This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: The Price Of Perfection (Mf)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Ned! Ned! Wake up!" Jennifer panicked as she shook her sleeping friend in
study hall.

"I wasn't sleeping, I was thinking," Ned replied half-awake as he sat up.

"It's me Ned. I need your help."

"What is it Moze? I was just dreaming that Suzie didn't move away and we
were outside during lunch having a picnic."

"You can get back to your dream in a minute. I need your help."

"Okay. What do you need help with?" Ned asked taking his tip book out of his

"The final in Sweeney's class."

"What about it? You'll get an A+ on it like you always do," Ned replied
returning the guide to his bag and getting ready to go back to sleep.

"Except that I haven't been getting all A's this semester. I can't just get
an A+ on the test. I have to get a perfect score or my streak of straight
A's is over."

"You've gotten perfect scores on tests before."

"But I didn't need to on those. This one I have to. It's different, there's
so much pressure."

"Moze there's nothing in the guide book or that I can tell you that will
help you get a perfect score with any certainty. Unless..."

"Unless what?"


"Unless what Ned? Don't make me hurt you," Jennifer said grabbing him by the

"You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you okay? It's one of Polk's
dirty little secrets if you will."

"What's this big dirty little secret?" Jennifer asked sarcastically.

"I can't tell you."

"What do you mean you can't tell me?"

"What I can tell you is this. Talk to Gordy during the day to set up an
appointment to talk to him. When you do meet him it'll be in the teacher's
lounge sometime after five. Make sure you talk to him before the end of the
day so he can come up with some rates and time estimates."

"Rates? What are you-"

"Shh! That's all I can tell you. If you're that desperate to make sure you
get a perfect score on Sweeney's final then talk to Gordy."

The rest of the day went by slowly for Jennifer. The final in Mr. Sweeney's
class was just three days away and every spare second she had she spent
studying for the test. As the final bell for the day rang Jennifer sighed as
she walked to her locker. She knew the material inside and out and could
take the test blindfolded, but if it wasn't for the fact that Mr. Sweeney
was notorious for putting at least one trick question on all of his tests
Jennifer would be heading home on the bus with Ned and Cookie. Instead she
was being forced to wait until five o'clock to talk to Gordy.

"You ready?" Ned asked as Jennifer zipped her backpack and shut her locker

"I'm staying late today to talk to Gordy about Sweeney's final. I'm not
going to let one trick question cause me to lose my straight A's streak."

"You did talk to him and set up an appointment like I said right?"

"Yeah yeah of course," Moze lied.

"Alright I'll see you in the morning then. How are you going to get home?"

"I'll call my dad and tell him I'm staying late for a study group."

"Hmm... Never thought I'd see the day you lied to your dad. Cya tomorrow

"Bye," Jennifer said as Ned walked to the bus. "I never thought I'd see the
day that I would have to resort to cheating on tests. Now all I have to do
is kill two hours."

Jennifer killed those two hours studying material she already knew in the
library. When she looked up at the clock for the umpteenth time she saw it
was 4:50.

"Close enough," she thought leaving the library. When she arrived at the
door to the teacher's lounge Jennifer found the building empty and almost
eerily quiet. She turned the doorknob several times finding it locked.
"Great advice Ned," Jennifer grumbled leaning against the door. The door may
have been locked, but it was not closed and she stumbled inside nearly
falling to the floor. She closed the door behind her and started to turn on
the lights when she heard moaning coming from another room in the lounge.
Jennifer quietly crept towards the source of the noise and peered through an
open door. Her jaw dropped at the sight before her.

Missy Meany was laying naked on top of a table with her legs up in the air
as Gordy stood at the table's edge with her hips in his hands as he thrust
himself into her. Jennifer wanted to turn away and take off, but she
couldn't. She kept watching as Gordy continued to ride Missy sliding his
cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god! Fuck me harder!" Missy begged clutching the sides of the table as
her body shook with each of Gordy's thrusts.

