Nanny: Part 6 - The Plan Unfolds (MF,FF,voy,inc)
by Martin4Life

"Good morning everybody," Fran says as she enters the kitchen.

"Good morning Miss Fine," Niles and Mr. Sheffield says in unison.

"So Niles, I heard that C.C. was here, how was she?"

"She's a tight assed woman," Niles replied with a glint in his eye.

"Niles! I whish you would get along with C.C. Try not to make it hard for

Mr. Sheffield says, "Oh don't worry Sir, she CAME around at the end."

"I need the credit card Mr. Sheffield, I'm going shopping with Maggie and she
has to get her hair done too," Fran says.

"Well, just make sure that her hair doesn't end up looking like your mother,"
Mr. Sheffield says and hands her the platinum card.

"Oh, I guarantee she won't look like MY mother," she says and leaves.

* * *

"Fran, I can't wear that," Maggie says with embarrassment in her voice as
Fran hands her an outfit.

"Yes you can, I bet you will score any guy you want. Don't you want that?"
Fran whispers.

"Well... I really... I mean," Maggie stutters.

"What is it Maggie, you can tell me anything or ask me anything. I mean we
have had sex on your floor," Fran whispered back.

"Okay Fran, I'm not sure I want to be with a boy. I'm not ready," Maggie

"But you had sex with me, are you saying that..." Fran starts.

"NO!" Maggie blurts out. "I'm saying that I'm not ready for boys, you are
so sensitive and soft and I would like..." Maggie says.

"What, to do it with me again?" Fran asks.

"Yes," Maggie answered.

"If you wear this for me, I will show you some new pleasures, OK?" Fran says.

"Sure Fran and yes I'll get it. I just hope that dad doesn't have a cow when
he sees me in this," Maggie says and goes to pay for it.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll approve," Fran thought with a smile on her face.

"By the way Maggie," Fran says as Maggie returns, "I have to go buy a "treat"
for us while you get your hair done, okay?"

"Fine, Fran," Maggie says.

* * *

"Hello Miss Fine, I hope you didn't max out my card," Mr. Sheffield says as
Fran comes back after shopping "Where is Maggie?"

"Oh, she's coming. Where are the others?" Fran asks.

"Well, Grace is sleeping over at a friends house and Brighton has a date and
he went to pick her up early," Mr. Sheffield answers.

"I bet I know what he's showing her. He learned well," she thought.

"Oh, and Niles went to see "Showgirls the uncut version" so he's gone all
night too," Mr. Sheffield said as Maggie entered the house.

"Oh, my God!" Mr. Sheffield exclaimed, "She looks just like her mother."

"Yes, I know," Fran thought and was ready to unveil Maggie.

Maggie opened her coat and revealed a tight white body stocking, an
incredibly short and tight black leather micro skirt and long leg hugging
white boots.

"Oh, My God!" Mr. Sheffield exclaims and Fran notices that the show has an
effect on Mr. Sheffield as he is sporting a semi-erect boner.

"You hate it," Maggie yells and runs up the stairs crying, as she runs up the
stairs Mr. Sheffield has a clear view of her small white G-string.

"Maggie, I'm sorry," he says but she is gone.

"Listen Mr. Sheffield, I better go talk with her, I think its better if you
stay away for a while," Fran says and goes up the stairs.

"Yes, I think you might be right," Mr. Sheffield says while he is busy
looking up Fran's dress but to his disappointment she has a pair of black
panties on and he can see nothing.

* * *

Fran enters Maggie's room and finds Maggie crying. "Oh honey don't cry," she
says and Maggie rushes over and hugs Fran tightly. "It's okay honey, your dad
was not angry he was just surprised," she whispers as she strokes her hair.

"But, but, he..." Maggie sobbed.

"No dear, he liked it I saw his reaction. Just relax."

"I'm sorry I ran away," Maggie sobs.

"It's okay, don't worry about it," Fran says and hugs Maggie tighter.

Maggie stops to cry as she feels the heat of Fran's incredible body and
starts to slide her hands down to Fran's ass.

"Oh, Fran make love to me, please take me, I need you," Maggie whispers as
she starts to fondle Fran's cheeks.

"I guess it can't hurt, and you need to be close," Fran says and kisses
Maggie deeply, Maggie stick her tongue in Fran's mouth and their tongues
start to dance around each other.

Fran's hands slides down and unzips Maggie's skirt and lets it fall to the
floor and Maggie starts to kiss Fran down the neck. Fran slides Maggie's body
stocking off her shoulders and starts to touch Maggie's exposed breasts. Fran
bends over and starts to kiss Maggie's heaving tits, Maggie was now totally
in the hands of her passion and slid her hands down to Fran's skirt and
started to pull it up.

