Nanny: The Erotic Adventures Of The Nanny Part 2: To Boldly Go Where No Man (Or Woman Has Gone Before) (FF)
by Martin4Life

"Hello Maggie!"

"Yeah, Yeah." Maggie said and went into her room.

"Well, that's odd." Fran thought. "I better find out what is wrong."

Fran knocked on the young girls door, then went in to find Maggie sitting on her bed.

Maggie was a beautiful 18-year-old blonde, Maxwell's oldest child and Fran's close friend.

"What is it honey?" Fran asked.

"I can't tell you." Maggie said.

"Hey haven't we always been able to talk about everything before, so come on." Fran said, smiling at the young woman.

"Well, okay, today in school we talked about Homosexuality and when I asked about how two women could do it together, everybody in my class laughed at me."

"Don't worry about it, they probably don't know either."

"In the break the other girls started to ask if I was still a virgin and then started to tease me when I didn't answer them."

"It's okay to be a virgin, are you a virgin Maggie aren't you?"

"Well, that depends." The young girl responded.

"On what?"

"I know you told me about sex, and it was great. You even told me about oral sex which nobody else would tell me."


"Well, I wondered; am I still a virgin if I've had oral sex?"

Fran was shocked, and said. "First of all, yes you are, and second of all when did you have oral sex?"

"Well, one night some time ago, Johnny asked me to "Blow" him, but I didn't know what he meant, then he said I want you to suck my cock and then I realized what he was talking about. Since I like Johnny very much I felt that I had to do it, but it was a strange experience. I had just gotten his cock, ehh.. Sorry penis into my mouth when he came all over my face. Oh Fran it was disgusting and he just left me to clean up the mess."

"Honey, look at me." Fran touched the young girls chin, and guided her eyes to meet hers. "There is noting wrong with...well blowing a man if YOU want to, but don't feel that you have to if you don't want to. Don't do anything you don't want to okay?"

"Yes, Fran, and thank you for not being angry."

"The first blowjob is an important event in a young woman's life. The only thing that is probably more important is the first time you have sex." She said, trying to make the younger woman understand.

"Well, that hasn't happened yet, I don't want to with Johnny since he just left without doing anything for me."

"Well, some men are really insensitive, that's why some women prefer other women."

"You mean Lesbians?"

"Well, them too. Listen sex or love is supposed to be a beautiful thing shared by two people."

"Yes, I know, a man and a woman."

"Not necessarily, sex between two women can be even better since women know what feels good to their bodies and they are more in tune with each other's needs sometimes."

"But I still don't see how women can have sex with each other?" The young woman looked trustingly up at Fran.

"It's quite simple!" Fran said and then leaned over to give Maggie a passionate kiss on the mouth.

Maggie was stunned - but Fran said "Ssssh, don't say anything yet okay?"

Fran's hand lowered to Maggie's breasts and she started to touch the young woman's budding breasts. They were larger than she'd initially thought and the feel of Maggie's pert boobs made her inwardly excited.

"I'm gonna show you the pleasures two women can experience together, okay sweetie?" Fran asked looking deeply into the younger woman's eyes, questioningly.

Maggie said nothing, but she started to breathe faster, she was obviously enjoying Fran's hands on her breasts.

Fran started to open Maggie's white silk shirt exposing a white cotton bra, Maggie suddenly said "Yes, oh yes Fran."

Fran was encouraged to keep on working, and she removed Maggie's shirt and then opened the young woman's bra.

Fran gasped as two perfect teenage breasts appeared and started to massage Maggie's nipples which immediately turned hard, "has any boy ever done this for you?" Fran asked in a husky voice.

"No, I wouldn't let them because I know that it would leads to sex."

Fran began to lick Maggie's right nipple and then put it in her mouth. Maggie moaned with pleasure and Fran started to lick and fondle both nipples alternately.

"Oh no..." Maggie said "I think I have peed in my pants, I'm all wet."

