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Nashville: Pleasing Juliette Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Emily had known that sleeping with Juliette would be a mistake, but she had no idea how big it was until the next day. If Juliette was cold before she was now at Arctic levels, barely even looking at Emily, let alone talking to her. And when she absolutely had to talk to her, it was nothing nice. Normally a whine or complaint about her current circumstances, or sending Emily off to get her a snack or something to drink. At least Emily could do the latter, the fact that she could do nothing about the former upsetting her more than it should.

She had always wanted to help the other girl, but ever since they had slept together it just reached a whole new level. Not that there had been any sleeping involved, Emily thought with a blush, but even though it had been obvious that she was just performing a service, doing Juliette a favour, somehow she had developed feelings for the other girl. Which apparently had started before the sex, but that incident had just escalated whatever feelings were creeping up on Emily, and now she couldn't stop thinking about Juliette Barnes, the pregnant singer consuming nearly her every waking thought.

"She wants to see you."

Emily blinked herself out of her thoughts and intelligently replied, "Huh, what?"

"Juliette." Glenn Goodman, Juliette's manager, said as he collapsed exhausted onto the seat next to her, "She just kicked everybody else out and told us all to go home, that you would take her home."

"Oh." Emily murmured.

Sighing Glenn turned to her and said, "Look, we knew this was going to be no picnic, but as she's been... well, you know, worse than we thought, I could offer you another raise?"

"No, that's okay." Emily blushed at the thought of getting extra money in light of recent events.

"Are you sure?" Glenn pushed, "Because you really have been a star today, and I'm, I'm not sure I could do this without your patience. Your kindness. Your unwavering support."

"It's fine." Emily tried to smile, unable to look him in the eye.

"I just don't want to lose you, is all. And I know that would devastate Juliette too." Glenn said.

Finally looking at him Emily smiled, squeezed his hand and said, "Glenn, I promise you I'm not going anywhere. Not unless Juliette sends me away."

"I ain't going to let that happen." Glenn promised, squeezing back, "I know Juliette doesn't always show it, but she appreciates you. Even loves you, in her own way."

If only, thought Emily and gave another quick smile and let go of his hand and sat up, "I guess I should get in there."

Relaxing back in his seat Glenn asked, "Do you want me to stick around? Just in case?"

Emily smiled at him again and pointed out, "With her mood swings being what they are I'd probably be better off if you just left."

"Okay." He said after a pause, stood up and then after another pause told her, "If she fires you, or says anything else we both know she doesn't mean, call me right away okay? I promise I'll sort it out."

"Okay." She nodded, watching him leave before cautiously entering the recording studio she had been waiting outside of for hours.

She almost jumped when she found Juliette practically waiting by the door with a glass of what Emily guessed was bourbon in her hand, "Hey, how ya doin'? Can I offer you a drink?"

Emily quickly walked pass and then said, "No thanks."

"Oh." Juliette murmured, watching as Emily put the glass on the nearest table, "I can't tell you how much I wish I could drink right now."

Emily hummed in response, not wanting to say the wrong thing. Just because Juliette was in a sombre, apologetic mood didn't mean she couldn't turn on a dime, and that was before she was pregnant. But now she looked so sad all Emily wanted to do was take the girl into her arms and just hold her. Give her a friendly hug and whisper everything was going to be okay, even if she wasn't sure she believed it herself.

After a long pause Juliette murmured, "I, I know I've been a nightmare today. Like, way more than usual, and I'm sorry Emily. I'm so, so sorry."

Emily smiled softly, "It's okay."

"No, it's not, and I wish I could tell you I called you in here to say sorry, but I didn't." Juliette said ominously, making Emily think she was fired for sure, especially when she took a deep breath, "Look, it's just... last night was the first good sleep I've had in a very long, long time, and after you, you know... I felt... really, really good. But then I got frustrated when I woke up, mostly because I kept telling myself over and over that last night was a one time thing and it could never, ever happen again. And the more I thought that the angrier I got, until I just... I just turned into a big fat monster."

Juliette began tearing up and Emily cautiously approached her, "It's okay sweetie."