"Oh Fran, your lips are magic," Maggie moans as she starts to slide her hands
up under Fran's skirt. Fran moved down to Maggie's small panties and started
to lick on the outside of the soaked fabric and then started to shove a
finger into her own wet cunt. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, take me now oh fuck yes
eat my pussy," Maggie says and Fran quickly pulls down Maggie's panties. Fran
then starts to lick her sparsely haired cunt as Maggie bends over and pulls
off Fran's top revealing a black silk bra, Maggie flips Fran's tits out of
the cups and starts to fondle her nipples. "I want to lick your cunt first
Fran, let me taste your pussy," Maggie says as she pulls Fran up.

"Oh yes Maggie, lick my cunt," Fran moans and Maggie pulls of Fran's skirt
and panties, she positions herself between Fran's spread legs and started to
lick Fran's pussy juices. "Oh you are great Maggie, you remembered everything
I taught you," Fran moans as she starts to move her hips in conjunction with
Maggie's licking. Maggie slowly inserted her four fingers into Fran's wet and
willing snatch and started to finger fuck her as the thumb massaged Fran's
clit and Fran was in ecstasy. "OOOHHHHHH Yes, OOOOHHHH Yes Maggie do it
hard," Fran screams out and topples over onto the bed.

Maggie climbs onto Fran's body and positioned her own teenage cunt over
Fran's hungry lips and they started to explore each others cunt. Out of the
corner of her eyes Fran saw that the door opened slightly and saw Mr.
Sheffield standing outside looking on in disbelief. Since he did not move
Fran kept on licking his teenage daughters wet cunt, "If this doesn't get
him hard nothing will," she thought.

After a minute Fran says, "Wait a minute Maggie, I have something for us."
Fran gets up and pulls out a dildo with two heads and starts to lick it,
"This is the treat I bought for us. Now you will feel what a man's cock will
feel like inside your cunt," she saw that Mr. Sheffield was shocked by her
words but she also saw his raging hard on and smiled with anticipation of
things to come.

"This will feel so great inside your tight cunt," Fran said so that Mr.
Sheffield would hear it.

She rubbed the tips of the dildo against her wet cunt while she walked over
to Maggie who was looking at the dildo with hungry eyes, "Oh yes Fran put
that inside me," Maggie said and then spread her legs to reveal a soaking
wet teenage cunt.

"Why the hell isn't he barging in. I guess he is repressed even for an
Englishman I guess I'll have to pull him inside, but first Maggie's
pleasure," she though as she started to rub the huge double cock against
Maggie's pussy.

"Yes put in me pleeeeeease," Maggie pleaded and Fran obliged and slowly slid
the huge cock inside Maggie for the first time, "Ohhhhhh that's fucking
great, my cunt loves it, faster, faster."

Fran threw caution to the wind and started to really fuck the brains out of
Maggie as the dildo slid in and out between Maggie's wet lips. Then she said,
"Let me show you why there are two heads on this thing," Fran said and the
laid down on the bed. Fran moved close to Maggie's snach and the slid the
other end of the dildo into her own pussy, "Now move closer and we'll really
fuck each other," Fran whispered and Maggie complied.

"OOOOHHHHHHH Shit!" Fran moaned as Maggie's cunt touched hers, the feeling of
a cunt rubbing against her own combined with the dildo inside her was almost
too much and Fran began to moan with pleasure.

Maggie had never imagined that sex could feel so good, she was glad that she
had the courage to ask Fran to do it with her again, "OOOOOOHHHHHH MMMYYYY
GOOOOOOOOOD!!!" she yelled out as Fran's clit rubbed against her own tender

"Oh yes Maggie you are so great, cum on my pussy, feel the cock inside your
teenage slit. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Fran moaned in the height of
sexual ecstasy. Fran's words and pumping cunt against her own cunt was too
much and Maggie convulsed with not just one orgasm but multiple orgasms as
Fran continued to slam the dildo deep inside her. When the orgasms finally
subsided Maggie was so exhausted that se could not move. Fran sensed that
Maggie was out and thought, "Time to land the fish," Fran got up and noticed
that Mr. Sheffield was still outside the door touching his bulge.

