Nanny: Part 5 - What's A Girl To Do (MFF,dom,bond)
by Martin4Life

Fran was in a fine mood the next morning; her mood always got better when she
had fucked somebody.

"Good morning Niles, what a great Saturday morning huh. I feel great." She
says and stretches her body.

"You certainly do," Niles proclaimed.

"Shhh!" Fran said and swatted at him, "It's our secret remember."

"Oh, I remember," Niles said and Fran blushed.

"Well, your sarcastic barbs are gone, your mood have improved too," Fran

"How could it not, after that day I'm not a bitter Englishman anymore. I
don't feel the need to be sarcastic anymore," Niles said.

"Not even to Miss Babcock?" Fran asked.

Niles thought about it for a minute and said, "No, not really I just think
she needs a good fuck to thaw her cunt."

"That's an interesting idea," Fran thought, but was interrupted by Grace.

Grace is the youngest Sheffield, she was a young girl of 13 with budding
breasts, and it had only been four months since she had to by Grace her first
bra. She had wondered then if it wasn't time to give her the "talk" like she
had done with Maggie soon after she had started to work there and she had
also told Brighton about sex approximately two years ago, "But not like
yesterday," she thought.

"Fran would you like to look at my scrap book, I finished it last night,"
Grace asked and they sat down to look in Grace's book.

"Why do you have a picture of Maggie in a dress in there?" Fran asked.

"That's not Maggie, that's my mother at her prom," Grace said.

"Wow, Maggie looks just like her. If we just do something to her hair,"
Fran said. "This might be the answer." Fran thought.

"This is a great book Grace," Fran said.

"Thank you," Grace replied and then went upstairs with her book.

Fran turned to Niles, "Do you have a tape recorder Niles?"

"Of course I do, how do you think I get my raise," Niles said with a wink of
the eye.

* * *

Fran enters Mr. Sheffield's office.

"Hello, Miss Fine," Mr. Sheffield says.

"Hello, Mr. Sheffield, Miss Babcock is on the phone," Fran says.

"Hello C.C., how are you?" Mr. Sheffield says as he picks up the phone.

"She's not there," he says.

"Oh, well, you might have been cut off," Fran answered. "So how does my new
dress look," Fran says and turns around showing off the tight outfit she is

"Oh, very nice," he says.

"What, just nice?" She shrieks.

"No, I'm sorry. You look very sexy, especially in that position," he adds as
Fran bends over in front of him showing off her big tits.

Fran produces a little gift for Mr. Sheffield.

"Is that for me?" he asks.

"Of course, just pull the lid up and you will see," she said.

"OK, I'll just pull this up and see what's underneath." Mr. Sheffield opens
the package and finds a gold pen inside. "That just too much I can't take
this," he says.

"Yes you can, its your own. I just found it in the laundry yesterday," Fran

"It's mine, really but I have never seen it before."

"Trust me, its yours."

"Well, if you say so," Mr. Sheffield replies and Fran leaves the room.

* * *

"Well I guess I'm off work tonight since Mr. Sheffield took the kids to his
summer house in the Hamptons for the weekend," Fran thought as she walked
down the stairs.

There is a knock on the door and Fran opens only to find C.C. Babcock
standing on the outside. C.C. is Mr. Sheffield's business associate and has
had the hots for him for years.

"Where is Maxwell?" C.C. asked as she makes her way through the door.

"He's not home right now, but I'm expecting him any minute now," Fran

"Then I'll wait for him in the living room." Fran follows C.C. into the
living room. "What is that contraption?" C.C. says and looks at two iron
bracelets attached to a 2 X 4.

"It's Mr. Sheffield's latest idea, he believes it would make a great addition
to his newest play," Fran says as she moves the object onto the coffee table.
"You attach it to the table by this leather strap," she says and

"Yeah," C.C. say suddenly interested when Fran mentioned Mr. Sheffield.

"Then you lean over, no it's easier to demonstrate than to tell, would you
mind?" Fran asks.

"Oh, for heavens sake," C.C. exclaims and bends over then Fran clamps the
iron bracelets over C.C.'s wrists and tightens it.

