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Naruto: Gencom - Ninjacom Part 2 (no sex,mc,morph)
by C. King ([email protected])

An hour or two later...

The meeting with the Fifth Hokage had gone mostly as expected, with Jiraiya and himself reporting on their training. Tsunade seemed to stare at him a lot while they were discussing things before she sent him out of the room so she could talk to Pervy Sage about top secret information. Yet she told him not to leave just yet since there had been some changes to his life within the village since he left. So he was left in the outer hallway to think and stew.

'What has the council decided to do with me this time? They still seem to think I'm the damn fox or the damn demon is corrupting me to become a danger to the village. You would think they would leave me alone after all I did for the village like during the chunin exam or when I got Granny Tsunade back to the village. Just because I didn't bring back Sasuke, they likely think they can do what they want with me.' grumbled the blond ninja as his mind crossed off what could have occurred.

It had been a while as the two Sannin discuss their next moves when the door open and Tsunade motioned for him to follow him into the room where the Hokage did business. Naruto guessed his sensei had used the ninja exit, the window. Now it was just him and the large breasted older woman, even if she was now not too much older then him due to his 'gift'. She seemed to be staring at him hard like she was studying every inch of his body. This was the point when she began to speak to him and explain what had happened in the orange wearing genin's absence.

"One of the reasons I wanted to discuss things with you is the fact I managed to get you moved from the building you had been living in to one which is of better quality. This not only benefits you, but allows us to use the land of your old home for the building of a new complex. Now you will have more neighbours then you did in the previous building, these people are more welcoming to you then where you lived before. In fact, I have taken residence in the same building just so I can keep a better eye on you. You have plenty of potential which I don't want to be spoiled, so I am going to make sure you are allowed to reach it." said the older woman as she kept her eyes on Naruto, while at the same time taking off her jacket. It revealed a new kind of shirt then the one which covered in previous visits.

The new shirt managed to show more skin since it was had bare shoulders in it's design. In fact the neckline managed to exist just above her prominent features, her above average boobs. The jacket which she had managed to wear before had hidden this, but it was only now that Naruto observed the jacket had more material then it had before to make the covering possible. The shirt was the same off gray colour as it had always been, but had a black thread tying it tight under the jiggling flesh pillows. Loose fabric of the shirt seemed to flitter with wind, while it ended before reaching even her belly button.

It made the woman he always had seen as a maternal figure transform into something more in place in one of his wet dreams. Making the number one knucklehead ninja at surprising, the one being surprised. He was trying to figure out what was going on and if he had a hand in it, and what he was going to do about it when he could get alone with the Gencom. The move itself could have been fallout from the work he had done with the Gencom, so he decided to keep listening and use his new tactical skills to make a plan. So he was all eyes so he could know what to do.

"Actually you might be the only male in the building, so you might have to be careful with the other tenants when they walk around the building or use one of the connecting hot springs. Unfortunately there is no division for men and women, so you will have to avoid using it when they are or make... arrangements with them. We do have bathrooms for each of the bedrooms, but there are common areas for living spaces and for the kitchen. So you might have to share food and likely we will have joint meals for those not on missions, and don't expect having ramen every meal." continued the village leader as she continued while stretching every now and then, moves which made certain parts of her body jiggle. None of it was lost on the younger man as he realized he had bitten off more then he could chew.

"So I'll just take you on a tour of the new apartment you will be living in before you meet some of the other tenants you will be sharing with. Just let me get my jacket and follow me, I'll answer any of your questions once we finish the tour of the place." said the Hokage as she redressed, which cause Naruto to think she was showing off her flesh only for him and not for the rest of the village.

He followed her, noting it would be getting the slacker leader out of her office at the same time. Something was bother the genin in another way, 'I'm going to have female roommates, once who are not going to reject me. Why do I have a feeling I know who is moving in to the building and why they are going to react the way they are? It has to be the macro I made with Granny... I mean Tsunade. The same one I applied to the other girls. Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Tenten. I have to look over those changes I made and figure out how to change this... or if to leave it as is. I mean it would be nice to have some women interested in me and I could make things worse, but I am not sure if using the Gencom this way is the best thing to do. I have to find alone time to think! "


The new apartment looked more like a larger home, perhaps something bordering on a mansion in size. It was a simple dark brown wooden structure with brown bricks giving more strength. In the back of it one could see the building which must be the hot springs, with the building built interconnected with a few huge trees and several sizable rocks. The yard was mostly a mix of different trees and smaller plants, some of which were food baring plants and others he was guessing were medical herbs or whatever.

'Which makes a little sense since I included the medical issue in the macro which affected everyone, so healing plants would make sense if they all have doctor skills. Not sure why all the food plants, unless it has to do with my stomach and people efforts to get me off ramen. Unsuccessful efforts at that, no way I'm I giving up the food of the gods.' thought Naruto as he followed the Hokage into the complex. He also made a note about the higher then normal fences and the huge iron gates, giving him a hint at how his poorly chosen words had effected things.

