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Nanny: Nanny Fine And The Sheffield Girls Part 2 (MF,Fg,g-solo,FFFFg,inc,oral,toys)
by BBW Lover

A few days later, Fran's mother, Sylvia, was in the kitchen eating a chocolate fudge cake. Not a slice, the whole cake. Niles, as usual, was doing as little work as possible when Gracie came in and sat down next to Sylvia.

"Sylvia, how long have you been eating Fran's pussy?" asked Gracie.

Niles nearly dropped the 300-year-old antique punch bowl he was "washing".

Sylvia, without missing a beat said, "I think she was 5. No, 6. We had just gotten home from visiting family and we caught Fran getting her pussy eaten by her cousin Val. I screamed, pulled Val off my baby, and said, "You're not doing it right. Watch me." I got down between her legs, started licking and got Frannie off in 15 seconds. I told Val to show me what she learned and she took 2 whole minutes to make Frannie cum. I told her to keep practicing until she got it right."

The story made Gracie wet. "Sylvia, will you show me how you ate Nanny Fran out?"

After hearing this conversation, Niles seeing C.C. thru the window in the pantry door, rushed in, picked her up and put her on the counter, took her panties off and dove head first into her cunt. "Niles", she screamed. "Not at work!"

"Do you want me to stop?" asked Niles.


Niles ate, licked and nibbled her pussy until she came 3 times. He then dropped his pants and shoved his 10-inch dick (his estimation) into her wet pussy and pumped until she came 2 more times before he came.

"You naughty boy, now I have to wash and freshen up before seeing Maxwell.

Niles just smiled.

* * *

Sylvia tool little Gracie by the hand and led her up to her room. "Sylvia, can I practice on you too?"

Sylvia quickened her pace and got to Gracie's room in record time. "OK Gracie, first you need to strip and lay down on the bed."

Gracie stripped and laid down and spread her legs, wide. Sylvia stripped and released her giant 58 inch, GGG tits. Climbing between Gracie's legs, Sylvia kissed Gracie on the lips and fucked Gracie with her tongue. Gracie moaned and instinctively reached for Sylvia's tits and pinched her nipples. Sylvia loved the sensation of having her tits and nipples played with. Sylvia broke the kiss on Gracie's lips and kissed her all the way down her chest, stomach, pelvis and finally her pussy mound. Licking around the opening of her hairless pussy, Sylvia found Gracie's clit and licked and nibbled on it, driving Gracie wild and making her moan loudly. Gracie humped and held Sylvia's head pushing it further into her pelvis.
Sylvia inserted 2 fingers into Gracie's pussy and frantically finger fucked her. With her other hand, Sylvia fingered her own pussy and clit. With their climaxes building, they were moaning to a near scream. The did all they could to not shatter the windows when they began to cum. Gracie's legs shook uncontrollably as she came.

When Sylvia finally broke her mouth grip on Gracie's clit, Gracie looked like she was ready for a nap. Slowly opening her eyes, she softly said, "Now I get to show you what I can do, Sylvia."

After switching positions, Gracie lowered herself onto Sylvia's fat pussy and eagerly began to lick her clit and pussy lips. Sylvia was in heaven. She played with her massive tits and nipples, sucking on her nipples occasionally. Gracie reached for a dildo she hid under her bed and inserted it into her tiny wet pussy. With the other end on the floor, she began to hump, fucking herself on the big flesh colored phallus. "Oh, Gracie, you're a fast study. You eat pussy like an expert."

Gracie was too busy cumming to respond.

Sylvia suddenly buckled her hips and had one of the best orgasms she's ever had.

"Fran was right," Gracie said. "You are the best at eating pussy."

Sylvia smiled knowingly.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, Sylvia and Gracie went back downstairs to find Fran and Val sitting at the kitchen table.

"Where have you two been?" asked Fran.

"Just upstairs teaching Gracie a few tricks." Answered Sylvia.