"Niiice!" Gordy smiled obliging the blonde girl. "You're better than Suzie

"I'm better than she was at everything," Missy smirked wrapping her legs
around the janitor's waist and squeezing. "Now come inside me Gordy. I'll
show you a neat little trick I know Suzie would never do."

Jennifer was completely shocked and couldn't comprehend what was happening
in front of her beyond it just being Gordy fucking Missy. She noticed her
breathing had started to become erratic was getting close to
hyperventilating. Jennifer carefully made her way out of the teacher's
lounge and outside the building to get some fresh air. Had she waited around
to see Missy and Gordy finish up Jennifer would have seen Missy squirt
Gordy's cum out of her pussy and onto the table before licking it up and
swallowing it.


"Hey Moze," Ned greeted his friend as she got on the bus and sat down next
to him.

"Hi Ned..." She responded with a monotone voice and not even looking at him.
Jennifer was still thinking about Missy and Gordy and had been all of the
night before and since she had gotten up earlier in the morning. She had
even had a dream about it and found her panties soaked when she woke up.

"So did you talk to Gordy?"

"No... I didn't get a chance to..."

"Oh no! Don't tell me you tried to go see him without setting up an

"Uh huh and Missy was there."

"That's what you get for lying to me."

"Ned this is serious! Gordy and Missy were in the teacher's lounge having

"Don't worry about it. Missy does it all the time. How do you think she
passes all her classes?"

"You knew about this and didn't tell me?"

"That's why I told you to make an appointment before you went to see Gordy."

"So let me get this straight. If someone was desperate to pass a test all
they have to do is have sex with Gordy?"

"It's a little more complicated than that. Nobody does anything they don't
want to and you can always just buy a copy of Sweeney's final."

"So did Suzie ever do this?"


"You don't know?"

"I chose not to know. If she had I really wouldn't have cared and in the off
chance that I did care it would be unnecessary worrying that I wouldn't have
to put up with. Anyway Suzie's dad got that job and she moved so it really
doesn't matter. Look anybody who knows anything about this is not supposed
to talk about it in public. Talk to Gordy before the day is over and set up
an appointment. He'll explain as much of what's going on to you as is

"Yeah okay..." Jennifer said as the bus came to a stop at James K. Polk
Middle School and she started to get off. Though not quite as shocking as
the events she witnessed the night before Ned's revelation of what he knew
about Gordy's endeavors outside of being a janitor were still a shock to
Jennifer. As she walked into school Jennifer was determined to ace Mr.
Sweeney's final on her own, but the more thought about it the more she
considered Gordy as an option. After all Missy and probably Suzie visited
him among who knows how many other students at the school. As she
absently-minded headed towards her locker Jennifer didn't notice the mop
bucket she was heading towards.

"Hey Moze watch out!" Gordy shouted at the last moment.

"What---" Jennifer began, but it was too late. Her left foot stepped inside
the water filled bucket and it started to roll out from under her. As she
put her arms in front of her to break her fall Jennifer felt someone grab
her from behind wrapping their arms around her. She freaked out when one of
the hands temporarily grabbed hold of right breast, but it quickly moved as
she was pulled back to an upright position.

"Hey Moze you need to be more careful. Trust me I've done plenty of face
plants on the floor and believe me they hurt," Gordy said letting go of
Jennifer once her foot was out of the bucket.

"Thanks I'll try to remember that."

"You might want to change. Having a wet foot all day will drive you crazy,
plus Crubbs will expect me to mop up the water you leave behind."

"I need your help Gordy."

"You do?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"I don't usually give advice to girls so this'll be interesting. It's not a
girly problem is it?"

"No, it's nothing like that."

"Oh good!" Gordy sighed heavily with relief.

"I'm real close to not getting straight A's this semester."

"Just study and you'll do fine like you always do."

"I need to get a perfect score on Sweeney's final to keep my straight A
streak going which I could do if I didn't have to and didn't have all this
pressure on me."

