Nanny: Part 4 - Give A Man A Helping Hand (mF)
by Martin4Life

The episode with Niles the day before had left Fran feeling great and her day
was shaping up to be perfect. She had gone shopping while the kids were at
school and found a great deal on some sexy French lingerie and she had also
bought a skimpy bikini for sun bathing.

She was now lying in the back garden getting a tan while she could, she wore
her new bikini, which was black and only covered the most essential parts,
her nipples and her pussy. She did not want to wear it in front of the kids
but she thought that it might get a reaction from Mr. Sheffield.

"Ahh sorry Fran."

Fran looked up and saw Brighton standing in the door with a red face, she
quickly covered her body with a towel. "Brighton, I didn't know you were home
so early."

"No I can see that," he said. "We were let off early because of a fire in the
science lab."

"Brighton, did you start it?"

"No, honestly I was no were near the fire I was in my breast... I mean

"Well that's OK then, your sisters won't be home for at least three hours and
Niles has gone with your father, they are auditioning show-girls."

"Say no more," Brighton winked and the said, "I just gonna go to my room and
relax." And left.

It wasn't until Fran lowered the towel again she could understand why
Brighton's face was so red, it seemed that her bikini top was too small for
her large breasts and one of the nipples had slipped out. "I wonder how long
he stood there, looking at me?"

Fran adjusted the top and then proceeded to sunbathe until she heard rustling
by a window on the first floor, when she turned around she spotted Brighton
looking down at her. "Well what do you know, a peeping Tom" she thought.

She stretched out on the blanket while she contemplated what to do, "He
should be punished, but he is just a normal 16-year-old guy and he can't
help himself," she thought. She was actually flattered that he found her
attractive. "Maybe I should give him something to look at," she thought and
then decided to tease Brighton. She looked around to see if anybody else
was watching and then she reached back and loosened her bikini top, when
she let it fall she heard a faint moan from the first floor.

"That got his attention," she thought. "Lets make him really fry up there,"
and then she started to touch her nipples lightly. She could hear Brighton
pant and she wondered if he was masturbating. Suddenly she was real hot and
horny by that thought. "No that's ridiculous, he's a 16-year-old boy for
Christ sake," but she could feel herself getting wet, she sneaked a hand down
and felt, yes she was wet. "I wonder if he is as well endowed as his father,"
Fran had accidentally walked in on Mr. Sheffield while he was in the shower
one time and saw that he was huge, although she recently found out that he
could not get it up any more. "But I bet Brighton can, in fact I bet he is
jerking off right now," Fran suddenly got up and entered the house. She put
her Bikini top in the pocket of the white shirt she put on and then pulled
a pair of white shorts up over her shapely ass, the shorts were so tight that
they left noting to the imagination and then sneaked upstairs.

She quietly cracked Brighton's door open and se could see him jerking off
with a fury. "Oh well, I taught Maggie I might as well teach Brighton, but
first lets have some fun."

She opened Brighton's door fully and the said out loud, "Brighton, what the
hell are you doing you little pervert. Are you jerking off while looking at

Brighton jumped up and covered his erection. "What! No I wasn't looking at
you I swear."

"Oh, but you were jerking off?"

"No, nanny Fine, I wasn't honestly. Please believe me."

"Well, why weren't you jerking off to the sight of me?"

"What?" Brighton just said.

"Am I not attractive or sexy? Did you not see me exposing my tits and playing
with my hard nipples, or even that I touched my wet pussy? I'm disappointed,
I did it just for you."

"What?!?" Brighton just repeated.

"Yes, I did it for you, I saw you peeking and I took my top off so that you
could get a good look. I know that you jerk-off, everybody does."

"Really, everybody?" Brighton asked with a red face.

"Well, except you apparently, I even touched my pussy, but you did nothing."

"No, I was jerking off. I was just ashamed to tell you. I was afraid that you
would be mad at me." Brighton said quickly.

"That's better, I thought that there might be something wrong with you. And
no Brighton, I'm not mad at you everybody jerks off and those who say they
don't lie."

"E-e-e-even you nanny Fine?" he stammered.

"Yes, even me, I get horny some times and have to do something about it."
Fran answered with a straight face.

"Oh, I'm so glad your are not mad at me, but why are you up here then?"

