Nanny: The Erotic Adventures Of The Nanny Part 3: What I Won't Do For This Job! (mF)
by Martin4Life

For the next few days Fran was relaxed because her needs were satisfied by
Maggie's first time. But the incident had not yet repeated itself.

Firstly because Fran did not want Maggie to be her lover, but rather find
herself a nice boy (or girl) her own age and secondly because they had not
been alone in the house since.

They had talked about the incident and Maggie understood that it was not
something Fran normally did with people she worked for. She had not asked
Fran if she would do it with her again, maybe because she was still too shy
to ask her about anything even after they had had sex on her own bedroom

Fran had wondered if Mr. Sheffield had heard their lustful screams, but she
was fairly sure that he had not since he did not indicate anything towards


This morning was pure heaven, the kids were all of to school, Mr. Sheffield
was out all day casting for his next production and Niles had been gone for
two hours doing the shopping.

Fran sprawled on the couch while she watched "the Bald and the Eagle" her
favorite soap. "Boy that Dallas Dakota sure was hot, bulging muscles and
probably a huge cock," Fran thought as she looked on. "I'm horny again and
there's nobody home to help me, so I guess I'll have to dust off ol' Big
Max." She smiled to herself.

Big Max was her dildo, 10 inches of highly polished chrome with four levels,
She also had a little Max, which was an 8 inch plastic dildo that she used
to ass fuck herself. "Hey maybe I could introduce Maggie to little and Big
Max sometime, I'm sure she would love to take it up the ass like I do."

But before she could leave the couch Niles entered by the front door with two
hands full of groceries.

"Oh shit there goes by session with the Max brothers!" Fran thought as she
helped Niles to carry the groceries to the kitchen.

"When are the kids due back?" Niles asked.

"Not for at least five hours, and Mr. Sheffield is gone all day." Fran

"Thank God, then we have a chance to relax." Niles said while putting the
groceries away."

"By the way Fran, I have been meaning to speak to you about something for a
few days now."

"Yes, Niles, what is it?" Fran said without the faintest idea of what Niles
had to say."

"It's about the stain."

"I can explain!" Fran quickly said, "You see I didn't know that nail polish
remover would remove the color as well..."

"Well, that's not the stain I was talking about."

"Eh?" Fran just said trying to buy some time.

"No, this stain was in Maggie's room."

"So why are you talking to me about it, go yell at Maggie when she comes

"Well, that wouldn't be fair, since you were responsible for the stain on the
carpet. Let me explain; three days ago I found a stain on Maggie's carpet and
I could not figure out what it was, until I remembered what had happened four
days ago, when Maggie came home from School."

"Shit!" Fran thought, "Niles knows about me giving sex lessons to Maggie on
the flo...hold on that's what the stain is. Why didn't I think of it?"

"Yes, you see when I bent down to try to remove it I was met with the
distinct smell of pussy, and it was not unlike the smell I find in your room
after you have been using Big Max."

"Damn, he knows about that too." Fran thought.

"I know what you were up to with Maggie, in her bedroom four days ago."

"Play dumb," she thought. "What do you mean Niles?" She asked.

"Come now, I saw you fucking Maggie on the floor, I saw how you licked her
tight little cunt and then she licked your pussy until you came. I saw it

She was shocked but also strangely turned on by the use of those dirty words
by the otherwise proper English butler.

"Please don't tell Mr. Sheffield, he'll fire me and I would have to move back
to Flushing. I'll do anything you ask, just please don't turn me in Niles."

"Anything?" Niles said.

"Oh oh, what did I just say?" Fran thought.

"Yes, anything..." Fran said thinking, "Well I said it and now I must do what
he wants."

"Then get down on your knees and prepare to be punished. Close your eyes too,
I don't want you to be prepared for what I will do to you."

Fran got down on her knees. "What does he have in mind." she wondered.

Suddenly Niles thrusts her erect cock into Fran's full-lipped mouth, Fran was
initially surprised by the act but was afraid it do anything to stop him.

