Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this at home, seek help.

Well, you've asked for more of the rapturous redheads. Here they are in a
story with an oft-requested show.

HypnoTV: NYPD Blue (F/F,mc)
by MAW

New York, New York. The Big Apple, rotten to the core, according to many.
The two women stepping out of the squad car certainly believed it. Diane
Russell was a tall woman with long dark hair curling just past her shoulders.
She wore a dark suit with pants and a dark overcoat. Jill Kirkendal was a
striking woman with short blond hair cut just above the ears and wore a
similar outfit to Russell's. Both had badges hooked onto the front of their
jackets, in plain view of the uniformed policemen who were surrounding the
small shop. "What've you got?" Russell asked.

"Robbery and a shooting," the uniformed officer replied. "Salesclerk just got
sent to the hospital. Owner's dead, safe's cleaned out. Clerk was in shock,
we haven't been able to talk to her yet."

"Who reported it?" Kirkendal said.

"Couple of women came in immediately afterwards, found the clerk, called us."
The officer nodded to a squad car. Standing next to it were a pair of
redheaded women. One was older, with a business-like air and hard, if
attractive features and a nice suit. The other was younger and shorter, with
a more nonchalant attitude and a wild red outfit. "They say they're
tourists," the officer said. "They haven't talked much."

"Then we'll just have to encourage them," Kirkendal said as she walked
towards the two, Russell behind her. "Ladies, I'm Detective Kirkendal, this
is Detective Russell. We need to ask you some questions."

"Look, we really don't know a lot about what's going on," the younger redhead
said. "We just came in to check out some dresses, we find the people shot, we
call you, I think our part's done."

"You're from L.A., aren't you?" Russell asked.

"We really do have to get some place, it's extremely important," the older
woman said. "Maybe we can talk about this later?"

"Would you be willing to come down to the station house?" Kirkendall asked.

"Station house? You really call it that?" the younger redhead said.

"Actually, we're at a hotel downtown. We'd be more than willing to help you
out then," the older one said.

"Detectives!" Russell and Kirkendall turned to see an officer coming up to
them. "We think we have a suspect. They caught him hotwiring a car a few
blocks from here."

"Let's go," Kirkendall said. "Get their names and their hotel and drop them
by us later."

"Will do," the officer said.

"What's the matter? You've been brooding for the last hour." Sydney dumped
her coat onto a chair as she and Kimberly entered the spacious hotel room.

Kimberly bit her lip as she sat on the couch. "Break out the kit, Sydney."

"Kim, please, I have my limits. The stewardess and the maids wore me out."

"It's for the cops. And it's not just for pleasure, although that would be
a side benefit."

"Come on, we had nothing to do with the shooting."

"Sydney, I'm aware I'm the brains of this twosome but even you should figure
this out. If they bring us in to question, they may photograph us, they may
get our handwriting, they may even get our fingerprints. Now, if that
happens, they'll find out who we really are, which means we'll be looking at
charges ranging from fraud to embezzlement. If anyone back home finds out
we're alive, the whole thing's over, we're going to jail, do not pass go, do
not collect two hundred dollars. You got it?"

"Shit." Sydney got it. "And that was L.A. New York jail's are probably twice
as bad."

"How do you want to handle this?"

Sydney dug a quarter out of her pocket. "Call it."

"Heads," Kimberly said as Syd flipped the coin in the air.

Syd caught the coin and looked at it. "Tails. I'll take the brunette."

"No problem. I'm in the mood for a blonde tonight anyhow."

"We've really got to be careful here, Kim. Something goes wrong, we're
talking major jail time."

"Syd, have we ever screwed up before?"

"No, but we were both married to Michael. His luck is due to catch us any day
_ _ _

"This is the kind of time I hate this job," Kirkendal said as she and Russell
walked through the hotel's swanky hallway. "I see people spending more in one
night than we make in a year."

"Two years if you add the room service and pay movies," Russell said as she
knocked on the door the bellman had given them. It opened to show Kimberly,
wearing a loose white robe. "Oh, hi," she said. "Sorry, we weren't expecting
you yet."

"We don't usually take this long, but our captain wanted us to give you some
follow-up questions before our report," Kirkendal said as she walked into the
room. It was dimly lit, with candles on the table. Sydney walked in, dressed
in a red nightie that flowed around her. "I'm pretty sure the candles are a
fire hazard," Russell said.

"Really? Darn," Sydney said. "So, can I get you a drink."

"We're on duty," Russell said.

"Not any more." Russell and Kirkendal turned to Kimberly, warning bells
going off inside their heads. It was a little late. Kimberly raised her arm
and sprayed the contents of a small can right into the officers' faces.
Instantly, a wave of dizziness overtook Kirkendal and Russell. They stumbled
in place, their muscles losing feeling. Kimberly took Russell by the arms and
dragged her to the sofa as Sydney grabbed Kirkendal. "I thought we were going
to go into this slowly," Sydney grunted as she sat Kirkendal down. "You know,
a couple of drinks, some small talk, ask them about the shows, then drug

"We're low on time," Kimberly said as she sat the drugged Kirkendal and
Russell up on the sofa. "Maybe an hour. Otherwise they'll be missed."

"Man, I wanted to use that new oil." Sydney slipped off her necklace, a
silver chain attached to a shiny pendant.

"Just get on with it," Kimberly said.