"That's all right honey, it's a natural reaction when women become aroused, your pussy gets wet to make the sex act easier to perform."

Maggie was turned even more by Fran's obscene words, "Is your 'pussy" also wet Fran?"

"Oh yes honey, here feel it" Fran took Maggie's hand and put it on her hot, wet loins.

"Oh wow, I can feel it all the way through the skirt!"

"Do you ever masturbate Maggie?"

"No, am I supposed to?" she asked, looking at the older woman questioningly.

"Yes, it is a normal part of your sexual awakening."

"Let me show you how." Fran started to grab Maggie's crotch when Maggie
moaned out in pleasure, "Oh yes Fran, I love you, YES!"

"I love you too sweetie," she said while she felt the teenagers hot mound with one hand and with the other she was unbuttoning Maggie's jeans.

Maggie and Fran again met in a deep passionate kiss, and to Fran's surprise Maggie was the first to thrust her tongue the mouth. "Well, she has certainly tried that before!" Fran thought to herself as she continued to remove Maggie's jeans.

Naked to Fran's view she surveyed the shapely curves of the teenage girl, her firm if not fully shaped butt and wet cunt covered by a pair of white cotton panties. Fran rubbed her trembling hands against Maggie's thighs before she removed her soaked panties.

Maggie's cunt was covered with a thin layer of downy blonde hair, but it didn't cover her virgin pussy.

Fran slowly licked her fingers to the taste the young girl's juices savoring the flavor, it had been too long, it was just too much for her, "I can't do this." she said.

"Yes, oh please yes, you can't stop now!"

"I meant I can't do this while I'm fully dressed." Fran said giggling her Fran giggle.

"Oh thank God, I thought you were gonna stop or something." Maggie gasped.

"No way honey, I'm so horny, and I haven't fucked anybody for so long... let me show you how to help me..."

Fran took Maggie's hands and put them on her own breasts, "Now remember what I did, you do it to me now."

Maggie started to touch Fran's breasts when she realized that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Oh wow" Maggie gasped as she massaged Fran's voluptuous breasts and started to kiss them on the outside of Fran's shirt.

"Oh yes, yes Maggie! Honey take off my shirt, quickly before I explode!" Fran moaned clearly en ecstasy.

"Can a person really explode?" Maggie thought and quickly ripped Fran's shirt open to prevent it from happening.

Fran threw her torn shirt away and then grabbed Maggie's head and pushed her face between her huge tits. "Oh yes honey, lick 'em, suck my tits!"

Maggie was turned on by Fran's words and knowing that she was making the older woman aroused by what she was doing to her. She started to massage Fran's huge mounds, she sucked on the nipple and was pleased that they became hard the instant she put her tongue on them "I must be really good at this." she thought.

Fran's mind was roaring in ecstasy and she though "Why haven't I done this before? I could have taught her all that I know." Fran moved her shapely ass so she could slide the black and white skirt up to reveal her hot throbbing cunt.

"Take my panties off Maggie," she whispered when she bent down to kiss the young girl who was busy with her breasts.

Maggie slid down to her knees before Fran and then grabbed Fran's red panties and pulled them down. "Wow, you *are* really wet," she said as she felt Fran's juices all the way down her thighs as she took off her panties.

"Get up Maggie, please." Fran said and the two women stood naked in front of each other, Fran's full adult body pressed against Maggie's younger body as they embraced in a passionate and deep kiss.

"I want to eat your pussy, right now! Don't worry I will be careful when I take your cherry honey." Maggie couldn't wait for Fran to take her "cherry" and she willingly got down on the floor and waited for Fran.

Fran got on her knees and started to move up Maggie's legs. As Fran moved up her body, Maggie could feel Fran's huge tits touch her hot skin and she moaned with delight.

Fran spread Maggie's legs and then slowly started to lick at her clit, a shiver went through Maggie when she felt Fran's tongue in her pussy for the first time and seconds later she her whole body tensed up in an enormous orgasm, which had Maggie seeing, stars.

