This story is a total fiction of my own device, just using the characters
from one of the best TV dramas ever. No slight is meant to the creators or
actors who put on such a great show. I should also point out that I at no
time try to establish a correct timeline for this little episode. Several
characters will show up and share screen time (if you will) even though in
the show their stories never overlapped. Enjoy.

NYPD Blue: Revelations (MF,FF,F-mast,voy,mc)
by CometDave ([email protected])

Detectives Jill Kirkendahl and Diane Russell stepped out of their car in
unison, using the wondrous harmony that partners developed. Both cupped hot
cups of coffee in their hands as they approached the police barricade,
clearly defined by the bright yellow tape. Uniformed officers and Crime Scene
technicians scurried all over the place. A medical examiner's van had just
pulled up on the opposite side of the street.

The radio report gave Officer Shannon as the first uniformed officer on the
scene. Both detectives picked him out of the throng of swarming officers
without even trying. He was talking to a tall dark man in a gray trench coat
next to a squad car. Shannon caught sight of them as well. He ended his
dialogue with the tall stranger and made his way towards them.

Diane studied the tall stranger for a second. He looked a little like Bobby,
not much, but enough to give her heart strings a twinge. The tall man took a
paperback book out of his coat, leaned against the squad car, and began to
read. Jill also gave the man a once over. Her heartstrings weren't pulled as
much as her more carnal instincts. The guy was pretty good looking, good
looking enough that she wished he had nothing to do with this case. It would
be nice to meet a nice guy for a change, especially one that hot.

Shannon started talking once he reached them. "It's a real mess detectives."
He said without much in the way of preamble. He studied his notes and began
reading to them. "Reports of gunshots called in at 5:50 this morning. Another
call about a possible fire about 10 minutes after that. Inside we found 8
bodies, all GSWs."

"Eight!?" Diane exclaimed, almost spitting coffee out of her mouth. Eight
dead bodies were a lot, even for New York.

"Yeah, and that's not all." Said Shannon.

"The place," he motioned the apartment building they were in front of, "was
a kiddie porn studio. (Jill and Diane both groaned in disgust and shook their
heads) They had 19 kids locked up in different rooms. We sent them ahead to
the hospital. The man over there," indicating the tall stranger by his squad
car, "was bringing kids out when the squad cars got here. Says he was out for
a walk, heard the gunshots, and saw smoke coming from the basement, and went
in to help. Says he heard the kids crying for help inside their rooms and
began breaking doors in to get them out." Shannon looked up to them to see
what they wanted next.

"Was there a fire?" Jill asked.

"Just in a metal trash can in the basement. It made a lot of smoke but didn't
catch nothin'."

It was Diane's catch so she started with giving instructions. "Have someone
run our hero to the house. Tell him we need a statement. We'll call Medavoy
and Baldwin and have them question the kids at the hospital; they will have
to notify Special Victims as well. Get the uniforms to canvas the area. Jill
and I are going to walk the scene." Diane and Jill had started up the stairs
of the apartment building when she stopped and called out to Shannon.
"Shannon! Move the barrier back about another 5 yards and keep the press

Diane turned to Jill to make sure she was ready to head in. Jill was watching
the stranger again, who had stopped reading and was looking at the female
detectives. He had the darkest eyes she had ever seen, she could tell even
though he was far away. Diane brought Jill out of her musings by clearing her
throat. With that the two detectives entered the apartment building.

The first body was just inside the door. They took the time to note the door
had been forced in and that from the look of it the first vic had taken the
door in the face before he received a GSW to the head, small caliber,
probably a .22 or .25. The first apartment stood open, the words 'SUPER' on
a brass plate glued to the door. Inside the sparse apartment, a stack of
stroke magazines, and a TV/VCR playing snow. Russell rewound the tape a
little and pushed play. The scene that came up was of the first vic and a
young girl and boy, no more that 12 years old, in a bed. Russell flicked it
off in disgust.

On their way out of the room Jill pointed out an assortment of items that
hung on the inside of the apartment door, including a series of dog collars,
leashes, and riding crops.

The other apartments on the first floor were made up like different kid's
rooms. One a rebellious teenager, another a jock, another all in pink,
another a cheerleaders. Each room had extra lighting and camera equipment
in a corner, 'x' s marked off on the floor with masking tape.

On the stairs to the second floor another body, half dressed, wearing leather
underpants. The small bullet wound took him in the eye socket.

The next two floors were rooms all open, but previously they had bars across
the doors, sealing their occupants in. The rooms themselves were almost
barren, windows barred, bare mattresses. Two of the rooms had chains on the
walls and human feces in the corners.

The next body was on the last floor, just around the corner of the stairwell.
A baseball bat lay on the floor next to him. A chunk was gouged out of the
wall at the edge of the staircase where the victim had swung the bat,
probably trying to take the shooter down. This was the only body sporting
more than one GSW. Instead he had taken 6 of them.

