This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. Even ABC won't take
this show this far. It is an adult story not to be read by anyone under 18.
You have been warned. Contains FF, MMF, MF, INTER, ORAL, ANAL, DP, MC, CONS.

Charlotte Ross........Det.Connie McDowell
Jacqueline Obradors...Det.Rita Ortiz
Dennis Franz..........Det.Andy Sipowitz
Mark Paul Gosselarr...Det. John Clark

Guest star:
Rose McGowen..........Madam Sonja

For those of you who didn't read part one shame on you! Here's a quick recap
though. Rita Ortiz and her partner Connie McDowell were visiting a Tarot card
reader named Madam Sonja to get a statement for a murder she witnessed. Madam
Sonja convinced them that she should do a reading for them, and told them
they were soulmates. After that, she put Connie and Rita into hypnosis with
her crystal ball. From then on they would wanna visit Madam Sonya quite
often. Plus whenever they spoke or heard the name "Madam Sonya" they would be
overwhelmed with sexual urges especially around other women, including each
other. Connie and Rita later came to believe they were soulmates after the
incredible sex they had together, after Madam Sonja's name was mentioned they
always became overwhelmed with lust. Now on to part 2

NYPD Blue: Soulmates Part 2
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Connie had just finished having sex with Madam Sonja. For some reason, of
which she didn't understand, she was drawn to Madam Sonja's place. She had
just called her police partner (and recent new lover) Rita Ortiz and asked
her to meet her at the sex shop on fourth street. Rita was looking sexy, she
had to work later that day, but was wearing a blue V-cut long sleeve shirt
that nicely accented her breasts. She wore black slacks that hugged her sexy
curves well, along with conservative black high heels.

The two met giving each other a little kiss outside the sex shop. Connie was
feeling a little underdressed with Rita looking so sexy. Connie was dressed
in just a T-shirt and jeans. It was her day off though, so comfort was all
that she cared about today. The two held hands as they walked into the sex
shop. The men all stopped and eyed these two sexy women holding hands. The
two walked through the videos, and made there way to the toys. Connie and
Rita looked over an assortment of dildo's and vibrator's. Connie smiled and
raised and eyebrow sexily to Rita. Rita saw it was because of the sight of
the strap-on dildo's. Rita didn't know that they reminded Connie of her sex
session a couple of hours ago with Madam Sonja. Rita then found something
that caught her eye, it was a double ended dildo. Connie seemed embarrassed
as Rita held it up to her.

"Rita, people are looking at us!" whispered Connie.

"Let them look at us!"

Rita gave Connie an evil grin and said out loud so everyone could hear...

"Hey honey this is what we need isn't it?"

Connie's mouth dropped open as she turned several shades of red in
embarrassment. Connie then turned and walked out the front door, Rita
followed her. She caught up with her about 100 feet away from the sex

Rita thought Connie was mad at her but instead she looked up at her and
gave her a small smirk.

"I can't believe you said that Rita!"

She placed her hands around Connie's waist and brought her in close so their
breasts were touching.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist having a little fun with you sweetie."

She kissed her softly on the mouth, and Connie reluctantly kissed her new
girlfriend back, soon she had forgotten her comments as they made out right
there on the sidewalk. Tongues darting into each others mouths as they French
kissed, noticed only here and there by passing New Yorkers.

"Come on lets go back inside, your the one who wanted to do some shopping."

"All right, just be a little more discrete this time Rita!"

"Promise" Smiled Rita.

They went back in the shop and were looking at toys again. Connie showed
Rita a pink strap-on about 8 inches long. She though of talking out loud to
embarrass Rita like she did a few moments ago but instead whispered in her

"This is what we need, Madam Sonja ummmmm used"

The words Madam Sonja immediately changed both of them, they were now burning
with lust again. Lust for each other, they needed to cum, and cum quickly.
They were however not alone, in the store. Rita looked back and saw a viewing
booth in the back.

"Go pay for the toy and I'll meet you in the booth OK?" said Rita.