After a few moments when the young girl had a chance to catch her breath, Fran said, "Well, I guess that was good!"

"That was fantastic, I have never experienced anything like that before, but what was it?" Maggie said breathlessly.

"It's simple, you came." Fran said as she licked the pussy juice off her chin and fingers. "But it is not over yet honey."

"It's not?" Maggie said with excitement, she had never felt that good and she wanted to feel that way again.

"No honey, you are still a virgin, but I'm gonna take care of that. It might hurt a little bit but it will soon feel better, and I'll be gentle I promise."

"I know you will Fran, I love you."

Fran started to lick her fingers and then gently started to touch Maggie's labia, Maggie felt a jolt of excitement at what Fran was about to do.

Fran gently pressed first one, then two and finally three fingers into Maggie's tight young cunt. "Mmmm, you are really tight, you will make some young man very happy one day."

Fran started to slide her fingers up Maggie's wet cunt until she reached the young woman's hymen, " Now brace your self Maggie honey." She said and then popped her cherry.

Maggie jumped with a mixture of surprise and pain. "How in the world can this be both painful and pleasurable at the same time?" Maggie thought but an instant later it was just pure pleasure, the pain quickly forgotten.

"Oh yes, oh yes Fuck me Fran!" spurred on by Maggie's words started to finger fuck the young cunt faster and faster while licking Maggie's small by hard clit.

Fran knew what she was doing and after three or four minutes of expert finger fucking Maggie bucked wildly and came with an even bigger orgasm than the first time.

Maggie lay motionless on the carpet for a few minutes after coming down from her lovers handy work. "Oh wow, that was absolutely incredible Fran." She whispered between dry lips.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" Fran was still incredibly horny having watched Maggie receive her first real fuck by another. She decided that Maggie might helper her as she had helped Maggie.

"Maggie sweetie? I want you to fuck me now, okay?"

Maggie looked up "Oh yes Fran, I want you so badly, I want to eat your pussy and fuck you like you fucked me I want to taste your cum on my face."

Fran needed no more excuses as she sat down over Maggie's face and said in a passionate voice. "Lick me hard, do my honey, do me please!"

Maggie's inexperienced tongue started to flick Fran's black pussy and Maggie soon found that she liked the taste of Fran's pussy and she also learned that the clit was the most sensitive part of Fran's pussy, her juices flowed even more freely when she sucked on it.

"Maggie, use your fingers on my pussy, please."

Maggie immediately darted her fingers into Fran's hairy mound she slid three fingers inside her like Fran had done to her.

"Oh honey use four, I'm older and more experienced I can take it," Maggie complied and started to finger fuck Fran with four fingers.

Soon Fran's hips began to buck to meet the thrusts of Maggie's hands "I must remember that next time." Maggie thought.

"Yes, Yes lick my cunt while you fuck me Maggie!" Fran said in gasps of lust.

Maggie bent down and started to taste Fran's juices and lick her clit. The combination of fingers and tongue was too much for the horny and sex starved Fran and she soon tensed up and squeezed Maggie's face deeper into her crotch as she screamed "OOOOOH Yes, I'm gonna CUM!!"

After the orgasm had sent shivers through her body Fran's perfect body she lay on the floor with the younger Maggie on top of her both exhausted and dripping in cunt juice.

"Oh you were great Maggie, I needed that Thank you Honey!"

"It was my pleasure, believe me. But Fran does this mean that I am a lesbian now?"

"Not necessarily, many women are into both men and women and their sex lives are more varied since they have more options open to them. I enjoy women but I would not survive without a cock in me some times." She smile at Maggie's wide eyes as she said that.

"Oh!" Maggie said.

Fran got up and gathered her clothes "You better shower and change before your father sees you, he wouldn't understand."

"I won't tell him if you won't," she said as Fran left her room to go back to her own.

The End


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