The rest of the bodies were down in the basement. The basement was made up
into another film studio, but this one darker, an altar and manacles, various
torture devices strewn around. The first body was at the foot of the stairs,
posed as if he had fallen down the stairs. His neck looked broken. The
signature GSW wound still visible, in the throat this time. More bodies,
dressed in satanic robes, or behind the video cameras. The last body in an
office/storeroom at the end of the basement. The door had been splintered,
and the victim sat behind the desk. The fire had started here, the man behind
the desk setting fire to documents in a metal waste can.

Back at the house the detectives caught Lt. Fancy up. Diane and Jill took
turns telling the story, pacing around the room in rage and disgust. "Looks
like the place was a kiddie porn studio. They kept the kids locked up in
some of the apartments. The shooter kicked the door in, maybe he buzzed first
getting the super close to the door. Shot the guy once in the head and then
we think he went up, since the basement was soundproofed. He shot one guy on
the stairs coming down to check out the noise possibly. The third guy on the
top floor caught the shooter off guard, swung a baseball bat at him, but
missed. The shooter emptied about 6 rounds into him."

"Then we figure he made his way downstairs to the basement, shooting one guy
on the stairs in the throat. This guy falling down gave one of them time
enough to start burning evidence. The shooter took the rest out, and then the
guy in the office."

"Looks like he did us a huge favor."

Fancy didn't respond to the last remark, he felt a little like that himself.
"Any leads?"

"Maybe, we had Shannon bring in some guy who started taking kids out of the
building. He claims he saw the smoke and heard shots. We're going to go at
him in a couple of minutes, Andy ran him through CIB for us. He came up

"Any chance he was part of the pornography ring?"

"If he was he wasn't local. Shannon said the guy was registered at the
Waldorf of all places. We called and it checked out."

"What about the kids?"

"Greg and Baldwin are wrapping up their interviews now and are on their way

"Keep me posted." Fancy told them grimly.

Jill and Diane dismissed the officer who was baby sitting the tall man from
the crime scene. The tall man himself had his feet propped up in one chair
as he read his book.

Diane began. "Hi, we're detectives Russell and Kirkendahl. You're
(referencing the notes Shannon had given her) Revel Flint? Interesting name."

"My mother told me it was short for Revelation. I guess I'm supposed to be
full of surprises." He said smiling.

Jill had taken her seat across from the man, and thought 'I just bet you
are.' To herself. She caught a gasp in her throat as Revel fixed her eyes
with his. She had a sudden flash, a vision, of herself naked, her hands
over her head and handcuffed to the pokey room cage, the cold grate pressed
to her back as she wrapped her legs around Revel's waist. He was fucking
her hard, her breasts surging with each strong jab of his hips. Her orgasm
tearing its way out of her mouth, loud and primal. Jill shook herself to
find Revel already giving his statement. She felt foolish, and embarrassed,
and unbelievably turned on.

Diane didn't notice Jill's distraction. Once she sat down next to Revel she
had begun comparing him to Bobby. His skin shared the same dark tone, his
hair was dark too, and he had the same languid comfort with his body Bobby
always seemed to have. Similar, but different too. His voice was deeper, like
Baldwin's, he was more muscular, and he had a colder, and harder look to him,
the kind Bobby only sported when he was angry. He was attractive though, and
Diane found herself wondering if Revel knew the difference between Sugar and
Sweet'n'Low. She had a sudden vision of herself, naked on the table in front
of her, on her back, Revel feeding his huge cock into straining jaws, his
hands with their strong fingers playing with her wet hot pussy, her entire
body feeling his attentions, aching for release. She was pushing her hips up
and off the table to meet his fingers.

When she blinked it was gone, and she had only half heard him answering
Jill's question about what he was reading (Catcher in the Rye, he had never
read it in school, thought it was just something he should read). But by God
she could almost still feel him touching her, she could almost taste him on
her tongue.

Jill broke the silence. "So what do you do for a living Revel?"

"Several things. First and foremost I am a security consultant, mostly for
large firms. I help guard against industrial espionage, that sort of thing."
He said, all the while fishing a card out of his shirt pocket.

Diane picked up the next thread; "Do you own any guns Revel."

"Yes, quite a few actually. But none of the ones I brought to New York with
me are the caliber you are looking for."

"How do you know what caliber we're looking for?"

"I saw the gunshot wounds detective. Trust me when I say what I'm packing
didn't do it."

"Are you armed right now Revel?" Jill asked suddenly, becoming alarmed.

"No, I know the NYPD frowns of that. All my firearms I travel with are locked
up in my hotel room safe."

"We would like to see those. Do we need a warrant?"

"Nah! Let's make it easy. I need a ride back there anyway. Just give me a
lift and you can go through my room till your hearts content. Deal?"

All the way over to the hotel Jill and Diane were constantly nagged by
doubts. Why were they doing this? It made no sense. If Revel was being
truthful and he had nothing to do with the shootings this was pointless.
If he was the shooter, there was no way the guns would be here in his
hotel room; they would be at the crime scene somewhere. Despite the
doubts that surfaced during these moments of clear thinking, along they

The elevator ride up his room on the 23rd floor was the worst. All Diane
could think about was Revel stripping her down in the elevator and pressing
her breasts against the cool mirrored wall as her took her from behind, his
large cock filling her up as she cried his name!

