Nanny: Nanny's Big Day
by Anonymous

It was a beautiful morning in NY City where nanny Fine worked for the Maxwell
Sheffield taking care of his three children, Maggie the very hot teen
daughter, Brighten the very sneaky teen son and Gracie the youngest daughter.
This day would prove to be different from all the rest. It started when nanny
Fine woke up she looked in the mirror and vowed to herself that today she
would make Maxwell Sheffield hers.

As every morning starts Niles the butler prepares breakfast for the family.
While everyone is sitting down at the table and Niles serving them along
comes down from her room nanny Fine in a low cut bathroom robe. A few minutes
go by and C.C. Babcock, Maxwell assistant who is a hot blonde comes in and
joins them for breakfast. Maggie jumps up and states that she has to go to
school and after meet her boyfriend Michael, Brighten asks her if she could
give him a ride, and Maxwell suggest that Gracie takes the limo to school and
after take it to her doctor appointment.

With all the kids gone for the day and just the adults left C.C. suggest that
her and Maxwell go into his office for some work in a very seductive voice,
so she leaves for the office in the other room of the house. Nanny Fine says
to Mr. Sheffield "I think she wants you if I were you I wouldn't touch that
slut with Niles dick." Then nanny Fine stands up and drops her fork bends
over towards Maxwell so he can see in her bathrobe and see her lucious tits,
after that she goes upstairs to get dressed. Mr. Sheffield is in shock he
just got two proposals in a matter of minutes so he asks Niles what should he
do and Niles being as horny as he always is told him to fuck them both fool.

Niles listens on the intercom and quickly realizes that nothing is going on
in the office with C.C. and Maxwell, so he decides to run upstairs and
hopefully get a glimpse of nanny Fine getting dressed. He approaches her door
very quietly then he notices that her door is slightly open so he positions
himself where he can see in her room. What he sees is nanny Fine standing in
front of her mirror naked rubbing her breast, and moaning Mr. Sheffield's
name. Niles couldn't believe what he was seeing nanny Fine beginning to
masturbate so he decided to watch some more. Nanny Fine was rubbing her tits
and squeezing her nipples, and soon her hand made it down to her pussy where
she was already wet, she had one hand playing with her pink pussy, the other
hand was rubbing her tit and pinching her nipple. Then she started to slip
her finger inside her and felt her hot juices, as she started to get wetter
her finger penetrated her nice little slit faster and faster. Ms. Fine was
getting so hot watching herself in the mirror pretending that Mr. Sheffield's
hands were all over her. She kept playing with her hot pussy and started to
cum all over her fingers. Niles was about to explode in his pants watching he
couldn't stand just watching nanny Fine finger fucking herself. But the moans
started to get louder and louder, nanny Fine was really working her clit, now
she had one hand holding her pussy lips open and the other playing with her
exposed clit. Niles could see she was about to cum so he watched as nanny
she came.

Niles had the biggest hardon in his life and just had to cum. He stated to
walk down the hallway and take a listen in on what going on with C.C. Babcock
and Mr. Sheffield. He could hear C.C. flirting with Maxwell, but then he
heard Maxwell tell C.C. that he'll be right back so just wait in the office
for him. Niles thought to himself this is my chance, so he went downstairs to
the office. He opened the door very slowly and saw C.C was facing the other
way. He quickly shut the lights and walked up right behind CC and stated to
kiss her neck and fondle her big tits. C.C. says, "Is that you Maxwell?"
Niles just grunts and starts to lift up her dress and play with her ass. He
takes off her panties and bends her over the desk. Niles then kneels down and
sticks his face in C.C.'s ass, with his tongue he starts licking her asshole
and playing with her pussy. C.C. is going crazy she is loving every lick so
she pulls off her shirt and bra and rubs her big tits and pinches her
nipples, while Niles is licking her, now he has one finger in her cunt
getting her hotter and wetter than she every had been in her life. She