Connie went to pay for the toy, and selected a movie for viewing in the
viewing booth, she choose a movie starring Asia Carerra. She then made her
way to the appointed viewing booth and joined Rita in there. The two locked
in a hot wet kiss as the movie started playing. The movie started with the
beautiful Asia Carerra visiting a big chested blonde stripper at a closed
strip club. The stripper was giving Asia a striptease, even going so far as
to gyrate her ass into the face of the sitting Asia.

Connie had tossed off her T-shirt and Rita had tossed her blue shirt aside
on the already sticky floor of the viewing booth as they kissed passionately.
Connie quickly unzipped Rita's pants and was pleased to see no panties just
her dark haired pussy. Rita unhooked Connie's bra in the back tossing it
aside, it hung over the top of the TV partially covering up the tube. They
hardly noticed though, after all they were into each other so much that the
gorgeous film star Asia Carerra barely caught their eye. Rita sucked on the
hard nipples on Connie's breasts. Connie wrapped her arms tight around the
latina woman as Rita's hands made there way to Connie's button fly jeans.
They were quickly opened and white panties and jeans came down at the same
time. Connie was naked now as Rita rubbed one hand on Connie's clit and the
other on Connie's C-cup, bordering on D-cup, breasts.

Rita licked all over her nipples getting them so hard they ached. Connie felt
Rita penetrate her with two wet fingers as her thumb played with Connie's
clit. Rita gave Connie's erect nipples little love bites and sucked each one
hard as Connie grinded her body back into her sexy Spanish lover. With her
nipples being sucked and nibbled on along with the clit stimulation, it soon
became too much pleasure for Connie as her body released its orgasm. Rita
dropped to her knees to lick up Connie's sweet female essence. Connie may
have been the only woman Rita had ever been with, but Rita was sure that not
another woman on this earth could taste better than the gorgeous Connie

Connie pulled Rita up and grabbed the bottom of Rita's bra. She lifted the
bra cups revealing her boobs and dark nubs. Connie grabbed both of Rita's
breasts. Pushing them together she sucked both of her dark nipples at the
same time. She nibbled and pulled on the nipples with her teeth, as Rita
squeezed and dug her nails into Connie's ass cheeks.

The two were unaware that the viewing both had recently had a security camera
put in due to recent vandalism to the TV's, and the viewing rooms themselves.
So the counter man at the sex shop was getting quite a show seeing these two
sexy women go at it. Usually only men went in those rooms to masturbate, but
this time, he was getting treated to not one but two hot women engaged in
sex. He was glad the recorder was getting all of this, he might want to keep
this tape for his own personal use, or to share with his friends.

Unaware that they were now having their pornographic film debut, the two
women continued going at it. Connie licked, sucked, and bit on Rita's breasts
as Rita felt Connie grind her wet pussy into Rita's already damp cunt. Rita
was close to orgasm when suddenly Connie pulled back from her.

"What? Why the hell did you stop?"

Connie smiled and slid into the 8 inch strap-on, adjusting it to fit her
perfectly. Rita had to admit Connie looked so fucking hot with a fake cock
between her legs. Connie bent Rita over so she was facing the TV. As if she
needed anymore coaxing, on the TV she saw Asia Carerra fucking a blonde girl
with a strap-on dildo. This was a really hot sight, but it was nothing
compared to the feeling she got when Connie slid the 2 inch thick 8 inch
long cock into her. Connie grabbed a handful of Rita's dark hair and pulled
her back as she started pumping into her pussy.

Connie loved the sight of Rita's ass as the dildo drove in and out of her
wetness in the dim lite room. The moans almost coincided with the ones in the
movie as Rita moaned and screamed in pleasure. Rita looked back at the erotic
sight of the beautiful Connie's big tits bouncing, as she held Rita's hips
and rammed into her. It was so good to have the best of both worlds, a
gorgeous pair of tits to play with, plus a cock inside her, a fake one, but
one that was still getting her off nonetheless.

Connie slapped her on the ass as Rita felt her orgasm on its way. Connie
pulled Rita's hair harder, and increased her speed at fucking the hot woman.
In and out, in and out, in and out! Rita pushed her ass back and released her
orgasm as all 8 inches of Connie's cock got buried to the hilt in her. Rita
collapsed on the floor with her orgasm, as Connie admired the shiny juices on
her new toy. Rita turned around in time to see Connie had removed the toy and
was licking it clean from Rita's juices.