Jill's thoughts were full of Revel standing behind her, his hands sneaking
their way up under her shirt, running over her flat belly to her tits. His
hands pulling the cups of her bra down and fondling her large tits while
Diane stood there unaware, or was she watching them in polished reflection
of the door, licking her lips, just waiting to join in? Either way she
leaned back into Revel and put her hand down behind her on his hard cock
tenting its way out of his trousers. She was stroking him, one of his hands
slipped down the front of her pants and pushed against her aroused clit,
she was going to cum! DING! The elevator door opened and Revel swept past
the two detectives on his way to the hotel door. They struggled to catch
up, almost racing one another to the door behind him.

Revel opened the door and led them into his suite. He turned on the lights
as he went, and threw his coat onto the back of the couch as he strode
through the room. He smiled and sat in one of the chairs near the balcony.
Revel leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, allowing the detectives
to start searching.

On the inside Revel was chuckling to himself, playing a mental game of
eeny-meeny-miney-mo. Which way to direct the two detectives. He decided on
a course of action. The busty blonde with the bedroom voice would be first,
then the leggy smoldering brunette.

Jill began nosing around the suite while Revel sat smiling to himself,
feeding Diane a set of instructions mentally. When he was done he stood up
and spoke to Jill, who was opening and rummaging through the desk drawers.
"You wanted to the see the safe right? Follow me into the bedroom." Jill
felt herself give a jump when Revel spoke to her and another when the word
bedroom came out of his mouth. She followed him into the bedroom.

"I'll check the bathroom." Diane said. Then she picked the most likely door
and went in, flicked the lights on and closed the door. She took her time
making a full sweep of the room. After that she used the bathroom, washed
up, and looked at herself in the mirror. She had a nagging feeling that she
should be doing something...but she couldn't quite remember what it was.
Instead she kept thinking about running her hands along Revel's naked body,
his strong arms, muscular chest, and God that tight ass too! Without
realizing it Diane caught herself undressing, and neatly stacking her clothes
on the vanity. Diane thought this was odd, but realized what she had to do.
She stripped down until the only thing she wore was her bra. Then she ran
some warm water in the sink and got out the shaving supplies. She then stood
inside the bathtub and began trimming her pussy with Revel's beard shaver.
She watched as the hair feel to her feet in the tub. She could smell how
excited she was, the gentle vibrations of the trimmer turning her on.

When she was done she got out of the tub and used the warm water in the sink
to wet her mound down. Then she used the shaving cream and Revel's razor.
When she was done she took some baby oil and rubbed it slowly into her mound,
concentrating all her attention on one small spot, and then another.

Eventually Diane took her bra off and applied her slick oiled fingers to
her nipples. Her breath went out of her like a razor. She used one hand to
pinch her nipples hard while the other began rubbing her clit. Diane could
feel her orgasm coming on strong. She pulled her left nipple out hard and
bore down on her clit and moaned, and moaned, and moaned! When she was done
she was gasping for breath; her hair hung all disheveled and damp with her
perspiration! Diane gulped air back into her lungs, waiting for eyes to
regain their focus. Then she started to run herself a tub.

* * *

Jill squatted in front of the safe and Revel began giving her the
combination. Revel came up behind her and she could feel him admiring her
ass. Or was it just her imagination? Jill could feel herself blushing.

Once the safe was open she found a wad of cash and 3 handguns, all much
larger than what she was looking for. Revel was standing directly behind
her now, and she stood up quickly. Revel placed his large hands on her
shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze, easing all the pressure out of
her body. Before Jill knew it her jacket and holster were off as Revel
kneaded her shoulders and neck.

Jill caught herself falling under Revel's spell. She mustered up what will
she could to resist and turned to face him. "Stop." She told him, shrugging
away from his hands. Revel just pushed her down on the bed. In as instant
he was on top of her! Jill fought back, trying to push him off, but he just
pinned her arms above her head with one hand. The other he put behind her
neck and pulled her face up into a kiss. Jill tried to squirm away, but
couldn't. He had her pinned. When he broke the kiss she gave him a defiant
look. Revel just smiled and ripped her shirt front open, popping buttons up
in the air like they were popcorn. Jill wanted to scream, to call him names
and make him stop. But she didn't because she was afraid he would. It tore
her up, confusing her, but it was true, she wanted him to take her so bad!

Revel pulled her arms down so that they were at the top of her head and
switched the hands that were holding them immobile. The newly freed up hand
tore her shirt the rest of the way off. Jill could feel him pressing against
her groin. He was slowly, and softly dry humping her, one of his thighs
pressed up against her mound, from tip to sensitive tip.