"Well, I was just gonna let you jack off to me sunbathing, but as I said even
I get horny, so I decide to join you up here." Fran said with a glint in her

"Gulp," was all Brighton could reply.

"You see, just as you are turned on by my naked tits I was turned on by the
thought of you masturbating, and I want to masturbate with you."

"What, really but..." Brighton said.

"No buts, it'll just be our little secret, it is my job to teach you about
life and masturbation is a large part of life, so why not."

"Alright," Brighton said and dropped the pillow he was holding, and he
revealed that he was indeed well hung, although it was not hard Fran could
see that it would be at least 8 inches long when it was hard.

"Wow, you are well developed Brighton," Fran said as she stared at his cock.

"Not as well as you are Nanny Fine," Brighton said and stared at her boobs.

"It's not fair that I can see your cock but you can't see my tits or pussy,"
Fran said and Brighton was visibly shocked to hear Fran use those words.

Fran unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing and revealed her full tits to
Brighton. "Oh my god," Brighton whispered as she dropped the shirt to the

"Uh, I see you like it Brighton," Fran said as she looked at Brighton's cock
which was hardening as they spoke. Fran unbuttoned her shorts and shimmied
out of them, Brighton stared at her as she turned and displayed her shapely
peaches to Brighton and then bent over and took off her bikini bottom.

"Oh my god," Brighton said again as Fran turned and showed her well rounded
naked body to Brighton.

Brighton was fully erect now and ready to explode when Fran said, "Now sit
down and start to jerk that huge cock off while I finger fuck my wet cunt."

"Why are you wet, there is no pool around?" Brighton asked.

"When women get horny, their pussy gets wet so the cock can slide into it
easier," Fran replied as she spread her legs to show Brighton how wet she

Brighton grabbed his hard cock and started to jerk-off while Fran's fingers
pistonned in and out of her hot cunt.

"Oh Brighton you have no idea how horny I am right now, my nipples are hard,
Oh, oh, I'm gonna CUUUUUMMMMM!" she yelled as her body stretched out is an
orgasm. While her body shivered with joy Brighton's dick shot a load onto his

"Wow, that was great nanny Fine," Brighton said while getting his breath

"Call me Fran now. I mean you have seen me have an orgasm in front of you,"
Fran replied while she licked the come off her fingers.

"Why were your nipples hard?" Brighton asked.

"When I touch my breasts they get hard with excitement, do you want to feel?"
Fran asked.

"Oh God Yes," Brighton answered and rushed over to the nude and prone Fran
Fine. "Easy now, let me guide you." Fran said and took Brighton's hands.

"I will only allow you to touch me if you swear not to tell your father about
this, it will be our little secret."

Brighton nodded quickly. "Of course I wont tell, what am I gonna say 'Hey dad
I saw nanny Fine naked and then I jerked off while she finger fucked her wet
hairy pussy.' First of all he would not believe me, I done even believe it,
and secondly he would kill me if I told him such a story."

Fran put Brighton's hands on her tits and said, "Gently massage the nipples
and they will get hard." Brighton started to carefully touch her nipples and
they did indeed start to harden. "MMMMMMM that's real good Brighton, now
lick them and they will get even harder," Fran said and Brighton willingly
complied with the request as he took Fran's hard dark brown nipples in his
mouth. He kept his hands working on her breasts while he sucked her tits,
Fran suddenly noticed that Brighton's cock once again stood erect. "Brighton,
remember when I sat you down last year and told you about sex?" Fran said
while she got hornier and hornier.

"Yeah." Brighton said and then returned to sucking her nipples.

"Well, I told you about sex and masturbation, but I did not tell you about
oral sex," Fran said eyeing his dick.

"Oral sex? Oh you mean a blow job," Brighton said with a smile.

"You know what a blow job is Brighton, have you had one before?" Fran said
while caressing Brighton's tight ass.

"I know what it is but..." Brighton's voice trailed off.

Fran grabbed Brighton by his cock and Brighton shivered, "Have you ever been
touched by a woman?" Fran asked.

"N-n-no" Brighton stammered as Fran started to fondle his balls.

"Well it's about time then. Wow, your balls are ready to burst! They need to
be drained right now." Fran bent down and took Brighton's throbbing cock in
her mouth.

"Oh my god," Brighton whispered.

