This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It is an adult story
not to be read by anyone under 18. You have been warned.

Charlotte Ross..........Connie McDowell
Jacqueline Obradors..........Rita Ortiz
Dennis Franz..............Andy Sipowitz

Special Guest Star:
Madam Sonja................Rose McGowen

NYPD Blue: Soulmates (MF,FF,F-mast,mc)
MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Connie McDowell, was a beautiful blonde woman. Her face and body was that of
a model. She had an incredibly sexy round ass, firm breasts and a gorgeous
face. No one would ever guess this sexy woman was 30 years old, (she could
easily pass as in her early or mid-twenties) or that she was a tough New York
cop, but she was. Her partner was Rita Ortiz, an attractive latina women in
her own right too. She had long dark hair a decent chest, a killer ass and
overall a sexy figure.

After Connie's sister was beaten to death by her husband and sent into early
child labor. Connie decided she would raise her sisters premature child. Andy
Sipowitz, another cop she worked with was nice enough to help her out. As a
matter of convenience they moved in together. Certainly they didn't look like
a typical couple. Andy was an older man, balding and overweight. Of course
that didn't matter to Connie after all she saw him for the good man he was.

Connie and Rita got called to a homicide downtown, not surprisingly it was on
13th street, there's a murder there every other day it seems. The two arrived
at the scene, it was another horrible bloody murder, even though they had
both seen worse. Connie couldn't believe herself, a human being was killed
and yet, she felt relieved that it wasn't as gruesome as she had seen before.

"God I've become so numb with murder I see it so much," said Connie.

"Don't be hard on yourself Connie, its not like you don't care, your so used
to seeing people like this. There's just only so much we can do," insisted

Connie simply nodded as they got the scoop from the officer on the scene.
"One witness, a... Madam Sonya, but she had to leave, she had an appointment.
She's one of those tarot card readers, so I agreed to have an officer come by
later to get a statement. Would you mind doing that Det. McDowell?"

"Why not, you guys seem to have this under control, come on Det. Ortiz."

With that the two ladies made their way to Madam Sonya's residence. It wasn't
the worst part of town like they figured it would be, which was certainly a
relief to the officers. The two made their way inside Madam Sonya's. Madam
Sonya was much younger then they expected, maybe in her mid twenties, dark
hair and eyes and very good looking.

"Please sit down, I'd like to do a reading for you two ladies," she insisted.

Connie started, "Well, actually were police officers. We came here for a
statement on a crime you witnessed..."

"Please! I know who you are, sit down I would like to do a reading for you."

"Well, acctually..." started Ortiz.

"Sit!" Madam Sonya insisted.

The two women looked at each other then, shrugged their shoulders and sat
down. Madam Sonya smiled and began to lay down the cards. When she was done
she looked up at the two women. "You two are lovers, correct?"

The two women looked at each other and giggled. "No were just friends," said

"Well, seriously you two should be lovers, you're soulmates. The cards don't
lie. Here look into the crystal ball."

The two looked in the ball, all the colors caught their eyes, they were
mesmerized. That's when Madam Sonya blew some dust in the air at them.
Suddenly the two women fell into hypnosis. Their eyes had blank expressions
as they looked straight into the ball. Madam Sonya had what she wanted. She
knew that she would have a background check after giving a statement to the
police. With her being wanted for mail fraud in two states she couldn't take
a chance. So she decided she would control the officers she gave a statement

She wasn't aware that she would be visited by female officers, not to mention
attractive ones. Madam Sonja was a lesbian, so she was delighted to have two
women to control. She started controlling them.

"You two ladies can only hear my voice, listen carefully to my instructions."
The two women nodded. "You two will remember my words that you are soulmates,
also when you hear my name Madam Sonja, you shall both become extremely
sexually aroused especially at other women. Nod if you understand."

Both women nodded.

"Also, you two will feel a desire to come and visit me here every week, now
when I snap my fingers you shall awaken."

She snapped her fingers and the two women awakened. "Well, officers, it was
a pleasure to do a reading for you, so shall I give you my statement now?"