"NO, NO IT ISN'T!" Juliette snapped angrily, before calming herself quickly and biting her lip, "But it could be..."

Emily frowned at the other woman who blushed and looked downwards, causing realisation to hit her, "You want me to go down om you again?"

"Yeah..." Juliette said weakly, and then when Emily gave her a look she huffed, "I'm sorry, okay? For everything, but I just can't face not having sex for another six months."

"That doesn't mean we should have sex." Emily pointed out, hating herself for it and then even more as she added, "Do you even like me?"

"Of course." Juliette responded without thinking, quickly adding, "As a person, but-"

"You're not gay." Emily finished for her.

"No..." Juliette admitted, "But... I guess you could say I've got a pregnancy craving for you, because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you all day."

"Because I went down on you." Emily pointed out.

"Yeah, but that ain't how it has to be." Juliette said, cautiously getting closer, "From here on out, you cum too. Always."

"Sooooooo, you want this to be a regular thing?" Emily asked cautiously.

"I don't just want it, I need it." Juliette confessed, "I just, I need sex, and seeing as you're the only one who has expressed any interest in touching me, it just kind of makes sense, you know? Not that I could trust anyone else, especially not another girl, so... I... I need you, Emily. I need you to go above and beyond for me. Please Emily, I'm begging you, please just-"

Seeing tears beginning to stream down Juliette's face Emily couldn't help reach out, cup it and pull her boss in for a kiss. She didn't care how stupid this was, she just wanted to stop Juliette from crying. Wanted to make the girl happy. Wanted to please her. And above all else wanted to get another taste of her pussy. But she restrained herself from the last thing in favour of wiping Juliette's tears and opening her mouth so that the other girl could deepen the kiss, Juliette only taken off-guard for a few seconds before practically shoving her tongue down Emily's throat. And Emily loved every second of it, the assistant feeling like she could kiss her boss just like this all night long.

Juliette very much felt differently, pulling away after a couple of minutes and ordering, "Take off your clothes."

"Here? Now?" Emily stammered.

"Yes now! I told ya, I need this." Juliette whined, before a horrible thought crept into her head, "Why? Is Glenn still outside?"

"No." Emily said hesitantly.

"Anyone else?" Juliette pushed.

"No." Emily admitted.

"Then what are ya standin' around for?" Juliette asked, pulling her baggy top over her head.

Juliette then removed the rest of her close as quickly as she could, which was kind of awkward in her current condition, but she got there. She was in such a hurry she almost didn't notice Emily's hesitance, for a few horrible seconds making Juliette wonder if she had made a terrible mistake. Then to her relief Emily started removing her clothing. Slowly, but she did it, Juliette just about managing to resist the urge to complain as she was forced to wait there feeling ugly for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, before Emily was naked as she was and could be pulled into another kiss.

From there Juliette manoeuvred them over to a nearby chair and then took the weight off her swollen feet, the blonde letting out a sigh into the brunette's mouth as Juliette inadvertently forced Emily to lean down to keep the kiss going. That and Juliette's firm grip of Emily's brown locks. Although last night and the way that Emily kept kissing her told Juliette that Emily didn't really mind, and honestly in her current frame of mind she had never been more flattered.

The flattery continued as Emily dropped down to her knees so she was in a better position to continue the making out, and then later began kissing Juliette's neck while running her hands all over her body, paying special attention to her swollen stomach and boobs. Soon after that she was concentrating strictly on the latter, Emily kissing her way down to take one of those already hard nipples into her mouth and began applying a gentle suction. Then she started going back and forth, really making Juliette moan.

She trusted Emily, she really did. Hell, she wouldn't be doing this if she didn't. However there was still a chance they could get caught, a chance there was a member of staff still hanging around which Emily hadn't seen, not to mention the number of people still in the building recording for other artists or the artists themselves who could stumble in here by accident or because they wanted some peace and quiet. Really there was no way Juliette should be taking this risk, but she just couldn't wait till she got home. She needed sex, and she needed it now. Specifically she needed lesbian sex, and she needed it from her trusted assistant Emily.