"Okay... So what do you want me to do about it?"

"I hear you can help people out with situations like these. I wouldn't be
here if I didn't need a guaranteed perfect score on this test."

"I see. Come by the teacher's lounge today at five and we'll discuss things
then and don't mention this to anybody."

"Okay. Five o'clock then."

Jennifer headed to her locker to grab her gym shoes to put on and her books
for class. An uneasiness racked her body as she thought about her afternoon
meeting with Gordy.


With a bit of nervousness Jennifer stopped in front of the door leading into
the teacher's lounge. She hesitated a moment then knocked.

"Come in!" A voice shouted from the other side. As she stepped inside
Jennifer found Gordy sitting on a couch watching tv. "Shut the door and lock
it. You know just in case. You wouldn't want someone watching us like you
did to Missy and me yesterday would you?"

"How do you know I saw you?"

"Don't worry about it. I know more about this school and everyone in it than
you realize. Anyway that's not the reason you're here is it? You want a copy
of this don't you?" Gordy asked picking up a folder off a nearby end table
and handing it to Jennifer.

"What is it?" She asked looking inside.

"The final for Sweeney's class this semester."

"Are you sure?" Jennifer asked looking over the test with a huge smile
forming on her face.

"Absolutely. Just memorize the answers to the test and you can have any
grade you want. Of course as with any test I hand out it's covered by the
Gordy Guarantee. If that's not the same test you take in Sweeney's class
I'll give you five hundred dollars." Gordy reached into his pants pocket and
pulled out a wad of cash to show Jennifer then put it back.

Jennifer had what she needed, Gordy had his guarantee, so everything was
set; except for payment. Jennifer was nervous, but she was desperate to keep
her streak alive. "Okay," She finally said. "So how do you want to do this?"

"Do what?" Gordy asked not looking up from the tv.

"I've got to pay you for this test somehow."

"I've been thinking about this all day and you know how you refused to sell
me you last chocolate bar because you don't sell to friends and we fought
about it all day?"


"I've decided to take the same approach with you. Don't worry about it."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Don't worry about it. Just don't get caught."

"What happens if someone does get caught and tells on you?"

"It's no biggie. This whole thing has blown up in my face before, but I
haven't gotten fired yet. I won't be gone until I choose to leave."

"Thanks a lot Gordy," Jennifer smiled as she headed towards the door. As she
reached to unlock the knob she stopped. "I can't do this," she said turning

"I said don't worry about it so don't."

"I just wouldn't feel right getting the test from you for free even if you
can't get fired. You did eventually buy the candy bar from me so I owe you

"You don't owe me a thing Moze. Now get out of here."

"Just tell me Gordy. What do I owe you for Sweeney's final?"

"All right fine. Regular tests are one fifty and finals are three hundred."

"Three hundred dollars??? I don't have that kind of money!"

"Most students don't. That's when the favors come in, like with Missy

"What do I owe you for Sweeney's final then?"

"Nothing. For the last time don't worry about it."


"Fine, if you want to pay for the test that badly then just give me a hand
job. You're a very stubborn girl Moze." Jennifer waited as Gordy stood up to
unfasten his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. She gawked at the
size of his penis. "Something wrong?" Gordy asked sitting back down.

"That thing is huge! I didn't realize how big it was!"

"You didn't hear this from me, but that's why Missy keeps finding things she
needs me to get for her." Gordy smiled as Jennifer knelt down in front of
him eyeing his nine-inch long penis. She was behaving just like Missy,
Suzie, and every other girl at Polk had the first time they had to pay him
for his services.
Jennifer took the semi-limp cock in her hand and it pulsed as her hand
started to slide up and down it. It wasn't but a few seconds before the
entire length of the Gordy's shaft was rock hard. "Excellent work
Jennifer," Gordy smiled as she near expertly jerked him off. "You keep at it
like this and I'll be coming soon."