"What the hell are you doing?!?" C.C. yells.

"Oh, it's okay. I'll just find the key and let you out again," Fran says and
begins to look around for it.

"Well, you better find it NOW, nanny Fine, or I'll..." C.C. snarls.

Fran stops and says, "Or you'll what?"

"I'll have Maxwell fire your ass!"

"You would like that, wouldn't you? So you want my ass do you?" Fran says
and stands in front of C.C. who is bent over and shackled at the wrists.

Fran turns her back to C.C. and lifts up her skirt to reveal her plump ass
to C.C. "What the hell are you doing?" C.C. says not sure of what is about
to happen.

"I'll be doing you in a minute Mizz Babcock," Fran says and takes of her
skirt. C.C. could not help noticing the perfect curve of Fran Fine's ass but
dismissed the idea.

"Do you want my ass now C.C.?" Fran asks and then proceeds to slowly pull
down her peach colored panties. C.C. suddenly feels her cunt starting to
tingle with the sight of Fran's pussy framed by her beautiful ass.

Then suddenly, "Hello C.C. how are you?" it's Maxwell Sheffield's voice from
behind C.C., she tries to turn around but cannot.

"Hello Miss Fine."

"Hello Max, welcome home," Fran says in a very sexy and sultry voice not
bothering to cover up her exposed pussy.

"You look very sexy, especially in that position," Maxwell says.

"Hot diggety," C.C thinks, he like it.

"I hope it pleases you to see me like this Maxwell," C.C. coos while she
gets a look at a pair of dark pants moving in on her from behind.

"Is that for me?" he asks.

"Oh, Yes, Maxwell it's all for you," she answers in a hopeful voice.

"OK, I'll just pull this up and see what's underneath," the voice says and
C.C. feels a pair of strong hands on her ass pulling up her dress.

"Oh yes, my dream has finally come true," C.C. thinks and she is enormously
turned on.

"That just too much I can't take this," he says.

"Yes you can, take it! Take me! Do what ever you want with me. I'm your love
slave." C.C. says with a desperate voice.

"Well if you say so," the voice says and C.C. feels her panties being pulled
down exposing a clean-shaven pussy which is already wet.

Suddenly she realizes that Fran is still in the room naked from the waist
down, but she does not care anymore.

Fran says, "Max, take me first before you screw this cold bitch."

"No!" C.C. screams but the Fran moves beside C.C. and then rips her dress
open exposing a pair of beautiful mid-sized breasts.

"What you don't wear a bra you slut?" Fran says.

"Never around Maxwell," C.C. says before she realizes it.

Fran sits on the floor and then starts to suck on C.C.'s nipples while a pair
of strong hands works on C.C.'s wet cunt.

"OOOOOHHHHHH" C.C. moans, she did not mean to but it was just too great a

"Oh, the slut likes it, do you want me to continue, cunt?" Fran asked.

"Oh, yes please do," C.C. did not care anymore, she war horny as hell and
hoped that Maxwell would fuck her tonight.

"Say the words," Fran says.

"Please, suck my tits, please, and I want Max to fuck me hard," C.C. pleads.

"Max won't do anything to you until I'm done," Fran says in a hard voice.

"OK, just take me, please," C.C. moaned.

Fran gets up and stands in front of C.C., who can not help herself in
staring at Fran's wet cunt. Then Fran thrusts her crotch into C.C.'s face
and says, "Lick my pussy you little cunt, and you better make come if you
want Maxwell to fuck you," Fran ordered.

"I better make this good," C.C. thought as her tongue worked over Fran's wet
cunt sucking her clit and drilling her tongue up her slit.

"Ohhhhh yeeeees C.C. you are one great little pussy eater," Fran exclaimed.

"Luckily I had a lot of cunt experience in my school days," C.C. thought
while she worked Fran closer to the edge.

"OOOOOOOHHH, I'm gonna cum all over you face," Fran screamed as her juiced
spilled all over C.C.'s face in a huge orgasm.

Fran bent over and started to lick her own juice own juices off C.C.'s face
when C.C. suddenly met Fran's lips in a passionate kiss. "Well you have
certainly come around haven't you?" Fran said and then gave C.C. a deep
French kiss.