For her part Emily felt she needed this just as much. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Juliette since last night, and while most of that had been fearing for her job security there was an undeniable desire for her boss's tiny yet swollen body. This was definitely one of the things which she had thought about the most, mostly because it was so different from being with a guy, Emily moaning almost as much as Juliette as she sucked on those nipples, eventually adding her tongue into the mix and sliding around Juliette's nipples and then flicking them gently. Then not so gently.

Emily increased the force of the suction as well, causing Juliette to twist her hair and demand, "Harder! Mmmmmmmm, that's it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh now bite 'em. Bite them! Please? I need aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmmmmmm, good girl."

Emily was a little taken aback by the command, but clearly she could never denied Juliette anything so she did her best. Trying to ignore the very real possibility of being fired for biting her boss's nipples too hard, and anyone finding out about it, Emily closed her teeth around the current nipple she had in her mouth and cautiously bit down as hard as she dared. As this resulted in a shockingly positive response Emily moved the other nipple and repeated the process, again going back and forth only this time she was licking, sucking and biting those sensitive bundles of flesh while cupping them into her mouth with one hand and using the other hand to massage whichever boob her mouth wasn't concentrating on.

For a little while this seemed good enough for Juliette, then she pushed down hard on Emily's head and ordered, "Eat me! Mmmmmmmmm, eat my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwd, I wanna feel your dyke tongue in my cunt again."

Frowning up at her boss Emily considered arguing she wasn't a dyke. Technically she wasn't sure, but even if she was there were nicer words than that Juliette could use. However the pregnant woman had made it clear she was going out of her mind with sexual frustration, so Emily felt she could cut her some slack. Besides, she was eager to taste Juliette's sweet pussy again, so her hesitation was only brief before she started kissing her way down her boss's body.

She then stopped again to cover Juliette's swollen belly in kisses, Emily unable to resist repeating the process she had performed last night, but either the singer didn't mind or she had been anticipating this or she just didn't mind as Juliette's only response was to caress Emily's hair and moan in what mostly sounded like anticipation. Out of gratitude, and a genuine desire for pussy, which was foreign to the assistant, Emily tried not to spend too much time on Juliette's stomach before moving down to where her boss really wanted her, and where she really wanted to be. Likewise, while she was there Emily didn't keep Juliette waiting for the thing they both really wanted.

It certainly felt like a long time to Juliette, the poor girl whimpering more and more the closer Emily got to her target. Of course it felt good, and the anticipation was wonderful, but Juliette knew that it would pale in comparison to what she could feel when Emily started finally doing her job. Only it wasn't her job, that embarrassing thought preventing Juliette from snapping and pushing Emily lower, or threatening her. Which was extremely hard in her current state of frustration, but eventually Juliette was rewarded for her patience as the brunette finally pushed her head in between the blonde's legs, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Juliette's needy cunt.

Throwing her head back Juliette let out a long cry of pleasure from that first wonderful lick. Emily then paused to frown at her, and then the two women locked eyes for a second. Then with a sigh Juliette covered her mouth and sure enough Emily continued, that soft little tongue of hers lapping away at Juliette's cunt and bringing the singer so much pleasure she didn't seem to care about the earlier interaction. She did, but it was testament to how good this felt that the normally very opinionated blonde was able to keep from getting in her own way.

Truthfully it was unlikely they would be discovered. Most recording studios were soundproof, and while Juliette couldn't remember whether this one was in a building full of singers and musicians practising and recording tracks a few screams would probably go unnoticed. On the other hand it was probably better to be safe than sorry. Although speaking of hands Juliette severely doubted that hers did not prevent the sounds of joy which came out of her quick and fast as Emily proved last night wasn't a fluke and whatever Juliette's regular feelings right now her body craved lesbian sex.