Fran and Val looked at each other and in unison said, "We need to go back upstairs and critique her performance."

"Maybe later, I'm starving." Sylvia answered.

* * *

After supper, Max and C.C. went to his office at the theatre to finish work on the new play, Gracie went to her room to do her homework, Brighton went over to his girlfriend's house to study....... her ass and pussy. Maggie just wanted to relax in her room and listen to her music....and masturbate in peace. Sylvia and Val had invited themselves to supper and were busy plotting the evening's activities.

After Fran helped Niles clear the table she returned to join the others. Sylvia and Val wanted to see just how much Gracie had learned that morning. Fran couldn't wait. They all snuck upstairs and headed straight to Gracie's room. They opened the door and saw that not only was she not doing her homework, she was flat on her back with 3 fingers going in and out of her pussy.

Val walked up to the foot of the bed and crawled between Gracie's legs and took over from her fingers. Gracie looked up at Val's head and smiled. Fran and Sylvia stripped and started to kiss and explore each other's bodies. Val licked Gracie's clit and with one hand inserted 2 fingers, and with the other pinched Gracie's nipples on her flat chest. Fran laid her mother on the floor and got into a 69 position. Val moved her hand from Gracie's nipple to her own pussy and clit. Tongues and fingers worked overtime to bring multiple orgasms to all 4 women.

"Ok Gracie, time to see how much Sylvia taught you," said Val. With that, she laid down on the bed and told Gracie to eat her pussy. Gracie went down on her in record time. First kissing, then licking, then nibbling on Val's clit and pushing her dildo, which she had handy under her pillow, into Val's wet and waiting cunt. Val jumped, not expecting to be dick fucked, but started to hump the dildo, and even helping Gracie push it in and out of her hungry pussy.

Watching this got Fran and Sylvia hot and bothered again and they resumed their 69. Val couldn't believe this young girl was so skilled at eating pussy. After her 4th orgasm, Val pushed Grace away and told her she needed to catch her breath and rest up. Hearing Fran and Sylvia slurping each other's pussies and hearing them cumming didn't help matters. "Take a break you two." Val finally said.

When they came down from their final orgasms, Fran rolled off of her mother and gave her a kiss so they could swap their pussy juices.

There was a knock at the door, they all jumped up, scrambling to put their clothes on. When finally dressed, Fran opened the door to reveal Yetta standing there.

"Where the hell is everybody? I thought the house was sinking and someone called ABANDON SHIP!"

"No Ma." Said Sylvia. "We were just helping Gracie with her homework."

"So, you finally taught her how to eat pussy. Let me see how well you did."

With that, Yetta went to the bed, stripped and laid down spreading her legs. "Ok kid, show me what you got."

Gracie was still horny and want to eat more pussy, anyone's pussy. She got between Yetta's legs and began to lick and eat. "Not bad. She tastes pretty good." Gracie thought to herself.

For the first time in a long while, Yetta felt an orgasm building in her loins. She slowly began to move her hips and hump against Gracie's face. Finding Gracie's dildo, Sylvia pushed it into Gracie's pussy and pumped in and out. Val and Fran fell into the 69 position and fingered each other's pussies.

Yetta's moans grew louder. Her humping growing faster. Her orgasm building. Gracie's own orgasm was also building and she fucked the dildo as fast as her hip would go. Yetta finally released into an Earth shattering orgasm that lasted a full 3 minutes. Gracie soon followed.

Yetta's orgasm was so intense, it caused Val and Fran to stop their 69 and watch Yetta cum. Neither of them had ever seen Yetta cum for that long or with that much intensity. They knew they now had a new fuck buddy.

After Yetta returned to Earth, she said to Gracie, "That was amazing. The tradition lives on. My mother taught me, I taught Sylvia, Sylvia taught Fran and now you have learned how to please women. I need to hang around here more often."

Gracie only heard the last sentence. She was busy with her own orgasm. "Oh, Yetta," Gracie was finally able to get out, "You can cum here whenever you want."


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