mast)
by jackjohn 2008 ([email protected])

It was just another day at School. Moze and Ned were hanging out in the snack
area. Cookie had just stopped by to tell them he would be busy the rest of
the day. Seems he had hatched another 'can't fail' plan to get Lisa Zimo to
pay attention to him again. And of course, Gordy was going to help him put
the plan into action.

Moze was noticing that Ned was distracted more than usual. He kept looking a
few tables over to where Missy was sitting. Moze glanced over and, at first,
didn't see what was so distracting. She followed Ned's line of sight and now
saw what had him so interested. Missy was wearing one of her usual short
skirts and was absent - mindedly opening and closing her legs, giving Ned
great peeks of her panties.

Moze had just recently realized she really liked Ned, and found herself
actually feeling really jealous that Ned was looking at Missy and not paying
any attention to her. She suddenly was contious of her jeans, sneakers and
plain blouse. Ned had told her once that he liked the way she dressed, but
without realizing it, hurt her feelings by saying her style was casual and
comfortable, just like one of the guys.

It now dawned on Moze that all the times recently that Ned seemed distracted,
he was looking around and checking out all the girls that were wearing short
skirts and frilly, tight tops.

Moze hit Ned lightly on the arm to get his attention. Ned's head snapped
around and he had one of his goofy looks on his face. "Wh... What's up?" he

"I need you to meet me at the Drama Club wardrobe room in ten minutes," Moze
told Ned. "I have something I need to show you." Ned snapped out of his fog
and agreed to meet her there. Moze saw that Missy was getting up to leave so
she was sure Ned would show up.

The wardrobe room holds all the costumes and clothes the school uses for
their plays. There is all kinds of stuff in here, and the gang were no
strangers to it's contents. Ned, Moze, Cookie and several others have raided
the room for clothes/diguises for their many schemes.

Moze looked through the clothes. She found a few items that she liked and
felt would do the trick. As Moze started to undress, she felt all funny
inside, like she was doing something dirty, and it excited her. She stripped
down to bra and panties. She laughed to herself. She knew the guys would
freak out if they knew that she wore a lacy, see thru bra and barely there
thong panty under her jeans and blouse. One look at the tube top she chose
told her she was going to have to go braless. Another shiver of excitement
ran through her as she took off the lacy bra and freed her ample breasts
(34c) and pulled the tube top up and on. She then stepped into the skirt she
chose and pulled it on. Looking in the mirror, she was suprised to see how
short it was, but hey, Ned has seen her in her swimsuits plenty of times, and
the skirt was covering a bit more than the swimsuit did. Moze completed the
look with a pair of simple sandals. She made a few minor adjustments to her
outfit and waited for Ned to arrive.

Ned was on his way to the wardrobe room to meet Moze. He was confused with
his feelings. He too recently realized how much he really liked Moze but
couldn't help looking at all the girls in school, with their short skirts
and tight tops. He could swear he could almost see Missy's nipple under her
top, and she kept showing her panties... and it was driving him crazy.

Moze heard the door to the wardrobe room open. "Moze...?" she heard Ned call.
looking for her. She stepped behind a rack of costumes and replied, "Over
here Ned." She waited as Ned walked closer then reached the rack she stood
behind. Moze held her breath and waited for his reaction.

As Ned turned the corner, he got his first look at Moze in her 'new wardrobe'
and was shocked. His mouth fell open and he involuntarily started to drool at
this vision before him. His gaze went from top to bottom, each inch his eyes
took in, was more beautiful than the last. First he saw her beautiful face
with her nervous smile. Ned's eyes almost popped out when he saw two dime
sized hard nipples straining against the material of her tube top. His eyes
next saw her taut, flat stomach with the cutest belly button he ever
remembered seeing. He had seem Moze's belly button a thousand times before
but never realized how cute it was. His gaze continued down to the 'oh so
short' skirt, his eyes drinking in those gorgeous legs all the way to her
sandaled feet. Even her toes were so cute. Moze did a quick spin - around,
and the short skirt got even shorter as it flared out, giving Ned an even
better look at her. Ned could swear he saw the bottom parts of her butt
cheeks as she spun.

"Well.... wh.. what do you think?" Moze asked nervously.