Fran pulled the door open and stood completely naked and dripping from her
pussy in front of Mr. Sheffield. She saw that he was about to say something
out loud and she put her hand on his mouth. "You can yell at me later, but
if Maggie sees you here like this she will be so embarrassed that she will
never talk to anybody again so keep your voice down," she said and removed
her hand when he nodded.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" he whispered red in the face
while looking at his buck naked daughter lying on the bed.

"I'm teaching her about the facts of life, or would you rather have her first
experience be with some sweaty teenager who might hurt her more than pleasure
her?" She quickly whispered.

"No, of course not," he said, "but..." was all he said before Fran stopped
him by putting her hand on his enormous bulge.

"What!?!" he almost screamed, "I believe Mr. Sheffield, Maxwell that you are

"Call me Max please... Fran and yes I'm hard for the first time since my wife
died," he said back but did nothing to remover her hand.

"Maggie reminds you of your wife and the outfit really turned you on didn't
it?" Fran asked him.

"No, absolutely... well maybe," Maxwell admitted.

"Maybe! I'm standing here with your huge hard cock in my hand and you say
maybe," Fran exclaimed and then yanked his dick out.

"OOHHHH well, I admit that the look of Maggie first made me hard, but your
body kept it hard after she passed out didn't it," Maxwell said.

Without a word Fran got down on her knees and put her tongue on his throbbing
head, she ran the tongue up and down his 10-inch shaft and the sucked his
bulging balls. "You haven't has sex since your wife died," Fran asked and
started to take his cock in her mouth before he could answer.

"NOOOOOooooooo," he whispered, "and I'm really close to cumming so please...
don't stop," and with those words she managed to swallow the whole ten

As Maxwell felt that Fran had taken her all the way he could not help himself
any more and began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, he grabbed her
by the hair and started to really face fuck her. "OH yes Fran, you are
fantastic," he moaned still keeping her voice down, and the he shot his first
load in over eight years down Fran's throat. He came in great spurts and even
though Fran lapped up the sperm even her mouth could not contain it all and
it started to drip down her chip and onto her tits.

"My god Fran, you are a great cock sucker," he said and then he pulled her
upright, "I have something to confess Fran. I love you and I think I have for
a couple of years now, but I have been afraid to do anything since I could
not get it hard. Fran I did not want to disappoint you."

Fran put her cunt soaked hand to his lips and said, "Shhhhh, it's alright, I
understand and I love you too Max."

Maxwell started to lick the cunt juice from her fingers and she noticed that
he was hard again, "Oh you are back with a vengeance ain't you?" she said and
grabbed his cock and started to stroke it.

"Oh Fran, I want to fuck you so badly, right no and right here," Maxwell said
and then proceeded to remove his clothes.

"Yes, oh yes Max I want your hard cock in my needing pussy right now," Fran
said in a normal voice and then she pushed Maxwell onto a chair and the
turned around and sat on him.

His cock felt really wonderful inside Fran's pussy and pretty soon she was
sliding up and down his 10-inch member. Maxwell put her arms around her
bucking hips and began to kiss her up and down the back; the feel of
Maxwell's tongue on her hot flesh made her moan loudly. Maxwell reached
around and started to cup Fran's bouncing breasts, how many time had he
thought of her tits and looked longingly at her as she bent or stretched
Maxwell wondered and started to play with her wonderful hard nipples.

"Oh Max that feels fucking incredible, I want you lips on my tits right now,"
she said and the turned around and started to pump his shaft while giving him
a deep tongue kiss. As their lips broke off Maxwell's head darted to her
wonderful breasts and he too the hard nipple in his mouth as Fran fucked him
faster and faster.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum really soon," Maxwell said out loud, completely oblivious
to his naked daughter on the bed.

"Oh yes Max, come in side me. Make me feel your hot come in my wet cunt, give
it to me now, now, now, now!" She moaned and tightened her wet pussy around
his erection. Fran's words and the sensation when her cunt closed around his
dick was too much and he came in an explosion of cum that was shot deep
inside her pussy. The sensation of the jet stream in her pussy was the final
push as Fran went over the edge in a huge explosive orgasm that had her
convulsing and digging her nails into Maxwell's back.

"Oh my god!" Maggie yelled out, she had awakened by the sounds of her father
and Fran fucking in her room.

Maxwell quickly covered his cock, but Fran just said, "Relax Maggie, there is
enough for every one," and pulled Maxwell over to the bed.

"I can't..." both father and daughter exclaimed in unison as they discovered
what Fran had in mind.

"Oh, yes you can. Maxwell she's the one who brought you back to life and she
deserves a reward for it. Maggie, he's great and he will be gentle so you
have nothing to fear and you will be ready for other boys," Fran explained.