Fran started to suck Brighton's cock and worked herself into a frenzy.
Brighton was in seventh heaven when he heard, "Oh Brighton shoot your load
right in my mouth, give it to me," Fran said and then continued to suck
Brighton's cock. That statement in combination with the sound of Fran's cock
sucking drove Brighton over the edge and he came in a huge explosion of
sperm. Brighton's knees buckled under him while Fran swallowed Brighton's
hot jiz. She then proceeded to lick the cum off his dick.

"Oh my god, I think I just fainted."

"Well, I guess it was good, huh?" Fran replied.

"Now it's your time to do something for me," Fran said.

Brighton quickly stood up and eagerly said, "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, you are certainly eager to please, I like that. Okay, I just sucked
your cock now you must return the favor. You must learn to lick my pussy."

"Oh fuck yes," Brighton replied and got down on his knees. "I'm ready!"

Fran spread her pussy with her wet fingers and said, "Lick me right here
at this point, it's called the clitoris and is very sensitive." Brighton
cautiously probed Fran's clit with the tip of his tongue, "Don't worry
Brighton you can suck it as hard as you want, the harder the better" Fran
said and Brighton shoved his face into Fran's wet cunt.

"Damn, she tastes good!" Brighton thought as he licked her pussy.

"Brighton you are a natural," Fran said as Brighton's probing tongue brought
to the edge of bliss. "Stick your tongue up my cunt make me come!" Fran
yelled and Brighton drilled his tongue deeper inside her slit.

Suddenly Fran grabs his head and shoves him closer into her pussy and as she
squeezes his head with her thighs she yells out in ecstasy, "OOOOOOHHH
MMMMMMMY GOD" and then she slumps down on the chair she was sitting on.

"Man, you are one great little cunt licker Brighton, you are a natural" she
told him and he beamed with pride. This last exercise had gone unnoticed by
Brighton's teenage cock and it was ready for action again.

"I can see that it is time for the last lesson, it's time that you fucked me
Brighton," Fran said while looking at Brighton's cock. "Hmm teenagers have a
lot of staying power don't they, and thank god for that," she thought as she
went over to the bed with Brighton following right behind her.

"This is great," Brighton claimed as Fran leaned back on the bed and took
Brighton by the cock.

"Now push it up my cunt and then go back and forth." Brighton complied and
after two tries Brighton succeeded in inserting his hard rod into Fran's wet
cunt. "That's right Brighton, now go faster." Brighton turned up the pace
and Fran's hips began to buck back at Brighton's hips and he fucked her even
faster. "Oh yes, fuck my tight cunt Brighton." Brighton enjoyed the whole
experience but soon Fran pulled his cock out of her pussy.

"What the?" Brighton said, but Fran just turned over on her stomach and then
said, "Fuck me from behind with your big dick, give it to me right now."

Brighton was so engrossed by the sight of Fran's wet pussy and round ass. He
started to grab her ass and then he plunged into her hot cunt and started to
fuck her brains out.

"Oh yes, Brighton you are a great fuck, faster harder OOOOOOHHHHHH!" she
screamed as Brighton's cock slid into her with great speed.

Brighton bent over and grabbed Fran's swaying tits and started to fondle her
sensitive nipples, that was the last straw for Fran as she came in a rush of
pussy cum, Fran collapsed on the bed. Brighton kept on pumping into her hot
crotch until Fran got into the mood again. She started to move her ass back
to meet Brighton's cock and she moaned.

"Oh, yes Brighton cum inside me, shoot your hot load up my pussy, I want it
now, don't stop." As if he needed any urging Brighton kept on fucking Fran
from behind and then he suddenly tensed up and shot a gigantic load up Fran's
cunt and collapsed on the floor.

Fran bent over and tongue kissed Brighton until he regained consciousness,
"You are one great fuck Brighton, you will make one young lady very happy,"
Fran said.

"Or one slightly older nanny again," Brighton said with a mischievous look
in his eyes.

"We'll see," Fran said and picked up her clothes. Brighton could see his cum
and Fran's juices flowing from her cunt. "I really need a bath and maybe you
should take a cold shower, too," Fran said and left his room.

"Wow, what a boy," Fran thought, "I'm lucky that nobody saw this. I would
hate to explain this to Mr. Sheffield or maybe..." she thought as she enters
her bathroom.


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