Revel ran his hand and fingertips all over her exposed chest while keeping
the pressure up on her groin. Her nipples rubbed against her bra and Jill
felt Revel run his fingers over the material, teasing her nipples until they

Jill normally found dry humps like this pathetic; they never did anything
for her. They way Revel did however had her fighting to control her own
hips. She had to fight to keep from thrusting back up at him. 'Christ what
the hell is that in his pants?' she thought to herself 'It feels like a
goddamned cucumber! How thick is he?' Jill was so wet she wondered if she
wasn't leaking onto her pants. Revel lowered his mouth to her neck and Jill
bit back a moan.

* * *

Back in the bathroom Diane got the water running good and hot before she set
the stopper and stepped into the tub. Her legs were still shaky from her
orgasm but she was still excited, still wet. Under a wild impulse she pushed
herself forward the second she sat in the tub. She scrunched her legs up and
pushed her pelvis under the rushing water from the tub spigot! She used both
hands to spread herself, leaving herself open and vulnerable to the spigot!
The hot water hit her clit like a tidal wave! Diane came again so strong she
was bucking, her entire body jumping in the tub under the torrent of water.
She came, and came, and came, until it was finally too much and she weakly
pushed herself back up to the opposite end of the tub. She lay there
shivering, despite the hot water, almost crying from the intensity of the
storm that had shaken her.

* * *

Jill felt Revel's shirt slide off as she tugged on it. When did he let her
hands go? When did she start undressing him? It unnerved her a little, but
any discomfort she had she lost running her hands over his bared chest. The
thick mat of hair in the center of his chest streamed through her fingers.
The thick muscles underneath coiled underneath her touch. Revel surged off
of her and Jill cried out "No!" her thighs trying to clamp him in. That
outburst made her turn beet red in shame and she had to look away from him
as he stood there at the side of the bed, looking down on her with a soft
smile on his lips.

Revel reached down and grabbed Jill's slacks at the waist and pulled them
off, panties and all with one hard tug like a stage magician pulling a
tablecloth off. Jill felt him grab her legs and spread them wide as he
forced her knees back towards her chest. Jill watched helplessly as he sank
to his knees in front of her, exposing her to his tongue. Jill found herself
babbling "No. No. Please don't. You don't have to, just fuck me. Please just
fuck me." Revel's eyes warmed at the sound. She knew what effect her raspy
voice had on most men, and during moments of passion it was even stronger.
Revel locked eyes with her and stuck his tongue out, and lowered his head.
Jill lost eye contact with him the moment he came into contact with her.
Instead she found herself closing her eyes and thrashing her head back and
forth as she came and came and came! Revels' assault on her pussy continued
and Jill tried to wiggle away from him. All she succeeded in doing though
was pushing herself up against his tongue harder, just as he as really giving
her clit a lot of attention. It was just too much! Jill screamed her orgasm,
her body rolled with pleasure!

* * *

When the tub was comfortably full Diane turned the water off with her foot.
She then dunked her entire body, holding her breath and letting the hot water
soak her scalp. After coming up for air Diane took a wash cloth from the side
of the tub and scrubbed her face. When she was done she put her feet up on
the sides of the tub and began to clean her asshole with the rough cloth.

* * *

In a distant haze Jill could feel Revel move her so she was no longer laying
across the bed but on it. He reached his hands under her and undid the bra
strap. She felt that last bit of clothing leave her body, and her nipples
tightened up even more once exposed to the open air. Jill tried to open her
eyes but found she was still seeing stars. That had been the most intense
round of orgasms she had ever had, her entire body felt loose and weak. She
could tell by the shifting weight on the bed that Revel had climbed on, and
then she felt him rock her hips so he could shove a pillow underneath her
ass. Jill felt her legs part as Revel lowered himself to her. He braced his
arms on either side of her, and Jill gasped as he first came into contact
with her outer lips.

Her original estimation, that he was packing something the size of a large
cucumber in his pants was correct. The head of his cock pushed against the
lips of her labia. He slid his entire length up and over her most sensitive
area. Jill could feel her body rousing itself as he repeated the process 3
or 4 times, coating himself with her slick juices. "Oh God!" Jill groaned.

Revel moved his hips back a bit, and leaned down on his elbows, his face
just inches from her neck. "What do you want Jill?"

"What?" she asked confused.

"What do you want Jill? Tell me."

"Oh God I want you in me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Oh God! Stop teasing me! Just put it in!" Revel stayed where he was, just
at the gate. "Please!" Jill rasped in his ear.

"OK Jill. You just keep telling me what you want. How you want it. How bad
you need it. If you don't I'll stop. Understand?"

Jill was near breaking. Hell she was past the breaking point. "Yes! Yes!
Just fuck me! Please, please, please, please..."

Revel gave his hips a flick forward and speared her with the first few

Jill grimaced as he stretched his way inside of her. It hurt! But she wanted
it so bad she put her feet flat on the bed and thrust up at him. At the same
time she clutched him to her upper body. His hard muscles pushing against her
soft boulder size tits, mashing them between the two of them.

Jill looked at the clock on the nightstand. They had kept the same rocking
motion going for over 10 minutes! Slowly working more and more of Revels
thick cock into her burning pussy. She had cum once already just from this
slow methodical screwing. Even more amazing was she was close to doing it

Jill felt her breath coming in fast hyperventilating gasps. "More! More! Give
it all to me! Please give me all of it!" She breathed into his ear, before
ramming her tongue into it.