Jennifer blushed at the compliment and continued working her hand up and
down Gordy's cock. Slowly she found herself wanting to put as much effort
into pleasing Gordy as she put into her studies. Suddenly Jennifer wrapped
her lips around the tip of his penis and began to go down on him.

"That's it Jennifer you're doing very well," Gordy smiled as his dick pushed
further and further into her mouth and started down her throat. This being
Moze's first blowjob she could only get seven inches into her mouth, but
everyone was content with that. With her lips wrapped tightly around Gordy's
shaft Jennifer eagerly bobbed her head up and down.

Gordy soon found himself just absolutely lusting after Jennifer and felt his
cock throbbing faster with her than with any of the other students at Polk
that he had slept with. Moze's eagerness and natural talent at cock sucking
was getting to Gordy. His dick ached as her lips slid back and forth across
his shaft and it pushed into the back of her throat.

"I'm fixing to come Moze," Gordy groaned as he couldn't hold back much

Jennifer either didn't hear Gordy's warning or ignored it and continued
sucking on his dick as his came. Shot after shot of Gordy's semen erupted
from his dick striking the back of Jennifer's mouth. The taste and thickness
of the warm cum surprised Jennifer at first, but she managed to swallow
every drop. When Gordy's orgasm ended she raised her head and smiled.

"How was that?" Jennifer asked eagerly.

"Was that your first time?"


"That was the best first time blowjob I've gotten from anywhere here. Not
that I'm recommending this, but with practice you could even be better than

"Thanks," Jennifer said blushing again and looking down. She noticed Gordy
was still hard. "You're still erect though."

"That's how good you were. Even my dick wants more."

Moze's face blushed about as a beet red as you could blush and she decided
not to disappoint Gordy by not continuing. She started to undress and when
she was completely naked Gordy's hardened cock got a bit stiffer.

"Damn," Gordy said standing up to finish undressing as he eyed Jennifer's
body up and down. "I want you even more now."

"Want me to get on the table like Missy did?"

"Not yet. Let me see those tits of yours.

Jennifer and Gordy sat down and she let out a slight sigh when his hands
took hold of her breasts. She smiled and closed her eyes as his hands began
to sensually massage her chest. "Mmm... that feels good," Moze moaned as
Gordy continued to fondle her breasts and started to pinch her nipples.

"These feel great," He replied leaning in and licking her right nipple.
Jennifer moaned loudly as Gordy's tongue worked it's way up and down the
pointy protuberance with him occasionally stopping to pull on it with his
lips. As he switched over to her left breast Jennifer found her body
starting to heat up. Her pussy was started to tingle and when she slipped
her hand between her legs she felt wetness.

"Oh my god!" She moaned when she slipped a finger inside.

Gordy pulled his lips from Jennifer's breast and watched with delight as she
fingered herself. He stood up in front of her and began stroking his cock as
he watched Moze. "How does that fell?" He asked when she slipped a second
finger into her pussy.

"It feels great..." Jennifer moaned as she steadily increased the thrusting
of her fingers. After several minutes of hard fingering Gordy could see the
wetness steadily dripping from Moze's pussy.

"I've got something that'll feel even better than that. Pull your fingers
out and suck them clean." She didn't know why, but Jennifer found herself
completely under Gordy's control and willing to do almost anything he asked.
She eagerly pulled her fingers out and began sucking on them swallowing down
her wetness as Gordy watched. "That's a good girl. Now I want you to get
behind the couch and bend over holding onto the top."

Gordy hadn't even gotten close to plunging his dick into Jennifer's pussy,
but it was already aching as he just watched her walk around naked and do as
he said. He then got behind her taking his shaft in hand and rubbed the tip
of his penis up and down Moze's slit.

"Stop that..." Jennifer begged as Gordy teased her for several seconds.
"Just stick it in."