With a shrug, Sydney placed the pendant in front of the officers' line of
vision and began to lightly swing it side from side. "Diane, Jill, look at
the pendant. Watch the pendant." The drugged spray had clouded the minds of
the two women, making them susceptible to suggestion. Blearily, they focused
their gaze on the pendant swinging before them. "Watch the pendant, just
watch it swing, side to side, flashing as it goes. It's relaxing, just to
watch the pendant and see it flash and listen to my voice. It swings and
flashes and it's so relaxing to watch it. Just watch the pendant swing and
listen to my voice and you begin to feel sleepy, so sleepy. The pendant
swings side to side, left to right and it's so relaxing, you feel so sleepy.
So very sleepy. It's so relaxing and you feel so tired. All you want to do
is sleep. Just sleep. Sleep and relax and do what I say. It feels so right
to do that. Just sleep. Sleep."

The two detectives slumped in their seats, eyes closed. A strand of curly
hair fell over Russell's face, which looked all the more attractive in sleep.
Kirkendal's face looked content for the first time since Sydney and Kimberly
had seen her. "Diane, Jill. You are both asleep. It feels so good to be
asleep. You want to remain this way and you will do anything to remain this
way. You will do anything we say. Do you understand?"

The two nodded. Sydney took Diane by the hand and helped her to her feet.
"Come with me, Diane," she commanded, leading the entranced officer away.
Behind her, Kimberly was lying Kirkendal out on the couch. She carefully
removed her gun from its holster, putting it on the table. "Can't have it
going off," Kimberly muttered. "We're firing up a few things ourselves."

In the bedroom, Sydney had Russell standing before her bed, swaying slightly.
Hooking the straps with her fingers, Sydney lifted and let the nightgown drop
around her, showing her thin nude form. She sat on the edge of the bed and
looked at Russell. "Diane, you trust me. You trust me enough to do what I say
and to follow my commands. If you do what I say, I promise you will feel so
good. Take off your clothes, Diane." Slowly, Russell began to strip. Her coat
and jacket went first. Then her shirt and short pants. Her bra was removed to
let her breasts go free. She slid her panties down to show a small dark tuft
between her shapely legs.

Sydney stood up, walked towards Russell and kissed her. Russell responded
with surprising passion as Syd turned them around, laying Russell down on the
bed. She pushed to policewoman towards the headboards, placing her head on a
pillow. Sydney sat up when a flash caught her eye. Glancing over, she saw a
pair of handcuffs among Russell's discarded clothes. It was too much for the
mischievous Sydney to resist. In a flash, she had the cuffs hooked around
Russell's wrists and around a space in the headboards, cuffing Russell to
the bed. Sydney lay another kiss on Russell before moving down her body. She
kissed the tightened nipples and pinched Russell's breasts, pushing them
together and loving the reaction she got when she kissed them. She moved down
Russell's body and to her clit. Placing her tongue inside, Sydney expertly
began to lick at Russell's clit, enjoying the sweet taste coming out.

In the living room, Kimberly had nicely laid Kirkendal out on the couch.
Kirkendal's clothes were undone. Her pants and panties were at her knees,
her shirt and blouse laid open and her bra pushed down. The two women were
embracing, Kimberly loving the feel of the partly dressed woman under her.
She pinched one of Kirkendal's nipples as they continued to kiss, then swung
herself around, her mouth over Kirkendal's pussy, her pussy over Kirkendal's
mouth. Kimberly paused to inhale the scent of Kirkendal's pussy, then dived
in. She kissed the clit, letting her tongue drag inside as she moved it
around. She felt Kirkendal's tongue enter her, slowly and softly, hesitant
strokes at first, then more passion to it. Kimberly felt herself pushed into
ecstasy and let it drive her as she plunged her tongue deeper into Kirkendal.

In the bedroom, Sydney crawled up Russell's body and buried her head in
between her breasts, bestowing cum-covered kisses onto them. She kissed
Russell again and knew she was turned on by the taste of her own cum on
Sydney's lips. Sydney sat up and placed herself onto Russell. "Lick me,
Diane," she whispered. "Just go ahead and lick me." The entranced officer
obeyed. She got into it faster than Sydney expected, her tongue lapping
away at her. Sydney slowly began rocking on Russell, setting up a slow
rythym to match the licking. She gripped the headboard for support as she
continued to rock on Russell, letting her tongue drag into her. Russell
tensed, the cuffs chafing at the board as Sydney came, her juices falling
onto the brunette's head. Syd leaned back, a wild grin on her face.

"Having fun?" Sydney looked up to see Kimberly standing in the doorway, nude,
a wetness covering her red patch.

"Just giving her a taste of what she's missing," Syd said.

"Wrap it up, clean her up and meet me in the living room," Kimberly, turning
and walking away. Sydney watched her go then looked down on the oblivious
Russell. "She's great in bed, but she definitely needs a patience lesson."
_ _ _

"So, that was a lot of wasted time over nothing," Russell remarked as she
and Kirkendal walked away.

"An hour just to find out what we already know: they don't know anything,"
Kirkendal agreed. "So, what're you going to do when you get home?"

"Maybe have a nice dinner with Bobby," Russell shrugged. "Funny, for some
reason I feel tired."

"You two, huh? Maybe it's time we took a vacation."

"L.A.'s supposed to be nice."

_ _ _

"To a job well done," Kimberly said as she and Sydney clinked glasses of
wine. They lay in bed together, nude.

"Well, we got them off our backs and had some fun," Sydney said. "Now, if
they can just forget about us, we can enjoy the rest of our trip."

"So, what'll we do tomorrow?"

"I was thinking. Ever wonder what the Jets cheerleaders do in the

Grinning, Kimberly kissed her lover. They sank back on the bed, Syd on top.
"I forgot," she said. "I got a little souvenir." She held up her hand and let
a pair of handcuffs gleam in the light. "Put me under," Kimberly said.

"Trance or arrest?"

"Your choice."


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