"You... You... Holy Shit Moze, you look amazing!" Ned managed to blurt out.
He couldn't stop looking her up and down, her beautiful face, her boobs, her
legs and feet. Ned felt more than his heart begin to stir with feelings of
desire. There was a stirring below his waist that he got when he looked at
pretty girls and their sexy clothes. His hands instinctively moved to the
front of his pants to try and hide the tent his now rock hard penis was

Moze smiled excitedly and blushed from both compliments she'd just got from
Ned, the 'you look amazing' comment AND Ned's instant hard-on he was trying
to hide from her. "I'm glad you like the new look I'm trying out... I did it
just for you," Moze told him. "And I'm glad the rest of you likes it too,"
she giggled. Ned had an expression on his face like he was in some sort of
pain, but Moze knew from Life Science class that hard-ons didn't really hurt.
But what she didn't know was that Ned was in a kind of real pain. His penis
had never got this hard before.

Ned grabbed his back pack, shoved it in front of his tented pants and
stammered, "I got... got ... got to go... err... ummm... to my... my locker,"
and he turned and ran out of the room.

At first Moze felt hurt that Ned just ran off and left her there, but thought
of the stories she had heard that when a boy gets a stiffie like that, he has
to relieve himself by doing something called 'jerking off', and seeing how
fast Ned ran out, she felt kind of proud of herself that she made him need to
go do it. She knew it must be something like when she rubs herself after she
and Ned spend the day together swimming and she gets those funny feelings in
her stomach and she starts to get wet 'down there'. Moze changed out of the
outfit and back into her jeans and stuff. Instead of putting the clothes back
on the rack, she neatly folded them and put them in her back pack. She wanted
to wear them for Ned again.

Ned ran straight to the nurses office. He used the standard excuse to use the
nurses office own 'private' bathroom. "I have a stomach ache," Ned told the

"Do you have to use the bathroom"? the nurse asked.

"I think so.. yes," Ned replied and ran in and locked the door.

The nurse just shook her head and went back to reading her magazine. Ned tore
off his pants and boxers. He grabbed the bottle of lotion the nurse always
kept in the bathroom, squirted a generous amount in his hand, grabbed ahold
of his penis and began to furiously move his hand up and down, sending waves
of screaming pleasure through his body. He never reacted like this before. He
always was able to wait until he got home before he would want to relieve
himself while thinking of the panty flashes he saw or the cheerleaders in
their short skirts and butts sticking out. This was different. First, it was
Moze. Second, the urge to 'pull it' was never this urgent. Third, it was
MOZE. Suddenly, the nurse heard this loud moan. A definite moan of relief,
she thought to herself and smiled.

* * *

The next time Moze saw Ned, he was at his locker. He looked like he had just
ran a marathon. He was all sweaty and his clothes and hair were a mess. At
first, Ned tried not to look at Moze. He looked down and all around. "I see
you cha... changed again. You really shocked me in there."

"I just wanted to see what you thought," Moze said. "That's not me though, I
guess I'll stick to my same old stuff." Moze knew if she didn't calm Ned
down, he would be acting all weird around her. Changing the subject, Moze
said, "Hey, it's friday. That's Pizza, Video, Movie night for us."

She and Ned have spent every school week friday night at each others houses
just hanging out together. Ned seemed to snap back to his normal self. "Hey
yeah, it is, and tonight I show no mercy when we play Super Duper Spaced
Invading Alien Ninjas. Who's house we at tonight?" he asked.

"Mine", Moze replied. "Don't forget to bring the game and I'll pick up a

They said their 'see ya laters' and went to their last classes.

Getting ready to go over to see Moze for their friday hang out session,
without realizing it, Ned was paying more attention to how he looked and
dressed. Instead of sloppy jeans and a tee shirt. He put on a pair of his
good pants, ones that fit nice and looked good, and pulled on a clean retro
tee with a button down shirt hanging open over it. He even took the time to
comb his hair. He grabbed the video game and headed out. "See you later Mom,
I'm going to the Mosely's," he called out, the door closing before he heard
his Mom's reply. Moze only lived next door to him.

A few minutes earlier, at the Mosely house, Jennifer's Mom was telling her
something. And it was great news. "Jennifer, your father and I are going out
tonight with the Bigby's. Nothing special, just dinner and a show, will you
and Ned be o.k.?" This wasn't unusual. Moze and Ned's parents would sometimes
go somewhere and let them care for themselves. They trusted the kids

"Sure Mom," she said, "you know us, we'll be fine".

With that, Jennifer's Mom kissed her on the cheek and her Dad kissed her
forehead and they headed for the door. "You kids have fun, we'll be back
around midnite or so."

Just as Ned was about to knock on the door, it opened and he was greeted by
Mr. and Mrs. Mosely just leaving. "Oh, hi Ned", Mrs. Mosely said. "Did your
Mom tell you about us going out tonight?"

Ned shook his head 'no' and said, "Mom was saying something when I left, but
I didn't hear her."

