Nanny: The Erotic Adventures Of The Nanny Part 1: Discoveries (no sex)
by Martin4life

"What's wrong with me?" Fran Fine thought as she inspected herself in the

"Ain't I sexy or attractive anymore?"

Fran was both sexy and attractive, her face was a vision of beauty with full
plumb lips she always kept fire engine red, her hair was black as ebony and
silky smooth and shoulder long. But her best features and her most sexy
features were her breasts and her ass. Her breasts were the most magnificent
38D cones, full and firm, and she was proud of the fact that she did not need
a bra to keep them up, she only wore a bra when she absolutely had to. Her
ass was the most perfectly shaped peaches firm and round and always showed
off nicely in the tight outfits she wore.

Fran was beginning to doubt her attractiveness since she had started to work
for Maxwell Sheffield a couple of years ago, even more so after they had
taken a trip to Paris together, they had found each other there and they
kissed and held hands, but nothing more. Mr. Sheffield had even told her that
he loved her but then taken it back.

"Boy am I horny" she thought. "It's been a while since the last time, and Val
is out of town..."

Val was Fran's best friend and secretly a Lesbian. Fran was more into men but
Val had satisfied her more than once when the urges had been too much. She
remembered when Val had told her that she was gay, they were both seniors in
High School and they had talked about dating when Val said "I'm not really
into boys" Fran was stunned but not really surprised since Val never dated.

Fran had never thought about being with other women before Val's
announcement, but she had started to wonder and a week after Val had told
her. Fran asked Val how it was like to have sex with a woman?

Val had replied "I think it's ten times better than with a man."

"How do you know?" Fran asked, she had always assumed that Val was a virgin,
the last 16-year-old virgin in Flushing.

"Well, I let Robert Zmeck fuck me under the bleachers one day in the ninth
grade." Val replied.

Fran could not believe it, when they were freshmen Robert Zmeck was the
Senior Class president and captain of the football team, and Fran had been
dying to date him.

"How did you get him to do that?" she asked.

"Well, I didn't really mean for it to happen, but he caught me sneaking into
the boy's locker room after their practice and he said he was going to punish
me. I said I would do anything if he did not turn me in."

"And did you?"

"Well, I didn't do anything, he jumped me and then he started to tear my
clothes off and then he took me under the bleachers."

Fran was shocked by Val's story, but also incredibly turned on, she had
wondered how two women could have sex. So she had asked Val how she had sex
with another woman and then Val showed her.

Fran realized that she was touching her clit while she thought of her first
time with Val and she was starting to get wet. "Damn I'm horny she thought.
I have to do something about it right now."

Fran went to her room and changed from the tight slacks she had worn, partly
because they were soaked at the crotch, (Fran had always been very wet when
horny) and partly because she had a plan.

She shimmied out of her black silk G-string and then proceeded to put on a
tight white mini skirt, the one Mr. Sheffield once had called her belt. She
knew that he always stared at her all when she had that on and had enjoyed
bending over in front of him so he could see her ass and underwear.

She knew he looked but she had never seen any "physical" reaction, and that
was one of the reasons she had begun to doubt her attractiveness. Niles, the
only other man in the house didn't look at her when she did it, or if he did
he was very good at covering it up. "Maybe Niles is gay," she thought "Oh my
God, what if Niles and Mr. Sheffield were..." no that thought was too
repulsive, but it would explain a lot.

Fran went downstairs again while checking that the kids were all out, she was
alone in the house with Mr. Sheffield and maybe Niles but she was not sure
where he was.

Maxwell was sitting in his office working when Fran walked in, he could not
help staring at the tight outfit she was wearing.

"I just need the dictionary Fran said.

"What to look up the word WORK!" He said with a smile.

"Ha, ha very funny," she said, and then bent down to get the dictionary off
the bottom shelf.

As she bend over she knew that she was exposing her nude pussy to him and she
knew that he couldn't miss seeing her black-hairy cunt. She hesitated before
getting the book to ensure that he had a good look, she then turned to face
the stunned Maxwell.

"Y-y-you forgot something when you got dressed Miss Fine." he stuttered.

"What is that Mr. Sheffield?" she said as she sat down on the chair across
from him. She felt his eyes looking down at her crotch, and she was getting
wet by the prospect of getting him turned on.

"You didn't put on any ahhh.. Well, I mean I can see your.... Pu.. ehh
womanhood, Miss Fine."

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize!" she said and then got up, "you must really
be angry at me she said, thank God the children weren't home to see it!"

Mr. Sheffield got up and said, "It's all right Miss. Fine it could happen to
any one..."

Fran noticed that he didn't have an erection, She started to cry and said,
"Well that's really a complement on my appearance..." and pointed to Maxwell
Sheffield's crotch.

"Well, that's not because you are not a sexy woman, God no. But I haven't had
an erection since my wife died."

"I'm sorry I did not know." Fran said.

"No, that's all right, one of the reasons I that I employed in the first
place, was I hoped that your sexy body would one day awaken something in me."

"Well, I hope I can help you." Fran said in a small voice, and left the
embarrassed Maxwell. She went back upstairs to her room very depressed.

"That certainly explains a whole lot. If I could only get him to react and
then I'd be home free."

Fran changed from the mini skirt to a longer black and white skirt and then
put on a pair of red silk panties. As she pulled up her panties she heard
Maggie come home.

"Damn," she thought "I don't have time to do myself now..."

The End


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