Niles stands up behind her and he is already hard as a rock puts his big dick
in her pussy, he couldn't believe how easy his cock slipped inside her,
C.C.'s cunt was over flowing with juices. Niles continued to fuck her hard
and fast with his dick slipping in and out of her he decided to play with her
asshole. He just was rubbing the entrance at first then he put his finger in
her ass, C.C. was loving it, so Niles took his dick out of her pussy and
slowly pushed it against her ass and surely the head of his cock went in and
after a couple of seconds his whole dick was in her ass. Niles started
pumping C.C. ass so hard and she was just in ecstasy. Niles felt his cock
starting build up with cum, he couldn't hold back anymore after seeing nanny
Fine fuck herself and feeling C.C. wet pussy around hi cock, now his dick
fucking her tight ass. He took his dick out grabbed C.C. hair and spun her
around and came all over her face and in her mouth, she sucked him dry. C.C.
then looked up and saw Niles standing over her with a big grin on his face,
C.C. screamed "NILES" he just replied "oh did you think I was Mr. Sheffield"
he pulled up his pants and left the room.

By now it was the middle of the afternoon and Maggie had returned home with
her boyfriend Michael and her brother Brighten. Brighten yells out "we're
home," but no one seems to reply. Maggie invites Michael up to her room since
she thinks no one is home.

Brighten tells her "I'm gonna tell dad, cause you are not allowed to have
boys in your room while he's not home."

Maggie replies "If you tell I'm gonna tell what magazines are under your

Maggie and Michael proceed to go up stairs, and Brighten just stands in the
middle of the room pissed. He has an idea, a couple of weeks ago he made a
peephole to spy on his sister and today he is going to use it. He waits a
couple of minutes and runs up to his room, clears out his closet where the
hole is and begins to look in.

Maggie and Michael started to kiss and embrace, Michael let his hand wander
a bit as he felt up Maggie's body. She was getting hot and through his jeans
she began to rub his cock and she can tell he was hard as a rock. Michael
then took off Maggie's blouse and bra and began to suck on her little tits
and work his hand down. Maggie wasn't just laying there enjoying this she
unbuttoned Michael's jeans and put her hand down his pants rubbing his cock.
They both were turned on so they both got undressed and Brighten was watching
it all. Maggie began by taking Michael's dick in her mouth and sucking it,
and getting so wet with her spit all over his dick, then she let her hand
slide up and down the shaft while sucking the head and Michael just couldn't
take so all of a sudden with Maggie's mouth on him and jerking his cock he
let his cum fly. Maggie just continued to suck it and jerk it until she
swallowed all of his cum. Michael looked at her and said, "Lay on the bed,
it's your turn to cum."

She lay down and Michael began working his tongue on her soft body. He began
at her tits and nipples and went down to her natural blonde-haired pussy. He
opens her lips and put in tongue on her clit and started to lick away. Maggie
let out a couple of screams so Michael just licked faster and also put one of
his fingers in her pussy. Working her cunt Michael jerked his own cock again
to get it hard so he can fuck her with it. He was hard and ready to go he lay
on top of her and she grabbed his cock and helped it in her tight little
pussy. He felt all her wetness on his cock as he was deep inside her. He let
his dick slide in and out of her wet hot cunt for a couple of minutes then
Maggie rolled over so she was on top and could ride Michael's dick, she was
fucking him, going up and down on him until she felt his cock in right spot
and could cum all over it meat. But then nanny Fine walked into Brighten room
and noticed he was on all fours looking in his closet. Nanny Fine goes up to
him and taps him on the shoulder, he jumps up and says "Ms. Fine what's up?"

She notices the bulge in his pants and says "I know what's up with you, what
are you doing there let me see." Nanny Fine went down on all fours to see and
looked in the peephole and saw Maggie riding Michael's big dick. Michael told
Maggie he was going to cum again and she kept on fucking him faster and
harder so he just exploded with cum in her hot juicy cunt. Brighten watched
nanny Fine's mini skirt ride up to expose her panties as she watched Maggie
and Michael.