Mrs. Mosely told Ned the same thing she had just told Moze. "Let yourself in.
Jennifer is upstairs getting the video system ready for your game."

"Thanks Mrs. M, have a nice time, and tell my Mom sorry I didn't pay atten...
err... hear her before I left".

When Moze heard Ned talking to her parents, she ran upstairs and grabbed her
clothes and ran into the bathroom to change before Ned got there. A minute or
so later, Moze heard a light knock at the door to her room. "Come on in...
I'll be right out," she called through the bathroom door. "Get the DVD player
ready. The movie is on top of the tv." Ned grabbed the DVD and rolled his
eyes at the title. It must be one of those 'girlie' movies that Moze has been
into lately.

Ned heard the batroom door opening and he turned to say something, but
stopped dead as Moze entered the room. She was wearing that same outfit she
had on in the wardrobe room earlier today. The same tube top, nipples
straining the material, short skirt and sandals. And she looked even more
amazing now than she did then then. She had let her long brown hair down and
it framed her pretty face so perfectly. Moze was absolutely gorgeous.

"Oh Wow!" Ned blurted out. "Y... Y... You look beautiful Jennifer... simply

Moze giggled and asked Ned, "Do you realize you just called me Jennifer? ...
and not Moze? And do you really think I look nice?" Moze said as she walked
towards Ned. She really liked it when Ned called her by Jennifer instead of
her nickname Moze.

Never being a shy girl, Moze grabbed Ned by his shirt collar, pulled him to
her, and planted the biggest wettest kiss on his lips. Jennifer snaked her
tongue through Ned's lips and into his mouth. To her delight, she felt Ned's
tongue responding as it began to swirl around hers. Neither of the teens were
very experienced at the art of making out. Sure, Moze had kissed Faymen and
Seth, and Ned had kissed Suzie and Missy, and each other a couple of times,
but not as 'intimately'as they kissed each other at this moment. They were
acting on pure primal instinct. With their arms wrapped around one another,
they drew themselves into each other, feeling each others need for more.

After several minutes of serious making out, Moze could feel Ned's hands
beginning to wander down her back. A tingle of excitement ran up Jennifer's
spine and exploded in her brain as she felt Ned's hands cup her ass cheeks
and pull her into him, feeling his hard-on press into her skirt covered
crotch. Moze responded by slowly begining to grind her her pelvis into Ned.
She felt her pussy getting wet.

Ned was getting hornier by the second. Jennifer's ass in his hands felt
great. And the grinding on his hard penis was pure joy, but his hormones
wanted more... and he didn't have long to wait.

Moze was always a take charge kind of girl, and today would be no different.
Desire was getting the best of her. She broke her kiss with Ned, pulled back
a bit, looked him in his eyes, and proceded to push him backwards. They were
standing close to the bed and Ned landed on it, looking up at Moze, seeing a
look in her eyes he'd never seen before. Moze grabbed the bottom of her tube
top and pulled it over her head, freeing her tits from their confines. The
dime sized nipples, that just moments earlier were trying to burst through
tube top , stood out hard, pink and proud, nestled on a light brown areola.
Two perfect globes, with perfect nipples, on his perfect girl... Ned was in

Moze placed a knee on either side of Ned's hips and stradled him on the bed.
She reached down,first grabbing Ned's steel hard dick through his pants,
squeezing and stroking it a few times. Moze then undid the belt, button and
zipper on Ned's pants, opening them and exposing his underwear covered penis.
She pulled at his shirt, trying to pull it off him. Ned shifted his weight
and helped Moze strip off both the outer and tee shirts. She then leaned down
and hungrily glued her lips to his once again, her bare breasts mashed
between their bodies. Ned could feel Jennifer's hard nipples drilling into
his chest. Ned's hands were caressing the bare skin of Moze's back. So soft
and smooth. His hands traveled a bit futher down and again he cupped
Jennifer's bare ass cheeks. This time, with Jennifer now stadling his crotch,
her grinding was more intense. In fact, she was dragging her thong coverer
pussy up and down the length of Ned's dick. With each drag, she drove her
clitoris down on Ned's dick. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed. She
loved these feelings, but wanted more. She reached between their bodies,
grabbing the material of her thong and pulling it away, freeing her pussy
from it's covering. She then grabbed the waistband of Ned's brief and pulled
it down, exposing his rock hard cock. She placed her bare pussy back on Ned's
cock and conitnued to grind, her pussy lips wrapping themselves around Ned's
shaft like a hot, wet fleshy envelope. For the first time, something other
than her fingers, was now rubbing her naked clit and pussy.