Connie took out her paper and got her statement, they thanked her and left.

Once back at the precinct the two were at their desk filling out paperwork.

"God could you believe that woman, I mean us, soulmates?" said Rita.

"Yeah I mean she seemed nice enough, but Madam doesn't seem to uh
know us that well."

Connie suddenly felt a flood of emotion come over her. She looked up at Rita,
and Rita was looking right back at her, the two exchanged warm smiles. The
two then looked away from each other surprisingly blushing.

Rita got up from her chair, "I'm gonna go get some coffee," she said
noticeably nervous for some reason. Connie checked out her partner's ass as
she walked away.

"Damn she's hot, look at that latina ass of hers!" Connie thought. Rita
walked away in her tight tan slacks. Connie couldn't help but lick her lips
as she saw her pantylines through the light colored slacks. She wondered what
Rita's ass looked like without her pants, or without her panties.

"God what's wrong with me I'm not a dyke, but damn she's such a hottie!"

Connie wasn't the only one feeling aroused. Rita made her way to the ladies'
room. She closed herself in a stall. She slid down her slacks followed by
her white bikini panties. Sitting down Rita wasn't there to use the toilet.
Instead her eyes closed and she saw the face of Connie. The beautiful blonde
woman that was her partner. She imagined that gorgeous face, those incredible
red lips, and that light blue blouse she was wearing. In the short time she
had glared at her, her mind had every detail of the lace on the bra she was
wearing under the thin blue material.

Rita slid a finger in her box as she saw Connie's face and that sweet smile
the blonde bomb had given her moments ago. Rita unbuttoned her white blouse
and pulled one of her breasts out of her bra cup. She tweaked on the hard
nipple as she imagined the beautiful Connie sucking her nipple. She pushed a
second finger inside her box as she imagined Connie's red painted nails into

"Oh Connie, that's it." She shocked herself realizing she said that out
loud. Still she went back to fingering herself. She pinched her nipple
harder imagining Connie's warm mouth on it. She imagined her nipple red
with Connie's lipstick smeared on it. She pumped the fingers in and out
of her faster, faster. She gave her nipple a hard pinch and imagined
Connie looking up at her and biting it. That sent Rita to an orgasm. Her
body gyrated and her pubic hair became slick with her juices.

Rita felt the desire for some reason to taste herself, so she took her
fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

"God what's wrong with me, I've never had feelings for another woman before."

* * *

Connie was going nuts trying to do her work, but her mind was on Rita, her
beautiful partner. She was imagining what it would be like to sleep with her.
She wondered why she had never thought of it before.

"God, I'm so horny," she thought.

Connie had never been so sexually aroused in her life, and it was another
woman that had her feeling this way. She felt as if she was on fire between
her legs. She looked around to see if anyone was looking, "God, I can't
believe I'm doing this," she thought. Connie had the naughtiest thought in
her mind. She reached down to her black slacks and slowly unzipped them.
She slowly slid a finger to her powder blue Victoria's secret panties. Her
fingernail slid across her slit, slowly up and down. This slightly push
her silky panties into her cunt. Looking around again she saw everyone busy
doing this and that.

Since it was safe, her finger slid under the crotch of her panties and into
her hot pussy. Connie slowly slid it in and out. She wanted so badly to
squeeze her breasts, but feared someone would see. So instead she opened her
legs a little more and slid her finger in and out of her dampening cunt.
Connie imagined her partner, the beautiful Rita between her legs, she
imagined Rita licking her box, and fingering her deep. She imagined Rita's
face looking up at her as she munched on her womanhood.

Connie couldn't help herself she grabbed her left breast and gave it a hard
squeeze, then she pulled on her nipple it was so hard it was poking through
her blouse. Connie didn't even care if anyone was looking now. She just
pushed her finger in and out, in and out. Her heels were off the ground as
she bit her tongue hard not to shout out loud as her orgasm over took her
causing her to cream her panties.