"But, he's my father!"

"...and she's my daughter," they said out loud.

"...and you love each other very much and this is the best way to really show
it and at the same time be great for the three of us," Fran said and then
grabbed Maxwell's cock.

"The only thing I can't teach you is a blow job, so he will help," Fran said
and pulled Maxwell in front of Maggie's face.

"Oh yes daddy, let me do this for you, please it would mean so much to me,"
she said and tentatively touched her first real cock. When Maggie's small
hands wrapped around his cock he was both surprised and shocked by the
incredible turn on it was to have his own daughter touch his cock.

"Yes do it Maggie, it's alright and I love you, too," he said and both
Maggie's and Fran's face lit up. Maggie's face by the thought of what she was
about to do and Fran's because her plan had worked out even better than she
had thought.

"Put your tongue on the tip and taste him," Fran suggested and Maggie quickly
complied, she tentatively licked her fathers huge cock and tasted a man for
the first time.

"Wow, that is really good," Maggie said and started to lick Maxwell's cock up
and down to get more cum.

"She's a natural cock sucker," Fran said and kissed Maxwell.

Maxwell was really into the blow job his daughter and he found himself
wanting to feel her mouth around his entire cock. "Put it in your mouth
please," Maxwell said and Maggie's mouth immediately started to wrap itself
around his cock. At first she had trouble to even get his huge cock into
her mouth, but after some time she started to really suck Maxwell's cock.

The feel of Maggie's tongue was incredible and he wished she could take
the whole dick in her mouth and suddenly it dawned on him that she might
be able to do it if he helped her. Maxwell reached down and grabbed his
daughter by her blond hair and showed her head closer to his groin and at
the same time started to move his hips against her young face. The
combination of Maxwell's hands and thrusts produced the desired result as
Maxwell felt her lips reach the base of his cock.

While Maxwell started to face fuck Maggie Fran laid down and started to lick
Maggie's wet cunt and played with her own bush. Maxwell was spurned on by the
sight of Fran licking Maggie's cunt and finger fucking herself.

"I want to fuck you Maggie," Maxwell said and was surprised by the fact that
he really and I mean REALLY wanted to fuck his own daughter.

"Oh yes daddy, I want you too. Let me feel your hard cock in my virgin
pussy," and Maxwell found himself really turned on by Maggie's dirty words.

Maxwell gently picked up his daughter and carried her over to the bed where
he put her down and spread her legs wide.

"Don't worry darling, I will be gentle," Maxwell said as he placed his cock
at the opening of her cunt.

"Do it, do it now daddy," Maggie moaned and Maxwell gently slid inside her
wet cunt. "Oh god that feels incredible," Maggie whispered as Maxwell started
to slide his cock about 4 inches into her.

"Don't worry Max, I broke her hymen about a week ago so there will be no
pain," Fran said as she saw the concerned look on Maxwell's face.

"That great," Maxwell thought, "There should be no pain in such a moment,"
and then he ventured further into her.

As Maxwell reached his full 10 inched Maggie moaned loudly, "Oh my god,
out and after a minute started to really fuck his daughter hard.

"You are a wonderful tight cunt," Maxwell whispered to Maggie as he leaned
over and started to kiss her pert nipples, as Maggie heard her father's
praise she started to move her his to meet Maxwell's thrusts and the
sensation was even greater than before.

"Take me from behind daddy, take me please," Maggie screamed out and Maxwell
complied by pulling Maggie upright and turned her over, he bent Maggie over
and then he plunged into her tight cunt from behind and started to fuck her
with a fury. Fran slid up on the bed and placed her exposed cunt in front of
Maggie's face and she happily started to lick the thick black bush. "Yes,
ohhhhhhh yes, oooohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeessss!" Maggie cried out as her father
fucked her violently from behind.

Maxwell's strong hands started to feel her young ass and found her asshole to
be incredibly tight, "She's still an ass virgin," he thought. The thought of
taking her ass cherry and he had always liked to fuck her mother in the ass
and maybe she would love it, too. Maxwell started to lubricate Maggie's
asshole with a combination of his and her juices.

"Daddy what are you doing?" Maggie said as she felt her father's finger in
her asshole.

"Don't worry sweetheart this will feel great, trust me," Maxwell said and
then pulled his slippery cock out of her pussy and pressed it against her

"Oh daddy it won't fit, I've never had anything up my ass before," Maggie
screamed out but Maxwell knew that it would be all right in a moment and
pressed his dick further up her asshole.