Revel obliged by ramming the last inch or so into her, rocking their
pelvises together! Jill came, and came, and came! She felt Revel push most
of his weight onto one elbow, freeing his left hand to play with her tit.
Time slowed down and reality seemed far away. All she could feel, all she
could think about was the orgasm. She opened her eyes and watched as Revel
pinched her nipple, pulling her tit up. She could feel or orgasm crest as
he did it!

"God! God! God! God!" Jill sobbed, and sobbed as she came so damned hard!
Harder and fuller and stronger than she ever had before!

Jill looked at the nightstand again. The clock had ticked off almost another
ten minutes! Christ she thought did I pass out? She was lying on her side,
Revel stroking her back in long sweeping motions, occasionally reaching
between her legs and touching her still hot and wet pussy. The gentle
pressure, the fact that he was still paying attention her. Jill longed for
him. She knew no other way to describe it; she longed and ached for him to
be inside of her.

Jill rolled over and straddled him in one graceful move. She lowered her open
pussy to his hard cock pressed against it hard enough to feel his pulse. Jill
looked down into his eyes. "I want you to cum in me." She said, she slowed
down her words speaking carefully, "" Jill ran her hands
up her body and cupped her own full breasts ""

"Oh Yeah!" Revel said, running his hands up and over her own.

Jill leaned down and pushed her chest into Revel's face as she reached back
to get his tool into position. She groaned as he licked and sucked at her
boobs while she got everything lined up. Slowly she squirmed back against
his hardness, easing him into her opening. Once she got a couple of inches
in her face was almost lined up with his and she started kissing him wildly.
Revel's hands kneaded her ass, as she tasted his mouth, the taste of her own
pussy still there.

Jill thought she would spend time teasing him until he begged her to finish
the job, but she ended up needing it more that she thought. She reared up and
slammed herself down on his cock. Jill braced her hands against his chest and
began moving her hips, pleasing herself with his size. Revel cupped her tits
and began running his thumbs over her nipples, driving her crazy.

* * *

Diane stood at the open door of the bedroom. She felt like she was frozen in
time, watching Jill writhe upon Revel's form. Diane watched Jill's reflection
in the mirror above the dresser that faced the bed. She was entranced by the
sight of the muscles in Jill's back bunching up as she rode the man between
her thighs.

Jill came loudly, protesting it, fighting to keep it back until Revel came
inside of her! "Nooooo! Nooooooo! Arghhhhhh!"

The ride slowed down. Jill coasted to a slow bucking of her hips. Revel began
teasing her "Did you cum for me? Did my beautiful slut come for me?" He asked
as he pushed one of his thumbs into her mouth. Jill sucked and nibbled at the
thumb as she weakly tried to answer.

"Now for my turn." He said coldly. Revel moved his hand from her face and
took hold of both her nipples and pinched them HARD making her gasp! He then
slapped both his hands to her hips and began moving her back and forth on his
big stick. "Come on Baby! Cum for me again! Cum for me! Come on Jill be my
slut! Cum on!" He growled as he manhandled her!

Jill arched her back and tried to find purchase with her hands on his legs.
Diane still entranced in the doorway parted her legs and began sliding her
left hand over her mound and the right gripped the doorframe to keep her

Revel humped his hips off the mattress at the end. He growled a feral sound
as he shot his load and Jill came again, helpless against his assault!

In the aftermath Jill slumped like she was exhausted. Her breathing ragged.
Revel twitched underneath her, but regained his vitality quickly. He helped
Jill roll off of him, and he gently covered her with some of the bed covers
before heading for Diane.

Diane pulled herself back into the main room of the suite when she saw Revel
getting up off the bed. She leaned against the wall trembling; her legs
slightly spread, and stroked her clit. She was scared Revel would come out
and find her. She was equally scared he wouldn't come out, and then she would
have to go in and get him.

"Hello Diane." He said, causing her to jump out of her skin. Her hand froze
on her mound as she opened her eyes to see him standing before her. Revel
smiled and grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her off the wall and against
him as he kissed her.

Diane ran her hands over his torso as she moaned into his mouth. Revel kept
one hand on the back of her neck pinning her all too willing body to his as
his free hand roamed over her back and her tight ass. Revel broke the long
kiss, leaving Diane gasping and trembling. "Did you like that taste on my
tongue Diane?" He whispered in her ear, "It's your partner. The taste of her
skin, her heat. The taste of me running my tongue up and down her slit."

"Oh God." Diane wailed, humiliation combating the insatiable hunger burning
within her.

"Did you shave for me Diane?" he asked as his touch trailed down to her
sensitive newly bared mound. Diane closed her eyes tight and fought for her
knees not to buckle at his touch. His thick finger started low and ran up
her dripping slit. Diane clung to him to keep her footing.

"Please!" She begged him. Opening her eyes, letting him see how much she
needed it. Revel pushed his finger into her mouth, the same one he had just
fingered her with. Diane suckled on it suggestively, desperately.