Gordy grunted as tip of his penis penetrated Jennifer's pussy and he started
pushing in. He barely had an inch inside her and could already tell she was
going to be tight. Gordy kept pushing inside her though and the moistness
from her masturbating helped lube his shaft. He was a bit surprised that
when seven inches of his cock had penetrated Jennifer's insides she made no
indication of discomfort or to stop. Very quickly after that Gordy found
that he had bottomed out inside Moze. The tightness of her cunt on his cock
was bliss to Gordy. It had just the right hold of his shaft and several
times he felt like he may come at any moment.

"Oh my god Gordy this feels great!" Moze moaned as he finally started to
pull himself out.

No sooner had Gordy started to pull out Jennifer was already eagerly waiting
for him to push his dick back inside her. She moaned again except much
louder this time as Gordy's cock started pushing it's way back in. Jennifer
was in heaven as Gordy began pounding her from behind with his hands planted
firmly around her hips.

Though Missy and some of the others had become very eager and enthusiastic
to visit Gordy whenever they could he always got off just a little bit more
whenever he was with a girl for the first time and Jennifer was no
exception. But he found himself taking just a bit more liking to her than he
did the others. The tightness of her pussy on his shaft as he thrust himself
in and out of her was just perfect. The way she moaned and expressed her
pleasure was great too. And as Gordy continued to pound Jennifer from behind
he got a good long look at her ass. It was nice and tight and testified to
the athlete she was. If he ever got a chance he would have to talk her into
some anal sex.

With each thrust into her pussy from Gordy Jennifer found herself loving the
carnal pleasure more and more. Her entire body was burning up and her pussy
and thighs were drenched in her juices. Jennifer was already coming up with
things for Gordy to get her so she could pay him for them. Suddenly Moze's
body began to tremble and her pussy began increasing it's pressure on
Gordy's shaft.

"Oh my god! I think I'm fixing to come," Jennifer panted.

"Don't hold back Moze! Just let it all out!"

With those words of encouragement Jennifer cried out as an orgasm rocked her
body. Gordy nearly came himself as Moze's pussy nearly squeezed the life
from his dick as she came. After several minutes Jennifer composed herself
as best she could while Gordy still slammed himself into her.

"Come for me Gordy! Come for me!" Jennifer begged.

"I'm fixing to Moze! Oh fuck!"

With several quick jabs into Moze Gordy felt his aching cock open up and
began to squirt his seed inside her for the second time. It would take Gordy
several minutes as well to recompose himself after he went limp.

"You were great Jennifer. You really were," the janitor said as he pulled
out of Moze.

"So do I really have to come up with some flimsy excuse to see you like
Missy does or can I just drop by anytime to make payments for future needs."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to come up with something for me to get you
that's halfway justifiable. It's one of the rules."

"There are rules?" Jennifer asked as she and Gordy began to clean up and

"Oh yeah. There's a whole list of rules. This has been going on long before
I got here and it'll still be happening long after I'm gone and believe me
Polk isn't the only school this is happening at."

"Oh wow. Okay then."

"I will tell you what though. Ever since Suzie moved away Ned's been having
some conflicting feelings about you since you've got the same qualities he
liked about her and you're best friendsl. It might take awhile because of
your friendship, but I think in time he'll be willing to accept some of your
payments so to speak.

"Thanks a lot Gordy!" Moze smile before kissing him on the cheek.

"I'd hurry though. Missy has a bit of a thing for him."


Several days later...

"Well," Mr. Sweeney began as he began to hand back the graded finals for his
class. "I'm a bit disappointed in some of you. This is probably as an easy a
test as you'll ever get from me and many of you only managed C's and D's.
This was a really easy way to bring up your grade in here."

"What did you get?" Ned asked Moze.

"I aced it of course."

"On your own or with Gordy's help?"

"What does it matter? What did you get?"

"A C+."

"Wow, much better than your last test."

"It sure is."

"Are we still going to the movies tonight?"

"Yeah. Have you decided what you wanted to see?"

"Not yet, but come over early tonight okay?"


"Because I have something I want you to do for me."


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