Rita smiled and French kissed Connie, getting a small taste of her own love
juice. They then started getting dressed, Connie grabbed her brassiere strung
over the TV. Rita realized quickly how much her slacks stick to her crotch
when she doesn't wear panties. The two walked out holding hands as the front
counter man gave them a strange smile, one that said he knew something they

"Thank you ladies come again."

Rita unfortunately had to work, back at the Precinct. Rita was working hard
on a murder case, on Thirteenth Street as usual, and it occurred in broad
daylight. As Rita talked with witnesses and followed up on leads, she found
herself getting distracted. It was still hard to believe she was sleeping
with her police partner, not to mention a female one. What was distracting
her was how much she already missed the beautiful Connie. Still she was a
good cop, and did well to keep her mind on her work, despite her thoughts
drifting back to Connie here and there.

Connie was at home doing laundry, she was lounging around the house in just
a black bra and panties. She got a call on her cellphone, she answered it and
heard Madam Sonja's voice on the other end.

"Madam Sonja wants you to come and visit her Connie."

"I'll be right there!"

Connie hung up the phone and got dressed. She put on a black long sleeve
shirt and tan slacks. She decided on her black stiletto high heels instead
of the somewhat more conservative ones she usually wore to work. She was
incredibly aroused as she usually got whenever she heard the words Madam
Sonja. Still, she took the time to fix her makeup just right. Connie was
still a hot woman with no makeup, she would look good in a gunny sack, but
she believed in taking the time to look good. She liked her look in the
mirror, as she finished her red lipstick.

Taking the subway she arrived at Madam Sonya's a short time later. Connie
made her way inside. To her shock she saw two black men standing in front of
Madam Sonja's table. The shock was, she knew these men, Connie and Rita had
busted both of them for dealing drugs at one time. She thought of turning
around and walking out, until this heard the words...

"Madam Sonja wants you to stay and pleasure these men."

Hearing those words Connie stepped up to the table. Madam Sonja opened her
red robe and displayed her naked body. Connie was grabbed and put on her
knees by the guy known as T-Bone, a guy in his late 30's about 6ft 4 and
245lbs. He was dark black and very muscular. As Connie found out, he was
also well endowed as he unzipped his pants and pressed his 12 inches of dark
meat at Connie. Connie sucked the cockhead with her red lips as her tongue
licked his pisshole.

The other man was known as T-Boy. He was barely 18 years old, about 6ft
1 and 180 lbs, a bit scrawny compared to T-Bone, but he also was quite
impressive in cock size, around 9 inches long and 2 and a half inches
thick. He got behind Connie and went under her shirt to feel up her tits.

"Damn this white bitch got some nice titties." said T-Boy.

"Lady pig can suck a good cock too!" added T-Bone.

Connie was naturally offended by all this talk, but her arousal had consumed
her. After hearing the words Madam Sonja, all her body desired was sexual
release. T-boy lifted Connie to her feet but kept her bent over so she could
still suck off T-bone. With her ass pointing in his direction T-Boy unzipped
her slacks and helped her step out of them. He kept her high heels on cause
it made her look slutty in stiletto heels and black panties slightly riding
up her ass as she was bent over.

T-Bone lifted her shirt past her tits so he could feel up her round melons.
He fussed with the front clasp on the bra before giving up and ripping the
black bra off her body. This caused her big boobs with hard pointed nipples
to bounce free. T-Bone started slapping his black cock on her pretty face as
she stuck out her tongue. He was determined to bruise her pretty face with
his black cock, slapping her cheeks, but then changed his mind.

Seeing her big globes hanging down he grabbed them and stuck his cock between
them. He started to titty-fuck her. He watched as his black rod would appear
and disappear in between her awesome cleavage. Connie obidently did as he
asked and licked his knob as it would reappear between her tits. T-Boy was
busy at the other end of Connie's hot bod.

T-Boy had Connie's panties pulled down to her knees and was sliding his
tongue in and out of her pink pussy causing Connie to jump. He slapped her
ass cheeks, loving the way they jiggled as he left red handprints on her
ass. He was ready to fuck the blonde's pussy when T-Bone stopped him.