Revel smiled at her and steered her towards the couch. Standing in front of
it he pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to sit in front of him and
his bared cock. "Show me some of that Sweet 'N' Low Darling. Show me good."
He growled at her.

Diane took his 9+ inches in her hands and guided the thick shaft to her
mouth. The taste of Jill coating his length caused her to hesitate a little,
but didn't stop her. She placed her hands on his hips and guided him forward
once she adjusted her mouth to his size. Between gentle pushing and pulling
she urged him forward, barely moving her own head at all. She took the time
to gently caress his testicles, and cup them in her smooth palm.

After a little of working his cock in this fashion she let him pop out of her
mouth and began to slurp her way all over and around his shaft. Revel, for
his part, let Diane do what she wanted. Letting her bring his cock all the
way back up to full attention.

Revel pulled Diane off of his cock by tugging on a handful of her hair. Diane
reluctantly let him slide out with a loud SMACK. She gasped and struggled to
get her breathing back under control. Revel pulled her off the couch and then
pushed her down onto all fours. Diane scrambled to accommodate him, sticking
her ass up in the air and bringing her face down low to the carpet.

Revel was behind her, adjusting his knees to the carpet. He took a couple of
throw pillows from the couch and threw them on the floor in front of Diane.
Diane grabbed one in each hand and just managed to get one under her head
when Revel began pushing his way into her tight passage. Diane grunted and
clutched at the pillow. She continued to cling to the pillow, bunching it in
her hands as she whimpered into it. Every stroke from Revel made elicited a
noise from her. Diane had never felt so fucked in all her life. Revel's huge
cock was stretching her, and touching her in places even Bobby hadn't been
long enough to reach. She was drooling with need and her first climax came
hard and fast before Revel had even bottomed out. The next one came after
about another 5 minutes of steady pounding, bringing a shriek from Diane's
shaking body into the pillow.

Revel gave her quivering ass a couple of hard slaps and picked up the pace
just as the last vestige of her latest climax was subsiding. The renewed
vigor caught Diane by surprise, as did the pressure of his thumb on her
asshole. "God Diane I love fucking you! You have got such a great ass!"

Revel hammered into her, grunting with each thrust, and both hands now on her
hips slamming his way into her. Diane was over stimulated but ready to cum
again. She squeezed him with her internal muscles, willing him to cum inside
of her. " Me! Me! Me!" She

"Oh Diane! Take it! Take it! Ohhhh Fuck!" Revel exploded. His thrusts became
jagged and irregular, slowing down like a train coming to rest at a station.
Diane collapsed under him, this last orgasm doing her in. They both moaned as
he slid from her inner embrace. Then Revel managed to throw himself up onto
the couch before drifting off into a slumber.

After a couple of hours of rest Revel woke up and made some phone calls
before getting the officers up. Jill and Diane both felt great after the
must needed release of tensions and the nap. However they were very
embarrassed to both be nude in front of each other as well as in front
of this man they had just shared. Revel found their discomfort amusing,
wondering what would be going through their heads if he weren't using his
abilities on them.

"Let's get cleaned off shall we ladies." He said and led the two of them
into the shower stall.

The shower started off slow and sensual, but not totally sexual. Both women
soaped Revel up and then rinsed him off. Then Revel took his time soaping
and rubbing Diane, then Jill down himself.

The water ran hot and as the steam built it was obvious that Revel was ready
for action again. He soon moved Diane to one end of the cramped stall, so far
under the showerhead that the water would hardly touch her. He had Jill
in-between Diane and himself, facing Diane. "Touch each other, slowly." He
ordered. Revel stepped up behind Jill; his huge cock rubbing down her ass,
his chest against her back, his face against her neck slowly nibbling on her.

Jill stood with the shower hitting her high on her chest, just under her
neck. She closed her eyes against the spray and melted to Revel's gentle
attention to her neck, and Diane's even softer touches running up and down
her body.

Diane felt her breath quicken as Jill stroked her arms, her face, her sides,
the side of her breast. Diane touched Jill in the same slow gentle strokes,
sensual not sexual. She watched Jill's face melt into a blissful rapture, and
was fascinated by watching Jill's nipples harden and rise up like small peaks
atop her huge tits. Then she felt Revel reach forward and grab her by the
hair. He pulled her closer into Jill, until their bodies were pressed up
against each other. Diane let Revel pull her to the other side of Jill's neck
where, without any further encouragement from Revel, Diane began laying her
own kisses along the tender nape.

Revel let his hands go wherever they wanted. He cupped and lifted Jill's ass,
making her shudder. He pushed Diane back just a little so he could grope her
firm tits, and pinch the nipples. Then he cupped Jill's fuller, heavier tits.
Diane leaned down and licked the slopes as Revel held them there. Then she
ran her tongue over Jill's nipples making her partner moan. Revel released
Jill's breasts, only to move his hands over her nipples. He grabbed the
sensitive nubs and pulled them up bringing a groan from Jill as she ground
her ass against him.