As she became blissfully lost in the pleasure consuming her body Juliette wondered if it was just sex with Emily she craved. After all her assistant was one of the only people in her life never to abandon her. Which was weird, she'd driven off plenty of assistance before this one stuck around, and that all too rare feeling that somebody cared about her was intoxicating. Of course she couldn't trust anyone else to do this for her, but she had to admit, the images of other women she knew between her legs did nothing to sour her good mood. Exactly the opposite in fact, the idea only pushing her further towards a much-needed orgasm.

Emily wasn't thinking about anyone else right now. Oh no, her focus was 100% on Juliette Barnes and her yummy pussy, Emily feeling like she could slowly lick her boss's tasty little twat for hours and yet both of them were perfectly content. When her high maintenance employer finally began sounding like she wanted more Emily happily gave it to her in the form of sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around Juliette's pussy lips instead of just up and down. She also lingered on Juliette's clit, the little bundle of nerves which could make all the difference, Emily marvelling over how something so small could make her lover so wet.

Her lover. Juliette Barnes was her lover, and despite the circumstances Emily couldn't help smiling at the thought. This thing between them would probably end in tears, Emily fired and disgraced, and probably hounded by the press for steamy details about her affair with her notoriously hard to work for female boss, the infamous singer Juliette Barnes. But for right now Emily was having the time of her life, the assistant trying to savour every lick as for all she knew this could be the last time she sample this wonderful treat.

With that in mind she wrapped her lips around Juliette's cunt best she could in an attempt to get all the delicious juices flowing out of it. She didn't quite succeed, but the majority of Juliette's juices flow directly into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly where it belonged. The rest mostly ended up covering her face, which was almost just as good, Emily feeling like Juliette was marking her as hers. Which she definitely wouldn't say out loud in fear of scaring Juliette off, but for right now silently inside her head it was quite intoxicating. Almost as intoxicating as the cunt cream now flowing down her throat.

In an attempt to get more of that heavenly pussy cream Emily first began to suck on Juliette's cunt in between licks, and then a few minutes later she started lingering her tongue against her boss's love hole and her clit. She began flicking the latter with her tongue a few minutes after that, causing Juliette to tighten her grip in her hair. The singer had been holding her head firmly against her cunt this entire time, and the added pressure became painful, but Juliette practically tore her hair out by the roots when she took her mouth off of the blonde's pussy and wrapped it around Juliette's clit.

"More!" Juliette whisper yelled, "Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Emily! Emily! Fuck me Emily, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Tongue fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, oh fuck, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Unlike before Emily gave Juliette what she wanted almost immediately, the pop/country singer struggling to silence herself as her assistant let go of her clit, move down to her entrance and slowly pushed her tongue inside it. When that tongue was all the way inside her boss Emily stayed perfectly still for a few long seconds, giving them both a chance to savour the moment, which frustrated Juliette. But before the singer could utter a word of protest Emily began thrusting her tongue and out of her pussy, forcing Juliette let go of brunette locks and put of both hands over her mouth to try and stifle her screams of pure joy.

Again Juliette was pretty sure it didn't do any good, but it felt like if she didn't try the whole building would hear them, the soundproof walls no match for her powerful voice when she was experiencing this kind of ecstasy, and at least this way only their neighbours would know she was getting fucked in here. And hopefully if someone did hear they wouldn't bother checking on them, as it wasn't like everybody didn't know that Juliette Barnes was a massive slut who certainly wasn't above fucking one of her musicians. Maybe multiple at a time.

The vision of herself being gang banged by her band, the group of mostly good-looking men DP'ing her, spit roasting her and making her air tight certainly helped push Juliette towards the edge of orgasm, an orgasm she very much needed right now. Not just because she wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible, but because it was becoming a physical need. Luckily she was so close she could taste it, and there were ways she could hurry this along, namely by grinding her cunt into Emily's pretty face.

Giving up on keeping herself quiet Juliette moved her hands downwards, grab a few handfuls of Emily's hair and then pushed her assistant as deep into her cunt as her face could go. She then started grinding her pussy on Emily's face, literally using the closest thing she had to a best female friend as a fuck pad. Something that existed only to get her off, and thanks to their combined efforts they succeeded. Oh Gosh, they succeeded all right, Juliette screaming at the top of her lungs as her whole body trembled and she practically drowned poor Emily in her girl cum.