Nanny Fine was turned on and her pussy juices were flowing. She turned around
still on all fours to see Brighten's cock staring her on the face. She
hesitated for a second and thought to herself well it is a Sheffield cock,
so she started to suck on it. First she sucked on just the head a slowly got
his whole cock in her mouth. Her mouth was licking the shaft and sucking on
his balls. He was fucking her face nice and slow so he could last but her
mouth deep throating him was making him want to cum. Brighten couldn't
believe it his fantasy of having sex with the nanny was coming true. Nanny
Fine continued to suck on Brighten's dick, she also began playing with
herself rubbing her pussy over her panties. Brighten's eyes were wide open as
he watched the nanny suck on his cock and play with her pussy, but he wants
to stick his dick in her pussy, so he rolls the nanny over so she laying on
her back and he sees her panties and he knows what is behind them, a hot
fucking pussy. Nanny Fine tells him "just move my panties over a slip your
dick in my pussy" He starts to move them over and he gets a weird feeling in
his cock and then he spews his cum all over nanny Fine's panties. Nanny Fine
gets up and takes off her cum drenched panties and throws them at Brighten
and storms out of the room. Brighten thought to himself that was the

Meanwhile Mr. Sheffield was working in his office alone. Nanny Fine goes into
the office and as usual sits on the corner of the desk with her mini skirt
and low cut top on. Mr. Sheffield notices her skirt is riding up her thigh
and that she has no underwear on. He point this out to Ms. Fine and she jumps
up and says "its all Brightens fault."

Mr. Sheffield confused asks what she is talking about, nanny Fine says
nothing and simply raises her skirt and asks Mr. Sheffield "do you like what
you see?"

Shocked by her actions and not knowing what to do or say he just sits back in
his chair speechless and motionless. Ms. Fine trying to be quick witted just
gets down on her knees and pulls off Maxwell's pants, and says, "You saw mine
now I have to see yours."

She began to suck on his cock and because he was shock his dick was still
soft. Ms. Fine told him "don't worry I know how to get you nice and hard
with my tongue."

She started to just lick his balls and rub his dick with her hand and then
her mouth moved to the shaft of his dick still just licking it and slowly
licked the head. In one motion she took all of his cock in her mouth and she
kept sucking. Nanny Fine would bring her mouth to the head of his dick and
then all the way down to the base and after a few times of that his cock was
big and hard, and wet with her spit so she began to let her hand slide up and
down his shaft while sucking on the head. Mr. Sheffield never felt a blowjob
like this before and his cock was getting ready to cum. He screamed out

And she wanted to taste his hot sticky cum so sucked his dick faster and
faster and harder and then it happened he let his cock shoot all of its load
and nanny Fine just kept on sucking and trying to swallow it all but some of
it dripped out of her mouth down his cock. Ms. Fine looks up Mr. Sheffield
and says, "I don't want to sound like a nag, but what about me?"

So Maxwell puts on the desk and starts to lick her inner thigh working his
way to her juicy pussy. Nanny Fine is in total ecstasy as her long time boss
is playing with her clit with his tongue. Mr. Sheffield stops for a second
and says "don't worry I know how to get you nice and wet with my tongue."

He continued to lick her and now he put his finger in her hole as his tongue
worked her clit. His tongue was sucking her pussy lips and now he had two
fingers in her cunt and Ms. Fine was screaming that she was going to cum so
Maxwell did his little trick where he nibbles with his teeth on her clit all
while his fingers are deep inside her pussy and he's doing fast and all of a
sudden Ms. Fine lets out a big moan and Maxwell's fingers get soaked and his
mouth is now full of her pussy juice. With both of them cumming they look
at each other and embrace. anny Fine notices that Maxwell's cock is hard
again, so she throws him back on the chair and gets on top of him. He puts
his dick in her pussy and she begins to fuck him nice and slow. Now with his
cock all wet from her cum she begins to go faster as her pussy rides his dick
going up and down. Nanny Fine loves being on top with a big dick all in her

With his dick still in her pussy Maxwell grabs her and puts her on the desk
and starts to fuck her little slit with his big hard dick. As his dick is
gliding in and out of her wet cunt he can't believe that finally he's fucking
this hot nanny. That just makes him want to fuck her faster and harder, so he
really begins to pump his cock in her pussy and Ms. Fine is loving every inch
of him in her hot pussy. Maxwell's cock is getting that feeling where is cum
is building up so he buries all of his cock inside her and blows a huge load
of hot cum inside her slit.

Niles listening in on the kitchen intercom just is relived that finally those
two fucked!

The End


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