"Diane." Revel commanded. "Get on your knees." He said. Diane complied and
soon found herself about eye level with Jill's bush. "Jill put your hands
on the wall while we frisk you." Revel instructed. Jill leaned forward and
assumed the position, bringing her flat belly against Diane's face. Diane
could smell how excited and charged Jill was over the scent of the soap they
had just used. Diane looked up and could see Jill's huge tits hanging down,
the water streaming off of them as it ran around her body.

Revel had Jill put one foot up on the side of the tub, silently, simply
guiding her with his hands. Then he brought one hand down with a sharp
crack on her ass. "Are you ready to be frisked detective?" He asked. Then
he smacked the other cheek, "Are you?!"

"Yes. Yes dammit! I'm ready."

"Let's make sure. Diane tell me, is she wet."

Diane ran her hand up Jill's leg and slowly touched her exposed pussy. "Yes."
She croaked, her own lust catching in her throat.

"Are you sure? Why don't you make sure Diane."

Jill quivered. "Oh God. Diane, oh god." Diane let her fingers run up and down
Jill's swollen lips. She cupped her hand against Jill's mound and slowly
tickled her. Diane could hear Jill's breathing get erratic.

"Is she ready Diane?" Revel asked.

Diane kept silent; slowly running her fingers over Jill's engorged clit.
"Answer him Diane." Jill pleaded, but Diane kept silent. "Diane please!
Answer him!" Diane slid one finger up and into Jill's tunnel while using
the fingers of her other hand to press against Jill's clit. Jill lurched
at the intrusion at first, but then settled back down, enjoying it.

"She's wet." Reported Diane.

"Of course she's wet Diane. We are in a shower." Revel responded. His big
hand slid between Jill's thighs, joining Diane in stroking their victim. "I
guess the only way to be sure is to taste her." He said after a moment. He
let that hang in the air a little while, while Jill's hips started to make
little humping motions against their hands. "So taste her Diane. Taste her
and tell me if she is ready for me."

Diane sat there a moment, a little dumbfounded by the request. Then she
smiled and braced her hands on Jill's hips as she sank down low enough to
come up under Jill's crotch.

Diane hadn't done this in a long time, but it all came back to her as she
snaked her tongue out and began teasing Jill's clit hood. The positioning
was bad, so Diane spun herself around, bracing her back against Jill's
knees. Then Diane bowed her back, craning her slender neck backwards to
come up to Jill's dripping pussy. Diane began with gentle long strokes
that made Jill tense up. Soon Diane began lashing her tongue across Jill's
clit in a furious assault.

Jill moaned and quaked under Diane's attack. "Oh Diane. Oh Diane." Over and
over again, punctuated by low joyful moans. Revel ran his hands over Jill's
taut body, paying attention to her full swinging breasts. Revel pushed his
cock against Jill's mound and savored the feel of Diane lathering his cock
head with her tongue. Revel slowly rocked his manhood back and forth, caught
between Diane's hot agile tongue and Jill's even hotter pussy.

The sawing motion brought deeper moans from Jill. Then Revel pushed his
manhood into her, bringing her up on her toes. Diane sunk down as far as she
could to keep Revel's nut sack from slapping her forehead. She reached up and
continued to tease Jill's clit with her fingers as Revel pounded away at her

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. It's so hhh....hhhh...hhh...oooo...ttt. Oh, Diane
it's so hot. It's never been like this. Oh God. Oh God!" Jill moaned as she
came. Her whole body shook and Diane began moving her hand as fast as she
could. Her fingers became a virtual blur as she rubbed her partner's clit.

"It's not stopping! Oh Diane......It's not stopping! It's soooo intense! Oh
Diane stop! Stop Diane. Please stop. Oh God it's happening again! Again! Yes!
Yes!" Jill cried out. All throughout Diane kept up her relentless attack. The
sounds coming out of Jill quickly degenerated into animalistic grunts and
whines until finally, with one last emphatic grunt she began to collapse.

Revel scooped up the limp detective in his arms and carried her out of the
shower enclosure. He placed her on the bath mat and covered her with a large
towel before heading back to Diane's eager embrace. He dragged her out of the
shower and told her to head for the bedroom. He followed her, the bottle of
baby oil and a couple of towels in his hand.

Once in the bedroom Diane practically leaped onto the bed and took up a
comfortable position on her back, her slender legs open and bent at the
knees, her bare smooth pussy open to whatever Revel had in mind. He had
in mind exactly what she had hoped for. He attacked her pussy with his
mouth and tongue. Pressing hard, then just a whisper of a touch all over
her newly shaven mound. He brought the detective from the edge she was
sitting on to a full-blown orgasm! He began sucking on her clit at the
beginning of her orgasm and it was just too much for Diane to handle. She
desperately tried to pull his face up from her mound but he continued
sucking until she felt she was ready to cum again. Then he stopped and
pulled his body up to hers.