"No way Boy! I get the bitch's pussy first, I served time cause of this
walking Barbie bimbo. That mean's that blondie here, has got some pay back
coming her way! You can have the ho's mouth for now, she sucks a mean dick!"

With that they turned her around and T-bone leaned back against the desk
where Madam Sonja was masturbating as she watch Connie get fucked. T-Bone
slid it into Connie doggystyle, stretching her tight pussy apart with his
massive tool. T-Boy hardly gave Connie a chance to moan as her mouth was
soon filled with his black cock. Connie found it easier to deep throat him,
but also found it harder to catch her breath, as T-Bone opened her vagina
walls to an extent like they had never been opened before.

"Damn this cop whore is tight, I must be her first black dick! Her pussy
doesn't wanna let go of my shaft!"

Connie had never felt anyone so deep inside her before, the pleasure was
indescribable as he pumped her like a black piston. Soon Connie's pussy
walls got even tighter as she orgasmed, coating his black rod with her
female juices. This caused T-Bone to shoot his load as well.

"Oh fuck yeah, here it come officer McDowell!!! Ahh fucking bitch!!!!!!!!"

He filled her with his cum shooting load after load deep into the blonde.
T-Boy decided he should get some of that tight white pussy too. So he
pulled out of her mouth and laid down on the desk in front of Madam Sonja.
He instructed Connie to get on top of him which she gladly did. Connie was
shocked to see that T-Boy was even thicker than T-Bone! Not quite as long,
but dear God he was thick! Connie started to slowly ride him up and down.
Her pussy was so sore her lips were red and puffy.

"Damn you ain't kiddin!! This bitch is nice and tight, just how I like my
white pussy."

Connie couldn't believe it but she was actually gonna cum again! She
couldn't help it, her pussy had never been stretched so much like this!
Connie released a second orgasm all over T-Boy. T-Boy didn't cum though,
he held back, wanting to keep on boning this blonde as long as he could.
So he kept pounding into her abused tight pussy. Thrusting up into her
as her body was almost limp in exhaustion of the fucking she was receiving.

Madam Sonya had worked three fingers in her own pussy as she was working on
a second orgasm, she loved just watching Connie get it on with these hung
black studs. T-Bone was tired of watching, now that he was hard again he
pushed Connie's body down all the way on T-Boy's rod. Then spiting on
Connie's asshole, he pushed his cock at her ass entrance. It wasn't an easy
access though, he need several attempts before he finally made it in her
tight ass.

Once he was in though he drove his long black cock deep into Connie's ass.
Connie couldn't believe she was giving up her body for double penetration
from two ex-cons she had put away. Plus she was loving what they were doing
to her. It took a while, but soon they established a rhythm and started
driving both cocks into Connie's hole's. Connie was sure that her asshole
was gonna be permanently stretched open with the viscous fucking from
T-Bone's black intruder.

Madam Sonja was cumming again as the sounds of cock's hitting hard on
Connie's ass and pussy echoed throughout the room. T-Boy sucked on Connie's
firm melons biting on the nipples.

"Like that bitch, like my black dick up that tight ass? Huh? Answer me you
cop ho!!!" taunted T-Bone.

"Yes,.... fuck my ass!" insisted Connie.

With one brutal thrust T-Bone had all 12 inches of his black meat in Connie's
ass. This pleasure soon became to much, for all of them! T-Boy shot his cum
into Connie's pussy causing her to clench her body. T-Bone thrust for all he
was worth into Connie's ass. Soon Connie and T-Bone were both cumming. T-Bone
left his cock deep up Connie's ass as he showered her bowels with his hot

For the third time Connie's released an orgasm, this one even more powerful
than the last one. The three laid there several moments, spent in the fucking
they just had. Connie suddenly felt a little embarrassed and grabbed her
clothes and left quickly.

"See I told you guys, you provide me with the drugs I want, and Connie and
Rita are your personal sluts." said Madam Sonja.