Through all this, Ned was trying to keep up with Moze. She was like a
different girl. He had dreamed of a day like this... but with Susie ... even
Missy... but never with Moze. The intense feeling he got when Jennifer's
pussy made first contact with his hard dick, the wet heat he felt eminating
from her, it made him want to shoot his load right then and there. He fought
back the feeling, but his balls were starting to ache again, he knew he was
close and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. A caressing
hand found it's way to the source of all that heat. Jennifers pussy. It was
slick with the juices that flowed from her. His search found the opening of
her pussy. It was dripping. Ned's next move shocked them both. Ned grabbed
his dick in his other hand, found her hole, and pushed the head of his cock
at Jennifers pussy. meeting her downward grind with his upward thrust.

Jennifer broke their kiss and sat up and gasped outloud as Ned's cock
head entered her pussy. Both of them paused for a moment, looking into one
anothers eyes... do they go further... or stop before they cross the line...
the line of friends to lovers. This time Ned was the one to to take charge.
He reached up and grabbed Jennifer's tits in his hands, feeling their weight
and rubbing her nipples with his fingers. He also started to slowly rock his
hips up and down, lightly fucking Moze with just his cock head. The desire
from within her and the intense feelings of Ned's cock piercing the entrance
of her pussy and his exploring hands on her tits, made her body follow the
decision her mind had already made.

Jennifer eased herself back and down, allowing Ned's cock to slowly slide
further into her. Jennifer felt her entire body shake with excitement as
slowly, Ned's entire cock made it's way into her body. She felt only slight
pain as his dick tore away the last of her hymen. If ever you could tell
someone was in love with you from the their expression, then Moze just saw
that look on Ned's face. And she knew at that instant, she too was in love
with Ned. Jennifer placed her hands on Ned's chest to balance herself and
began to rock her hips slowly. Ned rocked his hips in rhythm with Jennifer,
his upward thrusts meeting her downward drives. Jennifer began to moan
outload as she felt her climax beginning to rush to every nerve ending of
her body. The moans started to drive Ned over the edge. His upward thrusts
became more urgent as he felt his balls start to tighten. Moze drove her
hips down on Ned's cock, her orgasm starting. She needed to cum, and she
needed it now.

Ned felt Jennifer's pussy muscles begin to squeeze his cock, milking it for
the seed that was about to burst out of him. Ned started to grunt as he drove
his dick as far into Moze as he could. He felt drops of sweat hitting his
chest, falling from Jennifer's forehead. "Oh... Oh Ned... Oh... Ahhhhgg,"
Jennifer yelled as she exploded in a wave crashing orgasm. Her pussy began to
drench Ned's balls with her hot orgasmic juices.

This triggered Ned to start spurting his cum deep inside Jennifer's pussy.
Spurt after spurt. He never came like this before. "Jen... Jenn...ahhhggg...
Jennifer... I Love you," he blurted out as he continued to fill Jennifer with
more of his hot seed. His hips went rigid as he drove his cock deep one more
time, draining his balls of all his remaining cum.

Moze arched her back, sitting back on Ned's thighs, enjoying every last
ripple of pleasure her orgasm was providing her. She finally collapsed
forward, her head landing on Ned's shoulder. A sigh of contentment escaping
her throat. "And I Love you too Ned," she whispered into his ear.

"Wow... that was... you were... that... was amazing Jennifer," Ned stammered
as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently on her lips.

She kissed him back. "You were incredible too", she said. "If I'd known it
was this good, I would have put on these sexy clothes for you a lot sooner
than today!"

They both had to laugh at that. They kissed again and looked into each others
faces, Ned stroked her back with his finger tips. Jennifer ran her finger
along his cheek to his lips and back again.

Ned's brow furrowed a bit as he took the talk a bit to the serious side.
"I'm... I'm sorry I didn't pull out before I err... ahh... spurted inside
you. I wanted to but ... "

Moze kissed Ned again and again. Several quick kisses on his lips then she
shocked him with what she said. "I didn't want you to. I would have stopped
you if you tried. I wanted to feel what if actually felt like to have you
cum inside me."

Ned was relieved that Moze wasn't mad at him for cumming inside her but was
still nervous about it. He knew from health class what the possible result
could be.

Ned and Moze layed together for a while, just cuddling with one another,
enjoying the afterglow of their union. Jennifer decided she wanted to take a
shower and clean up before her parents got back. "You go first and I'll take
one later," Ned said.

"Come shower with me. PLEASE!" Jennifer kiddingly begged Ned. "I'll wash your
back for you and you can do mine," she added.

It dawned on Ned that if he took his shower with her, he'd get to see her
beautiful naked body some more and get to soap her up and play with her some

... to be continued... ???


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