As he started to ass fuck Maggie she found that she liked it, she liked it a
lot. "Yes daddy this is great, fuck my ass, fuck my tight ass," she moaned
and started to move her ass back to meet Maxwell's slippery cock, she now
took the entire 10 inched up her until recently virgin ass.

Fran was pleased by the ass fucking that was going on in front of her, Fran
was a real ass fucker herself and she believes that Maxwell is into the ass
thing himself. "Now if I can just make him do it to me later on I'm in
heaven," Fran thought as she grabbed Maggie's head and shoved tighter into
her cunt again.

"OOOOOOHH, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmming!" Maggie screamed and started to buck
wildly, she bucked so that Maxwell had to remove her cock from her ass.

"I'm ready to cum too," Maxwell said as he started to slip his cock into her
cunt again, but Fran said, "No let Maggie taste your hot salty come, cum in
her face."

The idea immediately appealed to Maxwell and he moved to Maggie's face and
then exploded in another orgasm, his hot cum splashed onto Maggie's face
and she tried to swallow as much as she could, but since she was not an
experienced cock sucker like Fran most of it ran down her chin and onto her
hot tits. Maggie licked hungrily at Maxwell's cock until she had sucked most
of the jiz off his cock.

"That was wonderful, thanks daddy," Maggie said and then kissed him, "No,
you must fuck Fran," Maggie said, "She deserves to be filled by your cock
again after what she has done for us both."

"Oh yes Fran, let me fuck you again, I need you and I want you right now,"
Maxwell exclaimed.

"Only if you fuck me up the ass like you did Maggie," Fran said and got down
on all four.

"You have no idea how much I want that, so get ready," Maxwell says and shows
a finger up Fran's ass.

"Well, I'll go wash up while you enjoy yourselves," Maggie said and went to
the bathroom.

Maxwell bent over and started to lick Fran's ass and pussy fully lubricating
both holes. "Now get ready," Maxwell panted and slid his once again hard dick
up her tight ass.

Fran's ass was not as tight as Maggie's was, so Maxwell slid into her up to
the hilt all at once, but once he was completely inside her ass she clenched
and her ass became as tight as Maggie's was. "OOOOHHHHH! You have a wonderful
tight ass Fran. I love it," Maxwell says and grabs he by the hips to really
plunge into her.

As Maxwell fucks Fran up the ass faster and faster Fran nears an orgasm, "It
has been so long and I won't last much longer, but who cares," Fran thinks
and thrusts her hips against Maxwell's bucking hips.

she comes in waves. Maxwell does not stop fucking Fran while she cums and it
results in a succession of orgasms which ripples through Fran's wet body.
Fran falls over on her stomach and Maxwell fucks her harder and harder, his
thrusts slide her across the floor until they reach the wall.

"OOOHHHH MMMMAAAAAXXXX cum up my ass, I want to feel your hot cum in my ass!"
Fran moans and that is the last straw as Maxwell cums with great spurts up
her ass, Fran feels the first three or four spurts and they induce a final

Maxwell lays on top of Fran with his semi-erect cock still in her ass as the
juices of both of them runs down Fran's thighs and onto the carpet.

Maxwell starts to kiss Fran's ear as they regain their composure, "I really
do love you Fran," Maxwell said, "I was not just saying that because I wanted
you to fuck me."

"MMMMMMMMM I feel the same way, but I wasn't sure how you would react to me
and Maggie," Fran says and they both sit up.

"Well, I was really shocked, but I realize that she is not a little girl
anymore and she could not have a better or more caring lover than you. I
don't mind that you showed her how," Maxwell said as he wrapped his arms
around her wonderful hips.

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I have a confession," Fran says and
looks into Maxwell's eyes.

"Yeeeessss," Maxwell says reluctantly.

"I also taught Brighton about sex," Fran said and looked away.

"My god, Brighton got laid at sixteen, that's four years earlier than me,"
Maxwell said with pride.

"Well, I guess that you are not mad. I think it gave him the confidence to
start dating. You know tonight is his first real date," Fran said and hugged
Maxwell tightly.

Maggie comes into the room and says, "I think that it's wonderful that you
finally found each other. I have know about your feelings for years and I
couldn't be happier. I mean the two people I love most in the world also
found happiness. Oh by the way, don't worry Fran, I'm not afraid to date boys
anymore. Thank you daddy, you have no idea what it meant to me."

"It was no less important to me sweetheart, you brought me back to life and
made me realize I was still mourning your mother, but now I'm ready to live
and love again," Maxwell replies and kisses Fran deeply.

The End


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