"You keep your mind control shit on those bitches so we can have a personal
fuckfest whenever we like, and we'll get you all the drugs you want bitch,"
said T-Bone. The two shook hands, and he slipped her a little bottle of

* * *

Rita got a call from Detective Andy Sipowitz that said he needed her
downtown. She recognized the address given as Detective John Clark's dad's
apartment. She had been dating John Clark here and there, just not recently
since she had hooked up with Connie. Rita was worried that something had
happened to John's dad, since he had a history of alcohol problems.

Upon arriving, her fears were justified, he had apparently shot himself
cleaning his gun. John was bent over holding his dad's hand tears streaming
down his face. It wasn't until the ambulance arrived that John was pulled
away from his dad. Finally seeing Rita John embraced her tightly.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered.

"Stay with me Rita, I need you."

Rita thought of Connie, but decided John needed her bad right now. She looked
at him and gave him a nod.

They talked most of the rest of the day, and into the night, as Rita
comforted her boyfriend. It was getting late around 11 p.m.

"Would you stay the night Rita?" he inquired.

"Sure, just relax, I'll make you feel better."

Rita hugged him and moved off the couch. Rita stood up and slid off her
top, then dropped her slacks. John's eyes grew big seeing Rita wasn't
wearing panties. She was standing there naked except for her heels and her
bra. John was already feeling a little better seeing the hot Spanish woman
almost completely naked in front of him. He pulled off his shirt as Rita
dropped to her knees and pulled off his pants. She kissed his cock through
his underwear, then slid his underwear down. He was already a hard 7 inches
sticking straight up. Rita licked him from the base of his cock to the tip
several times, ever so slowly. Then she took him into her mouth sliding his
rod in and out of her mouth. John leaned forward holding the back of Rita's
hair as she gave him a blowjob like he hadn't had in a very long time.

She started stroking his rod in her hand as she sucked his ball sac. Rita
used her free hand to play with her clit. Her pussy was so very hot, much
like it was this morning. John wanted to return the favor so he put Rita on
the couch and got on his knees and dove into her pussy. He sucked on her
dark cunt lips as he slid a finger inside of her. He licked all around her
clit until his tongue finally found it, and started using it on her hot spot.
Rita lifted a leg high in the air as John really went to town on her lovely
pussy using two fingers now and getting her clit more and more excited. Rita
decided this was a good place to stop him.

"Let's go to your bedroom, OK?"

He nodded and they made there way to his bedroom. Once in there they climbed
in bed. Rita opened her legs and John slid his cock inside her causing Rita
to gasp. John started sliding in and out of her. With her heels off now, he
licked on her red painted toes, then sucked each one of the toes in his
mouth. Rita pushed her ass up meeting his thrust as his toe licking was
something different that was driving her nuts. As his entire shaft drove into
her she reached down and played with her clit. He squeezed her tits still
incased in her white bra, then picked up speed and started slamming into her
like a man possessed. Soon he was already coming, shooting what seemed to be
an endless stream of cum into Rita's wet canal.

Rita hugged him tight, then rolled him over. Luckily he had a quick recovery
time and Rita's hand pumping his shaft got him hard in no time. Rita mounted
him and started to rock back and forth grinding her crotch into his dick and
making him hot all over again. Rita was getting hot herself too, as John
pulled down one of her bra straps and pulled a breast out of her bra cup. He
cupped the tit in his hand squeezing it and rubbing the nipple between his
fingers. Rita was loving the feeling of being on top, it was her favorite
position, at least with a man. Soon her breathing became more heavily as her
orgasm was arriving.

John lifted his head and bite down on Rita's exposed nipple. That was what
all it took, as her body released its orgasm. Her cum sprayed down on John's
balls as John also released his cum into Rita. Rita landed back on top of
John holding him tight, and his cock stayed in her until he got limp and slid
out. Rita got up and fixed her bra. John admired the view of Rita's ass as it
swayed as she left the room. Rita noticed someone had called her on her
cellphone, it was Connie.

"Hmm well whatever it is it can wait until tomorrow hopefully."

She put on her shirt to wear to bed, its length covered only part of her ass,
her pussy was also still partially exposed in the front, but it would have to
do. After going to the bathroom she joined John in bed again. She snuggled up
against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. Rita knew that she'd be
making love with the beautiful Connie again tomorrow, but for right now she
knew that John needed her here. She drifted off to sleep.


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