"So as you can see the yard is quite beautiful and practical for my studies. It also has some food plants for healthy eating for the occupants or for making a few extra ryous from their sales. It's also a good idea for you to eat something else other then ramen, and even with ramen you might want to try Ichiraku Ramen's low fat ramen instead of the normal stuff you devour." continued Tsunade as she moved to the front door of the building. Naruto was at least glad she was willing to let him eat ramen, even if he had to eat other stuff and the low fat ramen. Living in a non-ramen house would not do and it would be hard to sneak it by Tsunade, let alone any of the other tenants if they turned out to be who he expected.

As the door closed, Tsunade moved pass him and locked the outer door. She then took off her jacket again revealing her own short shirt which made Naruto hold back his hormones. She held her eyes on the young fox boy and took out her own hand cloth to wipe around his nose, which was bleeding a little bit. Making the younger blond a little nervous at his own body's reaction. She then asked him, "Which part of apartment you want to see first? Kitchen, living area, perhaps a bathroom? Or maybe we should check out the bedroom or the hot springs?"

This caught the inexperienced genin in a moment, since the only woman he flirted with was Sakura who didn't flirt back. At least she didn't before, but Naruto was getting the feeling it would be coming up soon. Naruto was having a battle between his mind and his lesser brain, which was currently in a dead heat even with the minor alterations made by the Gencom.

'On the one hand, she's like my granny and the woman who has been like a mother to me. Especially after all of the negativity which I've been through, so I don't want to ruin it. On the other hand, she's a hot young lady who's in love with me and wants to make love to me. What do I choose and why?' thought the returned teen as he tried to figure it out.

Eventually something took control of the decision in the mind of the young genin, the more powerful of the two forces fighting it out. Lusts and logic went into battle against each other, with the power of lusts edging out the forces of logic by the smallest of margins. The win was gained by the bonus to teenaged hormones by the ways of the Gencom's own perversion additions. So the choices were narrowed a little bit to the bedroom or the hot springs... even if Tsunade could likely turn even the kitchen into place of cock-rising adventures from the way she is acting. So the option of inside the home with a bouncy bed and covers or a springs outside where it might be less likely for him to be engaged with sexuality then a bedroom.

So in a weak and nervous voice he stuttered out the words as his nose bled a small but fine stream, "T-th-th-e h-ot-ot sp-sp-sp-pring."

A smile crossed what were obviously painted lips as the elder blond gained a win with her younger man as she lead him to the hallways of the apartment. It was not that long a trip to get to the back of the building and the small pathway to the bathhouse. As he entered the little house, he could get a better grasp of it. The hot spring house was designed so it held hot baths both inside and outside, likely for bad weather and for good weather respectively. The house seemed larger then needed for just a bath, but it turned out there was also a small warm water pool. Both the inner and outer hot springs seemed to be missing one important thing found in many public and some private springs... a dividing wall to split the pool between male and female sides of the pool.

"Isn't there suppose to be a divider there, Granny Tsunade?" asked Naruto, using his nickname for her given her previous age as a habit. She frowned when the word Granny was used, but continued to have a sly smile on her.

"First off, thanks to a little scientific experiment gone wrong I have regained much of my youth. I now have the body of a twenty year old, a fully functional body of a twenty year old. Another fact is there has been mostly women in these pools since it has been built, but we have a portable divider used for company. We just haven't had that much male company here... you would be the first. If you or one of the women living here would like to have some privacy, we can set it up for any person living here. Personally, I don't mind sharing the pool with you... unless you mind swimming in it with me?" said Tsukune as she looked at Naruto with her right eyebrow raised.

Naruto gulped as he said, "I guess it wouldn't be too bad to swim around with you in the pool..."

"Why not take a swim with me now? I can use the exercise and it will give you a sense of the hot springs. Just a quick dip in the water, that's all. I believe that we have some swim trunks some of your friends and myself selected as a number of the presents that you missed for the two and a half years you missed. We also didn't want to trouble you with having to buy all new clothes when you got back." said Tsukune as she turned to a room at the side of the internal hot springs.

One thought crossed Naruto first, ' I doubt that Granny Tsunade spent any kind of money on my clothes, given her financial skills. Likely Shizune was the one who took care of this since she's the only one skilled in keeping Granny out of trouble. Well, Pervy Sage might also keep Granny from trouble if he's not getting into his own trouble. Mental note, if I am going to be a pervert I got to make sure that I'm a pervert in control of myself. Not one totally ruled by my dick like Pervy. Maybe a little more like Kakashi. He does obsess about Icha Icha, but he is fully in control of his body and environment. Okay, I am in control, I am in control... What is keeping Granny so long?'