Niles started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. "Suck me Fran, you
little slut!" Fran started to work over Niles' erection while she tried to

"Well, that cleared up any suspicions about Niles' sexual tendencies. He is
quite huge and I'm horny as hell, this might work out great after all."

Fran began to fondle Niles' balls and soon she sucked them into her mouth

"Yes, Fran you little cock sucker!" and with that he exploded all over Fran's
face and splattered the front of her blouse. Then in a ragged voice Niles
demanded, "Clean by dick with your tongue."

Fran happily complied, which made her even hornier and because she had always
loved the taste of sperm. She licked his cock clean and then licked all her
fingers clean one by one. Watching Niles watch her.

"Are you hot Fran? I know you haven't been fucked for sometime."

"Yes, I'm hot, I want your cock in me right now! Will you Niles, please!"

Fran started to jack Niles off and his dick expanded to the occasion once
again. "I see you are ready for my pussy as well." She giggled.

Fran stood up and took off the tight top she was wearing and revealed her
beautiful breasts swaying in a green lace bra.

Niles immediately flipped her right breast out of the cup and started to
suck on her nipple. His actions soon produced the desired effect as the
nipple harden and Fran's pussy got moist.

Fran could not keep her hands off her crotch while Niles sucked and licked
her sensitive tits.

Niles slid Fran's bra off and discovered that her huge tits would stand out
on their own. "Incredible" he said as he stared at them.

"And they feel incredible too.." Fran said as she bent down and took Niles'
cock between her huge tits.

Niles began to move back and fort, humping her tits, she could lick the top
of his cock every time he thrust forward.

"Oh Niles come on my face pleeease, I want to lick your cum off my face, I
want it, I need it!"

With those words Niles could hold back no more and fired his second load of
the day, this time Fran was prepared and she opened her mouth and swallowed
most of his salty seed.

"Boy has *he* have load left, he must here really been really yearning." she

"Fran that was great!" Niles said as he kissed her.

"Are you done?" Fran asked.

"No, no just give me a minute," he said.

"Well, just give me your tongue." Fran replied as she let her pants drop to
the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was gleaming with
cunt juice. She jumped up on the counter and Niles dived in between her
spread legs.

Fran felt the tingle in her pussy as Niles rough tongue worked over her
pussy. "Hmm not the same technique as Maggie, but it more than gets the job

Niles tongue moved up her slit and into her pussy. "Oh yes, yes, yes Niles
suck me." Fran screamed at the top of her lungs, not worrying that anybody
would hear them. Fran looked down and saw that Niles was still fully dressed
but his cock was hard again and sticking out the fly of his trousers. "Take
me hard Niles" she said.

Niles quickly slid up to Fran and inserted his pulsing rod into her cunt, and
soon they were fucking each other's brains out on the kitchen counter.

Fran's hips began to thrust against Niles hips and her juices flowed free,
suddenly Niles withdrew and then threw Fran face first over the kitchen table
and took her from behind.

"Oh Niles Fuck me, Fuck my wet cunt, Oh Yes baby."

Niles increased the speed of his thrusts and Fran again screamed in ecstasy
when she came in a raging orgasm "I'm CUUUUUUUMING Niles, oh yes don't stop
please don't...."

Niles continued to taker while she was bent over the table.

"Sit on me." Niles whispered as he sat on a chair with his huge cock standing
like a column. Fran quickly mounted Niles and began to rock up and down on
his dick while he sucked on her tits.

"Oh wow, this is even better as the cock slipped into her pussy all the way
to the base.

"Yes, Fuck me Niles. Come in my pussy, I want your hot come in my pussy!!"

With that statement Niles squeezed Fran's wonderful tits and shot a huge load
in Fran's pussy, at the same time Fran came in an orgasm unlike any before
and she screamed out her pleasure "OOOOHH Niles...." as her legs locked
around Niles hips and the chair.

Finally, Fran slid off the chair and licked the cum from Niles now shrinking
cock, "That was wonderful Niles. I can't wait for you to punish me again
sometime," Fran said with a glint in her eyes.

"Thank God we can get *these* juices off the floor without leaving a stain."
Fran said and they both laughed out loud.

The End


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