Revel pushed his way inside of her making her squirm against him. He then
pushed his arms underneath her, pinning her arms to her sides. This brought
his head down, buried in her neck, his weight being taken by the elbows and
forearms under her. This hug made squashed her tits against his chest, the
krinkly hair teasing her nipples. Positioned thus he began a slow and steady
rhythm of fucking her. Slow in, fast out, the fast in and slow out, then
fasts for awhile, then slow. It was the best torture, and Diane nibbled and
bit and licked at his ear to encourage him. She enjoyed the ride until the
fourth time he almost brought her to climax, but stopped just short. It was
too much and despite how cheap and horrible it made her feel she could hear
herself begging him again.

"What will you give me if I let you cum?" Revel asked.

"Anything! Anything! I don't care! Just do it!" Diane pleaded.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass Diane." He said plainly.

Diane groaned in frustration, in fear, in anticipation. She clenched her
muscles around him. "Please." She moaned.

"Tell me what I'm going to do Diane. Tell me first." He said coolly.

Revel freed his right hand from its position under her body and gripped her
jaw in his large hand. Diane tried to avoid looking at him, or answering him,
but when he forced her to look at him she felt her body get even hotter, and
her resistance melted away. "You're going to fuck me in the ass." She burned
with the shame of if as she said it.

"After I do what Diane? After I..." he led her on. He let go of her slender
jaw and instead began touching her breast.

"After you make me cum?" She asked hopefully. He smiled and began moving
his hips in earnest as he fastened a firm, just shy of painful, clamp on
her nipple with his fingers.

Diane rolled beneath him. Her fingers dug into the bed coverings beneath them
as she felt her climax roll her eyes into the back of her head.

Diane panted trying to get control of her breathing. She lay on the bed
limply as Revel disengaged himself from her tight embrace. She moaned in
disappointment as he did so, but couldn't spare energy for any actual
movement of protest. Revel moved a pillow to her hip and then
unceremoniously flipped her over onto her stomach, the pillow slightly
elevating her hips. Diane moaned again in protest, but still found herself
unable to act in any way. Revel grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them.
He alternated his attention to them, first squeezing them, the rubbing,
punctuated by gentle slaps. Diane allowed his attentions to pleasure her,
even the spanking heightened her arousal. It wasn't until Revel began
applying the baby oil to her ass, especially to her tender rosette that he
feeling of unease began to settle in. By then it was too late, Revel
shifted his hips forward and placed himself at her palace gates. Diane
managed to raise her head from the bed just as Revel PUSHED forward.

"Ungghh!" Diane grunted as her breath left her. Revel pushed one hand down
on the small of her back, pinning her to the bed as he pushed against her
ass. Diane's head was back down on the bed as she tried to get air back
into her lungs.

"Unnnghhhhhh!" She whined, losing her breath again, as Revel urged his hips
forward, gaining his foothold inside of her. Just the head, but it felt
like she was being split by something massive. Diane dug her hands into the
bedding, her hands closing like claws.

"Ohhhh Yeah!" Revel moaned. "Oh Diane you tight little bitch! Oh God is that
good!" He exclaimed as he continued to work the first several inches into her
ass. Diane was paralyzed by the pain the building, budding pleasure sweeping
through her. She shuddered as Revel took his hand from the small of her back
and began a slow steady pumping motion with his hips. He bit at her back and
her shoulders ratcheting the tension up inside of her as he grunted about how
hot she was.

"Hurry." Diane pleaded. "Hurry please, it hurts so bad."

"It feels good too though doesn't it? Huh, Diane, don't you like it?" he
asked as her one of his hands down her side, raking her back with his nails.

"No. Oh God No! It does! It does!" she cried out now. "Fuck! Finish it!
Finish it!"

Revel thrust hard one final time, at least an inch past the deepest he had
been previously and emptied himself. Diane cried out too as he filled her
with his hot cum. Revel half-collapsed on top of her until his shooting
stopped, and then slowly pulled himself out of her.

After napping about an hour the trio again showered off together. This time
slower and far more emphasis was put on being sensuous not sexual. Jill and
Diane had never felt closer and took every opportunity they could to touch
and kiss each other gently.

While they were getting the last of their clothing on Revel answered a knock
on his hotel room and let Officer Shannon in. Shannon handed Revel a package
as his eyes widened at the sight of the female detectives buttoning each
other's blouse up. Revel made small talk with the officer as he opened the
package, revealing a pair of .22 caliber pistols in a custom shoulder

Revel calmly told Shannon all about the dream he would have tonight about
the two female detectives sucking him off, and how he would forget all about
helping Revel hide his weapons earlier at the crime scene.

After Shannon left the detectives got a similar treatment. The entire sexual
episode would be nothing but pleasant dreams. Revel was not a suspect in the
shootings, and the women would go about their business making New York City
safe. Revel would talk to the DA about any evidence found at the crime scene
that may help him track down his prey.

The detectives left their contact information with Revel, just in case he was
back in the Big Apple and wanted to do them again, and left. Revel relaxed on
the couch and called up room service while he thought about contacting the DA
tomorrow. Costas, Sylvia Costas, he was looking forward to making her


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