After that she looked around and was glad to see that no one had seemed to
notice her and what she had just done at her desk. She flipped her hair back
in place and quickly zipped her pants. She was certainly glad she chose her
black slacks today as opposed to the light ones she almost wore to work.

She saw Rita return to her desk as she quickly went back to her paperwork.
As she crossed her legs though, she was reminded of what she had just did as
her warm cream soaked her panties.

"So you finish your report Connie?" asked Rita.

"No, I...well I'm having trouble concentrating today."

"I hear ya, look you wanna leave and get some lunch or something, I'm really
not able to concentrate on work right now either."

"Sure, um could you grab my trenchcoat for me?"

Rita shrugged her shoulders at the request and handed Connie her coat. Connie
quickly covered her body in it, especially her wet crotch.

The two went out and got a sandwich, they walked through Central Park. Both
were extremely nervous. In both of their minds this was a first date, after
all both had feelings for each other. Neither one just never acted on any
lesbian feelings before, so there was a long silence as they walked.

"OK, now or never," thought Rita. Rita reached out and held Connie's hand.
Connie wasn't expecting it, but she gladly held Rita's hand. They exchanged
pleasant smiles as they walked off in public hand in hand. They both felt
like they were 16 again on a first date, it was awkward but they weren't

"So... do you think we could be soulmates, I mean it might sound silly, but
I've never felt this way about another woman," said Connie.

Rita put her arm around Connie, "Neither have I. You think that Madam
Sonja... um was right?"

With those words, the two became instantly sexually aroused. The two started
kissing right there and then. Their arms wrapped tightly around each other as
they're tongues met in each other's mouths. Hands roamed all over each others
bodies. Rita saw a somewhat private place behind a couple of big trees. Once
there, the two held very little back, even though they were in a public park
in New York.

Rita unbuckled Connie's belt and unbuttoned her slacks unzipping them. She
put her hand under Connie's damp panties and rubbed on her clit. Connie knew
the risk of their situation, but she didn't want Rita to stop. They continued
kissing as Connie untucked Rita's blouse. Her hands made there way up to her
breasts. She pulled her breasts out of her bra and squeezed them. The two
women we're overwhelmed with pleasure as they felt each other up. Connie
unbuttoned Rita's blouse and took a breast in her mouth. Rita couldn't
believe it, just like she imagined earlier, Connie's beautiful red lips on
her breast.

This wasn't her imagination though, it was really happening. Connie was
loving the feeling of Rita's fingers sliding in and out of her already slick
pussy. Here they were in a public park feeling each other up like two horny

Connie sucked hard on Rita's nipple giving it a nibble here and there.
Connie's pussy felt as though it would explode in no time! Rita seemed to
know exactly how and where to touch her body, it had to be because she was a
woman. Most guys would need her help at finding her clit, but that wasn't a
problem for the sexy Spanish woman. The two women panted heavily as they lost
themselves in lesbian lust.

"Come out from behind the tree, soliciting in public is illegal!"

The two turned suddenly to see a police officer on a horse. The two took off
running. Connie almost tripped as her slacks fell down, she grabbed them and
ran all through the park. Rita held her coat over her top, so she didn't show
off her breasts, to all of the people in the park. After a while, the two
were able to slip the officer.

"God, that was close!" exclaimed Rita.

"I know, that's all we needed was to get caught soliciting with each other.
Not a great thing to have on our police resume."

"I think we should continue somewhere a little more private, like maybe my
place?" inquired Rita.

"Yeah, lets go" said Connie. The two again held hands as they went to Rita's

Once inside the two women were all over each other again. Rita pinned Connie
against the front door after they closed it. They're mouth's mashed together
as they kissed once again. The two wasted no time in unbuttoning each others
blouse. Rita got to see Connie's powder blue lacey bra up close, and she was
very impressed by Connie's firm melons barely covered by the bra. Connie
pressed her bra covered breasts against Rita's, as they're tongues battled
for supremacy in each others mouths.

