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Nanny: Nanny Fine And The Sheffield Girls Part 1 (Ffg,Fg-solo,inc,voy)
by BBW Lover

Unknown to Fran and Maggie, little Gracie had been watching them having sex for weeks and had enjoyed what she saw. Gracie was always spying on Fran, Maggie and even her daddy whenever they had sex. Gracie was fascinated by sex and had been masturbating since she was 4. When she was 5 she started using the candles from the dining room chandeliers as dildos. She felt she was ready for sex with another person. And Fran and Maggie were elected.

One night she hatched a plan to seduce Fran and let Maggie catch them. She was never attracted to boys or men, only women. She had played around with one of her girlfriends from school, but she didn't want to go any further than kissing.

After dinner, she was in her room doing her "homework" and called Fran into her room. She told Fran that her teacher wanted them to write an essay about being a grown up. (not true).

She told Fran that she wanted to write about being married and having kids, but she "didn't know where babies came from". She asked Fran to tell her about sex. As Fran was explaining about mommies and daddies, she asked why couldn't there be two mommies? Fran hesitated, but said that it takes a man and a woman to make babies, but that two women can be married and have kids in other ways.

As Fran was explaining about two women being married, Gracie asked Fran if she had ever had sex with a woman. Fran nervously said that she had. Gracie asked if she had ever had sex with a young girl, one her age. Fran felt a spark in her pussy, which was getting wet. Fran asked why she wanted to know. Gracie leaned over and kissed Fran on the lips and gave her tongue. Fran gave Gracie hers. As Fran pushed her off, Gracie confessed she watched her and Maggie fucking yesterday, and it got her horny and that she wanted to become a woman. Fran asked her when she wanted to start. Gracie said NOW!

Gracie pulled her skirt over her head and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her unneeded training bra and tight panties. She liked wearing panties that were too small because she loved the feeling and loved the way her pussy looked in tight panties. And so does Fran.

As they embraced and kissed, they explored each other's bodies. Fran fingered Gracie's pussy thru her panties as Gracie squeezed Fran's left tit. Fran moved her hand inside Gracie's panties and went straight to her clit. Gracie let out a moan and went for Fran's pussy thru her Capri slacks. Breaking the kiss only long enough to strip, Fran then laid down on Gracie's bed and pulled Gracie on top of her. As they continued to kiss and fondle each other the room began to smell of their pussies. Fran rolled Gracie over onto the bed and pulled her panties off of her tiny smooth legs. Gracie instinctively spread her legs and fingered her clit. Fran leaned down and gently kissed her fingers as they diddled her clit. Pushing past Gracie's fingers, Fran kissed and licked Gracie's clit and all around her pussy. Gracie was in heaven. Moaning and pumping her hips as Fran ate her out. Within minutes, Gracie had her first orgasm with another person. She loved her nanny.

As Fran lifted her head from Gracie's pussy, licking her lips, there was a knock at the door and Maggie came in. "Gracie, did you text me to come to you room at.........OH, MY GOD!!!!"

Before Maggie could turn and leave, Gracie said, "Maggie, don't go. Join us. Fran is fantastic!"

"Fran, what are you doing?" Maggie asked.

Fran explained that Gracie wanted to know about sex between women. Gracie said, "Maggie, can I eat your pussy like Fran ate mine?" She hated to admit it, but Maggie was turned on by seeing her baby sister's pussy spread out on her bed, freshly eaten.

Maggie wasted no time ripping her clothes off and jumping into bed with her nanny and baby sister. Gracie dove between Maggie's legs and began to lick her pussy and reached up to play with her nipples. Fran straddled Maggie's face and begged her to eat her out. Maggie gladly obliged. The moans and sounds of wet pussies being eaten filled the air and made them even hornier. Fran was the first to be pushed over the brink and shudder in an intense orgasm. This made Maggie increase her grinding on Gracie's mouth and spasm into a wonderful double orgasm. Gracie, all this time, had been masturbating her pussy with 2, then 3 inserted fingers, and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Orgasm #2 was even better than the first.

They needed to rest and catch their breath, but the proximity of wet pussies was overwhelming. Maggie pushed Gracie down on her back and practically did a swan dive into her pussy. Her tongue frantically slurping up Gracie's clit. Her fingers pumping in and out of her sweet, sweet hole. Gracie pinched the nipples on her flat chest and let out one long moan, nearly a whimper. Fran, wanting to take a break, was sitting on the floor against the wall, watching two beautiful sisters loving each other. Spreading her legs, her hand automatically moved to her crotch and she began to rub her clit and insert 3 fingers into her steaming wet pussy. Seeing Maggie's empty pussy was more than she could stand. Fran, still fingering herself, moved between Maggie's legs and lapped up her clit and tongued her pussy. 20 minutes of ecstasy later, they all had another orgasm and collapsed from sexual exhaustion.

"If I had known you had this in mind young lady, I would have made sure I had my "toys" and my strap-on with me."

"It's not too late Fran", said Maggie.

"Not tonight, dear Maggie. I have to get some sleep and build my strength back up first."

"Aren't daddy and Niles going out of town tomorrow?" asked Gracie.

"Yeah, they are. If you two can make an excuse to stay home, we can make it a great weekend." said Fran.

"You're such a bad influence on us Fran." Said Maggie.

"Don't blame me," exclaimed Fran, "Gracie seduced us both."

"Can Val join us too Fran?" asked Gracie. "I'll bet she eats a great pussy."

"Not as good as my ma." Said Fran.



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