"Well, since you made me come, you can have Maxwell now," Fran says and leans
back on the couch fingering herself.

"Oh, Maxwell take me now," C.C. says, but Fran interrupts and says, "You must
first suck his cock."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," C.C. thought as she started to suck on the cock in
front of her face.

She inhaled the nine-inch cock and started to suck him loudly. She hungrily
licked his throbbing head and the proceeded to swallow the whole nine inches.

"Wow, she really does deep throat," Fran exclaimed as Max started to face
fuck C.C. with his balls smacking against C.C.'s chin.

"Oh Maxwell come on my face, I want to taste your hot spunk," when she said
that he came with a violent explosion right in C.C.'s face and she swallows
his salty come.

"That tasted great Maxwell. Now fuck me!" C.C. cried out.

"Okay, if that's what you want," Niles suddenly said.

C.C. looked up and to her horror saw Niles with his hard cock out. "No, I
heard Maxwell," she said in disbelief.

"No, you heard a tape we made," Fran said, "and we want to thank you for your
services," as she spreads her legs.

"You fucking bastards!" C.C. yells.

"Ah, be quiet," Niles said. "You enjoyed it, admit it!"

"Well, I suppose I did, it has been a long time," C.C. said with a small

"I knew it," Niles exclaimed. "But you are not done yet, you begged me to
fuck you, so that's what I'll do," Niles said and move behind C.C.

"No, you can't you bastard, you won't, it's rape," C.C. cried out.

"I can, and I will and Fran heard you beg me to fuck you, so it is not rape,"
Niles says and shoves his hard cock up C.C.'s wet pussy and starts to fuck
her brains out.

At first C.C. screams in anger but then her body starts to move against Niles
cock and she starts to moan, "OHHHHH Niles, you are great, stick your cock
all the way in, harder, faster please."

Niles complies and starts to really fuck C.C.'s brains out. He bends over and
starts to fondle her tits. C.C.'s moans gets louder as C.C. nears her climax.

shivers with an orgasm. C.C. falls to her knees while breathing heavily.

"You are not done yes, since I did not come," Niles said and before C.C.
could object he trusted his cock, slick with come, up C.C.'s ass.

"I told you she was tight assed, but I had no idea it would be so great to

C.C. was bewildered as Niles fucked her up the ass, she had never had a man
in her ass, but she did really like it after the initial pain had gone away.

"Yes, give it to me. Fuck me up the ass Niles!" C.C. screamed as she started
to move her ass back to meet Niles' throbbing cock.

C.C.'s hips gyrate with joy as Niles works her over with a fury as he thrusts
his dick in and out of her tight ass hole while squeezing her hard tits.

As Niles started to lick C.C. up and down the back C.C. really loses it and
screams, "Oh Niles, shoot your hot load up my ass, I want it, I need it. Oh
Yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK

With the urging of C.C. Niles can take no more and lets his load shoot up
C.C.'s tight ass, while C.C. is in the throes of a huge orgasm.

"That, that was incredible. Oh boy, I came like never before," C.C. gasps as
she tries to catch her breath again.

"Well, I suppose you don't have to wear those anymore," Fran says and
releases C.C. and she slumps on the floor.

"So Niles, do you think she has thawed now?" Fran asks as Niles wipes his
slimy cock on C.C.'s skirt.

"No, she is as hot as they come, and it's good to be tight assed now, I love
it," he says and bends over and kisses C.C. for a long time.

"Well, I guess I can forgive you all for this if you promise that we can do
it again some time, but forget the shackles Okay." C.C. says and stands up.

"Oh, by the way, Mr. Sheffield won't be home until Sunday, I'm sorry," Fran

"Who the fuck cares about Maxwell now that I know that the butler does it so
great. Niles why don't you and your "duster" come over and we'll dust all
weekend," she says as she pulls him by the tie.

"Well, if I'm not home by Sunday, Fran, then don't wait up," he says as they

"She certainly came around, didn't she? I never thought she would like it up
the ass, maybe we are more alike than I think... NAAAAAAAH!" Fran thought as
she cleaned up after the little surprise.


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