Emily was also worried she was going to drown for a second, but what a way to go. Not that she dwelled on that thought long. No, she was far too busy removing her tongue from Juliette's cunt and trying desperately to swallow every drop of the other girl's cum. Sadly she didn't succeed, there was just too much of it, and Juliette was humping her face at this point just too hard, but like with the regular pussy cream before it Emily was mostly happy, because she swallowed a decent amount and whatever she didn't catch ended up on her face, which meant she could eat it later, and now her boss was marking her as hers.

In that moment there was nothing Emily wanted more. She wanted to be Juliette's. She wanted to be Juliette's personal pussy pleaser. Her rug muncher, her carpet cleaner, her muff diver, and a million other words to describe it. And to her delight she realised that was where she was headed. She realised at this rate she was going to be eating Juliette's pussy day and night, Emily practically living in between her boss's legs, the idea of it almost making her cum.

Then Juliette's climax was over and Emily was automatically shoving her tongue back inside her boss to try and get more of the heavenly liquid she now was so desperate for. It wasn't long before she got it as now the floodgates were open and it became so easy to make Juliette cum, Emily doing it over and over again, although not just with her tongue. No, the assistant slipped a hand between her employer's legs and replaced her tongue with first one and then two fingers while her mouth wrapped around Juliette's clit again, Emily fucking her boss to quite a few orgasms like that before switching back.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth Emily went for what felt like hours until finally she was yanked upwards by her hair. Initially she was reluctant to move away from Juliette's cunt, but as always she ended up doing what Juliette Barnes wanted. As that included a long passionate kiss Emily didn't mind too much, the assistant welcoming her employer's lips and tongue with her own, the two women becoming lost in that kiss for several long minutes.

"Did you make yourself cum?" Juliette asked once she had broken the kiss.

"Yes." Emily panted softly.

"Bad girl." Juliette frowned briefly before smiling, "I wanted to do that."

"Please feel free." Emily smiled.

"Oh believe me, I will." Juliette promised, as she slipped her hand between Emily's legs.

Juliette was so blissed out from her orgasms she almost forgot to be nervous. Taking advantage of that state of mind she quickly pushed her hand against Emily's pussy and started to rub it, making her assistant cry out in pleasure. Juliette liked the cry of pleasure, although she wasn't sure how she felt about having another woman's wet pussy against her hand. It was kind of like masturbating, only not quite. But the similarity made it easier, and after all Emily had done for her this felt like the lease Juliette could do.

Feeling a little guilty Juliette bit her lip and then asked, "Do you mind if I just finger you? I'm, I'm kind of new to this."

They both were, but instead of pointing that out Emily forced a smile and moaned, "Do whatever you feel comfortable with."

Smiling softly at her friend Juliette then pushed a finger inside Emily's cunt, forcing another cry out of her. Yes, Juliette definitely liked that sound, hearing it again and again as she began pumping that finger in and out of Emily's pussy, becoming more comfortable by the second. So much so that she added a second finger, then a third before finally begin to rub Emily's clit with her thumb. While doing that Juliette leaned forward and began kissing Emily's neck, which got her closer to hear those cries of pleasure, but didn't actually make the assistant cum, which frustrated the singer.

Emily had made this look so easy and Juliette felt she should be able to return the favour. Luckily she had some ideas, like moving her head down to lick and suck on Emily's nipples, moving back and forth between them while increasing the pace of the fingering. She could tell that got Emily really close, but for some reason it didn't push her over the edge, so Juliette kissed her way up to her friend's ear and sucked on it.

Then Juliette whispered into it, "Cum for me Emily."

Suddenly Juliette felt a rush of cream covering her fingers, the singer grinning with delight as she bought her assistant to climax. She then gleefully repeated the process, Juliette finding it so easy now she knew what to do, until Emily gently pushed her hand away, the two women resting together for a couple of minutes before they put their clothes back on and headed to Juliette's luxurious home for more of this wonderful and exotic new pleasure they had found with each other.


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