Rita reached behind Connie and unhooked her bra, freeing the most perfect
pair of tits she had ever seen. She immediately swallowed a breast in her
mouth causing the blonde to moan. She sucked hard on the breast, using her
tongue to stimulate her already hard nipple. Rita unzipped Connie's slacks
letting them slid down past her knees. Rita kissed lower to Connie's sexy
stomach, driving Connie crazy as she planted little kisses all over her.
Connie tensed up as Rita went lower still to the waistband of her panties.

Rita was content to tease Connie, as she licked her right above the waistband
of her blue panties, and her hands palmed the sexy blonde's ass cheeks. Rita
went between Connie's legs and sucked her on her crotch with Connie's panties
still on. Connie's hips gyrated back and forth as her partner's mouth had her
moaning and begging for more.

Connie couldn't take it anymore she begged Rita "Take off my panties,

Rita only smiled as she looked up at Connie. Then grabbed the silky panties
waistband, and slid them down off of her ass and down her smooth tan legs.
Before Connie could react Rita buried her face in Connie's blonde snatch.
Connie opened her legs as much as she could considering her pants and panties
were at her ankles along with her heels. Rita spread her pretty pussy lips
and snaked her tongue up inside Connie's pinkness. Connie grabbed her own
breasts and squeezed them as her friend and partner gave her oral sex like
she had never experienced. Rita squeezed on both of Connie's ass cheeks and
spread them wide as her tongue made its way in and out of her pussy.

Connie started gyrating as she was getting hotter and hotter. Rita wet her
finger with her mouth, and slid it to Connie's puckered asshole. Connie
didn't even notice where Rita was going with her finger, her mind was on
what Rita's mouth was doing. Rita was sucking on Connie's clit. Connie
looked down at the Spanish hottie between her legs. She looked so good
munching on her box. She wondered why she had wasted so many years or her
life on men, when sex with another woman was taking her to a high she hadn't
been to in years.

Connie felt Rita's slick finger go up her ass. Her first reaction was to
protest, telling her she didn't know if she should do that. Rita simply said
that it was OK, and to concentrate on what her tongue was doing. After a
while Connie got used to the feeling, in fact the pleasure of having both
her holes played with was really getting her hot and really quick. Connie
started moaning Rita's name and gyrating in rhythm with Rita's anal
penetration. She was loving that incredible sucking on her clitoris, and
began riding Rita's finger that was in her ass. Connie felt like she was
gonna fall to the floor with all this pleasure but she was able to keep her
balance, even when the inevitable came.

Her body finally released its tidal wave size orgasm, and Rita's face was
coated with Connie's juices. Connie's nails dug into the wood of the door as
she felt the biggest orgasm of her life slowly subside. The two embraced and
kissed softly. Then they both looked down and giggled as they realized how
Connie looked still having her heels and slacks and panties on. She quickly
removed those and made there way to Rita's bedroom.

Connie helped Rita out of her slacks, and she eyed her incredible ass.

"Damn, J-Lo's hasn't got nothing on you!" said Connie.

"Oh, you really think so?" inquired Rita. She bent her ass over in her white
panties doing a hot pose for Connie. Connie respond by giving her ass a good
hard slap, then wasted little time in grabbing her lacey-top panties and
pulling them down. There was that perfect ass she had admired at work
earlier. It looked even better when it wasn't covered by Rita's clothes. Rita
took off her bra freeing her tits to her new lover. Connie took her by the
hand and they both laid back on the bed getting under the covers.

Connie planted wet kisses on Rita's neck getting the Spanish woman hot
instantly. Seeing this Connie did it more intensely, giving her hickeys on
her neck. Rita was already on fire just from the kissing, but knew the best
was yet to come, and she was correct. After that, Connie sucked on Rita's
breasts, they weren't big like Connie's but they were still very nice and
perky despite their size. Connie went back and forth from each breast
licking and biting on Rita's big dark nipples. She still wanted more though.
So she slid deeper under the covers and found Rita's wet pussy. Connie
planted more hot wet kisses between Rita's legs, licking her slit she got
her first taste of another woman and found the flavor so good it could
easily become addicting in her mind.