It was then that Tsunade came out of the side room with a pair of black shorts with orange piping. It was what she was wearing which was making Naruto seize up and bleed from his nostrils. For Tsukune had managed to take the time Naruto had been thinking and slip into a bikini... make of ninja fishnets. Fishnet was common in a ninja's wardrobe, mostly on the arms or legs and sometimes hidden under shirts and lower clothing. It helped to cover things up with skirts and short shorts which kunoichi liked to put on to distract male opponents or clients, something very favoured by the wild kunoichi Anko. It was even weaved into some shirts at place while the material was weaved into a more solid cloth in other places. Again Anko like to wear the fishnets to show off her breasts and flat stomach as well as abs.

Most of the netting used was the shade of jet so they could blend into the night and shadows. This webbing on Tsunade's bikini was the shade of an tangerine... in other words, the same orange shade that Naruto had worn himself and continued to wear in limited fashion. The bikini was not very large, just enough to mostly cover the nipples on her breasts which were size of large coins. Not that it worked all that well at hiding them with all of the material missing with the mesh. The bottom was more thong like with the same peek-a-boo mesh revealing a smoothed mound above her vagina.

The rational part of his mind died a death at that moment when the pure increase of primal lust managed to thrash it to extinction for the time being. Naruto was on autopilot as he took the trunks and moved to the dressing room. He then began to dress himself in the swimming outfit while not thinking or noticing the blood which had blasted from his nose at the entrance of 'Granny' Tsunade.

Meanwhile in the hot spring room...

Tsunade grinned like an fox as she was getting the reactions from Naruto that she had been wanting, while getting a little revenge on the boy for all of the 'Granny' comments he had given all of the years she had known him. She continued to think, 'No way he's going to get away with calling me that name with my regained youth and his body's reaction to it. No, he's going to need a better nickname for me then that.

Like Mistress if I take some techniques out of Anko's playbook. A little dominance on part as he plays the slave. Perhaps dressing myself into black or red leathers... or perhaps some more orange. Tight bustier and thin panty line, long thigh high boots with pointy blade like heels, long gloves up to my elbow with the fingers cut out so I can show off my nails. A whip or perhaps a riding crop for those moments my cute little noodle boy needs punishment.

Momma Tsunade also has a great ring to it. One of my great regrets is not having any kind of children during my life, especially when I lost Dan. I wanted to have a family to him with so badly, but he was lost to me before that happened. Now I have a hunk which is only about five years younger then my biological age, my reproductive system is back in prime form and I am horny as hell. Why not take a shot at getting knocked up with prime venison. So how to convince Naruto to take a dive in my pool?'

Naruto came out of the room in a daze as he seemed to have his brain shut off, which also resembled Tsunade's greatest love when the Sannin used her sex appeal when they were alone. It was obvious, 'I'm going to have to take control until I can restart the mind of my fox boy. Also should make sure all of the girl's kunoichi seduction skills are up to date, once I practice a refresher course on Naruto. What skill should I use first?'

The bombshell blond moved her younger man to the pool and moved him to the seat on the edge of the pool. She took a seat next to home so close for the main reason they could have their flesh touch in the hot water. She asked out loud, "Would you mind if I gave you a minor massage to release the tension? You seemed to have gotten a lot of pressure in your muscle masses, plus it gives me a chance to see if Jiraiya has been taking care of your growth and development. I can't imagine that you received very good care before you left, especially with the notes in your file of spoiled food being part of your diet. Kakashi even mentioned he found bad milk when the Third Hokage lead him into a tour of your home. It shouldn't be any trouble, you just have to relax into it."

Tsunade took the frozen boy and moved him so she was facing his back, which also gave her a chance to study the young man's body as well as the chakra coils. Her thoughts were measured, 'I might not be able see the chakra coils through the skin like the Hyuga, but I do know the structure of their build from my medical training. With the use of chakra on certain intersections of the system can have amazing effects on the body, like the ability to cause an instant erection in men or to cause the act reverse of erection. I can also use it to increase the pleasure of the human body and it's reaction to sensations on the skin. Of course, you need to have perfect chakra control to use many of these techniques... like those of a ninja medic.'

Long nailed nimble fingers were channeling green colour chakra with a dim glow so no one could notice it in the steam of the baths. The steam did help to hide the sight of her hands as it clung close to the pool, which was lucky for her as it also didn't reach the changing room where she had shown Naruto her special bikini. She pushed her own chakra into Naruto's body for a number of effects. It began by loosing most of the muscles to help remove any stiffness which could hinder her plans later...except for one series of muscles which would remain very stiff and would regain stiffness very quickly.

Another was some chakra to effect the head of the man before her so she could place him in a mental more relax state where he would not be frozen in shock. She also injected his system with a taste of her own lusts to flow with emotion based chakra, which would add the lust to Naruto's own mind. She waited for it to take effect for a minute, and hope she was being effective.


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