She opened Rita's dark lips and drove her tongue into her cunt. Rita's leg
wrapped around Connie's head as Connie ate her out. Rita pulled on her own
pointed nipples as she felt Connie's warm tongue burrow in and out of her
hole. Rita opened her legs wide letting Connie get the best access to her
pussy. Her body was in heaven she never felt this good. Connie drove her
tongue in and out of Rita. She blew on her clit causing Rita to coo in
pleasure. Connie then drove two fingers inside Rita as her tongue kept on
working on the beautiful body of her partner.

"Connie oh yes Connie God I love it ohhh don't stop, ohhhh God I love you, I
love Connie!"

Connie doubled her efforts hearing those sweet words from Rita. She was
lapping all over Rita's clit with her tongue will a third finger went inside
Rita. Rita lifted the covers to see the beautiful face of Connie sucking
between her legs and that was all it took!

Her body spasmed and soon she covered Connie's face with her feminine juices.
She called out Connie's name loud as Connie licked her clean.

The two women snuggled up together, exchanging sweet kisses and hands
caressing each others naked breasts and asses.

"I can't believe we waited so long for this," said Rita.

"I know, I've never had sex this good" (she caressed the brunette's hair and
softly kissed her, she looked at her watch) oh shit, we better get dressed
and get back to work!"

They made it back at the station late, but not so late to cause too much
suspicion. The two made eyes at each other all day, and simply hoped it
wasn't too obvious.

Later on Andy Sipowitz brought in a prostitute for questioning on a murder.
She was wearing, a white half shirt, with no bra, her nipples poking through.
She wore a black mini skirt so shirt she gave glimpses of her white panties
underneath as she walked. Topping off her outfit was black fishnet stockings
along with black high heels. Connie noticed how pretty this young blonde girl
was. She also noticed the way Andy was checking her out. This gave her a
naughty idea. She knew her shift would be over a little bit before Andy's so
she had time to plan a surprise for him.

After getting of work she went shopping, luckily she was able to beat him
back home. Upon arriving home Andy saw Connie wearing a long blue robe, and
surprisingly black high heels, taller heels than what Connie normally wore.

"Ready for some fun tonight Andy? Cause I'm here to make your fantasy come

"OK...and what fantasy would that be?"

Connie dropped her robe, and Andy dropped his jaw. Connie was wearing the
same outfit the prostitute he picked up earlier was wearing. A half shirt
with no bra, Connie's huge knockers looked incredible in the shirt, her
nipples poking out proudly. Connie also wore a black mini skirt similar to
the prostitute's along with black fishnet stockings and her high heels. She
wore more make up then usual, and had her long blonde hair down. She looked
delicious to put it mildly.

Connie walked over to him, her heels clicking on the hard wood floor as she
did, echoing in the room. Once to Andy she squatted in front of him. She
unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She was surprised to see him
still limp. So she took his 3 inch limp cock in her mouth. She sucked his
fat, but small cock as she pumped it in her hand. He slowly began to grow to
a more respectable 6 inches as she sucked him deep. Then she would take his
sack in her mouth and stroke him with her hand.

Andy felt up her huge knockers through her skimpy top. Then lifted the top
and played with her hard nipples while he started fucking her face. Just
seeing Connie dressed like this and acting so slutty on her knees, made him
really hold back coming right away. Connie stopped sucking him long enough
to stand up and toss aside the top. She lifted her shirt skirt to show that
she was wearing no panties. Andy was sure he felt his rod grow another couple
inches at the sight of her blonde snatch.

Connie smiled and stood with her legs a little further apart and brushed her
hand across her pussy. Andy got to his knees and wasted no time in diving in.
He stuck a finger in Connie's wet box as his tongue licked her clit. Connie
put her hand on his shoulder using him for leverage as she wrapped one leg
around his neck. She grinded her pussy hard into Andy's face, and Andy loved
it. He never imagined he'd have such a young and pretty girlfriend, but he
did and he was reaping the benefits.

Connie pulled away and kissed Andy passionately, before taking him by the
hand to the bedroom. Once in there, Connie got down on the bed on all fours
and wasted no time in presenting her ass to Andy. Andy also wasted no time
in getting behind the hot blonde and entering her. Connie had been with
longer men before, but Andy's thickness more than made up for his length.
Connie felt his thick shaft stretch her tight cunt for all it was worth. She
started panting heavily as he squeezed her big bouncing breasts and pumped
her as hard as he could.

Andy could take no more, and neither could Connie, the two came almost at the
same time. Andy collapsed on top of her, his fat cock still inside her as he
kissed her softly until his cock slid out of her. The two would later drift
off to sleep like that.

* * *

The next morning Connie woke up and had a strange desire to visit Madam Sonja
the tarot card reader she had got a statement from. She didn't know why she
wanted to, but shrugged her shoulders and got dressed. This being her day off
from work she slid on her favorite blue jeans and a white T-shirt. She took
the subway and walked into Madam Sonja's place. Madam Sonja was expecting her
and immediately a devilish smile crossed her face at Connie's arrival.

"Could you lock the door please, Connie?"

Connie shrugged her shoulders and did as requested.

"So have we come to have some fun with Madam Sonja today, Connie?"

"Well, I..."

Hearing those words "Madam Sonja" Connie was immediately aroused again. Madam
Sonja was wearing a long red and yellow robe which she dropped to the floor.
She was naked, except for a 8 inch black strap-on dildo. Connie's eyes grew
big at the sight of it. She looked so hot her pale white skin supporting the
big ebony rod between her legs.

Connie didn't have to be told anything, she immediately slid out of her tight
jeans and tossed aside her shirt. She walked up to Madam Sonja and engaged in
a hot kiss with her. Madam Sonja loved the feel of the blonde's bra covered
tits against her own bare breasts, and felt up Connie's tight ass with her
hands as they kissed. Sonja unhooked Connie's bra making them nipple to
nipple as the kiss continued.

When Sonja broke the kiss she pushed Connie to her knees and shoved her
plastic rod inside her mouth. Connie sucked it like it was the really thing,
and Sonja grabbed her by the hair making sure she deep throated it. The dildo
had a little nub at the end that went inside Sonja's pussy that gave her
pleasure as Connie sucked her off. She was already getting hot at watching
Connie swallow the black rod alone. Madam Sonja enjoyed watching Connie look
her in the eyes as she sucked the dildo.

Sonja lifted Connie to her feet and immediately yanked down her white
panties. She pushed her pale body close to Connie's tanned body and slid it
inside her. She pushed her up against the wall and started driving in and
out of the hot blonde. She pushed Connie to her breasts and made her suck
on each breasts as their fucking grew more and more intense by the second.
Sonja spanked on Connie's round ass hard, not being gentle at all as she
mercilessly fucked the blonde. Madam Sonja felt her orgasm coming, the nub
pushing in and out of her had become to much to handle.

As she came she drove hard into Connie, this also sent Connie to an orgasm.
The two stayed like that against the wall for quite a while, Connie still
impaled on the cock. Then Madam Sonja walked away, and slid out of the
harness leaving her completely naked. She sat in a chair and open her legs,
then ordered Connie to make her cum again. Connie was happy to oblige.

"OH yeah Connie, oh yeah, that's it, you blonde bitch, lick that pussy! Ohhh
that's my little dyke police woman, please me!!! Please your mistress!"

Connie serviced the young woman until another orgasm rocked Sonja's body and
pussy juice coated Connie's face.

When they were finished they both got dressed.

"Shall we do this again say... same time next week?" asked Sonja.

"Yes, works for me," replied Connie.

With that she left Madam Sonja and was on her way back home when her cell
phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, hey Rita, I'm glad you called listen you wanna go with me to a
sex shop today? I've got a desire to buy a new toy!"

* * *

Madam Sonja laid back on her couch.

"Ahhhh, well I must be doing good, its like they say in New York, you can
make it here you can make it anywhere.

The End???


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